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    FAQ/Walkthrough by x MJ x

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                                  Walkthrough by MJ
    Table of Contents ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    - Story
    - Controls
    - Walkthrough
    - Tips
    - Save Codes
    - Credits
    Story ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    In a highly-developed world lived a peaceful civilization. Until a cursed
    magic book of spells reappeared from the past. An evil mind used it to free a
    power from ancient times. Throngs of demons wreaked havoc upon the planet.
    Then centuries went by. There was nothing left but vestiges of the dead
    civilization. The survivors are the slaves of the demons and are the subjects
    of experiments. I am one of them, a failed black magic experiment. My hands
    turn the living into stone. I must flee and make them pay!
    Controls :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    A - Jump
    B - Attack
    R - Demon powers
    Walkthrough ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    When your prisoner friends arrive and start knocking on the jail cell walk up
    to them and use your attack to break the cell open. In the next room head east.
    Don't try to fight the demons or else it game over. You'll see your first
    save pedestal. The save code is WLwsPLwkTB, afterwards enter the next area.
    Avoid the traps on the ground by walking around it. Lower the switch by
    hitting it with your weapon. Enter the next area and free the monster by
    hitting the switch on the ground. It will open the door to the next area.
    Forest of the Ancients
    Head south and jump over the gap to fight your first enemy. Kill it to turn it
    into stone. Move it over to the wall and jump on top to reach the upper area.
    Another save pedestal here. The code is vRUQQPUs9T. Head up west to find some
    more monsters. Turn them to stone and slide the rock down the stairs. You can
    knock the other monster by using the attack button on the stone, which will hit
    it when it moves down the stairs. Jump the gap to find your green friend again.
    After the chat turn one monster to stone and push the rock on the green button.
    This will release a magic stone that will fill your gauge by some. You will
    find these buttons all over the place.
    Head south to find 2 more buttons. Place the stones on the moving circles to
    release the magic stone. The next area has monsters that will heal you after
    killing them. Head down for another cutscene. To unstuck a stone against
    a wall stand away from it and use your attack. If done correctly it will move
    towards you. To move it uphill attack it and place it on the button. Hit the
    switch to open the gate.
    The blue switch will make the stones unbreakable. Drag it downward and place
    it on the triangle panel. It will head to the green button automatically.
    Another save pedestal here. The code is dX338WhNVr. Head west to find a new
    button. This one will attack all the other monsters on screen, pretty cool
    but useless. You can find another magic stone just below this screen. To get
    a stone over drag it near the edge without it falling. Then hit it and it
    will move to the button. Now move north.
    You will find a new monster here. These take a few hits before dying. Hit the
    switch and enter the door. You will find more magic crystals here along with a
    button panel. This will heat the rock and kill every enemy on screen when you
    hit an enemy with the stone. Head up east to the next area. Head downstairs to
    find some health monsters. If you need more health enter the last area and
    re-enter. The monsters will respawn! Head down to the flame area. To get pass
    these flames kill the monster next to it and use the stone and hit it towards
    the flame. Doing this will block them. Quickly get over before the stone breaks.
    Head east for another save pedestal which is ynhSZj3Cou. Navigate to the next
    chat with your green friend. Here you will use your powers to eliminate the
    monster ahead. Head over for another save pedestal, which is H4HpF7H3JL.
    Collect some more crystals to fill your gauge again. Open the gate for the next
    Scrapyard Sector
    Collect the crescents below and kill a spider enemy. Drag the stone over to the
    green panel (the one that's rotating). This will bring a platform to you. Jump
    on it to reach the next area. Collect more crescents here. Remember not to
    touch the electrical areas. You can jump over on the solid ground parts. Head
    southwest to find a save pedestal by a gate. The code is HC7LYjZC20. You have
    to fill up your gauge for the next area so make sure it's full before
    proceeding to the next area.
    Head far east until you see those monsters that shoot at you. Quickly align
    yourself to them and use your demon powers. This will kill both monsters. Jump
    over to the next part. You will find another save in the south. Save code
    Lci5fAeHW6. Grab the lonely crescent by the bushes, but don't touch them! Head
    east for another chat with Nif and the man that will help you.
    Now backtrack to the save point by the gate. Use the key to open the gate.
