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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KurasuSoratobu

    Version: 3.2 | Updated: 02/14/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Kurasu Soratobu (kurasufaqs@gmail.com)
    Present Version: 3.2
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    Why the Walkthrough/FAQ?
    A) FAQ
      A1 ............. Traveler's Gates
      A2 ............. Monsters and Capturing
      A3 ............. Breeding
      A4 ............. Link Breeding and Other Masters
      A5 ............. Personality
      A6 ............. Medal Man
      A7 ............. Foreign Masters
      A8 ............. Special Rooms
      B1 ............. Beginning: Home
      B2 ............. Starting Out
      B3 ............. The First Gate (Beginning)
      B4 ............. Back From The Gate
      B5 ............. G-Class
      B6 ............. The Bazaar
      B7 ............. Villager
      B8 ............. Talisman
      B9 ............. Bazaar Gate
      B10 ............ F-Class
      B11 ............ Queen And More
      B12 ............ Starry Shrine
      B13 ............ Memories
      B14 ............ Bewilder
      B15 ............ E-Class  
      B16 ............ Master Breeding
      B17 ............ Peace
      B18 ............ Bravery
      B19 ............ Well
      B20 ............ Medal Man
      B21 ............ D-Class
      B22 ............ Anger
      B23 ............ Ch-ch-changes
      B24 ............ Strength
      B25 ............ Monster Farm
      B26 ............ Colosseum: Left Statue
      B27 ............ C-Class
      B28 ............ Joy
      B29 ............ Wisdom
      B30 ............ B-Class
      B31 ............ Happiness
      B32 ............ Temptation
      B33 ............ A-Class
      B34 ............ Labyrinth
      B35 ............ Judgment
      B36 ............ S-Class
      B37 ............ Before The Final
      B38 ............ Reflection
      B39 ............ The Final Night
      B40 ............ 100 Pals Room
      B41 ............ Starry Night Tournament
      B42 ............ You Won!
      B43 ............ The Quest Continues
      B44 ............ Back To The City
      B45 ............ Control
      B46 ............ Ambition
      B47 ............ Demolition
      B48 ............ Extinction
      B49 ............ Sleep
      B50 ............ Mastermind
      B51 ............ Colosseum: Right Statue
      B52 ............ Bazaar Gate #2
      B53 ............ Old Man's Gate
      B54 ............ The Master Battle
      C1 ............. The Library
      C2 ............. The Greatest Monsters
      C3 ............. Monsters That Can't Be Caught
      C4 ............. Breeding Recipes
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    Any corrections, additions, suggestions, and whatever can be sent to
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    depending on which IM service you use I am AIM: KurasuSoratobu, MSN:
    Kurasu@hotmail.com, Yahoo: kurasu, and @KurasuSoratobu on Twitter. I can't
    promise I'll be uber-chatty, though I'm always willing to answer questions!
    The game known as Dragon Warrior, or Dragon Quest in Japan, was one of the
    first RPGs ever made for a console system. Enix was being daring when they
    gave it a try, and in that one single experiment, they created a gaming
    sensation and genre that has never been surpassed in the number of rabid fans.
    At least as far as I know. They have created a great many games with the RPG
    style to them, playing a huge variety of Dragon Warrior 'worlds'. And each of
    these worlds has been populated by a great many deadly and colorful monsters.
    Now, you can own those monsters yourself.
    What Dragon Warrior Monsters is, is a monster-capturing and -raising game.
    Many people might think 'Poke'mon' when they hear this. However, Dragon
    Warrior Monsters resembles this famous game only in its most basic level: you
    capture monsters and fight with them. It's far, far more detailed than
    Poke'mon, however. For one thing, you don't need two separate games to get all
    the available monsters; every one of them can be either captured or
    combined-for in one cart. Your monsters aren't just captured and leveled up,
    but rather combined with each other to make different and stronger monsters.
    Skills can combine as well, or can be crossed into certain creatures that may
    not have had them before. Battles with other trainers can sometimes net you
    their monsters if you're lucky. In addition, there is a storyline to be found
    in the game as well as the basic tournament-battling and monster-capturing.
    This walkthrough and FAQ will serve to bring you through that storyline, as
    well as giving you a good idea of how to go along the road of becoming a
    tournament master.
    Because this game (and its sequel: Dragon Warrior Monsters 2) is probably one
    of the most addictive games I have ever managed to get my hands on. I've
    played it for months on end and not gotten tired of it, trying my best to plow
    through every single dungeon and prove to myself that I'm the best of the best
    at fighting and combining monsters. Certainly there's the challenge of beating
    the competition in the tournament, but it's all too easy to get obsessed with
    making good monsters and end up getting caught up in that, as well. 
    Plain and simple: this is an awesome, awesome game, and it deserves to have a
    proper walkthrough to be able to direct people on how to get through the
    dungeons, how to find the secret dungeons, and what sort of levels you'll need
    to beat the tournament fighters. And that's what I'm here for!
    + FAQ +
    Throughout the game, you will find spinning circle/spirals in various places,
    though most notably the Room Of Travelers' Gates. As the name of this room
    would suggest, these are known as Travelers' Gates. They are portals into
    another world, where monsters reside. Although to you, the player, they can be
    considered as a cross between a dungeon and a maze.
    There are many different backgrounds of Travelers' Gates, anywhere from
    forest, to mountain, to desert, to an ice level. However, though all the
    backgrounds are different and varied, the situation is the same: the
    Travelers' Gate is generally a winding maze that you must navigate in order to
    find your way to the next level. Each level has a hole in it, which can appear
    nearly anywhere in the tunnels. The only place it will not appear is where it
    completely blocks the path; you'll never find one in a one-square path. This
    hole is where you must go in order to drop down to the next level of the
    Travelers' Gate. 
    The one thing that makes the different Gate levels different, aside from
    looks, are the types of 'hazardous ground' that show up. Swamps, which are
    purple patches on the ground, will sap two points of damage from your monsters
    whenever they step on one. The red magma squares are even more dangerous,
    smacking you for five points each step. And finally, there's the striped
    'barrier' grounds which will strip away a whopping ten points each step. These
    can bring you down below 0 HP and kill your monster, so beware! Either avoid
    them, keep well-healed, or have a monster with the 'StepGuard' skill to get by
    them. This skill is found naturally in DarkCrab, Droll, GiantWorm, Mimic,
    StubSuck, and WingTree. And while I don't find it as irreplaceable as some
    skills, it does make a *huge* difference in the lava-filled areas or, god
    forbid, when the hole is blocked behind 8 squares of striped barrier.
    Each level of the Travelers' Gate, other than the very bottom where the boss
    can be found, is utterly random. Everything can change about them, from look
    to length to direction of the hole. To this end, there's really not much point
    in mapping them out: even though there are several 'map patterns' that you
    will come across and recognize, the hole is always in a different place on
    them, so drawing out a map for you wouldn't be much help. Instead, get hold of
    an item called the Beast Tail; this item will point you in the direction of
    the hole leading out. MapHerbs will also be extremely valuable, as will the
    MapMagic skill to be able to illuminate the entire map and thus find the hole
    easily. Look for MapMagic in the following creatures: BeanMan, EvilWand,
    Eyeder, MadMirror.
    Within the Travelers' Gate, there are monsters of all sorts. Each of the Gates
    below has the monsters listed for you, so you know what you're dealing with.
    If you are killed by monsters while in the gate, you lose most of your items
    (except for WarpStaffs, ShinyHarps, TinyMedals, and BeastTails) and half of
    your gold. To that end, you probably want to keep most of your important items
    and a lot of your gold cached away, rather than carrying them with you.
    Especially if you're dealing with a new Gate, where you're not positive if
    you're strong enough to take it on yet. There may well be times that death
    comes suddenly because of spells or abilities; don't take chances!
    A fight consists of one to three separate enemy monsters, the type decided on
    where you happen to be in the dungeon. Once you have entered in the fight,
    your battle commands will come up. They are: Fight, Item, Plan, Run. Clicking
    on 'Fight' simply lets your monster attack, using the 'plan' that it is
    currently set in. 'Plan' opens up another menu: Charge, Mixed, Cautious, and
    Command. Each of these invites your monster to act in a different way. With
    'Charge', your monster will tend to attack with the most direct and powerful
    combat abilities it has. 'Mixed' makes the creature more likely to use support
    abilities, such as shields, stat enhancement, summons, and the like. In
    addition, it is more likely to use status attacks on the enemy, rather than
    directly damaging attacks. 'Cautious' will have your monster doing healing,
    reviving, removing status ailments, or defending. 'Command' means that you are
    giving your monster direct commands only. Of these, three of the four will
    have some bearing on what sort of monster they are. More information can be
    found in 'Personality'. The command 'Item' opens up your item list and lets
    you use an item, either on your monsters or on the enemy. And finally 'Run',
    which gives you a chance to flee from the enemy. 
    To capture a monster from the enemy party, simply defeat the one that you want
    to capture last. There is generally a very slim chance that it will join your
    party, though with some, the chance is either none or near to it. If you want
    a much better chance (or a chance at all), click on 'Item', go to one of the
    meat treats, and give one to the enemy. The meat treats consist, from best to
    worst, of Sirloin, Rib, PorkChop, BeefJerky, and BadMeat. BadMeat will also
    poison the enemy when used on them, so while it doesn't do a lot for
    convincing the enemy to join, there's a bit of bonus there. Also, keep in mind
    that some monsters are more difficult to capture than others. For some,
    BeefJerky might be enough, while others might need a Sirloin or two. In
    addition, once you have gotten a monster of that type, getting additional ones
    can be much more difficult, requiring a number of Ribs or Sirloins.
    The exception to this rule are the boss monsters of the dungeons. Here, there
    are three different types of creature. There are those which join
    automatically, those who won't join at all, and those who will join you if you
    feed them enough meat, the same as any other monster. 'Enough meat' involves a
    number of Sirloin and Ribs, so don't be cheap; some of these monsters are
    extremely difficult to get if you don't capture them here! You may even wish
    to avoid clearing the gates until you have completed the game, or at least
    gained the ability to purchase Sirloins at the bazaar. The various boss
    monsters and whether they'll join or not are noted in the individual listings
    of their Travelers' Gates.
    A big part of the game is combining monsters together. Without doing this,
    you're not going to be able to beat the tournament! Your monsters simply won't
    be powerful enough! Besides, after some time, they'll eventually 'top out' in
    levels, meaning that they can't get any better. Thus, the best thing that you
    can do is to combine them and get a new, better monster out of the deal.
    Besides, there are several monsters that you can only get through
    combinations; there's no place that you can capture them (aside from some that
    are carried by foreign masters). 
    The act of combining a monster means that you take one monster and combine it
    with a second of the opposite sex. A fairly simple process. The baby will come
    out with stats that are one-half the average of the two parents' skills,
    rounded up. For instance, if one parent has a strength of 500, and the other
    has a strength of 300, 500+300=800, averaged to 400, divided by 2 to make 200.
    The baby will start out with a strength of 200. From there, the monster's stat
    gains will take care of the rest. Look to AJackon's file for more information
    on this; the address is in 'Special Thanks'.
    When monsters are combined, there are certain skills that can be passed over
    from the breeding to the monster. How it works is like this: the baby monster
    will automatically get the three skills that its type of monster gets. It will
    also get the three skills that either of its parents would naturally get. In
    addition, it will get any skills the parents had which may or may not be
    naturally theirs. However, these skills must actually be *obtained* by the
    parent if they're not a natural skill.
    Here is an example: You have a Slime and a Dracky. You want to combine them to
    make a WingSlime. A Slime has the natural skills Fireball, Radiant, and
    MegaMagic. The Dracky has the natural skills of Sleep, Antidote, and RobMagic.
    This means that the WingSlime will have the chance of getting its own three
    natural skills (SquallHit, WindBeast, and Tailwind) as well as those of its
    parents. Even if the parents didn't get those skills through their lifetime,
    they'll pass it on to the baby. Now, let's say we wanted to take that
    WingSlime and cross it with a DragonKid. However, the WingSlime never got high
    enough stats to get MegaMagic, even though it got the other skills from the
    two parents. The baby would have the possibility of the WingSlime's natural
    skills, the DragonKid's natural skills, and the skills that the WingSlime and
    DragonKid had, themselves, earned. However, MegaMagic will not pass on,
    because the generation got too far-removed from it without the skill showing
    In addition, crossing monsters will earn plusses to it. These plusses are very
    important to the monster. For one thing, they will add increases to the
    maximum level: 2x the number of plusses in levels will be added to the 'max'.
    For example, a DragonKid who usually reaches a maximum of level 25 has a +5.
    It will go to a level of 35 before it tops out (5x2=+10 levels). For a second
    thing, those plusses will add to the monster's gains in ATK and HP (if fairly
    small numbers; still, every little bit helps). And finally, those plusses give
    you more of a chance to inherit the parents' natural resistances. There are
    two ways to earn plusses. First off, through the plusses of the two parents.
    The baby will inherit the plusses of the *highest* of the two monsters. It
    doesn't matter which order you breed them in, the highest of the pair will
    carry over, other than in the case of link-breeding (for that, see below). Add
    to this the plusses gained by the monsters' level. 
    Total levels of the parents: 10-39: +1, 40-59: +2, 60-75: +3, 76-99: +4,
    100+: +5 
    This will be the total number of plusses that your new baby monster will have.
    In addition, some specific breedings will give a bonus of +2 to the
    combination. In my experience, the ones most likely to give a +2 are breedings
    where family is crossed with a certain, specific monster to create a creature.
    Possibly, the +2 is given with the combinations that the library reveals as
    the 'true' breeding for the monster. For example, while there are several ways
    to get an Andreal, combining a Dragon Family with a Gulpple will result in the
    bonus +2.
    As many people have done far better breeding charts than I could ever do, I'll
    defer to those. See the listing in 'Special Thanks' for the best of the bunch:
    Alex Jackson's. All the information you could want to know about what combines
    into what is there. The only combinations that I'll be bringing up are
    specific ones for various reasons. The only thing I will add to these are the
    definitions of terms I use below: 'High-end', 'Low-end', and 'Mid-level'
    monsters. These are definitions used to describe how difficult or how many
    steps a breeding generally takes, as well as how powerful a monster is. For
    monsters that are easily-found and caught, or bred with only the two basic
    families (aside from those that need ??? monsters), I use the term 'Low-end'.
    Generally, low-end monsters aren't all that powerful, though they may still
    have good skills, and any monster can be fairly intimidating if it's got a
    good bloodline. 'High-end' monsters are at the opposite end of the spectrum:
    these are monsters which require a lot of breeding, difficult monsters to
    breed, or are only found in very deep locations in the dungeons. Many high-end
    monsters need large amounts of XP for level-gains (up to 100 XP for level 2!),
    but most high-end monsters are also extremely worthwhile because of their
    power levels. Mid-level monsters, of course, are the creatures that are right
    in the middle of these, neither extremely easy to get, nor the very difficult
    level of high-end monsters.
    One of the easiest ways to do some of the more advanced breedings is to use a
    link cable, and breed with a friend. When you do this, rather than only
    gaining one monster from the breeding, each of the two breeders gets an egg
    out of it. The monster that you gain is usually the same thing as you would
    have gotten had you combined those two creatures on your system with your
    monster as the Pedigree. However, there are some exceptions. If the two
    creatures combined are the same family, for example, you'll generally get your
    own creature back, albeit with extra plusses and extra skills. This can be a
    good way to 'buck up' a pair of creatures, getting some extra skills on them
    and a couple extra plusses to go along with it. However, now and again, you'll
    find that trying to combine isn't working. This is because their personalities
    aren't compatible with one another. Notice that not all of them are compatible
    with their own selves, even, so don't make the mistake of thinking just
    because you have two of a kind, they can breed! Here is the list of which ones
    are compatible: 
    CAREFREE: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
              Gullible, Hotblood, Humane, Lazy, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel, Reckless,
              Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy,
              Whiz Kid
    CARELESS: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
              Gullible, Hotblood, Humane, Lazy, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel, Reckless,
              Shrewd, Sly, Uncertain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    COOL/CALM: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, Hotblood,
               Humane, Lone Wolf, Ordinary, Reckless, Shrewd, Spoiled, Whiz Kid
    COWARD: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, EZ Going, Gullible, Humane,
            Nosy, Rebel, Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy,
            Whiz Kid
    DAREDEVIL: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
               Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf, Rebel, Reckless,
               Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Spoiled, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy,
               Whiz Kid
    DARING: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible,
            Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel, Reckless,
            Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Spoiled, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy,
            Whiz Kid
    EZ GOING: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible,
              Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Nosy, Ordinary, Reckless, Shrewd, Sly,
              Smug, Snobby, Spoiled, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    GULLIBLE: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible,
              Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lazy, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel,
              Reckless, Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain,
    HASTY: Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood, Humane,
           Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary, Reckless, Shrewd, Sly, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    HOTBLOOD: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
              Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lazy, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary,
              Reckless, Shrewd, Stubborn, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    HUMANE: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
            Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lazy, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary,
            Rebel, Reckless, Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Spoiled, Stubborn,
            Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    LAZY: Carefree, Careless, Gullible, Humane
    LONE WOLF: Cool/Calm, Daredevil, Daring, Gullible, Hotblood, Humane, Reckless,
               Shrewd, Sly, Stubborn, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    NOSY: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood,
          Humane, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel, Reckless, Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby,
          Spoiled, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    ORDINARY: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible, Hasty,
              Hotblood, Humane, Nosy, Ordinary, Shrewd, Sly, Uncertain, Whiz Kid
    REBEL: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, Gullible, Humane, Nosy,
           Shrewd, Sly, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    RECKLESS: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
              Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Reckless,
              Shrewd, Sly, Stubborn, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    SHREWD: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
            Gullible, Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel,
            Reckless, Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Spoiled, Stubborn, Uncertain,
            Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    SLY: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible, Hasty,
         Humane, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel, Reckless, Shrewd, Smug, Snobby,
         Spoiled, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    SMUG: Carefree, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible, Humane, Nosy,
          Shrewd, Sly, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    SNOBBY: Carefree, Coward, Daredevil, EZ Going, Gullible, Humane, Nosy, Shrewd,
            Sly, Uncertain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    SPOILED: Cool/Calm, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Humane, Nosy, Shrewd, Sly,
             Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    STUBBORN: Carefree, Daredevil, Daring, Gullible, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf,
              Nosy, Reckless, Shrewd, Sly, Whiz Kid
    UNCERTAIN: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible,
               Humane, Nosy, Ordinary, Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Uncertain, Vain,
               Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    VAIN: Carefree, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible, Humane, Nosy,
          Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Uncertain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    WHIMSY: Carefree, Careless, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going, Gullible,
            Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Rebel, Reckless, Shrewd,
            Sly, Smug, Snobby, Spoiled, Uncertain, Vain, Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    WHIZ KID: Carefree, Careless, Cool/Calm, Coward, Daredevil, Daring, EZ Going,
              Hasty, Hotblood, Humane, Lone Wolf, Nosy, Ordinary, Rebel, Reckless,
              Shrewd, Sly, Smug, Snobby, Spoiled, Stubborn, Uncertain, Vain,
              Whimsy, Whiz Kid
    Remember: if a personality is not listed here, that means it is *not*
    compatible, and you'll need to change one or the other monsters. This only
    comes into effect with breeding over a link cable, though. If you are
    combining with your own monsters, you're safe.
    In addition to the monsters that you're combining yourself, or creatures you
    combine with friends over link, there are occasionally Masters in the arena
    who will offer to combine a monster with you! This acts like crossbreeding
    over a link cable: the monster you offer will be used as the pedigree while
    their monster will add to it. Whatever you do, don't progress in the game
    until you have bred with these monsters! It is possible that they will
    disappear if you go too far in the game. In the order that these will show up
    and with the special skills that they will supply to your monster (aside from
    the normal ones they have just for being that monster type):
    Directly after completing E-Class:
    1) Teto: Iceman (Sleep, Cover, RobMagic, TailWind)
    2) Armored man in cafe: Catfly (Upper, RobMagic, TwinHits)
    3) Mick: Lizardman (Heal, Vivify, StrongD)
    Directly after completing D-Class:
    1) Mick: DeadNite (DrakSlash, Smashlime, DevilCut)
    Directly after completing Gate Of Anger:
    1) May: Rayburn (Blaze, FireBal, Bang)
    2) Medal Man: FangSlime (BladeD, SuckAir, BiAttack)
    Directly after completing C-Class:
    1) Teto: Eyeder (SideStep, OddDance, LureDance)
    Directly after completing A-Class: 
    1) Teto: Yeti (StopSpell, DanceShut, MouthShut)
    Directly after completing S-Class:
    1) Medal Man: Metaly (Cover, LifeSong)
    After winning the Starry Night:
    1) Milayou: Skeletor (CleanCut, MultiCut, GigaSlash)
    One thing that you may notice while fighting your monsters is that they don't
    always do what you tell them to do. In some cases, they just stubbornly don't
    act the way that someone at that level is supposed to act. And in other, more
    extreme cases, they just don't want to act at all. So what's going on here?
    Well, the basics of it is that your monster is having a clash of personality.
    Depending on the actions you use in combat, monsters can be given specific
    'personality points'. Each of these leans toward changing their personality in
    a specific direction. As the monsters get higher in level, however, it becomes
    more and more difficult to raise these points, so you have to either be
    immensely patient, or do it when they're young:
    CHARGE: Raises Bravery lots, lowers Prudence a little
    MIXED: Raises Prudence lots, lowers Caring a little
    CAUTIOUS: Raises Caring lots, lowers Bravery a little
    RUN: Lowers Bravery lots
    These have to be specifically done. Simply using 'fight' will not change your
    monster's numbers in any way; if you want them to stay at a particular
    personality type, then use 'Fight' regularly and only switch between Plans
    from the menu (Option, then Ch Plan, then click the one you want to use). This
    will minimize the changes in their personality, aside from when you need to
    change it in battle (for an 'emergency' use).
    Each of the various personalities comes from having certain levels in these
    hidden stats. The list is below, C.O. Alan Jackson's walkthrough (with chart
    editing on my part because I'm terrible with abbreviations). 
    Type        | Bravery | Caring  | Prudence
    Hotblood    |  High   |  High   | High
    Daring      |  High   |  High   | Average
    Daredevil   |  High   |  High   | Low
    Lone Wolf   |  High   | Average | High
    Vain        |  High   | Average | Average
    Ez Going    |  High   | Average | Low
    Smug        |  High   |  Low    | High
    Snobby      |  High   |  Low    | Average
    Reckless    |  High   |  Low    | Low
    Cool/Calm   | Average |  High   | High
    Whimsy      | Average |  High   | Average
    Nosy        | Average |  High   | Low
    Whiz Kid    | Average | Average | High
    Ordinary    | Average | Average | Average
    Hasty       | Average | Average | Low                      
    Stubborn    | Average |  Low    | High
    Rebel       | Average |  Low    | Average
    Spoiled     | Average |  Low    | Low
    Humane      |   Low   |  High   | High
    Uncertain   |   Low   |  High   | Average
    Careless    |   Low   |  High   | Low
    Shrewd      |   Low   | Average | High
    Carefree    |   Low   | Average | Average
    Gullible    |   Low   | Average | Low
    Sly         |   Low   |  Low    | High
    Coward      |   Low   |  Low    | Average
    Lazy        |   Low   |  Low    | Low
    In effect, the higher a monster is in the 'necessary area', the better they
    will be when using that command. For example, a Lazy monster will likely do
    absolutely nothing unless it is very loyal to you, while a Hotblooded one will
    generally do everything extremely well, unless its loyalty is very, very low
    indeed. This means that while changing a personality, you may find that it's
    extremely difficult to do because the monster keeps refusing your orders.
    However, be patient! Even if the monster refuses to do the action, its
    personality will angle in the direction that you're pushing it, so if you keep
    trying, it will eventually start to have an effect.
    Busy busy busy! This man (who bears an odd and striking resemblance to the
    king... hmmm...) has a thing for TinyMedals. Occasionally, as you go through
    your adventures, you'll find these little tokens laying about on the ground,
    looking like gold coins. In addition, you can find some inside pots and
    dressers within GreatTree. Here's the locations of those tree-borne medals, in
    the approximate order in which you'll be able to get them:
    1) The fisherman's pot on the monster farm (after you complete Beginner)
    2) The first barrel in the third row in the monster arena
    3) The first pot in the Bazaar; shopkeeper's place
    4) Dresser in the little girl's house
    5) The chest of drawers in the Monster Stable
    6) The fisherman's pot on the monster farm (after the first tree-growth)
    7) Show the Queen a GoldGolem when she asks to see it.
    8) Show the Queen a Divinegon when she asks to see it.
    All the rest, you will need to find in your travels, either on the ground
    (like a coin), in a chest on the ground, or in a treasure room. You can also
    earn TinyMedals from the arena battles or from Foreign Masters.
    When you give enough medals to the Medal Man, he will give you eggs in return
    for them: 
    13 Medals: ZapBird
    18 Medals: Trumpeter
    25 Medals: Spikerous
    30 Medals: Metabble
    Don't be afraid to get this guy's presents, that's for certain! Just don't be
    too eager to leave those monsters as unhatched eggs. I suggest you hatch them
    and let them level on the farm later in the game. Aside from the ZapBird, they
    aren't all that great right out of the shell, and they'll give the same skills
    when you pass them on anyhow.
    In addition, getting enough medals will eventually give you access to another
    bonus; just bring him 13 medals, and his pet Metaly will give you something,
    himself. If you want to know more details on it, check below in the
    'Walkthrough' section. Otherwise, I'll let you find out what this treasure is.
    At times, in the various worlds, you'll often come across masters wandering
    about. Each of these masters has a specific prize they'll give you for winning
    a battle with them. However, if you lose, the same thing happens: they will
    take away several random items, a bunch of gold, and hand you a WarpWing. Good
    thing they give you a way to return to the castle, huh? Considering they leave
    you with only 1 monster (the first in your lineup) with 1 HP, it's probably a
    good idea to use said Wing right away, unless you have the chance of finding a
    healer on the next level and are right at the hole. In addition, each one has
    specific 'triggers' that will make them show up (except for the basic Armored
    Man master). Remember, though: these triggers do not mean the Master will show
    up. There's still a random chance of a Master showing up. These 'triggers'
    essentially just help control which one shows when that 'random chance'
    Armored Man: This is your basic master. He will appear whenever a 'master' has
    been triggered, but none of the special masters have been activated. When you
    defeat him, he will give you a WarpWing and a random object (which can include
    a TinyMedal!) before he vanishes. This one comes in both 'red armor' and 'gold
    armor' variety. If there's a difference between the two, aside from the fact
    that one's supposedly a girl and one's a guy, I'm not sure what it is yet.
    Bishop: Supposedly, to make this one appear, make certain you've picked up all
    the items on the previous level. However, I have had times when not all items
    were picked up, yet the Master appeared on the next level, so perhaps it's
    just an increase in the chance for it to appear. If you win, he will totally
    restore your monsters' HP and MP, as well as reviving any monsters who died in
    the battle.
    Shopkeeper: The opposite of the bishop, don't pick a single item up off a
    level. When you see this master, make certain to discard (or use) anything in
    your inventory that you don't really need. This is because when you defeat
    him, he will fill your inventory with meat of all kinds. The types he gives
    are random, though, so you may end up with some BadMeat cluttering you up, or
    you could have your slots filled with Ribs and Sirloin.
    Wizard: This master only shows up if you were last on a level with 16 screens
    or more. This master gives you a boost; when you win against him, he will send
    you either twenty floors down, or directly to the bottom of the dungeon,
    whichever comes first.
    Bard: The opposite of the wizard's appearance, the bard only shows up if
    you've just come off a level with only two rooms, a rare occurrence indeed!
    This green man holding a harp is probably the most valuable of all the masters
    that you can find. If you can defeat him, he will raise one random stat on
    each of the monsters with you by a whopping 20 points. Permanently. A good way
    to get those stats up! In addition, even if one of your monsters is
    unconscious when the bard gives his medicine, it will get the points from the
    From my own personal experience, this is the order the checklist generally
    goes in: dungeon size, items taken. In other words, if you were on a level of
    16+ rooms and you got every item, you have a better chance of meeting a wizard
    than a bishop. In addition, if there are no items on the previous level at all
    (for instance, it was a special level), then it seems to me you can't trigger
    the bishop or the shopkeeper. Both of those apparently need items to have
    actually been picked up (or passed by) to trigger.
    The monsters these masters have with them is dependent on your monsters' total
    levels. They have nothing to do with the monsters' stats. Therefore, be
    careful: if you have a bunch of first generation monsters who are at level 35,
    they might well have a very hard time on the masters' creatures. On the other
    hand, if you're walking around with a set of high-generation, first level
    monsters, you'll cream any masters that you come across. Use this to your
    Also, remember that the monsters these masters have can, with good meat offers
    (throw several Sirloin, though I've been able to get them with as little as
    one Rib or a bunch of PorkChops!), be coaxed away from them and into your
    party. This is a fantastic way to get monsters that you couldn't otherwise get
    in the wild, as well as some unique skills. The masters' monsters all have
    abilities that natural creatures of that type can't generally get, with the
    more common skills of that creature generally missing from the list. However,
    one level with you out on the field, and that monster's natural skills will
    suddenly appear (or, in breeding, they will cross over the same way as a
    'normal' monster). Some of these skills are hard to get and valuable ones, as
    well, such as Revive, GigaSlash, HealUsAll, and Surge! Because of these 'odd
    skills' and the monsters' levels, I highly suggest getting these monsters for
    use in combinations. Even if all you're making is something small or basic,
    those skills can be a fantastic help. These monsters and their skills are
    listed below (this chart C.O. Jimeous):
    Team Lv Monster   Lv HPs MPs ATK DEF AGL INT       Trainer Skills
    001-019 AgDevil    5  30  36  32  23  23  45 Berserker, Cover, StrongD
    020-039 AmberWeed 13  36  64  50  36  39  42 FireBal, DevilCut, BlazeAir
    120-139 Andreal   45 340 280 200 320 200 250 Revive, Surge, SuckAll
    020-039 ArcDemon  12  48  46  53  42  18  88 FireSlash, VacuSlash, IceSlash
    020-039 ArmyCrab  12  46  31  50  36  28  50 Curse, OddDance, ShelDodge
    120-139 Balzac    33 330 165 210 320 280 180 SleepAll, Paralyze, LureDance
    140+    Balzac    33 380 190 240 340 300 210 Thordain, HealUs, ThickFog
    100-119 BattleRex 39 187 122 286 187 200 141 WhiteAir, Curse, Hustle
    080-099 BigEye    33 155 134 162 122 137 100 HealUs, Farewell, HighJump
    040-059 Blizzardy 20  72  53  71  46  46  57 Infermore, TwinSlash, HighJump
    080-099 Blizzardy 33 182 103 121 116 152 107 Sandstorm, SickLick, StormWind
    100-119 BombCrag  39 210 157 138 239  18 132 VacuSlash, Surge, MouthShut
    100-119 BombCrag  40 260 174 156 233  20 134 Transform, PalsyAir, BigTrip
    140+    BombCrag  48 290 200 180 260  20 150 RainSlash, Imitate, BeDragon
    001-019 Cactiball  6  32  37  25  24  17  38 LureDance, LushLicks, BladeD
    080-099 Centasaur 33 200 126 225 270 320 220 Sacrifice, Vacuum, PoisonHit
    100-119 Centasaur 40 251 124 290 352 338 211 Vivify, FireSlash, Ahhh!
