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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

    Version: Azula | Updated: 12/04/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     __________   __       __   __________   |¯|_____     __________   _________
    |  ______  | \  \     /  / |  ______  | [   _____|   |  ______  | |  _____  \
    | |______| |  \  \   /  /  | |______| |  | |     |¯| | |______| | | |_____\ (
    |  ______  |   \  \_/  /   |  ______  |  | |_____| | |  ______  | |  ______  |
    |_|      |_|    \_____/    |_|      |_|  |_________| |_|      |_|_|_|      |_|
    |      T   H   E      B   U   R   N   I   N   G      E   A   R   T   H       |
         I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
        II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS
            Characters...................................................... CHRC
            Supporting...................................................... SPRT
       III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
            01) Omashu...................................................... WK01
            02) Fugitives................................................... WK02
            03) Appa Swamp.................................................. WK03
            04) The Blind Bandit............................................ WK04
            05) Zuko Alone.................................................. WK05
            06) The Journey................................................. WK06
            07) To Ba Sing Se............................................... WK07
            08) The Drill................................................... WK08
        IV. SECRET LEVELS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SCRL
            09) Lake Laogai................................................. WK09
            10) Lake Laogai II.............................................. WK10
            11) Appa Assault................................................ WK11
            12) Earth King.................................................. WK12
         V. UPDATES AND CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
        VI. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    01) CONTROLS                                                             [CNTR]
                  ______                                  ______
       LEFT -->  /_____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_____\  <-- RIGHT
    SHOULDER    /           ____________________________         \     SHOULDER
     BUTTON    |    _      |                            |         |    BUTTON
               |  _| |_    |                            |         |
     D-PAD --> | |_   _|   |    SCREEN DISPLAY HERE     |    (A)  | <-- A BUTTON
               |   |_|     |                            | (B)     | <-- B BUTTON
               |           |                            |         |
      START --> \      O   |____________________________|        /
     SELECT -->  \_     O                                      _/
    | D-Pad    | Moves characters [field] / moves cursor [menus]                 |
    | Start    | Un/pauses game                                                  |
    | Select   | ---                                                             |
    | A Button | Attack                                                          |
    | B Button | Attack [or other move]                                          |
    | R Button | Supporting character uses his/her attack                        |
    | L Button | Switches primary characters if applicable                       |
    II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
     Sadly, this game has better gameplay but shorter dungeons, making it not too
     hard to get through, and giving it an aura of less substance. =/
    CHARACTERS         [CHRC]
      The star of the television series, Aang is on a quest to control all four
      elements and live up to his heritage. In the game, he's got attacks dealing
      with airbending, naturally.
    | • Air Blast  - B Button                 | Repels projectiles/damages foes  |
    | • Dash       - D-Pad + B Button         | Quickly moves in a direction     |
    | • Dash Drive - A Button (while Dashing) | Powerful kick to enemies         |
      The cutie-pie waterbender from the South Pole, she aids Aang with her bro
      Sokka. She's a foundling bender but has gotten quite good as the series has
      progressed, and appears in numerous levels to help Aang.
    | • Water Spin - B Button [up to 4 times] | Damages foes, nulls projectiles  |
    | • Freeze - A Button                     | Freezes water spouts or enemies  |
      Sokka is Katara's bro, often reckless but strong-willed and eager to help
      out...if he's not hungry. Did I mention he makes wisecracks a lot? Yeah, he
      rocks. Not too much time in-game, but still fun to play as.
    | Club          - Tap B                   | Physical attack on enemy         |
    | Club Rush     - Hold B                  | Numerous attacks while moving    |
    | Rang          - Tap A                   | Stuns enemy(s) in front of him   |
    | Rang (Circle) - Charge A, release       | Used to hit far-off switches     |
      The 'Blind Bandit' girl, she's an earthbender who teaches Aang the ropes.
      Although she can't see, her ability to sense vibrations makes her a powerful
      ally. She only appears in one level, but she's fun just the same. Too strong
      almost... By sending an underground pillar, she can make it surface at will
      and attack multiple times, often a OHKO!
    | Earth Pillar - Tap A/B [and to surface] | Earthen spire attacks enemy(s)   |
     * - Earth Pillar spans ditches
      Zuko is the archnemesis of Aang, and wants to capture the Avatar to restore
      his honor and return to the Fire Nation again. He fails numerous times, and
      isn't such a bad guy at heart. It's the circumstances!! He's a firebender,
      and although his attacks are a little less stellar than what the show says
      he's capable of, he's fun to play and all-around awesome.
