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"Duke Nuke 'Em All... Okay, Bad Pun"

If my resources are correct, Doom was the game that revolutionized First Person Shooters. Then came Half-Life which added a few features such as character development. Then along came Duke Nukem 3D. What the original Duke Nukem was like, I don't know. I heard it was a platformer like this. Doom and Half-Life were serious games, but Duke Nukem 3D introduced humor into the genre of FPS.

However, I do not like First Person Shooters (I didn't even like Goldeneye) so I hated Doom, I've never played Half-Life, and I never got into Duke Nukem until Zero Hour. After a game of that, I wanted a Duke game of my own. Zero Hour was out of the question as my brother already had it, so I got the Game Boy Color Duke Nukem. Joy...

The story goes that Duke is having a TV interview when some aliens who don't have the decency to knock abduct him in front of millions of watchers. The alien leader introduces his race as the ''Zorgonites'' and says they want to take out Duke's brain to power a war machine of theirs. Duke escapes with an explodo-molar which he removes by shoving his entire fist in his mouth, then throws it at the jail cell bars. He then escapes and decides to put an end to the Zorgonite's reign of terror.

You're really expecting a Final Fantasy plot in an action game like this?

The game consists of as much mindless shooting as Commando. You start out with a low-power shotgun which has infinite ammo. Later, you can pick up more powerful weapons with limited ammo. Then you go around shooting robots and aliens as well as exploring the level. As you shoot, you can dodge or destroy enemy fire, but in later levels you have enemies that shoot in such a way it's very hard to dodge. Along the way, you collect items that help you as well as card keys which are required in the game.

Sometimes you have vehicles. In one level and a boss, you have a tank. When in the tank, you drive around in a tank running over Zorgonites and shooting stuff with grenades. There's also potholes which instantly kill you. Confused me too. They don't even have poisonous spikes or something in the bottom. They're just holes in the ground you could easily jump out of. But if you fall it, you blow up no matter what your health was at. Your other vehicle is a space ship that's used in one level which has an unlimited supply of missiles. You fly around shooting robots that come at you as well as flying over or through holes in green towers. Despite how easy it may sound, it's a tricky level if you don't know where the holes in the towers are.

After about every five levels you fight a boss. Sometimes the boss is really easy like one you fight in a tank, sometimes they're enough to make you scream like the first boss. Although if you have plenty of lives, they're all cake. When you die, the bosses don't regenerate any Health. So, if you die, don't fret unless it's your last life. You can just come back and pick up where you left off.

The difficulty depends on what difficulty setting you have it on. I'll rate the challenge on the Medium setting. At first, the game is fairly easy. Then, like all games should, it gets progressively harder but it doesn't skyrocket and become dang near impossible. *cough*LemmingsRevolution*cough* There is one level that is irritating because of the enemies with shots you can't dodge and when you die, you start off either at the very beginning or halfway through the stage if you passed that point.

Controlling Duke is easy enough. He usually responds well, but it does takes him a second to jump when you press the jump button. He can also grab onto ledges which really helps. Aiming can be a pain if your trying to shoot diagonally down. Sometimes he'll crouch down and sometimes he'll continue walking forward. And a grenade launcher isn't always available...

Mamma mia, these graphics are GOOD. The gameplay graphics look kind of like a cartoon. The scenery is detailed with some parts of the wall having what looks like old blood splattered on them. To me, this says ''OK, the Zorgonites are not nice aliens''. In the tank stages, the grass and soil have a nice combination of light and dark pixels. And watching the many deaths of Duke Nukem is good for a laugh or two unless you're trying to finish the game. There's also these little cut-scenes here and there in the game. They look very good and detailed. In some cases, they almost look realistic.

The music is a bit slurred, but still not bad. The music that's used on the first boss is really nice with the feeling of danger. A different song is used on the next two bosses and in one stage, then it's used for the final boss. The rest of the songs are a wee bit above average. And of course, the classic Duke Nukem theme is here!

Before I go on with the sound effects, I want to say something. I don't care if ''Staticy'' and ''Staticiness'' aren't words. I can't think of anything else to use to describe them. Please work with me here.

The sound effects sound staticy and some have echos. Duke does have a few sounds. When Duke gets hit by something, he yells ''OW!'' but it does not sound clear. When he dies, he sounds like he's saying a not-too-nice word. Maybe he's saying something else, but the staticiness makes it sound like that word. Maybe he is saying that word, but it's just not clear. Then there's your gunshots and explosions. Staticy. Then there's some sound effects such as when you push a button, an elevator screeching, and a ''MAREEP!'' that comes from some enemies... yes, a ''mareep''. I don't care if it's a Pokèmon.

Story: 5/10
Gameplay/Fun Factor: 9/10
Control: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 7/10
Overall: 9/10

Sure, some people think Duke Nukem should have stuck with FPS, but I don't. Maybe it's just because I don't like FPS. Unless you absolutely hate platform shooting games, this game is a must for your collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/27/02, Updated 10/27/02

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