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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JunoGem

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    Harvest Moon Game Boy Color FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
    By: JunoGem (Aaron Knepper)
    Version History-
    New Version:  
    Version 2.6 (11/29/00)
    Sorry about the really long wait. I finally got my FAQs on my computer 
    so I'll be back and updating just like normal. Well, For Poll #3 it will 
    only be up for 1 more month and I currently have 143 votes. Did you know 
    that Harvest Moon GBC 2 comes out soon? Did you know that you'd also be 
    able to trade Items with other HM GBC 2 games as well as Legend of the 
    River King GBC 2? Cool, isn't it?
    PS: Don't E-mail me with it starting "Dear Mr. Gem". It sounds weird.
    Past Versions:
    Version 1.0 (5/14/00)
    Welcome to my Harvest Moon Game Boy Color FAQ. I hope my FAQ is a help 
    to you as you play this wonderful game. Since this is the first version 
    the table of contents is first, then all of the subjects, then the 
    disclaimer. Thank you for checking out my FAQ, and if you need to, feel 
    free to E-mail me. I will make a Question and Answer section when you 
    guys and gals E-mail me with some questions. I will also have a small 
    part of a walkthrough on the next update. 
    Version 1.1 (5/15/00)
    Boy, I didn't expect to update this fast. I added all the Game Shark 
    codes I could find but I didn't start the Walkthrough because I didn't 
    have time. I promise I'll have on next time or everyone who reads this 
    gets $100 dollars... just kidding. I will try to keep my promise though. 
    I also changed some things that were wrong. I also added some more in 
    the 'Hints and Tips' section.
    And last, please send mail with the subject of HMGBC because mail with 
    subjects like HI can sometimes be porn and crap like that. Thanks in 
    Version 1.2 (5/17/00)
    Here it is, the new version. Not even a week and I'm on my third update. 
    I started the Walkthrough as promised, but its not to long. Yet, I still 
    can't emphasize enough to label E-mail with Subjects such as 'Harvest 
    Moon GBC' and things like that. My parents do check my E-mail on 
    occasions and will delete E-mail with odd subjects. Also, I'm thinking 
    of making more FAQs but I don't know what game I should make one for. If 
    you have any suggestions please tell me, I have Nintendo, Nintendo 64, 
    Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Super Nintendo, and Sega 
    Version 1.3 (5/20/00)
    Another update. I couldn't sleep so I decided to work on this. Not that 
    Harvest Moon is boring, but typing makes me tired. I probably won't make 
    much of an update, but it's better than the last update. I added two 
    more sections too, check them out.
    Version 1.4 (6/2/00)
    This isn't really a big update, just some corrections. Thank you to 
    everyone who has complemented my hard work and me. Also, if any of you 
    guys/gals use my Walkthrough, tell me if it needs any changes. Thanks to 
    everyone, JunoGem. I also took out that damn chart in the Walkthrough, 
    it was too confusing. Last but not least, a new section, check it out.
    Version 1.5 (6/5/00)
    Just a normal update. I added a new section I would like you guys/gals 
    to look at. Not much to say here.
    Version 1.6 (6/16/00)
    Another boring update. Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood. I pour myself a 
    bowl of Pokemon  cereal and there's no milk. I say, "Mom, I want some 
    milk." She replies, "Have some lemonade." Lemonade!?!? I'm not going to 
    put lemonade in cereal, it's just wrong on so many levels... Well, I 
    only updated some stuff.
    Version 1.7 (6/21/00)
    This isn't really an update; I just want to make some stuff clear (there 
    is a small update). For any of you who have ever E-mailed me you know 
    that I answer your question within 24 hours, it will always be that way. 
    This weekend though (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) I will be out 
    of state for my 13th birthday (I was born 6/26/87) and I may not be able 
    to E-mail you people back for a week. Don't think I'm just ignoring you; 
    I'll just be busy. I will read each E-mail and reply to everyone. The 
    other things are, my Legend of the River King GBC FAQ/WALKTHROUGH will 
    be on GameFAQs by the end of June. And last, my Harvest Moon 64 FAQ will 
    be done by the end of summer. ~JunoGem
    Version 1.8 (7/5/00)
    Just a normal update. I updated the Walkthrough and I am thinking about 
    writing something on Harvest Moon GBC 2. I know some stuff, but if you 
    people could give me some good Harvest Moon websites, I'd appreciate it. 
    Version 1.9 (7/13/00)
    Just a normal update. I feel great, and that's odd. Thanks to Ryan (if 
    your reading this) for pointing out a few mistakes. It's amazing; at 
    Version 1.9 no one ever pointed those mistakes to me. I also had to 
    change some sections because when the were put on GameFAQs they appear 
    different, i.e. the line after each section is throughout the whole page 
    but it appears to be only half way on GameFAQs. The only time I see it 
    correctly is using my Sega Dreamcast Internet. For you PSX lovers, the 
    PSX version come out near the end of August. Finally, a new boy is 
    writing a new Harvest Moon GBC FAQ and Brian will not ever be updating 
    his again because he is going into high school and doesn't have time. So 
    for now, I'm the only writer. I am also very glad to find out that the 
    Harvest Moon GBC FAQs and FAQ/WALKTHROUGHs are number 10 on the Top Ten 
    list for Game Boy Color, but lets get it higher.    ~JunoGem
    Version 2.0 (7/19/00)
    The big 2.0! It would have been up sooner, but a problem occurred on the 
    15th that I rather not talk about. Because of it I was behind 122 E-
    mails and am now down to 83 left. I'll try to have them all out by 
    tomorrow. Another thing, on the Version 1.6 update I talked about the 
    Lemonade and Pokemon  cereal, my mother did not know I was eating 
    cereal. Come one people, she's not that stupid (just kidding mom, please 
    don't kill me). And one big announcement, I'm done with my Gundam Side 
    Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes FAQ/WALKTHROUGH and it will be up on 
    Friday. You may be thinking "I didn't see that in his 'Other FAQs made 
    by me' section". The reason for that is I did it for fun and didn't tell 
    any one. I am also on the GameFAQs Message Boards as Juno Gem. A friend 
    got me banned from using JunoGem, so I had to add a space to my alias. I 
    will also be getting a new E-mail address soon and I will post my new E-
    mail when I get it. I am now posting a code I got from someone and I 
    want someone to test it out. If no one answers this the code by the 30th 
    it will be in the 'Rumors' section until someone tries this code.  
    Version 2.1 (7/23/00)
    The new version. For now one I will have a poll every once in a while. 
    The first poll is sending me an E-mail rating this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH from 
    1 (lowest) to 10 (highest); it must have a good reason though. The first 
    50 people who E-mail me I will take, so hurry up. When I have the 
    results I'll post them in the Harvest Moon GBC GameFAQs Message Board. 