    Head downstairs.
    Mirror Quest
    Head down and kill the lone monster and place in on the triangle. Use the red
    explosion to clear out the monsters below. Grab the crescents on the right
    and head left. Jump over the platforms and make your way over. Don't worry
    about that swinging monster just yet. Head to the platform with the crescent.
    With the 2 monster up above use them to launch stones at the swinging monster.
    A couple of hits will take it out. There's a magic crystal up there. Head down
    for another save. Code is u4sIQPGAfc. Activate the platform panel to get to
    the next area. You will fight your first demon here. A couple of hits will
    take it out. Head to the stairs and jump on the ledge to activate the switch
    on the right, grab the crescents too.
    You have to fill up your gauge in this room. There's plenty of crystals here so
    it's easy. Use them on the shooters, enter the next area. Jump over to the next
    area. Most likely you will fall when the ground crumbles. Jump over again to
    the other side. Grab the crescent to open the laser blocked door. Another save
    here, wbwkRJokn6. Enter the next area. Activate this switch to fully fill your
    magic gauge. Prepare to fight your first boss.
    Stay in the middle of the area. It will move around clockwise or counter-
    clockwise. Kill the little monsters for stones. Wait for it to stop and expose
    it eyes. Throw the stones in its open eye. After a couple of hits it will
    change movement. Just continue killing the little monsters for stones. After
    a few more hits it will start to shoot fireballs at you. You can use stones
    to block or jump over them. Remember you have your demon gauge so use that
    for a few more hits. Afterwards the mirror is yours!
    Jump up the platform and grab the heart. Make your way over to the right.
    Flip the switch and backtrack to the beginning of this quest. Return the mirror
    to the man that will help you.
    Mirror Shards
    South there's a save, code ui6APNGA1B. Move the pink spike thing to the green
    square. A fountain will activate, walk on it. Do the same thing here. Move
    the piece to the square. Walk on the fountain to return. Another green square
    will appear. Move the piece on it again and walk on the new fountain.
    This area is rather tricky. You have to move the piece towards the bounce pad.
    But the wind will push you away. If you fall you won't lose any health. Hit
    the piece towards the pad. with luck you'll move it over. When you place it
    make sure you're facing the other pad on the other side. This will jump the
    piece over. Bounce it over to the green square. Jump down to return to the
    first area. Once again place the pawn piece in the square to reach a new area.
    Find the pawn piece and move over to the other side. You will see broken tiles
    at the end, drag the pawn over, don't worry it won't fall off. Make your way
    over to the other side so you can drag it over to the moving tiles. A new
    square will appear down below, to the next fountain!.
    This one is easy. Move behind the pawn piece to block the wind and drag it to
    the triangle panel. Head to the other side and place it on the green square.
    Easy! Head back for a new square. This one you hit the piece to move it over
    near the bounce pad. Get to the other side and drag it to the next pad. Drag
    it over to the wall. To get it out of the corner hit it and it should bounce
    towards you. Drag it over one tile so you can hit it straight into the square.
    You will return back. Now head back to the save (near the bushes). Get stones
    from the monsters to destroy the bushes and open a new path. To get the magic
    stone launch a rock at the floating object. Destroy more bushes to open the
    next area. A new save here, B5MHNByHSg. Throw stones at the shooter monster
    to kill it. Find more crescents and magic stone in the next area. To get pass
    the flame lure the dog monster near it and use its stone to block the flames
    to get over. Another save pedestal up ahead, K7SXgaoqyu. These starfish looking
    monsters do a lot of damage when grouped so it's best to jump around them.
    Activate the switch to unblock a new area. Place a stone on the bounce pad.
    Careful the red stone monster is a enemy so kill it. Use the stone to jump up.
    Grab the elevator key and head up.
    Fire Temple Entrance
    Work your way thru the spikes. You can jump over them as well. Place a stone
    on the panel to freeze the spikes in place. Jump over to the save, gCHVEKfwd4.
    Jump over the platforms, fight the demons and enter the Fire Temple.
    Fire Temple
    Save here, RBvVFGtElm. Head up north and use a demon to block the flames. Head
    to the next area. You'll find another swing monster. Jump by the stairs and use
    stones at it. Grab the key and head back upstairs for another swing monster.
