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    Boss FAQ by Zerodius

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Boss Guide
    Version 1.00
    Date: 11/2/07
    Game: The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
    Platform: Gameboy Advance
    Contact information
    E-mail: zerophex@hotmail.com
    MSN: zerophex@hotmail.com
    Table of contents
    1) Introduction
    2) General strategies
    3) Boss strategies
    4) Updates?
    5) End & Credits
    1) Introduction
    Hello and welcome! This is Zerodius, a long-time fan of countless video
    game series.
    I've been playing many games and well, I think that personally, I am relatively
    good at video games. Although I've made many strategies for video games, I never
    actually posted any of them on any site but well, I think it's a good time
    to start.
    Anyway... Spyro 7 (AKA Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night) is a surprisingly
    good game based on the rebooted Spyro franchise. Although the last few Spyro
    games have been more or less good, there is no use in denying that A New
    Beginning and this game especially are actually quite good. One point to note is
    that while both games are actually quite short arcade-like platformers, The
    Eternal Night is significantly tougher. In fact, although it is no Devil May Cry
    material, The Eternal Night is by no mean an easy game and countless topics
    asking questions on how to defeat bosses in the Wii/PS2 and GBA versions of the
    games were brought up on many boards.
    Seeing as there are no guides on how to defeat the bosses of the GBA version, I
    decided to create this guide. I hope it will help you overcome the bosses!
    NOTE: Do not be shy to send comments and suggestions about the guide. If you
    have any alternate strategies on how to defeat some of the game's bosses, then
    go right ahead and send me your strategies! I'll be sure to include credit for
    all submitted strategies.
    2) General strategies
    This apply for all boss fights.
    First, although it's slightly obvious, always try to arrive with as much health,
    magic, and fury energy as possible. Most bosses are "announced" by having a
    small hall with only one or no enemy in them and a bunch of small Spirit Gems.
    Take the time to break all of them if your health and/or magic meters are low.
    Always try to arrive with a full Fury meter if possible.
    Second, know when to and when not to use the Fury mode. The Fury mode will
    regenerate both your health and magic as well as increase your attack speed by a
    VERY large margin for as long as the Fury mode lasts. During this time, you have
    the opportunity to unleash massive damage since you will be able to attack
    quickly enough to ignore most counter-attacks. Although you might be tempted to
    use this time to bumrush the boss, it's best not to do so ; although some bosses
    will be unable to counter-attack, most of them will still be able to land a few
    counter-attacks thus cancelling the effects of the Fury mode's healing.
    Third, always be sure to be properly prepared in terms of stats. Don't be afraid
    and go out of your way to explore the stages fully. Relics and large Spirit Gems
    are often hidden far from the beaten path. The more relics you will have, the
    more maximum health and magic you will have. The more Spirit Gems you break, the
    more spirit energy you will get, allowing you to level-up your breath attacks.
    As you progress in the game and obtain new skills, be sure to revisit old stages
    to get the relics and Spirit Gems you couldn't reach before. Although it's
    possible to beat the game with low stats, it's common sense that the stronger
    you are, the more chances you'll have of surviving the boss fights.
    Finally, NEVER try to get into a war of attrition with a boss (except the Ice
    Spirit)! Spyro is just a small dragon hatchling, Dragon of Prophecy or not, and
    thus does not have the best endurance around even with a maximum amount of
    upgrades. On another hand, the bosses are monstrous behemoths that take a whole
    lot of punishment before going down. Most obviously, if you try to just slug it
    out, you will almost always lose. No matter how good you are at chaining up
    combos, strategy will get you through the fights unscathed. The only thing
    you'll achieve by button mashing is finding out in just how many ways the bosses
    can do Spyro in.
    Oh and... don't give up and keep praticing. Some of the bosses, especially on
    Hard mode, are actually very difficult so don't be discouraged if you don't win
    the first few times you attempt to fight them.
    3) Boss strategies
    Fire Spirit
    Fought: Stage 1-2 (Fire Temple)
    -Fireball Toss
    The first boss in the GBA game. The Spirits are DRASTICALLY different from their
    console versions so do not expect them to be as lame... well, maybe except for
    this one. Unless you fight him on Hard mode, he should pose absolutely no
    threat. His strategy consist of floating slowly toward you, stopping once in a
    while to toss a fireball at you. If you're far, simply dodge it by jumping. If
    you're close, you can still jump. The only threatening attack is the firestorm,
    which make fireballs rain from the ceiling at random. However, since he is
    totally still during this time, it leaves you with the opportunity to open a
    king-sized can of whoop-ass upon him.