    In this update I have added two Game Shark codes that work, so I don't 
    get yelled at so much. And last, my Gundam Side Story 0079: 
    FAQ/WALKTHOUGH has been posted; I think CJayC likes my work. Don't 
    forget to check out the FAQ/WALKTHROUGHs to get us higher on the charts, 
    Pokemon pinball and X-Men are beating us.
    Version 2.2 (7/30/00)
    Okay, big change in plan. I turns out I am moving, but not to worry I'll 
    still reply to all mail in one day. I just got my import GBC and import 
    Harvest Moon GBC2, so the first version will be up in a matter of 
    months. It will be on the Japanese version but when the American version 
    comes out I'll change the whole thing. I added a new item to the 'Item' 
    section. I also added a new section. JunoGem
    Version 2.3 (8/2/00)
    Normal update. Come on, I only have 34 votes for Poll #2, if you guys 
    don't like the poll, just tell me and it is gone.
    Version 2.4 (8/15/00)
    Not much of a update but I have some bad news, I'll be moving this week 
    and I won't reply to any mail for a week, but other than that it's all A 
    OK. I also have the results up for the poll and Poll #3 is up.
    Version 2.5 (9/11/00)
    I finally have my computer up!!! I'm not sure when I will update my 
    other FAQs but I will have two more FAQ/WALKTHROUGHs up by the end of 
    the month (See 'Other FAQs by me' section for more info). Just in case I 
    haven't updated by then I won't say the FAQs are incomplete, but just 
    keep checking if you have any of the games. In other words, this isn't, 
    a big update but it is an update non-the less. I also need more votes 
    for Poll #3.
    Table of Contents-
    1.  Game information
    2.  Controls 
    3.  Story
    4.  Main Goal
    5.  Characters
    6.  Animals
    7.  Calendar of events
    8.  Power Berries
    9.  Shippable Items (and their prices)
    10. Regeneration                             
    11. Items
    12. Seeds
    13. Hints and Tips                            
    14. Difference between genders
    15. Differences between pets
    16. Rumors
    17. Glitches 
    18. In Game Codes
    19. Game Shark Codes                          
    20. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    21. Walkthrough                               UPDATED
    22. Poll
    23. Disclaimer
    24. Credits
    25. Contact me
    26. I need your help                    
    27. Mail that I will accept or delete
    28. Other FAQs made by me
    29. Where you can find this FAQ/WALKTHOUGH
    30. FAQ/WALKTHROUGH information
    1. Game information-
    Platform: Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo Game Boy 
    Color (displays up to 56 colors), or the Nintendo Super Nintendo 
    Entertainment System Super Game Boy.
    Creators: Natsume (Serious Fun).
    Developers: Natsume. (Serious Fun)
    Genre: RPG (Role Playing Game).
    Players: One
    Peripherals: Nintendo Game Boy Link Cable.
    Game length: Forever. You can play it for as long as you like.
    Approved for use by: Nintendo and Nintendo of America (NOA).
    2. Controls-
    D-pad or "+": This is the main button of the game. It controls the 
    direction you move in or you use it to scroll up or down lists.
    "A": Use this to use a selected item or tool, talk to someone, or 
    confirm something.
    "B": You use this to cancel anything you do. You can also run if you 
    hold this button down. 
    Select: Use this button to pause the game. In this screen you can check 
    the time, date, and amount of money you have. Press Start again to call 
    your pet or foal, turn on the Harvest Sprite Timer, or turn on the memo.
    Start: This button changes the item or tool you have. 
    3. Story-
    This is how the whole thing starts out. Your grandfather has just died 
    and you are ever so sad. Then one morning before you wake up you have a 
    dream. In it your grandfather tells you that the ranch has been ignored 
    and looks really bad. He makes it your duty to fix things up and 
    hopefully live a good life. He tells you that he will be back at the end 
    of the year and he will grade your work. If you worked hard enough he 
    will reward you. If not he will urge you to work harder and give you 
    something different.
    4. Main Goal- 
    To become a Ranch Master you have to do the following things. Make sure 
    that everything is done or no gift from your grandfather.
    1. Eaten at least six Power Berries (Stamina boosters).
    2. Own four adult cows.
    3. Own four chickens.
    4. Have an Ultra-Deluxe House.
    5. Save up at least 66,000 Gold.
    6. Have your happiness rate at 250 or higher.
    7. Hoed and have things growing on at least 1,600 squares of your ranch 
    (grass works best).
    8. Shipped at least 4,500 units (food items).
    Your grandfather will come on the 30th of Winter every year to give you 
    your year-end evaluation. It lasts all day but your animals get fed so 
    don't worry. If you worked hard enough you will receive the fishing rod, 
    pickax, and umbrella in that order. If you didn't work hard enough he 
    will expand your ranch.
    NOTE: You can't become Ranch Master until your second year because you 
    can't eat six Power Berries available.
    5. Characters-
    Here's a list off all the characters in the game.
    1. You: This character can be a male (Jack) or a female (no default 
    name). Essentially, this character is you. You can name yourself using 
    up to four letters or symbols.
    2. Nina: Nina is the botanist of town and will sell you crop seeds and 
    grass seeds. She also gives you the watering can after your first 
    purchase. She works at the Flower Shop. 
    3. Eve: She works at the Juice Bar. She will sell you stamina recovering 
    drinks, some you can take home, and the others you drink there.
    4. Ann: She works at the Tool Shop and will sell you any tools you need. 
    She'll sell you the Cheese Maker and the Butter Maker in the second 
    5. Maria: She is the local priest at the Church. She will let you pray 
    and tell you your fortune. The more you pray the better your fortune.
    6. Ellen: She works at the Restaurant and will sell you tasty treats. 
    Some you eat on the spot and the others are for meals.
    7. Carpenter: Go to the Carpenter Shop to buy wood for fences or 
    extensions. Wood sells for 50 pieces for 500 Gold. He'll also expand 
    your house for 2,500 Gold and 250 pieces of lumber the first time and 
    5,000 Gold and 500 pieces of lumber the second time.
    8. Livestock Dealer: He works at the Animal Shop and will sell you 
    animals, animal feed, and potions. You can also sell unwanted animals 
    9. 3 Harvest Sprites: These mystical creatures live in the cave behind 
    the shed and will work for you if you are nice to them. Give one of the 
    Harvest Sprites one mushroom every other day after they work for you to 
    get extra money. Also free Sprite #1 from the rock with your hammer and 
    he'll be very grateful.
    10. Ranch Spirit. This is your grandfather. He comes on Winter 29th of 
    every year to evaluate your work. He'll either give you a gift or expand 
    your ranch.