    | Fire Strike  - Tap B [up to 3 times]    | Firebending combo on nearby foes |
    | Fireball     - Charge A, release        | Shoots small projectile straight |
    | Big Fireball - Charge A more, release   | Piercing projectile for switches |
    | Block        - Tap B [when attacked]    | Nulls damage if done correctly   |
      Zuko's wise uncle who enjoys tea and hot springs, he's more kind-hearted
      than his Firebending kin. He looks out for Zuko and has quite a reputation
      as a warrior. In battle he's fearsome, but his Dragon Breath attack takes a
      little time to recover from. Fun guy but not fleshed out enough here.
    | Dragon Breath - A/B [hold for stream]   | Fiery stream to incinerate! Hehe |
     *- use the d-pad to control stream's direction; also cancels out projectiles
    SUPPORTING         [SPRT]
     Supporting isn't exactly new but works better than the previous game. Someone
     who is in 'support' is the character not being controlled by the player, but
     still has attacks to use with the R-button. They are the following:
    | Aang    | Dash Drive is immediately used, sending an enemy flying          |
    | Toph    | Sends an Earth Pillar ahead at once, hitting enemies if possible |
    | Zuko    | A quick-release fireball [small] is shot out                     |
    | Iroh    | Uses Dragon Breath in the direction opposite Zuko is facing!     |
    | Sokka   | Quickly throws boomerang straight in the direction Aang's facing |
    | Katara  | Freezes enemies/fountains at Aang's position [frontal]           |
     Use the L-button to switch who's in the supporting spot.
    01) OMASHU                                                               [WK01]
     After the opening dialogue, the game asks if Aang and Katara's tutorials want
     to be played. For newcomers, this is a good introduction into the controls &
     abilities -- it makes this walkthrough easier to follow, even. For reference
     on the skills, see the 'Characters' portion.
     Anyway, since the last time I've written an Avatar guide, I've learned my
     lesson to make it easier to follow, given all the puzzle-solving. I'll make
     the areas more palatable for readers. :p
     NOTE: The green timer DOES NOT END THE GAME IF IT HITS ZERO! It's just makes
     the bonus score rise.
     Just inside the city, some soldiers assault the party. Use the B-button to
     destroy them, or if you make Katara the lead (with L Button), use R-Button
     to make Aang do Dash Drives in the direction she's facing. There's a green
     bottle nearby that increases the bonus score and the time limit as well.
     Follow the small stairways, avoid the spikes and the ore cart, and approach
     the first switch. Slap it with any character's ability and the gate falls.
     The adjacent area has ore carts going on a set path, and if you're in the
     wrong spot, they'll push Aang and Katara into a floor pit. Move 'upstream'
     by ducking into the alcoves along the path.
     At the next two switches, switch to Katara and use her Water Spin to hit 'em
     both at once, dropping the gate. Some soldiers are beyond and can be beaten
     up with the b-button, or have their fireballs deflected with the Air Blast
     ability. A spearman will show up and has a reach that pierces the techniques,
     so flank him to avoid the -10 damage!
     The next switch is timed, so hit it and get past before it pops back up. The
     exit's right there.
     Use Aang's Dash Drive to knock the box onto the floor switch. Some soldier
     crowds will attack in the walkway to the right, so Water Spin to get them
     out en masse. Avoid the spikes nearby and collect the green bottles until
     the box puzzle comes into view. Air Blast the box west to make the path open
     to an herb [doubles points from enemies temporarily]. Two firethrowers will
     be past there -- remember, Water Spin can be done four times consecutively
     and neutralizes the fireballs as well!
     Avoid the carts and move east, zig-zagging through the incoming cart lane by
     the spikes. Sokka will arrive at the next puzzle and replace Katara. He has
     a boomerang (B-button) that flies straight ahead of him. Hit both switches,
     exit the screen.
     Play Sokka's tutorial at this point, if you don't know his capabilities. He
     can throw his 'Rang in a straight line (B button) or a circle (charge until
     he resonates slowly). Hold A to do a 'Club Rush', a furious attack with his
     primary weapon.
     Grab some green bottles, beat up more soldiers, and then get more bottles!
     There's a 4-switch puzzle here that has a short timer. Stand at the leftmost
     one and do a Club Rush across all four -- this should barely make the gate
     go down in time. Beat up some more soldiers and approach the red switch. This
     type of switch must be hit repeatedly to make its gate descend.
     A bunch of soldiers are beyond -- do the boomerang + Dash Drive combo to send
     them flying. The next 4-switch puzzle calls for Sokka to throw his boomerang
     in an arc. Just east is another box-on-switch puzzle. Air Blast it east,
     south, and west to solve. Exit east.