    This guy is truly not a real challenge. Simply stay away and wait for him to
    throw a fireball. Then, get close to him and melee him non-stop. As he has no
    way of breaking out of hit stun, the sole thing preventing you from infinite-ing
    him to oblivion are the lava pools on the side of the arena. No big deal ; stop
    attacking when you get near them and get back the opposite edge and wait for him
    to once again get in range.
    Repeat 'til he's toast.
    Earth Spirit
    Fought: Stage 2-2 (Earth Temple)
    -Low Punch
    -Crushing Blow
    This guy is more tedious than difficult. Whenever you win seems to be merely a
    matter of whenever or not you've been collecting relics whenever you could. With
    all of them, you should cream this boss. Without an upgraded health meter and a
    few magic upgrades, this fight will be very difficult.
    The Earth Spirit has an extremely basic pattern. He walk slowly toward you and
    then use either his low punch or crushing blow. On Easy and Normal, the attacks
    do moderate damage but on Hard, they take a big chunk off your health meter...
    which is a problem as both attacks come off quite quickly. Still, due to his low
    range, dodging them shouldn't be a problem... as long as you got the space to do
    so, that is. You see, this boss will continuously walk toward you the whole
    fight and due to his large size, corner you against a wall and then smack you to
    oblivion. Although it IS possible to roll through him, his sheer size means that
    you have to do it from awfully close. The better is to unload everything you got
    and try to kill him before he can corner you. Just be sure not to combo him too
    much and to take breathers ; unlike the Fire Spirit, the Earth Spirit CAN break
    out of hit stun and counter-attack.
    Fought: Stage 2-3 (Deep Grove)
    -Sword Slash
    -Strong Slash
    -Acid Spit
    -Shield Bash
    What? No Arborick? Yep, this guy is the big boss instead and he's actually a
    great deal harder. Naga is the first really difficult boss on this version and
    is a MAJOR step-up from the two first Elemental Spirit bosses.
    This huge snake-like thing will start on elevated terrain and slowly move toward
    you, unleashing Strong Slash and Acid Spit attacks to keep you busy. The Acid
    Spit fire a single ball of acid toward you with relatively good aim ; be sure to
    jump AFTER the ball has been fired. The Strong Slash is the most threatening
    attack ; if it smacks you directly, it will deal major damage and if it strikes
    air, then it will cause an earthquake that will cause rocks to rain down at
    random. If that happens, roll repeatedly until the screen stop shaking to dodge
    all incoming rocks.
    Now, just like the Earth Spirit, getting cornered is a bad thing... especially
    that the Naga does a LOT more damage and thus, can finish you off quickly if you
    allow it to. Now, there's three strategies to beat it.
    Shield Breaker:
    Notice what happens if you smack the shield? Those marks are not for
    show ; Spyro IS damaging the shield as he attacks. Now, your goal here is to
    break the shield. To do so, run up to Naga whenever he is not winding up for an
    attack and combo him up. Keep striking even when he's blocking but be sure not
    to do a longer combo than 4-5 hits ; if you strike Naga too much, he will
    counter with the Shield Bash attack, knocking you away from him and damaging
    you in the process. If you can manage to break the shield, get in close and
    infinite Naga to oblivion.
    Hit & Run:
    If you don't want to deal with the Shield Bash counter, you can choose to take
    advantage of Naga's recovery time after his Sword Slash attack. This strategy
    works only if you do not let Naga come off the high ledge at the beginning of
    the fight. Quite simply, duck at the base of the small hill and wait for Naga to
    use a Sword Slash attack. His sword will get stuck, allowing you to run up to
    him and combo him up. Do a full combo and then retreat back to the base of the
    hill ; if you strike him too much, he'll start blocking and if you're using this
    strategy, it's that you do not want to see the Shield Bash attack ; stop
    attacking and retreat. If Naga use the Acid Spit or Strong Slash attacks, jump
    over the former and roll through the latter as usual. Just be sure to stay at
    the base of the hill, ducking most of the time. Note that you might want to turn
    off the Slope Slide attack for this fight so Spyro doesn't start sliding rather
    than ducking in the middle of the fight.