    I had a demon power stored up so I used it on him. Open the door for another
    save point, F5oGLrIa83. Watch the patterns of the spike blocks and jump over.
    Here you will fight a new enemy. To attack it you have jump and slash. 4 hits
    will kill it. Afterwards use the stone to block the flames an jump over.
    In the next area head downstairs and place a stone on the blue panel and push
    it towards the arrow. Jump up and jump up on the left, don't enter the next
    area yet. Flip both switches to turn off the flames. Head upstairs and place
    a stone near the rocks to enter the next area. Save up, wVVsS0SkDh. To grab
    the blue key wait for the enemy to be near you and hit it towards the arrow.
    If done right it will hit the panel and lower the key.
    Head west. Defeat the snake looking thing easily by using demon powers. Work
    your way around until you get to the blue door. Save, DxpbIom5CU. Place a stone
    on the conveyor and jump on it to get pass the flames, enter the next area.
    Place stones on the bounce pad to get a stone to fight the snake for you.
    Two of these should kill it. Place another stone on the other pad to lower the
    red key. Head out and use the elevator.
    Ride the platforms and flip the switch. Ride the other platform and head down
    for a save, Z51Bk+2Jji. Flip the switch for the next area. Avoid the spikes
    and enter the next area. Turn enemy to stone and bring stone to lower flame.
    Jump on stone and jump over the upper flame. Collect the crescents and head
    upstairs. Grab the blue key first then place a stone on the bounce pad. Run
    over to the platform and jump on. Now your back at the beginning of this
    section. Use the blue key on the door, to the next area.
    Now your demon powers have been increased! Jump over the platforms to the next
    area. Use your new demon power on the shooter enemy. Looks cool doesn't it?
    Avoid the spike blocks and enter the next room (grab the crescent by the door
    first, look in the right corner of the room). To grab the red key you have to
    air slash to release the rock. Walk on the little strip of pink (by the
    platforms) and slash it. You should have enough health to drop it, plus there's
    a health monster here. The area pass the platforms is purely optional. There's
    a few crescents and crystals.
    Now backtrack to the red door. Save, UB0vwlRmkY. Get pass the spikes, use
    demon power on snake or you can skip it (corner jump at stairs). Get magic
    crystal and head upstairs. Wait for enemy to come near you and throw stones at
    the snake. Grab the crystal and head up. Demon power the snake and grab health
    monster and crescents on the ledges. Proceed to save, -RTWhtkb4r. In the next
    room hit the rock above the red panel. This will free the enemy stones too.
    Kill them and get on the platform. Ignore the flying enemy and enter next area.
    Make your way pass the moving spike blocks. Jump up the ledge by the stairs
    (where the health monster is) and jump on top. Grab the crystals if needed and
    work your way up. At the end of the moving spike there's health and some
    crescents. Stay in the middle and the flames won't hurt you in the next part.
    Head west for a save point, 3krckGEQHV. You can head downstairs for health if
    you want. Grab the red key and head to the red door. The little dragons like
    to leap at you so use hit and run to finish them. Place a stone on the triangle
    and grab the blue key and head south from here and activate the switch. Head
    back to the blue door (south of last save point).
    Head in and flip the switch, grab the crescent by the flame shooters. Grab the
    health if needed. Head back to the moving spikes area. Turn the enemy into
    stone and jump up the ledge by the moving spikes. Grab the crescents and magic
    stone on the right by the enemies. Jump up and head east. Flip the switch to
    turn off the flames. Head back and flip the switch on the wall to deactivate
    the beams below. Jump down and enter. head in and grab the crystal if necessary.
    Save, TnhTAFZvQq, prepare for a boss fight.
    What a fun game of hopscotch this is. The goal here is to collect crystals
    to demon power the enemy to death. Red crystals fills the most, green the least.
    Its attack patterns involves shooting fireballs at you. To avoid them you have
    to jump side to side. When you have enough to use demon do so and collect as
    fast as you can again. You main enemy here is the awkward jumping so time your
    After the fight head over and heal up. Grab your necklace piece and jump up to
    bring the platforms to you. Head south to get the elevator key, save your game,
    yA0XUlS40P. Ride the elevator. After the chat grab the red key by the platform
    and head east.
