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"A terrible GameBoy Color port"

I can't say much good about this game. I bought this not too long ago at my local video game store. I was really expecting more with this game than I got out of it. I think the graphics were pretty good, but the game play and controls were a different story.

This Duke game is not much better than the others. The story is basically that Duke gets abducted by aliens. To go into farther detail, Duke is doing a television interview for saving the world when he is abducted by and alien ship. He is talked to shortly by the captain of the ship, then *surprise* he somehow gets out of it and luckily finds a weapon to fend off some of the aliens on the ship.

The way you beat a level in this game is quite different from other Duke Nukem games though. In most games, there is an ending point you have to reach. In this game you collect the letters N, U, K, E, and M to beat a level. This is an interesting change, but I would rather shoot a bunch of aliens and meet up with some chicks like most Duke Nukem games are, instead of searching for some letters.

To kill the few aliens you are given a full arsenal of weapons that look exactly the same, but are supposed to do different jobs...

There are also a few enemies. And I mean a few. In the first level there are about two different enemies. One was a robot, and the other this weird looking slime ball thing.

I found this game very aggravating. Not to mention my neck starts hurting after playing for a few minutes, but it takes so long to find those stupid letters. I would have liked this game a lot more if there was an ending point in every level and once you got it you were finished the level.

For the GameBoy Color the graphics were exceptionally well. The one thing that I missed from this game was the excessive amounts of blood I come across with other Duke games. This may be because most of the enemies were robots though...

I didn't like the sound in this game. I didn't notice much of an intense background music, or sound effects. I think that a much better job could have been done on the sound effects, and nice background music would be nice.

Game Play
There were really only two things that made this section of the game bad, and they were major things. First, I didn't like how you have to collect the letters to beat a level. This made me feel like I was playing a strategy game. The second thing I didn't like was the controls. I though it was very hard to control Duke. Control is a big part in shooting games, and this game just didn't have it.

Fun Factor
I only found this game to provide me with a good deal of anger. It was very boring, slow paced, and hard to play.

Replay Value
Almost none at all. I played this game, beat it and never put it in my GameBoy again. I didn't think that it deserved to go back in there.

Final Notes
Compared to other Duke Nukem games, I thing this one is horrible. That is the bottom line. This was a disgrace to the Duke Nukem series and it could have been prevented if the producers would have spent more time on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/11/06

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