    Near-Infinite Combo:
    This is the fastest but most risky tactic. Simply put, if you pull this one off
    correctly, you can finish off the boss without it doing a single move... but if
    you screw up, you'll be in a bad shape for the rest of the fight. Quite simply,
    run up to the boss at the start of the fight and bum-rush him ; do not let him
    attack at all. When he raise up the shield, stop attacking and wait for him to
    wind up for an attack. Immediately resume your assault before he can actually
    pull off his attack and stop when the shield come up again. This strategy
    require lots of timing but once you can pull it off, you can finish off Naga
    effortlessly in under two minutes.
    Overall, Naga is a difficult boss but if you pratice up and use the above
    strategies (which one is up to you), you should be able to overcome him.
    Ice Spirit
    Fought: Stage 3-2 (Ice Temple)
    -Ice Cannons
    -Low Punch
    This boss is ridiculously overpowered offensively. From afar, this boss will
    rapid-fire ice bullets at you from its cannons at a low angle and when it gets
    in close, it will proceed to pummel you repeatedly with a fast and deadly punch.
    Dodging the first attack require jumping but due to the rapid-fire rate of fire,
    it's likely it won't do much good. Likewise, the low punch come a bit too
    quickly for you to evade it with any kind of consistency.
    Sadly, this boss is a cheesy, cheap boss. The only reliable way to beat him is
    to come into the battle with as many health and magic upgrades as possible and
    an upgraded fire breath, if possible. The strategy is simple: get on one of the
    platforms and make short hops, trying your best to evade the ice bullets while
    countering with the fire breath. No matter what you do, you'll almost surely end
    up taking heavy damage on this one.
    Don't feel ashamed if you get hopelessly stuck on this one and needs to reload
    in order to seek out more upgrades and/or experience for the fire breath. You
    wouldn't be the first one... especially on Hard mode.
    Advisor (1)
    Fought: Stage 3-1 (Airship Fellmuth)
    -3 Hits Combo
    -Shuriken Throw
    -Multi Air Shuriken
    -Dummy Teleport Counter
    -Air Slash Teleport Counter
    Yep, none of the console version's bosses await you at Fellmuth's arena for you
    to fight... but instead, you'll get THIS guy who is, in my opinion,
    infinitely cooler.
    Yes, it's a Dark Grunt in a ninja outfit. No, it's not for show ; this guy is
    tough as nails and will hand you out your tail on the first few fights.
    On this first fight, the Advisor will fight in a relatively defensive style.
    He'll mostly run and jump around randomly, not actively trying to hurt you.
    However, if you do happen to be in the way when he's running around, he WILL
    combo you up. His combos hurts, a LOT, so don't ever get close to him if you're
    not sure you will be the one to strike first.
    The Advisor does sport a few fancy moves such two different counters but he'll
    seldom use them and the Dummy Counter will be easy to see coming ; if the boss
    disappear in a puff of smoke and leave a dummy behind, do NOT touch the dummy as
    it will explode upon impact. If you are near him when he jumps, he'll throw an
    arc of three shurikens at you and once in a while, he'll do a slow high jump
    before unleashing them. In both cases, you can either roll or position yourself
    in-between two shurikens to avoid damage. There's not much to do against the
    Air Slash Teleport Counter ; roll out of the way to avoid the incoming attack.
    Oh and by the way, yes, it's quite cheap when he just randomly pull those
    shurikens out of nowhere while he's walking and pelt you with them. Learn to
    jump/roll in time and bear with it. Note that if you have magic to spare, you
    can counter the shurikens with breath attacks ; your projectiles and the boss's
    will destroy each others. It sounds like a good idea on paper but it truly
    isn't ; the boss has infinite shurikens, you do not. Besides, it's better to
    conserve magic for attacks and counter-attacks than using them to cancel a few
    random weak projectiles.
    Now that you know how to survive, how do you beat that guy out of his pyjamas?
    This is not too hard here surprisingly enough ; wait for him to start running
    back and forth aimlessly on the floor and surprise him by jumping/rolling behind
    him. Then, combo him up ; the Advisor is one of the sole foes that you can
    actually combo up normally. Take advantage of it!
    An alternate strategy is to use the Ice Breath against him. The Advisor will be
    frozen and move at a very slow speed, allowing you to easily counter his
    attacks. The added weight from the ice will also ground him preventing him from
    pulling his fancier moves. This strategy require you to constantly nail the boss
    to keep him frozen and thus, is slightly taxing magic-wise but it's easier
    although you might prefer the first strategy if you did not get many magic
    upgrades at this point.