    11. Harvest Goddess: This is the evil leader of the Harvest Sprites. Her 
    and her minions will one day kill you... just kidding. She upgrades your 
    Axe and tells the Harvest Sprites what to do.
    6. Animals-
    Pet: This is your dog or cat depending on what you picked at the 
    beginning of the game. Name it up to a four-letter name. If you have a 
    friend you can trade pets via the Game Link Cable.
    Foal: This is your trusty horse you get later in the game. After you buy 
    the saddlebags it becomes a huge help around the farm.
    Cows: These you can buy for five thousand (5,000) Gold or breed. They 
    have three stages: baby, calve, adult. When they are an adult you can 
    milk them and sell them for various prices (prices listed in Shippable 
    Items section).
    Chickens: These you can buy for five hundred (500) Gold or hatch. They 
    are in two stages: chick and chicken. You don't need to feed chicks. 
    Foxes: They run across the screen when you don't move. They are 
    Squirrels: They run across the screen when you don't move. They are 
    Frogs: You find these guys in the grass when you cut it. All they do is 
    hop away. They're harmless.
    Birds: When you leave your house in the morning there may be birds 
    outside. They're harmless.
    Rabbits: If you stay still long enough, one my run across the land. They 
    are harmless.
    Moles: These are the cutest little things you've ever seen. They too are 
    harm... YEAH RIGHT!!! These things drive me nuts. They eat your crops if 
    you don't pick them, and on walks with your cows they scare the CRAP out 
    of them. There's no way to get rid of them. Not even your sickle can 
    solve this problem.
    7. Calendar of Events
    Special Events (only happens once) are as follow:
    10th of Spring: A foal will come to your ranch for you to keep. Year one 
    18th of Spring: The sprinkler should be done by now. Year one only.
    1st thru 5th of Summer: An earthquake will occur. Year one only. 
    20th of Winter: Eve loses her pet bird. Year one only.
    1st of Spring: Butter Maker and Cheese Maker are done. Year three only
    Yearly Events are as follow:
    Last Sunday of Spring: Picnic. Spend the day with the girls.
    Sometime during Summer: Hurricane. Spend the day sleeping and prepare 
    for trouble.
    20th of Summer: Meet at the meeting place at 6:00 P.M.
    10th of Fall:  Vegetable Festival. Ellen will give you a glass of juice.
    24th of Winter: Christmas Party. At 6:00 meet with the girls.
    30th of Winter: Year-end evaluation with Grandpa.
    8. Power Berries.
    Power Berries increase your total stamina by 10%. There are ten (10) 
    berries so you can have 200% in total.
    Beginning: 100%
    1 berry: 110%
    2 berries 120%
    3 berries 130% 
    4 berries 140%
    5 berries 150%
    6 berries 160%
    7 berries 170% 
    8 berries 180%
    9 berries 190%
    10 berries 200%
    Here are the Power Berry locations:
    1. Give three mushrooms to the Harvest Sprites.
    2. From tilling the soil on ranch.
    3. From tilling the soil on ranch.
    4. From tilling the soil on ranch.
    5. From tilling the soil on ranch.
    6. From tilling the soil on ranch.
    7. From tilling the soil on ranch.
    8. Use the pickax in the left cave to break the pillars.
    9. Use the pickax between the two lanterns in the left cave and then 
    break the rocks in the next room. Aim for the upper-right corner.
    10. Use the pickax between the two lanterns in the left cave and then 
    break the rocks in the next room. Aim for the upper-left corner.
    9. Shippable Items (and their prices)-
    Turnips: Shipped for 60 Gold in Spring.
    Potatoes: Shipped for 80 Gold in Spring.
    Tomatoes: Shipped for 100 Gold in the Summer.
    Corn: Shipped for 120 Gold in the Summer.
    Eggplant: Shipped for 60 Gold in Fall.
    Peanuts: Shipped for 80 Gold in Fall.
    Carrots: Shipped for 100 Gold in Winter.
    Broccoli: Shipped for 120 Gold in Winter.
    Eggs: Shipped for 70 Gold
    Milk: Shipped for 150 Gold (S milk), 250 Gold (M size), and 350 Gold (L 
    Cheese: Cheese can be shipped for 300 Gold (S milk), 400 Gold (M milk), 
    500 Gold (L milk).
    Butter: Butter can be shipped for 300 Gold (S milk), 400 Gold (M milk), 
    500 Gold (L milk).
    Mushrooms: Can be shipped for 100 Gold each.
    Fish: Can be shipped for a whopping 300 Gold a pop.
    Golden Egg: Can be shipped for 10,00 Gold.
    10. Regeneration-         
    I had to change this section just a tad bit, but it is still 100% 
    Meat Dumpling-10 HP   
    Rice Ball-20 HP   
    Croissant-30 HP   
    Cake-25% HP  
    Lunch Box-50% HP  
    Water-5 HP    
    Milk-10 HP   
    Green Tea-20 HP   
    Wild Grape Juice-30 HP   
    Apple Juice-75% HP  
    Orange Juice-100% HP 
    Soak in the Hot Springs-20% HP  
    11. Items-
    Ranch Master Idol: This is a plant you get after you get all three gifts 
    and become Ranch Master. 
    Axe: It takes six hits to break up a stump when using it. If you move 
    the D-pad you will have to start over. You start with this.
    Golden Axe: After the earthquake go to the upper room with your Axe in 
    hand and go to the edge of the area. Press "A" and you'll throw the Axe 
    in. The Harvest Goddess will come out and ask you if it's yours, say NO. 
    She will give it to you for being honest. It takes one hit to break up a 
    Hammer: You use this to break the boulders on your ranch. If you move 
    your character you must hit the boulder six more times. It takes six 
    hits to break a boulder. You start out with this.
    Golden Hammer: During your second expansion the carpenter will come to 
    your ranch and ask if he can use your hammer (to use on your house). If 
    you say YES he'll improve it before he returns it back to you, if you 
    say NO, you're in trouble. It can break up a boulder with one hit.
    Sickle: You use this to cut grass to feed your animals with. Don't use 
    it on weeds because it is a waste of time and energy, and it doesn't 
    turn into feed (would you even want it to?). You start out with this 
    Golden Sickle: After you give the Harvest Sprites a total of 30 
    mushrooms Harvest Sprite #1 (the one in the main cave) will ask you how 
    the sickle works. If you say it works well he will take it and improve 
    it. If you say it's not he'll tell you that you're using it wrong and 
    you'll never get it. He'll give it to you in twelve real hours. The 
    Golden Sickle cuts a 3x3 square around you.
    Hoe: You use this to till your fields. You need to till the soil before 
    you can grow grass and plants on the ground. It tills one square of soil 
    in front of you when you use it. You start out with this.
