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    FAQ/Walkthrough by threetimes

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        C R Y S T A L  P R I N C E S S  -  T H E  R U N A W A Y  R A I N B O W
                        W A L K T H R O U G H  A N D  F A Q
    Developer: Webfoot Technologies                         Written by threetimes
    Publisher: THQ Inc.                                     Date: 10th August 2011
    Platform : Game Boy Advance                             Version: 1.0
    Release  : 2006
    TABLE OF CONTENTS ................................................ SEARCH CODE
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       I. Introduction .................................................... *INTRO
      II. Controls ........................................................ *CONT
     III. Game Basics ..................................................... *BASIC
      IV. The Walkthrough ................................................. *WALK
          Chapter 1 - Meet Princess Rarity ................................ *WCH1
          Chapter 2 - Rarity Meets The Breezies ........................... *WCH2
          Chapter 3 - Rarity Visits Ponyville ............................. *WCH3
          Chapter 4 - Rarity's Mountain Adventure ......................... *WCH4
          Chapter 5 - The Rainbow Celebration ............................. *WCH5
       V. Princess Gallery ................................................ *GALL
      VI. Credits, Legal Bit and Contact .................................. *CLC
    I.  I N T R O D U C T I O N ............................................*INTRO
    Yes, it's another sugary sweet and very pink My Little Pony game! You control
    Rarity as she visits Breezie Blossom and Ponyville in her quest to return home
    to Unicornia and take part in the Rainbow Celebration. The main drawback to the
    game is that there isn't an option to save progress apart from using passwords
    at the end of each chapter. However, you can play all the mini-games from the
    main menu.
    II. C O N T R O L S  ................................................ *CONTROL
    A Button         - Accept/Confirm selection
    B Button         - Cancel/Go back
    Start            - Pause Game. Return to Main screen menu
    + Control Pad    - Select an option. Move Rarity.
    L and R  Buttons - Use to flip balls on the Pinball machine.
                     - Use to scroll through different colours for some mini-games.
    III.  G A M E  B A S I C S ............................................ *BASIC
    There are two options after loading the game:
    * New Game
    * Credits
    Choose New Game to see these next three options.
    * Rarity's Adventure
      Select this to start the main game.
    * Mini-Games
      Use the + Control Pad to scroll through all 15 mini-games. Each one can be
      played from this screen, but only the Level 1 version of the game.
      Matching Kites
      Picture Pizazz
      Breezie Hide 'n Seek
      Follow the Magic Wand
      Connect the Stars
      Rainbow Coloring
      Sweetberry's Sundaes
      Rescue Buddies
      Runaway Rollerskates
      Race the Stars!
      Bubble Fight!
      Caterpillar Catch
      Rainbowberry Rain
      The Dressing Room
      Pinkie Pie Pinball
      These games also appear in the story part of the adventure where you will win
      jewels. Play each game twice to add two jewels to each prize.
    * Princess Gallery
      See all 16 Level 1 prizes inside glass boxes. Each prize has three jewels
      embedded in it and the first jewel will already be there at the start of the
      game. Press A on one box for a close-up of the prize. Walk right and left
      from the starting screen to view them all: there are five separate areas with
      three boxes in each area, and four in the middle section.
    The game is divided into 5 chapters and you'll play a number of mini-games.
    Complete one and a Rainbow gauge will appear on the screen and fill up a little
    bit. When the gauge is full the chapter will end.
    Once you start playing the adventure you will have to keep going until you
    complete a chapter and get a password. Write it down so you can restart the
    game from that point. To fill in the password select the first [o] space and
    press the up button to go through numbers from 1-9 and then the alphabet from
    A-Z. You can go backwards by pressing down and start with Z.
                     IV.  W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  ................. *WALK
    Princess Rarity is a deep pink unicorn with a yellow mane and she's the star of
    the game. You're in Unicornia and the game starts with meeting Cheerilee who
    introduces you to making rainbows and tells you to decorate Bright's Bridge. A
    big arrow shows you the way to go: LEFT! But, before leaving the first room,
    move close to the little caterpillar and press A and you can play the:
    Press A to toss it into the air with Rarity's puff of breath. It will move
    randomly from side to side. Keep it in the air by moving Rarity underneath it.