    Overall, the Advisor's fancy moves are a bit of a hassle but due to his easy to
    exploit pattern for this first fight, you should eventually conquer him.
    Fought: Stage 3-3 (Scavenger Airship Fleet)
    -Charged Sword Slash
    -Parrot Summon
    -Treasure Chest Cannon
    -Scavenger Pistol
    You might recognize this bastard from the console version. He's still the
    stage 3 end boss. Fortunately, Skabb is nowhere near as hard on the GBA as on
    the Wii/PS2 but he still remain difficult. Be on your guard!
    Skabb won't move for the whole duration of the fight ; he won't pursue you and
    the pace of his attacks are slow. However, his attacks are something special and
    Skabb is a block-whore ; you won't be able to land a single hit on him until you
    fulfill special conditions.
    First of all, as mentionned before, Skabb has the finest blocking skills this
    side of the Dragon Land Realm ; attacking him in normal circumstances is a waste
    of time, effort, and breath energy. Unlike Naga, you cannot break him out of his
    blocking stance. In fact, if you keep attacking, Skabb will eventually get sick
    of you pummeling him and will charge up his sword with purple energy before
    delivering the mother of all downward slashes to you. This will, of course,
    knock a HUGE chunk off your health meter so be smart and don't attack him in
    normal circumstances.
    Now, regarding his attacks, Skabb will use three of them. First, he can summon
    parrots that will follow you and try to smack you whenever they get the chance.
    They do little damage but once summoned they will be on your tail the whole time
    and won't let up until killed. Furthermore, although the damage inflicted by
    each strike from the parrots is low, it adds up surprisingly quickly if you let
    them live so, be sure to swat them.
    Skabb's second attack is to use his pistol. You'll know when he will use it
    because of the sound effect and the little spinning trick he'll do with the
    pīstol before firing it. Skabb's pistol is actually quite powerful and Skabb has
    frustratingly good accuracy ; be SURE to jump AFTER he has fired his pistol or
    else, he WILL hit you in mid-air.
    Skabb's last attack is both his strongest and his Achille's heel. He will fire
    the cannon mounted into the treasure chest on top of his head. A flashing
    warning symbol will appear at the top of the screen to show where the cannonball
    will fall and then, it will fall and cause an explosion. The cannonballs are
    Skabb's strongest attack alongside the charged sword slash ; be SURE not to
    be hit.
    So, how do you beat Skabb? Well, notice how I said that the cannon was his
    weakness? Rather than just dodge the cannoballs, try and smack them in mid-air.
    A successful strike will send them flying. If you knock them back into Skabb, he
    will be stunned and become vulnerable to regular attacks! At this moment, get in
    close and go nuts on him. Be careful however! Skabb can still use the parrot
    summon attack when stunned and any parrots on-screen will take the opportunity
    to interrupt your combos if you let them live ; be sure to kill them all before
    attacking Skabb himself.
    Overall, Skabb require patience and technique but you should eventually
    beat him.
    Electricity Spirit
    Fought: Stage 4-1 (Electricity Temple)
    -Hyper Charge
    -Thunder Sphere Summon
    This is the final elemental Spirit boss. This fight has a very unique pace and
    might take you by surprise the first time you do so. This boss doesn't have the
    most varied offense around but know that despite this, he CAN kill you if you're
    not careful and in under 10 seconds to boot... so no slacking off!
    First of all, DO NOT run up to this boss when the fight begin. This boss has two
    modes between which it will altern the first being the Hyper Charge mode. During
    the Hyper Charge, the Electricity Spirit will be super-charged with electricity
    and be invincible. DO NOT touch him, at any cost! If you do, you'll take MASSIVE
    damage and if he can multi-hit you, he'll kill you instantly. YIKES! So, take
    advantage of the boss's small size and low speed and run the heck away.
    After a while, the boss will get sick of chasing after you and head to the
    center of the arena where it will turn blue. This is your chance to attack
    him!... but keep in mind that this is also the moment when he'll start to summon
    Thunder Spheres at an absolutely crazy rate ; within seconds, there will be
    twelve on your tail at least. Be SURE to eliminate them or else, they will
    overwhelm you and kill you in only a few seconds. Fortunately, Thunder Spheres
    tend to stack up so you shouldn't have much difficulty. Be sure to give yourself
    some breathing room after the boss has stopped summoning Thunder Spheres ; it's
    the signal that it will Hyper Charge itself again. If you're worried about the
    boss Hyper Charging itself while you combo it up, use the Earth Breath attack on
    it ; you can use it from the higher ledges to strike him from a safe distance
    and due to the elemental properties of the boss, it will do decent damage to it.