    Golden Hoe: After the Golden Sickle is yours talk to Harvest Sprite #1 
    and he'll ask you the same thing about the Hoe that he did the Sickle. 
    Say that the hoe works well and in 24 real hours you'll have the Golden 
    Hoe, which tills six squares in front of you. Say it doesn't work well 
    and you can kiss the tool good-bye.
    Watering Can: You use this tool to water your crops. It waters one 
    square in front of you. You receive this after you purchase your first 
    bag of seeds unless you're a female (see why later down my FAQ).
    Sprinkler: This is an upgraded Watering Can that waters a 3x3 square 
    around your body. You can buy this on Spring 18th for 2,000 Gold.
    Cow Feed: If you run out of grass you can use this to feed your cows. It 
    cost 700 Gold for twelve meals.
    Chicken Feed: It's the same as Cow Feed but it's for Chickens. I don't 
    know why, but it's cheaper than Cow Feed. It costs 500 Gold.
    Cow Brush: Buy this from the Tool Shop before you get a cow. Brush your 
    cow with it every day to keep it happy. It costs 800 Gold.
    Cow Bell: You use this to call your cows, and then the cows will follow 
    you. It's easier to use this than to move your cows yourself. You get 
    this for free when you purchase your first cow.
    Miracle Potion: You use this to impregnate your cows. Raised cows grow 
    faster than bought ones. They also produce better milk faster. It costs 
    4,000 Gold.
    Cow Medicine: Use this to cure sick Cows. It costs 1,000 Gold.
    Saddlebags: You use these to ship crops thru your foal. They cost 2,500 
    Vaccine: This was a big secret that I figured out. The "Cow First Aid 
    Kit" is the Cow Medicine during the second year only. It keeps your cows 
    from becoming unhappy for one whole season. It cost 2,000 Gold.
    Fishing Pole: This is the first gift from your grandfather, which allows 
    you to fish in the northern cave.
    Pickax: Use this in the left cave to break the pillars to find some 
    Power Berries. This is the second gift from your grandfather.
    Umbrella: This is the third and best gift from your grandfather. It 
    makes it rain for one day and waters all of your crops. Did you really 
    think you would get this valuable tool first???
    Butter Maker: You can buy this during your third year for 30,000 Gold. 
    It will turn cows' milk into butter, which sells for more money than 
    Cheese Maker: You can buy this during your third year for 30,000 Gold. 
    It will turn cows' milk into cheese, which sells for more money than 
    Meat Dumpling: They recover stamina when eaten at meal times. It costs 
    100 Gold for ten.
    Rice Balls: They recover stamina when eaten at meal times. It costs 200 
    Gold for ten.
    Croissants: They recover stamina when eaten at meal times. It costs 300 
    Gold for ten.
    Lunch Box: You eat this right when you buy it. It gives you 100% health. 
    It costs 500 Gold.
    Cake: You eat this right when you buy it. It gives you 50% health. It 
    costs 300 Gold.
    Milk: It recovers stamina when drunk at meal times. It costs 100 Gold 
    for ten cups. You can buy this only when you have a cow.
    Green Tea: It recovers stamina when drunk at meal times. It costs 200 
    Gold for ten cups.
    Wild Grape Juice: It recovers stamina when drunk at meal times. It costs 
    300 Gold for ten cups.
    Orange Juice: You drink this right when you buy it. It gives you 50% 
    health. It costs 300 Gold.
    Apple Juice: You drink this right when you buy it. It gives you 100% 
    health. It costs 500 Gold.
    12. Seeds-
    Turnip Seeds: After you plant these they grow into turnips four days 
    after planting them. They are non-renewable crops and shouldn't be 
    planted after the 25th of Spring. They cost 120 Gold.
    Potato Seeds: After you plant these they grow into potatoes six days 
    after planting them. They are non-renewable crops and shouldn't be 
    planted after the 24th of Spring. They cost 150 Gold.
    Tomato Seeds: After you plant these they grow into tomatoes nine days 
    after planting them. They are renewable crops that grow back in two days 
    and shouldn't be planted after the 20th of Summer. They cost 200 Gold.
    Corn Seeds: After you plant these they grow into corn thirteen days 
    after planting them. They are renewable crops that grow back in three 
    days and shouldn't be planted after the 16th of Summer. They cost 300 
    ***Eggplant Seeds: After you plant these they grow into eggplants five 
    days after planting them. They are non-renewable crops and shouldn't be 
    planted after the 24th of Fall. They cost 150 Gold.
    ***Peanut Seeds: After you plant these they grow into peanuts seven days 
    after planting them. They are non-renewable crops and shouldn't be 
    planted after the 22nd of Fall. They cost 200 Gold.
    ***Carrot Seeds: After you plant these they grow into carrots seven days 
    after planting them. They are non-renewable crops and shouldn't be 
    planted after the 22nd of Winter. They cost 300 Gold. 
    ***Broccoli Seeds: After you plant these they grow into broccoli 8 days 
    after planting them. They are renewable crops that grow back in two days 
    and shouldn't be planted after the 12th of Winter. They cost 500 Gold.
    Grass Seeds: Use this to grow grass to cut and feed your livestock with. 
    You can buy them from Spring to Fall and they cost 500 Gold.
    Note: When seeds are spread they fall in a 3x3 square around you.
    13. Hints and Tips-             
    This section is for little tidbits of information that you may or may 
    not know. Feel free to E-mail me with any you can think of.
    * Grass doesn't need to be watered.
    * Plant crops near watering hole.
    * Plant crops near shipping bin.
    * You don't need to water plants when it's raining.
    * If you can't buy livestock grow and cut more grass.
    * Chicks don't need food; they eat scraps off the ground.
    * Picking up weeds or rocks doesn't use up any energy.
    * Plant grass away from your shipping bin.
    * Don't plant any crops after the 25th of each season because they won't 
    * You don't need to water seeds the day you plant them.
    * Look on your desk by your bed before expanding your house to find 
    1,000 Gold, also known as "Grandpa's Rainy Day Money".
    * When you talk to the Harvest Sprites make sure you don't have any 
    tools in your hand.
    * Holidays boost your happiness rate.
    * Breeding cows boosts your happiness rate.
    * Don't try to kill Harvest Sprites or they will eat you. Just kidding, 
    they won't work for you.
    * Your grandfather comes on the 30th of Winter and the evaluation takes 
    a day, but the Harvest Sprites will feed your animals.
    * Don't use tools on livestock.
    * You only need to give a mushroom to a Harvest Sprite every other day.
    * When waiting for the Harvest Sprites to upgrade any of your tools, I             
    recommend you don't play the game during that time period.
