Where can I find the mermaids necklace?

  1. I also need to find the bird key ?

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    trappedmomma - 6 years ago

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  1. You can find the Mermaid's Necklace underneath the bridge on the West side of Martha's bay, after acquiring the flippers from Angler's Tunnel. You can get there from several entry points, but the most common is to go via the Northeastern exit of Animal Village and go south past the Spiny Beetles, Buzz Blobs, and Bombers, then take the first left you see. Hop the bridge and dive underneath next to the bridge (Located at K-15 on your map). You will be in a side-scrolling area with the Fisherman sitting atop a boat. Use the Roc's Feather to hop up to the boat and talk to the Fisherman. If you have the Fish Hook from Grandma Ulrira(either Animal Village or Mabe Village) He will give you the Mermaid's Necklace in return. You can do this anytime after beating D4: Angler's Tunnel)

    As for the Bird Key. You'll need the Flying Rooster from Mabe Village's Rooster Shrine(C-10 on your map) But in order to do this you need to do three things: Have beaten D6: Face Shrine, acquired the L-2 Power Bracelet and have learned the Frog's Song Of Soul for 300 Rupees at the Sign Post Maze(Located 3 Screens South after lifting the rocks and cutting the grass in the western exit of Mabe Village). Once you have those things, you can go up north the Tal Tal Mountain Range and in a tunnel located on K-1 on the map. Enter it and use the Rooster to navigate the pit and grab the Bird Key!

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  1. The mermaid necklace is part of the trade sequence. Give the fish hook to the fisherman underneath the bridge in Martha's Bay.

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