    Play again and there are two caterpillars to keep in the air. Play a third time
    and there are three caterpillars. You get two jewels added to the lilac purse
    Move left, and keep going until you reach the bridge where Brights Brightly is
    waiting. You can talk to the unicorns you meet on the way. Brightly wants you
    to find three more rainbow ribbons for the bridge and you'll see icons for the
    ribbons appear at the top left of the screen. Go left to find [RIBBON 1]: it's
    just lying on the ground at the feet of a small green pony. Keep going left to
    get the next one [RIBBON 2] near a pink house. At the next screen, walk to the
    far left to find [RIBBON 3] next to the bush. Talk to the yellow unicorn who
    invites you play the:
    Use the + Control Pad up and down to select a coloured jewel (pink, blue,
    green, purple) from the left side of the screen. Then, use the left and right
    buttons to move to the next item which will be displayed on Rarity. When you've
    decided on one, press the A button to select it and dress Rarity. You get 2
    minutes on the timer. Try and match the picture that appears at the top right
    of the screen.
    Pink   - Head:  deep pink ribbon, white hat, pink spectacles, white veil,
                    pale pink ribbon,
    Blue   - Feet:  deep pink shoes, white socks, pink pumps, black shoes,
                    pale pink shoes
    Green  - Body:  white and pink dress, white and blue pinafore dress,
                    pink bikini, yellow shirt and dark blue shorts, pink dress
    Purple - Carry: pink and white bag, grey basket with pink roses, beach ball,
                    yellow purse, bouquet of white flowers,
    Play it twice (or as many times as you like) to win both jewels for the prize.
    Return to the bridge and press A to add the ribbons to the bridge. You'll see a
    Rainbow gauge appears at the bottom right of the screen showing that you've
    filled up a section of the bar. Next task is to help Whistle Wishes decorate
    the town square. Go left to find another unicorn to talk to. The task is to
    find three flags. Walk right, across the bridge and [FLAG 1] is by the open
    plaza area. Walk up to enter the next room with the yellow pony where you'll
    find [FLAG 2]. Continue right, to the room with the caterpillar and pick up
    [FLAG 3]. Walk back to the town square and hand over the flags. That completes
    the task and you'll fill up the gauge a bit more. Return over the bridge to the
    right and you'll be straight into another game:
    Use the + Control Pad to move Rarity back and forth and press A to shoot
    bubbles. Rarity moves up and down the area firing large bubbles at her opponent
    who's doing the same thing. Watch the position of the bubbles and the yellow
    unicorn so you miss getting hit by her bubbles and target her. Win the battle
    and you get another jewel. Play again against two blue opponents, for the third
    jewel (win or lose, it doesn't matter). You can play again with two more
    unicorns of a different colour but there's no need. After this the gauge will
    fill up some more.
    Walk up to the castle and go right. Cheerilee will introduce you to the magic
    wand and you'll play the:
    Use the L or R button to select one of 16 colours: there are 8 different shades
    at each side of the screen. Then use the + Control Pad to move the magic wand
    over the area you want to colour. Press A to fill the section with that colour.
    To change sides, use the magic wand to select a colour and then use the R
    button to scroll down the colours and the L button to move up. When you're done
    select the green tick with the wand and press A. The first game has a pciture
    of flowers and the second one has butterflies. Complete both to win the two
    jewels. The third picture has ribbons, the fourth has kites and clouds. After
    that it repeats the fourth option. Finish the game and the gauge fills up a bit
    more, and you have another game to play!
    Basically it's a follow my leader kind of game. Use the + Control Pad to repeat
    the moves the Magic Wand has made. There are four rounds of colours on the
    screen: yellow, blue, green and pink and the wand will select one and return to
    the centre. Do the same. The first turn it chooses one colour, the second, two,
    the third, three and the fourth, four. Copy the order to complete the game and
    win a jewel. Play again and the setting changes to a dark wood and the wand
    might repeat colours, but other than that it's the same. Complete this and you
    win a second jewel. Your pink gauge will fill up completely! And you'll be
    given a password. Write it down!
    This chapter starts in Breezie Blossom, yes, indeed. Tra La La a tiny pink
    flying pony asks you to find her two friends: Tiddywink and Zipzee. Walk to the
    right and you'll find two more flying ponies, one is green and one pale pink,
    who'll chat to you. The next flying pony is mauve and that's Tiddlywink.
    Although you can walk further right, don't bother, and go back to the start
    where Tiddlywink gives you a hint: to go to the left and follow sounds of
    sneezing. Go left and you'll spot Zipzee, a yellow pony, flying high next to a
    rabbit shaped hedge. Talk to her and she'll come back to earth, sneeze and
    return to Tra La La. Talk to Tra La La again to start filling the Rainbow
    Next task is to find their missing things. First of all is a blue brush. Go
    right, and the [BRUSH] is lying on the ground near a green flying pony.