    The pattern then loop on. A surprisingly simple attack pattern but still, as
    stated before, this boss can easily insta-kill you with both of its attacks so
    don't take this battle for granted!
    Advisor (2)
    Fought: Stage 4-3 (Celestial Temple Inner Sanctum)
    -4 Hits Combo
    -Shuriken Throw
    -Multi Air Shuriken
    -Dummy Teleport Counter
    -Air Slash Teleport Counter
    -Ground Slash Counter
    You already fought the Elemental Spirits early so it's a no-brainer that you
    won't see them here again. But, what's this? Rather than having a ghostly image
    of Cynder (AKA the Elemental Dragon) waiting for you at the end of the Celestial
    Temple, you have the Advisor!
    This guy has been itchin' for a rematch and well, he's significantly tougher
    this time. This time around, the Advisor doesn't play around and will actively
    try to attack you, pursuing you accross the room. He also ditches the three hits
    karate combo for a more effective sword-based four hits combo. He also has a new
    counter attack ; namely, the Ground Slash Counter. No, the boss is not being an
    idiot if he stands there, making a pose with his sword pointed upward. Try to
    attack him at this moment and you will be the one who will be hurt instead. His
    attacks are essentially the same apart from that.
    Still, this fight is much different due to the simple fact that the Advisor now
    seek to eliminate you rather than simply running back and forth aimlessly,
    throwing random attacks.
    First of all, notice how the Advisor laugh at you after landing a successful
    attack. This wasn't much of a factor during the first fight since he aimlessly
    ran around anyway... but this time, due to the enemy pursuing you, approaching
    him may be difficult. One way to approach him is to con him into jumping after
    you and striking you with shurikens. Although it requires you to sacrifice
    health, you'll take a lot less damage than if the Advisor had unleashed a combo
    on you and he'll leave himself wide open for a counter-attack all the same.
    If you want to beat him the fair way or simply doesn't have enough health to out
    last him (which will most likely be the case on Hard mode) then there are some
    ways to approach him safely.
    First of all, the Advisor, just like Spyro, has lag after missed attacks. If you
    jump toward him, gliding just over him, you will be likely to trigger his combo.
    While the Advisor is busy striking thin air, run up to him and smack him.
    An alternate strategy is to take advantage of the fact that he only attack in
    the air when at the peak of his jumps. Lure him into trying to fight you in the
    air and use a tail swipe to knock him out of the air. Then, land near him and
    smack him when he get back up.
    Try not to engage him in direct combat ; his combo is greatly damaging and if
    you strike first when he's idle, he will most likely counter with the Dummy
    Teleport or the Air Slash Teleport, both of which do decent damage.
    Oh and, one final note. The Advisor has wisened up since last fight and
    apparently has put on a warm coat under his pyjamas ; you can no longer freeze
    him with the Ice Breath. You can still use it if it's your breath attack of
    choice but keep in mind that it won't be nearly as incredibly effective as it
    was last fight.
    All in all, this is a relatively difficult fight but if you made it this far,
    you can beat him.
    Advisor (3)
    Fought: Stage 5 (Temple of Souls)
    -6 Hits Combo
    -Shuriken Throw
    -Multi Air Shuriken
    -Dummy Teleport Counter
    -Air Slash Teleport Counter
    -Ground Slash Counter
    The final stage is very different from the console version, as you might have
    noticed. Namely, the first part of the final stage (Mountain of Malefor) is
    removed entirely ; you're sent directly to the Temple of Souls to face the
    game's final boss... or rather, in this version, final bossES.
    Yep, it's the Advisor. Again.
    Didn't you just fight him like, a mere moment earlier?
    Actually, this fight is VERY different from the two last Advisor fights and is
    one heck of a brutal fight!
    The first thing that you will notice is that the Advisor is no longer playing
    around at all. He will charge toward you with a single-minded fury unseen in
    most video game bosses, intend on turning you into a little purple heap of
    shattered bones. Namely, he will be on your tail the whole time and he will use
    all of his tricks to their fullest this time.
