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pokemon should be afraid -- very afraid! 01/31/00 bbeast
Pokemon who? 06/30/01 BlackMagi
The best game for Gameboy? Possibly! 07/05/00 Brak
This game absolutely rocks 12/01/02 Cappy
The Neverending Quest For The Perfect team! BEGINS 11/28/01 Cool mario 6446
One of the best.... 09/07/04 Dark Seraph
Good, but not classic 03/28/02 dirtycup II
Pika-who??? A game that beats pokemon in ALL ways. 01/10/05 Dninex
To hard for an average gamer. If you're looking for more fun, play Pokemon. 12/11/02 Donomark
Ok 07/29/03 FFM
A True Review From A True Fan 09/05/04 GaMeFr33k
This is a great game, and should be tried by all Pokemon fans. 07/18/00 GrimWolf
Remember the original Dragon Warrior games? 06/30/02 HM64Schezo
Possibly one of the greatest GBC games I've ever had the pleasure to play. 07/01/05 KamikazeHindu
Kicking a Slime's ass is still fun! 04/19/04 Mogster453
This Pokemon-esque game is pretty good, too bad nobody will notice it due to Pokemon 02/14/00 Mr Socko
Definatly one of the coolest GBC games in existence! 02/15/07 Ralrose
Dragon Warrior meet Pokemon 10/27/02 RAMS
No idea how this game was so popular during its time. 03/22/13 SatoshiMutou
A Magical Adventure. Ready to find your Sister and fight for a Kingdom? 09/30/04 SpiralSage
DQM-A fun, complex Japanese monster raising/rpg game 11/01/99 SSJ Son Goku
This game takes a crowbar and beats Pokémon over the head many many times with it 07/12/00 ThunderJackal
My favorite game ever!!!!!!!!!! 03/29/06 Underworld009

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