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Turtle Bridge, Mario bros, Green House, Egg and Donkey Kong JR... All in one!

Do you remember Game and Watch Gallery 2? The smashing Game boy color game with five or so old arcade games, with another five or so games with updates of those games... Mario style? Well if so and if not, You might be able to guess that Game and Watch Gallery 3 is a sequel to Game and Watch Gallery 1 and 2.

Game and Watch, was old games developed in the 1980's, some were older, Like Donkey kong. These games was sold at very high prices, but were worth all the money on long car journeys. The games featured a Stick Man, called Mr. Game and Watch, and he is who you control for the purpose of the little game.

Game and Watch Gallery 3 has five of these games, plus some hidden ones, in both Classic and Modern modes. Each game has a different character for you to control, like in Egg, you control Yoshi, and in Donkey Kong JR, you control Donkey Kong JR. Let's ahve a run down on the five main games on the cartridge.

Each of the modern games has its own music tune, but share the same kind of graphics, the colorful ones. The music is very cute and cheerful. The Classic mode on the other hand just has ''beeps'' as sound effects, no music!

Turtle Bridge

This is my second favourite game on the cart, it is so simple to play. The idea is to get from A to B, but jumping on Turtles or Seagulls, but you must time just right, because they may move down, making you fall to your death.

In Classic Mode, you must control Mr. Game and Watch and guide him accross a set of turtles, which are on a pond of water, whilst carrying a present from point A and point B.

In Modern mode, players must guide Toad and give Princess Peach a present, all the way from her boyfriend, Mario. This course, which is set in the sky is much longer then the Classic version, and also a lot more fun. There is six seagulls, three pm each side and astack of three clouds in the middle. These clouds quickly go away. but you should hurry as you can get 6 coins. The seagulls do not stay in the air forever, There is a party down below, and balloons will fly up, and seagulls will swoop down and pop them, wether you are on that seagull or not.


Eggs is how I describe this game. It is the oldest game on the collection, as it was made back in 1981, six years before I was born. Modern mode should be nicknamed ''Cookie'' as you catch cookies, not eggs. The game starts off as fun on both modes, but becomes boring, and ''Eggs'' describes the game, eggs.

In classic, You do not control Mr. Game and Watch, you control his friend, Mr. Fox. As Mr. Fox, You must carry a basket and place a basket under eggs which chicken's lay. If three eggs go on the floor, your out! This becomes very tricky later on.

In modern mode, You control a blue yoshi (Why Nintendo never used the usual Green one is beyond me) and you must catch cookies from these slopes, whilst avoiding buns. You must use your Tounge to capture food. Again, if three biscuits hit the ground, or you get three bombs, or even a mixture of both, your out of the game!

Green House

This is the most annoying game on Game and Watch Gallery 3. The Modern mode is exactly the same as the classic mode, but with better graphics and some things replaced, Like Mr. Game and Watch is replaced with A Yellow Yoshi.

In both games, you have to run around your green house shooting Insects which are going to get some pollen off your flowers. Yoshi, or Mr. game and Watch has to get a insect spray and spray insects until they drop dead!

Green house becomes very annoying, boring and frustrating afte r a bit, because it always refuses to offer something new and becomes very repeative.

Donkey kong JR

The last Donkey Kong on the prevois Game and Watch Gallery game was classic wasn't it? It had superb graphics, and was the best game on that gallery. So Nintendo have got the idea and put Donkey Kong JR on.

Players guided Mr. Monkey and Donkey Kong JR (Game and Watch Gallery is sadly, his last appearence) around a jungle and getting a key to free his dad, Donkey Kong.

The Classic mode is very hard to play, you better stick with Modern mode for the most fun. Modern mode, has good graphics and is quite fun to play. You must avoid a large number of enemie's and get a key to free Donkey Kong, Whilst avoiding Mario and his little friends, The Goomba's.

Mario Brothers

You heard me say Mario brothers didn't you? No, this is not Super Mario Brothers, last seen on the NES, and it is not the ''Bonk'' version where you hit platforms and make enemie's topple over, This is the very first Mario and Luigi game.

Mario and Luigi are the characters in this gem, and you control both, one with the A and B button, iother with the UP and DOWN buttton. In both versions, you have to guide both of the brothers up stairs and pushing cakes on to the next convert belt, until it gets to the top. When a cake gets to the top on the convert belt, Luigi must pass the cake or whatever to Wario, the truck driver. This happens in both versions.

Right, I have gave a review on all the games on game and Watch Gallery 3. I will now go a summary...


- A lot of games
- Very fun
- History Lessons come virtual


- The games are quite old, but Retro neve rhurt anyone.
- Repeative


Graphics - 9/10
Music - 9/10
Sound - 9/10
Gameplay - 8/10
Challenge - 7/10
Lifespan - 8/10
Enjoyment - 9/10
Overall - 9/10

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Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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