    Scrapyard Sector
    Grab the crescents below and heal if needed, ride the platforms over and save,
    WWIZgMQ6Hf. Head down and place a stone on the panel to get a helper to attack.
    Jump over and hit the switches to get over. Head west and ride the platform
    over. Make sure you have your demon charge full before proceeding, you'll
    need it. You demon powers on the big starfish looking thing, this will stop
    the little ones from popping out. Save up ahead, v0r-3G-2Nx. Heal if needed
    and enter the stairs. Fill your gauge and prepare for another boss fight.
    Instead of one block you will fight 2 of those eye blocks. Dodge them until
    one of them disappears. Now the small enemies will spawn. Like before use them
    to attack the inner eyes. They also like to duel attack. When they both
    disappear from screen they will start to duel attack. It's easy to dodge. When
    you defeat the first one the second will come out with different attacks. It
    will shoot fireballs at all angles, just jump to dodge them or stones. It will
    always stop at the lower right always so make sure you have stones ready to hit
    it. I would save my demon powers for the second one. After you hit it a couple
    of times it will start moving with its eyes open, this means it's near death.
    Afterwards you will gain an item to extend your gauge! Grab it and head
    upstairs. Save, cE4qQxMzuX. Collect the crescents and place a stone on the
    flashing red panel to kill the starfishes. Head east to the forest.
    Forest of the Ancients
    Collect crescents and head east, clear out the shooter monster with the enemies.
    Head south to the stairs. 
    Walk the ledge to grab the crescents. Head downstairs
    to the save, HEdhuDf2d0. Eliminate the swinger and head south. Place a stone
    on the triangle to reach the switch. Place a stone on the green panel to bring
    the platform over. Head over to the other side and flip the switch. Jump down
    by the save point to reach the new area. Use a monster to jump up on the ledge.
    Get the red crystal and head south. Kill the shooter monster and head down.
    You can go west for a health monster, crescents and crystal. optional. Head
    east for another red crystal (activate platform panel) and south for Dark
    Dark Marshes
    After the chat save, uTm7Vi+G8Y. You have to keep moving here or else the water
    monsters will shoot at you. Just run to the next area ASAP.
    Misty Village
    Head north for a cutscene. Afterwards save, WVi10Cn+39. Head north to the
    Forbidden Marshes. Another save, save if you want.
    Forbidden Marshes
    Don't spend too much time here, keep moving. When you get to the field with
    green monster balls head east to get to the next area. You can jump the over
    the bushes if you like. If not a demon power attack will wipe them all out,
    use the stones to clear the bushes. Straight ahead flip the switch and go south.
    Another save pedestal here, NaANAgv0sf. Now the protections are off, head east
    and north. Flip the switch for the platform and enter the next area.
    Souls Quests
    We have to find 50 souls now, yay! Head east for a save point, mLZdoQYAGk.
    Demon attack the monster that is messing with the switches. Ride the 1st
    platform over. Head east to find another save, B7kNz1lNYh. Hit the object on
    the wall to free 10 souls. Head back by jumping on the green slope repeatedly
    to get back up. Ride the other platform to get another 10 souls. Head up and
    slide a stone down the steps to the triangle. Ride the lift to get some more
    souls. Head east for another save, JXKw+PdgUI. Stand on the lift and hit the
    switch to move across.
    Kill the enemy below and slide it over to jump to the next area. Slide a stone
    on the blue panel and drag it to the triangle. You have to stack 2 boxes on
    top, they can't be 2 blue stones. Stack a regular stone on top of the blue
    to get on top. Jump over by the ledge with the crescents and jump on the green
    slope repeatedly to reach the switch. You might have to use a demon attack
    to clear out these enemies. Grab the souls and head down to the platform. Get
    on and hit the switch. Hit the switch on the wall and save, RTwd8f+yfa. Enter
    the new area for the last souls. Head back to the beginning of this area.
    Watch out!
    Boss fight. The first part is rather easy. Make sure that all 3 plants are
    'open'. You will see a circle if they are. one demon blast will close them all.