    * Pray at least ten times a day every day from day one to bless a cow.
    * Catch at least twenty fish a day and you'll have at least 2,400 units 
    shipped, that's more than half of what you need to ship in a year.
    * If you run out of food you will only drink water during meal times, 
    which gives you very little energy.
    * Milk and Meat dumplings give you the least recovery during meal times.
    * Green Tea and Rice cakes give you the second most recovery during meal 
    * Wild Grape Juice and Croissants give you the most recovery during meal 
    * Go to all special events/festivals/parties.
    * Some special events take all day, don't forget to feed you livestock                           
    afterwards or before.
    * You can still pick up rocks and weeds when you don't have any energy.
    * Taking cows on walks doesn't take an hour like in HMGB.
    * To do the Blessed Cow Code you have to pray everyday starting on the 
    first day. 
    * While in a store press Select to see your current amount of Gold. 
    * If you have a pet dog keep him outside during good weather and night 
    so wild                        dogs don't break your fence.
    * Weeds to not grow back like in other Harvest Moon games, so pluck 'em 
    * I will one day rule the world, bwah-hahaha.
    * You didn't read that one.
    * In fact, this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH doesn't exist.
    * Neither do I.
    * I could just delete the last few lines before I send this in.
    * I'm too lazy.
    * Back to real hints and tips.
    * Your sickle never solves problems, although you think it does.
    * The Harvest Sprites will put an egg in the incubator unless there is 
    one in   it already, even if you have four Chickens.
    * Maria's hair is not a wig.
    * You can't keep your animals outside.
    * Animals don't like being mistreated.
    * The Harvest Sprites won't work for you until after the Earthquake.
    * Snow waters your plants. 
    * Your foal grows up on the 20th of Summer.
    * You don't need fences.
    * You can't name your chickens.
    * If you have four Chickens and there is an egg in the incubator it will 
    hatch the day after you sell a Chicken or one dies.
    * Eggs hatch in three days.
    * Cows give birth after 22 days.
    * The Harvest Sprites are not against you, if you believe that you're 
    either Max, insane, or drinking too much Mountain Dew. NOTE: I love 
    Mountain Dew and you better not make fun of me for it.
    * If you keep your dog outside it keeps moles from appearing when you 
    * ALWAYS have food and drinks.
    NOTE: The reason *s are in front of each tip is because whenever I use 
    bullet marks they come out as question marks.
    14. Differences between genders-
    If you're a male...
    * Hurricanes can damage your fence.
    * It takes longer to get the sprinkler.
    * It takes longer to get the saddlebags.
    If you're a female...
    * Hurricanes don't affect your fence.
    * You start with the watering can and one bag of turnips, potatoes, and 
    grass. This only works if you start your name with a HEART symbol.   
    * You get the sprinkler earlier.
    * You get the saddlebags earlier.
    15. Difference between pets-
    If you have a dog...
    * Wild dogs can destroy your fence.
    * Wild dogs can kill your chickens.
    * If you keep it outside it will scare of moles.
    If you have a cat...
    * No wild dogs. 
    16. Rumors-
    The baby cow in two days trick doesn't work; don't waste your money... 
    unless you don't believe me.
    Having a cat does not prevent hurricanes.
    Having a cat does not get you free seeds.
    Pressing "A", "B", Start, and Select at the same time doesn't give you 
    anything. If you have your Timer Function on it can advance the date on 
    your game. 
    The Reappearing Egg trick does not work (ship all eggs, turn off game, 
    You can't trade your pet for a bag of seeds. Plus, what kind of person 
    would do that (I have to admit, I tried it)?
    The sell an egg for the price of a chicken trick is totally fake. Don't 
    waste your time.
    Grow an Egg: Wait until your chicken lays an egg above the shipping bin 
    and water the egg. It will turn into a piece of fence. Pick it up and 
    sell it. There are about 99 pieces of fence. If you do this code you 
    can't expand your house.
    17. Glitches-
    Here are some glitches that are really annoying:
    Text Glitch: Sometimes when you are talking to someone the text may mix 
    together, it doesn't harm anything, but it's annoying.
    Harvest Thieves: This happened to Cluny420. Sometimes the Harvest 
    Sprites won't give you back your tools.
    Too Sloooooooooooow Glitch: When you are with your livestock your 
    character may move slowly.
    Move along little froggy: When you cut your grass, a frog may appear. If 
    one does, your character may move slowly. You'll move at normal speed 
    once the frog is gone.
    Stolen Sprinkler: Sometimes when you give the Harvest Sprites your tools 
    they will steal your Sprinkler and have to buy a new one. It doesn't 
    really harm anything unless you're low on money.
    Bird Feet: When Ellen loses her bird your cows' feet will turn in to 
    18. In Game Codes-
    Here are some codes that work without using cheats:
    Soggy Mushrooms: Go up to a mushroom with the empty watering can and 
    press "A" and it will fill up with water.
    Golden Hen: I figured this one out too; this was harder than the other 
    code though. Trade a chicken with a friend, use the same number though 
    (i.e. Hen #1). Then, if you're lucky you will both have a Golden Hen 
    that gives you a Golden Egg daily. There is a 1 in 64 chance this will 
    happen though.
    Free Money: Look on your desk by your bed before expanding your house to 
    get 1,000 Gold.
    Blessed Cow: Every day pray at the Church at least ten times. After you 
    have your first cow the Harvest Goddess will bless one cow. It will 
    always be happy and produce large milk.
    Lucky to be a Girl: Be a girl for some free seeds (see 'Difference 
    between genders' section).
    Instant Eggs. Use the original sickle only. Throw an egg on the wall 
    above the shipping bin and use the sickle once, sell the egg, repeat. 
    Use this code over and over.
    Cows Grow Faster: Start the name of your cows with a symbol and they 
    will grow faster and produce better milk sooner.
    Cool Cow Code
    Don't feed one of your cows so it won't be happy. Feed it and brush it 
    and talk to it every day until it's happy again (four or five days). And 
    it will have skipped ahead one, two, or three stages! (Sometimes it 
    doesn't work when they don't produce milk yet)
    Stage 1: Baby Cow (optional with M Potion)
    Stage 2: Medium cow
    Stage 3: Cow Small milk
    Stage 4: Cow Medium milk
    Stage 5: Cow Large milk
    19. Game Shark Codes-
    Okay, I take back what I said about Game Shark, I now have one for my 
    Game Boy Color and my Nintendo 64. I got all of these codes from the 
    Game Software Code Creators Club and GameShark.com. NOTE: I do not know 
    which codes work and which do not. If you find any bad codes, tell me 
    and report them to the Game Software Code Creators Club.
