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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Joe Blow

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/30/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ***  The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night FAQ  ***
    **            Written By: Joe Blow                **
    *           Copyright 2007 crashspyro150           *
    **                                                **
    Table of Contents:
    A. About Me                                                  [ABME]
    B. Legal                                                     [LGAL]
    C. Version                                                   [VERN]
    D. Introduction                                              [INON]
    E. Story *SPOILERS*                                          [STRY]
    F. Characters                                                [CHRS]
    G. Controls                                                  [COLS]
    H. Walkthrough                                               [WAGH]
     Swamp                                                       [SWMP]
        Hall of Fang and Claw                                    [ELTE]
        Fire Temple                                              [FITE]
        Boss: Fire Avatar                                        [FIAV]
     Temple of the Dragon Soul                                   [TODS]
        Hall of Memory                                           [HAME]
     Ancient Grove                                               [ANGR]
        Earth Temple                                             [EATE]
        Boss: Earth Avatar                                       [EAAV]
     Deep Grove                                                  [DEGR]
        Boss: Naga                                               [NABO]
     Fellmuth Arena                                              [FELA]
        Ice Temple                                               [ICTE]
        Boss: Ice Avatar                                         [ICAV]
        Boss: Advisor                                            [ADOR]
        Boss: Skabb                                              [SKBB]
        Lightning Temple                                         [LITE]
        Boss: Lightning Avatar                                   [LIAV]
     Celestial Temple                                            [CETE]
        Boss: Advisor                                            [ADO2]
     Temple Sanctum                                              [TESA]
     Well of Night                                               [WEON]
        Boss: Advisor                                            [ADO3]
        Boss: Gaul                                               [BOGA]
    I. Secrets                                                   [SECR]
    J. Frequently Asked Questions                                [FAQS]
    K. Conclusion/Thanks                                         [COTH]
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    A. About Me [ABME]
    Woo. I enjoy writing FAQ's to help people, when I can get off my lazy butt and
    start. Well, there isn't really much to say about me other than I'm a student
    in school, so I can't be writing all the time. Now, enough about me, on with
    the FAQ/Walkthrough!
    B. Legal [LGAL]
    If you wish to use this FAQ on your site, then contact me at:
    crashspyro1502000 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Also:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    C. Version [VERN]
    This is version: 1.00 - The first version of this faq. Nobody is perfect, so I
                            expect to have made some errors. Everything is done.
    D. Introduction [INON]
    Another day, another FAQ. This one is for Spyro: The Eternal Night, since I 
    found it to be such a wonderful game. It can also be frustrating and confusing
    in some portions, which is why I have chosen to write a guide to assist you. I
    have included sections such as Story and Character for your enjoyment, as
    E. Story [STRY]
    Story segments and dialogue are here, for your enjoyment. This whole section
    is a walking spoiler, so don't read this section if you want to find out your-
    self what happens.
    --->Beginning Scene<---
    Spyro, the Purple Dragon, had followed the evil dragon Cynder to the plane of
    Convexity. In a climactic battle, Spyro defeated Cynder, only to discover that
    she had been acting involuntarily under the control of The Dark Master, and 
    was in fact a small dragon who looked very much like Spyro in all but color.
    After narrowly escaping the destruction of Convexity with Cynder, Spyro re-
    turned to the Dragon Temple to meet with Ignitus, his mentor. Ignitus re- 
    vealed that Cynder was in fact from the same clutch of eggs as Spyro, making
    them siblings. The Dark Master had corrupted Cynder as a small dragon, 
    speaking to her of evil and power and turning her to his service.
    It is later the same night. Spyro's powers have faded in the wake of his
    battle with Cynder, and he rests to try to recover. The Dark Master's plans 
    with Cynder were foiled, but he has other servants, and other plans. And Spyro
    has been dreaming a dark voice in his head... "S-S-S-Spyro..."
    Sparx: S-S-S-Spyro...
    Spyro: What is it?
    Sparx: It's Cynder. She's gone.
    Spyro: Where? Come on. We have to find her. It's dangerous for her to be 
    outside the temple at night.
    Sparx: It's dangerous for all of us to be outside the Temple at night. Ignitus
    said you have to wait until your powers return.
    Spyro: No time to argue. Come on.
    Sparx: Once a hero, always a hero, huh? Well, be my guest... head on out... 
    save the world... but you're flyin' solo this time, pal. Old Sparx is gonna 
    catch a few more z's.
    Spyro: Suit yourself.
    -Spyro starts to leave. Sparx stops him-
    Sparx: Ah, you'd be helpless without me. I better come with you.
    -They reach the first ledge-
    Sparx: Come on, Spyro, hop on up!
    -They approach a higher ledge-
    Sparx: It's not THAT high, Spyro... surely youcan pull yourself up.
    -They approach a Dragon Relic-
    Sparx: Hey look at that shiny thing! Ooh, so pretty...
    -After learning glide-
    Sparx: Use the wings your mama gave you, Spyro!
    -After gliding across-
    Sparx: Let's go, Spyro... Cynder went down this way.
    -After dropping down a few platforms-
    Sparx: Careful while you're dropping down there, Spyro... there might be
    something harmful. I'll go check it out for you first, if you want.
    -When you pass through the gate-
    Sparx: Huh, that stand is empty. I wonder what happened to the Dragon Relic?
    -Approach the frogweed-
    Sparx: What is that Frog Weed doing here? Wait, you don't think... That 
    amphibious fungus ate the Dragon Relic! You've got to get it back, Spyro!
    -After defeating Frog Weed-
    Sparx: Good job, Spyro. It's not that I'm scared or anything, I would've
    helped, it's just that... Spyro? Spyro, you feeling okay buddy?
    -Spyro faints-
    --->Hall of Fang and Claw<---
    Mysterious Voice: Welcome, Spyro, to the Hall of Fang and Claw. Here young 
    dragons honed their combat skills in ages past. Use the training dummy to 
    practise what you have learned. If you manage to hit it 5 times before it
    recovers, you will be rewarded! If you tire of training, leave the room and
    you will awaken. You will have other opportunities to come and practice here
    in the future. 
    -After completing the task-
    Mysterious Voice: Well done, Spyro! Your skill in combat grows. Come and claim
    your reward!
    -After claiming the reward-
    Mysterious Voice: You must hit the training dummy 10 times in a row in to open
    this door and claim reward beyond. If it does not seem possible to do this 
    now, seek this room out again once you have gained more skill and abilities.
    -After returning from the temple-
    Sparx: ...Spyro? You're back! You had me worried there for a sec. I thought 
    I'd lost you! You okay?
    Spyro: Yeah, I'm fine. Just some kind of weird... vision thing. Let's go find
    -Approach crystal cluster-
    Sparx: Hey Spyro, look, it's a bunch of those crystal things!
    Spyro: Yeah! I could definitely use a bit of a lift right about now... let's
    go get 'em.
    -After jumping up the ledges-
    Sparx: I don't see any way through here. Better go another way and come back
    here later.
    -Approach the frogweed-
    Sparx: Come on Spyro, you're boring me to tears, here. Let's see you use those
    dragon skills of yours to do some real damage to this guy!