    140+    ChopClown 48 310 300 300 200 260 255 Sacrifice, Focus, Meditate
    060-079 Copycat   26  55  45  82  61  64  57 MagicWall, Imitate, ThickFog
    120-139 Copycat   38 210 210 120 167 138 200 Transform, Kamikaze, WhiteAir
    040-059 CurseLamp 20  60  70  62  50  42  59 Snowstorm, Sacrifice, DrakSlash
    060-079 DanceVegi 25  83  61  59 120 156  85 TwinHits, LureDance, MouthShut
    060-079 DarkCrab  25 130  64 136 111  54  70 StopSpell, RobDance, SickLick
    001-019 DarkEye    6  22  42  21  15  36  41 TwinHits, MagicBack, Sidestep
    040-059 DeadNite  20  80  65  72  67  52  77 Speedup, WarCry, DanceShut
    120-139 DeadNoble 46 340 240 340 280 280 215 HealAll, FireSlash, Dodge
    140+    DeadNoble 48 340 350 350 190 290 230 MegaMagic, Sidestep, StrongD
    120-139 Digster   46 267 115 197 257 110 185 Hustle, LifeDance, Branching
    040-059 Dragon    21 105  36  83  63  48  64 Heal, CallHelp, Cover
    020-039 Droll     12  39  50  40  28  31  55 Heal, ThickFog, Cover
    001-019 DuckKite   5  22  24  25  21  31  34 BeastCut, BirdBlow, Smashlime
    080-099 EvilArmor 34 185 102 229 420 135 148 SleepAll, Barrier, RainSlash
    040-059 EvilBeast 20  84  53 110  71  64 100 Bolt, Heal, BigTrip
    040-059 EvilWand  21  66  55  59  45  53  45 BlazeMore, Boom, ChargeUp
    060-079 FaceTree  26 125 119  67  74  51  86 MagicWall, Guardian, ShelDodge
    100-119 FangSlime 33 184  78 166 151 311 141 Increase, EerieLite, WarCry
    020-039 FireWeed  12  49  42  40  29  30  46 PaniDance, LushLicks, WarCry
    100-119 FunkyBird 39 178 197 151 227 143 198 Increase, HealUs, Lightning
    001-019 Gasgon     5  26   6  34  25  14  32 Heal, Dodge
    080-099 Gasgon    34 164  58  67 117  80  97 HealMore, YellHelp, SuckAll
    140+    GateGuard 48 340 300 330 210 150 210 WhiteAir, Imitate, Guardian
    020-039 GiantMoth 12  41  46  40  36  29  57 Heal, PoisonHit, OddDance
    080-099 Gigantes  33 210  20 226  84 128  18 Imitate, Guardian, Smashlime
    040-059 Gizmo     21  57  47  69  52  72  46 SleepAll, SlowAll, PoisonAir
    001-019 Goategon   6  26  10  32  22  26  25 TwinSlash, Ramming, Berserker
    060-079 Goategon  25 133 107 155  82  98 128 HealAll, Vivify, SquallHit
    120-139 GoatHorn  33 150 190 220 150 190 240 Defense, Curse, SickLick
    080-099 Golem     33 210  59 108 182  52 192 PaniDance, RobDance, Hustle
    120-139 GreatDrak 45 350 130 240 210 170 210 Infermost, ChargeUp, Smashlime
    140+    GreatDrak 50 370 150 250 220 190 230 TwinHits, MultiCut, SickLick
    060-079 Grendal   26  99  41 135 155 112 113 HealMore, PsycheUp, LifeSong
    020-039 Grizzly   13  57  43  62  23  48  25 Heal, Massacre, Radiant
    120-139 GulpBeast 38 340  90 300 185 150  90 Blizzard, HighJump, ZombieCut
    001-019 HammerMan  5  25  12  28  15  22  45 BoltSlash, VacuSlash, IceSlash
    140+    HornBeet  48 380 190 240 250 300 200 PoisonHit, Sandstorm, Meditate
    020-039 IceMan    12  38  41  47  43  21  51 Massacre, SquallHit, Branching
    060-079 IronTurt  26 140  60 130 100  61  91 Sacrifice, Barrier, Tatsucall
    060-079 JewelBag  25  68  76 123 126  40 130 HealUs, Sidestep, DiagoCall
    040-059 KingCobra 21 100  39  80  72 110  41 Beat, TwinHits, EerieLite
    100-119 KingSlime 38 250  94 218 181 206 200 Blizzard, EvilSlash, DrakSlash
    040-059 LandOwl   21  95  57 110  57  53  48 Infermore, Heal, Surge
    040-059 LavaMan   21  80  43  88  49  40  51 BlazeMore, FireSlash, MetalCut
    080-099 LavaMan   33 180  63 158 179  87 101 Curse, EerieLite, SamsiCall
    100-119 LavaMan   38 190 113 198 159 140 101 Thordain, TwinSlash, SquallHit
    060-079 Lionex    26 110  70 100 106 122 117 Firebane, SuckAir, Scorching
    040-059 Lipsy     20  52  43  46  46  36  57 HealUs, Farewell, Kamikaze
    001-019 LizardFly  6  36  16  28  16  10  30 FireAir, FrigidAir
    020-039 LizardMan 13  55  34  52  34  32  48 PanicAll, LureDance, LegSweep
    080-099 MadCat    34 166  64 159 124 163 107 HealMore, IceSlash, LureDance
    120-139 MadDragon 33 200  24 335 130 190  30 SuckAir, WhiteAir, MouthShut
    020-039 MadHornet 13  60  37  54  31  54  55 Curse, SandStorm, TailWind
    080-099 MadMirror 33 164  62  71  64 170 120 Boom, BirdBlow, RainSlash
    100-119 MadPecker 38 139  88 197 115 186 127 SleepAll, TwinHits, BeastCut
    040-059 MadSpirit 20  63  68  85  55  64  60 PanicAll, Defense, Bounce
    060-079 ManEater  27  88 114  93  45  42  57 Zap, RockThrow, LushLicks
    120-139 Metabble  38  23 490 190 670 511 255 Bounce, Ramming, YellHelp
    120-139 MetalDrak 43 310 105 240 220 250 130 Explodet, EvilSlash, IceSlash
    140+    MetalDrak 43 330 120 260 240 250 160 Chance, PaniDance, BigTrip
    140+    MetalKing 50  25 700 290 700 511 255 NapAttack, Guardian, LifeDance
    040-059 Metaly    20  10 200  45  44 250  66 Heal, Massacre, Guardian
    080-099 Metaly    30  15 300  65 400 350  86 Heal, Kamikaze, SuckAll
    001-019 MistyWing  6  35  34  16  24  32  30 Sleep, WarCry, Tailwind
    060-079 Ogre      27 134  72 120 107  52 115 TwinSlash, BeastCut, Vacuum
    020-039 Orc       13  51  29  36  25  44  57 Heal, Vivify, LureDance
    140+    Orochi    50 360 150 360 350 200 180 Defeat, LureDance, Hustle
    020-039 Phoenix   12  50  47  53  27  41  47 Heal, BlazeAir, TailWind
    040-059 Phoenix   20  81  46  77  51  66  40 Heal, MagicWall, VacuSlash
    060-079 Phoenix   26 110  65 125  70 100  75 CallHelp, PoisonAir, Hustle
    100-119 Phoenix   40 181 116 177 121 155  81 DevilCut, NapAttack, BazooCall
    060-079 Rayburn   26  93  55 104  62 136  65 Lightning, IceStorm, Paralyze
    001-019 Reaper     6  31  17  29  13  22  39 StopSpell, DanceShut, MouthShut
    120-139 Roboster  38 280 245 340 230 360 210 HealUs, MultiCut, StormWind
    140+    Roboster  38 300 260 350 240 380 250 HealMore, Focus, SquallHit
    040-059 RogueNite 21  75  61 103 120  40  61 TakeMagic, Curse, SickLick
    060-079 RotRaven  26  67  84 114  70 120 102 Beat, VacuSlash, BiAttack
    140+    Servant   50 240 340 210 320 290 250 WhiteFire, Curse, StormWind
    020-039 Shadow    13  59  40  54  50  26  46 Sleep, RobMagic, SpeedUp
    100-119 Skeletor  39 145 160 272 224 128 166 BirdBlow, Focus, ShelDodge
    080-099 Skullgon  33 164  63 132 174  85 169 Blazemost, TwinSlash, SquallHit
    100-119 SkyDragon 33 165 164 198 175 123 112 Sacrifice, Speedup, Revive
    020-039 Slimeborg 12  52  24  43  31  49  61 CleanCut, PyscheUp, WarCry
    001-019 SlimeNite  5  29  24  31  18  34  33 Upper, Speed, Heal
    001-019 Snapper    5  30  23  20  10  12  34 Beat, Slow, Sandstorm
    100-119 Snapper   40 186 161 234 124 127 118 SuckAir, WhiteFire, Branching
    140+    Snapper   50 250 210 250 160 160 200 HighJump, MultiCut, SickLick
    100-119 Spikerous 28 204  18 177 300  81 104 Bounce, PoisonHit, ThickFog
    001-019 SpotKing   6  32  20  25  20  32  43 BiAttack, CallHelp, RainSlash
    001-019 StagBug    5  27  12  26  28  15  28 VacuSlash, IceSlash, MetalCut
    080-099 StoneMan  34 220  96 147 220  71 125 Firebolt, HealUs, SuckAll
    100-119 StoneMan  40 222 126 199 257 107 184 StopSpell, BazooCall, Guardian
    140+    StoneMan  48 360 160 240 360 100 200 SuckAir, WhiteAir, EerieLite
    080-099 SuperTen  33 156  60  77  60 136  78 Firebolt, FireSlash, QuadHits
    060-079 Swordgon  25 126  95  95 128  46  67 Zap, Increase, HealMore
    001-019 TailEater  6  23  20  21  20  24  28 MagicBack, Heal
    001-019 TreeBoy    5  37  45  16  21  19  37 IceBolt, Heal, Vivify
    120-139 Trumpeter 45 190 150 330 210 190 130 Blazemost, BoltSlash, DevilCut
    140+    Trumpeter 48 220 170 250 220 210 150 Explodet, WarCry, DanceShut
    120-139 Unicorn   45 200 330 200 150 290 255 SquallHit, LureDance, Guardian
    080-099 Voodoll   33 154 148 168 164 120 133 Bounce, PoisonAir, WarCry
    120-139 WhipBird  45 480 200 150 250 240 230 Farewell, QuadHits, Sandstorm
    140+    WhipBird  50 500 200 180 260 250 255 EvilSlash, BazooCall, Hustle
    040-059 WildApe   20  65  46  78  38  51  47 ChargeUp, MetalCut, CleanCut
    020-039 WindMerge 12  44  45  38  40  40  51 Heal, Cover, Tailwind
    060-079 WingSnake 26 132  77 120  89  85  78 Defense, PaniDance, Branching
    020-039 Wyvern    12  46  32  52  28  48  84 BiAttack, SquallHit, WindBeast
    080-099 Yeti      34 198 110 170 170  80  94 Infermost, HighJump, Vacuum
    100-119 ZapBird   39 224  87 187 167 210 222 UltraDown, DanceShut, MouthShut
    120-139 ZapBird   45 260 120 210 200 240 255 Massacre, VacuSlash, Vacuum
    Occasionally in the monster gates, you'll be dropped into a special room. Many
    of these, you can save as though you were outside of the dungeon; in other
    words, you don't need to use a bookmark there. These rooms happen at regular
    levels within a Gate: every third level starting with Villager/Talisman, when
    you descend in a world, you'll have a chance to find one of these special
    rooms. As for which one you'll find... that's random, though you won't come
    across certain types until higher-level dungeons:
    Healer: This chamber has a healer who will heal all HP and MP and resurrect
    your monsters for free. In addition, this room is one of those you can save
    Treasure Room: There's a number of treasure chests in this room. Either 6 or
    8, to be exact. Sometimes, every one of the chests holds money or items. Other
    times, all but one of them are Mimics. This is another room you can save in
    without a bookmark, so make sure to do that before you start opening chests.
    However, don't forget that Mimics give great experience for their level; don't
    feel bad about opening the chests even if you know they're Mimics.
    Shop: This is a shop that appears inside the dungeon. These are extremely
    useful. For one thing, if you sell most items here, rather than selling them
    for a little more than half, you're selling them at full price. Which means
    more money. In addition, the prices here are the same as they are outside,
    thus letting you pick up important supplies; they have all the
    status-repairing objects, as well as the rare WorldLeaf which will get your
    dead pals back on their feet. And perhaps most important at all, selling rods
    outside this room gives you only *ten percent* of their worth (a 3000G fire
    staff sells for 300G back in the Bazaar). Here, though, they're sold for full
    price. Take advantage of that to cash in on the rods you find on your journey!
    And to top it all off, you can save in here. Bonus!
    Herb: 6g
    Lovewater: 80g
    Antidote: 10g
    Moonherb: 30g
    Awakesand: 50g
    Skybell: 50g
    Laurel: 80g
    WorldLeaf: 1000g
    Battle Arena: This is what it sounds like: a battle arena. To pass on, you'll
    need to fight in three battles. However, once you've finished those battles,
    you can take the option of fighting in anther set of three to win yourself
    some good items. Just make sure you have the space for items, or you will be
    kicked out of the arena without a chance to get anything else. The battles in
    here are equivalent to meeting up with masters on the overland map, except
    that the monsters that are in the fight don't have unusual skills, but rather
    their normal ones for the monsters. In some cases it makes them easier, but
    with others, it's more dangerous. The first battle is with a group that's two
    steps below your own. For instance, if you would normally be at the 120-139
    area, the group you'll fight will actually be at the 080-099 rank. However,
    battles after that are more difficult, so beware. There are a number of items
    you can get in these fights, including books, seeds, and even TinyMedals, if
    you go far enough. In addition to this, these monsters can be captured with
    meat, if you have a desire to get them. Battles will continue until you run out
    of space for items (or die, of course), so don't be afraid to use stuff up in
    the battles to load up on goodies!
    Maze: These are some pretty annoying areas. They're just what they sound like:
    mazes, and without the ability to pull the map up at all, or the ability to
    save. Even your BeastTail doesn't work in this place! They are long, boring,
    annoying, and tedious. And there are monsters in here, to make it worse.
    Fortunately, there are only three different mazes, and the holes don't change
    locations. Which means once you know where you're at, finding the way out is
    With the slate-grey maze, walk around the path directly to the right. Keep
    following this path until you've reached the far right-hand corner of the
    maze, then go down. It'll head straight to the hole. 
    With the red maze, follow the path along the top of the screen until you come
    to the far right screen. Walk down the path that's the furthest left on that
    screen and keep going to the far left. Follow it around, then turn to the
    south and go back to the right. The hole will be right there.
    In the greyish-green maze, take the path going up, then turn right on the path
    second from the top. Travel along until you can go up, then go up, head to the
    right, and then down (not the path that leads along the far right wall, but
    the one just to the left of it). Follow this down to the south wall, turn
    left, and keep going left until you reach the hole.
    Forest Maze: Like the 'Lost Woods' in the Zelda games, this forest repeats
    itself until you've walked in the right direction. The good news is that 'the
    right direction' doesn't change itself at all, so every time you're in the
    wood, just take the left-hand up path, the left-hand up path, and there'll be
    the hole out.
    Conveyer Belts: Another 'maze' sort of thing, this one is a little easier and
    a lot more fun and less tedious to get through. All you need to do is step on
    the conveyers, and they'll slide you to the end. Follow those around and
    you'll eventually be dropped off at the hole. And like the other mazes, once
    you know which one you're on, finding the hole is a matter of memorization.
    Unfortunately, like the maze rooms, monsters will show up in here, and you
    can't save, pull up a map or use your BeastTail.
    In the room which has you in the center and belts leading off in each
    direction, go left and take the belt second from the bottom. It will swing you
    directly to the hole (if in a rather roundabout path).
    In the room with brownish belts, there'll be one belt directly to your left,
    reaching the floor, and another slightly up from you, running right. Take the
    belt to your left or walk upward, then take the left belt of the two belts
    directly above you. Go right from the belt's end. Then, take the left of the
    two side-by-side belts to the south. It will shunt you to the hole, or walk
    upwards instead.
    In the dark blue/gray belt room, you'll be standing in a small area with two
    belts leading to the left. Take the upper one. Once you've come to the end,
    take the belt which is directly to your right, up against the right wall. You
    can also walk to the end of this without a problem. Go between the two belts
    which are on the far right-hand screen and down. Step in the middle of the
    trio of belts, or the one on the left (they'll lead you to the same place).
    Then walk down from there, head to the wall below you once you've reached the
    end of the belt, and walk directly right. Take the lowest belt, the one right
    along the wall, and there you are.
    This walkthrough is NOT spoiler-free. Generally, walkthroughs aren't. There's
    likely a lot of places that are going to be considered 'spoilerriffic'. In
    addition, there are some spoilers to the other Dragon Quest games, primarily
    in the 'boss' areas of the games. If you're not interested in finding
    spoilers, limit your inspection of this page to the FAQ section only, and
    *especially* avoid my treatise on 'The Greatest Monsters' and/or The Library.
    Aside from references to the 'Walkthrough' section, I keep that area as
    spoiler-free as possible. On the other hand, if you're stuck and need help, or
    just don't mind, then read on!
    When I list gates, the information goes in this order:
    Name: The name of the gate, if it has one, or the general 'descriptor' I use
          for it to explain which gate I'm talking about.
    Levels: The total number of levels a gate has, including the bottom.
    Monsters: What monsters appear and when in the gate. Many gates have different
              creatures that'll show up, depending on how deep you are.
    Boss: The boss of the world. If a '*' appears beside their name, they're a
          boss that will join you automatically after they've been defeated. A '#'
          means that they will join you if you feed them enough. Generally, this
          takes a lot of meat; five Sirloins is probably a good number to shoot
          for. Those not marked at all will not join you no matter what you give
          them. Don't even bother with feeding them meat.
    Info: Here's general info about the place, whether it's about the monsters,
          the level, or something else. 
    Boss Battle: This is the strategy that I suggest for use against the boss of
                 this place. Some of them will be fairly simple ('Be high level
                 and wail on them'), while others might take a little more
                 finesse. Hopefully they'll get you past the boss either way you
                 go, though.
    The game starts out to the view of your sister, Milayou, chasing you around
    the bedroom. Apparently it's time for bed, but your character, Terry, isn't at
    all interested in it. You know those stories that Mom used to tell you to make
    you go to bed? That the monsters would come and get you if you didn't? (Yeah,
    like that's supposed to help you *sleep*... but back to the game) Well,
    apparently, their Mom told the same story. However, Terry wants to meet the
    monsters. Some kids. Anyway, Milayou finally manages to coax him into bed.
    Eventually, you can get yourself out of bed. Feel free to wander around a
    little bit and check the room out. There's nothing important here, but a few
    interesting things. Then, go into the next room.
    What's this? Apparently, being awake has nothing to do with the monsters
    running away with you at all, since this little, black... something or other,
    is apparently looking for Milayou. This is our first look at Warubou. After
    assuring himself that you're not Milayou, he'll tromp off to the other room
    and come back, dragging your sister. Both of them will disappear into the
    chest of drawers, leaving you alone. And undoubtedly more than a little
    confused. After all, your character hasn't got the benefit of this
    But never fear! Your savior is here! A white version of Warubou suddenly leaps
    from the drawers and into the room. This is Watabou. And the first person he
    asks for is Milayou! Boy. Can't win for losing, eh Terry? Fortunately, the
    monster realizes that he and Terry are speaking the same language (Monster
    Talk) and invites him to follow him if Terry wants to find his sister.
    However, when he brings up the term 'Master', poor Terry is confused all over
    again. No explanation this time, though; Watabou tells him that if he wants to
    find out, follow him. And so Terry does; just follow the monster, check the
    chest of drawers, and off we go to GreatTree!
    You arrive in a strange room, with a strange man coming up to you and stating
    that you must be the Master they're looking for. When you explain that you
    don't know where you are, he lets you know: you're in the Kingdom of
    GreatTree, brought by Watabou. No more time for other questions,
    unfortunately. You're due to pay your respects at the castle. Therefore, the
    old man pulls you out of this strange-looking room and leads you through the
    kingdom, giving you a good look of... a lot of places that you won't be
    allowed to go for a long while. Enjoy the view while you've got it!
    As you work your way up, the old man will explain that the kingdom is housed
    in a giant tree. You're at the bottom, right now, and the castle is at the
    top. Thus, he will walk you up to the top. On the way, a fighter will wonder
    if you're the new Master that they've heard about. When he finds out you are,
    he'll wish you luck at the Starry Night Tournament. Starry Night Tournament?
    ... maybe the king will answer your questions. For now, you just continue
    heading up to the castle. The old man will stay outside, telling you to go and
    talk to him.
    Inside, the Minister will meet you at the door. Apparently, the king has a
    favor to ask you. I wonder what it could be? You have control over the
    character now, so feel free to dawdle a little bit and talk to the few people
    you can find at the moment. They don't really tell you anything you don't
    already know, though, so head off to the king, just above you.
    The king will introduce himself and ask your name. Here, you can change the
    character's name if you like. Finally. However, you're only allowed to have
    four digits. So if you delete the name 'Terry', you'll never be able to get it
    back. Ah, those crazy translators! Anyhow, we'll assume that the name was left
    as 'Terry', for ease of this Walkthrough, though it otherwise doesn't make a
    difference what you change it to.
    Once that has been done, the king will immediately ask you if you'll be
    willing to help him out. It seems they need someone to compete and win in the
    Starry Night Tournament. Ah. There's that name again! And despite his earlier
    interest in getting to know monsters, Terry is much more interested in finding
    his lost sister. The king will explain that winning the tournament, as legend
    has stated, will give the winner one wish. Terry can use that wish to find his
    sister! Thanks to that, both the king and Terry can win! And in the meantime,
    while Terry's preparing, he can hunt for his sister. Apparently that's good
    enough for Terry... either that or the king just doesn't give him the
    choice... and the king offers him some monsters. After all, no monsters, no
    master. He then sends you to go and talk to Pulio, in the monster farm on the
    upper level, to ask about getting yourself a set.
    Finally, you can control yourself again. Take a little time to talk to the
    people you can reach in the throne room. The minister will explain that they
    haven't been winning the Starry Night Tournament. However, since they're
    hosting it this year, he's hoping they'll win! The jesters will explain the
    Starry Night Tournament for you (finally!). Apparently, it comes after every
    47th full moon. Because of the fact that it happens on a night when thousands
    of falling stars fill the skies, it's named... d'uh... the Starry Night
    Tournament. As celebration, the tournament is held. In addition, to the left
    of the king's room, there's some chests. Unfortunately, both of them are
    locked. Read the books in the bookshelf, though; there's some interesting
    information in them, if not altogether helpful. You can even exit the castle
    and talk to the people there. The old man explains that Watabou brings the
    palace capable masters. Anyway, aside from chatting with those few people,
    there's not a ton to do yet (everything's still blocked off), so go back into
    the castle and go up the stairs that have been uncovered for you.
    Before you talk to Pulio, take a little walk around and talk to the various
    monsters. The Slime above Pulio's head will tell you all about the Monster
    Farm. A sign will explain that when the tree grows, there are tremors. One of
    which made the hole that's directly in front of it. You'll notice that there's
    also something rather interesting over there. A strange, spinning circle. You
    can't reach it at the moment, though, so just keep it in mind. Now, once
    you've explored the farm, go and talk to Pulio. He's the man just below the
    After a little misunderstanding on whether you're there to steal his monsters
    or not, Pulio will realize that he can smell you're a monster master, and with
    the makings of being a great one! Don't ask me what he smells, though; I try
    not to think about it too hard. Anyhow, he tells you that he's only got one
    monster right now. An old Slime named Slib, who was the favorite monster of
    the old king. He'll then bring up the menu for you to be able to take Slib
    along with you. Do so, since none of the other options work. You'll learn
    about them soon enough; don't worry. A quick check of Slib will reveal that
    he's a level 1 monster. Whoa. So the oldest monster on the farm is only first
    level? No *wonder* they need a good master! Anyhow, take him with you to the
    The king will be shocked that you chose this monster out of all the others you
    could have chosen. However, the situation will get explained to him. Needless
    to say, this doesn't make the king any happier. He will demand to have Pulio
    brought there. Once he's there, the king will ask if 'Hale' was one of the
    escaped monsters. When he finds out the answer, poor Pulio will be threatened
    with a trip to the dungeon. However, you, like the brave and noble person that
    you are, will step forward and offer to capture Hale in order to free Pulio.
    The king will give you permission to try. You will find out that Hale
    disappeared through something they call a 'Travelers' Gate'. He will then let
    you know that the chests are yours to take, mutter something about being busy,
    and wander off to leave you in the throne room with his people. A doorway is
    left behind where he went, but it's blocked firmly by the jester. Don't worry
    about it; it's not that important. What is important is that we hunt down this
    'Hale'! First, though, spend some time talking with the people in the throne
    room. They'll explain Travelers' Gates to you. In addition, Pulio's nice
    enough to tell you how to save the game. You should do so, so you don't have
    to go through all of this again. Saving can be done anywhere outside the
    gates, other than in the middle of the arena battles. Make sure to grab the
    two herbs from the chests to the left of the throne room, then go down the
    now-uncovered stairs and head to the only open Travelers' Gate. Make sure
    you've saved, and in you go!
    Levels: 5
    Monsters: 1-4: Slime, Dracky, Anteater
    Boss: Healer (Hale)*
    This gate is only five levels deep, total, and only three types of monster
    that'll show up through the whole thing (aside from the boss). Obviously, this
    place was made to be an experimental gate for you. It works that way, too.
    Pick up all the items that you can when you're wandering about; you're going
    to need them while you're doing your first battles with Slib. Use healing
    herbs whenever Slib seems to need them; with only one monster with you, and
    him not having any healing skills, he'll be needing them often. Fortunately,
    it shouldn't take too long, hopefully, before you can capture a second and
    probably a third monster. It's fairly common here for an Anteater and a Dracky
    to join up with you even without the use of meat. Make sure you accept their
    offer; they may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. The anteater
    has surprisingly good raises in attack, and a fantastic skill called
    'MetalCut'. While this skill isn't of any use right now, trust me: it'll be
    very, very useful later on. As for the Dracky, it won't have anywhere near the
    attack of the Anteater, but they will later gain the spell of 'Sleep'. This is
    also extremely useful, if for a completely different reason. Don't be afraid
    of using a WarpWing if you find one, especially if you couldn't catch any
    added monsters. Get to the bottom (or as far as you can before your monsters
    are dangerously weak), toss the wing, and be thrown back to the beginning to
    head through again. This might be a little tedious, but it'll get some extra
    levels for you, more herbs, and another chance at capturing monsters if you
    had no luck earlier. In addition, if it seems like you're going to die, don't
    be afraid to let it happen; at this point in the game, you won't have any
    money to lose, and if you've properly used all your herbs to try and keep Slib
    (and your other monsters) alive, you won't lose anything there, either.
    BOSS BATTLE: Hale is a fairly annoying boss. His habit of healing himself will
    make this fight longer than it needs to be, that's for certain. Plus, if all
    you have on your team is Slib, he can do enough damage to make things
    difficult. Be ready to drop herbs on Slib if you need to. However, if you have
    your full team of three, or even just Slib and the Anteater, things should go
    alright for you. Just don't be afraid to use herbs when you need them. Minimal
    levels are needed here; don't worry too terribly much about leveling before
    you face him, unless Slib is all you have. If he is, then try for level 5. And
    whatever you do, when he asks to join you, *don't turn him down*. He'll
    probably be one of the most important members of your party for a good, long
    Watabou pops in and congratulates you, then sends you back to the city. Well
    done! Congratulations on taking out your first Travelers' Gate. If you go back
    toward the gate, you'll noticed that it's ceased spinning. This is how you
    know that you've finished off the boss of a gate.
    Well, it seems like Hale wasn't really all that interested in joining you at
    first because of the boredom he'd been having on the farm. You had to whip him
    into shape. The king realizes that maybe he shouldn't force Hale to return to
    the farm under his hand, but should instead let him join Terry. He
    congratulates you on your skill with monsters and releases Pulio, just as he
    said he would. Now, the king tells you to go and visit the arena. He says that
    if you can defeat all of them, you'll be able to go to the Starry Night
    Tournament. Then, he's off again, leaving you alone in the throne room. Your
    monsters will be healed by the bishop and you'll be sent off to go through
    your fights. He gives you directions to the arena. However, now that we've
    been given some freedom, we'll want to wander a bit and see what's going on in
    this city. First off, I suggest that you go to the Monster Farm again.
    Now that you're up here, Pulio will thank you for your help. He will also tell
    you a secret: a SkyDragon is flying around above the farm. Hmmm. Something to
    investigate, maybe. First, though, put your monsters to sleep. This will open
    up the 'second side' of the stable. Why is this important? You'll see in a
    minute. Pass by the fisherman and check his pot for a TinyMedal (probably your
    first one), then head to the north. Hello, Ms. SkyDragon. Take a step and
    stand under it and *WHACK* You've just gotten your first egg of the game.
    It'll be automatically sent to the farm. For the fun of it, stand underneath
    it again. EWWWW! Anyway, now that you've got that, just wander and chat with
    the local monsters to get some information. Go back to Pulio and have him put
    the other side to sleep. Now, your egg isn't taking up any space in the
    stable, because it's on the 'sleeping' side. This means it isn't stealing
    valuable 'level-raising' space from other monsters that you might catch on
    your journey. Now, go down from the farm and head to the main city. The way is
    finally open for you!
    The arena will be right in front of you once you've gone down the first set of
    stairs (or jumped off the first ledge). However, right now, let's not go in
    there. Instead, we've got some more places to explore first. Go east of here
    and you'll find a red-armored man who'll tell you a little about TinyMedals.
    Go up the stairs and you'll find the Medal Man's room. This is where you can
    drop that TinyMedal of yours off. Now, we've done everything else we can, so
    let's go into the arena.
    Now that you're in the arena, talk to the first girl on the right. She'll give
    you information about how the various classes work. But before you go to the
    next girl and register, let's take a walk around the arena. There is a lot to
    see and do here, and much info to be gained. First, go directly to the left,
    and you'll find a table with four seats. Step into the first seat, and your
    monsters will move to the other three. Here, you can talk to them and get an
    idea of just what sort of attitude they happen to have. This will give you
    hints about how to fight them, or what you need to work on to be able to
    direct them toward certain attitudes. Going to the left introduces you to
    Teto, one of the arena fighters. He'll tell you that more information can be
    found in back. Sounds good to me; let's go!
    Wow. Teto wasn't kidding when he said there was information to be found here.
    There are lots of monsters and their masters around to talk to. There is also
    a mysterious hole within an area of barrels right near the beginning.
    Interesting indeed, but not something that you can reach now... or really,
    anytime soon. So just grab the TinyMedal from the barrels and go on. North of
    here, there's a cave that leads into a restaurant. Talk to the bard who's at
    the table. His comments may not make much sense, but memorize them, anyway:
    Army, Bomb, Army, Bubble, Army. Now, exit and go to the left. Here, you'll
    find a Goopi (that muddy hand-thing) in front of a line of squares: a
    BombCrag, an ArmyCrab, and a Babble (Bubble Slime in Japan). Are things making
    sense all of a sudden? Go up, talk to the Goopi, and then select the panels in
    the order given. A set of stairs will be created. Now that that's done, up you
    go to the Queen's Room! ... not that you can do much here at the moment;
    you'll need to at least go far enough in the game to be able to have access to
    the Starry Shrine. But at least you have the stairs open. Descend them and
    head back into the arena, going down from here. Here, there's people who can
    give you warnings about some of the gates. Very handy for when you're
    preparing to travel there. To the left of here is a man training his BombCrag,
    and another who will give you warnings about who you'll be up against and
    possibly what they'll be using. Straight up from here is another cave. This
    one leads into the monster school. Definitely stop off here and see what they
    have to talk about. Check the blackboard and talk to the teacher for
    information. He'll let you know that only the monster you defeat last will
    join you. An excellent hint to remember for later levels, when you'll be
    meeting groups of monsters. But anyway, we've learned all that we can. Let's
    go to the arena's entrance again and register, finally!
    B5) G-CLASS
    Checking registration, you'll find something a bit discomforting, at first: it
    costs money to get into the various levels. Money's something you don't have
    at the moment. However, don't worry about it: the G Class is free, and that's
    the one that we'll be registering for. As you aren't allowed to use items at
    all in the battle, the party I personally suggest for this level is your
    Healer, your Slime, and your Anteater. The Anteater and Slime will supply most
    of the good damage, while your Healer will, of course, be keeping them healed
    in between. If your Anteater isn't a high enough level to keep up with HP, you
    may want to swap it for the Dracky, who's likely got a higher level (thanks to
    their much faster-leveling) and may even have the Sleep spell if you've been
    leveling it enough. If you're finding yourself unable to defeat G-Class (which
    is quite possible; don't feel too bad about it), then head back to Beginner
    and raise yourself a couple of levels with your party-of-choice. In addition,
    this will let you fine-tune your monsters' fighting styles. Don't worry. You
    won't get trapped, even if you can't find a WarpWing. When you get down to
    where Hale was, there'll be a gate there set to take you out to 'home' again.
    Every Travelers' Gate is like this, as well, so if you feel like going through
    them multiple times later on, you just need to make it to the bottom to
    escape. Harder than it seems at times, but at least it's a way out.
    Anyhow, here's your challengers in G-Class:
    1st Match: Dracky, AntEater, Dracky
    2nd Match: Slime, StubSuck, Slime
    3rd Match: Spooky, Hork, Spooky
    Beware of the StubSuck's ability to put you to sleep. It's generally only an
    annoyance, but having your Healer fast asleep when you've still got two
    monsters to take on can be dangerous. Similar is the undead group's ability to
    use LushLicks, which will paralyze a member of your team for a round. Plus,
    Hork has the added ability to poison your team; this is possibly an argument
    for having the Dracky there, since it has Antidote. However, when it comes to
    the first battle, I prefer to mix two hard-hitting with one healer. It tends
    to destroy the enemy before the poison becomes too dangerous.
    Anyhow, once you win, congratulations! You've just managed your first battle
    in the arena! The minister will come trampling his way in to congratulate you
    as well. Apparently, though, congratulations aren't the only thing on his
    mind; the king wants to speak to you. So it's back off to the castle once
    The king will congratulate you, letting you know that you're not bad. As the
    congratulations come, though, another figure enters the room. This is the king
    of GreatLog, not a particularly friendly and kind individual. He insults your
    age and skill, then exits, laughing. Needless to say, the king of GreatTree
    isn't too pleased by this. As a reward for you finishing off the first fight,
    he'll unlock the door to Villager and Talisman. Then he leaves again. You're
    back to your own devices. Take a moment to talk to the jester in the throne
    room who guards the door, and you can find some interesting things out about
    the next gates. Come back every time you finish an arena battle and he'll
    continue to do you this favor!
    Now it's time to wander a bit, first. You'll find that the MadKnight has moved
    away from the crack, giving you space that you can jump down into the hole.
    This drops you directly into the arena, fairly close to that hole near the
    barrel. Hmmm. Not all that helpful yet, but something to keep in mind. You can
    talk to the people around the arena, but for the most part, they still only
    have the same things to say. So instead, go outside and down the set of stairs
    that's been opened. Another new area to wander around, and one that's even
    more involved, this time! The stairs are again blocked, this time by a bratty
    little girl who doesn't feel much like letting you pass. So once again, we'll
    deal with our present level on the tree.
    The first thing that's here is a cave with a book above it and a well. Let's
    investigate that well, first. The man down here has nothing to say to you,
    really, but there is information to be found in his bookcases. Read them over:
    they'll talk about monster families, the Master Breeder, and the kingdoms.
    That being done, head up and out, to that cave directly across. Here, we've
    found the library.
    Inside, there'll be someone who can tell you how many monster pals you've had.
    At the desk, there is someone blocking a path to the rear who won't let you
    in until you have had 100 pals. Needless to say, this will probably be quite
    some time in the future, so let's leave that alone for now and talk to the
    other person, instead. He will tell you about the monsters that you've found,
    and about what creates them. This is very handy information at times! Keep him
    in mind! Check out Chapter C1 (The Library) below if you'd like to know what
    goes where and how to get it; otherwise you'll be able to find it out once you
    capture yourself a monster. Now that you've talked to the people down here,
    though, go upstairs. Up here, there are a number of bookshelves. They're chock
    full of information for you about the families of monsters and about secret
    breedings, if you can solve the riddles in the Seon Prophecy books.
    Once you've finished up skimming through the library, leave and head to the
    right again. Another cave will be here, this one leading into the vault. This
    is where you can go and drop your things off. Things left in here can't be
    taken by monsters. Nor can money that's been put in here. All in all, this is
    a good place to leave things that you might have a use for later, such as
    stat-up seeds (for monsters that need the gains for specific abilities, or for
    creatures who might have a need for extra attack or hit points like metal
    Slimes), books (for the monsters who need to have their attitude tweaked), or
    some extra WarpWings that you may have found. Since there's rarely a need for
    a lot of money in your travels, store most of your cash here in between trips.
    Outside the vault, to the right again, is the Bazaar. As the name would
    suggest, here's where you buy most of your things. Right off the bat, check
    the pots that are surrounding the first shop: a TinyMedal! And the shopkeeper
    doesn't mind in the least if you take it with you! Check his inventory: you
    won't have any money yet, but at least you'll know what he's got available:
    Herb: 8g
    Lovewater: 80g
    Antidote: 10g
    Repellant: 200g
    BeefJerky: 20g
    PorkChop: 80g
    WarpWing: 100g
    BeastTail: 400g
    Now, you can either sell some herbs for cash or (my suggestion at the moment)
    keep them with you, just in case. Let Hale gain a couple levels before you
    trust it all to his healing; he'll need the MP to keep up with your whole
    party. In addition, keep any WarpWings that you have. While you might need the
    cash, they will be much more valuable as items; just stow the extras in the
    vault. Now, continue wandering about the Bazaar. People will give you all
    sorts of information about various things. And down at the southeast edge,
    you'll see a Travelers' Gate out on a little island. Hmmm. Another place to
    keep in mind, perhaps. But for now, just talk to the people standing around
    the barbeque. They'll say they want a monster who can make fire. At the
    moment, you probably won't have one (unless you've taken a lot of time to
    level Slib up) so just keep these folks in mind. Also, talk to the gypsy
    woman: she'll give you some hints on the progression of the game.