     Throw the 'Rang in a circle to hit the next switch. The next gate-'n'-switch
     puzzle has three apiece. Hit the 2nd and 3rd to make all gates depress. Here,
     the heros will find Bumi tied up by Azula. He'll knock the old geezer down
     and start surfing down a mail chute, with the fiery girl following inside a
     BOSS: Azula
     Azula will be in a cart on the top chute, and slings fireballs at the Avatar.
     Use Air Blast (b-button) to repel them back at her. When her health's been
     about halved, she'll jump into the other track and prepare a large fireball.
     Use the R-button to leap over it harmlessly [does -20 damage]. She'll still
     throw smaller ones intermittently, so keep firing them back until the pattern
     changes a bit -- she does rapid-fire small ones and two big ones back-2-back.
     When she finally jumps behind Aang's craft, wait for her to fire a 'ball and
     the rock pillar made by jumping will slow her down permanently.
     Afterwards, Bumi says he can't teach Aang the earthbending he so desperately
     needs. Oh well!
    02) FUGITIVES                                                            [WK02]
     In this level, Zuko and his uncle Iroh are on the run from Fire Nation after
     escaping from Azula. In the previous game they weren't playable characters,
     so this is quite exciting! Make sure to play their tutorials when offered,
     now! Zuko can do a 'Fire Strike' by repeatedly hitting B [x3], charge up a
     Fireball projectile by holding A-button, and an even bigger Fireball by
     holding A-button even longer. Holding A can also block, and if done at the
     moment an enemy strikes, it stuns the attacker!
     With Iroh as support, use R to fire his 'Dragon Breath' in the opposite
     direction Zuko's facing. Hold longer for a continuous stream, although it'll
     drain the bending meter (that fiery oval-shaped thing in top-middle). With
     Iroh as a primary, A/B-button will use Dragon Breath and the d-pad controls
     the stream's direction. If Zuko's the support, R-button throws a fireball at
     Iroh's a good support if you want your back covered, and Zuko's good support
     if you want a leadoff projectile in the same direction. Pick wisely! There's
     some enemies right at the start. Once deep-sixed, shoot 2 fireballs at the
     switches and go east.
     At the next puzzle, fire a 'ball at the switch, approach the 2nd gate, and
     hit the switch again to open the east path. Defeat some more soldiers, avoid
     the earthen spike clusters, collect the green bottles, and continue toward
     the red switch. Remember, these have to be hit multiple times to open the
     gate they command!
     Defeat the fireball-thrower by the trench, and Fire Strike the grunts who
     approach. Three hits is a OHKO combo, y'know. The next gate reopens when the
     3-4 enemies are killed. The straight line of three switches needs a powerful
     fireball from Zuko to penetrate 'em all, remember.
     Beat the crap out of the next set of enemies [watch out for spearman] and
     use the Dragon Breath to hit the two switches near the outer trench. There
     is one more wave of enemies before a cutscene.
     Avoid the earthen spikes and approach the two switches. One's across a ditch
     and one's right by. A fireball has to be used in conjunction (at same time)
     as Iroh's Dragon Breath. Obviously, the old firebender has to be supporting.
     Beat up the next enemies walking the street, hit the red switch a few times
     with Dragon Breath, and beat up the fireball-slingers. The next 3 switches're
     at the 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions. Dragon Breath has to be used to get
     them all in one go before the timer expires.
     The next set of enemies is the same as before, except one has a shield icon
     above his head. This means he's an armored enemy that takes more hits than
     usual to destroy. His armor gradually returns to normal, so a barrage of
     Fire Strikes/etc. is needed to destroy.
     At the next puzzle, hit the red switch with Iroh's Dragon Breath to make the
     timer switch go down. Then, quickly shoot a fireball with Zuko (R-button) to
     hit the next crystalline switch. Continue east, my fiery friends! There's a
     few fireballers and a spearman, but 'sides that, nothin'.
     Hit the switch by the earthen spikes and beat up the enemies near the east
     end of the dual ditches.
     Ooh, autumnal scenery... O___O
     In the first cliff area, grab the bottles and herb -- enemies will start in
     all directions, so make the use of that double-point bonus given and let Zuko
     wail on all oncomers! Go east to exit. :p
    03) APPA SWAMP                                                           [WK03]
     Appa, the Avatar's flying bison, draws near a swamp and senses something. In
     this airborne level, use the d-pad to steer Appa and the A-button to block.
     There's no time limit here, by the way.
     Dodge the tornado's thrown trees, which can be visually identified before
     they're slung straight left across the screen. Gradually, more trees end up
     getting thrown at once, but the same dodging technique applies. Dodge the
     roots and the tornado will approach the left side of the screen, where Appa
     must dodge the same items from his aft. [If you block while the tornado is
     near, you can evade all damage!] If you need to gain health back, block when
     a tree/root approaches and get points for the near-miss.