    -After breaking the wall-
    Sparx: That floor doesn't look too stable. Maybe if you could somehow smash it
    down we could go through?
    -After breaking the floor-
    Sparx: Uh-oh, that looks pretty far down, man. I'd just jump over there if I
    were you.
    -When approaching water-
    Sparx: You don't swim too good, remember Spyro? I'd steer clear of the water,
    -After fighting a lot of enemies-
    Spyro: What are you doing out here, Cynder? It's dangerous.
    Cynder: I'm leaving, Spyro. I can't explain it. It's like I'm being pulled 
    away. I have to go.
    Spyro: What are you talking about? 
    Cynder: A distant place is calling to me... something's demanding that I come.
    Sparx: Oohhhkay... right. Places that call, voices in the old noodle, 
    mysterious creatures demanding you do their bidding... I think it's called 
    being possessed. Yes, I'm almost certain... possession is the word we're
    looking for.            
    -Spyro faints-
    Sparx: Speaking of possessed. Hello, Spyro? Anybody home? Snap out of it, big
    guy... come back to old Sparxy.
    Sparx: Ahhh... not again.
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul/Fire Temple<---
    Mysterious Figure: Enter into the Temple of Fire, Purple Dragon... if you dare
    to confront and awaken the Fire within yourself.
    -After some exploring-
    Mysterious Figure: Spyro, your dedication has proven you worthy. I shall 
    awaken the element of Fire within you!
    -After getting deep into the Fire Temple-
    Mysterious Voice: This is your final challenge. Defeat this avatar of the
    element, and mastery shall be called yours!
    -After defeating Fire Avatar-
    Mysterious Figure: With mastery of the elements, comes great rewards. Look,
    Spyro, I will show you a vision: the enemy gathers his strength...
    -He shows Spyro a vision, and gual appears-
    Gaul: The master's return is near!
    -Vision ends-
    Mysterious Voice: This is the Temple of the Dragon Soul, Spyro. Here you may
    revisit any of the Elemental Temples you've previously explored, as well as
    the Hall of Fang and Claw and the Hall of Memory. Use your time here wisely to
    prepare yourself for the battles you face outside.
    -Attempt to leave-
    Mysterious Voice: Spyro, if you continue in this direction you will leave this
    Temple and return to your waking life. If you wish to continue exploring the
    Temple, turn around and do so-- you may not have a chance to return here for a
    -Find the Hall of Memory-
    --->Hall of Memory<---
    Mysterious Voice: Ahh, you have found the Hall of Memory. Here you can relive
    your previous conquests in vivid detail. Learn from the past Spyro, and be
    better prepared for your future destiny!
    --->Hall of Fang and Claw<---
    -After achieving the 10 hit goal-
    Mysterious Voice: Excellent, Spyro! Your combat abilities are fast improving.
    Your reward awaits!
    -Approach last door-
    Mysterious Voice: To open this door and claim the final Dragon Relic here, you
    must hit the training dummy 15 times in a row. You may need to use both melee
    and breath attacks in tandem to accomplish this.
    Sparx: Don't tell me. La-la land again?
    Spyro: Yeah, just forget it. Where's Cynder?
    Sparx: Well, while you were catatonic, she high-tailed it outta here... said
    something about headin' to a place where some well is full of darkness, or
    Spyro: We have to find her. Let's go see if Ignitus has any idea about this
    -When they reach Ignitus-
    Spyro: See anything?
    Ignitus: No... I can't see where Cynder's gone... just darkness.
    Spyro: Let me look.
    -Spyro looks-
    Mysterious Figure: Look... the chosen answer the call of evil.
    -Vision ends-
    Ignitus: What do you see, Spyro?
    Spyro: A distant mountain, a well at its center... evil beasts...
    Ignitus: These are dire portents. And, to complicate things.. It will soon be
    the Night of Eternal Darkness.
    Spyro: What's that?
    Ignitus: It's when the moons of Adrano and Zella come together in an eclipse.
    And its time draws nigh.
    Sparx: If "nigh" means soon, I'm outta here.
    -Sparx starts to fly away, Spyro stops him-
    Spyro: Hold on, Sparx.
    Ignitus: Spyro, you must journey through the Ancient Grove to the Celestial
    Temple, where you will find the Chronicler.
    Spyro: Who's that?
    Ignitus: A dragon of immeasurable wisdom. He will be able to shed light on
    these signs. But be careful. These are dangerous times.
    Spyro: What will you do?
    Ignitus: I will go in search of Cynder. Because of her past, I fear she might
    be drawn toward this well also.
    Sparx: Great... we've got lost dragons, eternal darkness, strange visions, 
    evil beasts... sounds like a lot of fun.
    Ignitus: Don't worry, we'll all meet again soon.
    Sparx: Yeah... if we live.
    --->Ancient Grove<---
    Sparx: Explain to me why we're here again?
    Spyro: This is the fastest way to the Chronicler.
    Sparx: Yeah, but is it the safest?
    Spyro: Come on.
    -As they approach the apes-
    Scavenger: Load him up and take him to the arena. He's not Naga, but Skabb 
    will make a fighter out of him just the same.
    Sparx: Naga? Skabb? Who are they? Not to mention these jokers?
    Scavenger: Did you hear that?
    -Spyro faints-
    Sparx: Not now, Spyro. I need ya, pal.
    Scavenger: It came from over there. Go see what it is.
    Sparx: Don't worry, buddy. I got your back.
    -Sparx flies towards the scavengers-
    Sparx: Hey you... scurvy-eating bloodsuckers.
    Sparx: Boy, I've seen some mangy carcasses in my day, but you guys gotta take
    the cake.
    Scavenger: Get him!
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul/Earth Temple<---
    Mysterious Figure: A true Purple Dragon must master all the elements if he is
    to survive. Let's see if you can embrace the sacred legacy of Earth.
    -After exploring the Earth Temple-
    Mysterious Figure: Spyro, your dedication has proven you worthy. I shall
    awaken the element of Earth within you!
    -After further exploration of Earth Temple-
    Mysterious Voice: This is your final challenge. Defeat this avatar of the
    element, and mastery shall be called yours!
    -After defeating Earth Avatar-
    Mysterious Figure: Know your enemy... anticipate his every move. Look...
    -Spyro sees a vision-
    Gaul: Do I need to remind you that the Night of Eternal Darkness approaches?
    And that the purple dragon is the only real threat to our plans?
    Advisor: No sir.
    Gaul: Well, I suggest you locate him... NOW! Do not fail me!
    Advisor: Yes sir!
    --->Ancient Grove<---
    Sparx: Glad you could make it. Ya know, your little nap almost got us captured
    by those pirate, scavenger thingies.
    Spyro: Sorry... how long was I out?
    Sparx: Long enough for old Sparxy to give 'em the slip. Yep, that's me... the
    hero... the man of the hour... Mr. Big Stuff... the Doctor of Savitude...
    Spyro: Enough. Let's go.
    --->Deep Grove<---
    Sparx: Look at this. A giant cave perfectly sized for a giant beast, like that
    Naga thing the scavengers were talking about.
    Spyro: We've got to warn him.