    Anyway, we've gone over the Bazaar, done our selling, talked to various
    people, dropped off any TinyMedals we picked up, and gotten our feet under us.
    Let's take a look at these newly-opened Travelers' Gates. Head through the
    small door that is now open. Either of these gates can be taken in either
    order; the order they're listed in has nothing to do with suggestion, so much
    as random choice:
    Levels: 5
    Monsters: 1-2: StubSuck, GoHopper, AntEater, Picky
              3-4: StubSuck, GoHopper, Gremlin, PillowRat
    Boss: Dragon (Dran)*
    StubSucks can be an annoying creature, as your battle in the arena very likely
    taught you. They have a nasty habit of putting your monster to sleep, and any
    creatures that you're facing with them get the chance to attack back when
    that's going on. Keep your party high in health just in case it's Hale they
    put to sleep. GoHoppers will use the ability 'ChargeUp' to power up and hit
    you for extra damage, while the Picky will take advantage of ShelDodge to
    attack any bugs you might have with some good damage, and Sap to lower
    defense. PillowRats have the ability SideStep: this dodge will sometimes
    direct an attack back to those who are attacking the monster. They also have
    Ramming, in which they'll bodily throw themselves at the enemy for added
    damage. Grab a GoHopper while you're here, if you have the space; there's no
    way to combine to get one, so if you want all the monsters, you'll need to
    actually capture one of these. Also, if you can, try and capture one of the
    Gremlins that show up on the lower levels. They start with the skill
    'FireBal', which will be very important to you. I'll explain later; don't
    worry. For now, just assume that catching one is a very good idea. They can
    also get Heal and StopSpell, so getting a second later on can't hurt. Getting
    hold of a StubSuck is nice, too: its Sleep skill will come in vastly handy,
    plus while its StepGuard has limited use early on, it will be nice to have it
    for later, when poison swamps and lava fields start showing up. This is the
    first dungeon where a special room will show up. So far, I've found both shops
    and healers in this gate. Both of them are extremely handy here. Don't forget
    to save while you're down there. Keep your eye on the ground around here, too.
    While you might have found a WarpWing or two in Beginner, they seem to be more
    common in here and in the next few. Collect as many as you can and put away
    the extras. That'll help save money for you. You'll always want to keep at
    least one around to flee just in case.
    BOSS BATTLE: Does this cave look familiar? Probably not, although the basic
    shape of the dungeon and concept of a princess stolen by a dragon might: it's
    Dragon Warrior I, all over again! I found this to be fairly amusing, to be
    honest. Poor princess. No one to save her. We're here for the dragon, instead.
    Just talk to her a few times, try to carry her out, and when it doesn't work,
    go and talk to the dragon. This critter is a powerhouse. He'll attack with
    fiery breath that can scorch all your party at once for fairly good damage,
    plus he has a FireSlash that will do massive damage to a single individual,
    especially one who's weak against fire. Make sure that Hale's ready with
    healing and that you've got herbs to help out. If you managed to catch a
    StubSuck before meeting him or brought in your Dracky, you may want to try its
    sleeping ability: the Dragon's fairly susceptible to it, and this can make the
    battle a heck of a lot easier on you. If you don't have it, though, then have
    Hale use Upper (or better yet: Increase if he has it) and proceed to do a
    general smack-down. He's a fairly tough creature, though; have patience and
    don't let yourself run low enough on life that a FireAir will kill you.
    Levels: 6 
    Monsters: 1-3: Spooky, ArmyAnt, Anteater, MiniDrak
              4-6: Spooky, Goopi, ArmyAnt, Picky
    Boss: Golem (Golm)*
    This level is just slightly longer than villager, though its creatures aren't
    quite as dangerous, I find. The Spookys can lick you into shivering for a
    round, and the ArmyAnts and AntEaters can both deliver fairly good damage with
    direct attacks. ArmyAnts, in particular, can be dangerous, what with their
    NapAttack to put you to sleep and Kamikaze to inflate the damage they do.
    Goopi will use LegSweep to trip your monsters up unless they have flying, and
    they can also use CallHelp to get assistance running you down. However, most
    of this level is just an experience in keeping healed and beating them up
    before they do the same to you. Still, I suggest taking this Gate second so
    you've got a chance to gather a StubSuck in Villager, or leveling your Dracky
    sufficiently to get Sleep for fighting against the boss. As with the previous
    dungeon, a special room shows up on the third level here. And as before, it
    seems to be a beneficial one.
    BOSS BATTLE: Ah, but isn't it refreshing to see Warubou get punted? Golem is a
    creature who can deliver strong hits to you if you're not careful. He'll throw
    a *lot* of damage around. However, he's got one very noticeable weakness that
    you may remember from Dragon Warrior I: Sleep. This is another place where
    that StubSuck from earlier would come in handy: have it cast sleep on him and
    smack away while he's unconscious. Otherwise, this is another place where
    you'll want to have Hale and his Upper/Increase to keep your defense up.
    Luckily, unlike the dragon, the attacks are only delivered to one opponent at
    a time. This means that Hale won't have near as much trouble trying to keep
    your monsters healed up. Just keep him on 'cautious', and he'll throw a heal
    spell on whoever's in need of it.
    Take note that you don't need to finish both of these (or either of them,
    honestly) to be allowed to the next battle. All you need is strong enough
    monsters and enough cash. However, without the ability to combine your
    monsters, the 'strong enough monsters' part will be extremely difficult
    without getting good creatures, or massive levels. Therefore, you probably
    want to go through both of these to get some hard-hitting monsters to replace
    your present team with. The Golem/Healer/Dragon team will take you a long way
    in the arena. However, you might want to dip in and out of the dungeons a few
    times, not only to get some levels on your lesser creatures, but to make
    enough cash to be able to buy yourself a BeastTail. Soon enough, you'll really
    be wanting that. While the levels are only 5-6 deep, it's not so bad. Later
    on, though, they'll get much, much deeper and the levels themselves will get
    much, much more complicated. Plus, one thing the game doesn't mention about
    the BeastTail is that you can use it in battle to see if you've ever had the
    monsters that you're presently fighting. Considering that your 'monster pals'
    info only takes into effect different *types* of monster rather than
    individual monsters, this will be important later on.
    Now, if you've followed my instructions, you'll have captured a Gremlin by
    now. Or at the very least, Slib will be at a high enough level to have the
    attack of FireBal, which will work as well. You could also use the Dragon you
    have, though this is by far the most unwise idea of the three; he's probably
    going to carry you through your arena battles, after all, while you're still
    not important enough to do combining. Anyway, take that Firebal-using Slime or
    Gremlin down to the Bazaar, where our barbeque squad happens to be. Tell them
    'yes' that they can have your monster. Make certain that it's a monster you
    don't mind getting rid of permanently, because they'll take it away from you
    and use its skill to start their barbeque. However, the fire's just a bit too
    much for it: BOOM! And what is this? Why, there's a Travelers' Gate left in
    the wake of the explosion! Since we're here, we might as well check it out,
    right? Right.
    Levels: 9
    Monsters: 1-2: FairyRat, BigRoost, SpotSlime, Crestpent
              3-5: BigRoost, DragonKid, Catapila, BeanMan
              6-8: Demonite, Catapila, Hork, 1EyeClown
    Boss: MadKnight (Pash)*
    You'll want to be careful going through this dungeon. When compared to the
    ones you've just been through, it's got more powerful creatures and more rooms
    to get into trouble with. In fact, you may want to either leave this gate
    until after you've had some time to level up your monsters, or go wandering
    through here with those boss monsters that you picked up earlier. You might
    even decide that you want to leave it until after you've won more battles and
    opened more storyline gates. However, I myself prefer to jump right in on
    gates as soon as they're available. Thus, this Bazaar Gate is being mentioned
    here. Be aware: being more dangerous also means that you'll get more XP out of
    it; the experience will be over twice what you'll get in the other Gates you
    can presently reach, and the danger level isn't so high as to make it
    unreasonable. A very handy thing to have when you're trying to get levels up
    for battling arena fights! Here's the first place you'll find BigRoosts, which
    have the ability of SandStorm to blind you, and VacuSlash for extra damage, as
    well as Dodge to get out of the way. You'll probably want to stop and pick one
    up. There's no way to actually create one in-game, so capturing one is the
    only way you'll get one in your book. They haven't got the greatest moves, but
    at least it'll add to your list of monsters. Plus, combining a BigRoost with a
    Dragon Family will get you a Crestpent. And while Crestpents aren't superior
    either, they do have an interesting creature they go into which can't be bred
    any other way (a WingSnake). Speaking of Crestpents, they appear here as well;
    they will try and poison you with their PoisonHit attacks, though their
    StopSpell and BeDragon abilities don't come through until they're caught and
    bred. Grab yourself a BeanMan as well; their TwinHits, RobMagic, and MapMagic
    can be handy, plus they go into an Orc, which can get Vivify. *IMPORTANT*
    skill, that one! As for the rest of the critters, FairyRats will batter your
    Slime creatures with Smashlime, and use Surround to dizzy you, as well as Slow
    to slow you down. SpotSlimes have CallHelp, which they will quite gladly use,
    as well as LushLicks which will chill the 'licked' one for a round. In
    addition, they have the spell of Imitate, though they won't have access to
    this without some considerable breeding. Catapilas can spew out PoisonGas
    which can poison your whole party, as can Horks. Horks also have LushLicks,
    stunning you the way SpotSlimes do. Demonites are funny little creatures: they
    start with BlazeMore, but not enough magic to actually cast it. And finally,
    the 1EyeClown is a very dangerous creature for this level, having a fair
    amount of magic and three rather damaging spells to throw with it.
    BOSS BATTLE: Oh. Ow. That's about all I can say about this guy. He's a *huge*
    hitter for his level. You'll want to be prepared for him to throw some really
    big damage, especially with the Massacre and ChargeUp that he's got. While you
    might want to throw huge damage on this guy with an all-smackdown team, having
    Hale here is probably your best plan: you'll want that Heal spell of his to
    mend up the damage that this guy will be throwing at you and Increase to make
    the damage less. Bringing the StubSuck or Dracky for sleep spells might well
    be helpful, but he seems to wake up faster than most monsters, and that's just
    one extra damaging creature being wasted.  Instead, come at him with the
    Dragon and Golem. The AntEater might be better damage than the Golem if it's
    high level, but MadKnight has BeastCut, and he's not afraid to use it! If
    you're feeling brave, you can take all three hard-hitters, but you'll need
    lots of herbs, lots of patience, and a little luck; he may throw Massacre on
    himself rather than on you, thus making the job a lot easier. Remember: if you
    can't take him on, don't be afraid to come back at him for more once you've
    hopped up a level or two.
    B10) F-CLASS
    Now, we've finished up all the Travelers' Gates that we can presently reach.
    The best thing you can do is collect yourself a good hard-hitting team for the
    arena (Pash, Hale, and Dran is a good choice) and use that cash you got
    through the latest bunch of gates to take on the next class. You can also skip
    classes if you really want, but I suggest going up one class at a time. That
    way, you don't miss any of the extra information and other good things given
    after the various individual classes are taken out. So while we might be able
    to leap straight to one of the higher classes with our present scary monsters,
    let's take F-Class, first. In F-Class, we'll be meeting up with this lot:
    1st Match: SpotSlime, SpotSlime, SpotSlime
    2nd Match: MudDoll, Almiraj, MudDoll
    3rd Match: PutrePup, MadRaven, SkullRoo
    With the creatures that you've got together at the moment, this will be a
    fairly straightforward battle. Beware the ability of the SpotSlimes to call
    for help (the 'called' creatures can cause a considerable amount of damage)
    and the MudDolls to put you to sleep while the Almiraj throws its damage.
    However, the third match is where you should be cautious: with Sap and Slow,
    the PutrePup can drain your stats while the MadRaven uses HighJump for the big
    damage, and the SkullRoo does its best to confuse you with PaniDance. Don't
    hesitate to use the dragon's FireAir here, and Pash's BeastCut will come in
    handy against the SkullRoo. Just hope he doesn't throw Massacre on your own
    party! You should be able to mince them easily.
    Now that you've gotten past that, Teto will inform you that he's already
    passed E-Class. Oh no! He's ahead of you, finally! But that's alright. We can
    make it up in our own due time. Right now, let's focus on investigating those
    two new Travelers' Gates that have been opened up for us: Memories and
    Bewilder. But first, there's a few things we want to check out. For instance,
    the monster school is lecturing about the characteristics of monsters, now.
    Grab that info while you're in the area; it's handy to know. The kid in green
    will keep notes for you, too, so you can check and see lessons from before. In
    addition, you can go and talk to the Queen now, and instead of throwing you
    out, she'll chat happily with you. She will demand to see specific monsters.
    These monsters can be either combined for or captured; it doesn't matter, so
    long as you bring the monster to her. When these are brought to her, she will
    give you a present for showing it to her. These monsters are not taken,
    either: they're simply glanced-at and left to you. Plus, once she tells you
    what monster she wants to see, Mick and the Minister may let you know what
    goes into the combination. The monsters she asks to see, in order (and the
    simplest combination to make them), are:
    WingSlime (Slime Family + Bird Family)
    KingSlime (Slime + Slime with a +5 at least OR Slime Family + ??? Family)
    FloraJay (Bird Family + Plant Family)
    CurseLamp (Roboster + Bird Family OR Material Family + WingTree)
    Metaly (Slime Family + MetalDrak)
    WildApe (Almiraj + Dragon Family OR Beast Family + MadPecker)
    HornBeet (StagBug + StagBug OR Armorpede + Devil Family)
    Reaper (Zombie Family + WeedBug OR Spooky/Hork + Devil Family)
    Phoenix (Bird Family + DrakSlime/GulpBeast/IronTurt/Grizzly/ArcDemon/Copycat
    WhiteKing (Skullgon/DeadNoble/BoneSlave/Skeletor + 
               ZapBird/WhipBird/GoldGolem) OR (Zombie Family + ??? Family)
    KingLeo (Trumpeter + Trumpeter/MetalDrak/Balzac/GoldGolem
             OR Roboster + GulpBeast/SuperTen/Unicorn/Trumpeter/DarkHorn/MadCat)
    RainHawk (Blizzardy + Phoenix)
    Armorpion (HornBeet + HornBeet)
    Rosevine (Plant Family + ??? Family)
    GoldGolem (Iceman + LavaMan)
    Divinegon (SkyDragon + Orochi)
    In order, the items that she will give you are: Sirloin, INTseed, AGLseed,
    DEFseed, LifeAcorn, ATKseed, MysticNut, HorrorBK, CheaterBK, ComedyBK,
    SmartBK, BeNiceBK, QuestBK, LifeAcorn, TinyMedal, and TinyMedal.
    You might be able, of course, to either get the monsters she asks for with a
    different (likely more complicated) breeding, or capture them in the wild or
    from specific foreign masters. How you get them doesn't matter: the Queen just
    wants to see one. Once she has seen all the above creatures, she will not ask
    to see any others. Instead, she will start to consider perhaps going home.
    Down the well, the monster trainer you fought is friendlier now, and promises
    to tell you stories later. And even more importantly: the girl who'd been
    blocking you before has moved out of the way. You can go down into the bottom
    level of the tree, now! Go and check it out!
    Right down at the bottom, you can find the girl and talk to her. She's still
    not convinced you'll win, but at least she thinks that you're stronger.
    Well... it's a start. Let's investigate some caves, shall we? The one at the
    top leads into the girl's house, where her father will crow about her. There
    is also a clearly-visible Travelers' Gate here, though Grandpa won't let
    anyone there. Talk about a stubborn old coot! For now, go through their
    dresser for a TinyMedal and then check out the bookshelf. There'll be a diary
    there that you can read. Do so; it'll become more important later. In the cave
    below this, there's a man blocking the door and refusing to let anyone come in
    for 'his Betty'. Again: keep this place in mind. For now, pass it on by and go
    to the right. There, you'll find the Egg Consultant. He can tell you any
    information you want to know about the eggs that you're holding. He can also
    'bless' them, changing the gender of the child within the egg to that of a
    different one. This can be extremely important later on, when monster eggs
    have only one gender or another. You can't breed two males or two females
    together, after all. Anyhow, once you're finished with these, let's go to that
    all-important place down below: The Starry Shrine!
    Down here, there's a lot of information on combining and breeding your
    monsters. Don't turn up the chance to learn it all! Read books, talk to
    people, and finally discuss with the Master Monster Tamer. You can get all the
    information you could ever want about combining (or at least the basics of it)
    this way. Once you're finished with all of this, let's go up the vine, which
    will bring you to the farm, and get the party of monsters out that you want to
    level. You may, however, want to hatch that SkyDragon egg and let it gain
    levels on your farm. If you do that, then you may need to be prepared later on
    for 'adjusting' the gender of a parent. However, for the moment, just worry
    about letting your SkyDragon get itself some experience. As it's considered a
    base monster, with no unusual skills, you've got no reason to force it to come
    along with you. It will only get the three basic skills of a SkyDragon:
    SuckAir, MultiCut, and FireAir. Really, it's up to you whether you want to
    just leave it leveling or take it with you on your trips. I tend to leave it
    on the farm, as I mentioned, since its stats aren't anywhere near as good as
    a proper combined monster's stats.
    As another hint for the shrine, make sure you keep your eggs on the 'inactive'
    side of the farm. To do this, collect the monsters you wish to combine, put
    the rest to sleep, and put these two monsters back into the farm (or take them
    along with you with a third, since you can never be without a monster with
    you). Once they've been bred, an egg will remain. You can then put this 'egg
    side' of the farm back to sleep and not have any XP lost from those monsters
    who are awake. After all, you'll occasionally want to save eggs as eggs,
    rather than hatching them instantly (especially if you're trying to combine
    for specific monsters).
    Anyway, we've done all we can right now. Time to go and check out these newest
    dungeons! Before you go, maybe you want to either bring along some of your
    lesser monsters for extra levels (the Gates aren't as dangerous as the Bazaar
    Gate) or do some combining. A good choice might be Slib with your Dracky, if
    they're different genders. This will give you a WingSlime. And a WingSlime is
    one of those monsters that the queen wants to see. However, my suggestion is
    to level the pair of them a good amount, because your Slime has the skill
    MegaMagic in it. A skill that's hard to get, and extremely handy to have.
    However, it'll never be able to show it off itself: not enough in the way of
    stats. Buuuut, that's just a suggestion from me: if you do breed Slib away,
    you can always capture another Slime at some point, though it'll take several
    Ribs or a couple of Sirloins.
    Anyhow, we've finished all our exploring of the kingdom. Let's explore those
    two new gates!
    Levels: 5
    Monsters: 1-2: Goopi, PillowRat, DragonKid, Catapila
              3-4: Picky, FairyRat, Catapila, SpotSlime
    Boss: MadCat (Gig)*
    The monsters on this level are rather mean. Goopi have a bad habit of calling
    for help. Likewise with SpotSlimes and PillowRats. In addition, the Goopi have
    an ability that can direct your attacks onto your own party called 'Dodge'.
    Ouch! Also beware of the DragonKids and their SleepAir. It can knock your
    whole team unconscious in one fell swoop. They also have the Dodge ability,
    tipping the scales in favor of you attacking yourself. Still, the gate's not
    as frightening a level as others, and is short. You could possibly leave Hale
    at home and focus on healing with herbs when it's needed, thus giving you a
    full team of heavy hitters. The Bazaar Gate is very much better for
    experience. This is also the first level which I found foreign masters on (not
    counting the Bazaar Gate). Don't hesitate to check out every inch of the place
    and see if you can find some.
    BOSS BATTLE: The MadCat is actually a fairly easy boss to beat. Especially if
    you decided to bring Pash along with you. His BeastCut will help make short
    work of the sabretooth. However, beware of MadCat's SquallHit: with that
    ability, he can get an attack in before anyone else can so much as move,
    including your ability to give out items. His LegSweep can temporarily
    incapacitate one of your party as well, making them have to spend a round
    picking themselves up off the ground. Sleep is worth trying on this fellow to
    help keep him out of the fight if you don't mind leaving one of your big
    damage creatures elsewhere to bring along either a Dracky or StubSuck. Really,
    though, in comparison to the Dragon and MadKnight bosses, he's fairly easy to
    take on with a brute-force group. 
    Levels: 6
    Monsters: 1-2: MiniDrak, BigRoost, DragonKid, SpotSlime
              3-5: EvilSeed, Demonite, SpotSlime, Crestpent
    Boss: FaceTree (Face)*
    Again with the SpotSlimes and their annoying CallHelp, and again with the
    DragonKids and their SleepAir. MiniDraks kick up sand with SandStorm to blind
    and use Ramming and CallHelp for extra damage while you're trying to fight.
    Also, down further, there are some more dangerous creatures being introduced:
    EvilSeeds, who can paralyze you, and Crestpents, who can poison you. Of the
    two, definitely worry more about the EvilSeeds. Paralysis can be permanent. If
    your whole party is paralyzed, it's death. Literally. Your party is considered
    defeated! However, capturing these things can be a good thing: paralysis
    doesn't work as well on enemies as it does on you, but if it does work, they
    can't get free. Plus, what a handy skill to combine into a hard-hitter!
    BOSS BATTLE: Before you fight the tree, wander about and poke at the StubSucks
    surrounding it. They're higher level than the average one, giving better XP
    (101 apiece!) for only a little extra annoyance. Well worth it, IMO. Once
    you've got rid of them all, go over to the tree and talk to it. The FaceTree
    has one of the more annoying and frightening statuses you'll come across:
    Curse. This will cause random effects on your monsters, from being stunned in
    battle, to losing MP, to confusion. Plus, it will occasionally throw
    StopSpell, keeping your Healer from being able to mend or protect you in
    battle. Fortunately, though, said tree doesn't have as much in the way of
    physical ability. Slam it physically, especially with any fire spells you
    happen to have. In other words, this is a good place to bring Dran; his
    FireSlash will tear the poor tree up. Don't bother with putting it to sleep;
    it's fairly resistant to status ailments.
    Now, we've gone through those two Travelers' Gates and cleared them out,
    possibly giving us a couple more monsters to work with. Even so, I suggest
    keeping your party as Pash, Dran, and Hale for the next level of the arena
    battles. They can handle this fairly well on their own even without combining,
    although you might want to make sure Pash and Dran have gotten themselves a
    couple of levels before bringing them battling; take them through the Bazaar
    Gate. If you want to do some combining, certainly feel free.  I, myself, like
    waiting until my monsters have gotten a lot of levels before I combine,
    though. As long as I can handle the arena and Gates with what I already have,
    I don't tend to rush into combining. Plus, frankly, those monsters that you
    *do* have will make good combinations, but nothing worth giving up the
    creatures for, yet. Don't rush into things: they'll come in handy eventually.
    You'll see.
    However, if you do feel like combining your monsters, you may want to consider
    a few helpful creatures among them. Hale + one of your birds (Dracky,
    BigRoost, or Picky being the ones you'll have had a chance at so far) will
    make a WingSlime with good healing powers and superior speed, as well as
    TailWind, which will be a big help against those dragons in round 2. You're
    risking losing HealUs if it tops out in levels too swiftly, though, so you may
    wish to wait on that for a while. That AntEater could be combined with your
    Golem or a Devil Family of some manner (Gremlin or Demonite) to get yourself a
    Grizzly: a creature with superior attack power and pure, raw brutality in
    every inch. If you want a 'hack and slash' creature, this is a good way to go
    with it, though you'll have to be careful with its stats; some of the better
    skills require an intelligence minimum and Grizzlies are even less intelligent
    than the AntEater; breeding them at high stats is about the only way you can
    guarantee to get those minimums. In other words, don't use Pash for this
    combination, even if you would really love to see how high you could get the
    Grizzly's strength. The loss of GigaSlash would be almost guaranteed at this
    level (without massive numbers of seeds) and frankly, that just isn't worth
    the loss. A Goopi and an EvilSeed can be used for creating a Gismo, which
    gives two out of three of the skills for combining into BigBang: FireAir and
    Anyhow, it's time to take on the next class: E-class. 
    B15) E-CLASS
    1st Match: Crestpent, TreeSlime, Poisongon
    2nd Match: DrakSlime, Dragon, FairyDrak
    3rd Match: Snaily, Armorpede, Snaily
    Be *very* careful with the first match: the Poisongon has an attack that can
    poison your entire party, and unless you've brought along your Dracky (or
    something combined from him) you'll be SOL with getting it cured; you'll just
    need to have Hale mend it as the damage gets bad. In addition, the TreeSlime
    has that dangerous paralysis attack which can take you permanently out of the
    battle, and there's nothing you have that can cure this unless you've made a
    MadPlant, a Snaily, or a CoilBird. Plus, it has SleepAir: an ability that can
    knock your whole party out if you aren't careful. In the second battle,
    there'll be lots of multi-hit attacks being thrown by the dragon-types, and an
    annoying combination of SleepAir and Surround being tossed by the FairyDrak.
    Keep yourself healed. You may even want to get Hale his 'HealUs' ability if
    you're patient enough to level him that far (around level 29), which'll keep
    you alive just fine through all of this. Having a WingSlime here is also an
    extremely good idea, since it has the ability to blow those breath attacks
    back on the opponents. And for once, the third battle is actually the
    *easiest* of the bunch. They've got good defense and a few dangerous attacks
    like IceBolt, but nothing compared to the danger of poison/paralysis in the
    beginning and the sheer damage of the dragon breath in the second. Their
    danger is in how low your HP and MP will be after those dangerous fights. Just
    focus your attacks and keep everyone healed, and you should be able to pick
    them apart. Another level down, and another set of Gates opened up: Peace and
    Bravery! Time to go and see what people have to offer again before we
    investigate those, though. 
    First, let's go to the right and talk to Teto. He's quite apologetic about
    what he'd done, and offers to combine a monster with you: an Iceman! What a
    chance! Let's take a look at what we've got available and go for it. From
    scanning over the list of monsters, the best of the bunch would likely be
    combining a bird with it to get ourselves a Blizzardy. Hopefully you've been
    listening to me and have gotten at least one bird (aside from the one you
    might have used to make a WingSlime if you got impatient about the Queen's
    order). Another advantage is that gender doesn't matter here. Teto's monster
    will be whatever sex you need for the breeding. Wow. I wish it was that easy
    for *us* to combine.
    For now, whether you leave Teto's breeding offer for a little or you've taken
    it, there's other things to check out in the arena. People are giving more
    information, now! The man outside the restaurant gives you a hint about the
    'thunder' skill, and the young man tells you about changing your monsters'
    personalities. Inside the restaurant is another man who wants to breed: he has
    a Catfly. This one doesn't have any specific and interesting combinations
    that'll go with it, so pretty much feel free to combine anything with it. It
    will give you the 'special skills' of what this man's monster has and give you
    a good bonus in stats for the baby. The green fellow at the bar tells you
    about the LavaMan, and how foreign masters will probably have them. You can
    also go up to the Queen's room and talk to Mick multiple times. He'll
    eventually say that you can breed with his LizardMan. Hooray! And this time,
    there's a suggestion for what to breed with it: AgDevil. Why AgDevil, you ask?
    I'm honestly not completely sure; the pair of them don't make any specific
    monster aside from Lionex, which can be made from any Devil Family and
    Lizardman. I figure maybe 'a devil' accidentally got translated to 'AgDevil'
    or something. Anyhow, making an AgDevil takes combining a SkulRider,
    EvilBeast, Gremlin, or MedusaEye with any Dragon Family if you'd like to make
    it for the breeding, though as said before: any Devil Family will do the
    trick. And being as a Lionex gets the mighty HealUsAll, this combination is
    well worth getting 'A Devil' for.
    Down in the well, the scientist is asking for a monster with the skill of
    lightning, which he will exchange his assistant for. Now, there are only a few
    lightning skills in the game: Bolt (and its higher-level cousins: Zap and
    Thordain), BoltSlash, HellBlast, and Lightning. Just a few minutes ago, wasn't
    the man complaining about his rival having a monster with the lightning skill?
    And wasn't said rival saying that he was glad to have his BoneSlave? Looks
    like we know which creature to lean toward. Of course, by checking out the
    skills chart, there are quite a few low-end monsters with 'Lightning'. You
    could probably combine a zombie family with a bird family, for instance, and
    get yourself a RotRaven who'll have Lightning and BoltSlash, both. All depends
    on whether you want to go by combining or capturing. However, we'll come back
    to this. For now, we need to finish exploring the rest of the city.
    Out at the Bazaar, you can talk to the two people chatting between one another
    for a rather funny scene with Warubou. Leave and return, and you can talk to
    the woman to finish it up. Sassy little creature! The bard at the far right
    hints at more shops becoming available later. Unfortunately, 'later' isn't
    'now'; all there is is the basic store for us, still. Make sure you've gotten
    your BeastTail by now: you should have the money for it. Finally, make your
    way to the Monster Farm, either through the Shrine of Starry Night or through
    the castle. The ArmyAnt has moved off the stairs, so you can go into the
    stable now!
    Down in the Monster Stable, there's a lot of good information you can find on
    the various monsters, their abilities, and the like. The Toadstool, for
    instance, lets you know that it uses SleepAir. That knowledge will come in
    handy if you can find how to breed a Toadstool or catch one in the wild.
    Now that we've finished our exploration, let's go to inspect our new
    Travelers' Gates. As a suggestion for you, take along one of the monsters
    you're considering combining into those beasties offered in the arena. That
    way you can get them some more levels, so the baby that gets made is more
    powerful. For instance, you may want to leave Pash behind and take a Dracky or
    BigRoost instead, to get some levels to increase that Blizzardy we'll be
    creating. Risky if they're weak, but worth the risk, I say. Especially if
    you've got WarpWings in reserve. ... you *have* been saving them instead of
    selling them, haven't you? Now that our party is chosen, it's time to get
    B17) PEACE
    Levels: 8
    Monsters: 1-3: BigRoost, SpotSlime, CoilBird, Crestpent
              4-5: DragonKid, Crestpent, BoneSlave, Almiraj
              6-7: Hork, Crestpent, Almiraj, BullBird
    Boss: FangSlime (Fang)*
    Hello. Lookie here. BoneSlaves! You've got to get down a few levels to find
    them, but they're down there! Make sure you capture one if you don't feel like
    combining for your thunder skill; this will be of great importance, as you'll
    see later. And the top level's not got anything that you can't handle on your
    own: CoilBirds are the only new creature there, and they've not got any
    dangerous attacks. The only thing they can do is keep your breath attacks from
    damaging their friends, taking it in themselves and spitting it back at you.
    Good protection, fairly good damage if you've got powerful breath weapons, but
    not too good for their health since they take damage from 'inhaling' it. They
    do have the elusive NumbOff spell, though. Further down, there are the
    BullBirds. While they don't have really good special skills, they can throw
    fairly good damage; they're a strong-bodied bird, plus they have ChargeUp and
    Ramming, both. Hopefully you should have enough levels that they aren't a
    danger to you, but if you've chosen to take along the weaker monster as I
    suggested, it's possible that they may flatten the poor thing if it's still
    low level. In addition, Almiraj have fairly strong physical attacks as well,
    along with Berserker, which throws all their defense into attack, making them
    vulnerable but making them powerful as well. This is the first level I started
    to find potions on: items that restore MP, rather than HP. 
    BOSS BATTLE: Hooray! A casino! Too bad the monster gold is meaningless to you.
    Check each machine out (including the one the FangSlime is at; investigate the
    rear), then talk to the FangSlime. This FangSlime is one great big bundle of
    annoyance, more than anything. He has the ability to stun the whole party with
    a WarCry and CallHelp while they're recovering themselves. He can also
    ChargeUp his power and hit twice as hard the next round. Fortunately, you
    should be here with at least one heavy-hitting monster and a healer. That will
    do a fairly good job of taking the FangSlime on, in all honesty. He does
    fairly good damage, but as long as you can keep healed up from his CallHelp,
    nothing else he can throw will be very dangerous. You'll probably find him
    surprisingly easy compared to earlier bosses, especially if you've been
    combining already. He does have high HP, though, so don't let him win by
    attrition if you've not got a good healer with you.
    B18) BRAVERY
    Levels: 9
    Monsters: 1-3: Demonite, BeanMan, 1EyeClown, FloraMan
              4-5: BeanMan, FloraMan, SaberMan, GiantWorm
              6-8: BeanMan, FloraMan, GiantWorm, BullBird
    Boss: BigEye
    Mostly stuff that we've already dealt with in earlier areas. Don't rush
    yourself too much. Just focus on dealing with them and getting the experience
    while you work your way down. Be careful of the FloraMans, who will throw
    multi-party attacks of Firebane, and the 1EyeClowns, who'll be trying to take
    you on with BlazeMore, as well as IceBolt. It can do considerable damage.
    Having a healer in here is probably the best thing that you can do for
    yourself. Especially if that healer has HealUs instead of just
    Heal/HealMore/HealAll. Especially if you decide to come in here with plants or
    other creatures who are weak against fire. GiantWorms have BeastCut, so if you
    happen to have Beast Family monsters along with you, they may get a heck of a
    battering. Likewise with Devils and the SaberMan's DevilCut ability, though
    those SaberMans have a more dangerous trick: Paralysis. Either have NumbOff or
    be prepared to kill them fast!
    BOSS BATTLE: To get to the BigEye, head to the left side of the ledge, take
    one step up, one to the right, then up. What's this about 'Not in here?' Odd
    man. Don't worry anything about it, though; nothing we can do for now. Worry
    instead about beating up the BigEye itself. This creature has fairly powerful
    attacks in IceBolt and IceAir. It also has the ability to heal itself
    occasionally, though fortunately you'll be doing enough damage that it
    shouldn't be able to keep up with you. Just wail on it heavily, keeping your
    healer employed with keeping your people on their feet. And what's this? Now
    that you got it, it won't join your party? ... well, you can't win 'em *all*,
    right? If you want one of these to add to your number, looks like you'll have
    to create it. Sorry! And isn't it wonderful for the king to warn you that you
    don't need to feed them meat treats now? After you may have wasted good meat
    on the earlier bosses? ARGH! ... well, hopefully you were reading this FAQ
    which told you this one won't join you. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the
    king fibs here: there are several monsters that you *should* feed meat to.
    BigEye, however, is not one of these.
    Now that we're through with those Gates, let's take our BoneSlave (you *did*
    catch one like I suggested, didn't you?) down to the well and talk to the old
    man down there. He'll take the creature and you'll be shooed off. Leave the
    well and come immediately back. The pot will be gone, and in its place... a
    Travelers' Gate! Because of that, he wants to keep his assistant around, but
    offers you the Gate instead. Oh, gee. I wonder which we should choose. Talk to
    the assistant for a moment. Hmmm. Apparently we know where things might've
    gone wrong! ... but the 'why' isn't important. What's important is that we've
    got ourselves another Gate to check out. Don't hesitate: let's go do that
    right now.
