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"The most violent game on Game Boy Color"

He's big. He's tall. He's strong. He's tough. Who am I talking about? DUKE NUKEM (No duh). Yeah, we've all heard of famous Duke Nukem titles before, such as Time to Kill or Zero Hour. However, there were some not-so-famous Duke Nukem games that were hidden in the rubble. This is one of them.

STORY- 5/10
The story begins when Duke is in an interview. He is suddenly abducted by the Zorgonites, and evil alien race bent on dominating the galaxy. To do so, they need to power their ultimate weapon. It doesn't run on gas or electricity... it runs off on... brains. Yeah, that's kinda unique. So, the Zorgonites travel around the galaxy, looking for the smartest "brains" in each world. Duke happens to have the smartest one, and that's how he gets abducted. Duke busts his way out, and fights the aliens. The story of people being abducted by aliens is sorta trite... it's like a cliche. It could have been better.

The graphics are VERY impressive for a Game Boy Color game. There is blood stains on the wall, and everything is nicely detailed. The blood animation looks like spaghetti sauce... again, it could have been better, but overall, it's excellent in my opinion.

What else are you supposed to do in a Duke Nukem game? It's all about running around and blowing the guts off of aliens. In addition, you have a nice arsenal of weapons, including a shotgun, a machine gun, and even a flamethrower! Collecting the letters N, U, K, E, and M in a level and completing it will earn you an extra life, which is sweet if you can find additional extra men in the stage. The annoying thing is that, while the game is very enjoyable, it takes too long to find the exit to a stage. Sometimes you just exit, other times you have to hunt for security cards to disable force fields or enable teleporters. Believe me, some of the stages are HUGE, and you WILL get lost. It's very annoying to visit the same place you've been to over and over again.

The sound effects couldn't be better. The explosions sound great, and the music gets you pumped. Good stuff.


+Good graphics
+Lots of weapons
+Excellent audio

-Bad storyline

If you like Duke Nukem, I suggest you get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/01/11

Game Release: Duke Nukem (US, 09/10/99)

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