    Sparx: Warn him? Don't you mean flee with all haste while their attention is
    -Spyro jumps down-
    Sparx: Oh. No, apparently you mean warn him. Great.
    Sparx: Hey Spyro?
    Spyro: Yeah?
    Sparx: I don't see anyone in here. Anyone alive, anyhow. Maybe Naga is code 
    for 'giant pile of bones'? Let's leave Naga alone and get out of here.
    Spyro: Uh-oh. This guy doesn't look friendly. Maybe you were right, Sparx...
    Sparx: Hey! You better fight well now, Spyro, I don't want you dyin' just when
    you finally realize I've been right all along!
    -After defeating Naga-
    Sparx: Well, Spyro, that wasn't too tough...
    Spyro: What the...?
    Sparx: Shiver me timbers and blow me down, that's the ugliest pirate I've ever
    Scavenger: Well, looks like Naga is gone, but a purple dragon is even better.
    Take 'im back to the ship! This one will make a fine addition to Cap'n Skabb's
    collection of fightin' beasts.
    --->Fellmuth Arena<---
    Sparx: Swing low, sweet chariot... Coming for to carry me home...
    Scavenger: Ahhh, 'tis great to hear you in such good spirits. 'twill make for
    soem mighty fine battles!
    Spyro: Where are we? And why are we being held prisoner?
    Scavenger: You are on Cap'n Skabb's airship, Fellmuth, and you're being held 
    to compete in the arena fights. Entertainment for we scavengers.
    Spyro: Entertainment?
    Sparx: I always wanted to be in show biz, but this is ridiculous.
    Scavenger: Quiet! And you, dragon, get ready to fight.
    Scavenger: And don't bother trying to escape... the only exit leads into the
    -After some fighting-
    Sparx: Great. Held captive in a cell on an airship, forced to fight exotic
    creatures... and a bunch of crazed fans to watch all the fun. I can't wait to
    see what's next.
    Scavenger: For the main event of the evening, I bring you Spyro the Purple
    Dragon versus the denizens of forests below!
    -After defeating the enemies-
    Sparx: My boy was all over you! He floats like a dragonfly, stings like a bee;
    Mr. Ugly can't hit what Mr. Ugly can't see! Spyro's the biggest, baddest...
    -Spyro faints-
    Sparx: ...ah, sleepinest dragon around. Ya know? This is getting real old.
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul<---
    Mysterious Figure: The path to your further awakening beckons. Come... we 
    train in the Temple of Ice.
    --->Ice Temple<---
    Mysterious Figure: Spyro, your dedication has proven you worthy. I shall 
    awaken the element of Ice within you!
    -Before confronting Ice Avatar-
    Mysterious Voice: This is your final challenge. Defeat this avatar of the
    element, and mastery shall be called yours!
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul<---
    Mysterious Figure: Look, listen... learn...
    Advisor: (Muffled words)... informants... (muffled)... Fellmuth... purple
    Gaul: So, the Purple Dragon is aboard Fellmuth, huh? Okay then... summon the
    elite guard, hire the most dangerous beasts in the realm, call all reserves...
    we will intercept Fellmuth and destroy the purple dragon once and for all! 
    Move... now! The Night of Eternal Darkness approaches.
    Advisor: Oh, one more thing, sir.
    Gaul: What is it?
    Advisor: The female heeded the call, just as you said she would.
    Gaul: Where is she?
    Advisor: She approaches now.
    Gaul: Good... all the evil beings are coming home to roost. Now go... destroy
    the dragon yourself if you must.
    --->Hall of Fang and Claw<---
    Mysterious Voice: Very impressive, Spyro! Your have mastered the combat arts.
    The final Dragon Relic reward is now open to you!
    --->Airship Fellmuth<---
    Sparx: About time you can around, bug guy.
    Spyro: What happened?
    Sparx: You passed out again.
    Spyro: We gotta get out of here, Sparx.
    Sparx: You'll get no argument from me. But how?
    Spyro: I don't know, but each minute we're here, the night of Eternal Darkness
    gets closer. We have to find the Chronicler so he can tell us what to do.
    Scavenger: Your next fight will be against... the dreaded Maleforian Snail
    -After defeating the Snail and Rider-
    Scavenger: So far, you've done very well.
    Sparx: Spyro ain't playin'!
    Scavenger: But another magnificent beast has also performed admirably. Who 
    knows? You might even recognize him. But before that, you have one more battle
    to survive...
    Scavenger: Your next fight is against the dreaded right-hand man to Cap'n 
    Skabb himself... the scurviest pirate known to man, Red-Hand Jack!
    -Advisor kills Jack-
    Scavenger: ...or maybe not. Looks like you'll be fighting, uh... what do you
    call yerself?
    Advisor: My name doesn't matter. Whatever you call me, I am Spyro's doom!
    Sparx: Uh, Spyro, this guy seems a bit different from the other jokers around
    here. I'd be extra careful this time.
    Spyro: I always am, Sparx.
    -Defeated Advisor-
    Advisor: (pant, pant) ...ugh. I underestimated you. Fear not, we will meet 
    again, purple dragon.
    Scavenger: Creatures of Fellmuth... and all goblins, scavengers, pirates,
    beggars, gamblers and criminals gathered here in the most famous fighting
    tournament in all the realms... this is our main event... matching Spyro the
    Purple Dragon and...
    Scavenger: ...his once and all-time mentor... Ignitus!
    Spyro: Ignitus, how did you get here?
    Ignitus: I'm not as spry as I once was. I was surprised by Skabb and his men
    while searching for Cynder.
    Spyro: The same thing happened to us in the Ancient Grove.
    Ignitus: you must get out of here... and find the Chronicler.
    Spyro: But how? We need a miracle.
    Ignitus: I'll go back and distract them. You follow your destiny and complete
    your quest!
    -New scene-
    Ignitus: ROAR!
    Spyro: Ignitus!
    Ignitus: Spyro, run, find the Chronicler!
    -Approach Skabb-
    Skabb: Nobody leaves Fellmuth until I say so.
    Spyro: Nobody tells me what I can or can not do... you one-armed, scurvy-
    ridden maniac!
    -Defeat Skabb-
    Spyro: We gotta get to the Chronicler.
    Sparx: Alright, I guess... but Ignitus said to stay on the ground so we don't
    draw attention to ourselves.
    Spyro: Yeah, but that's a bit far down, isn't it?
    Sparx: You've got wings for a reason, bub. Let's goooooooooo!
    Sparx: Uh-oh. Your timing could be worse... but I can't think of how.
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul<---
    Mysterious Figure: Learn well the power of Lightning... and you might be ready
    to face the enemy that draws near.
    --->Lightning Temple<---
    Mysterious Figure: Spyro, your dedication ahs proven you worthy. I shall 
    awaken the element of Lightning within you!
    -Approach Lightning Avatar-
    Mysterious Voice: This is your final challenge. Defeat this avatar of the
    element, and mastery shall be called yours!
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul<---
    Mysterious Figure: In the Well of Souls, friends appear as enemies... enemies
    as friends... beware of all...
    -Vision starts-
    Gaul: No... let her pass. Cynder and I are old friends.
    -Vision ends-
    Sparx: Thank goodness you're alive. It's bad news around here. We have to get
    as far from this place as possible.