    Take this back to Tra La La and now you've got to find some PJs. Go right
    again, to the second screen and the [PJS] are lying on the ground. Back to Tra
    La La and the last item is a bedtime story, a book. Go right two screens to
    find a purple [BOOK] on the grass. After delivering the book your gauge will
    fill up a bit more and the three Breezies fly to the right. Follow them to be
    given another simple task: to find the rest of the Breezies.
    Go right, until you reach a stone path. You'll see a ! mark on the round stone
    at the back of the path. Check it out with the A button to start another game:
    Use the +Control Pad to move the magic wand over a Breezie as she pops out of a
    flower and press A to make her fly. There are 4 blue flowers and the head of a
    Breezie will show up at the top of a flower. They move from one flower to
    another quite quickly. Don't touch the head, but touch the blue flower to make
    them fly away. Catch 10 to win a jewel! Play again and this time there are 6
    blue flowers and again you need to catch 10 Breezies to win the third jewel.
    Play once more and there are 8 flowers and 10 to catch, although you won't get
    another prise.
    The Breezies all fly off together but not before they ask you to pick some
    rainbowberries for them to eat. The bushes are on top of the brick wall to the
    left of this area. Walk left to find the lilac wall. Move close to it and press
    A to start the next game:
    The task is to catch the berries in Rarity's hat. She is holding a hat in front
    of her and all you have to do is move from side to side so the falling berries
    land inside the hat. Move her with the +Control Pad as the berries drop down.
    Catch 10 to complete the game and win a jewel. Play again and catch 20 berries
    to win the third jewel. Play again and catch 30! Watch out when changing
    direction from left to right and back because you might miss a berry as you
    change direction, not that it matters because missed berries don't count
    against your score. The rainbow gauge is nearly full now!
    Walk right, all the way to the bridge that leads up to the castle, and you'll
    meet all the Breezies and fill up the rainbow gauge completely. The next
    password appears.
    After an initial scene you'll be inside a house with Minty and Sweetberry.
    You're asked to pick a pony to help Sweeetberry pick up some more
    Rainbowberries. There are two ponies inside the first room, and three more in
    the next - just go through the dark opening. Talk to any pony and you'll
    control that one. I picked Pinkie Pie who's inside the second house. If you
    want to change your mind talk to a different pony and you'll be in control of
    that one. In fact you could pick them all before settling on one! Your choice
    First Room
    Rainbow Dash - bright blue
    Rarity - bright pink
    Minty - green
    Second Room
    Twinkle Twirl - purple
    Pinkie Pie - pink
    Sunny Daze - pale blue
    Leave the house and walk right, until you discover a pink house with a heart on
    the front door where Sweetberry is waiting and asks you to collect 5
    Rainbowberries. Walk right until you reach a house with a rainbow and there's a
    purple [RAINBOWBERRY 1] on the path. Return to hand it over to Sweetberry.
    Back on the path, go right again. (You can walk up to the castle building, but
    cannot go further here and there are no berries for now.)  Enter the house with
    the large green door to find another purple [RAINBOWBERRY 2]. Back to
    Sweetberry to hand it over and then go left where you'll find a yellow berry on
    the path before reaching the next house [RAINBOWBERRY 3]  Give this to
    Sweetberry and return along the path to the left and enter the last house
    that's made out of a lilac hot air balloon. Pick up the blue berry
    [RAINBOWBERRY 4] and give it to Sweetberry. The final pink [RAINBOWBERRY] is
    found along the path to the right just past the path to the castle.
    With all the berries delivered the gauge will fill up a little bit and you get
    to play another game:
    Use the +Control Pad to move the marker up and down to select a flavour, and
    left and right to switch between ingredients. When you're done, press A to
    confirm the sundae! There are four selection choices at the bottom of the
    screen and each one will give you different ingredients to add:
    - the first one chooses the colour (chocolate, white, green, yellow)
    - the second one chooses the topping (brown, orange, rainbow, pink)
    - the third one chooses the top decoration (cherry, banana, strawberry, plum)
    - the fourth one chooses the sprinkles (white, pink, brown, blue)
    There's a timer of 40 seconds, and the idea is to make a sundae to match the
    picture that appears at the top left of the screen, but it doesn't matter if
    you've completed it in the time or not, you'll still win the jewel. Play it
    again for the second jewel. The gauge will fill up a bit more and Sweetberry
    hoofs it with the sundae.