     Toward the end, there is rapid-fire tosses as well. Just block as best as y'
     can and it'll all end soon. Relatively short level overall.
     NOTE: For more bonus points, you need to collect many near-misses. A +10 will
     show up when done correctly.
    04) THE BLIND BANDIT                                                     [WK04]
     BOSS: Blind Bandit
     The Blind Bandit should be obvious for aficionados of the t.v. show, but I'll
     be mum on it. Anyway, Sokka's recklessness doesn't help anything, so when it
     is Aang's turn to assault the bandit, he recommends Dash Driving her. [This
     is done by moving + B + A when dashing].
     The blue-colored rings will that surround 'her' are pillars underground, and
     if touched, will emerge and do 10 damage. They don't attack if standing still
     though, so Dash Drive when possible. She can also send earth waves [x7] when
     Aang reveals his location. Make sure you attack her when the red ring about
     her's receded a bit, otherwise you'll be stonewalled by a...well, stone wall.
     Keep kicking her east until she falls into a pit, which ends the battle. It
     is now possible to play her [Toph's] tutorial! As Support, she fires an Earth
     Pillar with R-Button, which travels in the direction Aang's facing. This can
     bridge ditches, as well, making it very useful. As the main character, she's
     able to use Earth Pillar with A/B, and select where it emerges with A/B to
     Toph will agree to teach Aang. First things first, move Toph to boulders by
     using [D-Pad + B], sending them barreling in the direction chosen. Get past
     the enemies by bowling 'em over this way. Past them, evade the spikes, hit
     the switch, and send the rockcube east to its floor tile. Destroy enemies
     by having Toph make an Earth Pillar from far away, so it OHKO's them as it
     grows larger.
     When you get to a ditch with lots of dog enemies, don't waste time and keep
     going -- they can't get the duo! Beyond are a bunch of Fire Nation soldiers,
     so do the Earth Pillar + Dash Drive [with R Button] to clean their clocks in
     record time.
     There are two switches behind a ditch at this point. Just send a 'Pillar from
     afar and when near, press A/B to make several come up and trigger both. The
     next switch puzzle is easy as well -- use multiple Earth Pillars to trigger
     both switches, raising a gate in the rockcube's movement track. Shove it west
     and north, then east to the floor tile. Eastward, brave soldierz!
     Beat up a few soldiers inside the screen's first canyon, and see the first
     puzzle. Knock the block up, hit the switch, go south. Then, move the block
     east, do a faraway Earth Pillar and hit both crystal switches behind the li'l
     ditch. Simplistico!
     Beyond, collect green bottles and move to the boulder, waiting for all three
     enemies to line-up before hitting them like bowling pins. Past some fireball
     throwers, hit the two switches touching shoulders by firing an Earth Pillar
     west from faraway. Next, by the dingo [??], fire an Earth Pillar to lower a
     gate and square off with more fireballers. [If you want the three bottles
     behind the gate, fire an EP east towards it and use A/B to make one sprout
     up behind the rocks!].
     The next switch placement has two far away. One needs to make Aang Dash Drive
     in one direction, while a pillar is thrown in the opposite. There's little
     time to do this in, so it can be tricky. Fight your way to a crossroads with
     a bunch of enemies who come straight up the screen's middle -- have an EP
     waiting for them! Spearmen come from the aft [west] as well, so watch out.
     Now, here's the final block puzzle -- 2 blocks, 2 switches. Do the following:
     - Move the SW block north and east, onto the floor tile
     - Move NE block south and west [to SW] corner
     - Move block on the tile south once
     - Move new SW corner block east onto the switch
     - Move other block north onto switch!
     Now, move Block #3 out of the way and trigger the exit switch!
    05) ZUKO ALONE                                                           [WK05]
     Zuko has quit traveling with his uncle [as goes on the TV show], and now he's
     got to fend for himself...
     Fight through the mass of soldiers & spearmen and collect all the bottles
     that are found by the grassy path/spikes. Trigger the three switches with a
     large fireball and kill the enemies beyond. At the next gate puzzle, stand
     on the floor tile and throw a fireball east to open the 2nd path east.
     More enemies to stick in the cemetary [including 1 armored] leads to the
     next switch puzzle. Hit all three in any order to make the passage east safe
     to cross. 3 switches control 3 gates here -- hit all but the middle and fire
     a flamin' ball of power to the far-off crystalswitch. Then, hit the one y'
     skipped to go east. Send the enemies home in a bodybag, first, though.
     At the switch trio, sling a large fireball west to get them all within the
     timer's confines.
     After killing some soldiers, there's a switch puzzle beyond. Stand on the
     switch and send a large fireball east to hit the easternmost switch. Get off
     the switch [raises gate between 2 & 3], send a large then small fireball to
     get those. Beyond more enemies...