    B19) WELL
    Levels: 12
    Monsters: 1-3: BoneSlave, Almiraj, FloraMan, GiantSlug
              4-5: Almiraj, TreeSlime, FloraMan, GiantSlug
              6-8: GiantWorm, BullBird, FloraMan, MudDoll
              9-11: BullBird, SaberMan, FloraMan, MudDoll, Metaly
    Boss: Gigantes (Gant)#
    Here we're getting into much deeper dungeons. However, one nice thing about
    this dungeon is that most of it is fairly small; there's not a lot of long,
    twisting paths, and short levels are quite common to find. Bards are
    comparatively common here because of this; it's a good way to get stats. Most
    of the monsters here are things you've already met and hopefully handled
    fairly well. The GiantSlugs have the very useful skill of Whistle, if you want
    to grab one, but other than that, they're fairly pitiful, having only
    LushLicks to their name as an attack. Likewise, the MudDolls don't have much,
    aside from OddDance to lower your MP, though they do have the 'Hustle' ability
    for an up-and-coming healer creature if you want to get one. TreeSlimes can
    inflict Paralysis, as well as using the ability of Sap to lower your defense.
    But the most important thing in here is on levels 9-11. And that's the rare
    METALY. Yes. Metalys appear down here. And while they're very, very difficult
    to kill, they'll give you a *ton* of experience, 1122 points each, making it
    well worth the time. Bring hard-hitters down here and wander about (or
    Whistle). All you need to do is 4-5 HP of damage to one to kill it, so if you
    have someone with a big enough strength (and SquallHit is handy) you can kill
    them regularly. One hard-hitter, one healer, and one creature that needs
    levels is a good combination for here. Or you can just leave them all on your
    farm and peel through as many of the Metalys as you can. Alas, they're rare.
    Still worth hunting if you have the patience. The hard part is making your
    characters do the damage to them. You'll probably want to specifically direct
    them to attack the Metaly to make sure they're attacking it. By the way,
    here's where you may want to bring your AntEater with you again, or whatever
    you combined it into that could develop that MetalCut. Just don't try
    capturing these things until you have access to Sirloin. They're picky and
    hard to coax to you, not to mention the fact that it can be hard to kill them
    last, with their habit of running off.
    BOSS BATTLE: Oh dear. Another maze to get to the monster, but this time with
    holes in the ground. If you fall down one, you'll have to start over, and the
    holes don't stay open. Just go left, up, left, up, left, left, down, down,
    left, left, left, down, down, right, right, right, right, right, down, right,
    and right and you'll be at Gigantes. You poor thing. Big damage. Lots of big
    damage. This fellow will send attacks after you that will tear you apart if
    you're not careful. EvilSlash does immense damage on its own if it hits, and
    ChargeUp on top of it makes it a one-hit kill a lot of the time. Plus, if
    you're silly enough to bring an undead down here he'll throw ZombieCut and get
    rid of them but quick. The only advantage in bringing a zombie type is if they
    have HeavyD or something like it. They can act as a buffer for the rest of
    your team at times, since he seems to like taking down those zombies where he
    can. Sleep is effective against him, as are many other status ailments. Use
    them to advantage to keep him from hitting you back.
    Now that we have ourselves a place to hover and level for a while, let's
    assume that we're going to spend a lot of time here (I know *I* sure do). And
    in spending a lot of time here, you're going to rack up a lot of money, and
    likely a lot of TinyMedals. In fact, this is probably where you'll get that
    first egg: the ZapBird egg! It's worth hatching out and leveling some, IMO.
    The spells it has will carry you quite a ways. But there's something else:
    when you get those 13 medals, talk to the Metaly in the Medal Man's room and
    it'll tell you that it has a gate to offer you! Leave the cave, re-enter, and
    poof. There's the Traveler's Gate, all set up and ready for you. Well, let's
    not hesitate! Might as well head through and see what we can see in here,
    shall we?
    B20) MEDAL MAN
    Levels: 19
    Monsters: 1-5: NiteWhip, BoxSlime, Gismo, Orc
              6-8: BoxSlime, Gismo, Orc, RogueNite
              9-18: BoxSlime, Orc, Reaper, RogueNite
    Boss: KingSlime (Kix)#
          Lipsy (LP)#
          Toadstool (TS)#
    Oh my goodness. 19 levels! That's a huge jump from the 12 levels that we'd
    been doing just a few minutes ago with the Well Travelers' Gate. And the
    enemies here are considerably stronger, too. In other words, you may want to
    leave this place until you've gathered a few levels from the Metalys, and
    probably when you've got better creatures. However, while the experience in
    here doesn't have the gross amount of a Metaly, it is overall greater since
    almost every monster group gives several hundred XP, and thus a very nice
    place to level a lot of creatures up. Plus, there are more interesting items
    down here, including WorldDew, WorldLeaf, and Sirloin. It is also much more
    dangerous, however. Where the Metalys are almost helpless, these creatures
    will beat on you considerably. In addition, they have fairly high HP; make
    sure your monsters are capable of doing good damage when you come in here.
    Beware of the Reapers: they have Curse, and you'll find pretty quickly that
    Curse is a status that you don't want to have on you. It'll give you random
    status problems in battle, as well as keeping you from regenerating your MP
    when you're out of battle. Get a creature with DeCurse, maybe, or carry along
    a lot of Laurels. If you don't, be prepared to be cursed a lot. NiteWhips will
    throw Lightning and WindBeast, attacking multiple people at once. The Gismos
    have a habit of using SuckAir and then blowing out large gouts of dangerous
    FireAir or IceAir on you, too, so be ready for that damage, either with
    TailWind, SuckAll, or with lots of healing. BoxSlimes will both raise defense
    with Upper and throw BlazeMore on your party, dealing out damage of their own.
    RogueNites have Heal, and are more than willing to help keep their party
    members up, as well as throwing EvilSlash on you. And if you haven't already
    combined for one with a captured BeanMan, you may want to consider getting
    yourself an Orc while you're here. It's a great source of Vivify, a skill
    which no healer monster should be without, as it brings the dead back to life.
    Like the Well Gate, this level is filled with fairly short hallways, and thus
    both bishop and bard masters are fairly easy to come by. But beware: the
    'special rooms' on this level can include such brutal places as the arena,
    where you're forced to go through three battles before you can leave, and more
    to get items. This is like multiple fights with a foreign master. Brace
    BOSS BATTLE: Here, you'll get three doors to choose from. Behind each one of
    them is a different monster: KingSlime behind the middle, Toadstool on the
    right, and Lipsy on the left. And whichever one you defeat, you've finished
    the dungeon out completely; there's no second chance here. So don't dally
    around: go straight up the middle to where the KingSlime is, since it'll give
    you the most experience of the bunch, not to mention has the best skills if
    you've got the Sirloin to spare. He throws fairly high physical damage, but
    nothing you can't handle. The hardest part about killing him will be his large
    number of hit points and his bad habit of healing himself with HealMore when
    things get bad. Make sure you can throw enough damage to eliminate what he's
    healing on himself! Have your whole party heap the damage on when he starts to
    heal; he won't try and attack you until his HP are out of the 'critical'
    range, and if you keep up the attacks, they'll never get to that level.
    Remember to capture this creature if you have the chance and the meat!
    KingSlimes aren't easy to get, but they go into several high-end monsters.
    Plus, this is the easiest way (unless you feel like catching multiple slimes)
    to get hold of one for her.
    Once again, we've taken out all the gates that we can reach. Now, we're
    looking at the arena once again. However, this time, our basic creatures are
    probably not going to be strong enough to handle it. Sure, you can spend hours
    on hours in the Well or Medal Man Gate, leveling Pash, Dran, Golm, Fang, or
    any of the other heavy-hitting boss monsters up, and maybe be able to handle
    it. However, it's much better if you instead dig into your farm (which should
    be getting quite full by now!) and start looking through it to decide what you
    want to use in combinations. First off, you'll want to breed with each of the
    Masters in the arena who are offering. As I mentioned above, it's possible
    that they'll go away if you don't combine with them, so don't take that risk:
    bring them monsters to breed with! Again: I suggest a bird for Teto's IceMan
    (to get a Blizzardy), just about anything for the bar's CatFly (since there's
    nothing special that CatFly goes into), and a devil family for Mick's
    Lizardman (which will give you a Lionex). Of course, if you don't feel like
    waiting, just toss stuff at these creatures for their moves and go on.
    Obviously, I don't suggest this, though; there's better stuff you can use it
    for. Unless you're particularly impatient, you may want to start combining for
    levels and power. All the better to reach your next class. Plus, you might be
    able to get the 100 pals needed for that secret back room in the library! But
    let's not get ahead of ourselves. That will take a long time of work. Let's
    assume instead that you just want to do the average amount of breeding, rather
    than that much. If you *do* want to go for the full 100 monsters right now,
    then I suggest you search for '100 Pals Room' in the Walkthrough; it'll tell
    you what's there. For now, I'll leave it undetailed, and instead take you to
    your next battle, which is D-Class:
    B21) D-CLASS
    1st Match: Saccer, FloraJay, MadPlant
    2nd Match: MedusaEye, MadGopher, MedusaEye
    3rd Match: MadCat, RogueNite, MadCat
    Your first fight is going to be a battle of the statuses. They will speed
    themselves up, armor themselves, and try to suck your defense down. Try and
    take the FloraJay out first, if you can, to keep it from using its LifeSong to
    pick its friends up when they go down. Aside from that, the first match is
    actually very easy. It's the second where things will get annoying, as both
    MedusaEyes will do their best to throw Surround at you and make it impossible
    to hit anything physically. Bring along someone who's got a magical or breath
    attack to make this fight easier. They will also be throwing strike attacks at
    pretty much everyone: Branching against plants, BirdBlow against birds, and
    ZombieCut against undead. They also have Sap, which can ravage your defense,
    so be prepared with Increase if their attacks are doing too much to heal
    easily. Fortunately they have fairly low hit points. The third match is with
    Mick, himself. Maybe he should've kept that Lizardman; all he's got with him
    this time are two MadCats and a RogueNite. Still, those MadCats will throw a
    considerable amount of damage with SquallHit, getting shots in before you can
    do anything. Keep your healer on constant healing! And beware that RogueNite:
    it's got Heal (to keep his friends on their feet) and EvilSlash (to keep you
    off it). This is where you're going to be appreciating those powerful babies
    that you've since bred up. If you can't handle Mick, then spend some time
    leveling up and try again. Remember: with SquallHit, you'll probably *never*
    be able to attack before the cats when they get going, so healing preemptively
    will be your number 1 priority unless you've really got some massive defense
    on your side.
    Anyhow, another level up, and another level down. And... the king wants to
    speak to us again! Let's go off and do that. He'll give you permission to
    compete in C-Class and above! .... or, wait. Maybe not? First he demands that
    we fix a little problem. Apparently the rooms of Strength and Anger have
    enemies pouring out of them. He can't ignore it! And apparently, neither can
    we. Time for us to do the heroic thing and go seal those rooms off for him.
    However, before we do that, let's go and wander about, talking to people.
    There's some interesting new information to be found. For instance, one of the
    Jesters explains why there's no monsters on this side of the world. Another
    will give you a little hint about breeding. In the monster stable, you can get
    some hints about what BattleRex has for skills. Handy! Especially if we can
    combine for a BattleRex. But really, the good stuff is down in the village.
    And first thing's first: a trip into the arena.
    First off, you'll find that you can't fight anything. All of the battles are
    sealed off. You're being commanded to the room of Strength and Anger again.
    Instead, let's go to the right and up into the information area of the arena.
    Teto hasn't got a lot to say, though he'll congratulate you for passing
    D-Class. The man you bred with in the cafe will tell you about skills and
    monsters with weaknesses. Head up and talk to Mick and... he's offering a
    breeding to you! Hopefully you remembered to breed with the Lizardman the way
    I suggested, because otherwise the chance was lost. This time, it's a
    DeadNite. Make *sure* you combine with him before you go into the new gates;
    he'll be gone otherwise! There's a couple interesting special combinations you
    can do here. You can either get a RockSlime (by combining a Slime with it) or
    a DeadNoble if you create another DeadNite. Of course, like the other
    creatures, you can simply combine a normal monster with it and go with that.
    In the school, the teacher's now telling about changing monster genders.
    That's one you should already know, but if not, he'll tell you. Find out about
    the creatures in the Travelers' Gates while you're at it. Now, we leave and
    take a quick jaunt to the rest of the city. Talk quickly to the girl outside
    the Master Breeder's ladder; she doesn't have much to say yet, but at least
    you can hear Mick get called a wimp for your troubles. Now, once you've
    finished with your combining with Mick's DeadNite, it's time to take our trip
    to the Travelers' Gate of Anger.
    B22) ANGER
    Levels: 11
    Monsters: 1-3: GiantWorm, GiantSlug, Poisongon, Catfly
              4-5: GiantSlug, Poisongon, Catfly, Eyeder
              6-8: Catfly, Poisongon, Eyeder, PutrePup
              9-10: Catfly, Eyeder, PutrePup, DrakSlime
    Boss: BattleRex (Wrex)*
    If you got the Medal Man's dungeon like I suggested, this place will be an
    absolute cinch. There's not a single thing in here that you can't handle.
    Heck. Even if you only got the Well Gate, many of the things here will show up
    there. There are a few somewhat dangerous creatures. Poisongons, for example,
    are venomous in both bite and breath. You'll probably want to carry along a
    creature with Antidote or Surge with you. Eyeders have Heal, which is a nice
    thing to combine into a team, but can be somewhat annoying to fight against
    (although you should be throwing enough damage that Heal won't do them any
    good) as well as FireBal. DrakSlimes will take deep breaths and exhale FireAir
    at you, so prepare to kill them quickly or expect to take fairly considerable
    damage. CatFlys will use Slow to slow you down, and OddDance to sap the magic
    right out of you. PutrePups Slow as well, and Sap your defense while they're
    at it.
    BOSS BATTLE: This BattleRex is surrounded by eggs! Sure, you can go right up
    the middle and face her (a boss who's a female!), but instead, I suggest going
    around and kicking open all her eggs, first. Each one will have a DragonKid in
    it that you can mash for extra XP. In addition, you'll need to break at least
    one egg before she'll pay attention to you, so you might as well get them all.
    Only then should you go and bother the main boss of this place. Look! Our
    mysterious fellow again, still looking for something. And there goes all those
    eggs that we missed! Good thing that we got them before he appeared, no? He
    takes a moment to insult us for using monsters instead of our own weapon, then
    retreats. Hmmm. Odd man indeed... but no time to think about it. We've got an
    angry BattleRex to deal with. And boy, she doesn't do anything half-way. If
    you don't have people with high HP here, she'll take you down one by one with
    heavy hits. She also has BlazeAir as an attack, so hopefully you're either
    resistant to fire, have high HP, or you've got a healer with you (why would
    you ever be without one?). Anyhow, when you take her down, she'll join up with
    you. And make a rather cryptic comment. How that swordsman looked like you...
    anyhow, all finished, we go back to make our report to the king!
    The king congratulates you for a job well done. But as he's doing that,
    someone else comes up. It's the king of DeadTree, here to examine how well
    GreatTree is doing. Like the king of GreatLog before him, he insults the
    kingdom and then you, then hobbles off. Fortunately, the king's made of
    sterner stuff than that. He opens C-Class and beyond for you to fight in! And
    what's this? There's a rumbling, and the ground shakes. Remember earlier?
    Someone mentioned that when the tree grows, there's a shaking. Well! It looks
    as though our tree home has had a growth spurt! Battles? Gates? Heck with
    that: let's check out the kingdom and see what changes have been made! First
    off, let's go to the Monster Farm. A lot has changed up there, after all!
    The first thing you'll notice on coming here is that instead of the Dracky, a
    Trumpeter is there now. He will tell you the maximum level potential of the
    monsters in your party! This is a very useful thing. Now you know how many
    levels they can grow to precisely! The man's pot has another TinyMedal in it,
    too! Snag that out; all the more to bring the Medal Man. Head up to check on
    the MadKnight and his Lipsy-love. The cliff has been joined, so they can
    reunite! This also opens up a gate for us to reach! Let's check that out a
    little later. For now, just remember that it's here. See the two pits that
    have been left behind? Take the one to the right and you'll have found what
    the hole in those barrels are for: a shortcut right down to the Master Monster
    Tamer! This'll make our trip a lot quicker for combining later on! In fact, if
    you have some combinations to make, might as well do them while you're here.
    Just don't get too enthusiastic with it yet; we've still got to check out the
    rest of the village. As a matter of fact, let's head to the Colosseum and see
    what's going on down that way.
    First thing, we find that Teto has advanced to C-Class while we've been away.
    Seems he's doing fairly well still. Just up from the North, we get a hint on
    how to make a Unicorn: we need a FangSlime. Well, considering we've already
    got that FangSlime from the earlier Travelers' Gate, looks like we already
    have one. Nice of him to let us know this. Hopefully you haven't already bred
    it away, now. In the cafe, a woman called May has a Rayburn that she'd like to
    breed with. She'll even give you a hint of what to cross with it: seems her
    Rayburn likes birds. Keep that in mind; it's a good combination to make. Head
    up to talk to the Queen while you're there, and it seems that she has a
    visitor: The Medal Man! He says if you believe that he's not the king, he's
    got a monster you can breed with. You might as well do it; there's no harm to
    it. And what you get offered is a FangSlime! So even if you *did* breed your
    own FangSlime away, here's one that you can combine with. If you have a spare
    Beast, bring it up here and you can get yourself a Unicorn. In front of the
    school, a man will tell you where to get a bunch of handy skills, in case
    you're interested in them. And inside the school itself, the lesson is still
    gender-changing. Once you're done all this inspection, let's go out to the
    city. Plenty to check out there, as well. To the Bazaar!
    As was promised, the Bazaar has another store open now! The items are quite
    valuable to be taking along with you, now that you're getting into more
    difficult levels:
    Potion: 200g
    WorldDew: 500g
    SageStone: 1000g
    WorldLeaf: 1000g
    MapHerb: 70g
    BookMark: 100g
    Rib: 300g
    MistStaff: 700G
    The BookMark, especially, is something you'll want to take at least one of
    along with you at all times. It's good insurance. If you get a good item,
    capture a monster, or defeat a difficult Master, you can use the BookMark to
    save anywhere in the world, rather than having to descend to a level where
    saving's enabled, or exit the level completely with a WarpWing. SageStones are
    also a handy thing to keep around. They'll heal your entire party by a good
    handful of HP (around the same amount as Hustle) and can be used multiple
    times. They'll eventually break when used, though, so don't depend on them to
    be infinite.
    The only other real change that's happened is that the mysterious no-sell
    merchant has been separated from the rest of the Bazaar. Looks as though we
    still won't be able to buy anything from him. The rest of the Bazaar is pretty
    much just as it was before, so instead go back into the village and check out
    the rest of it. For one thing, the journal in the little girl's house has
    grown a little bit. It's nothing special, but you might be curious to see what
    it reads. The old man's still being stubborn about his gate, though; don't get
    hopeful that he's since changed his mind about that. But going out, there's a
    path to the lower-right, now, where there wasn't before. Go through there and
    you'll find another Goopi! Like the first one, he wants to play
    Rock-Paper-Scissors (or Bomb-Babble-Crab in this case). However this time,
    there's no hint as to which you want to go with. If you're tired of trying to
    figure him out, though, here's the order: Bomb, Crab, Babble, Babble, Bomb.
    Once you've done that, head up to where the original Goopi is. There'll be
    another Travelers' Gate for you! Just collecting these things, aren't we? With
    that, we've now got three gates open and available for us to check out: the
    Monster Farm Gate, the Colosseum Gate, and the Gate Of Strength.
    Levels: 11
    Monsters: 1-3: MudDoll, TreeSlime, SkulRider, FairyDrak
              4-5: MudDoll, SkulRider, FairyDrak, WingTree
              6-8: TreeSlime, SkulRider, WingTree, DrakSlime
              9-10: TreeSlime, WingTree, FairyDrak, DrakSlime
    Boss: StoneMan
    There's quite a few monsters in here that you've had to fight in the arena,
    but not in the Gates yet. TreeSlimes, for instance, you'll find to be
    familiar, right down to their annoying habit of breathing SleepAir on you and
    possibly paralyzing you when they hit you. You should be able to kill them
    before they can paralyze your whole party, but you may still want to keep
    MoonHerbs around just in case. FairyDraks will put you to sleep as well, and
    their Surround is even more obnoxious, making it very difficult to hit with
    physical attacks. Make certain that you've got either spells or breath on-hand
    just in case you get a combination of TreeSlimes and FairyDrak together. Most
    of the other monsters are fairly basic; you've either been up against them
    before, or they haven't got anything particularly worth worrying about.
    SkulRiders, for instance, have FireSlash and will occasionally use RainSlash,
    which can affect your whole party, as well as LegSweep to trip you up.
    WingTrees have Farewell, which means they can commit suicide to pick their
    friends up, as well as ZombieCut to damage any Zombie Family monsters you
    might have. This is the first level where I found the Lost Forest special
    room. Just take the right-up road both times and it should lead you to the
    BOSS BATTLE: When you first come down here, it looks pretty... odd. A strange
    statue, a chest, and a pot. Go down and check that pot and chest out. Nothing
    special he-... did that statue just move? ... of course it did. Go and talk to
    it, then fight it. StoneMan can be a difficult match. For one thing, he's
    pretty much immune to ice and fire, making your usual spells and breath
    weapons mostly useless against him. In addition, he's almost immune to status
    ailments, so trying to put him to sleep or paralyze him shouldn't be bothered
    with, either. Instead, hammer on him physically; he may have high defense, but
    he's got only moderate HP. Plus, he hasn't got any skills that will rescue
    him. No healing spells or anything like it. All he can do is smash you with a
    basic physical attack. In other words, compared to some of the boss monsters
    you've had to face, this one is an absolute breeze.
    Levels: 12
    Monsters: 1-3: FairyDrak, Butterfly, MadRaven, SkullRoo
              4-5: FairyDrak, MadRaven, SkullRoo, Mudron
              6-8: DrakSlime, MadRaven, SkullRoo, Facer
              9-11: DrakSlime, SkullRoo, Mudron, Facer
    Boss: Copycat (Mime)*
    Here we'll meet a monster called the Mudron. Mudrons have 'Beat', so you want
    to be afraid of them when you see them. They can take out monsters in a single
    toss of the spell. On the other hand, they've also got Heal and Vivify, so
    catching one (or more) is generally a very good idea. They make for fantastic
    healers, if dangerous ones because of their Beat spell. In addition, there are
    a lot of valuable high-end monsters they go into. Aside from that, many of the
    creatures here are things you've already dealt with or can deal with fairly
    easily, so don't worry yourself too much. Butterflys throw Surround and Curse,
    and can CallHelp. MadRavens have HighJump, which can be annoying as you have
    no way to attack them when they're in the air, as well as DrakSlash against
    your Dragons. SkullRoos have DrakSlash as well, as well as PaniDance, which
    can confuse your entire party at once. The most dangerous of the bunch,
    though, are the Facers: they have the ability to destroy themselves and
    inflict either death or extreme damage on every member of the party. However,
    all these creatures are fairly weak, and will die swiftly. Just work your way
    down to the bottom; the XP here isn't worth dawdling for. It can be a good
    place to find bishops and bards, though, so feel free to wander a little in
    search of masters.
    BOSS BATTLE: Recognize this place? It's the house that wouldn't let you inside
    because of his Betty! Well, let's have a talk with Betty and see what's so
    great about her. Seems this man's had a crush on something that's not even
    human. Copycat can a *very* difficult boss. When it's its own self, it's not
    so bad. However, it can copy one of your team, and has a bad habit of picking
    the scariest one of the bunch, leaving you having to fight your own self!
    Beware of this, obviously; it'll do some severe damage to you with your own
    spells and attacks. Really, one of the best ways to take this creature down is
    to bring some high HP, mediocre-strength monsters down so what he has to copy
    won't be as dangerous to you, yet you can still manage to get all the way to
    it. Then you've just got to whittle through it. And make certain you have
    space on your farm! This is a hard monster to get; you can only find it here
    or on Foreign Masters.
    Levels: 16
    Monsters: 1-5: WingSlime, MadCandle, MedusaEye, MadGopher
              6-8: MadCandle, MedusaEye, MadGopher, Slabbit
              9-12: MadCandle, MadGopher, WindBeast, Slabbit
              13-15: MadGopher, WindBeast, Slabbit, Gasgon
    Boss: Digster (Ebi)*
    Here's the first place that you'll get the chance to meet up with MadGophers.
    I love MadGophers. They're so darned cute. And really, they aren't that
    dangerous, aside from the fact they'll charge their attack and hit you
    double-hard at times, or attack with BirdBlow or ZombieCut. Mind you, there
    are monsters here besides them, and some of them can be more tricky.
    MedusaEyes have that annoying Surround spell to throw at you which will make
    physical attacks almost useless. Slabbits will do their best to trip you up
    with LegSweep and make you miss a turn, while MadCandles just do a plain,
    simple BlazeMore attack on you. And be very careful of Gasgons. They have an
    attack called 'Sacrifice', where they essentially explode, trying to take you
    with them. It can do massive damage or even kill you instantly. Needless to
    say, kill Gasgons quickly if you see them before you end up getting exploded.
    WindBeasts have various wind attacks, both VacuSlash and Infernos, as well as
    searing IceBolts.
    BOSS BATTLE: Warubou shows up again! One of your monsters gets to go for a
    dip. And this is the typical 'be truthful' situation: make sure you tell our
    mysterious voice the truth all the way through, or you're going to get kicked
    out early and have to go through the whole Gate again. If you tell the truth
    all the way through, though, the voice will give you a Digster! ... that is,
    if you can beat it. This is going to be one of the more annoying fights, since
    he's got the ability of StrongD. Digster will make you deal only a minuscule
    amount of damage. In addition, he'll occasionally use SuckAll, which will
    inhale a breath attack and throw it back at you. To this end, try and leave
    your magic-attackers at home; just bring monsters with a good physical attack
    and slam on the Digster hard and fast. Eventually, you'll wear through his
    defense and be able to take him down. You probably won't even need to heal in
    this fight. For all the annoyance, it's a rather anticlimactic fight, I think.
    And as a note, this is (I think) the only boss which can change genders on
    you: sometimes Ebi is female, and sometimes it's male. Which means it's
    possible to use a BookMark on the level above (or save if it's a special room)
    and try again if you don't get the gender you want.
    B27) C-CLASS
    Now that we've cleaned out all the Travelers' Gates that we can reach again,
    we should check out the arena battles. Things are getting a bit expensive
    here, but you should be making a lot of money with all your trips into the
    Travelers' Gates to level your monsters and hunt down creatures for
    combinations. As with before, we could skip levels if we wanted, but it's
    better to take them one at a time so as not to lose anything in between the
    fights. So rather than jumping all the way down to S-Class, we're just going
    to take C-Class:
    1st Match: Spikyboy, StubBird, SpikyBoy
    2nd Match: Healer, RogueNite, Healer
    3rd Match: BoxSlime, RockSlime, BoxSlime
    The first match is going to be filled with genuine danger, not to mention some
    really, genuinely annoying HighJumps by the Spikyboys. When they're in the
    air, you can't actually hit them with physical attacks. Having a breath weapon
    or spellcaster in your group will make fast work of them even in the air,
    though, so don't worry too much about it. So where's the 'genuine danger'? The
    thing you *should* worry about is their habit of casting Sacrifice, killing or
    critically injuring your whole party in one single attack. Make sure you have
    a fast party to take them out before they can do this. The StubBird is pretty
    much decoration: it can up their attack, but very little else. The second
    battle is... well, you know what Healers are like, so you can pretty much
    guess. Fortunately, if you've got the strength to get through the RogueNite,
    the Healers themselves are pretty much worthless. And he is the one you should
    focus on for that reason. In the third match, you're up against Teto again,
    and this time he's brought along a different, all-Slime party. Like his first
    one, the true danger actually comes in the masters before him; those Spikyboys
    can destroy a party before you even get this far. Once you do, however, these
    Slimes are easy to take out. Just beware the BoxSlimes' Ramming ability,
    which will do considerable damage to you at the cost of their HP. The
    RockSlime's biggest advantage is that it will use StrongD, thus making it
    extremely difficult to do the damage needed to kill it. This can eat up turns
    while the BoxSlimes are smacking on you.
    Once you've completed this level, the King opens up the rooms of Joy and
    Wisdom! First, though, let's take our wander around the arena. Teto is in his
    usual place, and once again, he has a monster to offer you for breeding: an
    Eyeder! I suggest for this one you use a Butterfly, a TailEater, or another
    Eyeder and get yourself a Droll. There are quite a few things that one goes
    into. Also, the skills that this creature has makes for a nice combo; SideStep
    and Heal combine to make Hustle, which is handy for a healer. May, in the
    cafe, hasn't got any monsters for breeding, but she does have a suggestion for
    you on how to meet the bishops behind the gates. Get your info about the Gates
    and ready yourself; now things are starting to get dangerous. Feel free to
    check with your 'spies' on the monsters behind the Gates, and then get ready
    to head out. Time to go and beat a couple more Gates.
    B28) JOY
    Levels: 14
    Monsters: 1-5: Snaily, Saccer, Gulpple, MadPecker
              6-8: Saccer, Gulpple, EyeBall, MadPecker
              9-12: Saccer, EyeBall, Babble, Mummy
              13: Babble, EyeBall, MadPecker, Mummy
    Boss: FunkyBird (Func)*
    Beware of Saccers! In fact, let me say that again: Beware of Saccers! These
    creatures have the attack of 'PalsyAir', making it possible for them to
    destroy your whole party in one single attack by having a lucky attack. Kill
    them off quickly before they get the chance to do it. Mummies can also
    paralyze if they get a hit in, though in their case it's done by attack, one
    enemy at a time. Gulpples can put your party to sleep with their attacks;
    nowhere near as dangerous as paralysis, but it can still put you out of the
    battle for a much-needed round or two, so be careful around them as well.
    Also, Babbles can use PoisonHit. With all the dangerous status effects that
    you'll find down here, it's probably best if you leave the Beasts and Dragons
    at home, and instead take along Bugs and Undead, or combined creatures with a
    high resistance. As for the other creatures here, MadPeckers use Infernos and
    VacuSlash, as well as Sap. Snaily will throw IceBolt as well as CallHelp. If
    you have the space to do it, you may well want to capture a Gulpple here. They
    go into the creation of an Andreal, and Andreal go into a great many high-end
    monsters, some of which you will likely need at some point. Especially if
    you're planning on doing the breeding for bosses.
    BOSS BATTLE: No special situations here: all you need to do is walk up to the
    bird and talk to it a couple of times. FunkyBird is an annoying creature. She
    has a habit of dancing the PaniDance, which will confuse your entire party if
    it hits them. Again, Bugs and Undead are a good idea, since they're resistant
    to this (although likely not completely immune; be prepared with a SkyBell or
    two). She also has the ability to dance the Hustle, healing herself of some of
    the damage you've hit her with. Make certain that you can do enough damage
    each round to keep the Hustle ineffectual. Even if you're only doing a few
    points at a time, the FunkyBird will eventually go down.
    B29) WISDOM
    Levels: 15
    Monsters: 1-5: Facer, Tonguella, FloraJay, Pteranod
              6-14: Tonguella, FloraJay, Pteranod, Armorpede
    Boss: SkyDragon
    Lots of new monsters for you to meet up with. Fortunately, most of them are
    fairly basic in their attacking, without too many scary tricks. Tonguellas
    have a lot of sleep to toss your way, both in SleepAir and a NapAttack, plus
    they've got the LushLicks ability. Because of this, you'll probably want to
    have sleep-resistant folks with you. Facers have the ability of Sacrifice, so
    beware them; be ready to take them out fast and hard before they explode and
    take you with them. Armorpedes, as well as having good defense to get through,
    can make it higher with Upper as well as bring their attack up with TwinHits;
    not a big deal, but they might be with other monsters that you don't *want*
    attacking you at double-strength. Or that you don't want to be made harder to
    kill. FloraJays have the annoying 'LifeSong' ability which can sing their
    friends back into being, as well as BeastCut to slash those beasties and Speed
    to make them and their friends faster. Pteranods will throw FireBolt and
    WindBeast, and have TailWind to help protect from draconic breath attacks.
    BOSS BATTLE: The SkyDragon is hovering around the top of a cliff. There are
    four ropes hanging down. Have the basic idea yet? Yes, it's horribly annoying
    to get to it, since SkyDragon doesn't really feel much like staying still and
    waiting for you. Still, there's a very simple answer to this puzzle: go to the
    far right rope, climb it until the dragon goes to the rope second to the left,
    then descend and head straight up that rope. Once you get to it, the trouble
    begins. For one thing, it has the attack of Scorching, which can do a massive
    amount of fire-breath damage to your whole team. Even worse, it can use
    SuckAir to make the next attack that much more powerful. Make *sure* you've
    got a good healer to cure up from this. Dragons or Materials might be a good
    thing to take along as well, since many of them are resistant or immune to
    that attack. It will also throw an attack called MultiCut which does
    considerable damage, though nowhere near as much as a SuckAir-Scorching combo
    does. This is probably the hardest boss battle you've had in a long while, so
    don't feel bad if it takes you out a time or two before you can find the
    balance (or the luck). Breed a more powerful line of monsters if you have to.
    No additional hidden Gates around this time. Therefore, once you've got those
    two out of the way and you've done all the breeding you wanted to with Teto,
    you can head right for the Colosseum for B-Class:
    B30) B-CLASS
    1st Fight: Hammerman, Hammerman, Hammerman
    2nd Fight: AgDevil, WindMerge, TreeBoy
    3rd Fight: ArmyCrab, MadDragon, ArmyCrab
    The first fight is damage. Lots and lots of it. Not only do they have a fairly
    good physical attack, but they've got EvilSlash and Kamikaze, both of which
    can throw a great deal of damage physically. They can also ChargeUp, making
    the hit do even more the next round. Hopefully you can hit them before they
    can get the damage mounting. If not, better make sure your healer can take
    what they throw and stack the healing spells on fast. Especially since the
    second match will involve full-party attacks: IceBolt from the TreeBoy,
    Infermost from the WindMerge, and Firebane from the AgDevil. Also beware the
    AgDevil's SleepAir. That'll drop you to sleep while the others continue to rip
    through you with spells. Ensure your healer is resistant to sleep before you
    come in here, and having NumbOff on said resistant creature (or Surge) would
    be very helpful! The final fight introduces you to a MadDragon, who will rip
    apart your party with Massacre and EvilSlash while the two ArmyCrabs use
    Increase for defense. In addition, they can CallHelp, adding to the damage of
    the bunch. Pile on the damage as fast as you can here and keep your healer
    constantly on healing for those sudden out-of-nowhere attacks.