    From The Game Software Code Creators Club:
    Infinite Money:
    Time Modifier:
    Day Modifier:
    Have Golden Sickle in Tool Shed:
    Have Golden Hoe in Tool Shed:
    Have Golden Hammer in Tool Shed:
    Have Golden Ax in Tool Shed:
    Have Cow Medicine in Tool Shed:
    Have Milker in Tool Shed:
    Have Brush in Tool Shed:
    Have Water Can in Tool Shed:
    Have Sprinkler in ToolShed1 (Don't Use with Water Can Code): 
    Have Vaccine in Tool Shed:
    Have Miracle Potion in Tool Shed:
    Have Cow Bell in Tool Shed:
    Have Grass Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Turnip Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Potato Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Tomato Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Corn Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Eggplant Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Peanut Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Carrot Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Broccoli Seeds in Tool Shed:
    Have Pick Ax in Tool Shed:
    Have Umbrella in Tool Shed:
    Have Fishing Rod in Tool Shed:
    Have Cow Feed:
    Have Chicken Feed:
    Have Cat For Pet:
    Have Dog For Pet:
    Have No Pet:
    Infinite Turnip Seeds:
    Infinite Potato Seeds:
    Infinite Tomato Seeds:
    Infinite Corn Seeds:
    Infinite Eggplant Seeds:
    Infinite Peanut Seeds:
    Infinite Carrot Seeds:
    Infinite Broccoli Seeds:
    Infinite Grass Seeds:
    Items Equipped on Position 1 Mod:
    Items Equipped on Position 2 Mod:
    Items Equipped on Hands Position:
    Infinite Croissant:
    Infinite Rice Ball:
    Infinite Meat Dumpling:
    Infinite Wild Grape Juice:
    Infinite Green Tea:
    Infinite Material (Wood):
    Infinite Fodder:
    Events Modifier (Turn off GS when farmer steps outside):
    Weather Modifier:
    Have Infinite Milk:
    End Of The Year Evaluation:
    Become A Ranch Master Without Doing Any Work:
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Event Modifier Code:
    01 - Get Horse
    02 - After Earthquake
    03 - Day Before Picnic
    04 - Day of the Picnic
    05 - Get Grape Juice
    06 - Find A Missing Bird
    07 - After Hurricane
    08 - Get New Juice
    09 - Get Offered a Sprinkler
    0A - Get Offered a Larger House
    0B - Find Nina
    0C - Girl Stays at Your Ranch
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weather Modifier Code:
    00 - Clear Weather
    01 - Rainy Weather
    02 - Snowy Weather
    03 - Strong Winds (Hurricane)
    (56 codes total)
    From GameShark.com (These work):
    Infinite Cash:
    Infinite Seeds:
    (2 codes total)
                     You have to have a 2.1 Cheat Device
    First            or higher to use your Cheat Device
    Off:             with the GameBoy Color system.
                     The codes are the same for each
                     GameBoy unit. Whether it's the normal
    Second:          GameBoy, the Pocket GameBoy, or the
                     GameBoy Color unit, the codes on our
                     site work if you have 2.1 or higher
                     version GameBoy Cheat Device.
                     There is NO way to use codes for a
    Finally:         GameBoy Color unit if you don't have
                     2.1 Cheat Device! NO WAY!!
    20. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-
    Here are some questions I've been getting in the mail already. Some may 
    seem stupid but I will not tell who wrote these letters. Don't forget, 
    not all of us are masters at the game. 
    Q: Why can't I go to some festivals when I wake up?
    A: This one is easy, sometimes the festivals don't occur until 6:00 P.M. 
    Also, if the weather is bad that day or the day before it may not 
    happen. Last, if you have the Timer Function on and the Harvest Sprites 
    work for you and it goes into the day before or the day of the festival, 
    your S.O.L. (S**t outta luck).
    Q: How come I never see some of the animals?
    A: Some animals only appear when you don't move for a while. Also, they 
    are too quick to see with the naked eye. I know the animals are real 
    because I asked Natsume and they told me.
    Q: Those damn Harvest Sprites stole my tools, and I want them back!!!
    A: First, calm down. Second, wait a while and see if they give them 
    back. Don't forget you have to wait real hours. Third, I know this can 
    be a little depressing but you may need to restart your game. Fourth, if 
    this doesn't work, hit your game with a hammer. Repeat, if necessary. I 
    have now heard that if you turn the Timer on FAST they will give them 
    Q: Where can I buy the Harvest Moon games?
    A: Mostly anywhere video games are sold. Harvest Moon for SNES may be 
    hard to find and there is no hope of getting a new one. The games have 
    become so popular that even K-Mart has them. If you can't find them call 
    Natsume at (650)-692-1941 or Nintendo at (800)-255-3700.
    Q: How do you take your cows for walks?
    A: To take a cow on a walk, use the bell or push your cows to the barn 
    door. Then push them out. When you leave the barn you will be with your 
    cow. You can only take one cow on a walk at a time.
    Q: Why can't I hold the two tools I want to hold at the same time?
    A: When you pick up a tool you will notice that one tool goes back. If 
    your hands don't have any tools you will just pick that tool up. If you 
    have tools with you but not in your hands you put back the tool in hand 
    two. If you have a tool in hand one or two you will put that tool back.
    Q: I had the Harvest Sprites upgrade my tools and they took my Sprinkler 
    and I had to buy a new one, why is this?
    A: This is a glitch in the game that happened to me. You only have to 
    buy a new Sprinkler.
    Q: What gives you the time and ability to do a FAQ/WALKTHROUGH?
    A: Caffeine, and lots of it. Also, I was sick so I decided to do 
    something other than sleep.
    Q: How do you put your grass into the Silo?
    A: It goes there after you cut it. Don't forget, weeds don't turn into 
    Q: How does the cow happiness rate affect your year-end evaluation?
    A: It doesn't, it just tells you how nice you are to ol' Bessie.
    Q: How do you get your cows to have a higher happiness rate?
    A: Take them for walks, feed them daily, brush them daily, and milk them 
    daily (even if they wont give you milk).
    Q: I just planted my seeds and the Harvest Sprites won't water them. 
    A: You may have left the Timer on or you may not be treating them good 
    enough. Remember, the more you plant, the more the work, the better you 
    have to treat the Harvest Sprites.
    Q: Why won't the Harvest Sprites work for me? 
    A: There are a few answers for this one. First of all, you may not be 
    treating them well enough. They will say "Thank you!!! We will also try 
    to help you" when they will start working for you. Number two; you may 
    have left the Timer on. The Harvest Sprites can only work for you once 
    every 24 hours. You may have hit them with too many tools. Last but not 
    least, you may have given them way to much work to do.
    Q: I just got the fishing pole, where do I fish?