     ...another switch puzzle, imagine that. Hit the switch and quickly run the
     u-shaped path to get to the open gate within the :03 timer. There are FIVE
     switches at the next part. To solve, fire a large fireball east, then one
     from the south. Let the timer expire because the middle one has to be lit.
     Then, repeat the same thing. Remember, you can charge large fireballs while
     Past some soldiers is a three-gate/switch puzzle. Step on the floor panel and
     careen a ball at Switch 1, then step on the panel by Switch 1, and his Switch
     2 right between the particles. Exit south and murder some soldiers, where
     armored types are getting more plentiful... Here's how to solve this:
     - Step on floor panel, fire large fireball west
     - By three-switch row, fire large fireball east
     - Back by two switches, mini-fireball at nearest
     - Large fireball at three-switch row
     - Mini-fireball at two-switch row
     - Mini-fireball at three-switch row
     The way to the village opens now.
     BOSS: Azula
     Zuko's sister will throw three fireballs and immediately after a larger,
     which can't be blocked by Zuko's firebending. Azula must be close to her
     bro to fire this, however, meaning you can sidestep it and probably get in a
     Fire Strike combo before she recovers. When her health's depleted, follow her
     east for Round 2 [no updated strategy].
    06) THE JOURNEY                                                          [WK06] 
     While at the research library, someone's swiped Appa and pawned him off. Now
     the team has to locate the flyin' buffalo before something happens...
     This time, Aang/Sokka are used. Watch out for falling rocks and head through
     the small mountain pass, and defeat the huge group of enemies that appears
     for awhile. At the gate switch, throw Sokka's boomerang in a circle to hit
     the switch out of reach. To do the six switches here, quickly toss the Rang
     at the solitary one and Club Rush the other 5 from the east. Make it through
     the canyon with falling rocks and collect all bottles found.
     Destroy the huge army of soldiers here and make for the red switch. Hit it
     to capacity and quickly fire a boomerang at the other switch while it's
     protective gate's down. Next, step on the floor switch and send the Rang in
     an arc to hit the switch. Go east, busta!
     There's a whole bunch of enemies to tango with here. Rang + Dash Drive is a
     good way to send them flying and maybe cut the ranks quicker. The next switch
     puzzle can seem hard, but it's not -- throw a boomerang at the lone eastern
     switch while Club Rush-ing west to hit the other two. The timer 'fuse' is
     remarkably short, so it can be annoying. :p
     Puzzle #2 has two crystalswitches beyond a curvy ditch. Stand against the 
     rock partition nearest the western and throw the Rang in in an arc, hitting
     both in one go. Rush through the huge amount of boulders and avoid earthen
     spikes as usual.
     For the next part, have Aang move the stone cube and use the R-button to
     throw the boomerang. Rush through the twisty spike path to get out in time
     [0:06 timer].
     Hit the red switch to lower the gate, then use an arcing Rang shot to hit
     all three switches outside the ditch  [stand north of gate, along northern
     wall]. Get past some boulders, fight enemies [Rang + Dash Drive!!], and more
     boulders to sidestep. Bottles are along the way, scoop 'em up, yo. The exit
     to Ba Sing Se is just beyond!
    07) TO BA SING SE                                                        [WK07]
     A Zuko and Iroh level!
     Fight some enemies and approach the first puzzle. Charge a large fireball at
     the two switches while Iroh [supporting] attacks the other. Approach the 2nd
     puzzle. Use Iroh's Dragon Breath to hit the three switches by the ditch's
     curvature, then stand on the floor panel nearby and sling a fireball at the
     far switch to make passage.
     At the circular switch formation, Dragon Breath a full 360-degree circle to
     keep the east way open. Fight enemies, get to the red switch. Charge up a
     fireball while Iroh uses Dragon Breath on the red, filling it up enough to
     trigger them in tandem.
     There are some ponds here, and fireball-slingers will be standing there. Use
     Dragon Breath to kill them, switching to Zuko when foot soldiers approach.
     At the ensuing puzzle, Dragon Breath in a half-arc by the ditch and proceed
     east. Dodge the rocks to another switch puzzle, needing a Dragon Breath in
     another full-circle formation while Zuko [supporting] shoots a fireball east
     with the R-button.
     Fight through the spikes and soldiers to the first switch puzzle in this
     screen. Charge up a large fireball and send it east, while quickly switching
     to Iroh and using Dragon Breath on the four in the NW corner. Beyond, more
     rocks to dodge and an herb appearance before a large number of enemies comes
     from both sides. Wrastlin' time! <nyuk>
     End of level!