    Now for the second phase. They form has 1! Pretty simple it will shoot those
    pollen things at you, just run away to not get it. Afterwards it will hop to
    the next area, When it exposes the circle jump on top and slash away. You can
    get quite a few hits in. Make sure you jump off before it closes up or you
    will receive damage. Keep doing this and its on to phase 3. They go back to
    3 parts, this time they will attack left to right instead of up and down. Run
    around the inner square and jump corners to run away from the pollen spray.
    Hit the inner circle again on the plants to move on to phase 4. Back to 1 form
    this time it will jump around like before, you can hide near the lift area and
    not get hit or in the upper left corner too. Phase 5! 3 forms again, hiding
    in these corners won't work. But you can hide in the upper right! They move
    counter-clockwise so wait for the circle to land near you and attack, wait for
    the green spike ones to pass by. Quickly hide in the corner till you get them
    all. Last phase, and the hardest. It will form back to 1. When it pops up
    quickly run around the square to avoid the pollen attack. It will move around
    the square clockwise. Stay close and the pollen spray should be avoided. When
    it goes back down the hole wait for it to come out again and follow it
    clockwise. Sometimes it will falsely open then close its circle which you can
    get hurt by. But it's random and might not even happen. With enough luck you
    can kill it for good.
    You will get another gauge on your screen! Heal and save, xTZ2Mh7CVA. If you
    need more health exit and re-enter the room. Work your way up and exit. To get
    back hit the switch and jump over. Work your way back to the green monster
    field with the entrance pass the brushes. Head back down south to go back to
    the village. Save, Ejd0VRRwUp, and enter the door. After the chat head to the
    priests house upward. Now we need to go to the Southern access of Forbidden
    Swamp. Its east of the center area (where the priest are praying to the green
    rock). With your new jump you can get pass the gaps.
    Forbidden Marshes
    Work your way across until you find a switch by a save point, hFu5Cv4sGC. Put
    a stone on the bounce pad to clear the bush with a crescent inside. Quickly
    work your way north to find steps hidden behind bushes, clear them out for
    the Phantom Forest.
    Phantom Forest
    Save, mZcl0g0yTC. Monsters head spawn rather quickly. East there's a health
    monster along with some crescents. Head north to the mountain. Collect crescents
    and crystals and head west to the switch with 2 crescents. Drag a stone up the
    stairs to reach it. Flip it and head to where the blocked area was. Place a
    stone on the panel and send the stone to the shooter. Go thru the flames and
    hit the switch at the middle of the swinging spikes. Save, oPd2Q55VU5. Jump
    down next to the save and head down. Two swingers here, demon blast them and
    jump down. Kill one of those annoying flyers and drag them down the stairs to
    call the platform over. To the next area.
    Marsh Temple
    Save, 0jOMZIjE68. Work your around the electric floors, collect the crescents
    and grab the health monster at east before entering next area. Drag a stone
    on the bounce pads to get up on top. To the east there's another health
    monster. Quickly work your way west then north to reach a save. Don't bother
    fighting anyone, those flame monsters do a lot of damage. Save up, vS81+uv1ty.
    Head east and jump over the gray platforms. Throw a stone at the octopus
    looking monster to jump up on top. Stone an enemy then stone the other enemy
    and put it on the blue = panel to freeze the other guys. Drag it over to jump
    on top. Don't let the stone touch the enemies or it will break. Save,
    xshAb3UkKn and enter.
    Slide a stone on the triangle pads to jump up. Work your way up. Head upstairs
    and hit the switch and save, e1TiRA+zr5. Jump over the platforms and hit the
    switch to move over and save, 295cNV064Y. Make a blue stone and slide it to the
    right of the slope. This will move the stone nice and slowly down. Go down and
    grab the red key. Grab the crescents on the left side too. Grab the crescents
    behind the blue door and head downstairs.
    Jump to the left and use the key. Get 3 crystals here and head up. Bypass these
    monsters and head to the next area. Save, wz8Y4jnntN. This next puzzle you make
    a blue stone and drag it to the end of the upper green strip. To make it over
    to the other side make a stone and place it at the gap of the square. Then
    quickly run and drag the blue stone onto the regular stone and push it to the
    other green side. Now go to the other side where the other monster is (by the
    health monster) and make a stone and fill the corner gap. Quickly run to the
    blue stone and hit it over. Run back and push the stone on the upper green to
    jump on the ledge. Make your way over to the switches. 3rd room has health in
    it. Save, 3RLIzrDfhH. The other rooms have crescents and crystals in them.