    A: Go to the northern cave and go to the sign that says, "Don't throw 
    anything into the spring. From Harvest Goddess". Now stand on the bench 
    and get the tool out and press "A".
    Q: How do I fish?
    A: Press "A" and you will throw the line into the pond. When the line 
    vibrates, press "A" again to reel it in. You may catch a can, shoe, or a 
    Q: I just got the pickax, now what do I do with it?
    A: Go to the left cave and use it to find some Power Berries.
    Q: What order do I get the presents from Grandpa in?
    A: More land, Fishing Pole, Pickax, Umbrella, Ranch Master. You will 
    always get Ranch Master after you have all of the special tools.
    Q: In the First Year Eve losses her bird, where do I find it?
    A: It's on the sign in front of the Silo. If it's not there go into the 
    chicken coop then come back out. Go up to the bird and press "A". 
    Q: The Harvest Sprites never hand me back my tools, why?
    A: They don't give you the tools; they put them in the shed.
    Q: Is there any sure way to get the tools back from the Harvest Sprites?
    A: I have heard that if you turn the Timer Function on FAST for 24 hours 
    you'll get the tool back, but I'm not sure. 
    Q: What does the Umbrella do?
    A: It makes it rain/snow so your plants get watered faster.
    Q: How long does it for one egg to hatch? 
    A: Three days.
    Q: How long does it take for a cow to give birth?
    A: 22 days.
    Q: I like Harvest Moon 64 and I think this FAQ is pretty good, when is 
    you HM64 FAQ coming out?
    A: I am still working on it and it is already pretty long. Plus, HM64 
    has a lot of FAQs already and only the best can be put up there. If you 
    do have any questions about the game, just E-mail me. Plus, I'm making 
    new FAQ/WALKTHROUGHs all the time, and you know what, I like 'em.
    Q: What animal do you recommend getting first, chicken or cow?
    A: Chicken, they will get you the cash you need to get a cow.
    Q: What pet do you recommend?
    A: I like the Dog because it prevents moles.
    That's all for now, please E-mail me with some more.
    21. Walkthrough-                        UPDATED
    I promised a walkthrough and here it is. I'm almost done with Summer, 
    but it will take a while. I deleted the key, to many complaints. I just 
    labeled the days. My Walkthrough does not include rainy days or 
    Hurricanes because I can't predict when they will happen.
    Year 1:
    Sunday 1st: Today is your first day one the ranch. You will name 
    yourself and your dog. Your deceased grandfather tells you what he wants 
    you to do and when he will come back. After you go through the little 
    section with your grandfather you will be in your house. Look for the 
    1,000 Gold next to your bed in the drawers. The reason it's called 
    "Grandpa's Rainy Day Money" is because on rainy days your grandpa was a 
    young gambler. He went to Las Vegas and always won the penny slots. 
    Although, on one terrible day, he met Mr. Alcohol and got married to an 
    ugly waitress from McDonalds. Just kidding. Now start working on your 
    field by cutting stumps, breaking rocks and boulders, and de-weeding 
    your field. This will take about four to five days to finish. Before 
    that, go to Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms. Don't forget to 
    pray at least ten times everyday for the Blessed Cow Code.
    Monday 2nd: You are still working on your field. Just work as long as 
    you can. Before that, go to Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms.
    Tuesday 3rd: Still working on your field. Before that, go to Harv1est 
    Sprites and give them the mushrooms. You should get the Power Berry 
    today from the Harvest Sprites.
    Wednesday 4th: If you're done with all that work, you should till your 
    entire ranch so you can't see the dirty ground. Before that, go to 
    Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms.
    Thursday 5th: You should be done by now, but if your not finish today. 
    After your done, go to the town and buy two bags of potatoes. Then plant 
    them at home. You don't need to water seeds the day you plant them. 
    Before that, go to Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms.
    Friday 6th: Go see the Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms. Now 
    go and water you plants. There's not too much to do right now though. So 
    go to the Church and pray. Also, now is the time to do something that 
    may help you. What you do is grab you fence and put it in you material 
    shed to gain material. One fence piece is worth two materials.
    Saturday 7th: Go see the Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms. 
    Then water your crops. Do whatever you want to do.
    Sunday 8th: Go see the Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms. Then 
    water your crops. Do whatever you want to do.
    Monday 9th: Same as the past few days. Don't forget to watch the weather 
    channel for rainy days.
    Tuesday 10th: Today, you get a foal (that's horse if you didn't know). 
    You can't ride him yet, but you will be able to near the end of Spring. 
    Go see the Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms.
    Wednesday 11th: It's your first harvest!!! Ship all your crops and go 
    see the Harvest Sprites and give them the mushrooms.
    Thursday 12th: Go and do the Harvest Sprite ritual (feeding them) and 
    water the crops that didn't harvest.
    Friday 13th: See those little Harvest Sprites and feed them. Then pick 
    the rest of the crops that finally grew. Then go to the Flower Shop and 
    buy two bags of potato seeds. For now on you will most likely want to 
    plant at least four crops at a time. Plant the seeds.
    Saturday 14th: Water your plants and then go to the Harvest Sprites. Go 
    to town and see what is happening. Check your fortune for laughs.
    Sunday 15th: Go water your plants again. Then go to the Harvest Sprites 
    and give them two mushrooms for the last time. Then do whatever you want 
    to do.
    Monday 16th: Water you plants and hurry. Now, run to Harvest Spite #1 
    and talk to him. He'll ask you how your sickle is working. Tell him it's 
    working great and he'll upgrade it for you in 12 real hours. Then give 
    him a mushroom and sell the other.
    Don't play your game for one day.
    Tuesday 17th: Water your plants and talk to Harvest Sprite #1 and he'll 
    ask about the hoe. Tell him it's working fine and he'll upgrade it is 24 
    real hours. Give him one mushroom and sell the other. Do whatever you 
    need to do. 
    Don't play your game for two days
    Wednesday 18th. Go to the Harvest Sprites and sell both mushrooms. For 
    now on, you only need to feed the Harvest Sprites once every other day. 
    Now run to the Tool Shop and buy the Sprinkler. Now you can water your 
    Thursday 19th. Water your seeds and then go to the Harvest Sprites and 
    give them one mushroom and sell the other. Go to the Church and pray. I 
    wont tell you to pray anymore because it takes up time and some people 
    just don't want to pray because they don't care about blessing cows.
    Friday 20th. Another harvest!!! Sell your crops, which will take up a 
    lot of time. Then go to the Harvest Sprites and sell both mushrooms. 
    Then go to the Tool Shop and buy the Saddlebags.