    08) THE DRILL                                                            [WK08]
     Ba Sing Se's gigantic wall is being assaulted by a Fire Nation drill, and it
     is up to the kids to destroy it from the inside-out! One of the better arcs
     in the television show, actually.
     Katara/Aang is used for this one. Move east to see a scene where Katar talks
     about cutting through a brace. They'll try to saw through the thing with a
     waterbending saw. [Press B when the water reaches Aang to send it back to
     Katara, using the d-pad to move]. When it's cut all the way through, trek
     east again.
     Our friendly waterbender is a good primary here as her Water Spin repels all
     attacks, fireballs, and damages enemies in a circle. Plus, Aang's Dash Drive
     is more useful as a supporting R-button move. After a soldier rendezvous, go
     east still and cut the second structural brace. Northward!
     Evade the slow-moving piston-things to a water spout. Freeze it and make Aang
     shoot the block left/right to the crystal switches. Remember to use Dash
     Drive or it will go diagonally! Destroy some fireballers and exit to the
     This area's good for making Fire Nation cubes [with Freeze] and sending them
     around to bowl over the other comrades. When they're on a slab, move to the
     water fountain. Freeze it, Dash Drive it from the north, and when it's level
     with the bottom wall, Dash Drive it east to hit the switch. Past pistons &
     some soldiers is another fountain. Like before, freeze, Dash Drive it south,
     and when level, Dash Drive it west.
     Go north past the pistons and at the first chance, go west to the third
     brace. Cut that sucker like it's a 5-foot high lawn! At the switch puzzle,
     move the wooden crate north of its starting point to reveal a fountain. Move
     the box to the NE corner, freeze the cube, and have Aang use Air Blast from
     a position southwest of the cube. If done right, it hits the box, then all 3
     switches in the east. Quickly hit the one near the fire-symbol door to do
     this annoying puzzle. :p
     South is another switch puzzle. Freeze the block as Katara and have Aang
     [supporting] Dash Drive the cube east to the pipe-side switch. Quickly, as
     it's moving, hit the other two switches around to open the door. Maneuver
     west to the 4th structural brace and slice it with the watery scalpel. ^__^
     Continue up the path past some pistons.
     Flush some enemies down the drain, move past the pistons, and get to another
     waterspout. Freeze a cube and Dash Drive it east; as this occurs, move with
     it and when it bounces back, Water Spin to make it hit the north switch of
     the gap, bounce at the door [open if timer's counting], and ricochet at the
     southern switch. This will open a door to a whole bunch of green bottles.
     DOING THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL HOWEVER, so if you can't get it, don't
     sweat it!
     Evade the piston nearby and exit north.
     Kill some grunts and Dash Drive one of the two boxes north. A small path by
     the spikes leads to another box, which should be DD'd east. Evade the spikes
     (which are hard to do, actually) and cut the 5th structural support in the
     east. This time a fireball-thrower will be above, so move Aang back and forth
     to evade the projectiles.
     Destroy enemies in the north and get to the 6th support, also having a foe
     with attacks to evade. Not sure if this was meant to be, but it's possible
     for Aang to go back farther than the screen shows, making the enemy unable
     to shoot its faster-moving projectiles.
     At this point, Aang will let Sokka and Katara escape while he goes into the
     next room...
     BOSS: Azula
     Isn't she just a trooper? Now her blue fireballs have homing abilities, so
     use Air Blast to repel them. This time, her blue fireballs have homing
     abilities -- the trick is to let two follow and send them both back, making
     one hit Azula and the other get blocked. Don't get in close unless Aang has
     a deathwish! Eventually, the drill will start burrowing through the wall and
     Azula gets more aggressive, chasing Aang around, doing a huge fireball kick
     attack [move out of the way to evade, duh?] and mini homing 'balls. It's not
     too hard to evade the large fireball and Dash Drive at her -- in fact, that
     is the recommended strategy.
     As her health decreases, she starts sending rapid fireballs. Dash away and
     let lots come at Aang, and repel them all, many of which hit Azula in her
     smug face (^___^).
     When she's defeated, Aang uses a boulder wedge to turn the drill into a
     large sand-eatin' machine. And...that's the end of the game. Short and sweet,
     and still kinda fun. Hope you enjoyed!
    09) LAKE LAOGAI                                                    [SCRL][WK09]
     NOTE: This mission only opens up if an A-rank has been obtained on all of the
           previous missions!
     Aang/Toph will be the lineup this time. Some earthbender soldiers will appear
     and can be quickly dispatched by using Toph [supporting] for Earth Pillar
     shots. To open the 4-switch puzzle, use Air Blast on each pair before the
     timer runs out. At the next conundrum with a doggie in it, use Earth Pillar
     to hit it, which sets off the chain reaction to get the switch triggered.