    Head east and save, 88W2ix0jTG. To the next area.
    Progress till you find the blue stone panel. Make a blue stone and slide it
    down without breaking it. You might want to use a demon attack when you get
    the stone down to the bottom. Hit the stone up the slope and get on the lift.
    Get the crescents on the sides and save, DCZ6MRe6ik. Head downstairs and get
    the key for the lift. Heal up and enter door. Work your way over to the next
    save, sWtqUcMOjK. Head south then east then jump up the ledges. Make your
    way to the freezing panel. Freeze them and use one of them to jump up. Make
    a solid stone and bounce it over. Use it to get the blue key. Jump over
    by the dragons to get back to the blue door. Get the red key inside of blue
    door and head back. Head down and look for another opening with a save point
    and a lift. Save, Am7nMVCT4g, and ride the lift. Boss fight coming up!
    Make sure your gauges are full before entering this fight. The key to hurting
    them is to launch stones into their exposed 'eye'. When one eye is closed
    you can jump on top of it to avoid any of the opened eye attacks. They have 2
    attacks: one is a jump rope like move that you can jump over. The other is a
    straight attack which is easily dodge. When both monsters are attacking and
    one exposes its eye use your improved demon attack.
    When defeated you now have another piece of the necklace! Save up ahead,
    7Fvaf9sme7. Grab the elevator key on the left side of the room. Return back
    to the priest in the village. Afterwards head south to the Ice Marsh.
    Ice Marsh
    Progress thru the marsh. Head east and hit the switch. Go west and go down the
    stairs for a save point, pLMS1Efacj. Head north to the next area. Save if you
    like and go west. If you need healing go west pass the platforms and work your
    way around again. Head north for another boss fight.
    Plant thing is back for round 2. This time it's pretty easy. It will start out
    with 3 forms just like before. Wait for the 'eye' to be expose and attack. When
    it begins hopping, you can walk under and not get hurt. 2nd phase is easy, just
    run clockwise and follow it. 3rd phase is just like first but they will shoot
    pollen in the beginning. Last phase is easy to. It has a new move that tosses
    barbs at you, jump over them. Follow it clockwise like before and its done for.
    Heal up and save, qattPD+-jA.
    Progress thru till you find another save, vudkStUwP-. Make your way to the icy
    marsh. When your standing on ice you will slip and slide so be careful. Another
    save ahead, H4gsmq+w9s. Ride the shuttle. Progress and you'll talk to the
    priest. Head thru the waterfall and flip the switch. Save up, kXz0ZPfPc8. Hit
    the switch for the next area.
    Hit the screens to deactivate the doors. Work your way up and save, WkEIhbu-TB.
    Get on the spike lifts to reach the upper areas. Another save, h5aK0j1RtJ.
    Ride the spike lifts down and demon attack the spike shooting monster to jump
    over. To get past the wind use a stone to block the wind and jump up. Use the
    gust to launch over to the other side. Save up ahead, CmnGVzx10k. Use a stone
    to jump up and deactivate the door. Head inside the next dungeon.
    To get past this dragon thing you have to jump on the upper steps when it
    approaches. Get over and deactivate the switches. Save, BZqK9Ca5YE, head South
    and avoid the dragons again, you'll be back outside. Jump across the platforms
    to find another save point, jAKBmLU08a. Work your way up and hit the switches.
    Save again, ZmFh9yIWQ6. Once again back into the dungeon. Save, M8MOIJxpz+.
    You'll speak with the Oracle here. Save if you like, cxlU4p6zIP. Heal up and
    get on the shuttle. Return to the priest.
    After the chat head to the Sun Swamp. East then south. Inside those houses are
    crystals for you. Jump the platforms to chat with Nif again.
    Sunny Marshes
    Save, fIVjYyVYR5, and enter. Quickly make your way thru this area. Save again,
    NJIwUpjvWa. Grab the crescents on the right before boarding the shuttle.