    Another one down, and Happiness and Temptation are opened for you. And another
    quick stroll into the arena to see what they have to offer us now. There's
    more information for you now from people. The folks near the cafe tell you
    about where to get some skills. In the school, the teacher will explain about
    passing skills on in breeding. It does a fairly good job of explaining, though
    their explanation about 'parents and grandparents' skills is a little hard to
    follow. No one feels like breeding with us this time, so let's just take a
    walk to the Bazaar.
    Another new store! This is probably one of the more important ones to get
    things at.
    Sirloin: 1000G
    ShinyHarp: 3000G
    WindStaff: 1500G
    LavaStaff: 3000G
    BoltStaff: 3000G
    SnowStaff: 4000G
    FireStaff: 5000G
    The ShinyHarp is essentially an item that uses the 'Whistle' skill: use it and
    a monster group will attack you. I suggest getting hold of this one and
    keeping it with you at all times. Sirloins are the best meat: now that you can
    actually buy them, it's probably best if you ignore any other type of meat
    that you can get hold of. These will do all the work for you. The staves are
    the same as the ones you'll get behind the gate: they throw a damaging spell
    at the enemies and break after a certain number of uses. Of all of them,
    FireStaff and SnowStaff are the ones that are most worth it. FireStaff does
    the most damage, but only does it to one enemy at a time (BlazeMost).
    SnowStaff attacks all, with the power of Blizzard.
    The man's journal has some new information in it, so feel free to go and root
    through it. Aside from that, though, the city's pretty much unchanged. After
    doing your wandering and talking and buying and breeding, we can head to the
    Travelers' Gates and check out the new ones.
    Levels: 18
    Monsters: 1-4: Oniono, Gophecada, Pixy, Gasgon
              5-12: Oniono, Gophecada, Pixy, DeadNite
              13-16: Gophecada, Pixy, DeadNite, StubBird
              17: Gophecada, DeadNite, SpikyBoy, StubBird
    Boss: Jamirus
    Gophecadas are everywhere here, which can be a big problem since they have the
    ability of 'Beat'. You'll need a lot of speed to either take them out before
    they can throw it, or Revive to be able to bring back those that go down. As
    an alternative, you may want to bring creatures who are either immune or
    highly resistant to death attacks such as Slimes, Devils, Undead, or
    Materials. Onionos will exhale gouts of SleepAir and slap you around with
    ChargeUp, or suck away your MP with RobMagic. Pixys have Speed and TwinHits
    to power their friends up, while StubBirds use RainSlash and TwinHits.
    SpikyBoys, like Gasgons, will attempt to blow you up with Sacrifice, so be
    quick on the draw with them. DeadNites are healers extraordinaire, throwing
    Heal as well as DeChaos and CurseOff: two very useful status healing
    abilities, and a fairly big step toward getting the all-important Surge.
    BOSS BATTLE: Sitting on an altar, Jamirus preaches to the masses(?) about
    creating a great world of monsters. Once you talk to him enough, he'll leave
    off his discussion and enter the fight. And a considerable fight it can be,
    too. He'll toss BlazeMost at the party, doing great fire damage to one member,
    as well as hitting with QuadHits, slinging four shots at your party. As long
    as you have good defense, the QuadHits won't be too much of a concern, but the
    BlazeMost can be trouble if the monster's not either resistant or immune to
    fire. Leave your dragons at home, as well: Jamirus has TailWind which can blow
    their breath attacks back at you. This might not cause a lot of extra damage
    to the dragon since they're generally immune or resistant, but the rest of the
    party won't appreciate it.
    In a letter from Damien Tan, I received the following information:
    "but I have also personally witnessed my friend able to catch a Jamirus in the
    gate of Happiness, with 8 sirloins, because he forgot to clear the gate until
    he beat Milayou, and he thought that he could catch a Jamirus just like how I
    could catch a DarkHorn. Maybe you would like to try testing that out too?"
    I, myself, was unable to catch a Jamirus in this gate, even after feeding
    gross amounts of Sirloin. However, if someone else is able to capture this
    boss monster and can show that it's possible, I'd be most appreciative to
    Levels: 20
    Monsters: 1-8: Spikyboy, KingCobra, Mommonja, SlimeNite
              9-12: KingCobra, Mommonja, SlimeNite, StagBug
              13-16: KingCobra, SlimeNite, MistyWing, StagBug
              17-19: SlimeNite, MistyWing, DarkEye, StagBug
    Boss: Servant (Mats)#
    Once again, we have SpikyBoys and their Sacrifice attack. As usual, beware
    them: hit hard and fast. We also have KingCobras appearing here, who have
    PoisonHit. Having someone with Antidote is a good idea. They also have the
    deadly K.O. Dance, though fortunately not when they're this low in level.
    Catch one if you want to add it to your breeding pool, though. Mommonjas will
    use the LureDance on you, forcing you to dance for their amusement and making
    you lose a turn while you do it. This isn't as dangerous as it is annoying by
    this point, but it can be trouble if you're being attacked by SpikyBoys and
    others. And DarkEyes are to be avoided at all costs: they have the PalsyAir
    attack which can paralyze your entire party, thus killing you. NumbOff is the
    best thing you can do for yourself here, aside from carrying a lot of
    MoonHerbs. StagBugs have both the Sleep spell and FireAir. A combination that
    can do a fair amount of damage if you're low level or have fire-weak monsters
    with you. SlimeNites are another creature with Heal, combining that with Upper
    for defense, and BeastCut for some extra damage. MistyWings have the annoying
    Surround ability, as well as EerieLight to make your group susceptible to
    BOSS BATTLE: Images like this makes you wish you could save people, don't
    they? ... well, maybe not. This is the only boss battle where instead of just
    the boss, you have to handle a pair of flunkies. And both the EvilArmor and
    Centasaur are tough monsters in their own right, as well. The EvilArmor has
    excellent defense, and will throw slash attacks at your party steadily: Fire,
    Bolt, and DrakSlash, all. The Centasaur's StopSpell can be deadly for you: if
    it hits your healer, you'll be stuck with using only items and Hustle to heal
    your party. Hopefully you got a healing monster with Hustle for this reason.
    And Servant, himself, is no pushover. Not only does he have BlazeMost and
    Blizzard, but he has a deadly habit of using Focus, which will give him two
    rounds of attacks the next round. That can be killer, since you won't have the
    time to get yourself back to your feet. Make sure your HP are kept at full or
    as close to it as possible in this fight, because otherwise, that double-round
    of attack will flatten you with frightening ease. And remember: if you decide
    you want to capture the Servant, be certain to kill it last. The other
    monsters, as far as I've been able to find, are unable to be captured even
    after six and more Sirloins, so don't waste your Sirloin on something that
    won't join you! Besides, the Servant is more worth the catch.
    And just as a note, if you come back down here later, you'll find the town
    standing clean. Apparently Watabou was able to put the fire out for you while
    you waltzed back to the castle. Hooray! ... unimportant, though.
    Since we have nothing else to do right now, you might want to spend a little
    time capturing new creatures with Sirloin, leveling your monsters, and going
    for your next generation. The tournament battle could be pretty rough on a new
    monster or low generations. Some of the high-end monsters would probably be a
    good idea, or some well-bred mid-level ones. Once you've got that done to your
    satisfaction, it's time to make our bid for A-Class:
    B33) A-CLASS
    1st Match: Fireweed, EvilBeast, Wyvern
    2nd Match: Grizzly, Lionex, Grizzly
    3rd Match: Toadstool, Lipsy, Toadstool
    The very first match can be your very last if you're not careful: Fireweed
    throws PalsyAir, and as has been stated before, this attack can mean instant
    death if your group isn't immune to it. Either make your party one that's
    resistant, or just be sure your healer is resistant and that you've got
    NumbOff or Surge on it. The Wyvern will likely be trying to keep its party
    healed, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about its IceAir, though
    EvilBeast's FireBane will be a fairly constant attack. In the second round,
    you've got to face down some heavy damage monsters. Both Grizzlys have great
    strength (as all Grizzlys tend to) and will also use SquallHit occasionally,
    getting their attack in before you can get yours in. Your healer should be
    kept busy mending your thumpers while you focus on taking the monsters down.
    Try and throw high damage, though, and don't let it get spread out too much:
    Lionex has HealUs, and isn't afraid to use it to keep his heavy-hitting
    partners on their feet. In addition, Lionex will sometimes throw Vacuum, which
    is a fairly high-damage wind attack on your party to add to the trouble. And
    the third match is another reason to have status-resistant creatures: both
    Toadstools have NapAttack and SleepAir, while the Lipsy has NapAttack as well.
    You'll be skipping a lot of turns unless your party is resistant to sleep.
    Fortunately, NumbOff cures sleep, too, so that healer you've got will come in
    doubly-handy in this battle.
    With A-Class down, we can now enter the room of Labyrinth and Judgement. We
    can also talk with Teto and find that he's wanting to help us. By offering a
    breeding with his Yeti. Where does he get these monsters and why isn't he
    using them? Going up to talk to May, she'll offer to *give* us her monster, as
    opposed to just wanting to breed with it. Make sure you've got the space in
    your farm and take it! This StoneMan's got some good moves: HealUs, Farewell,
    and Ahhh. 'Ahhh' is an unusual skill. It depends on the gender of the monster.
    If used on a female, they'll be stunned for a round by the hug. If it's on a
    male, they'll take damage. Not a hugely useful skill, honestly, but it does
    let you know what gender the other monster is, and it's worth a laugh to
    imagine one monster cuddling the other one. Anyway, out of here and let's talk
    to the others around the kingdom.
    Things are just hopping around here now. People are now giving you approval
    all the way around. The Metal Man's Metaly reports that The Medal Man is
    looking nervous, probably because the tournament is approaching. The girl is
    still being a brat to us, though; I guess if we want to impress her, we're
    going to have to at least win S-Class. But of course before we do that,
    there's two new gates that have been opened that we should check out:
    Levels: 23
    Monsters: 1-5: RockSlime, Chamelgon, Cactiball, TailEater, Gismo
              6-10: RockSlime, DuckKite, Cactiball, TailEater, Gismo
              11-15: RockSlime, DuckKite, Cactiball, Gismo, AgDevil
              16-20: RockSlime, DuckKite, TailEater, Gismo, AgDevil
              21-22: RockSlime, DuckKite, Gismo, AgDevil, WindMerge
    Boss: DarkHorn (Dark)#
    Things are getting deep now. Plus, they're starting to get more dangerous.
    While the RockSlimes aren't anything to worry about, they have StrongD to keep
    you from killing them instantly, plus HighJump to take a round of safety and
    come crashing down for fairly good damage. The Chamelgon and DuckKites have
    PanicAll, confusing the party in one fell swoop if you're not careful.
    Cactiballs have a paralyzing attack, so beware of them as well. Fortunately,
    it's only one person at a time, so you should be able to deal with them before
    they paralyze your whole party. Hopefully. AgDevils use Sacrifice, SleepAir,
    and FireBal, all. WindMerges match their name with attacks of Infernos, as
    well as having access to Barrier. TailEaters will breathe PoisonGas at you,
    attempting to poison your whole party at once; Surge or Antidote will be
    something you'll want to have on you unless you want to be dealing with poison
    damage through the whole Gate, or feel like carrying multiple antidote herbs.
    However, the experience is getting higher now. You'll get more XP here than in
    the Medal Man's place, even. If the twisting corridors don't bother you, you
    may want to move your 'level-gaining' to here. Of course, this is only if you
    haven't opened the '100 Pals Room'.
    BOSS BATTLE: Well, suddenly we have an idea as to why this place is called
    'Labyrinth'. You can surrender and use the gate back to the surface and come
    back later if you need to, but we hopefully shouldn't need it. The path you're
    looking for is: Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, and then to the upper Left.
    DarkHorn's got a few tricks up its sleeve, though you should be prepared for
    them just by having come down into this place armed against statuses: he'll
    have SleepAll to knock your party out while he slams them with physical. Plus,
    he can drop StopSpell on you, rendering your healer monster ineffectual except
    for Hustle. He can also throw PsycheUp, which will make his attack
    automatically last, but make it do extra damage. Honestly, this is probably
    not going to be a worry for you, since the attack's only on one person, and
    you should at the very least have some Lovewater, if not WorldDew to use. And
    that's only if your healer is StopSpelled. In other words, if you've made it
    down to him, killing him should be simple.
    Levels: 25
    Monsters: 1-5: WeedBug, HammerMan, MadGoose, TreeBoy, SpotKing
              6-10: HammerMan, MadGoose, TreeBoy, Droll, SpotKing
              11-15: HammerMan, TreeBoy, Droll, SpotKing, LizardFly
              16-20: HammerMan, TreeBoy, GiantMoth, SpotKing, LizardFly
              21-24: HammerMan, MadGoose, GiantMoth, SpotKing, LizardFly
    Boss: Akubar
    SpotKings! These creatures are fairly valuable to get hold of, since they can
    combine into several things, including a KingSlime (which you'll want to get
    to show the Queen). They'll try and put you to sleep with NapAttack but aside
    from that, and the fact that they have high HP, they're not that much trouble
    to take on. Grab one (or more, now that you have Ironize). HammerMans
    (HammerMen?) will use Kamikaze, doing a good amount of damage to you at the
    cost of their own HP. Be careful of this; there are monsters who can do enough
    damage to destroy someone who's at a low level of health. TreeBoys will chuck
    party-attacking IceBolt spells, though they shouldn't do enough damage to be
    dangerous unless you're already at low health. Be careful of the confusing
    ability of MadGoose. If those hit, *you'll* be a bigger threat to you than any
    other monster in here, as your monsters will be attacking one another. They
    can also use LureDance, which can make you miss a turn while the party dances.
    GiantMoths are another paralysis creature; watch yourself here. LizardFlys are
    dangerous with their FireBolt and FireAir attacks. WeedBugs, on the other
    hand, are fairly harmless; they'll use Barrier to block attacks, but that's
    about it.
    BOSS BATTLE: Beware of Akubar's damage-throwing abilities. He's got both
    Blizzard and Explodet: two attacks which dole out a large amount of damage to
    your whole party. Have a healer with HealUsAll, or make sure you've got
    SageStones or WorldDews on hand. In addition, he can Focus, thus throwing two
    attacks in one round. Both of these which can be Explodet. In other words, if
    you see him focusing, either take him out hard and fast or, preferably, have
    your healer throw StrongD so at least one party member will survive to bring
    the others back.
    Done your combining? Got the monsters you're interested in? Braced for impact?
    Because it's time to take on S-Class. The final class before the big Starry
    Night Tournament match. Be *certain* you have strong monsters coming into
    this: at least one really good healer who's resistant to statuses and a
    heavy-hitter. You'll want to make certain you have raw physical damage for
    once, rather than relying on breath weapons and heavy spells. Why, you ask?
    The reason will become evident when you get to the last battle:
    B36) S-CLASS
    1st Fight: DanceVegi, Voodoll, DanceVegi
    2nd Fight: Slime, Dracky, ArmyAnt
    3rd Fight: Metabble, Roboster, MetalDrak
    The first fight could easily be your last if you don't have immunity to status
    effects: the DanceVegis will throw K.O. Dance, which has the chance of killing
    off your entire party. Plus, the Voodoll will throw Surround, making it harder
    to hit those DanceVegis, while tossing PanicAll, which will confuse the party.
    This is easily the meanest fight you've had to fight in the arena so far.
    Especially if you took my suggestion and came in here with minimal breath
    weapons. Fortunately, the second fight is a break: the Slime can blind you
    with Radiant and throw FireBolt, but compared to the damage you've had to deal
    with in the Gates, that should be nothing. Be careful of the Dracky's
    SleepAll, though; it can knock your party out for the ArmyAnt to do some
    damage to with its YellHelp and Kamikaze. In all honesty, the ArmyAnt is
    definitely the most dangerous of the three. And even then, it should be a
    quick match. Which means on to the third. The Medal Man's group is pretty much
    immune to anything you can throw at them, aside from physical attacks. And the
    Metabble will throw both FireBolt and Explodet at you for great damage. In
    addition, it's fast; expect it to go first unless you have someone with maxed
    speed. Fortunately, it only has 10 HP total, so if you can do damage to it,
    it'll go down fast. The Roboster and MetalDrak have much, much more than this,
    however; be careful they don't waste you with their physical attacks. Roboster
    has several multi-person physical attacks, while MetalDrak's SandStorm can
    blind you and make it harder to physically do damage. Have patience and whack
    on them. They'll all go down eventually, and then congratulations! You've
    finished S-Class and can join the Starry Night Tournament!
    As soon as you finish S-Class, the king's chancellor will come up and 
    congratulate you as well. Again, the king needs to talk to you, so let's head
    up that way. He will open up all the rooms in the Travelers' Gates chambers!
    This means you can now go to *all* of them down there. And there's a lot of
    interesting Gates there, now. But first, what's this? The king of GreatLog
    again! The king gets to introduce you as his representative. Alas, the king
    of GreatLog isn't impressed, and insults you again. However, thanks to his
    comments, the King suggests that you check out the Gate Of Reflection.
    Supposedly, you can meet your future self there. Maybe it can tell you whether
    you will be the winner or not. Hew then bustles off and leaves you alone in
    the throne room again. Another quake rocks the tree after this; apparently the
    tree's happy at you getting through S-Class, too, and is rewarding you with
    another growth spurt! Time to check things out and see what's changed.
    Now, despite the king's promise, the Gate Of Reflection is the only one that's
    open to us down here in the Chamber of Travelers' Gates. Still, there's more
    to do before we go into there. For instance, one of the jesters is telling the
    legend of the Gate Of Reflection. Another one gives you a hint on how to get a
    better monster: breed two child-like devils. Two Demonites make the powerful
    GateGuard, so he is indeed telling the truth. Keep it in mind: GateGuard is
    good for breeding several of the high-end monsters. Check out the Monster Farm
    while you're in the area, too. While most of the creatures are only giving the
    same old info, down in the stable, there's a few interesting things. For one
    thing, what in the world is Warubou doing here?! I'm not sure either. Aside
    from eating. Anyhow, ignore him and go around chatting with the monsters.
    They'll tell you where they can be found, about skills, and many such things.
    The Copycat, especially, gives some good info: it'll tell you the skills
    certain monsters have. In addition, the KingSlime has been replaced by a
    creature called the Monster Minister: an Orochi who will give you interesting
    information about the monsters behind the various gates.
    Heading down to the arena reveals that you can't register for any fights (go
    figure), but there's still good information from the people here. Our two
    rivals give you a couple of hints about raising Slimes; repeat breeding and...
    well, they don't tell you, but it can get you the great KingSlime, which is a
    valuable creature indeed. Plus, if you keep breeding them, you can eventually
    get them powerful enough to pass on the mighty MegaMagic: one of the very few
    places you can get it. May, too, is talking about breeding mighty monsters: a
    devil with a creature carrying a big hammer. In other words: a HammerMan. That
    one will get you a mighty physical beast called Ogre. It's definitely good to
    have around for raw physical damage. And checking the Metal Master in the
    Queen's room will give you an offer to combine. His Metaly! This is a tricky
    one. You can either combine with a Metaly of your own and get a Metabble, or
    some sort of 'lesser' combo so you can get the special skills, as long as you
    don't mind the HP being brought down by the Metaly's own. The Metabble is
    probably the better idea of the two to be honest, even with the almost certain
    loss of those skills, since it'll give you an easy (if weak) MetalKing later
    once you have Medal Master's final egg. Once you've bred with him, he'll let
    you know how to create a Metaly, too. Definitely information you should keep
    in mind, since you may need it later. Interestingly, talking to your snitches
    doesn't get you much info on the dungeon. For one thing, they don't seem to
    agree on what monsters are found there. For another, one of them won't tell
    you anything about the final boss, and the other only gives you a name. How
    sinister! In addition, your tournament 'insider' doesn't know who you're
    facing in the Starry Night Tournament. Looks like we'll have to handle this
    battle all on our own. Now that we're finished here, it's time to go
    investigate the rest of the tree.
    Down in the Bazaar, there's a few new people to chat to. One of which gives
    you a thorough tickling to help cheer you up. I can't help but wonder if it
    should have been a puff-puff, but they decided in the US version, they didn't
    want things to be quite so... racy. Of course, that's pure conjecture on my
    part, from the other Dragon Warrior/Quest games. There's still a gate spinning
    down where we can't reach it, unfortunately. Such a tease! However, the
    strange shop which wouldn't sell anything *is* open and available now. So take
    your chance and see what he's got: books!
    QuestBK: 5000G
    HorrorBK: 5000G
    BeNiceBK: 5000G
    CheaterBK: 5000G
    SmartBK: 5000G
    ComedyBK: 5000G
    Each of these books will either raise or lower part of the monster's attitude,
    making them more or less effective in certain levels. Quest and Horror raise
    and reduce 'Bravery' respectively. BeNice and Cheater raise and reduce
    'Caring'. Smart and Comedy raise and reduce 'Prudence'. These are explained
    more in 'Personality', above.
    Down in the main village, the girl is *still* being a brat to us. Apparently
    she doesn't believe that you're the rep. There's a few people saying different
    things out here, but nothing that's really worthwhile. Looks like we've
    finished everything that we can. To that end, let's go to the Gate of
    Reflection and see for ourselves what the fuss is about. Even talking to the
    man inside reveals some terrible things about it.
    Levels: 29
    Monsters: 1-5: EvilBeast, Shadow, EvilWand, Slimeborg, LizardMan
              6-10: EvilBeast, Shadow, Slimeborg, LizardMan, Grizzly
              11-15: LizardMan, Slimeborg, Wyvern, FireWeed, Grizzly
              16-20: LizardMan, Wyvern, MadHornet, Lionex, Grizzly
              21-25: Wyvern, MadHornet, Lionex, RotRaven, Grizzly
              26-28: Grizzly, MadHornet, Lionex, RotRaven, JewelBag
    Boss: Durran
    Well! At least we see why they had such trouble agreeing on what monsters were
    down here. There are a *ton* of different types of creatures in the Gate of
    Reflection. Many of which we've never dealt with, aside from in the hands of
    Foreign Masters. EvilBeasts throw the horribly annoying spell called Ironize.
    What this does is turns the enemies into iron for a few rounds. Absolutely
    nothing can do any damage to them at that time. Nothing can affect them,
    either. This can draw the battle out quite a bit if they keep throwing it; try
    not to waste magic once they've Ironized. Shadows can throw FrigidAir at you,
    plus they have the deadly attack K.O. Dance. Obviously, this is something you
    want to avoid getting involved with. Kill them before they can kill you, and
    consider bringing resistant enemies into this Gate. Also be careful of
    Grizzlys: they can throw a great deal of damage on you with pure physical, and
    they also can use SquallHit to get the slash in before you can do anything.
    EvilWands will blast with IceAir, while Slimeborgs pull out Lightning and
    RainSlash on you. LizardMans throw BeastCut and EvilSlash, and they also have
    the elusive and deadly GigaSlash in their attack pool, if you can catch them.
    Fortunately they won't use it on you in the wild. Wyverns use Sleep and
    HealMore, as well as gouts of IceAir. MadHornets are double trouble: they can
    poison or paralyze with their attack, in addition to having TailWind to throw
    breath attacks off. Lionex have the HealUs ability, as well as Infernos and
    VacuSlash. And JewelBags are confusion-throwing creatures. 
    BOSS BATTLE: As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by a being known as
    Durran. He approves of you and your monsters! And then immediately he summons
    his servants to fight you. Quite literally: he summons a pair of Servants.
    They can be handled just like the original Servant, except that no amount of
    meat will interest them in coming with you. Just remember that with twice as
    many of them, they can throw twice as many deadly attacks. Hope you brought
    along WorldDew; you may very well need it if your healer monster is fairly
    worn out after the depth of this dungeon. Once those Servants are taken down,
    Durran apologizes for summoning weaklings for you to fight with and brings out
    someone who's traveled the world in search of a certain sword. For those
    who've played Dragon Quest VI, this will be a familiar situation. You're
    having to fight against a Terry-monster (or rather, a monster with the same
    name as you). He will hurl RainSlash at you, throwing damage to your entire
    party. He's fairly strong, too; make sure you get ready to heal if your
    monsters haven't got excellent defense! He's also got a *lot* of HP, so be
    patient when you're taking him on; you'll bring him down eventually. Once you
    have, Durran himself will lunge at you. Durran, himself, has the attacks of
    BirdBlow and DrakSlash, so you may want to consider coming here without birds
    or dragons, since he'll do a considerable amount of damage to them. He also
    has the attack of Vacuum, so be certain that you've got a multi-person healing
    ability, to keep that attack from slashing through your whole party. Like
    Terry?, this creature has a lot of HP, so be patient, heal when you need to,
    and you'll eventually tear him down.
    Once you have taken Durran out, you're for once not thrown immediately into
    the castle again. Instead, Terry? will walk over to you, having just woken up
    from his KO. He apologizes for having called you a coward before, and asks
    your name. No matter what you choose here, Terry? will say that he's relieved.
    And that now it's time for him to wake up (?). However, before he leaves, he
    gives you some advice: don't become like him. That power will choke you. He is
    then dragged off by Warubou, leaving you alone in the room. Watabou then
    appears and, with a very solemn attitude, spirits you out of there.
    The king will be a bit disappointed that you didn't find anything out about
    the tournament, but he's certain that you will win! He sends you off to bed,
    telling you to rest, and night falls on the palace in a wave of darkness. The
    first 'night' we've actually seen. A little cut will come up, talking about
    the upcoming Starry Night, and then day breaks, and you and your monsters are
    in the king's room once again. He tells you that you will bring glory to the
    palace, and that he's ready to see what you're going to do. Then he's off to
    prepare. And you're left to your own preparations, as well. Time to have a
    chat with a few people while we're free. Head up to the Monster Farm and first
    off, talk to Slio. He'll offer to join you! For a level 1 Slime, this creature
    is surprisingly well-statted. He'll go well into breedings later on, even if
    he hasn't got any unusual skills. I highly suggest that you pick him up.
    Heading down to the stable, you'll find Warubou is still here. If you ask for
    leftovers, you'll get yourself a mouthful of BadMeat before he runs off. Ugh!
    Fortunately, it doesn't do any damage. The monsters down here are discussing
    the matches. And the FaceTree gives you a hint: there's apparently a powerful
    monster being sensed in the library. What does this tell us? That maybe it's
    finally time to get that library room opened. Let's finish wandering around
    the rest of the city, though, and see what they have to say.
    Down at the bottom of the ladder, the girl is finally believing that you'll be
    the winner. She tells you not to lose. Which is as good as cheering when it
    comes to her, I suppose. Going into her father's place, her journal now tells
    the family's secret: they never actually named the girl. Unfortunately, this
    doesn't really give you anything except a dose of pity for their girl. There's
    nothing else special, aside from a lot of people and monsters who are really
    excited about the Starry Night being here. So let's go and focus on the
    By now, you should've gotten at least 50 pals, preferably more. Now that you
    have access to some fairly good XP in the present rooms, you can get your
    monsters leveled enough to combine into better and better creatures, as well
    as different ones. Also, with the Sirloins opened up, you can capture monsters
    with ease. Finally, we'll finish our monster combining, get 100, and have the
    room behind the library opened and available. What do you know? Amidst the
    bookshelves, there's a Travelers' Gate! Like we didn't see that one coming.
    Since there's no other new gates that we can get to right now, let's go to
    this one and clean it out while the chance is there. Don't forget to look
    through the books, though; they give you important information on how to breed
    several monsters if you haven't already got them.
    B40) 100 PALS ROOM
    Levels: 25
    Monsters: 1-5: ArcDemon, AmberWeed, ArmyCrab, MadSpirit
              6-10: ArcDemon, CurseLamp, WildApe, ArmyCrab, MadSpirit
              11-15: ArcDemon, CurseLamp, WildApe, ArmyCrab, Tortagon
              16-20: ArcDemon, MadSpirit, WildApe, ArmyCrab, Tortagon
              21-24: ArcDemon, MadSpirit, Tortagon, WildApe, LandOwl
    Boss: Orochi
    This level can be opened up at almost any time after you've gotten the Starry
    Night Shrine opened. And indeed, getting it opened early as opposed to late is
    a very good idea; it is an excellent place to get XP at the early levels of 
    the game, since the experience gain here is even greater than the Medal Man's
    dungeon, with over 1000 points of XP for every battle. ArcDemons can be
    dangerous as they like to throw the Bang spell at you, doing explosive damage
    to the party. Not a lot of creatures are resistant to this, so prepare to need
    healing when it happens. AmberWeeds and ArmyCrabs can both toss Upper on
    themselves and their friends, making it more difficult to damage them.
    MadSpirits have the ever-so-popular SleepAir attack, while WildApes will stack
    damage on with bouts of YellHelp. Further down, you'll meet the LandOwls, who
    have Infernos and BoltSlash, and Tortagons, who've got the annoying Ironize
    spell as well as Lightning. Of course, here's a good place to capture monsters
    the queen would like to see, if you haven't already combined them. Both
    CurseLamp and WildApe can be found here, satisfying her curiosity. CurseLamp
    uses Upper, Speed, and TwinHits, bettering its friends. Meanwhile, WildApe has
    TwinSlash and CallHelp to pack on the damage, as well as LegSweep to slow down
    your group.
    BOSS BATTLE: The Orochi is no pushover. It has the EvilSlash ability which, if
    it hits, can take out even considerably powerful monsters in a single hit. It
    also will throw QuadHits fairly regularly, attacking four times to random
    members of your party for fairly big damage, if you're not prepared and
    bringing heavily armored folks in. To top it all off, Orochi has Scorching,
    which will also do good damage if you've not got monsters who are resistant to
    it. Dragons do extremely well against him, as they're both resistant to his
    breath weapon and generally hit hard enough to whittle through his HP at a
    fairly quick rate. This is something you'll want to do, too. He has a *lot*
    of HP. Possibly more than any creature you've faced so far, including Durran.
    Now that we've gone through all the gates that we can, it's time to join the
    Starry Night Tournament. Now, you'll be wanting to take all your breeding
    experience and pack it into three solid monsters. One needs to be a healer of
    some sort. Make sure it has at least HealAll, preferably HealUsAll, Revive,
    and extremely high speed. Stat-increasing abilities might be handy, too, such
    as Increase and TwinHits. Surge is also a good idea, though Antidote will do
    if you can't get that; poison is the only status to worry about in this
    battle. My favorite combination for this creature is a Unicorn, created with a
    FangSlime who's the product of a Healer. That way, you'll get HealUsAll, Heal,
    and Upper from the Healer and Antidote and Revive from the Unicorn, as well as
    fairly good attack stats on the Unicorn's side, when it's not needed for
    keeping you alive.
    Your second monster should be there for raw damage and attacking. Leave
    healing abilities off and instead focus on the hard-hitting abilities.
    WhiteAir, WhiteFire, or Explodet would be a good start, though if you can get
    BigBang or HellBlast, do so; the more damage you can throw at the enemy party
    in a single round, the better. With all the dragons the match has, you might
    want to spend the slot for DrakSlash. GigaSlash is also an extremely smart
    idea for this creature. You'll have a need to do single-person damage in
    battle, as opposed to the whole party. I tend to go for a high-end monster for
    this, such as GoldGolem, RainHawk, Coatol, or GoldSlime. However, if the
    creature's got enough breeding, just about anything can be good for this
    position. Just make certain they have the MP to be able to keep up with the
    damage you'll want them to throw.
    The third monster in your party should be the 'support' creature. While I
    highly suggest that they have good physical stats, a solid damage spell,
    probably DrakSlash, and get used mostly for raw physical damage, they should
    be considered the secondary healer, as well. Get Revive on them. That way, if
    your healer goes down, this monster can bring them back to their feet. You
    might also want to put some status-affecting abilities on them for use against
    the enemy, though many of the creatures here are going to be very resistant,
    if not immune.
    Got your creatures together? Good. Then let's enter the Starry Night
    1st Fight: Centasaur, Orochi, Swordgon
    2nd Fight: Andreal, Unicorn, MadDragon
    3rd Fight: MetalKing, Coatol, RainHawk
    Just looking at the monsters, it's not hard to tell that it's meant to be a
    dangerous fight. High-end monsters almost all the way across the board, and
    some really frightening ones, at that. In the first battle, the fight is
    damage versus damage: Centasaur has the StopSpell ability, and will generally
    try to use it on you. Aside from that and Swordgon's BladeD, which it will
    only occasionally use, this trio will just throw raw damage on you, with
    Orochi slinging QuadHits, Centasaur and Swordgon using RainSlash, and
    Centasaur and Orochi letting loose with FireSlash in addition. Don't bring a
    Material into this battle if you can help it: Swordgon has CleanCut, and it'll
    use it on that Material. This, of course, *can* be used to help draw focus
    away from the rest of your party; that's up to you. In the second battle,
    things will get dangerous. The enemy's got itself a fairly well-rounded team,
    and will be using it fairly effectively. The Unicorn has, of course, HealAll
    and Revive, and will use it to keep the other two monsters up. Andreal will
    throw Surround at you to make hitting difficult, as well as PoisonAir to
    severely poison your whole party if you're unlucky. Hopefully you should have
    high-end monsters here, though, and be mostly resistant or even immune to this
    attack. The MadDragon will be throwing EvilSlash and Massacre, doling out huge
    amounts of damage to you (and to its own party, if Massacre hits them instead
    of you), and occasionally using LureDance to keep your party from being able
    to attack. Once you've gotten through that fight, though, it's time for the
    third fight, and the hardest fight of all. This battle is up against... who
    else? Milayou! And she's apparently become an extremely good Master in her own
    right, considering the collection of powerful monsters she has. Beware the
    RainHawk! It will usually throw MegaMagic right off the bat, and that's a
    spell that will tear your party apart. The only good news is that once it's
    been thrown, the RainHawk's MP are completely gone for the battle. On the
    other hand, its only other two spells are Surge and StrongD, so even without
    MP, it won't be missing much. The MetalKing is like most metal Slimes: only a
    handful of HP, but massive defense and agility; its Zap spell can do
    considerable damage to a slow party. Especially if MegaMagic has already
    peeled through HP and you've not had the time to heal (this is why I suggest
    keeping the healer on 'Cautious' through the whole battle). Use GigaSlash if
    you have it. The MetalKing has no defense against this. The Coatol will slam
    you with Explodet and EvilSlash as well. However, if you keep healing
    constantly, you'll eventually be able to blow it all off and come out the
    victor! Congratulations! You're the champion of the Starry Night!