    Mysterious Voice: Come, Spyro. It is time.
    Spyro: We're not going anywhere, Sparx. This place looks familiar, and I have
    a feeling the Chronicler is inside.s
    Sparx: Inside? That dark, scary place where dozens of who-knows-what kind of
    monsters are waiting to kill us?
    Sparx: Fine... ignore me... listen to your voices... follow your heart... risk
    life and limb...
    --->Celestial Temple<---
    Advisor: That's fare enough, Spyro.
    Spyro: You again?
    Advisor: Yes, but have no fear: this shall be our last meeting.
    -Defeat Advisor-
    Advisor: Argh!
    Spyro: Argh?
    Sparx: Seriously, argh? That's it? No parting threat, no quip, nothing? What a
    disappointment. You'd think someone who dresses in blue pajamas would be 
    better at the dramatic exit, but nooooooo.
    Spyro: I think I get enough commentary from you, I can do without one mouthy
    enemy. Come on, Sparx, let's go find the Chronicler.
    Sparx: Hopefully he'll be more dramatically satisfying than this guy...
    --->Temple Sanctum<---
    Spyro: I've been here before. When I went into those trances... this is where
    I came.
    Sparx: Oooohhhkay.
    Mysterious Figure: Welcome, Spyro. Or should I say welcome back?
    Spyro: That voice... it's the voice I've heard in each of my trances... the
    teacher, the taskmaster...
    Chronicler: ... the Chronicler.
    Spyro: You're the Chronicler?
    Chronicler: Yes, yes, and I have much to tell you... especially about Gaul,
    and the Dark Master... and you.
    Sparx: We're all ears, big guy. Let it fly.
    Chronicler: I'm sure you've had some other visions, heard other voices in your
    Spyro: Well, sometimes I see a well... and a giant ape creature.
    Chronicler: That is Gaul, the Dark Master's servant... and you and he share a
    history, though you may not know it.
    Spyro: What history?
    Chronicler: Gaul was the beast that led the raid on the grotto.
    Sparx: When Ignitus saved Spyro's egg?
    Spyro: And they took Cynder?
    Chronicler: Yes, he corrupted Cynder and now he is waiting for the Night of
    Eternal Darkness so that he can help the Dark Master return.
    Spyro: Yes, but lately I've been seeing other things... like Cynder approach-
    ing the Well of Souls.
    Sparx: After all we did for her?
    Chronicler: You can not blame Cynder. Anybody that's been touched by the Dark
    Master's poison, as she has, is drawn to the well as the eclipse draws near.
    Few can resist its powers... not even a purple dragon.
    Spyro: What do you mean?
    Chronicler: I mean that a purple dragon from a previous generation fell to its
    temptations. Long ago, the Dark Master was born a purple dragon.
    Spyro & Sparx: WHAT?!
    Chronicler: Yes, he was lured by the evil pouring through the Well of Souls. 
    He forgot that a purple dragon must be selfless, using his powers for all. The
    Dark Master turned his back on that legacy, and his powers now feed only his
    own power and ego.
    Spyro: He must be stopped.
    Chronicler: Yes, but Spyro... you're not ready to face the temptation and evil
    at the Well now. it would be a death trap.
    Spyro: But we don't know what's happened to Ignitus, and the other Gaurdians
    have gone to Doxantha. It's up to us.
    Chronicler: Perhaps you're right, but you must be very carefull... the evil in
    the Well of Souls always appeals to one's pride and vanity.
    Spyro: Don't worry... we'll return. Let's go.
    Sparx: What? Head toward some evil mountain and a crazy well, run face first
    into the most diabolical force in the universe, tempt fate again and again and
    Spyro: Yeah.
    Sparx: Sure... why not.
    --->Well of Night<---
    Spyro: You again?
    Advisor: yes. It is time to finish you off, once and for all.
    Sparx: That was good, much better! Very ominous. Doesn't matter, 'cause 
    Spyro's gonna kick your butt anyhow, but that was good dramatic effort!
    Advisor: God dramatic... what? You're not making any sense.
    Spyro: He never does. Come on, if you're going to try to stop me... let's do
    -Defeat Advisor-
    Advisor: No... I'm sorry, Lord Gaul... I have failed you...
    Sparx: Now THAT was dramatic. I... I think I'm gonna miss that guy. Whoever he
    Spyro: The moons are almost in eclipse... hurry. We have to rescue Cynder, 
    defeat Gaul, and prevent the Dark Master from being reborn.
    -Come back to the Well-
    -Gaul talks to Cynder-
    Gaul: In just a few moments, the Night of Eternal Darkness will begin, 
    ushering the Dark Master back into the realms.
    Spyro: You were right, Sparx. She's betrayed us... and herself.
    -Cynder talks to Gaul-
    Cynder: Too bad you won't be alive to see it.
    Gaul: Don't be stupid, Cynder. The Dark Master will not be stopped.
    Cynder: Perhaps not... but you will. I've waited a long time for this. Now
    it's time for revenge!
    -The fight, Cynder loses-
    Spyro: Sparx, go see if Cynder's okay. I'll take care of Gaul.
    Gaul: Looks like my Advisor wasn't up to the task of destroying you, dragon...
    but you know what they say... if you want something done right...
    Spyro: ...do it yourself. Which is why I'm here... to destroy you!
    -Defeat Gaul-
    Gaul: Go ahead, whelpling, finish me off.
    Gaul: Ha ha ha, that's what I thought. You don't have it in you!
    Sparx: SPYRO! Look out! The moons!
    -The moons align, and Spyro is lifted up into the air by the well-
    -The moon is eclipsed, and Spyro has become a dark version of himself-
    Sparx: Spyro? You okay buddy?
    Dark Spyro: Out of my way, bug. I have apes to kill.
    -After Spyro defeats Gaul and a bunch of apes-
    Cynder: Spyro, stop!
    Sparx: Are you okay?
    Cynder: I'm fine. It's Spyro we have to worry about!
    Sparx: No argument here. He looks a little... ah... off.
    Cynder: Spyro, it's me. Cynder. You must fight the powers here... don't be
    corrupted as I once was.
    Sparx: Yeah, buddy, the Chronicler said the Dark Master fell prey to the evil
    here... don't let it happen to you.
    Spyro: Wha'... what's going on? What happened?
    Cynder: You destroyed Gaul...
    Sparx: ...and the rest of his army...
    Spyro: What have I done?
    Cynder: It's okay, Spyro. You're among friends.
    Spyro: I'm sorry... I couldn't stop...
    -The room starts to collapse-
    Cynder: It's no good. We're trapped.
    Sparx: What? We can't be! We beat up the bad guy and saved the world... we
    can't be trapped! What about our heroic homecoming?
    Spyro: Shh, Sparx, let me concentrate. I'm going to see if I can contact the
    Spyro: Chronicler... what should I do? Gaul is dead, but we're trapped here...
    I don't know what to do. Please, it might be better if I didn't survive, but
    help me save my friends... they don't deserve this...
    Chronicler: Ride out this storm, Spyro... and live to fight another day...
    Spyro: 'Ride out the storm?' What does that mean? How am I supposed to... 
    oh... I know what I have to do.