    Leave the house and go left and enter the next rainbow coloured house to find
    all the ponies. Once again you can change the one you control by talking to any
    pony. Leave the house and walk to the right. to find the other rainbow house.
    Rainbow Dash is waiting here and wants you o find things for the kite.
    Once again, you have to find these one by one, and the next won't appear until
    you've found the one that Rainbow Dash asks for. The blue [PAPER] is waiting
    for you on the path to the left of her house. Hand it over and then go further
    left to find the [STICKS] on the path in front of the purple post. The third
    item is [GLUE] which is found on the path outside the pink house with the green
    door if you go right. The fourth item is found inside the pink house with the
    heart on the door if you walk left from Rainbow Dash's house. You'll pick up
    the [PAINT] from the floor. The final item is found all the way to the left and
    inside the house with the balloon shape. Pick up the [STRING] from the right
    side of the floor. Trot all the way back to Rainbow Dash's house and the gauge
    will fill up to halfway. Now for another game, the:
    8 kites are shown and you must match pairs of pictures to clear the screen.
    Use the + Control Pad to move the magic wand and select a kite. Press A to see
    what is hiding behind the kite. The number of turns taken to complete the game
    is shown at the right side of the screen. The pictures are of:
    - A blue Brush
    - A blue pot of red Paint
    - A bottle of Glue
    - Rainbow coloured Flags
    Match the items behind the 8 kites as fast as you can. (Although the number of
    turns you take doesn't matter, it's nice to aim for the least!) You win a
    jewel. Play again and the items change to orange polka dotted PJs, blue Paper,
    Paint, and String. You win the third jewel. Finish the game to increase the
    After this you return to the Cotton Candy Cafe for a scene that introduces
    another game:
    You have 1 minute and use the + Control Pad to control Rarity again. All you
    have to do is move to the right as Rarity wobbles along on her roller skates.
    Try and avoid the obstacles, balloons, beach balls, flowers and rocks are
    strewn along the path to trip her up. Make it to the end and you'll win another
    jewel. (The course is short and it's very easy to complete in the time even if
    you trip a couple of times.) Play again for the third jewel if you wish, and
    whatever you do you'll increase the gauge nearly to the end.
    At last, you can enter the castle to find Spike, who's not there. (No, it's not
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike, sadly.) Go right, but stop before you enter
    the opening and check out the pinball table where you can play a game of:
    Use the L and R buttons to control the flippers and the A button to launch the
    ball. The B button can be used to tilt the table. You have three balls to play
    with before the game ends. It's actually quite fun, though very simple. Just
    enjoy! Play once to earn one jewel and twice to earn a second one, and it
    doesn't matter what score you get.
    Go through the opening and chase after the purple dragon that keeps running
    away through the hedges. Eventually you'll end up at a fountain and Spike will
    turn up! The gauge will be completely filled and the chapter ends with a scene
    back with Spike, the Breezies and some ponies as they discuss how to get Rarity
    back home.
    The assembled group is ready to roll, off through the mountains back to
    Unicornia. Walk right and stop at the bridge where you'll find Tra La La who
    wants to play hide and seek. She goes out of sight to the left of the bridge.
    Find her behind the left pillar and click A. She wants to play again. This time
    she hides behind the right pillar. Next, she'll hide in front of the top left
    pillar and on a fourth go she'll hide behind the bottom left pillar again. She
    keeps hiding in the same places and you don't get anything for playing this
    Carry on past the bridge for three more screens until you find Minty. Talk to
    her to start another game:
    This one involves drawing. Use the +Control Pad to move the magic wand and the
    L button to highlight a colour down the left side of the screen. Use the R
    button to choose a brush or icon from the right side of the screen. If you
    choose an icon you can draw with it, but you cannot change its colour. Press
    the A button with the wand to draw. You can also manually select the colours
    and brushes using the wand. There is no time limit and it doesn't matter if you
    draw a picture or not! Use the Erase at the top left of the screen to rub out
    everything if you don't like it and want to start again. Just select it with
    the wand and press A and the whole screen will clear.  Press A on the green
    tick when you're done. Your selection of a colour, brush or icon will have a
    black lined square around it so you're in no doubt! If you've selected an icon
    you must change to a brush again to use a colour.