    DON'T. TRY. TO. ENGAGE. HIM. DIRECTLY. Hope that was clear enough. If you have
    the misfortune of attempting direct physical combat, the Advisor will proceed to
    unleash a looooong 6 hits combo that will inflict an absolutely ludicrous amount
    of damage upon you ; even with all health upgrades, he can easily tear through a
    third of it with one combo. NOW that's serious damage! So, don't get close.
    Another new point is that the Advisor will rapid-fire his shurikens from aside
    and his jumping speed is a LOT faster this time so he will be harder to nail.
    You will also notice that he will teleport around a lot, leaving dummies all
    over the place and constantly trying to land a downward slash on your head
    after teleporting.
    There's not much you can do about avoiding damage here but you can still exploit
    his pattern. First of all, the jumping flaw remain although the high speed make
    it risky. Furthermore, he may use one of his two counters if you try to strike
    him in mid-air. Still, it will net you a few painless hits once in a while.
    Likewise, the glide/roll evasion tactic will not be so reliable anymore even if
    due to the fact that due to the Advisor's combo now being very long, he'll step
    very far away from his original location while executing it meaning that you may
    not have the time to smack him in the middle of said combo.
    So... considering the last few methods aren't exactly reliable, what's the new
    best method? How do you beat up that ninja freak?
    Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of ways around it ; be more aggressive
    than he is and lead the pace of the fight. Don't let him corner you and
    constantly harass him with your breath attacks. Keep jumping and rolling,
    forcing him to do awkward moves and trying to mess him up. If you can force him
    in a situation when he can't attack you easily and thus force him to run away
    from you without teleporting, you'll be able to close in and do attacks of your
    own. Once you get your hits in, try to corner the boss against a wall so that he
    may not be able to easily mount a counter-attack.
    This fight IS difficult but eventually, you'll prevail if you keep at it.
    King Gaul (1)
    Fought: Stage 5 (Temple of Souls)
    -Form 1-
    -Crushing Body Blow
    -Earthquaker Blow
    -Form 2-
    -Crushing Body Blow
    -Earthquaker Blow
    -Downward Crushing Swipe
    -Form 3-
    -Crushing Body Blow
    -Earthquaker Blow
    -Downward Crushing Swipe
    -Dark Sphere
    -Form 4 (Hard mode-only)-
    -Crushing Body Blow
    -Earthquaker Blow
    -Downward Crushing Swipe
    -Dark Sphere
    First of all... the game kick you out of the stage after you beat the Advisor
    will thank me later, believe me.
    First of all, forget about the surprisingly simplistic boss that awaited you at
    the end of the Wii/PS2 version. The GBA version of Gaul is downright cruel and
    feature no less than three forms that you must all defeat in a row with no
    regeneration whatsoever between each. So... don't whine if you come unprepared
    and get your tail handed out to you! That warning above was there for a reason!
    Now, due to the fact that Gaul has several forms, I'll divide this guide into
    sections, one for each form.
    -FORM 1-
    Once the fight begin, Gaul will start to tremble. No, he's not cold nor is he
    scared. Gaul is (thank goodness) kind enough to telegraph his attacks ; he'll
    start trembling whenever he's about to attack.
    So, I suggest you hop on top of the Well of Souls proper and prepare yourself.
    Gaul has only one attack in the first part of the fight but frankly, that's all
    he needs ; he'll unleash a double downward punch that do decent damage but has
    short range. But the attack itself is not the main concern. Rather, what will
    worry you is the earthquake it will cause, making boulders fall from the
    ceiling. Like Fire Spirit's Firestorm and Naga's Strong Slash attack, the
    projectiles that are summoned by this attack come at random locations and come
    down fast so you'll need to roll constantly to avoid them.
    Once it's done, Gaul will either chain several Earthquaker Blows together or
    jump toward a random direction. If he attack again, keep rolling but if he
    jumps, here's your chance! Get close and melee him up! BE SURE to combo him up
    only ONCE however.
    This apply to all forms: never, never, NEVER try to do more than one full combo
    on Gaul or else, he'll counter with the mother of all left body blows, sending
    you flying and removing a HUGE chunk off your health meter.
    This first form has a simple pattern although the random rocks WILL pose
    problem. Keep smacking him and when his health meter is emptied, Gaul will
    point the Soul Gauntlet at the Well of Souls and suck tortured souls out of it,
    recharging himself with dark magic and refilling his health meter.
