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    Berry Collecting Guide by DragonSquallZ

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/31/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   P O K É M O N  G O L D / S I L V E R
                        Berry Collecting Guide v1.2
                             By DragonSquallZ
                          Updated: 31 August 2002
    Hi there readers! This is my the second faq I've written and once 
    again it's for another popular game series.
    Always forgetting where to pick up the special once a day items 
    within the game? I usually do. So, this guide is dedicated to when 
    and where you'll be able to collect these special tree items.
          - Disclaimer
          - Contacts
          - Updates
         1. Getting Started
             - Why bother collecting?
             - Preparing your Pokémon
             - Preparing your item pack
             - How do I get berries?
         2. Berry Using/Effect List
             - Berries
                - Equipping and Using Berries
                - Berry List
             - Apricorns
                - Using Apricorns
                - Apricorn List
         3. Berry Location Guide 
             - General Collecting Notes/Tips
             - Kanto League Berry Locations
                - Kanto Routes 01-28
                - Kanto Towns/Cities
             - Route Berry Locations
                - Johto Routes 26-46
                - Johto Towns/Cities
             - Quick Summary
                - Kanto World
                - Johto World
             - Total Pickings
         4. Miscellaneous
             - Q&A
          - Credits
    This FAQ belongs to me, DragonSquallZ and was created for personal 
    use only. It should not be used to make any profit. Don't rip off 
    parts of this FAQ and use them in your own or use this FAQ as a 
    guide for your own FAQ. You may print a copy of the entire 
    FAQ or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes.
    This FAQ is exclusive to these sites only
    No hard feelings to all the other great FAQ sites out there. It's 
    just that I find it annoying sending one update to multiple sites.
    Feel free to contact me with mistakes/tree locations/suggestions. If 
    you ask a question don't expect an answer right away. I'm not online 
    very much.
    There's two ways you can contact me:
     E-Mail - dragonsquallz@yahoo.co.nz
     ICQ - 71741337
    Only message me on ICQ, don't ask for authorisation because I won't 
    give it to you.
       03 May 2002 (v1.0)
         - Initial Release
       07 Jun 2002 (v1.1)
         - Added One New Tree Location
       31 Aug 2002 (v1.2)
         - Corrected Berry Holding error
         - Corrected Berry List Chart
     Part 1 - Getting Started
    Why bother collecting?
    As most pokémon masters should know, berries taken off certain trees 
    have various beneficial effects for your pokémon. Most berries 
    involve restoring bad statuses such as sleep and confusion. This is 
    a great replacement for the store purchased status restoring items 
    and therefore will help you save money.
    As well as finding berries you may also find apricorns. Handing 
    PokéBall Maker Kurt apricorns you find along your journey will allow 
    for him to make special PokéBalls for you. Pokéballs made by Kurt 
    are unique from standard balls and cannot be found in any of the 
    stores of the Pokémon World.
    Preparing Your Pokémon
    Although you can start berry hunting anytime you wish, it is 
    helpful if your pokémon may aid you along the way. Certain HM moves 
    will increase your collecting effectiveness.
    Collecting berries can be slow and tedious if you don't have quick 
    shortcuts available. Because most berry trees are in the middle of 
    travel routes it is a good idea to bring a pokémon with the HM move 
    Fly. This will save you time as you travel from route to route.
    Also needed is a grass type pokémon with the HM move Cut learned. 
    Some berries are located behind trees which need to be cut.
    I've only needed this twice but at these points you'll need to have 
    a pokémon with the HM move Surf. One extremely useful berry is 
    located across a small river. The second is still of significant 
    Preparing your item pack
    The most useful item when tree picking is definitely the Bicycle 
    Key Item. This will double your walking speed and get you from 
    location to location significantly faster.
    Almost all travel routes involve travelling through grass. Usually 
    walking through the grass will probably bring you into a battle 
    with wild pokémon. Using Repel/Super Repel/Max Repel will 
    reduce the number of wild pokémon you battle and save you time 
    travelling from tree-to-tree.
    How Do I Get Berries?
    All berry and apricorn trees look exactly the same. They have a 
    different look to the standard trees. Berry trees are about the same 
    size as your on screen character.
    How will you know what the tree looks like? Talk to it.
    Speaking to the right tree will tell you it's a fruit-bearing tree. 
    The next sentence will tell you either what kind of berry/apricorn 
    you got or that there's nothing there. If you come up with nothing 
    that means you've exceeded the daily tree picking limit.
     Part 2 - Berry Using/Effect List
    Equipping and Using Berries
    Equipping your pokémon with items is a fairly straight forward 
    process. There's two ways you can do this.
    Open the main menu and select POKéMON. This will bring up the list 
    of pokémon you're currently using. Any pokémon holding items will 
    have a pouch icon next to their image. Selecting the pokémon for 
    equipping will bring up a set of options. Selecting ITEM will bring 
    up a GIVE/TAKE item window. Select GIVE and choose the item you 
    wish to equip your pokémon with. If the pokémon selected already 
    has an equipped item you'll be asked whether you wish to switch 
    items or not.