    Acid Desert
    Save, BbXyxOyB3p, make sure to stay on the rocks. Grab the crescents and health
    and go north for another chat. Quickly make your way north to avoid those
    shooters. Head downstairs to the dungeon. Make your way to the other side. Save
    pedestal near the stairs, v-Rs-pkrcl. Now you have to make your way by jumping
    on top of the little rocks. When you reach the blue - panel step on that. The
    sand enemies can't get you there. Now hop pass the fences to the save point,
    OW9kEeczom. Hop over to the green crystal pedestal for safety. Hop on to the
    little rocks over. Hop over the fence and land on the blue panel. Now you can
    get lucky and hop to the little over rock without getting hit, try your luck.
    Hop over and save, JjG6Fcqr2O. Back in the dungeon. Might want to use Demon
    attack to clear out these fire shooters. Get a stone and jump up.
    Head straight up and without stopping. There's lots of shooters around so hop
    along and get health as needed. Save, ziKBBrOZEx and enter the stairs south.
    put a stone on the conveyor to get up, save, Cy86Ea+AUJ. Head southwest,
    pass all those shooters, then east to find a save, rJ6jt26Xxm. Talk to the
    man. Afterwards head to the stairs.
    Cursed Source
    Save, FX0iuMYqhu. Head north and place a stone on the triangle to trigger the
    elevator. Follow the path to the next area. Jump down on the left. Throw a
    stone to the moving square to reach the switch. Head back and head in. Do the
    same thing here, place the stone on the gray floor on the other side to open
    the sluice. In the next room use the stones to block the flames and get over.
    Save in the next room, WHks+pucIo. Drag the stone over to call the platform.
    Drag a stone over the bouncy pad and place it on the gate to open sluice 3.
    Place another stone on the pad and drag it to the triangle to call the lift.
    Save, L9thRfdVWO. Jump down and make your way thru the conveyors. When you
    get to the save use a stone to jump up to get to it. Save, 43Mt4kWZ67. To the
    next room. To unlock the lasers put a stone on the green square on the upper
    left corner of the room. In the next room drag a stone on the gate as before
    to unlock sluice 2.
    Save, 8G+s8FOAkY. Work your way around the conveyors. Hit the switch to go
    back to the desert. Save, uB4iuNqyNg. You have to use each freeze panel to
    cross over. Don't touch the orange quicksand or it's game over. Jump on top
    of the crystal pedestal and quickly cross over and hit the switch. Head to
    the opening on the right. Save, tfaPtMOH3g. Boss time!
    The first part is rather easy. Just run up to the bug and attack it. It will
    push back each time you hit it. Keep hitting him far enough to reveal the
    red bomb panel. This is how you hurt it, by placing a stone on the panel.
    Remember to push it far enough so you have time to drag it over without
    it crushing the stone. Jumping slashes seems to work best on the boss. Stay
    out of its claws when they flash red. The second part is tricky. First you
    make a blue permanent stone at the right. Bounce it over and begin to push
    the bug back. Keep pushing it far back so you have enough time to drag it
    over, you can't hit it over if you were wondering. It works best to attack
    the bug and drag the stone little by little, don't let it touch it. After
    the second blast debris will fall everywhere. Look on the right to jump over
    and get health and the stone to bounce over. This last attack is rather easy
    just push it back like before and drag it little by little to the triangle.
    Grab the key and head to the right. Save V0hMVtVgyY. Kill the flyer and drag
    the stone onto the gate. All sluices are opened! Backtrack to the room with 3
    openings. Head to the left opening to exit back to desert and talk to the man.
    Now your a flying demon! Cool, save code: kUvFvb7V8G. Now the game will turn
    into a shoot em up! You know like Raiden, Ikaruga; games like that. But this
    isn't as hard has any of those games. It's pretty simple actually. Your slash
    button now shoots fireballs instead. The rock statues can sometimes give
    hearts if you destroy it. Afterwards you get a save code: kVrpvd-V0R. Now to
    fight your final boss.
    His attacks are simple to dodge. His first spin pattern acts like a boomerang.