    Spyro: Get close to me! Now!
    -Spyro freezes himself, Cynder, and Sparx in a great block of ice.
    Chronicler: Young dragon, when you wake up, it will be a different world... a
    world where cruelty and greed will stand to test the hearts of many, and you 
    shall be their guiding light. Their strength... and their hope... now lie 
    within you. But know this: you will not be alone in this fight. You have 
    -Now the credits play, with a figure running in the background who has a 
    striking resemblence to Hunter...
    F. Characters [CHRS]
    These are the main characters of the game:
    Spyro - The main protagonist of the game. He is a purple dragon, a very 
            special dragon who has great powers. He must go on a journey to defeat
            Gaul and stop the ressurection of the Dark Master.
    Sparx - Spyro's best friend, Sparx, is a sarcastic dragonfly that follows him
            around everywhere. His sarcastic comments and pessimistic manner often
            annoy Spyro.
    Cynder - She was rescued by Spyro in the first game. She leaves at the very
             beginning, prompting Spyro to start his quest in search of her.
    Ignitus - Spyro's mentor, and one of the Guardians. He is a master of the fire
              element, and also goes in search of Cynder.
    Chronicler - He holds knowledge that will help Spyro in his quest. Spyro looks
                 for him, because he may be able to help Spyro find Cynder and 
                 stop Gaul.
    Skabb - Owner of the Airship Fellmuth. He orders his scavengers to search out
            worthy creatures for his arena, to entertain himself and his crew.
    Advisor - Gaul's advisor, who is on a constant mission to destroy Spyro. His
              identity is never known outside of 'Advisor.'
    Gaul - The Ape King, and servant of the Dark Master. His purpose is to use the
           Well of Souls to help the Dark Master return, while trying to stop
           Spyro from ruining the Dark Master's return.
    G. Controls [COLS]
    Controls for Spyro:
    Button           Action
    Directional Pad  Move
    A                Jump
    B                Attack
    A+B              Air Attack
    Opposite         Strike Behind
    B+Opposite       Kick Backwards
    Up               Look Up          
    Down             Duck/Look Down
    A+Direction      Ledge Grab
    Down+A           Drop Through Platform
    L                Switch Elements
       Learned Abilties:
    A+A              Double Jump
    A+A(Hold)        Glide
    Up+B             Air Launch
    Left+Left or     Charge
    Opposite         Wall Jump
    A+Down+B         Air Dive
    A+Down+Left or   Slanted Air Dive
    R                Elemental Attack
    Select           Dragon Fury
    H. Walkthrough [WAGH]
    Well, this is the meat of the guide. Start a new game, and choose your
    difficulty. I am writing this guide on normal, so these strategies will apply
    on both easy and normal difficulty settings.
    --->Swamp<--- [SWMP]
    Dragon Relics: 
    -Double Jump
    -Air Launch
    -Wall Jump
    -Air Dive
    -Health Upgrade
    After some dialogue, you gain control of Spyro. After you take a few steps
    forward, you will see a raised platform. You will also be prompted to jump up
    by Sparx. After you jump up, keep walking and you will get a hint about how
    to ledge grab. If you missed it, just press up near the pedestal to see the
    hint again.
    You will see a [Dragon Relic] up ahead. This allows you to learn the double
    jump ability. Jump up to the ledge, and walk past the hint pedestal. Go down
    the stairs to find another [Dragon Relic]. This one gives you glide. Jump back
    up and use glide to reach the other side.
    Now you encounter the first part where you must drop down. Sparx warns you
    after a few drops, and if you hold down you will see why. Walk off and avoid
    the spikes, then enter the next part. You are now in a room with some...
    mushrooms growing on the walls. After a few more steps, you are introduced to
    the health meter. Apparently the next Dragon Relic is missing. Just beat the
    Frog Weed upside the head until it drops the [Dragon Relic]. You can now do
    the Air Launch attack.
    Spyro proceeds to faint, and wakes up in a new place.
    =====See Hall of Fang and Claw before going on=====
    Spyro wakes up now, and the gate opens. Continue on. You encounter the first
    crystal. These crystals do different things, such as replenish health. All it
    is is a bunch of red gems, which restore your health. Here, you need to 
    double jump to go up through the ledges. Up here is a wall you can't pass at
    the moment, so return later. You're now introduced to the EXP reward system,
    through combos. Just head forward killing the Frog Weeds. You will now be
    approaching not one, but two Dragon Relics. The [Dragon Relic] on the left 
    will give you Charge. The [Dragon Relic] on the right will give you Wall Jump.
    Now wall jump back up. Go back to the wall you couldn't pass earlier, and 
    break it with your charge attack. Now you need to go across the floor and jump
    up. The next thing you see is another [Dragon Relic]. You get Air Dive. Before
    you move on, head right and break the crystal. Now break through the floor. 
    There is another crystal, if you need health. Jump over the gap, obviously.
    Now, you have to fight a bunch of enemies. Just combo them. 
    =====Now go to Fire Temple section=====
    After that long time away from the Swamp, we get to come back. Defeat the 
    enemies after the dialogue, starting with the annoying flying bug. When you
    have the chance, whack away at the thing blocking the path. You can use fire
    to speed it up. Now, you get another [Dragon Relic]. It's a health. Just get
    to the end and meet up with Ignitus.
    --->Hall of Fang and Claw<--- [ELTE]
    Dragon Relics: 
    -Additional Melee Combo Attack
    -Additional Air Combo Attack
    -Elemental Melee Damage
    You must hit the dummy five times in a row, which is pretty simple. Just
    corner him at one side and beat him five times. You can also just hit him
    two times, then launch him into the air. When you are done, the gate at the 
    top will open. The reward is another [Dragon Relic], which gives you another
    hit on your ground combos.
    Now you have to hit another dummy 10 times in a row. However, you cannot open
    the door at the moment so your only option is to leave. 
    After you have gotten the fire breath, come back and try to get 10 hits on the
    dummy again. If you start with one or two fireballs and then start to combo,
    you should be able to use the fireballs again after 3 hits to keep it going.
    After that, the door will open and you can get the next reward. The reward is
    a [Dragon Relic] that gives you another air combo hit.
    The next one requires 15 hits. While it is possible now, it requires you to
    cancel the Air Dive with a double jump in addition to using the flame and 
    breath attacks. Too tedious, so just come back after you've found a few more
    Additional Combo attacks.
    After you're done with the Ice Temple, you should have enough upgrades to do
    this last challenge. If you still have trouble, this is what I did:
    Fireball x2, Melee x4, Fireball x2, Air Launch, Air Melees, then sideways
    fireballs x2 to hit him while he's on the ground. (Notice the grammar mistake
    in the next message. lol)
    =====Return to the Swamp section now=====
    --->Fire Temple<--- [FITE]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Health Upgrade
    -Energy Upgrade
    -Energy Upgrade
    -Health Upgrade
    After you have gone further in the Swamp, you will come back here. You are
    greeted by a Mysterious Figure, and then transported to the Fire part of the
    temple. Start by going up and to the right. Kill the enemies here for EXP, but
    watch out for the flame balls going around. Head to the left now, and go down.