    Now, I know what you're thinking: what happens if I lose this battle? I mean,
    if you lose the other battles, there's always more tournaments. However, the
    Starry Night only happens once every 47 full moons. That's quite a while to
    wait on your next attempt to find your sister. However, oddly enough, you just
    get brought back to the entry of the castle and healed as though you'd come
    out of a dungeon. No explanation given. Just healed and sent on to mend your
    monsters, get more powerful ones, and try for the big prize again. Seems
    rather unfair that you get multiple tries, when everyone else only gets one
    fight against you before they're considered 'out'. Personally, even if they'd
    done something as cliche as 'And then Terry woke up' or 'And that was what he
    saw in the Room Of Reflection', it would have explained it. Oh well. Can't
    have everything, I suppose.
    B42) YOU WON!
    After the battle is done, Warubou will appear in the arena and strike down
    Milayou's monsters. He will grab hold of her and drag her off, much to Terry's
    consternation! However, there's nothing to be done for it; we must continue
    with the story. After a view of the tree kingdom at night, the scene fades
    back in to Terry, the King, and the Queen in the Monster Farm. He will
    congratulate you and thank you for winning the Starry Night for his kingdom.
    However, he suggests that you can find your sister again if you make a wish.
    And at that moment, the stars begin to fall through the sky. The king then
    suggests that rather than going home, you should stay here, in the castle!
    That way, they'll never be wanting for a great master, I suppose. However, no
    matter which way you go with the 'yes/no', the king realizes that you're still
    going to be hunting your sister. However, before you go, he suggests you check
    out the mysterious chamber beneath the Starry Shrine. Don't be in a hurry for
    it, though. Go ahead, wander around, and talk to folks. Nothing they have to
    say is of dire importance, of course, but it's nice to know you're so loved!
    When you're ready to go, talk to the old man at the upper right corner of the
    farm. he will bring you down to the Starry Shrine.
    Once you're down in the shrine, the man will direct you toward the back.
    There, you will find... the altar where you arrived, where the monsters are
    bred, and where eggs are hatched! The old man lets you know that it's filled
    with the stars, and that your visit is making them flare. And indeed, as you
    stand and watch, the stars will start plummeting all around you from all
    directions. And what should appear there afterwards but an egg? An egg
    containing... Watabou?! Apparently, the true meaning of the Starry Night is
    that the spirit of the kingdoms is born from the power of the masters'
    battles. You can continue on by touching Watabou, to be able to hunt for your
    sister. And so, forward you go to do just that. The screen fades out and...
    ... suddenly you're home! And the pair of you are in bed. Was it all a dream?
    Wander around a little bit. Nothing in the dresser next door. One of the
    bookshelves holds an encyclopedia of monsters written by Terry. And when you
    get back, Milayou is awake and telling you that you should go to bed. Because
    if you stay up too late, the monsters will carry you off. Moments later,
    however, she murmurs about a dream she had. The same dream you did, it seems.
    Let her know that it's the truth; she'll believe you for a moment, but insist
    it's only a dream. Head toward bed. All of a sudden, she'll notice that
    there's something in your pocket. Look! Meat!
    Roll credits. Congratulations! You've now completed the game of Dragon Warrior
    Monsters! Let the credits roll and enjoy. It'll give you not only a good view
    of the various people who created the game, but also of several of the
    monsters: Watabou, GoldSlime, RainHawk, FloraJay, KingLeo, FangSlime, Mudron,
    Swordgon, Digster, AgDevil, GoldGolem, MadKnight, Gigantes, Centasaur, MadCat,
    HornBeet, Mimic, GateGuard, Durran, Divinegon, and finally Slime (at the
    copyright screen). 
    However, things aren't over yet! The scene: back in the bedroom, the meat
    sitting beside the bed. Watabou comes leaping into the room and offers to be
    your pal if you give him the meat.
    ... to be continued. And a chance to record your quest. Do so! The Gameboy
    will then tell you to turn off the power. Do that, turn it back on, and...
    The scene starts in your bedroom. Both you and Milayou are asleep, and Watabou
    comes wandering in. Once he's woken you up, he tells you that it's time to
    start on another journey! He'll be waiting for us at the stable! Well, who can
    refuse something like that? Head for the other room and check out the drawers.
    Off we go to the world of GreatTree again.
    Upon arriving, you'll find yourself back in the Starry Shrine. The Master
    Monster Tamer brings you out, telling you to go see the king. However, first,
    the tree has to welcome us back as well: with another earth-quaking growth
    spurt! Now, you'll automatically be sent up to see the king. His Majesty is
    very happy to see you. Your winning monsters are happy to see you, too; they
    are dropped before you to rejoin your party. In addition, the king has opened
    up the rest of the Room of Travelers' Gates to us. And then, as usual, he runs
    off on us to be able to do... something. But this time, he leaves the doorway
    uncovered. Before you go that way, though, talk to the Jesters. One of them
    has a hint about how to breed great monsters. Monkeys turn into elephants,
    turn into lions? Two WildApes go into a Trumpeter, and two Trumpeters make a
    KingLeo. A very strong high-end monster. Anyhow, let's check out the tunnel.
    It goes... directly to the Medal Man's room! Probably not a surprise, really,
    but it gives us another shortcut through the kingdom. Still, a shortcut isn't
    what we're looking for at the moment. We've got the Monster Farm to check out,
    All across the farm, we've got monsters who are chatting rather cheerfully.
    The fishing man has also caught a doozy: he's got an entire star piece in his
    bucket! Not that it does us any good. Head down to the stable, and Watabou
    will be there. He says that if you can beat the monsters behind all the Gates,
    he'll be your pal. Well now. That's a challenge that we can take! But for now,
    before we get caught up in that, let's finish our exploration of the stable.
    Creatures will talk about monsters and skills, as usual. Including one who
    brings up that DeadNoble is good at 'call'. Keep that in mind. It'll come in
    handy later. Once you've finished checking all the monsters and their comments
    out, head out and to the city, and from there, to the arena.
    The first thing you find out at the arena is that there's someone who's here
    to challenge you. Well, that's certainly interesting! Let's go check out the
    rest of the arena first, though. The young man is no longer talking about
    handy skills, but about the greatest attack skills. The two rivals are
    discussing getting the ultimate skills. The lower one talks about raising a
    ZapBird, while the upper one is amazed at the skill his Slime learned: Meg-...
    something. Ah, but if you've done the raising of Slimes for the Queen, you've
    probably already seen MegaMagic in action. Or at least know where it comes
    from. Inside the cafe, there's more hints about how to create great monsters.
    A knight becomes a noble and follows the path to the throne. The one with the
    title of king will create the king of the zombies. Well, this one's a little
    more complicated: two DeadNites will make a DeadNoble. And a DeadNoble crossed
    with a KingSlime, SpotKing, MetalKing, or KingLeo will make a WhiteKing: the
    king of the zombies. And if you go up to visit the queen, who should be there
    but Milayou! And she's looking to breed with us! She has a Skeletor. Well, as
    one of the men downstairs suggested Servant and Skeletor might be related
    because of their arms, the best creature to combine with this is another
    Skeletor: you'll get a Servant out of the deal. And in the monster classroom,
    the lecture is about monsters who can only be created through combining.
    Obviously, this is one of those lectures you'll want to listen to. It doesn't
    tell you how to get the monsters, but it does tell you which ones you can't
    find in any other way. However, they miss one: EvilPot. Anyhow, when you're
    done here, you've got two choices: you can take on the battle, or you can
    continue exploring the city. I suggest the exploration of the city, first.
    There's quite a few things you'll want to do. Plus, this is a very, very
    difficult battle. Harder, even, than the Starry Night Tournament. Even your
    best monsters may not be enough to handle it right now, unless you've done
    some huge breeding. So for now, I'll skim over the battle. If, however, you
    feel like giving it a try and want to know what you're up against, do a search
    for 'the master battle'. That's where it'll be.
    In the Bazaar, people everywhere are glad to see you. The showgirl is still
    offering 'tickles', this time as a reward for your hard work. And all the
    Bazaar shops are open and selling their wares. And down in the southeastern
    part of the Bazaar, you'll find that the fellows who had been surrounding the
    Travelers' Gate before have crossed over to where the new one is and set their
    barbeque right on top of it! Don't ask me where they figured out this was a
    good idea. Anyhow, one of them demands to see a monster with Call. This is a
    rather inexact translation: what they're looking for is
    Tatsu/Diago/Samsi/BazooCall, as opposed to CallHelp/YellHelp. As you've
    already been told earlier, DeadNoble can get this spell. So can WhipBird, one
    of which you'll likely have gotten if you combined a bird with May's Rayburn.
    Certain foreign masters' monsters have this skill as well; check the chart
    above for the list of them. Once you have the monster with the skill, bring it
    here and let the men see it. The monster will cast 'Call', but nothing will
    happen. Apparently, the summoned monster doesn't want to be made into a circus
    act. The man will apologize for making the creature do it, then open up the
    Gate beneath the barbeque. If you stop a moment to talk to the pair, they'll
    give you some clues about this Gate: he smells Materials. We'll come back to
    this one, though. Right now, we're collecting; not going in just yet. Leave
    here and head further into the city.
    When we talk to the girl, we find that she still manages to be a brat to you,
    even after you've won! Although after her long rant, she admits that she was
    worried about you. Awwww. Someone has a crush! Talking to her a second time
    has her wondering if you know her name. At the moment we don't. However,
    there's one place we can find out: head into her house and read Dad's journal.
    This time it's finally complete. Apparently the girl's name is Santi. Now that
    we know this, head back outside and talk to her. She will lead you up to the
    house and go inside. When she comes back out, she tells you to talk to her
    grandfather. He will agree to let you through! ... but only if you show him a
    GoldSlime. Good grief; he doesn't do anything by halves. A GoldSlime is
    created by either crossing a MetalKing and a MetalKing, or a GoldGolem with a
    KingSlime, SpotKing, or MetalKing. I suggest going for the second. Not only
    will you need to show the Queen a GoldGolem at some point, but it will give
    you a GoldSlime with much better HP than one created from MetalKings (who
    don't gain HP very well, like all the metal Slime family). He'll warn you that
    there's many dragons within that Gate. But for now, we can go back out and
    walk to the right. There's a new door open there.
    Inside this new doorway are two things. One of them is a man who will let you
    change the name of your monsters. Cool! Not very important, but cool! Secondly
    is another Goopi who, like his two brothers, wants to play Rock, Paper,
    Scissors. To beat this Goopi, use Crab, Bomb, Crab, Bomb, Babble. Now that
    that's done, he'll tell you to go back to the arena. Go there and what do you
    know? The other statue has moved, revealing yet another hidden Travelers' Gate
    for you. One more place to go: the Starry Shrine.
    Down in the Starry Shrine, the people are talking about combinations again.
    All but the Master Monster Tamer: he's talking about how, like you, he was
    brought from a different world to be the master for GreatTree. The word down
    here is that sometimes, combining monsters will get you a rare creature if
    there are enough plusses. A very true statement: two Slimes combined with the
    result being a +5 or higher gets you a KingSlime, two SpotSlimes with a +5 or
    higher will get you a SpotKing, and two DragonKids or Dragons with a +4 or
    better will get you a GreatDrak.
    Now, you've found all the Gates available. It's time to start going through
    them one by one. You'll notice that each and every gate is the home of a
    specific family of monster. They don't need to be handled in any specific
    order, but of all the Gates, the one you should be most familiar with first
    and foremost is Control. It's in the Room of Travelers' Gates, in the far
    right room and down:
    B45) CONTROL
    Levels: 30
    Monsters: 1-5: Slime, SpotSlime, Metaly, TreeSlime
              6-10: DrakSlime, Snaily, Babble, WingSlime
              11-20: Slabbit, SlimeNite, BoxSlime, RockSlime
              21-29: RockSlime, SpotKing, Slimeborg, Metabble
    Boss: Zoma
    As you can see just by looking at it, this is the all-Slime Gate. And even
    just looking at the first level, it'll be fairly obvious why I suggest this as
    your primary dungeon of choice. Metalys, and they're much more common an enemy
    than they are within the Well Dungeon. Not only that, but if you go further
    down, there's another monster that you've not yet had the pleasure of meeting:
    the Metabble. These are rather like pumped-up Metalys: they only have about 10
    HP to their name, but they have an incredibly high defense and speed, as well
    as a habit of running away from you rather than letting themselves be killed.
    However, if you can take them out, you're left with a whopping *60,000 XP* for
    each one killed. Needless to say, now that this dungeon is open, combining
    monsters is going to go from slow to super-quick. Getting them up in levels is
    effortless, now. Well, 'effortless' as long as you can kill off the Metabbles,
    which can be tricky at times. MetalCut, GigaSlash, EvilSlash, and MegaMagic
    are all ways to handle taking these creatures out, although just a basic hit
    from someone with high strength can do it (especially if they're using
    SquallHit to make sure they attack before the Metabble can run). As for the
    other creatures here, you've met every one of them previously, so not a lot of
    discussion needs to be made of them.
    BOSS BATTLE: OK. I just have to say that this boss is very, very creepy. His
    little discussion about sacrifice sounds far too lustful for my comfort.
    Anyway, in the fight itself, Zoma is quite the hard-hitter. He throws the
    vicious spell 'BigBang', which will do enormous amounts of damage in itself.
    He's also got WhiteAir which, though generally not of the damage level BigBang
    is, will still do massive amounts of breath-based damage to your party. In
    addition, he has the spell DeMagic which will strip you of all your magical
    enhancements. Beware: he's very resistant to a lot of the elemental spells;
    spend your MP on throwing physical attacks, Slashes, and the like. I find that
    one way to help keep the damage down is to use your healer/reserve party
    member throw Increase, Speed, or TwinHits and let Zoma throw DeMagic on you;
    it will waste a turn of his time where he could have been BigBang'ing or
    WhiteAir'ing you. When you defeat him, he will make a cryptic remark about an
    even more powerful being who will confront you. Oooo. Scary! But, we're done
    Now, you have the best leveling place in the game. All you need to do is
    wander around levels 21-29, use Whistle, or play the ShinyHarp, and take out
    the Metabbles as they come. With each one giving you over 20,000 XP for three
    monsters (more than that if you only have one or two with you, of course),
    even the most powerful and slow-leveling creatures can be brought to their
    level maximum with only an hour or so of work down here. In other words,
    taking on the arena match is going to be much easier. So feel free to go and
    do that if you want to. It can really be done at any time. However, my
    preference is to finish off the various worlds first and pick up Watabou.
    There's a very good reason for this, which I'll get into at the end of it all.
    For now, though, here's the rest of the Travelers' Gates:
    Levels: 30
    Monsters: 1-5: GoHopper, ArmyAnt, Catapila, GiantWorm
              6-10: GiantSlug, Eyeder, Butterfly, Armorpede
              11-20: Gophecada, StagBug, TailEater, WeedBug
              21-29: Droll, GiantMoth, ArmyCrab, MadHornet
    Boss: DracoLord
    This is the level of bugs. Many of the creatures you'll find down here you've
    found in previous dungeons, and act exactly the same. Of the new creatures,
    Droll can throw SlowAll on your party, reducing their agility by a
    considerable amount. They'll also toss Branching on any plant monsters that
    you happen to have; be careful that you don't bring monsters that are too weak
    to handle a little damage from these creatures. As before, be very careful
    around Gophecadas as they have Beat, which can take your monsters out in a
    single hit if you haven't got protection against it.
    BOSS BATTLE: The King Of Kings, he declares himself. DracoLord offers to let
    you become his pal, in return for giving you half of the world. Whether you
    accept or not, you'll still have to fight him, of course. DracoLord will
    generally use BeDragon fairly early in the battle, transforming himself into a
    dragon which can throw Snowstorm, Scorching, and DeMagic. While he's in
    'human' form, however, he can throw FireBolt, doing a fair bit of damage as
    well. Plus, if he's too badly injured, he'll use Meditate, which will heal him
    of 500 points of damage. Fortunately, you shouldn't have to deal with it too
    long: eventually, he'll toss up BeDragon, which he can't turn back from or use
    his normal skills in. Once he's done this, you can cast enhancing spells on
    your party and he will often use DeMagic to bring them down, wasting a turn in
    which he could've burned or iced your party. It's not a sure thing, but it
    will help waste his turns occasionally. He's actually a fairly easy Demon Lord
    to beat, so long as you can keep healed from the multi-monster breath weapons,
    which should actually do only a fairly small amount of damage in comparison.
    Levels: 29
    Monsters: 1-5: StubSuck, EvilSeed, BeanMan, FloraMan
              6-10: WingTree, Gulpple, MadPlant, Oniono
              11-20: Cactiball, TreeBoy, AmberWeed, FireWeed
              21-28: FireWeed, ManEater, DanceVegi, Snapper
    Boss: Hargon
    This, then, would be the 'plant' Gate. With the sheer number of plants that
    have various status-affecting attacks, I suggest bringing status-resistant
    creatures down here for safety's sake. There are a number of creatures here
    that you've not met in any other dungeons. FireWeeds throw BlazeMore at you,
    as well as the insidious PalsyAir. Be very careful around them; they can be
    dangerous because of that second attack. In addition, they are resistant to
    fire, unlike most plants which are weak against it. Be careful of relying too
    hard on Blaze, FireAir, or FireBolt around here, because they may get the
    chance to paralyze you. ManEaters have SleepAir to their name, and will also
    toss PsycheUp, striking last in the battle for good damage. They've also got
    DrakSlash, so if you have dragons down here, they'll take more damage than
    they otherwise would from the monsters. DanceVegis are particularly dangerous:
    they have SideStep, a dodging ability, and LureDance, an annoying status
    ailment, but even more importantly, they have K.O. Dance, which can destroy
    your entire party in a single attack if you haven't got resistant members
    (thus another reason to suggest status-resistant creatures down here).
    Snappers will use StopSpell and YellHelp, both, keeping you from being able to
    heal while they stack the damage up. MadPlants are masters of stat-lowering
    attacks, throwing both Defense and SlowAll on your party.
    BOSS BATTLE: What? Did you come here to disturb his rest, even knowing who he
    is? Either way you answer, again, you'll have to fight him, but if you say
    'no', there's a little bit of interest: supposedly he's the oracle of the
    great god. Not that he tells you *which* god, of course. Give it time, though.
    Anyhow, Hargon has the spells of Explodet and FireBolt, both, to throw raw
    damage on your party. He can also use BazooCall, summoning an extra 'party
    member' to come after you. This, he will usually do first round, making
    certain he's got the extra damage from round 1. Bazoo will attack your party
    with bouts of IceStorm, DeMagic, and the deadly HellBlast. Fortunately, if you
    throw multi-monster attacks, such as WhiteFire, MultiCut, FireBolt, or the
    like, they will also hit the Bazoo, and it can be killed, forcing Hargon to
    re-summon it. Just beware: it's immune to WhiteAir and the other ice attacks.
    Like other DeMagic-throwing foes, you can also slow the Bazoo down by having
    one party member use party-affecting spells and making the Bazoo DeMagic you.
    This is one of the few Demon Lords where throwing the multi-monster attacks is
    a good idea. It will do good damage to Hargon, as well as taking the Bazoo
    down, making Hargon waste that all-important turn where he could be doing
    damage. When he goes down, he'll declare that some things in this world, you
    cannot beat. Ooo, sinister.
    After you've finished this level ... hmmm. Watabou says he still smells a
    monster down on that level. And strangely enough, when we go to the Gate and
    check it out, it's still spinning, suggesting that there's still a boss in
    there. So head back down to the bottom to check it out!
    Boss: Sidoh
    BOSS BATTLE: Aha! *Here's* that evil god that Hargon was talking about. Sidoh:
    the God Of Destruction. And believe me: he'll live up to his name when he's
    battling against you. Although he hasn't the ability to call the second helper
    like his priest Hargon does, he's got vicious attack spells of his own: namely
    WhiteAir, WhiteFire, *and* HellBlast. Yowsa. Dragons are probably a good
    choice for here to be able to insulate against the breath attacks,
    particularly high-end dragons like Divinegon and Orochi. A GoldSlime or
    well-bred MetalKing would probably be a good idea, too, to watch the damage
    roll off them like water from a duck's back. You're going to *need* to come in
    here with HealUsAll, or at least one monster with Hustle and a collection of
    WorldDew and/or SageStones for your own use. WorldLeaves might be a good idea
    as well, in case, you can't heal someone in time, particularly if that
    'someone' is your healer. You may want, or even need, to come back at this one
    after you've done some combining; none of the Demon Lords are pushovers,
    certainly, but he's decidedly tougher than Hargon.
    Levels: 30
    Monsters: 1-5: Gremlin, Demonite, 1EyeClown, SkulRider
              6-10: EyeBall, MedusaEye, Pixy, DarkEye
              11-20: Orc, AgDevil, ArcDemon, EvilBeast
              21-29: Lionex, Grendal, Ogre, GoatHorn
    Boss: Pizzaro
    What a lovely name for a Travelers' Gate. Anyhow, this is the Devil Gate. Of
    creatures you haven't met before this, there's the Grendal, which attacks with
    FireSlash, DrakSlash, and raw physical damage, and the Ogre, which does much
    the same, though with bouts of RainSlash and Massacre. If you're lucky, he'll
    hit his party members. If you're not lucky, he'll hit *you*. GoatHorn has the
    attack Boom, which does party-wide explosive damage, whittling at your HP a
    great deal. It can also throw IceBolt and Infermore, doing a fair amount of
    damage there, as well. Parties of more than one GoatHorn can bring your HP
    down fairly low, so be careful. Also, remember: the Lionex have HealUs, so
    that's a good hint to either capture them, or at least to take them out quick
    before they heal up their party members.
    BOSS BATTLE: Supposedly, this beastly Lord has just woken as the king of the
    Demon Lords. Don't let him intimidate you, though; he's far from the scariest
    of them. IMO, Sidoh has more claim to that title than him. Like all the Demon
    Lords, Pizzaro has a ton of HP and a good attack. He has the multi-monster
    spells HellBlast and WhiteFire, as well as QuadHits, which throws four
    randomly-targeted physical attacks into your party. This can mean that it'll
    be split up among the three, thus not doing a huge amount of damage, or
    possibly targeted on one single target, doing more damage than one single
    attack could do. This could bring down even a fairly powerful party member if
    it strikes them when they've not had time to heal up from earlier HellBlasts
    and WhiteFires. Still, it should be a simple matter of keeping your HP up with
    your healer-monster and letting the others beat on him as much as they need
    to. As with most Demon Lords, single-person attacks tend to work best, as it's
    concentrated damage right on them, and they don't have as much in the way of
    resistance to avoid it. As he dies, he calls out for Rosalie, who Watabou
    explains was his lover. And that the demon should be pitied. A sad tale... if
    an unimportant one to the story.
    B49) SLEEP
    Levels: 30
    Monsters: 1-5: Spooky, Hork, BoneSlave, PutrePup
              6-10: Mudron, Mummy, DeadNite, NiteWhip
              11-20: Reaper, WindMerge, MadSpirit, Shadow
              21-29: RotRaven, DarkCrab, Skullgon, Skeletor, DeadNoble
    Boss: Esterk
    The undead Gate. In other words, the first thing you should do in coming down
    here is make certain you have status-resistant monsters with you; they're
    going to need it. Of the monsters that you've never dealt with, the most
    deadly of the bunch is the DeadNoble. For one thing, they can throw Defeat,
    killing your whole party in a single stroke if you're not resistant or immune.
    For another, they have the spell HealUsAll, which can keep them and the rest
    of their party on their feet. And finally, they have the TatsuCall spell to
    their names, letting them summon a Tatsu to fight alongside them, which can
    throw the spells of HealMore, Cover, and Lightning. However, if you need a
    creature with Call to open the second Bazaar Dungeon, grabbing one of these is
    a great idea. Plus, they combine quite well into a lot of high-end monsters.
    Just be prepared: they have quite a few HP for 'field monsters'. There are
    also Skeletors here, of which you might want to get one to be able to combine
    with Milayou's Skeletor to create yourself a Servant. They will throw QuadHits
    on you in the battlefield, as well as BirdBlow if you're unlucky enough to
    have birds in your party. Skullgons throw TwinSlash, doubling attack, as well
    as gouts of IceAir over your whole party.
    BOSS BATTLE: Another boss who doesn't remember themselves. Are you here to
    destroy him? Well, if you say 'no', you're stuck until you talk to him again,
    so you might as well say 'yes'. Esterk has one of the higher HP totals of the
    Demon Lords that you have to fight. In addition, he's got the deadly attack of
    GigaSlash, which will rip massive holes in your party's own HP. He will also
    throw RainSlash, attacking the party with a physical attack on each. He also
    has the spell of DeMagic, which has its advantages: use magics to up your
    speed, defense, and/or attack, and he will often use DeMagic to take it down,
    wasting a turn on that rather than slamming you down. Considering that
    GigaSlash can do upwards of 300 points of damage even against high defense
    creatures, this may well be a good idea; the fewer attacks he's throwing, the
    less healing you'll have to focus on doing.
    Levels: 27
    Monsters: 1-5: Dracky, Picky, BigRoost, BullBird
              6-10: MadRaven, MadPecker, FloraJay, StubBird
              11-20: MistyWing, DuckKite, MadGoose, LandOwl
              21-26: Wyvern, MadCondor, ZapBird, WhipBird
    Boss: Baramos
    The bird Gate, obviously. There's a number of birds that you've not met yet,
    and fairly dangerous ones, at that. The MadCondors, for example, have the
    power of MultiCut, a slashing blade attack that does a great deal of damage
    and avoids many resistances by being a 'wind' attack; for the most part, only
    birds have good resistances to these (aside from some high-end monsters). They
    also have the ability of HealUsAll, which will do a good job of keeping
    themselves and their friends up. In addition, they have FireBolt, though
    compared to MultiCut, this is practically a laugh. It does damage, but nowhere
    near as much as the deadly MultiCut does. ZapBirds are another vicious
    damage-dealing bird: they not only have BoltSlash and Lightning, but the
    deadly HellBlast, which is another attack that has only a few resistant
    creatures. WhipBirds will attack with ThickFog, suspending everyone's skills
    for a round, and they'll also use Ironize, stopping any damage for three
    rounds, but not letting their party attack while they're 'iron'. They also
    have the TatsuCall spell, however, so beware. A good reason to capture one if
    you still need to get the Bazaar Gate, however. The only real advantage is
    that many birds have fairly low HP when compared to others; only the WhipBirds
    have a really troublesome amount, and of these birds, they are probably one of
    the least dangerous physically (but their Call skill makes them annoying).
    BOSS BATTLE: Ah, Baramos. He wonders who you are to forget your place and
    challenge him. Apparently, eating guts in this game makes it so you can't be
    brought back or something. He will fling rocks at your party with RockThrow,
    cast waves of Explodet, and call down HellBlast lightning. However, he has
    very low resistance to most magical attacks, so feel free to stack on the
    breaths, blazes, and whatever else you want to toss his way along with the
    physical attacks. What with having fairly low HP compared to a lot of the
    Demon Lords (still several thousand, though), he isn't that hard to take out,
    as long as you make sure to keep yourself healed every few turns to keep his
    multi-monster spells from being too dangerous.
    B51) Colosseum: RIGHT STATUE
    Levels: 27
    Monsters: 1-5: PillowRat, FairyRat, Almiraj, CatFly, SkullRoo
              6-10: Saccer, Tonguella, MadGopher, WindBeast, Mommonja
              11-20: Goategon, HammerMan, WildApe, Grizzly, SuperTen
              21-26: Yeti, IronTurt, GulpBeast, Trumpeter, Unicorn
    Boss: Mudou
    Welcome to the Beast Gate. There are a considerable number of creatures that
    have never shown up anywhere but in the Arena or a Foreign Master's group.
    Goategons have the attack of FireBolt for damage, plus they will breathe
    SleepAir on the party to knock them all unconscious if you're not resistant.
    They also have the ability of SlowAll to eat into your agility, though it
    shouldn't be too terribly much of a problem at this level. SuperTen are deadly
    creatures in their own right: they have the K.O. Dance ability, able to kill
    off an entire party in one go. Be ready to either kill them fast, or hope
    you've got resistant folks! They also have the ability of Hustle, healing the
    party they're in, and Imitate, which will let them attack you with whatever
    you last attacked them with, so long as it doesn't actually kill them. That
    can be painful with a multi-monster attack. Yeti are, of course, icy beasts:
    they have IceSlash and IceBolt, both, and will occasionally use WarCry to stun
    your entire party for a round while they and their friends attack in the
    meantime. GulpBeasts and Trumpeters, also, have the WarCry ability. The rest
    of GulpBeasts' abilities are simple, brutal attacks: Massacre and Ramming,
    both of which will do massive damage at the cost of possibly attacking their
    party (for Massacre) or hurting themselves (with Ramming). Trumpeters, on the
    other hand, can blind you with SandStorm, making your attacks much less likely
    to hit, and throw all their attack into a Berserk, lowering their defense that
    round while they do so. IronTurts are the tank of the Beast world: they have
    the StrongD ability, which will make your hits do only minuscule damage, and
    Guardian, which means they can take the hits for their entire party. They also
    have MagicBack, which can reflect cast spells back on your party: be careful
    what you cast on them. Finally, Unicorns are the major healers, what with the
    ability of HealAll, Revive, and Antidote. If you're looking for a healing
    creature, capturing one of these to add into the breeding somewhere is usually
    an excellent idea.
    BOSS BATTLE: Apparently, we were expected. And he was expecting us to be
    prepared for our doom. Mudou has a particularly mean attack. Generally early
    in a fight, he will blow PoisonAir on the party, seriously poisoning them and
    doing a fairly large chunk of damage every turn just for existing. Having
    someone with Surge is a very good idea: that way, you can heal everyone at
    once, rather than having to do it one by one, getting repoisoned while the
    others die off. In addition, by having poison removed every turn, there's more
    of a chance that Mudou will cast PoisonAir, rather than his more deadly
    WhiteAir and WhiteFire. Leave your dragons at home against Mudou: he is immune
    to all the breath attacks, and also to the various air attacks such as Vacuum,
    Infermost, and even the deadly MultiCut. Go for the raw physical damage,
    particularly GigaSlash (which he has no resistance to) and Call/YellHelp. If
    you haven't got either of these, set your creatures to purely slamming him
    physically; they should do a good amount of damage that way. In addition, he
    has no protection against thunder attacks, either: BoltSlash and HellBlast are
    good ways to attack him.
    B52) BAZAAR GATE #2
    Levels: 30
    Monsters: 1-5: Goopi, SaberMan, CoilBird, MudDoll
              6-10: Facer, MadCandle, SpikyBoy, RogueNite
              11-20: Gismo, CurseLamp, EvilWand, JewelBag, MadMirror
              21-29: Voodoll, Balzac, MetalDrak, Roboster, BombCrag
    Boss: Mirudraas
    As the man just outside will tell you, this is the Gate to the Material
    family. This is another Gate that has a considerable number of creatures you
    haven't fought before, aside from arena battles and against Foreign Masters.
    MadMirrors have the ability of Transform, which means that they can turn
    themselves into one of your party members, often a rather powerful one, so
    make certain you take them out swiftly; they will have the exact same stats
    and attacks as the one they transform into. They can also throw MagicBack,
    which means that spells cast on them will be bounced back onto your party
    instead. Voodolls have the PaniDance, which is an attack that can confuse your
    entire party. In addition, they've got Surround, which makes it very difficult
    to attack them because of illusions, and Defense, which will bring the entire
    party's defense down. Balzacs are difficult to make; getting one here is
    probably a better idea than combining for one. They have a number of deadly
    attacks: MultiCut, Explodet, *and* Bolt, which can be a very difficult attack
    to find; if you're looking to combine skills to get HellBlast, then here's
    where you can get the Bolt spell for it. MetalDraks have the deadly Massacre
    attack, which can tear into your party for considerable damage. On the other
    hand, they'll sometimes attack their own party with it; it's a crap-shoot. In
    addition, they can use RockThrow to chuck damaging stones at your party, and
    SandStorm to blind you like the Surround spell. However, you'll likely need
    quite a few MetalDraks if you're getting all 215 monsters, so be ready to
    capture them from here if you don't feel like breeding them all. Robosters are
    rather physical creatures: they have QuadHits and RainSlash, both, one
    throwing a random four attacks on your party and the other one sending a
    single attack to each party member. They've also got SquallHit: an attack that
    will go before any of your party does. Finally, BombCrags are self-destructive
    creatures. They can throw Sacrifice, which will destroy them, but also bring
    you either down into critical HP or kill the monster outright. They can also
    use Farewell, which destroys them, but brings the rest of their party back to
    life with full HP. Finally, they have the ability Meditate, which allows them
    to heal 500 HP on themselves only.
    BOSS BATTLE: This fellow doesn't give you his name immediately. He has to ask
    you whether you know who he is, first. Once the answer's been... well,
    answered, then it's time to fight. And Mirudraas is a deadly opponent. King of
    the Demon Lords, he says. With his attacks, he will throw BlazeMost, Explodet,
    and Thordain on you, as well as doing quite a bit of pure physically
    attacking. While these do quite a bit of damage, I find that he doesn't toss
    as much raw damage on you as a lot of the other Demon Lords do, ironically
    enough. You should be able to handle him fairly well, without too much effort.
    A little healing here and there, and you should be able to take him down
    without a great deal of difficulty, compared to the others. Also, unlike the
    other Demon Lords, he mutters about this being some sort of a dream and
    vanishes. How creepy!
    Levels: 30
    Monsters: 1-5: MiniDrak, DragonKid, Crestpent, Poisongon
              6-10: FairyDrak, Pteranod, Gasgon, KingCobra, Chamelgon
              11-20: LizardFly, Tortagon, LizardMan, Swordgon, WingSnake
              21-29: Rayburn, Spikerous, MadDragon, Andreal, GreatDrak
    Boss: DeathMore
    This is the all-dragon Gate. Do I really need to say that out of all the
    Gates, this one is probably the most dangerous just for the sheer power-level
    of the monsters within it? A lot of creatures here that you've never met
    inside the Travelers' Gates, too. Swordgons have the RainSlash attack, which
    sends a physical attack to each member of your party. They also have BladeD,
    which is a defensive ability which helps protect them, and sends a portion of
    your physical attack back on you for hitting them. Use magic instead. In
    addition, they've got the ability of CleanCut to do extra damage to Material
    creatures. WingSnakes will use the swift-hitting SquallHit to get their attack
    in before anyone in your party can (aside from high-dex folks using
    SquallHit), PoisonAir to envenom your entire party for considerable amounts of
    damage per turn, and HighJump, which is an attack that lets them leap into the
    air, getting protection against physical attacks for a round, and come down
    the next round with a resounding *thud* on someone's head. Rayburns have a
    poison attack as well, though in their case, it's the PoisonHit ability,
    letting them poison someone with a physical attack. Their other attacks
    consist of VacuSlash and DevilCut. Spikerous are sacrificing attackers. They
    have the defense-dropping attack of Berserker and the self-damaging attack of
    Kamikaze. They also have RockThrow, to be able to do multi-monster damage in a
    single sweeping attack, so they're not completely tearing themselves to
    pieces. MadDragons, on the other hand, are dangerous to their party members as
    well as themselves: they have the deadly Massacre attack. They've also got
    EvilSlash which, in exchange for a lowered hitting percentage, does a massive
    amount of damage. Conversely, they can also use the LureDance, which will lure
    your party into dancing for a round and be unable to do anything. A dangerous
    combination at times. Andreals have Infermost, a somewhat dangerous wind
    attack (if not as deadly as Vacuum) and PoisonAir as well. They can also use
    the annoying Surround ability, making it hard to hit them physically. And
    finally, GreatDraks are pure powerhouses of frost: they can use IceSlash, as
    well as Blizzard. In addition, they have SuckAll, which inhales a breath
    attack cast at their party and slings it back at you. Then again, with all the
    dragons here, breath attacks are not something you want to be throwing around
    often. Especially not the fire breath attacks.
