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"A So and So Cute Rat"

Ratatouille is a strange name for a movie, and even more strange for a game. Disney continues to make great movies, but so and so video games. I haven't seen this movie, but read all the good reviews, and pretty much know what it is about. I guess this game is meant for fans of the movie. So if you like the movie, then this is right up your ally. If you hated it, then you got no business playing it or buying it. I got it for cheap, 20 bucks new, so it was not all that bad, maybe used is cheaper.

The game play is not all that bad it is pretty good, and fun, with two different parts of game formats. The only problem with this is, it repeats itself way too much. The background changes a little bit, but the format remains the same. So in other words it is repetitive. In every level you need to go threw the kitchen or other similar areas, and find missing ingratiates or food parts, so you can make the dish at the end of the level. This is your standard game play from start to finish. So if you enjoy this, then you will love this game. Otherwise you will get board and won't bother to finish it, especially if you know the end of the movie. The story is just like the movie, so no hidden surprises.

The mini game where you have to prepare the dishes is fun. I think that was the best part of the game. That's where you have to add different spices in the right dishes before time expires. In other words you need to be fast and accurate. Once you beat the game you can come back and play these boards anytime.

This part of this game is very nice, after all Game Boy Advance games are known for their good high tech graphics. The cartoon mice look just like they do in the animated movie. The details of the characters are nicely done. The sound and music are good too, but I really don't pay too much attention to that, cause most of the time I play my games in mute, cause I'm on the go.

This is not a completely bad game over all it is fun while it lasts. I have played a lot worse then this. I just wish they had added something different to the boards and game play. When you got to do the same thing over and over again, even if you enjoy the character, you get tired of it. I gave this game an average ranking to let the people decide what they think of it for themselves.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Disney/Pixar Ratatouille (US, 06/26/07)

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