    To dodge stay in the lower right corner and when they come out go to middle of
    the area. When they 'return' stay in the middle and dodge them. His second
    attack is just as simple to move from side to side, you should never ever get
    hit by it. You can't hit him because it acts like a shield. His second spin
    pattern is easy to dodge. Move quickly over to the upper right. Don't get to
    close. Then quickly move to the left middle side and stay there until he
    throws 2 sets of spinners. Then return to the middle and wait to see what he
    does. Most likely it's another shield charge. When you hit him enough he will
    start a new attack. The shield aura is easy to block. Just rotate clockwise
    around him because he will follow you. When you return back to the middle you
    can get some hits in. He will start to use his 3rd spin pattern now. Quickly
    go to the upper right before he shoots them out. Stay there until they return
    then rotate to the left and stay there for a couple of seconds. The boss
    will appear in the middle of the area and then return back. He will continue
    to use the aura shield attack so get some hits in and rotate clockwise, also
    the shield charge too. For its last pattern it will use the aura shield and
    spinners in conjunction. Quickly go to the bottom left corner and wait for the
    shield to spin around. He will shoot out the spinners with a new pattern. To
    dodge them stay in the middle of the left and middle spinners. After 2
    rotations a new shield will pop out so remember to go to the bottom left side
    and wait for it to rotate twice and dodge the left spinner by moving between
    the left and middle spinners. When the shield disappears move right to left
    and shoot the demon (while remembering to dodge of course) then return to the
    corner and repeat. After some hits he's done for!
    Congrats you finished the game!
    Tips :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    1. Re-supplying Health - There's 2 ways of getting the health monsters to
                             respawn: by entering and exiting a room and by walking
                             far away from it then coming back. This will be useful
                             for the later levels.
    2. Attacking through objects - In the later levels it's useful to kill enemies
                                   thru objects like pillars. Use this for the fire
                                   shooters because they are tough.
    3. Zig Zag Jumping - You can avoid most projectile and regular attacks by
                         jumping in a zig zag motion. Useful to getting through a
                         hevaly occupied enemy area.
    Save Codes :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    My save codes throughout my game. Anybody can use them though!
    Dungeon:                 WLwsPLwkTB - Beginning
    Forest of the Ancients:  vRUQQPUs9T - Beginning
                             H4HpF7H3JL - End
    Scrapyard Sector:        HC7LYjZC20 - Beginning
                             Lci5fAeHW6 - End
    Mirror Quest:            u4sIQPGAfc - Beginning
                             wbwkRJokn6 - End
    Mirror Shards:           ui6APNGA1B - Beginning
                             K7SXgaoqyu - End
    Fire Temple Entrance:    gCHVEKfwd4 - Beginning
    Fire Temple:             RBvVFGtElm - Beginning
                             yA0XUlS40P - End
    Scrapyard Sector:        WWIZgMQ6Hf - Beginning
                             cE4qQxMzuX - End
    Forest of the Ancients:  HEdhuDf2d0 - Beginning
    Dark Marshes:            uTm7Vi+G8Y - Beginning
    Misty Village:           WVi10Cn+39 - Beginning
    Forbidden Marshes:       NaANAgv0sf - Beginning
    Souls Quests:            mLZdoQYAGk - Beginning
                             Ejd0VRRwUp - End
    Forbidden Marshes:       hFu5Cv4sGC - Beginning
    Phantom Forest:          mZcl0g0yTC - Beginning
                             oPd2Q55VU5 - End
    Marsh Temple:            0jOMZIjE68 - Beginning
                             7Fvaf9sme7 - End
    Ice Marsh:               pLMS1Efacj - Beginning
                             cxlU4p6zIP - End
    Sunny Marsh:             fIVjYyVYR5 - Beginning
    Acid Desert:             BbXyxOyB3p - Beginning
                             rJ6jt26Xxm - End
    Cursed Source:           FX0iuMYqhu - Beginning
                             V0hMVtVgyY - End
    Cave:                    kUvFvb7V8G - Beginning
                             kVrpvd-V0R - Pre-Boss
    Credits:                 CREDITSSSS
    More story:              THEENDSSSS
    Credits ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    Copyright 2006 MJ (goforbrokehub@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
    drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post
    it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are
    made, and that I am given credit for this FAQ. I reserve the right to
    require any website hosting this work to remove it.
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