    BOSS BATTLE: With a name like 'DeathMore', it's safe to assume that it's going
    to be a tough fight. And you'd be quite right: DeathMore has some of the
    highest HP of the Demon Lords. In addition, he's no pushover with the damage:
    he's got the deadly HellBlast, the terrifying BigBang, *and* the dangerous
    SamsiCall. So while he's throwing heavy damage on your entire party, he'll
    also have a Samsi alongside him who can attack with RainSlash, SquallHit, and
    the dangerous EvilSlash. *Ouch*. HealUsAll is pretty much a necessity here;
    you're not going to have much time to heal your party one by one when this
    deadly pair gets going. You might, if he sticks with not summoning Samsi and
    just slamming you himself, but better safe than sorry. WorldLeaves or a
    secondary monster with Revive will also be an excellent idea, so you can pick
    your healer up if they're taken down suddenly. Once you've defeated him...
    hmmm. Supposedly he's supposed to be more powerful than that. Keep that in
    mind. It'll come up later, sort of.
    Once you've gotten back from DeathMore's dungeon, the king congratulates you
    on having taken out the most powerful of the Demon Lords. He will assure you
    that the next tournament won't be for a long while, and that he's sure you'll
    handle that one, too. And thanking you for the TinyMedals, while he's at it.
    Also, you can go and talk to the little girl, Santi. She'll ask if the gate
    was useful to you. If you say yes, you get blushed at. See? Crush. 
    Anyhow, now that we've finished all the Gates off, let's go and talk to
    Watabou. He will now join your party! He thanks you for the hard work you've
    done, and mentions that Warubou seemed pretty upset. Then he's off, and into
    your stack of monsters on the farm! He has fairly good skills and levels
    amazingly fast, and many of his stats go up at an absolutely incredible rate.
    Plus, if you want to make him even better, you can combine him with a plant,
    using Watabou as the pedigree, and get yourself another Watabou with a few
    extra plusses. But whatever you do, do *NOT* combine him away into something
    else! Seriously! Don't do it! You only get one, and he has a much greater use
    than just bettering your basic monsters' bloodline. If you'd like to know what
    it is, check out 'The Greatest Monsters' below.
    Congratulations on having beaten all the Gates. Now there's just the new arena
    battle to take on, if you haven't already. Combine, create, and get ready for
    it, because this is going to be the battle of a lifetime.
    When it comes to the actual fight, I suggest using a set of monsters very much
    like what you used in the Starry Night: a healer, a heavy-hitter, and a
    'reserve' monster. All three of them should have high hit points and defense;
    you're going to need it in this battle. Make certain that your heavy-hitter is
    armed with GigaSlash. A lot of the hard-hitting spells are going to be useless
    in this fight because of our opponents' resistances, so deal more with
    physical damage than magical. RainSlash is a handy multi-monster weapon, as it
    doesn't rely on magical damage to attack any of the creatures. Be sure you
    have at least your healer with Revive (*not* Vivify) and HealUsAll will be
    almost necessary to keep you on your feet, as you'll see. Another helpful
    spell for this battle is the BazooCall: having a Bazoo on your side as an
    extra HellBlast-throwing party member can be very handy, if not quite as handy
    as other battles, thanks to the resistances. Another possible help could be
    MegaMagic: bring in a monster with MegaMagic, without plans to use any of its
    other abilities. If it throws MegaMagic on the enemy party, it should do a
    vast amount of damage to them, and likely still have its physical attacks to
    keep going. Check out my 'breeding recipes' for a good MegaMagic monster to
    And who do we fight in the arena? Why, it's none other than the Master Monster
    Tamer himself!
    The Master Battle: GoldSlime, Divinegon, Rosevine
    As said before, this is easily the hardest battle you'll have to deal with.
    For one thing, the GoldSlime is invulnerable to pretty much every spell you
    throw at it. The Divinegon, as well, is strongly resistant or immune to just
    about everything. GoldSlime has the spell of HealUs, which it will cast as
    often as necessary to keep the rest of its party on their feet. Divinegon has
    HellBlast, which will do severe lightning damage to your entire party. In
    addition, it can use Focus, which will let it throw this attack twice in one
    round; a near-guaranteed way for it to do monster-slaying damage on you. It'll
    also throw bouts of EvilSlash, which will do massive damage if it hits, which
    fortunately it doesn't do anywhere near as often as a normal attack.  The
    Rosevine uses Imitate fairly often. This means that whatever you hit it with,
    it will throw right back at you. Dangerous when you're throwing multi-monster
    spells such as MultiCut and RainSlash. It will also summon TailWind, giving
    another good reason for you not to throw breath spells: they'll be reflected
    right back on your party for full damage. However, if you've taken my
    suggestion above, your monsters in here should have a minimum of breath
    spells, thus making this attack fairly useless against you. All these
    creatures have high hit points, as well, in particular the Divinegon which has
    several thousand HP! In other words, it will not only be difficult because of
    the attacks, but because of how long it will take to take them all down.
    Particularly with HealUs being thrown every round. Just keep patient, hitting
    with your physical and letting the healer throw HealUsAll, and you should be
    able to come out on top. If not, then just work on breeding up some better
    Once you have beaten the Master Monster Tamer, you are hailed as the strongest
    master! Congratulations! Head down and talk to the Master Monster Tamer. He'll
    tell you that the only thing you have left to do is to tame all the monsters.
    There are 215 monsters in total. It's a good challenge for you to be able to
    get them! Once you've done that, talk to the girl at the library. She'll call
    you the Chosen One! Unfortunately, there is no prize for getting every monster
    in the game aside from that; even the Master Monster Tamer doesn't have
    anything new to say. However, you've got the warm and fuzzy feeling of being
    able to say that you've captured and bred every single monster. At one time,
    there was a 99-depth dungeon in the game which may have been unlocked by doing
    this, but unfortunately it's now only accessible via Gameshark. Anyhow, now
    that you've beat him once, you can go through rematches with him, introducing
    him to new monsters of yours. Additional wins don't get you anything in
    particular, but it's good to be able to prove your superiority.
    + BREEDING  +
    In the game, there is a location known as 'The Library'. This is where all the
    listings for those monsters you've managed to catch and/or breed show up.
    While obviously, you need to get them yourself if you want to fill your book,
    this list will show you just what your library has to say when it's truly
    Please take note that this library listing is not the be-all and end-all of
    the monsters. There are a number of stats that it doesn't give, such as the
    monsters' base stats. It also doesn't give you all the combinations possible
    for the monster. Generally, the combination given is only one choice out of
    what could be a bunch of them, albeit the choice that seems to give a bonus +2
    to your monster's 'plusses'. In addition, there are a few combinations which
    *can* be bred, but the book is reticent on the 'how' (such as Goopi and
    StubSuck). If you want a full breeding FAQ, go to AJackson's FAQ on GameFAQs.
    You'll never get a better-detailed FAQ than that! 
    All typos in 'notes' are present in the game, itself, and left for the sake
    of completion and accuracy. So please don't write me and complain about
    missing some spelling/grammar errors, if the errors are in this section! Not
    unless you've checked and made sure the error isn't (or *is*, as the case may
    be!) in the original game.
    A final note: the book shows several areas of '???' in the monster's name. I
    have tried to define them where I can. (UNKNOWN) means that the creature can
    be combined, but the game will not tell you how; you'll have to find it
    yourself. (NIL) means there is no way known to combine for this monster. They
    must be captured. If you happen to find out how to combine to get one, please
    feel free to write and let me know! And finally: (BOSS) indicates that the
    '???' in the list is indicating 'Boss Family'. Or, as the game lists it, '???'
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + DRAGON
    Skills: SuckAir, FireAir, BeDragon
    Note: Moves & jumps with its tail and wings
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + BEAST
    Skills: CallHelp, LushLicks, Imitate
    Note: Larger than a regular slime & spotted
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + BIRD
    Skills: SquallHit, WindBeast, TailWind
    Note: Flies with wings that grew on its back
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + PLANT
    Skills: Sap, Paralyze, SleepAir
    Note: Its leafy top absorbs energy from sunlight
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + BUG
    Skills: IceBolt, NumbOff, CallHelp
    Note: Hides in its shell when under attack
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + DEVIL
    Skills: Upper, Heal, BeastCut
    Note: The knight riding on this slime is part of it's body
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + UNDEAD
    Skills: Surround, PoisonHit, EerieLite
    Note: Can transform its body into any shape
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + MATERIAL
    Skills: Blaze, Upper, Ramming
    Note: Being trapped in a box gives this slime it's shape
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (NIL)
    Skills: Firebal, MegaMagic, Radiant
    Note: The most abundane of this popular specie
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + MadPlant
    Skills: Upper, Heal, HealUs
    Note: Uses its powerful tentacles to move about
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + Almiraj
    Skills: ChargeUp, CallHelp, WarCry
    Note: Has a red Mohawk and is very brave and proud
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + BombCrag
    Skills: HighJump, RockThrow, StrongD
    Note: Its skin is as hard as rock
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + Roboster
    Skills: RainSlash, Lightning, BladeD
    Note: Oil flows through its body instead of blood
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + Skullroo
    Skills: SideStep, LegSweep, Whistle
    Note: Flees very fast with its strong hind legs
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: CleanCut, NapAttack, MouthShut
    Note: Several SpotSlimes combined into one to form this King
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: Barrier, Heal, Vivify
    Note: Several Slimes combined into one to form this King
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: SLIME + MetalDrak
    Skills: Blaze, IceBolt, Beat
    Note: Its diet of iron gives this slime a metal body
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: Metaly + Metaly
    Skills: Firebal, Bang, Sacrifice
    Note: Produces strong weapons from its body
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: Metabble + Metabble
    Skills: Bolt, Ironize, Hellblast
    Note: Several Metalys combined to form this King
    Type: Slime
    Breeding: MetalKing + MetalKing
    Skills: Chance, BigBang, Surge
    Note: The toughest creature in the slime family
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + SLIME
    Skills: FireAir, SleepAir, Dodge
    Note: It does not grow any bigger than this
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + BEAST
    Skills: MagicBack, Ironize, Lightning
    Note: It has a tough shell but it can't hide inside it
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + BIRD
    Skills: Firebal, WindBeast, TailWind
    Note: Flaps its large wings and flies with authority
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + PLANT
    Skills: Sacrifice, Farewell, Berserker
    Note: Traps gas in its belly to float in the air
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + BUG
    Skills: Surround, SleepAir, LushLicks
    Note: Uses its tongue to suck nectar from flowers
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + DEVIL
    Skills: EvilSlash, BeastCut, GigaSlash
    Note: Smart enough to skillfully use a sword & shield
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + UNDEAD
    Skills: PoisonHit, PoisonGas, LushLicks
    Note: The fluid that is secreted from its fin is poisonous
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + MATERIAL
    Skills: CleanCut, RainSlash, BladeD
    Note: Its body is covered with sword-like spikes
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DragonKid + DragonKid
    Skills: FireSlash, FireAir, SuckAll
    Note: The oldest living species of dragon
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + Picky
    Skills: Ramming, CallHelp, SandStorm
    Note: Runs by using its hands & long tail for balance
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + GulpBeast
    Skills: Massacre, EvilSlash, LureDance
    Note: Runs by using its hands & long tail for balance
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + MadCondor
    Skills: VacuSlash, DevilCut, PoisonHit
    Note: Can grab prey with its talons and fly off
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + Voodoll
    Skills: PanicAll, Paralyze, PalsyAir
    Note: Changes its skin color for camouflage
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + GoHopper
    Skills: Firebal, WindBeast, FireAir
    Note: Hovers in midair with its thin wings
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + Gulpple
    Skills: Infernos, Surround, Poisongas
    Note: Sharp claws & fangs are its most deadly weapons
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + Babble
    Skills: PoisonHit, Curse, K.O.Dance
    Note: Its poisonous bite and sharp fangs are deadly
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + ArmyCrab
    Skills: Berserker, Kamikaze, RockThrow
    Note: Its spiky hard shell protects itself from danger
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: IceSlash, FrigidAir, SuckAll
    Note: The biggest dragon in the dragon family
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + BigRoost
    Skills: StopSpell, PoisonHit, BeDragon
    Note: It shakes its crest to terrorize its enemies
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: Crestpent + Crestpent
    Skills: HighJump, SquallHit, PoisonGas
    Note: Glides through the air with its large wings
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: WingSnake + WingSnake
    Skills: Bang, EvilSlash, BoltSlash
    Note: Constricts its enemies with its powerful body
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: Andreal + MedusaEye
    Skills: FireSlash, BiAttack, FireAir
    Note: Its 5 heads can do different things at the same time
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + Lionex
    Skills: EvilSlash, MetalCut, FireAir
    Note: Attacks by swinging its powerful giant ax
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: DRAGON + Phoenix
    Skills: SuckAir, MultiCut, FireAir
    Note: Floats freely in midair with its magical powers
    Type: Dragon
    Breeding: SkyDragon + Orochi
    Skills: FrigidAir, BigBang, Meditate
    Note: If you defeat it, your wish will be granted
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + SLIME
    Skills: NapAttack, SleepAir, LushLicks
    Note: Moves slowly but its long tongue is deadly
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + DRAGON
    Skills: Sleep, Berserker, ChargeUP
    Note: When cornered, it charges with its sharp horns
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + BIRD
    Skills: StopSpell, Slow, OddDance
    Note: Can see in the dark and preys at night
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + PLANT
    Skills: Ramming, CallHelp, SideStep
    Note: Soft & fluffy fur covers its body
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + BUG
    Skills: Upper, PsycheUp, PalsyAir
    Note: Lives in a sack made out of branches
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Ramming, Massacre, WarCry
    Note: It devours its prey in one big gulp
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + UNDEAD
    Skills: ChargeUP, DrakSlash, PaniDance
    Note: Attacks by throwing skulls at its enemies
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + MATERIAL
    Skills: Infernos, IceBolt, VacuSlash
    Note: Creates tornadoes with its legs to defend itself
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: MetalCut, SquallHit, LushLicks
    Note: Uses its tongue to attack & snare prey
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + Mudron
    Skills: K.O.Dance, Imitate, Hustle
    Note: It likes to show off its dance moves
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + Tortagon
    Skills: MagicBack, Cover, StrongD
    Note: Its spiked shell makes its body slam attack deadly
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + DuckKite
    Skills: IceBolt, LureDance, MouthShut
    Note: It follows you like a dog
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + Stubsuck
    Skills: Kamikaze, EvilSlash, ChargeUP
    Note: It has a hammer bigger than itself
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + DEVIL
    Skills: TwinSlash, SquallHit, LegSweep
    Note: Uses its strong arms to squeeze its prey
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + Orc
    Skills: IceBolt, IceSlash, WarCry
    Note: Its body is covered with a thick fur
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + SabreMan
    Skills: ChargeUP, BirdBlow, ZombieCut
    Note: It can dig very deep holes with its shovel
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + LizardFly
    Skills: Surround, Slow, Smashlime
    Note: Its ears act as wings allowing it to fly
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + FangSlime
    Skills: Heal, Vivify, Antidote
    Note: Its horn is used to make medicines
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + DrakSlime
    Skills: Firebal, Slow, SleepAir
    Note: Charges enemies with its sharp & twisted horns
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + MadPecker
    Skills: TwinSlash, CallHelp, LegSweep
    Note: Lives in groups with one dominant male boss
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: WildApe + WildApe
    Skills: Berserker, SandStorm, WarCry
    Note: Its tusks are used to create craft work
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: Trumpeter + Trumpeter
    Skills: Firebal, BiAttack, FrigidAir
    Note: Uses its 4 hands & 4 arms skillfully in combat
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: Sleep, StopSpell, PsycheUp
    Note: Its pelt commands a high price
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + Dragon
    Skills: VacuSlash, SquallHit, LegSweep
    Note: Moves very swiftly to catch its prey
    Type: Beast
    Breeding: BEAST + EyeBall
    Skills: IceBolt, Heal, FrigidAir
    Note: Looks up at the sky & dozes off all day
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + SLIME
    Skills: Surround, Sap, Sheldodge
    Note: It's flightless but it can run quickly
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + DRAGON
    Skills: Sleep, Heal, FrigidAir
    Note: It has an eagle's head & a body of a serpent
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + BEAST
    Skills: Ramming, ChargeUP, Branching
    Note: Sleeps right after it makes a kill
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + PLANT
    Skills: Speed, BeastCut, LifeSong
    Note: Its flower like face lures bugs to their doom
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + BUG
    Skills: Sleep, PanicAll, Curse
    Note: Spreads its wings to make itself look bigger
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + DEVIL
    Skills: Infernos, Sap, VacuSlash
    Note: Rips flesh from its prey with its strong beak
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + UNDEAD
    Skills: HighJump, DrakSlash, TailWind
    Note: Attacks by dropping skulls from the air
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + MATERIAL
    Skills: Surround, Barrier, EerieLite
    Note: Its mist like body glows pinkish in the dark
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Sleep, RobMagic, Antidote
    Note: Prefers darkness and sucks blood with its fangs
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: VacuSlash, SandStorm, Dodge
    Note: Its firm flesh is good eating
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + RockSlime
    Skills: TwinHits, RainSlash, Sheldodge
    Note: A very stubborn bird
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Infernos, BoltSlash, SideStep
    Note: A flightless owl with strong talons and sharp claws
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + Droll
    Skills: PanicAll, OddDance, LureDance
    Note: A migratory bird that can be very violent
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + CoilBird
    Skills: Firebal, HealUs, MultiCut
    Note: It has big wings, deadly sharp claws & a powerful beak
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + IceMan
    Skills: Beat, IceSlash, FrigidAir
    Note: Breathes out freezing air to defeat its prey
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + Gismo
    Skills: SquallHit, FireAir, TailWind
    Note: Roasts its prey with its fiery breath
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: BoltSlash, Lightning, Hellblast
    Note: Attacks with the thundercloud that covers its body
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + Rayburn
    Skills: Ironize, ThickFog, TatsuCall
    Note: Attacks with its whip-like legs & knife-like claws
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: BIRD + DanceVegi
    Skills: PaniDance, Hustle, LifeDance
    Note: Likes to dance & sing
    Type: Bird
    Breeding: Blizzardy + Phoenix
    Skills: MegaMagic, Surge, StrongD
    Note: It has 4 strong legs & a pair of powerful wings
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + SLIME
    Skills: Sap, Slow, NumbOff
    Note: Secrets sweet sap to attract bugs
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + DRAGON
    Skills: Blaze, DeChaos, PalsyAir
    Note: Its flame breath is its deadly weapon
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + BEAST
    Skills: Firebal, Antidote, CurseOff
    Note: Can live several hundred years and is very wise
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + BIRD
    Skills: Farewell, StepGuard, ZombieCut
    Note: Stores gas inside its body to float in the air
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + BUG
    Skills: HighJump, Paralyze, OddDance
    Note: Stores water inside the body to survive in deserts
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + DEVIL
    Skills: Infernos, Sleep, NapAttack
    Note: Gulps up the monsters to stock up on its evil powers
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + UNDEAD
    Skills: NapAttack, SleepAir, MouthShut
    Note: Plants its spores on its prey to multiply
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + MATERIAL
    Skills: Barrier, TwinHits, MagicWall
    Note: Secretes sap that hardens its body
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Sleep, StepGuard, ZombieCut
    Note: Uses its roots to suck out the preys bodily fluid
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + Gophecada
    Skills: RobMagic, ChargeUP, SleepAir
    Note: Grows out its roots when its ready to breed
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + Facer
    Skills: K.O.Dance, SideStep, LureDance
    Note: Its bad balance forces it to walk like its dancing
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + Pixy
    Skills: IceBolt, Heal, CurseOff
    Note: A spirit that lives in a very old tree
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + NiteWhip
    Skills: StopSpell, Curse, OddDance
    Note: Its roots suck evil power from the ground
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + FunkyBird
    Skills: Focus, Curse, DanceShut
    Note: Its roots can be used to make a cure medicine
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + Pillowrat
    Skills: RobMagic, TwinHits, MapMagic
    Note: Travels to find a place to plant its seeds
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + DarkEye
    Skills: CleanCut, Paralyze, Radiant
    Note: Clings on its host with its tentacles
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: EvilSeed + EvilSeed
    Skills: DrakSlash, PsycheUp, SleepAir
    Note: Dissolves its prey with its digestive acid
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: ManEater + ManEater
    Skills: StopSpell, CallHelp, RainSlash
    Note: The 3 buds sink their teeth into its prey
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: PLANT + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: BiAttack, UltraDown, BladeD
    Note: Squeezes its prey with its thorny vines
    Type: Plant
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (NIL)
    Skills: Chance, Whistle, Imitate
    Note: A mischievous mystical creature
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + SLIME
    Skills: LushLicks, Whistle, Dodge
    Note: Its mucus contains digestive enzymes
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + DRAGON
    Skills: Upper, PoisonGas, ThickFog
    Note: This caterpillar does not grow to become a moth
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + BEAST
    Skills: Beat, MagicBack, CallHelp
    Note: Since it lives underground, it hates light
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + BIRD
    Skills: Surround, CallHelp, Curse
    Note: Powder on its wings have hallucinogenic effect
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + PLANT
    Skills: RobMagic, Barrier, MagicWall
    Note: Its weed-top sucks up energy & emits evil power
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + DEVIL
    Skills: StepGuard, BeastCut, OddDance
    Note: Finds its prey with its acute sense of smell
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + UNDEAD
    Skills: NapAttack, Ahhh, LushLicks
    Note: Paralyzes its prey with its deadly kiss
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + MATERIAL
    Skills: Sleep, FireAir, LegSweep
    Note: Repels attacks with its hard shell
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Kamikaze, CallHelp, NapAttack
    Note: Its body is small, but its jaw is powerful
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: RobMagic, ChargeUP, CallHelp
    Note: Makes a weird sound when it flies
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + FloraMan
    Skills: IceSlash, PoisonGas, Radiant
    Note: Sucks on its prey with its tail-like mouth
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + IronTurt
    Skills: Upper, TwinHits, TwinSlash
    Note: A shell protects its back but not its belly
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + AmberWeed
    Skills: Firebal, Heal, MapMagic
    Note: Each tentacle has a specific function
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + Saccer
    Skills: WindBeast, Paralyze, Radiant
    Note: Creates a violent wind with its huge wings
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + Spooky
    Skills: Slow, StepGuard, Branching
    Note: Protruding eyes gives a large field of vision
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + DarkCrab
    Skills: Upper, MetalCut, CallHelp
    Note: Attacks in a group & cuts up its prey with its claws
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + FairyRat
    Skills: PoisonHit, Paralyze, TailWind
    Note: Paralyzes its prey with its sting
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: StagBug + StagBug
    Skills: BoltSlash, DevilCut, RockThrow
    Note: Charges its prey with its big horn
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: HornBeet + HornBeet
    Skills: EvilSlash, ZombieCut, RainSlash
    Note: Unprotected joints are its weakness
    Type: Bug
    Breeding: BUG + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: Farewell, StrongD, SuckAll
    Note: Digs caves to live in a dark humid home
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + SLIME
    Skills: Speed, TwinHits, Antidote
    Note: Loves to play pranks with its magic spells
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: Bang, BoltSlash, BirdBlow
    Note: Too fat to fly but its strength is incredible
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Firebal, Sacrifice, SleepAir
    Note: Very quick witted & cunning
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + BIRD
    Skills: Blaze, FireSlash, FrigidAir
    Note: Smart but, lacks the power to cast big spells
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + PLANT
    Skills: MetalCut, PalsyAir, Radiant
    Note: Catches its prey with its tentacles
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + BUG
    Skills: MagicBack, Ironize, WarCry
    Note: Hunts with its large eye & fast two legs
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + UNDEAD
    Skills: FireSlash, RainSlash, LegSweep
    Note: Revives dead beasts to use as slaves
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + MATERIAL
    Skills: Firebal, Ironize, FrigidAir
    Note: Trained hard to attain its evil strength
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: Blaze, Firebal, IceBolt
    Note: Uses its wand to cast evil spells
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + BEAST
    Skills: Firebal, StopSpell, Heal
    Note: Mischievous & likes to play tricks with traps
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + DRAGON
    Skills: Surround, Sap, Branching
    Note: A deadly ball of snakes with an eye in the center
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + LizardMan
    Skills: Infernos, HealUs, VacuSlash
    Note: A natural born evil fighter
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + DarkHorn
    Skills: Bang, Infernos, IceBolt
    Note: A powerful monster with the horns & legs of a goat
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + BeanMan
    Skills: Sap, Vivify, BirdBlow
    Note: Its dense pelt acts as natural armor
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + HammerMan
    Skills: Massacre, MetalCut, RainSlash
    Note: Its flail has a metal ball that's bigger than a man
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: Demonite + Demonite
    Skills: Blaze, CleanCut, ThickFog
    Note: Uses a scythe as tall as its own towering height
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: 1EyeClown + 1EyeClown
    Skills: TwinHits, VacuSlash, SquallHit
    Note: Has achieved the utmost limit of swiftness
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + MadDragon
    Skills: FireSlash, DrakSlash, Cover
    Note: Not too clever, but uses its weapons well
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: Grendal + Grendal
    Skills: Bang, Focus, FrigidAir
    Note: Combined evil power with superhuman strength
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + RogueNite
    Skills: Massacre, BeastCut, GigaSlash
    Note: Covered with armor that is never removed
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + BigEye
    Skills: EvilSlash, ChargeUP, ZombieCut
    Note: The biggest in the devil family, but not very smart
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: StopSpell, FireSlash, RainSlash
    Note: A hybrid devil of man & beast
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: DEVIL + Armorpede
    Skills: FireSlash, BoltSlash, DrakSlash
    Note: Its real identity underneath the armor is unknown
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: Akubar + RainHawk
    Skills: Blaze, BiAttack, TailWind
    Note: A hybrid devil of an eagle & a lion
    Type: Devil
    Breeding: Centasaur + GoldGolem
    Skills: DrakSlash, BirdBlow, WindBeast
    Note: A strong all-round natural born fighter.
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + SLIME
    Skills: Radiant, LushLicks, MouthShut
    Note: Its hobby is to scare people
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + Swordgon
    Skills: TwinSlash, IceSlash, FrigidAir
    Note: A dragon that's risen from the dead
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + BEAST
    Skills: Sap, Slow, MagicBack
    Note: It's fearless since it doesn't feel any pain
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + BIRD
    Skills: Kamikaze, BoltSlash, Lightning
    Note: Dozes all day in its half rotted body
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + PLANT
    Skills: EvilSlash, CallHelp, Paralyze
    Note: Its body is filled with herbs to prevent its decay
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + BUG
    Skills: MagicWall, Ironize, StepGuard
    Note: Its shell resembles a human face
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + DEVIL
    Skills: Heal, DeChaos, CurseOff
    Note: Knight revived as a zombie, who never tires
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + MATERIAL
    Skills: FrigidAir, K.O.Dance, ThickFog
    Note: Real identity is unknown due to its shadow-like body
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: PoisonGas, EerieLite, LushLicks
    Note: Its acidic saliva will dissolve anything
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + GiantSlug
    Skills: Beat, Heal, Vivify
    Note: A swamp mud infested spirit of the dead
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + MistyWing
    Skills: WindBeast, Lightning, FireAir
    Note: Flies in the air leaving a streak of light
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + DRAGON
    Skills: SleepAir, Radiant, ThickFog
    Note: Lost spirits fused together
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + WindBeast
    Skills: Infernos, Barrier, CurseOff
    Note: Strangely, there is nothing under its garment
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + WeedBug
    Skills: DevilCut, Curse, EerieLite
    Note: Guides dead spirits to the underworld
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: DeadNite + DeadNite
    Skills: Beat, HealUs, TatsuCall
    Note: Rides on a horse & attacks enemies with its lance
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: UNDEAD + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: Infernos, Bolt, Chance
    Note: Has retained its high INT from when it was alive
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: Hork + Hork
    Skills: Bang, BoltSlash, BirdBlow
    Note: Resurrected as a zombie to serve hard labor
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: BoneSlave + BoneSlave
    Skills: Sap, BirdBlow, BiAttack
    Note: Attacks with a sword in each of its 6 hands
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: Skeletor + Skeletor
    Skills: Blaze, IceBolt, Focus
    Note: Created from evil powers, it has a high INT
    Type: Undead
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (NIL)
    Skills: Transform, OddDance, Imitate
    Note: Can disguise as any creature & mimic any move
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + SLIME
    Skills: Firebal, StopSpell, PanicAll
    Note: Likes to eat things that are precious & shiny
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + DRAGON
    Skills: DeChaos, MapMagic, FrigidAir
    Note: An evil spirit possessing a wizard's wand
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + BEAST
    Skills: Blaze, PsycheUp, Whistle
    Note: Its candle will remain lit until it dies
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + BIRD
    Skills: NumbOff, DeChaos, SuckAll
    Note: Emits an eerie noise
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + PLANT
    Skills: Infernos, Sacrifice, LifeSong
    Note: An evil spirit has possessed this wooden mask
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + BUG
    Skills: Sacrifice, HighJump, Smashlime
    Note: Explodes when angered
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + DEVIL
    Skills: MagicBack, Transform, MapMagic
    Note: Absorbs anything that reflects on its mirror
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + UNDEAD
    Skills: Heal, EvilSlash, MetalCut
    Note: Life was brought to this armor & it roams for prey
    Type: Material
    Breeding: ??? + ??? (UNKNOWN)
    Skills: CallHelp, LegSweep, Dodge
    Note: Grabs and paralyzes any prey that passes
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + Lipsy
    Skills: Surround, PanicAll, Sap
    Note: A clay doll brought to life
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + Andreal
    Skills: Massacre, RockThrow, SandStorm
    Note: A dragon constructed from metal
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + ??? (BOSS)
    Skills: Bang, Bolt, MultiCut
    Note: A creature created to be the strongest monster
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + GiantWorm
    Skills: RobMagic, DevilCut, Paralyze
    Note: Fashioned with so much passion that it came to life
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + WingTree
    Skills: Upper, Speed, TwinHits
    Note: Its been said that there is an evil genie in the lamp
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + SkulRider
    Skills: BiAttack, SquallHit, RainSlash
    Note: Last surviving war robot made in an ancient time
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + Snaily
    Skills: Beat, Sleep, Massacre
    Note: Lurks in a pot to hide its identity
    Type: Material
    Breeding: Goopi + FireWeed
    Skills: SuckAir, FireAir, FrigidAir
    Note: Life was brought to this ball of energy
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MetalDrak + ArcDemon
    Skills: Blaze, FireAir, Cover
    Note: It's composed of an energy core & magma
    Type: Material
    Breeding: Roboster + KingLeo
    Skills: FireBolt, FrigidAir, StrongD
    Note: It's composed of an energy core & ice
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MATERIAL + BoxSlime
    Skills: Blaze, Beat, StepGuard
    Note: Attacks anyone who tries to steal its treasure
    Type: Material
    Breeding: Goopi + Goopi
    Skills: OddDance, SideStep, Hustle
    Note: A kneaded dried clay doll that came to life
    Type: Material
    Breeding: MudDoll + MudDoll
    Skills: ChargeUP, PsycheUp, StrongD
    Note: A stack of rock bricks that came to life
    Type: Material
    Breeding: Golem + Golem
    Skills: Cover, SuckAll, Meditate
    Note: A statue made from rock that came to life
    Type: Material
    Breeding: SpikyBoy + SpikyBoy
    Skills: Sacrifice, Farewell, Meditate
    Note: Usually dormant & looks like a normal rock
    Type: Material
    Breeding: IceMan + LavaMan
    Skills: BigBang, Surge, TatsuCall
    Note: Made out of an elastic & durable metal
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Servant + GreatDrak
    Skills: Firebal, Meditate, BeDragon
    Note: Tried to unite the monsters to rule the world
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: DracoLord(1) + Divinegon
    Skills: Massacre, FireAir, Surge
    Note: This is the true identity of DracoLord
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Whiteking + MetalKing
    Skills: Firebal, Bang, TatsuCall
    Note: The one who planned to revive the Destructor
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Jamirus + Rosevine
    Skills: FireAir, FrigidAir, Hellblast
    Note: An evil dragon lord, ruler of all destruction
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Hargon + Orochi
    Skills: Bang, RockThrow, Hellblast
    Note: This evil lord controls all monsters
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: DracoLord(1) + Sidoh
    Skills: FrigidAir, BigBang, DeMagic
    Note: The source of all evil
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Durran + Divinegon
    Skills: BiAttack, FireAir, Hellblast
    Note: Attained its power from the pearl of evolution
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Pizzaro + KingLeo
    Skills: RainSlash, DeMagic, GigaSlash
    Note: Exists beyond the boundries of time and space
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Esterk + GoldSlime
    Skills: Blaze, Bang, Bolt
    Note: An evil lord who tried to rule the human world
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Mirudrass(1) + Spikerous
    Skills: SuckAir, FireAir, DeMagic
    Note: This is the true identity of Mirudrass
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Baramos + DarkHorn
    Skills: FireAir, FrigidAir, PoisonGas
    Note: This evil lord controls all monsters
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: Zoma + Mirudraas(1)
    Skills: Hellblast, BigBang, TatsuCall
    Note: An evil lord that lives between reality & fantasy
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: DeathMore(1) + Armorpion
    Skills: Ramming, FireAir, UltraDown
    Note: Shed off its disguise to show off its strength
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: DeathMore(2) + Mudou
    Skills: Focus, BigBang, DeMagic
    Note: Only a true warrior can reveal its real identity
    Type: ??? (BOSS)
    Breeding: DeathMore(3) + Watabou
    Skills: Bolt, FireAir, FrigidAir
    Note: The master of destruction & carnage
    Most of the monsters that you can create are part of one family or another. In
    addition, a good many of them have hints in the game as to how to create them.