    You will see that figure again, and he will give you the ability to use Fire.
    Now, head upward. Go up the stairs, and to a part where there are what appear
    to be tiny things hanging out of the wall. Use that to wall jump up to the
    next area.
    Head right and kill the golems and fire spirits. You will find another [Dragon
    Relic], which gives you more health. Now jump to the right, and land back 
    where you started. Now you can head right, through the door, by using fire
    breath. After you drop down, head all the way to the left by gliding across
    the lava. You will find another [Dragon Relic]. It increases your energy. Now
    head to the right and up.
    You are in a new area, now. Glide to the ledge on the right. You will find a
    new type of enemy here, a turtle with spikes. You have to use an Air Launch to
    flip it. When you reach the end, jump down and to the left. You will find a
    [Dragon Relic] here. Now, keep heading left. You should end up back where you
    were. Now head down and to the right. Jump down through the hole, and head
    right. You will eventually come upon a green door. Just jump up and head to 
    the right. You will come to a purple door, which will open when you approach.
    After you've gotten Earth Breath, return here to open the elemental gate in
    the second area. You get a [Dragon Relic] that gives you a health upgrade.
    --->Boss: Fire Avatar<--- [FIAV]
    This boss is your final challenge in the Temple. His lifebar will appear in
    the top right corner, so you can check your progress. He will start off by
    shooting fireballs at you. He will also call down fireballs from the roof, so
    beware of that. Just dodge his attacks by jumping and combo him after he's
    shot a fireball or while he's making fireballs rain down.
    After you've defeated the boss, go through the door on the right.
    --->Temple of the Dragon Soul<--- [TODS]
    After you talk with the dragon, you can walk around and explore. To return to
    the Fire Temple, approach the symbol that is red and press up. To return to
    the Hall of Fang and Claw, stand near the multicolored symbol and press up.
    After you've visited them, you can leave.
    =====Return to the Swamp section=====
    --->Hall of Memory<--- [HAME]
    You reach this by going up the stairs and entering the black portal. You can
    replay all the bosses you've fought here.
    --->Ancient Grove<--- [ANGR]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Health Upgrade
    -Mid-Air Charge Attack
    -Energy Upgrade
    Head forward from the start and kill the spider. Now jump on the ledge, and
    go left. Hop along these mushroom platforms all the way to the right, fighting
    as you go. At the end is the first [Dragon Relic], a health increase. Now make
    your way back to the beginning. After a while, you'll encounter the first ape
    enemies you'll have to fight. Don't want to fight them? Well, lucky for you,
    Spyro falls asleep again. Weee.
    =====Go to Earth Temple now=====
    After you're back from the Earth Temple, you're greeted by Sparx. Head up the
    steps after killing some enemies. An ape will jump down at you, but no big
    deal. When you reach the block in the road, use fire to get rid of it. Now,
    in the cave you have to worry about both the bugs and the bats. They will hit
    you onto the spikes. Now, the apes here are really annoying. They will shoot
    puke balls at you. Jump over the gap, and break the wall with a few blasts. 
    Inside you will see a [Dragon Relic]. It gives you the midair charge attack.
    Head back, and jump down the hole, and fight your way to the left. You can
    see a Dragon Relic up there, but you can't get it now. You have to return 
    later after gaining the Wall Climb ability. So head right. After some fighting
    you get to a new area.
    In this area, head down and fight. This is a really small area, so get to the
    end after only a few enemies.
    Come back here after getting the Wall Climb ability. Head to the cave area, 
    and go down and to the left. Use Wall Climb to reach the [Dragon Relic]. It's
    an energy upgrade.
    --->Earth Temple<--- [EATE]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Health Upgrade
    -Energy Upgrade
    -Additional Melee Combo Attack
    Head left from the start, fighting till the end. There's no point in going to
    the right at first, since there is an Earth Gate blocking the way. Drop down
    to the next level, and clear it. You will find an Ice Gate, which will be 
    opened later. Drop down to the third level. Go left to obtain the Earth breath
    ability. On the right is another Ice Gate. Head all the way back up to the top
    floor, and use Earth to open the gate.
    After opening the gate, fight onward to the right. When you reach the dead end
    all you need to do is drop down. Move left, and drop down again. Keep dropping
    down and fighting, until you reach the bottom and go into a new area.
    In the new area, you can jump up to the left and fight a golem if you want, or
    just head right. Jump up, and explore this new level. After you do some fight-
    ing, head up to the next floor. On the right is a crystal and a golem, so go
    right instead. All the way on the right is a [Dragon Relic], giving you a
    health upgrade. Head back and drop down through the floor on the second one.
    You need to go right. Go up the stairs to reach another [Dragon Relic]. You
    get an energy upgrade. Now back up a bit, and jump up through the platforms,
    and go through the wall.
    After you get Ice breath, return here and go past the Ice gate.
    --->Boss: Earth Avatar<--- [EAAV]
    This is a much tougher fight than the Fire Avatar. This guy has two big melee
    attacks, that do quite a bit of damage. He is slow, and will continously walk
    toward you so he can corner and pummel you. Use your fire attacks and short
    combos to attack. He can break stun, so don't think you can keep comboing him.
    A very useful combo to use would be attack twice, then jump while pressing
    the opposite direction of the attack. This makes you somersault backwards,
    getting out of his attack range and hurting him at the same time. When he is
    low, start to just spam the fire attack to finish him.
    After you beat him, the next door unlocks.
    =====Return to Ancient Grove=====
    Note: Return to Fire Temple to open the Earth gates.
    --->Deep Grove<--- [DEGR]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Increased Melee Damage
    -Additional Melee Combo Attack
    -Slide Attack
    -Raging Fury
    -Health Upgrade
    In this starting area, you may find it easier to kill enemies simply by 
    hitting them into the water. Head up the steps near the beginning. Here you
    will find the first pirates that you fight in the game. Be careful not to hit
    the first one too far, or the one on the ledge will start shooting canonballs
    at you. After them, you find a [Dragon Relic]. You can now do more damage! 
    Very helpful. Now jump back down and across the waterfall. Go up the mushroom
    platforms, and reach the wall. You can do a double wall jump here to get up
    without wall climb. There is an unopenable wall at the end, so head back down.
    Fight your way to the right, and kill the huge ape along the way. Go up the
    mushrooms, and then kill the ape. Drop through the platform he was on to get
    to a ledge. Nothing useful here, but you might want to use the crystals to get
    some health back. Now head through to the next area. This is a really short
    part, so kill the few enemies and continue.
    This part is so darn annoying. The thing in the middle will constantly spawn
    those evil little bugs, so ignore them and just use a few bursts of flame to
    kill it. Then wipe out the bugs and grab the [Dragon Relic]. 
    In the next area, you can get onto the mushrooms if you time the double jump
    just right. There isn't a need to do so, so don't worry. Just head right.
    Jump up and into the cave area. Jump up into the room above as you enter, to
    get another [Dragon Relic]. This one teaches you Slide attack. Now go forward.
    This part can be hard. Do not fall into the water, it costs a big chunk of 
    your life. Instead, hit the enemies into the water for easy kills. Head up. To
    get past the wall, just wall jump and then double jump.