     Beyond is a movable block in a floor groove. Move it east and south [into the
     SE corner], then hit the nearby switch to raise a gate. Move it north, un-hit
     the switch, move it west onto the sensitive tile. The eastern passage now is
     Do away with the soldiers who now throw earthen blocks [Air blast nulls 'em]
     Keep going east, now and the exit's in sight...after one of those freaks with
     a grabber-claw. Don't let him getcha!
     Here, the two switches must both be flipped on to make the gate descend. Get
     them both into an 'off' state, then fire an Earth Pillar from afar to bypass.
     Past the horde of Earthbender soldiers who try to fry the duo, proceed to a
     switch out of reach. Switch Aang to supporting and make Toph line this one
     up, then forcibly plow the spire from underground to hit the switch.
     Ah, now a two-block puzzle in a floor groove. There's no simple way to do
     this. However, the object is to get either block onto the leftmost switch,
     at which time, the other block can be moved east into the thinner part of
     the groove, and get pushed onto the last switch.
     Move east past some baddies to a red switch. A few more bumrush near there,
     so be ready to shoot an Earth Pillar/Dash Drive at the 4 foes. Attack the
     switch to fill it up, opening the north gate.
     The next floor groove puzzle is simple. Move the block east and south, then
     hit the switch that prevents it from going north all the way. Kick it north,
     deactivate the switch, kick is west. Finally, hit the switch again, kick the
     block east, then south onto the switch. Voila! The gate nearby is controlled
     by two other switches. Simply use Earth Pillar to get them all in an 'off'
     position, then fire from afar to hit them both. Kekekeke, easy, aye?
     Kill all approaching enemies and get to the two-switch puzzle. Fire an Earth
     Pillar from afar and manually make them come up. When the timer starts, do
     the same thing again before it ends, making the gate drop. Continue around
     to where two earthbenders chuck rocks; using an Earth Pillar, an automatic
     combo of +20 health can be achieved! Kill foes until the next block puzzle,
     this time with three!
     OK, to solve... The wooden box can't move, so that helps. Move all blocks
     counterclockwise, and when they get to the position under the wood box, move
     them west. Eventually the setup goes where a block will be underneath that
     position and one to the west; just move the latter east!
     At the block puzzle down the way, there's a lot of moving around to do. The
     basic 'object' is to get a block north one space of the lowest switch, and
     east one space like this:
     Just move one block up, and the other block over. The gate to the north drops
     to allow access to a green bottle, while doubling as a way for Toph to fire
     an Earth Pillar from afar, hitting the exit gate in the east.
     BOSS: Long Feng
     Argh, the evil right-hand! Too bad his inner yellow cowardice shows, and he
     runs away a few times, leaving some 'grabber' enemies to deal with the duo.
     Dispose of them in the normal fashion [Toph supporting is best for quickfire
     Earth Pillars]. In the end, this 'boss fight' is nothing more than Long Feng
     turning tail. Haha, what a doofus. Level over!
    10) LAKE LAOGAI II                                                       [WK10]
     Will Aang ever retrieve Appa? The suspense is killin' me, folks! Too bad it's
     time for Zuko to take center stage as he hunts his archnemesis. ;p
     Zuko can murder enemies rather easily, so don't be surprised if the puzzles
     require less brainwork than normal. The first one is simply firing a 'large'
     fireball west at the three switches. Proceed east, trounce some meatbags, and
     find the 6-switch puzzle. It's rather easy -- simply use large fireballs to
     turn on the furthest of the three switches [per pair], use a large one that
     goes 'vertically' on the two middle ones, and weak ones on the westernmost.
     Past there, charge up a large fireball at the grabberhook earthbender behind
     some spikes. Kill enemies [business as usual?] and approach the next switch/
     gate puzzle. This one's a little more sly -- charge up a large fireball and
     let it loose, quickly moving off the pressure pad that raises the gate. East,
     capsize some enemies, proceed...
     Another 6-switch puzzle, 'cept this one's simple. The 3rd switch in the top
     row has two gates that can protect it. Use it to block the 4th, turn on the
     3rd, protect the 3rd, flip the first two on. When all switches are triggered,
     gate open. WHAT YOU SAY? All your gate are belong to...yeah, that gets old...
     For the next switch puzzle, there are two floor panels side-by-side. Step on
     the one that lowers the nearest gate, charge up a large fireball. Fire it
     east, and step on the other pressure pad to lower the switch gate before the
     'ball lands. The next switch down the line is just navigating a spikefield
     before the timer runs out -- y'know the drill: move diagonally when possible,
     etc. etc.