    However, there's one that you can't access directly and has no real clues for
    how to make them: the Boss category. You'll notice this as '???' in your book
    within the library. This is where the Demon Lords that you've been fighting
    fit in. Needless to say, this is a group of monsters that you'll definitely
    want. Of course, this is also a group that you can't simply *catch* members of
    (at least not without a Gameshark), so you'll have to do it the hard way:
    through combining.
    Any of these combinations can be done at any time in the game: if you've got
    the monsters available, then you can make the bosses. One would think their
    power level and enormous stat-gains generally means that making them as early
    as you can will make for a big advantage in the game, both against the bosses
    behind the gates and against the masters in the arena. While this is true,
    there's one thing that you should remember: these creatures tend to level up
    *extremely* slowly. It takes 100XP for them to reach even level 2. This means
    that unless you're ready and willing to do hours upon hours of power-leveling
    with them, they may not even be as good as some of the 'lesser' monsters that
    you can make. If you're willing to endure that, though, then these critters
    will be well worth every bit of trouble. They're especially handy after you've
    completed the game, when you can get access to the high-experience dungeons.
    In addition, the action of combining into these monsters will almost guarantee
    you a lot of plusses and a lot of skills, so they'll be even more powerful.
    Just be prepared: there's going to be times that you need to use the Egg
    Evaluator to turn your monster to the opposite gender; Bosses always come out
    as male first. So before you hatch them, double-check with this list (or
    another breeding list). Also, many of these can be done out of order, since
    certain bosses take certain monsters to be created. If you felt like making
    one before the other, then feel free! This is just my suggested pattern.
    To start, you'll need to get a Servant and either a GreatDrak or an Andreal. A
    GreatDrak can be made in a few ways: either the Dragon+Dragon or
    DragonKid+DragonKid mentioned above, or a dragon family combined with any of
    the following: SpotKing, KingSlime, MetalKing, BattleRex, Unicorn, ZapBird,
    WhipBird, Gigantes, or Centasaur. Andreal is fairly simply made by combining a
    Dragon Family with a Gulpple, or you can make a more complicated version with
    a Gasgon, MadDragon, BattleRex, or SkyDragon combined with a Goategon,
    Trumpeter, MadCondor, WhipBird, FunkyBird, ArcDemon, Lionex, GoatHorn, Ogre,
    Akubar, DeadNoble, or Golem. Whew. These can also be captured in the Dragon
    Gate if you're far enough along, though you'll be missing out on some plusses
    that way. The Servant is much easier to breed: either combine a pair of
    Skeletors, or a WhiteKing plus something from the Devil family. Combine the
    dragon-of-choice and the Servant together and you'll have the first monster of
    the bunch: DracoLord, the 'old man' boss that stands behind the Gate Of
    Ambition (the bug gate). Now, take that monster and combine it with a plant to
    make a RoseVine. I know. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through to get one
    non-boss monster, but trust me on this. There's no other way to make a
    RoseVine, and you'll need one coming up. Admittedly, you could do this with
    any boss monster, rather than a DracoLord, but of the bunch, the DracoLord is
    the easiest to create. Yes, believe it or not; you'll soon see what I mean.
    Keep that monster aside for now; it'll become important later.
    Now, make a third DracoLord. Take this DracoLord and combine it with a
    Divinegon. Divinegon is created with the combination of a SkyDragon, which
    takes a dragon family and a Phoenix if you don't still have the egg-dragon,
    and an Orochi, which is the combination of an Andreal or GreatDrak and a
    MedusaEye. This will create... another DracoLord? However, this one looks
    different: it's DracoLord in his BeDragon form... or rather, DracoLord in the
    'transformed' form he took in Dragon Quest/Warrior I. It also has different
    base skills than the other DracoLord: Massacre, FireAir, and Surge as opposed
    to FireBal, Meditate, and BeDragon. This creature can now be set aside (well,
    once it's raised) if you want. We'll move to the next group of this breeding
    You should already know how to make a WhiteKing, and should probably have one
    that you went and showed the Queen, if you didn't combine it away. If you did,
    or didn't know how, then create one now: either any undead with a boss (yes,
    that means *another* DracoLord, probably) or a Skullgon, DeadNoble, BoneSlave,
    or Skeletor combined with a SpotKing, KingSlime, MetalDrak, Andreal,
    GreatDrak, KingLeo, Blizzardy, ZapBird, WhipBird, or GoldGolem. Cross this
    with a MetalKing. The MetalKing is created by combining a SpotKing or
    KingSlime with a MetalDrak, or by crossing two Metabbles (which makes a very
    low-HP MetalKing *indeed*). This combination will make a Hargon, the first
    boss that you find behind the Gate Of Demolition (the plant gate). Once this
    creature is fully-raised, combine it with an Orochi, which you've already been
    told how to make. You'll get yourself a Baramos: the boss behind the Gate Of
    Mastermind (the bird gate). Hatch him, raise him, and then combine him with a
    DarkHorn, which can either be captured from Labyrinth, or must be bred with a
    Beast and a Boss. This will make Mudou, the boss behind the Goopi's Gate (the
    beast gate). Feel free to raise this creature as you want. We'll be needing
    it, but not just yet.
    Now, create a Jamirus. Jamirus is created by the combination of an Akubar and
    a RainHawk. The RainHawk you should already have made to show the Queen, but
    just in case you didn't, it requires a Blizzardy and a Phoenix. Akubar, on the
    other hand, is bred with either a pair of Grendals, or an ArcDemon and a
    GateGuard. Take that Jamirus and cross it with the Rosevine that I had you
    create earlier (now you know why you needed it). That will create Sidoh: the
    second boss behind the Gate Of Demolition. However, don't hatch him yet.
    Instead, turn 'him' into a 'her'. Once you've done that, and have raised her
    up enough, cross Sidoh with that DracoLord you've got (either DracoLord will
    do, honestly, but you needed to get the transformed DracoLord2 to get your
    entire list of monsters). Together, those creatures create Zoma: the boss
    behind the Gate Of Control (the Slime gate). You can raise him any way that
    you want. You won't need him for a little while.
    For the last 'non-boss-bred' boss, you'll need a Durran and a Divinegon. I
    already tell how to make a Divinegon up above, for the second face of
    DracoLord. For the Durran (yes, this creature is considered a 'devil' rather
    than a 'boss'), combine a Centasaur and a GoldGolem. GoldGolem is made with an
    IceMan ands a LavaMan. For the Centasaur, cross either an ArcDemon with a
    dragon family, or an Ogre or GateGuard with a beast family. Combine those two
    monsters together, and you'll get yourself Pizzaro, the demon lord behind the
    Gate of Extinction (the devil gate). Hatch that and raise him. Then, combine
    him with a KingLeo, which you should still have after showing the Queen.
    If not, then again: making a KingLeo takes either a Trumpeter plus a
    Trumpeter, MetalDrak, Balzak, or GoldGolem, or a Roboster plus a GulpBeast,
    SuperTen, Unicorn, Trumpeter, DarkHorn, or MadCat. This will make you an
    Esterk, which is the demon lord behind the Gate of Sleep. Finally, combine
    that Esterk with a GoldSlime, which you've been given instructions for to get
    into the Old Man's dungeon (and should still have said Slime, if you haven't
    combined it into something else and kept it like I suggested). That final
    combination will get you the Mirudraas: demon lord behind the Bazaar Gate (the
    material gate). Once you have your Mirudraas leveled to where you want him,
    combine him with a Spikerous. You can get one of these from the Medal Man's
    eggs or from the dragon gate, or from combining a dragon family with either a
    Digster or ArmyCrab. What you'll get with that is.... *whoa*. It's called
    Mirudraas, but it sure doesn't look like any Mirudraas you've ever seen! Well,
    that is, unless you've played Dragon Quest V. Before you hatch this beast,
    though, turn him into a female.
    Now, you should have three bosses: Zoma, Mudou, and the second version of
    Mirudraas. If you did everything the way I said, Zoma and Mudou should be
    male, while Mirudraas is female. Preferably, they should all be at high
    levels, as well, if not maxed out. Take your Zoma and combine it with the
    Mirudraas. Again, like the DracoLord, either Mirudraas would work, but since
    you'll need the second version to fill out your book anyway, might as well
    make it and use it in this way. With the pair of them combined together,
    you'll get DeathMore, in his 'old man' form that Watabou talked about.
    DeathMore, of course, being the demon lord behind the old man's gate, the gate
    of dragons. Raise this creature up some, and get an Armorpion while you're at
    it. You'll likely have gotten one to show the Queen, but if you combined it
    away, all you need to do to get one is to combine a HornBeet and a HornBeet.
    HornBeets can be gotten from either two StagBugs, or an Armorpede and a devil
    family. What you'll get... is *certainly* a far cry from the 'juggling old
    man' that the first DeathMore is! This, then, would be the 'more powerful'
    DeathMore that Watabou was talking about, and the second form he'll wear when
    you battle him in Dragon Quest VI. Needless to say, it's also got different
    base attacks than the original DeathMore: Ramming, FireAir, and UltraDown.
    Ironically, these aren't as powerful as the HellBlast, BigBang, and TatsuCall
    that the original form has. Fortunately, though, all the old skills should
    carry over (thanks to skill breeding), so you'll still have them around.
    Anyway, take that second DeathMore you've got. Before you hatch it, turn it
    female. Then, hatch, level, scare the game with your demonic facade, et
    cetera. Once that's done, combine your DeathMore (and unlike the others, this
    *must* be the second DeathMore) with your Mudou. What comes out this time...
    GOOD GRIEF! It's a deadly head and hands! AKA, the final form of the final
    boss of Dragon Quest VI. This version of DeathMore will add Focus and DeMagic
    to the stack of spells it can use.
    But wait! There's one more! Take your DeathMore. Make certain that it is a
    different gender than Watabou, either by breeding Watabou with a plant or by
    breeding DeathMore with just about anything (as long as DeathMore is the
    pedigree). I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Yes, aren't you glad
    that you took my advice and didn't combine Watabou away until now? Combine
    DeathMore3 (and it must be the third face; the other two won't work for this)
    with Watabou. What will come from this breeding, but... the secret boss of
    Dragon Quest VI: DarkDrium. Who is just a pallet-swap of Durran. How
    disappointing! Still, though he doesn't look like anything special, DarkDrium
    will definitely fulfill all your needs for the rest of the game, by being a
    terrifying brute who gains massive stats in every area. Plus, with all the
    plusses and the leveling you should have done, he will likely max his stats
    out long before he reaches level 99.
    As a final note, I name this chapter 'The Greatest Monsters'. Even though they
    do give massive stat gains and generally have incredible skills to boot, this
    doesn't mean they are the only good monsters. A well-bred GoldGolem,
    GoldSlime, WhiteKing, Divinegon, or the like can still do a fantastic job of
    being a dangerous monster in the arenas. So don't worry that you *have* to
    have the Boss monsters to do well. They'll give you a boost, but they're not
    necessary. Of course, they do count toward that 215 monsters, so if you're
    going for *that* benchmark, you'll need to make them eventually.
    While you can get most of the monsters in the game either through capturing
    them in the various worlds, having them join you as a 'boss monster', or
    stealing them from Foreign Masters or the Travelers' Gate Arena, there is a
    handful of creatures which can be gotten no other way than by actually
    combining creatures for them. In total, there are 13 creatures (other than the
    ??? family, which are all listed above as 'The Greatest Monsters') which can
    be gotten in no other way than by breeding. Below is the list of these, plus
    the breedings that you can use to be able to get them. Where the name is in
    capital letters, this refers to the general family of creatures, as opposed to
    one specific creature.
               MetalKing + MetalKing
    GoldSlime  MetalKing
               SpotKing  + GoldGolem
               Gasgon       DarkHorn
               Lizardman +  MadKnight
    Coatol     BattleRex    Copycat
               SkyDragon    StoneMan
               WingSnake +  WingSnake
    Divinegon  SkyDragon +  Orochi
               Trumpeter +  Balzac
    KingLeo                 GulpBeast
               Roboster  +  Trumpeter
    RainHawk   Blizzardy +  Phoenix
               DanceVegi +  PLANT
    HerbMan             OR
               PLANT     +  FunkyBird
    RoseVine   PLANT     +  ???
    Armorpion  HornBeet  +  HornBeet
               ArcDemon  +  GateGuard
    Akubar              OR
               Grendal   +  Grendal
               Akubar    +  RainHawk
    Jamirus             OR
               RainHawk  +  Akubar
               Centasaur +  GoldGolem
    Durran              OR 
               GoldGolem +  Centasaur
               Skullgon     Andreal
               DeadNoble    GreatDrak
    WhiteKing  BoneSlave +  KingLeo
               Skeletor     Blizzardy
               ZOMBIE    +  ???
               Gismo     +  DEVIL
    EvilPot             OR   
               MATERIAL  +  Snaily
    GoldGolem  IceMan    +  LavaMan
    Many of these recipes are either specific combinations which will get you a
    monster with a certain skill, or combinations of skills that will generally
    combine into a single, spectacular attack, though a few other 'specialties'
    have been created. Please note that these aren't the only way to get these
    skills or combinations, but just suggested versions to be able to get them
    as soon as possible (or the most efficiently). Also keep in mind that some of
    the high-end monsters are better to leave until later in the game, when you
    have the higher-level dungeons to be able to level them up effectively.
    a) HellBlast
    There are very few creatures which can learn HellBlast, and most of them are
    bosses: Baramos, DeathMore1, MetalKing, Pizzaro, Sidoh, and ZapBird. Not even
    the Foreign Master Monsters have it, aside from the ZapBird (naturally).
    Obviously, the easiest way you'll get HellBlast on a creature is to get
    yourself the ZapBird Egg from the Medal Man. All it takes is 13 TinyMedals,
    and it will be born with the capability of learning this vicious skill.
    However, maybe you're having trouble finding those TinyMedals. Or maybe you
    just want a better creature than something hatched directly from an egg. The
    earliest and easiest way to get yourself a ZapBird (which is the easiest way
    you will get HellBlast) is to combine an AntEater and a Gremlin to create a
    Grizzly, then add a Dracky in, to make yourself a Phoenix. Combine a Slime and
    a MiniDrak (or a DragonKid; whichever you get to first) to make a DrakSlime,
    then take a Goopi and combine it with that to make a Gismo. Cross those two
    creatures, and you'll have yourself a ZapBird.
    The skills of Bolt and Lightning can also be combined to create HellBlast.
    However, while Lightning can be found in several monsters (NiteWhip, RotRaven,
    Slimeborg, Tortagon, ZapBird), Bolt is only found within a few high-end
    monsters (Balzac, MetalKing, and WhiteKing), some boss creatures (Mirudraas
    and DarkDrium), and one specific Foreign Master monster (the EvilBeast at
    level 40-59). Thus, it's easier to say: 'if you can get Bolt in your
    bloodline, make sure to try and keep it around' than it is to give a 'simple
    combination' as I do for the other skills. However, by popular demand, here
    you go: don't say I didn't warn you!
    The earliest breeding for this (and believe me, it isn't easy!) will be to
    combine SpotSlimes until you achieve a SpotKing (this will take a +5 or
    above). Using a KingSlime would also work, but it is easier to breed multiple
    SpotSlimes than to capture multiple Slimes. Combine a Spooky with a Dracky to
    make yourself a RotRaven, and a DragonKid and Goopi for a Swordgon. Then
    combine that RotRaven with the Swordgon: you'll have a Skullgon with the skill
    of lightning. Combine that Skullgon with the SpotKing you made earlier, with
    the Skullgon as pedigree, and you'll have yourself a WhiteKing with the skills
    of Lightning and Bolt, both.
    b) GigaSlash
    There are three different creatures who can get this ability: Esterk,
    LizardMan, and MadKnight. Unfortunately, a great many of them don't have the
    stat-gains to get this ability if you create them from two first-gen monsters.
    Therefore, while you can create a LizardMan by combining a DragonKid and a
    Gremlin, unless either the DragonKid or Gremlin have some extra stat-points
    and/or plusses on themselves, the LizardMan probably won't get to be a high
    enough level, or powerful enough, to actually earn the ability. So instead,
    combine a DragonKid with a Picky for a MiniDrak, and a Gremlin with an
    EvilSeed, to get yourself a DarkEye. Cross those two creatures together to get
    a LizardMan with higher stats and enough plusses that it should be able to get
    GigaSlash fairly easily.
    In addition, the skills of FireSlash, IceSlash, BoltSlash, and VacuSlash will
    combine together to make GigaSlash. 
    FireSlash is found on Centasaur, Demonite, Dragon, EvilArmor, Grendal, Orochi,
    and SkulRider. The Foreign Master Monsters that also have it are ArcDemon
    (20-39), Centasaur (98-118), DeadNoble (120-139), LavaMan (40-59), and
    SuperTen (79-98).
    IceSlash is found on Blizzardy, GreatDrak, Skullgon, TailEater, and Yeti. The
    Foreign Master Monsters that also have it are ArcDemon (20-39), HammerMan
    (1-18), MadCat (79-98), MetalDrak (120-139), and StagBug (1-18).
    BoltSlash is found on ArcDemon, BoneSlave, Coatol, EvilArmor, HornBeet,
    LandOwl, RotRaven, and ZapBird. The Foreign Master monsters that also have it
    are Hammerman (1-18) and Trumpeter (120-139).
    VacuSlash is found on BigRoost, ChopClown, Lionex, MadCat, MadPecker, Rayburn,
    and WindBeast. The Foreign Master monsters who also have it are ArcDemon
    (20-39), BombCrag (98-118), HammerMan (1-18), Phoenix (40-59), RotRaven
    (59-78), StagBug (1-18), and ZapBird (120-139).
    The single easiest way to get these skills all in one is to capture the
    ArcDemon that the Foreign Master at levels 20-39 has. This creature starts
    with the skills of VacuSlash, FireSlash, and IceSlash, and as an ArcDemon,
    will gain the skill BoltSlash naturally. Thus, in one creature, you can get
    all four of those skills. If, however, you want an easy combination to get the
    skills, combine a Spooky and a BigRoost to get a RotRaven. Combine this with a
    Demonite to get yourself a DeadNite. Then, combine a GoHopper and StubSuck
    together to make a WeedBug. Combine that WeedBug with another plant of some
    sort (another StubSuck would do fine) to create yourself a TailEater. Take
    those final two creatures (DeadNite and TailEater) and combine them together
    in either order (gaining either a Lipsy or a DarkCrab), and you'll have all
    four of the slashes in one place, just as you'd like.
    Another way to get the slashes is by combining for them. Each of the slashes
    requires a different spell, combined with ChargeUP, to create: FireSlash needs
    BlazeMore, IceSlash needs SnowStorm, BoltSlash needs Lightning, and VacuSlash
    needs WindBeast. ChargeUP can be found in Almiraj, BullBird, FangSlime,
    Gigantes, GoHopper, Golem, HammerMan, MadGopher, Oniono, and Skullroo.
    Combining for them is a little time consuming, but keeping in mind that they
    *can* be combined for may make it easier to get them if you don't have the
    appropriate creatures for the big combo.
    c) MegaMagic
    Aside from one of the Foreign Master monsters (the DeadNoble at level 140+),
    only two monsters naturally get MegaMagic: RainHawk and (ironically) the lowly
    Slime. Obviously, the easiest way to get MegaMagic is to breed Slimes. Just
    take a pair of Slimes, combine them together, and raise that resultant Slime
    to as high a level as it will go. Do this with two other Slimes, and make sure
    the resulting Slime is the opposite gender. Cross those two. The only
    'disadvantage' with this is that you'll find yourself with a KingSlime on your
    hands after that breeding. However, that KingSlime will generally have the
    level of stats needed to get MegaMagic, so it's not all bad. Plus, with the
    gains in stats a KingSlime gets, it'll be a fairly intimidating creature when
    it does pitch the skill.
    In addition, MegaMagic can also be gotten through combining skills: BlazeMost,
    Blizzard, Explodet, FireBolt, and Infermost. Just get all those skills on the
    same monster and have the requisite levels of stats (which, if you've gotten
    all those spells, isn't hard to get) and you'll get yourself MegaMagic.
    Blaze (which levels up to BlazeMost) is used by 1EyeClown, BoxSlime, Demonite,
    FireWeed, GateGuard, Jamirus, LavaMan, MadCandle, Metaly, Mimic, Mirudraas1,
    and Servant.
    IceBolt (which levels to Blizzard) is used by 1EyeClown, BigEye, GoatHorn,
    IceMan, Metaly, Mommonja, Servant, Snaily, TreeBoy, WindBeast, and Yeti.
    Bang (which becomes Explodet) is used by Akubar, ArcDemon, Balzak, Baramos,
    BoneSlave, GoatHorn, Hargon, Metabble, and Mirudraas.
    Firebal (which becomes FireBolt) is an exceedingly common spell: it's used by
    1EyeClown, AgDevil, DracoLord, EvilBeast, Eyeder, FloraMan, Goategon, Gremlin,
    Hargon, JewelBag, KingLeo, LizardFly, MadCondor, Metabble, Pteranod, and
    And finally Infernos (which turns into Infermost) is used by Andreal, Facer,
    GoatHorn, Gulpple, LandOwl, Lionex, MadPecker, WhiteKing, WindBeast, and
    The easiest way to gather these skills together is to do the following
    combinations: combine a 1EyeClown (which has three of the five spells in
    itself) with a BoneSlave. That will create a MedusaEye. Combine a CoilBird and
    a StubSuck to make yourself a Facer, then combine the MedusaEye with your
    Facer. This will make you an EvilBeast with all the important skills together.
    In addition, it should have enough power to it to be able to get the spell of
    MegaMagic with ease.
    However, there's one problem with MegaMagic. As awesome as the skill is, and
    as much damage as it does, its use is still fairly all-or-nothing: you take
    every MP that you have and combine it into one huge blast to destroy the
    enemy. Once that's done, that's it: your monster no longer has MP, and you're
    stuck holding the bag, so to speak. Plus, what if you want your monster to use
    MegaMagic or nothing? What if you want him to let loose with that big attack
    in a coliseum fight, when you can't control what they're tossing out? Well,
    the easiest way to do that is to make a monster that has no other skills than
    MegaMagic. Is that even possible? No. Not in the least. However, you *can*
    make one that has no *combat* skills aside from MegaMagic. However, this is a
    much more involved breeding than the basics, since we're combining for skills.
    First off, we're going to use the Slime. However, don't immediately throw it
    into a mix. First off, get yourself a FloraMan and a CoilBird. Those two
    creatures, combined together, will get you an AmberWeed with all four of the
    status healing abilities. In the meantime, get yourself a GiantWorm and a
    MadCandle. Those two together will create a StagBug with Whistle and
    StepGuard. Now, combine those two creatures, to get yourself an Eyeder with
    MapMagic, Whistle, StepGuard, Antidote, DeChaos, CurseOff, and NumbOff. Now,
    you could just add the Slime in if you want, but the smarter thing to do is to
    combine two Slimes together to get some extra plusses and power. That being
    done, combine the Slime into the mix and make yourself a GiantSlug. With the
    number of plusses and stats it has, this GiantSlug should have MegaMagic
    available. If not, raise it to max level and combine another Slime into the
    mix, either a base one or, more preferably, one made with two Slimes.
    In the end, this is our grouping of skills: MegaMagic, MapMagic, StepGuard,
    Whistle, Antidote, NumbOff, DeChaos, CurseOff. Also notice that with the
    combination of Antidote, NumbOff, DeChaos, and CurseOff, you can get yourself
    Surge if you particularly feel like it. However, considering that this monster
    likely won't be throwing the anti-statuses, it's probably not a particularly
    useful thing. Also notice that because of the number of plusses and the raw
    strength of the monster, it will do considerable and vicious damage with a
    basic physical attack, too. So even when it's out of MP, it won't be helpless.
    d) BigBang
    This attack belongs to a select few high-end, very powerful monsters and
    bosses. The only creatures to get BigBang are DeathMore, Divinegon, GoldGolem,
    GoldSlime, and Zoma. None of these creatures are particularly easy to get. The
    simplest of them all is the Divinegon, and even it takes multiple steps of
    combination: create two DragonKids with a Slime + a Dragon family, then breed
    them to get a GreatDrak (it will take +4 or better; if you have enough levels
    on the monsters, this shouldn't be hard). Crossing Dragons (DragonKid +
    DragonKid makes one of these) will also do the trick: you need a +4
    or better here, as well. An Andreal works here as well: cross a StubSuck and a
    Demonite for a Gulpple, and combine a DragonKid or MiniDrak with that Gulpple.
    Combine that GreatDrak (or Andreal) with a MedusaEye to get an Orochi. Combine
    the SkyDragon that you had hatched from the egg at the beginning of the game
    with that Orochi to create Divinegon.
    However, it can also be created if the following skills are combined:
    WhiteFire, WhiteAir, and Explodet.
    FireAir (which evolves into WhiteFire) is used by a great many creatures:
    BattleRex, DarkDrium, DeathMore, DracoLord, Dragon, DragonKid, DrakSlime,
    Gismo, LavaMan, LizardFly, Mirudraas, Mudou, NiteWhip, Orochi, Phoenix,
    Pizzaro, Sidoh, SkyDragon, and StagBug.
    FrigidAir (which becomes WhiteAir) is fairly common as well: Akubar, BigEye,
    Blizzardy, DarkDrium, Demonite, Divinegon, EvilBeast, EvilWand, Gismo,
    GreatDrak, IceMan, KingLeo, Mudou, Shadow, Sidoh, Skullgon, Wyvern, and Zoma.
    Bang (which becomes Explodet) is mentioned above in the 'MegaMagic' section.
    The easiest way to get all these skills together is to combine the following
    creatures: BoneSlave and DragonKid. Combining them together with the BoneSlave
    as the pedigree, you'll get yourself a Skullgon. Right there, in the Skullgon,
    are all three of the skills you will need to get yourself BigBang. You must
    only level the creature up enough, or breed it again, if those skills aren't
    quite enough on their own and it can't quite get the stats.
    e) MultiCut
    This high-damage wind spell can be learned by only three monsters naturally:
    Balzac, MadCondor, and SkyDragon. Of the three, the SkyDragon is the one you
    will get first; when you walk beneath the SkyDragon on your farm, it will drop
    an egg for you to hatch. However, if you are hoping for a better-raised
    monster, or don't feel like working with your SkyDragon to get it, the easiest
    combination to get for these creatures would be to combine a bird of any sort
    (a Dracky, if you want the earliest one) with a CoilBird. This will make you a
    MadCondor, which can achieve the spell.
    In addition, if you're interested in learning this through combination of
    skills, all you need to get together is ZombieCut and Vacuum. ZombieCut is
    learned by Armorpion, Gigantes, MadGopher, StubSuck, and WingTree. WindBeast
    (which levels up into Vacuum) is learned by Durran, GiantMoth, LizardFly,
    NiteWhip, Pteranod, and WingSlime. 
    The quickest way to get this creature is to combine a Slime with a Dracky to
    get a WingSlime, and cross that with a StubSuck, with either as the pedigree
    (depending on whether you prefer a MadPlant or a TreeSlime).
    f) Focus
    An ability that allows the monster to throw two attacks in one turn, using the
    previous turn to 'charge up'. This is an extremely useful trick for dealing
    with enemies who heal! However, it's another of those skills which is only
    found in a few hard-to-get monsters: Akubar, DeathMore3, HerbMan, and Servant.
    This can also be found on a few creatures that the Foreign Masters are
    carrying around with them: ChopClown (140+), Roboster (140+), and Skeletor
    (100-119). Of the four basic monsters, getting yourself an HerbMan is the
    easiest of the three, able to be bred within the first three gates: combine a
    Slime with a Stubsuck to get yourself a MadPlant, then combine that with an
    Anteater for a DanceVegi. Breed that DanceVegi with a Gremlin, and you'll have
    yourself an HerbMan.
    It is also possible to combine for Focus, through the following spells:
    ChargeUp, SuckAir, and Meditate. 
    Meditate can be found on BombCrag, Divinegon, DracoLord1, and StoneMan.
    ChargeUp is much more common, being used by the following creatures: Almiraj,
    BullBird, FangSlime, Gigantes, GoHopper, Golem, HammerMan, MadGopher, Oniono,
    and Skullroo.
    SuckAir can be gotten on DrakSlime, Gismo, Mirudraas2, and SkyDragon.
    To combine for this skill, the easiest way to do it is to combine an Anteater
    with a Demonite to make a Grizzly. Either breed or capture a Gismo, and
    combine it with the Grizzly to make a Roboster. Finally combine that Roboster
    with a GoHopper to make yourself a BombCrag, which will have all the necessary
    skills to Focus.
    g) Surge
    Another rare and valuable skill, Surge is naturally found only in the
    following high-end monsters: DracoLord2, GoldGolem, GoldSlime, RainHawk. Of
    the Foreign Master monsters, a few of them have this ability as well: Andreal
    (120-139), BombCrag (100-119; the one without Transform), and LandOwl (40-59).
    Of all the above, the easiest one to get is the RainHawk. For this, combine a
    bird (Dracky is the earliest) with a Grizzly to make a Phoenix, and another
    bird with Teto's Iceman for a Blizzardy. If you want to use the IceMan for
    something else, though, you can use a Goategon: simply breed any Beast with a
    DrakSlime for this, then combine the bird with the Goategon instead. Breed the
    Blizzardy and the Phoenix together with the Blizzardy as pedigree, and poof!
    Surge can also be combined out of the four status-healing skills: Antidote,
    NumbOff, CurseOff, and DeChaos. Each of these, however, are only held by a few
    creatures: Antidote by Dracky, FloraMan, Pixy, and Unicorn; NumbOff by
    CoilBird, MadPlant, and Snaily; CurseOff by FloraMan, DeadNite, TreeBoy, and
    WindMerge; and DeChaos by CoilBird, EvilWand, FireWeed, and Shadow. Thus, the
    easiest way to get all these skills together is to combine a Dracky with a
    Goopi, getting a CoilBird, then combining a StubSuck and an Anteater for a
    FloraMan. Put the CoilBird and FloraMan together (either into an AmberWeed or
    a Facer) and all four skills will be collected.
    h) -Call
    The various call spells (TatsuCall, DiagoCall, SamsiCall, and BazooCall) are
    all essentially the same spell at various levels. These spells are necessary
    to get one of the hidden Warp Gates, and also to add a temporary 'extra party
    member' to help fight for you. Only a few monsters, all high-end, can achieve
    this skill, however: DeadNoble, GoldGolem, and WhipBird, as well as the bosses
    Hargon and DeathMore (first incarnation). A number of the Foreign Masters'
    creatures hold these skills, as well: IronTurt (60-79; TatsuCall), JewelBag
    (60-79; DiagoCall), LavaMan (80-99; SamsiCall), Phoenix (100-199; BazooCall),
    and StoneMan (100-199; BazooCall). The easiest combination to get this one is
    creating a pair of DeadNites and combining them together, thus achieving a
    DeadNoble. As this spell (or these spells) cannot be 'combined' the way many
    of the other above can, make sure you get it at least once in your breeding
    THANKS TO...
    Jimeous: For his fantastic skills guide which helped me finish work on my
    various monsters, and his 'enemy monsters' guide to give me the information on
    masters in the gates and the creatures they have with them. Check out the
    details of them at GameFAQs: The Skills list and the Foreign Master list.
    AJackson: For all the information that he was able to give on monsters and
    combining, some of which has been repeated here for ease of bookkeeping. If it
    wasn't for him, I couldn't have gotten some of the better monsters in order to
    keep on playing. Check out his information on
    You'll never have want for any other charts when it comes to combinations and
    PhilyBolt: For reminding me that even when a Foreign Master's trigger has been
    activated (the items have been picked up or not; you've gone through a certain
    number of rooms in the previous level), the Masters may not actually show up;
    it's a random chance. Also to PhilyBolt for discovering that the numbers on
    Jimeous' chart are inaccurate. These have since been fixed.
    Trevor Smith: For pointing out a mystic hole *can* appear in the space you
    drop into. Particularly in a two-room level. Oops!
    Lady Osihunni, Rabid Lime, and Damien Ten: For convincing me to take the time
    to test the 'Boss monsters can't be caught' theory by their reports of
    capturing the DarkHorn. If it hadn't been for your urging, I never would have
    attempted it and discovered you were right and I (and the game) was wrong!
    Congratulations and thank you again!
    Billy Sandidge: For reminding me to be more explicit on how long battle arenas
    within the dungeons (the special rooms) actually last. I wasn't clear on the
    fact battles are infinite, as long as you can carry the rewards.
    Brian Dao: For pointing out that you can, indeed, capture a Metalking from one
    of the foreign Masters (as pointed out in my list of Foreign Master Monsters).
    I'm vaguely shocked that this error hadn't been noticed before! Shame on me. 
    This is a list of things that I'm still interested in doing (or would like to
    have done), though haven't got around to just yet or have any ability to do.
    If you can help out with these, feel free to let me know!
    -- A list of what you can win from the arena battles in the gates
    -- The 'extra' skills of the monsters the other trainers will offer you if any
       were missed
    -- Exact stats of the boss monsters behind the gates
    -- A possible list of the combinations which give the bonus +2
    - Version 1.0
    - Completed and uploaded the FAQ
    - Version 1.5
    - Added a reminder that Foreign Masters don't always show up, even when
      specific triggered are tweaked
    - Adjusted the numbers in the 'Masters' trigger list; they should be right now
    - Version 1.5.1
    - Email change!
    - Version 2.0
    - Added chapter 'The Library' to the list
    - Version 2.0.1
    - Added IM information for those who wish to contact me.
    - Version 2.1
    - Slight reformatting in 'Breeding Recipes' section
    - Added recipe for combining for 'Hellblast: Bolt + Lightning'
    - Added skill recipe for 'Focus', 'Surge', and '-Call'
    - Version 2.2
    - Minor correction to mention of 'magic holes' and their appearance
    - Version 3.0
    - Re-went through the game in order to test boss monsters which can be caught
    - Major adjustments to the rules of 'capturing bosses'
    - Adjustments in the walkthrough to correct the 'can't capture bosses'
    - A few minor additions or adjustments in other areas
    - A few small edits and spellchecks I missed the first time through
    - Added mention of combining for the slashes in 'Gigaslash'
    - 'Dangerous ground' detailed in the Travelers' Gate chapter
    - Alphabetized the monster personalities for ease of reading
    - The 'Foreign Masters' table slightly reformatted. The lack of spaces drove
      me insane
    - Comment about needing to breed DarkHorn removed from 'Greatest Monsters'
    - Version 3.1
    - Adjusted copyrights (because OMG it's been 3 years!)
    - ICQ removed as I haven't had it in a long, long time
    - Twitter added to IMs and formatting adjusted slightly
    - Added information on the battle arenas within dungeons
    - Still version 3.1
    - Just adjusted copyright
    - Version 3.2
    - Happy Valentine's Day!
    - Removed 'Metalking' from 'Monsters that can't be caught'

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