    You should try to kill this form quickly to minimize damage from the rocks. DO
    NOT use the Fury mode on this form, keep it for later. If you're doing well, you
    shouldn't lose more than a fifth or a quarter of your health on this form. Keep
    at least three quarters of your magic, if possible.
    Form 2 begins!
    -FORM 2-
    Gaul changes strategy and will now become more aggressive. He'll fight in a way
    not unlike his first form in the Wii/PS2 versions, doing series of high and low
    jumps while striking downward with his weird gauntlet weapons. Fortunately, he
    won't instant-kill you in this version. On another hand, he has killer timing
    and attacking him when he's jumping around is hazardous. Trying to avoid him
    might also prove difficult since Gaul is huge and can move relatively
    quickly ; your best bet of avoiding him are continuous double jumps.
    Be SURE to keep Gaul on-screen or else, he'll do a long jump toward you and most
    likely net you in mid-air.
    Once in a while, he'll stop and do the Earthquaker Blow attack. Dodge the rocks
    and take the opportunity to strike back! As usual, don't be greedy ; the
    Crushing Body Blow is painful.
    After you empty his health meter again, he will charge up one final time...
    If you are doing well, you should clear this form with at least two thirds of
    your health left and half of your magic left. On Normal, you may want to use the
    Fury mode here but I recommend you keep it for form 3. Definitely do not use
    Fury mode on this form in Hard mode.
    -FORM 3-
    Gaul is now at full power and once again change strategy. He'll now play the
    coward card and jump to either of the corners of the room before firing homing
    spheres of dark magic at you. The spheres do fairly large amounts of damage and
    have limited homing capabilities, making them a pain to dodge.
    The first thing is to learn to dodge the dark spheres. If you try to dodge them
    from the ground, you'll have little success, especially if you're close enough
    for Gaul to be on-screen. Instead, stay on the Well of Souls and the statues.
    Double-jump above the dark spheres when they get close to you, about one time
    and a half the length of Spyro's body.
    Keep dodging dark spheres and get closer to Gaul. If you manage to get close
    enough, interrupt his dark sphere shooting and melee him up! Be SURE to strike
    Gaul's body however ; your attacks go through his hand. As usual, be wary of his
    powerful counter-attack.
    After you stopped attacking or that he smacked you with his Crushing Body Blow,
    Gaul will make a serie of jumps toward the other corner of the room. Gaul moves
    quickly ; you won't be able to catch up before he can resume firing at you.
    Still, sometimes, he'll stop in the middle of the room to unleash an Earthquaker
    Blow or make a few timid hops toward you to try to strike you with Downward
    Crushing Swipes. Remain evasive ; he won't stay still for long and your best
    chance to attack is to strike him when he's charging up the Dark Spheres.
    Note that if you have plenty of magic to spare, you can cancel out the Dark
    Spheres with breath attacks ; your attacks and Gaul's will cancel each others.
    Still, since Gaul won't let up with his barrage, I recommend you only counter
    the Dark Spheres in such a way if you have both a lot of magic left and know you
    won't be able to dodge the incoming Dark Sphere with a jump.
    Now, if you are on Normal, the fight ends here so you'll definitely want to use
    the Fury mode there.
    However... if you're on Hard mode, Gaul will stick his Soul Gauntlet out and
    suck up one last bunch of tortured souls. I hope for you that you still have at
    least a third of your magic because that things are about to get very rough (as
    if it wasn't hard enough already).
    -FORM 4 (Hard mode-only)-
    First of all, congratulations on making it this far on Hard mode. That's not an
    easy feat at all! Still, you're not out of the woods yet, far from it!
    This final form of Gaul has no new attacks but if you managed to keep the Fury
    mode, you'll definitely want to unleash it now. Gaul ditches the predictable
    pattern of form 3 for something more akin to the final Advisor's attack pattern.
    In short, Gaul will become very aggressive and reveal his full speed. He will
    constantly jump toward you, trying to unleash Downward Crushing Swipes. After a
    while of trying to smack you, he'll retreat to one of the corners and chain up
    Earthquaker Blows and Dark Spheres in a rapid-fire fashion in an attempt to
    overwhelm you before unleashing one last Earthquaker Blow and jumping toward you
    to swipe at you in the middle of the attack.
    Gaul is definitely fighting dirty this time and there are very little openings
    for you to attack him. Due to this, physical attacks are always hazardous,
    period. Still, his Earthquaker Blow spamming has an advantage ; due to the
    increased amount of boulders, there will be more green gems being produced...
    which is how you will attack Gaul this time.