    Play twice to get both jewels and of course the Rainbow gauge will fill up a
    bit. There's no difference between the levels and there's no timer. Move along
    another two screens to find Zippzee who wants to play Tag. She'll move back and
    forth and you can easily block her and after about three turns Rarity will
    snatch her. That's it. Move along to the right and the gauge will fill again.
    There's a cute scene with everyone, and after this you get to play another game
    The task is to rescue the ponies from the lily pads on the river. Use the
    +Control Pad to move the vine over a pony. Press A to pick up a pony. A
    suitcase seems to be hanging down from a vine. Move from left to right so it's
    directly over a pony and press A and it will lower down to pick up the pony.
    There are only three of them and you're rewarded with a jewel. Play again and
    rescue 5 ponies. This time the pads are moving back and forth and you need to
    press A to allow for the movement. If a pony is moving right, position the vine
    further right so by the time it drops the pony should have moved underneath it.
    There's no time limit so it won't matter if you miss. Complete the rescue and
    gauge fills some more and you get all the jewels.
    It's now night time and, after another scene you can play anew game. This one
    Use the +Control Pad to move the magic wand to the bright yellow star. Press A
    on the yellow star and it moves, keep doing that and you will connect the stars
    around the constellation. Win a jewel and play again to obtain the third jewel,
    even though it's exactly the same picture. The gauge fills up a bit more and
    Rarity urges the ponies to move on. The other group, consisting of Cheerilee,
    Brights Brightly and Whistle Wishes are worried about the shooting stars and
    fortunately Spike and the rest of the group turn up.
    This triggers another game of **FOLLOW THE MAGIC WAND**. It's the slightly more
    difficult version for the third jewel, but it's still really really easy! Play
    the game and obtain more juice in the gauge. After another shooting star zooms
    past the group enter Rarity's carriage and a new game starts:
    Press the A button repeatedly to speed up. Use the +Control Pad to steer up and
    down and try to beat the star to the finish line. It's 100 miles away and
    there's a counter at the bottom left of the screen showing how many miles are
    left. You've got to dodge some big yellow clouds and try and outrun the star,
    moving always to to the right of the screen. It doesn't matter if you beat it
    or not because you'll still get the jewel and the gauge filling. Play a second
    time for the third jewel and the game is exactly the same. The gauge is now
    completely filled and the group of four unicorns run in under the dome to
    create the rainbow.
    Find your friends! Move down the screen to talk to Pinkie Pie. Yep she'll be at
    the Rainbow Celebration as long as you have lots of pink things. You bet! Walk
    left along the path to the bridge and talk to Zipzee. Further on you'll find
    the blue Whistle Wishes. Continue to the next screen to find the golden Brights
    Brightly and purple Twinkle Twirl. Return to the plaza and walk up to the
    castle to find the greenish Minty and pale blue Sunny Daze. Continue into the
    adjoining room where you'll find a bright blue Rainbow Dash, and purple
    Cheerilee. That's everyone, and the end of the game. There isn't another
    You can watch the Credits again from the menu screen by pressing B. Select New
    Game to access the menu with the Mini-Games and Princess Gallery.
    V.  P R I N C E S S  G A L L E R Y  .................................... *GALL
    You'll enter this gallery in the middle room where you'll find four prizes
    including the Tiara prize for the whole game. There are 5 rooms with 3 prizes
    in each room and they are listed here from left to right.
    Prize - Pink Bracelet
    Prize - Yellow Locket
    Prize - Blue Hairbrush
    Prize - Lilac Box
    Prize - Blue Bracelet
    Prize - Green Locket
    Prize - Pink Locket
    8. RARITY'S ADVENTURE - Centre Glass Box Prize
    Prize - Purple Tiara
    Prize - Lilac Bracelet
    Prize - Pink Purse
    Prize - Green Bracelet
    Prize - Gold Ring
    Prize - Pink Box
    Prize - Blue Locket
    Prize - Lilac Brush
    Prize - Lilac Purse
    VI.  C R E D I T S ,  L E G A L  B I T ,  C O N T A C T ..................*CLC
    For Psycho_Penguin (Steve McFadden). R.I.P. We co-wrote FAQs for Nostalgia,
    Rhapsody and My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie's Party. Continuing the tradition of
    making FAQs for pink games.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than
    those listed, or otherwise distributed publicly. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes. August 10th 2011.
    The latest version will always appear on GameFAQs.com
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    * Cheats de.com
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