    Go back to the section in the beginning with the climbable wall once you have
    wall climb. Get to the end, and use Lightning breath on the thing to open the
    gate at the top. You can now get the [Dragon Relic], Dragon Fury. Now head to
    the cave area, with the water floor. Use your Ice Breath to create platforms
    and use them to reach a [Dragon Relic], health upgrade.
    --->Boss: Naga<--- [NABO]
    This boss is really annoying. You have two options here. You can do quick 
    attacks after he does his, or you can try to break his shield so you don't 
    have to deal with it. He will take huge swings, that do a lot of damage so 
    avoid those. However, if they connect with the ground they send rocks flying
    down. After he does that, move in and attack. He will put the shield out front
    and you can whack at it. Earth Breath is the most useful here, as it will
    stun him temporarily. Just stick to hit and run, until his shield is gone, and
    then you can just keep hitting him with breath attacks for the finish.
    --->Fellmuth Arena<--- [FELA]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Additional Air Combo Attack
    -Energy Upgrade
    -Dragon Fury
    -Increased Defense vs Spikes
    -Health Upgrade
    -Health Upgrade
    The first thing you notice after going forward a bit is that there is a wall
    you can climb. Sadly, you don't have the wall climb ability yet, so just 
    remember this. Go forward, and kill stuff. Destroy the green door when you get
    there. Ignore the wall climb section yet again, all it will bring you is pain.
    Destroy the next door. Here, destroy the last door and kill the enemies. Grab
    the [Dragon Relic]. Now, head up the cages to reach the next area.
    This area is short, and there are a few annoying enemies. Take care of them
    and move into the next area. Pass through the door. After you kill of the
    guys in the arena, you are rewarded with a [Dragon Relic].
    ====Go to Ice Temple now====
    After you get back, you have to face the Maleforian Snail Rider. Just melee
    the snail to death, and then focus on the rider. You get a [Dragon Relic] now,
    the Dragon Fury.
    ====Go to Boss: Advisor=====
    After that, head right. Jump up to the left platform after the ape and use the
    bed to regenerate your health and energy completely, by bouncing. Jump up to 
    the next platform and kill the ape before going right and destroying the door.
    Keep going right and go up the stairs at the end. Head to the very right, and
    pick up a [Dragon Relic]. This one is the Hover ability. Head back down and go
    to the right. Break the door.
    You are in a new area now. Head to the right, but don't touch the spikes. Head
    to the right, and go up. Jump over the spikes and glide to reach a [Dragon
    Relic]. This one is the resistance to spikes and lava pools. Very useful. Now
    head down and to the right. 
    After you've gotten wall climb, return here. At the very beginning, there is
    a section you can climb to reach the [Dragon Relic], health upgrade. Now 
    proceed until you reach the outside area. The area with the clouds going by.
    Find the mast in the middle, that's climbable. Climb it and head to the right.
    There is a [Dragon Relic] on one of the platforms, health upgrade.
    --->Ice Temple<--- [ICTE]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Increased Defense vs Physical Attacks
    -Piercing Claws
    -Energy Upgrade
    This is by far the most awesome temple, in my opinion. Start by heading to the
    left. Jump up to the platform, and follow those. You will see an elemental 
    gate. Remember this. Now jump down and start killing. The floor will probably
    give you some trouble, so constantly jump. Go left, and jump down. Be careful
    not to fall down the hole. Head right. When you reach the end of the tunnel,
    you gain the ability to breath ice.
    Now head back to the beginning and head right. Go down twice. To the left are
    some enemies and a crystal. To the right, are a bunch of gaps and a [Dragon
    Relic]. This one is really useful, at this stage of the game. Head up one 
    level and then go to the right. this part is really hard. You need to make
    a platform with ice breath, and then another before falling of so you can get
    to the other side. Once on the other side, use your Ice breath to open the
    Now you are in a new area. Start by going across. Try not to fall of these
    platforms. You will have to go all the way to the left and back up. You can
    knock people of by shooting fireballs. When you get across, you will have to
    use more ice to freeze platforms. Watch out for the wisps here. Two platforms
    should be enough to get you across. Drop down when you get across. Head left.
    You get probably the most useful [Dragon Relic] for this area right here. Now
    you don't slide around. Now head back and go down the right side.
    After you have Electric breath, come back here and use it to get past the
    gate. Remember, the gate is towards the left. You get another [Dragon Relic],
    an energy upgrade.
    --->Boss: Ice Avatar<--- [ICAV]
    You may be thinking: Those arms look like cannons. Well, you're right. He will
    shoot a lot of stuff at you. Do not get cornered in this fight. Stay near him,
    and use all your fire breath on him. If he still isn't dead, then just melee
    him. You cannot avoid taking damage, so there's no point in trying. Just stay
    up close and personal until he dies. If you upgraded your fire breath, this
    shouldn't be a problem. If not, you can still take out a good half of his
    health with fire. Grab the EXP when you're done, and keep going.
    ====Return to Temple of the Dragon Soul==== 
    Note: Return to Earth Temple to get behind the Ice gates. Also, visit the
    Hall of Fang and claw to see if you can get the last relic there. Then return
    to Fellmuth Arena.
    --->Boss: Advisor<--- [ADOR]
    Note: This is after the Ice Temple area.
    Don't use fire here, he moves too erratically. Just stick to shooting him with
    Ice breath, so you can slow him down for a second. Then move in and melee. He
    will hit you quite a lot if you aren't careful. After you melee him and he 
    gets away, be prepared to dodge his incoming ninja stars. Don't get too close
    unless you've hit him from range with a breath, because he will leave a dummy
    that explodes. He will also jump behind you to melee, so when you see him do
    that you want to start rolling in the other direction for a quick escape. If
    you have trouble avoiding hits, fear not. Every time he hits you, he will 
    start to laugh. This is the perfect opportunity to hit.
    --->Boss: Skabb<--- [SKBB]
    A very easy boss fight. He will either shoot at you, or send a bomb down. When
    you see the arrow above your head, he is about to send down a bomb. Melee this
    bomb and it will hit Skabb, giving you the chance to melee. He blocks attacks
    otherwise. He has a lightning charged slash, but that happens if he blocks too
    many of your hits. A very easy way to end this quickly is to hit a bomb into
    him, and then just breath a stream of fire.
    --->Lightning Temple<--- [LITE]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Increased Melee Damage
    -Energy Upgrade
    -Energy Upgrade
    Start by dropping down through the floor to the right and then heading right.
    The armored apes here will be slightly more annoying, but earth breath solves
    that. It simply launches them into the air. Now head right. Perhaps the 
    quickest element to recieve.
    Now head back up and go left. Drop down at the very end. You will pretty much
    land on top of the [Dragon Relic], which is a melee damage increase. Now get
    back up to where you were, and then go up to the very top level. Then head 
    right. Get past all the enemies, and you should see a lightning gate. Go 
    through it. Get to the end and drop throught the floor. Now head right, and
    you should see the [Dragon Relic] to the right, on a platform. Now head back,
    and take the path up to the next area.