    Take the breath you're most comfortable with (hopefully, it's fully upgraded)
    and unload everything you got on Gaul. Since this is the only way you can attack
    him without making yourself vulnerable, be sure to make your attacks connect so
    you don't waste magic. Due to this, don't bother trying to counter the Dark
    Spheres with your breath attacks not that it will do much good anyway ; since
    Gaul mix up his Dark Sphere shooting with Earthquaker Blow attacks constantly,
    the risk of being smacked by a falling rock while countering the Dark Spheres is
    high. It's better to just keep rolling through the attacks.
    If you run out of magic, you will have major difficulties attacking Gaul but if
    you have enough health and can get a few attacks on him once in a while without
    getting yourself Crushing Body Blow-ed to oblivion, you should be able to
    eventually outlast him.
    Yeah, Gaul is one heck of a boss but take heart! You're at the end of the game!
    With perseverence, memorization, and a bit of luck, you'll finally take
    him down!
    King Gaul(2)
    Fought: Stage 5 (Temple of Souls)
    -Crushing Body Blow
    -Earthquaker Blow
    -Downward Crushing Swipe
    -Dark Sphere
    So, you finally beat Gaul, don't you? Oh! What's this? Spyro has absorbed the
    powers of the Well of Souls and became the reincarnation of the Dark Master!
    First of all, don't worry at all. Unlike the console version Dark Master Spyro,
    who was fighting on equal ground with Gaul, this version of Dark Master Spyro
    overwhelm him by a very large margin.
    In fact, you'll notice that in the GBA version, your health and magic recover
    automatically and you get a MAJOR upgrade in speed. Sweet!... however, no Fury
    mode. Oh well, it's a small price of the awesome amount of power you now wield.
    Gaul will now fight identically to whatever form was the last one before Spyro
    transformed but Gaul is now hardly a threat regardless of the form taken. Only
    his Crushing Body Blow inflict sufficient damage to have a chance of killing you
    and even then, you can now infinite Gaul without him being able to break out of
    hit stun.
    In the console version, the game ends after you have beaten Gaul... but on the
    GBA, you still have one last battle to fight...
    Dark Army
    Fought: Stage 5 (Temple of Souls)
    -3 Hits combo
    Well, this is it. The final battle.
    The death of their king has GREATLY angered the Dark Ones and Dark Master or
    not, they're going to take you DOWN!
    Namely, behold as a huge flood of Dark Ones fall from the ceiling and attempt to
    bum-rush you into oblivion.
    You CAN lose this fight ; the foes come in fast and furious and won't let up
    either until you beat all of them or until they overwhelm you. However, compared
    to the King Gaul battle as regular Spyro, this is nothing.
    The first thing to do is not lose your cool and make sure to keep your foes
    running. You now have the advantage in terms of speed and the sheer amount of
    power Dark Master Spyro wield allow you to insta-kill individual Dark Ones. Run
    back and forth, forcing foes to form clumps and then, charge into them to clear
    them off the screen.
    On Easy and Normal, you'll face a moderate amount of foes but on Hard, a LOT of
    foes will come pouring down from the ceiling and the flood will not let up for a
    signficantly longer while.
    You will know that you're close to victory when the Dark Ones start attacking
    from above, using the statues and the Well of Souls as safe points from which
    they can drop down to catch you off-guard.
    Eventually, you will defeat the Dark Army and win the game.
    Now, enjoy the ending. You definitely deserved it (especially if you've been
    playing on Hard mode)!
    4) Updates?
    Future updates for the guide might include:
    -alternate strategies (if new ones are submitted)
    -speed strategies
    -attack differences for the Easy difficulty setting (if it apply)
    Apart from that, the boss guide is mostly completed.
    5) End & Credits
    Thanks to:
    MJ (Darkspyro forums)
    -Alternate strategy for Advisor(1)
    -pointing out one attack that I forgot for Advisor(2) and Advisor(3)
    (Ground Slash Counter)
    -pointing out that you can destroy the shurikens of the Advisor (all battles)
    with the breath attacks as well as King Gaul's Dark Spheres (both fights)
    Thanks to:
    Sierra, Krome, and Amaze Entertainment
    -creating Spyro 7 (The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night)
    If you have any comments, suggestions, and/or alternate strategies, feel free to
    send them to me via e-mail (contact informations are at the beginning of
    the guide).
    Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the game!

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