     Nearby, a gate will lock Zuko in with two earth-throwing ruffians. Charge up
     a fireball to hit the two far-off switches, then get around the side and beat
     'em up. At the crossroads, be prepared to put a bunch of enemies six feet
     under. East afterward...
     Zuko finds Appa... What sinister things is he planning??? Iroh gives him a
     talkin' to, and the young firebender decides setting the bison free is best
     instead of havin' BBQ ribs. Run around and attack all the stakes strapping
     Appa down...mission over!
    11) APPA ASSAULT                                                         [WK11]
     Another Appa level! As it turns out, the Avatar just doesn't know what 'no'
     means, and he's breakin' into the palace by any means necessary. And who can
     blame him!? Anything to avoid more switch puzzles, I say.
     WAVE 1 - Barrels are thrown from the left side of the screen in an arc, so
              our flyin' bison can dive under them. They come in a stream and at
              differing heights. Easy stuff.
     WAVE 2 - Earthen chunks fly vertically, with big yellow arrows showing where
              they will come up. One has to be no-sighted [as opposed to near-]
              in order to fail most of this part. :p
     WAVE 3 - Elephant statues fall from the sky [vertically]. Again, big arrows
              denote the fall path and it's simple sidestepping to avoid. These'll
              inflict -20 damage, so be careful not to be smushed.
     WAVE 4 - Barrels fly faster, but still in a stream. Oscillating Appa's flying
              helps prepare for quick avoiding.
     WAVE 5 - Multiple blocks fly from the ground. The arrows are still there, so
              it's not as big a deal. It's still one at a time basically, and if
              you pay attention, you'll see no arrow repeats itself immediately.
              The last part has 2 blocks at once, though.
     WAVE 6 - More falling elephant statues. These big suckers can only fit three
              on a screen, which means there's less leeway for Appa to maneuver.
              Still, the pattern is simple and you can probably guess how it goes
              before it occurs.
     WAVE 7 - Grab bag! Barrels, vertical blocks, falling blocks -- a whole mix
              to deal with, and not necessarily one after another. Sometimes they
              come in tandem, so be on your best guard. It does speed up after a
              while, however.
     Level ends after the gauntlet's been run, luckily.
    12) EARTH KING                                                           [WK12]
     Now that the stage is set, let's find that dang Earth King an' show him a
     thing or two, huh?
     A whole bunch of enemies on this ground assault. Since they surround the duo
     [Katara/Aang], they're basically asking to get waterspun into the afterlife!
     Sokka takes Katara's place after this.
     A crapload of enemies to fight through -- Dash Drive > Club Rush works rather
     well. After fighting a Civil War-size fight, Club Rush the four switches that
     protect the gate. East from there...
     MORE ENEMIES! What a humdinger of a surprise... After approaching some steps,
     Toph will replace Sokka.
    SCREEN 4 - ELEVATOR... !?
     Toph will be controlling the elevator and enemies will fall down onto the
     platform, skidding off. Aang will have to move out of the way [Toph can't be
     damaged] as the pairs fall. Stand near the southern edge of the lift as it's
     easier to evade most of them -- there IS a pattern to the movement after all.
     Toph/Aang, ready to mAANGle some enemies! After piling up a huge number of
     bodies in the hallway...
     BOSS: Long Feng
     He'll have an armor symbol above his head, meaning that part has to be taken
     off before he can be 'actually' hurt. Since it regenerates, this means that
     fighting this doofus can take a long time. Luckily, there's no flash attacks
     in his arsenal -- just a simple close-range earthbender rock spire like the
     normal soldiers have. Do not enter any of the four grooves at the top/bottom
     of the screen, as it traps the protagonists in them and Long Fen can simply
     bash away. Actually, it only takes a few hits without the shield to subdue
     the evil adviser. Actual damage is shown when he blinks red and flinches, so
     that's the indicator.
     Afterwards, everyone sees the king. There's also a 13th mission that requires
     all A-rankings (called 'Single Run') but it's only all the missions strung
     together in one go. Here's the password if you want it:
     ROW 1: Aang, Zuko, Toph
     ROW 2: Aang, Toph, Toph
     ROW 3: Zuko, Momo, Iroh
    V. UPDATES AND CONTRIBUTIONS                                             [UPDT]
     10-24-07 ----------------------------+ Added to GameFAQs
     11-06-07 ----------------------------+ Error corrections
     12-04-07 ----------------------------+ Added Single Run password
     - Chicklet at GBXEmu
     - Ari Levi, for some corrections. Thx!
     - Ananthu R.A, Luciano Sch, Eckehard Kirmas for the Lv 13 Password!
     Anyone who has the password to the 13th mission is welcome to send it my way
     so I can give a write-up of it. Much obliged in advance. ^__~
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