    Saturday 21st. Water you plants then give one mushroom to the Harvest 
    Sprites and sell the other. Then go into town and buy four bags of 
    grass. Then buy some food for mealtime. Go home and plant your grass, I 
    recommend you plant it in the upper-left hand corner of you ranch. I 
    wont tell you when to cut your grass because you may not want to cut it 
    at some points of the game. Then go to the Juice Bar when it opens and 
    buy drinks for meal times.
    Sunday 22nd. Water your crops and sell both mushrooms. Not much to do 
    Monday 23rd. Pick the crops and sell them. Then sell one mushroom and 
    give the other away. Then go buy four bags of turnips and plant them.
    Tuesday 24th. Water the crops and sell both mushrooms. Then go to town 
    and buy any food if you need it.
    Wednesday 25th. Water your crops and sell one mushroom. Give the other 
    one to the Harvest Sprite in the left cave because he's my favorite.
    Thursday 26th. Water the turnips and sell both mushrooms. Since this is 
    short part at the end of each month I will have a part that tells you 
    what to have.
    Friday 27th. Water the turnips and sell one mushroom, give the other 
    away. Now turn around ten times and try not to vomit. Just trying to 
    waste time for you. 
    Saturday 28th. One of the girls will come over and ask you if they can 
    have the picnic here. Say "yes" Pick the turnips and sell them. Sell 
    both mushrooms.
    Sunday 29th. Go to the picnic. Have some fun. Then sell one mushroom and 
    give the other away. Go to bed.
    Monday 30th. Pick the turnips. Then sell both mushrooms.
    Game Check
    Golden Hoe
    Golden Sickle
    Four patches of grass
    At least five drinks 
    At least five foods 
    Four Power Berries
    At least 7,500 Gold 
    Tuesday 1st: It's the first of Summer; you'll notice changes (i.e. music 
    changes). Give one mushroom away and sell the other. Then go buy three 
    bags of tomato seeds and one bag of corn seeds. Then go plant them.
    Wednesday 2nd: Go sell both mushrooms. Now water you crops.
    Thursday 3rd: Sell one mushroom and give the other to one of the Harvest 
    Sprites. Now water your crops. Go and buy two more bags of grass and 
    plant them.
    Friday 4th: Sell both mushrooms and nurture you plants. Not really much 
    to do.
    Saturday 5th: Today you can give away both mushrooms because it's the 
    nice thing to do. Now water your plants.
    1st-5th: On one of these days an earthquake will occur. Add this to the 
    day it happens...    Now go to the Harvest Sprite in the main cave and 
    free him from under the rock. The Harvest Sprites will now work for you 
    so feel free to use the Timer.
    Sunday 6th: Water your plants and then go give away one mushroom. No go 
    to the Animal Shop and buy a Chicken. Now feed your Chicken.
    Monday 7th: Water you plants then feed you animal. Then sell both 
    Tuesday 8th: Water your plants then give one mushroom away and sell the 
    other. Now feed your Chicken and put it's egg in the incubator.
    Wednesday 9th: Sell both mushrooms and water your crops. Now feed your 
    chicken. Go to the Flower Shop and buy 4 bags of grass and plant them.
    Thursday 10th: Sell all your tomatoes to get some cash. Give away one 
    mushroom and sell the other. Water your crops and feed your chicken.
    Friday 11th: Water your crops and feed your chicken. Now sell both 
    Saturday 12th: Sell your Tomatoes and then feed your Chicken but you 
    don't need to feed the baby chick. Put the egg in the incubator. Now 
    sell one mushroom and sell the other.
    Sunday 13th: Feed you chickens and water your crops. Sell both 
    Monday 14th: Major harvests today, sell your Corn and Tomatoes. Feed 
    your Chickens and sell one mushroom and give away the other.
    Tuesday 15th: Water your crops, feed your Chickens, put one egg in the 
    incubator. Now sell both mushrooms.
    That's all for now.
    22. Poll-
    New section y'all, here it is.
    Poll #3 Are you interested in buying Harvest Moon GBC 2. Please answer 
    YES or NO, no reason is required for this Poll. ~JunoGem.
    23. Disclaimer-
    I, JunoGem (Aaron Knepper), swear that I and only I create all of this 
    FAQ/WALKTHROUGH. I did get help though; those who helped me are at the 
    bottom of this page and tell whom I got the information from. If I see 
    any of this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH somewhere else I will hunt you down to the 
    ends of the Earth and chase you into He... just kidding. If you wish to 
    use any of my FAQ/WALKTHROUGH for anything or need any help just E-mail 
    I believe credit is due and here it is...
    24. Credits-
    Here are the credits:
    A special thanks to Brian Hayes for helping me and giving me a lot of 
    information. Check out his HMGBC FAQ or E-mail him at 
    RHAYES@powerlink.net. He is on AOL Instant Messenger under the alias of 
    Cluny420. Don't E-mail him anymore because he will only reply to me and 
    delete all other mail.
    Thanks you TimberWolf for tons of help.
    Thank you to Zapdos153@hotmail.com for the mole/dog trick.
    Thank you to Cody Speer for the Cool Cow Code.
    Thank you to GameShark.com come for the two codes I know work.
    Thank you to the Game Software Code Creators Club for most of the codes. 
    If you are looking for codes for other games check their website at 
    Thank you to Natsume for making such a wonderful game.
    Thanks to Nintendo for the regeneration section. If you have Nintendo 
    Power you can see the chart in the July 1998_Volume_110 issue on pages 
    48 thru 51.
    Thank you Ryan, for telling me my mistakes, if you see any more please 
    inform me.
    Thank you to the creator of GameFAQs (CJayC) for placing this on his 
    25. Contact Me-
    If you need to contact me for any reasons feel free to E-mail me at 
    JunoGem@AOL.com (that's where I get JunoGem from). My name is Aaron 
    Knepper if you need to know. I also have AOL Instant Messenger.
    26. I need your help-
    In this part I request help from you.
    1. More rumors.
    2. More codes.
    3. More questions.
    27. Mail that I will accept or delete-
    I will accept:
    Valid criticism
    I will delete and won't reply to:
    Repeated questions.
    Stupid questions with obvious answers.
    Letters that aren't in English.
    Questions that are clearly answered in this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH.
    Invalid criticism
    28. Other FAQs made by me-
    Legend of the River King GBC FAQ/WALKTHROUGH 
    Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
    Harvest Moon: Back To Nature FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
    Billy Bob's Huntin' n- Fishin' FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
    Harvest Moon 64 FAQ (incomplete)
    29. Where you can find this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH-
    You can find the newest version of this FAQ at the following websites, 
    if you see it anywhere else please inform me.
    30. FAQ/WALKTHROUGH information-
    I hate doing this part because it gets very confusing, but it helps you 
    if you want to print this out. 
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