    In this new area, just head right. Go towards the bottom right, and you should
    find the [Dragon Relic], an energy upgrade. The boss fight area is around the
    middle of the paths you can take, so keep to the center path as you go right.
    --->Boss: Lightning Avatar<--- [LIAV]
    This boss is a great, big,... crystal. It starts out yellow, which means that
    if you touch it, you get shocked! So just avoid it. After a while, it will
    turn purple. Now you can attack it. However, those eletric sprites will start
    to appear. Make sure to kill as many as you can, or else you will lose a TON
    of health. The best approach is to hit him with earth breat as soon as he
    turns purple, and maybe a combo or two. Then, just focus on killing the 
    sprites that appear. When he gets below or around 1/4th of his health, don't
    worry about the sprites and just spam the earth breath on him.
    ====Head back to Ice Temple to get past the elemental gate====
    --->Celestial Temple<--- [CETE]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Health Upgrade
    -Increased Defense vs Non-Physical Attacks
    Head down the stairs after killing the ape, and then kill the snail. There's
    only some enemies up top, so just go right. Beware of the spikes. It is rather
    entertaining to hit the enemies into it, though. In this next big room, head
    to the top left. Use your Earth breath to open up the gate. Now you get a
    [Dragon Relic], Health Increase. Now drop down to the lowest ledge near the
    water. Use Ice breath to create platforms. Then use Lightning breath to open
    the gate and get [Dragon Relic], Increased defense. Now, to get back safely,
    you need to hover and then aim down and create a platform to land on. Then 
    just make more and get back. Now head up and go right. For the armadillo, just
    make him roll of the edge by hovering over it. Go to the right and end up in
    a new area.
    Some enemies here, just a straightaway section. If you are in need of health
    at this point, just go ahead and use Dragon Fury to easily get past them. In 
    this new area, drop down. The head back up the right. Jump down the hole and
    go right. Kill the enemies and go up the stairs. Now jump to the top right
    after killing the two magic apes. Use Ice breath to make platforms. Now you
    get the [Dragon Relic] wall climb. Now head back and go right.
    --->Boss: Advisor<--- [ADO2]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Energy Upgrade
    The Advisor wants a rematch. This one is more difficult than the last. He will
    now use his sword, which means his attack range is slightly larger. He uses
    longer comboes, but the same basic techniques are still there. Use your breath
    attacks to hit him, and then start combos. Lightning is good, as you can send
    him into the air with it.
    Remember, he will laugh after hitting you sometimes, so you have a chance 
    there to attack. If you start to lose too much health, use Dragon Fury. If you
    run out of energy, resort to charging around the floor from side to side, 
    which will allow you to get some cheap hits in. After you beat him, you get a
    [Dragon Relic], energy upgrade.
    ====Return to Ancient Grove to use Wall Climb====
    ====Return to Deep Grove to use Wall Climb and Breaths====
    ====Return to Fellmuth Arena to use Wall Climb====
    --->Temple Sanctum<--- [TESA]
    Dragon Relics:
    -Health Upgrade
    -Energy Upgrade
    Start by killing the enemies, and then head to the right, and up the stairs.
    This should lead you the the [Dragon Relic], health upgrade. Now head back
    and go down the stairs. If the armadillo is still after you, lure it into the
    water. Just head to the right, careful not to fall in the water.
    In the second area now, kill the apes and move down. Drop down the very first
    hole and head left. Use Earth Breath twice and get to the last [Dragon Relic],
    energy upgrade. Now head back up, and go right. Just beat enemies into the
    water, and they should die instantly. Then you meet the Mysterious Figure that
    has been haunting you.
    ---> Well of Night<--- [WEON]
    This isn't really a level. Just walk forward two feet... and bam. Advisor 
    appears again for a fight.
    --->Boss: Advisor<--- [ADO3]
    Once again, you must fight this guy. He's pretty much the same as before, but
    now his combos are way longer. You can use the same strategy as the previous
    times, which was to use lightning and earth breaths to vault him in the air
    for easy air combos, or you can camp out on the left ledge and wait for him
    to come to you, allowing you to easily combo him. If you're playing on hard 
    mode, then being up there won't be an option. He will teleport there in all
    difficulties, but moreso here.
    After the fight, you get sent back to the World Map, so you can finish up 
    any task you have left, before facing Gaul.
    --->Boss: Gaul<--- [BOGA]
    The final fight! Before you go in, however, make sure to break the crystal by
    the gate repeatedly by entering and exiting to the map so that you have full
    dragon fury, in case you have need of some health regen in the fight.
    What to do for the first round here, is just to melee and then use the jump
    to go back before he counters. After he counters, spray him with some fire.
    He hits hard, so just try and evade him. It might take a while to get the hang
    of what to do, so Dragon Fury will come in handy. He will regenerate his 
    health a few times, so just keep at it and you will beat him. After you do...
    a cutscene plays.
    It is impossible to lose this round. You're health regenerates like mad, and
    all of your attacks do good damage. You also have a new breath attack. After
    you beat him, there is a tiny battle.
    You now have to kill a bunch of apes. I've heard it's possible to die here,
    but I really can't see how. Just swipe at them and they should die in single
    hits. Kill enough, and a cutscene starts.
    Congratulations, you beat the game!
    I. Secrets [SECR]
    There are a few secrets in this game, and sadly, at this time I do not know
    all of them. However, there are some interesting things here:
    1) Hard Mode & Dark Spyro Mode: Beat the game on easy or normal to unlock hard
       mode, and then beat hard mode to unlock Dark Spyro mode, where you play as
       the Spyro during the last portion of the Gaul fight.
    2) 'Revisiting Secret': Apparently, it has been stated on a forum by one of 
       the developers that there is a 1 in 5 chance of something special to be
       found by revisiting a certain level. This has yet to be found. If you know
       it, contact me. I will credit you.
    3) The Mysterious Door: After getting all three Dragon Relics, there is still
       another door to be opened in the Hall of Fang and Claw... some rumors state
       that you can open it by reaching the 50 combo high score. This has yet to
       be confirmed...
    J. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]
    Here are some questions that have been made up, by me. Send in questions, and
    I will include.
    Q: How do I unlock Hard mode?
    A: Beat it on Easy or Normal.
    Q: Who is this mysterious figure?
    A: That is the Chronicler.
    Q: How do I open these wierd gates all over the place?
    A: Use the correct breath type on them, and they will open.
    Q: What is this wierd thing with a skull shape on it in Deep Grove?
    A: It is a switch that opens a gate further up. Use Lightning breath on it.
    Q: I missed a Dragon Relic in the Temple! How do I get it back?
    A: You will be able to return to it later, as it will become a map option.
    Q: What are the gems for?
    A: The gems have different functions based on color.
       Red: Health
       Green: Energy
       Blue: Experience
       Purple: Rage
    K. Conclusion/Thanks [COTH]
    So you've reached the end of my FAQ/Walkthrough. I hope you liked it. This is
    a wonderful game, don't you think? Well, these are the people who helped me
    and they deserve some recognition.
    Me: I wrote it.
    My Parents: For getting me this game.
    Amaze Entertainment: For making a super GBA game.
    Insomniac: For creating the character all those years ago.
    Gamefaqs: For hosting this.
    You: For reading this.

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