    The other way to equip a pokémon is to open the main menu and 
    select ITEM. Choose the item of your choice and a set of options 
    will appear. One of which is GIVE. This will give the selected 
    item to a pokémon. Select a pokémon of your choice to give it to 
    and then it's all ready!
    Using unheld berries is fairly easy. Open your item pack, select 
    the item to be used and then a selection will open. Select USE, 
    choose the pokémon you wish to use it on.
    Using held berries is a bit more complicated. Berries will 
    automatically be used in battle given the right conditions. For 
    example, when on very low HP the held Berry will automatically be 
    used. Same applies to status restoring berries. If the held berry 
    can restore the status inflicted it will be used.
    Berry List
    Below is a list of all the types of berries you'll be able to pick 
    off trees in the Johto/Kanto world.
    Here's a rundown on the 2 columns
    Name - The name of the berry
    Effect - The effect the berry produces
    | Name                 | Effect                     |
    | Berry                | Restores 10 HP             |
    | Bitter Berry         | Removes Confusion          |
    | Burnt Berry          | Clears FRZ status          |
    | Ice Berry            | Clears BRN status          |
    | Mint Berry           | Clears SLP status          |
    | Mystery Berry        | Restores 5 PP to one move  |
    | PRZCureBerry         | Clears PRZ status          |
    | PSNCureBerry         | Clears PSN status          |
    Before you ask, yes there are more berries than this such as the 
    Gold Berry (restores 30 HP) and Miracle Berry (Clears all statuses).
    The ones listed above are only berries which you'll find on trees.
    Using Apricorns
    Apricorns have no use on their own to you. Handing Apricorns to 
    Pokéball Maker Kurt in Azealea Town will allow for him to make a 
    specialised pokéball for you.
    Apricorns are only found exclusively in the Johto World. 
    There are time limitations to pokéball making. You can only give 
    Kurt ONE apricorn per day. It takes the rest of the day to make a 
    pokéball. The day after dropping the apricorn off you may be able 
    to pick up the newly made pokéball and give him another apricorn 
    for pokéball making. So to sum this up:
    One ball a day sounds very slow considering that you can hold up to 
    99 of each special ball. In fact if you give him an apricorn a day 
    it'll take you 693 days or nearly 2 years to get 99 of each special 
    Apricorn List
    Below is a list of all the types of apricorns you'll be able to 
    pick off trees in the Johto world.
    Here's a rundown on the columns
    Apricorn Colour - The colour of the apricorn. The letters in 
       brackets are the way the colours are written within the game.
    Pokéball Made - The type of pokéball you'll get from Kurt from 
       that particular colour apricorn.
    | Apricorn Colour                | Pokéball Made              |
    | Black Apricorn  (BLK)          | Heavy Ball                 |
    | Blue Apricorn (BLU)            | Lure Ball                  |
    | Green Apricorn (GRN)           | Friend Ball                |
    | Pink Apricorn (PNK)            | Love Ball                  |
    | Red Apricorn (RED)             | Level Ball                 |
    | White Apricorn (WHT)           | Fast Ball                  |
    | Yellow Apricorn (YLW)          | Moon Ball                  |
     Part 3 - Berry Location Guide
    General Collecting Notes/Tips
    First thing to take note of is you only get 1 item per tree per day. 
    (in other words one berry from each tree once a day) This holds true 
    until you do the Time Reset code which will also reset the berries 
    you've picked so that you can repick them.
    For the oblivious people, you won't find any berries in caves, 
    buildings or water. So don't bother trying to look.
    Your own PC is very useful for storing apricorns. You can pick up 
    all seven different apricorns in one day but will only be able to 
    hand Kurt one of them. Drop the apricorns you don't need in your PC.
    Bitter Berries are the only item in the game which can remove 
    confusion unless you want to wait for it to wear off. So it's a 
    good idea to stock up on these for the major battles.
    If you've got a fair stockpile of berries and are feeling a bit 
    on the cheap side, you can sell off any of the store purchased 
    status restore items like Antidote and Burn Heal for a little 
    sum of cash. All berries sell off for $5 each.
    | Alright berry harvesters, ready to get collecting? I'll give a |
    | little description of the route and then list if and where any |
    | berries are on the route.                                      |
    |                                                                |
    | For those of you who'd rather skip the descriptions, there's a |
    | quick summary in a later sub-section.                          |
    Kanto League Berry Locations
    Route 1: Pallet Town to Viridian City
    If travelling from Pallet to Viridian it's mainly an uphill track 
    through some grass. If travelling from Viridian you can keep out 
    of the grass by jumping down the ledges.
    Berries Available
     - Bitter Berry: Easier to pick this one up if you're travelling 
          southwards because of legdes. From Viridian City travel 
          south down Route 1 keeping as far left as possible.  
    Route 2: Viridian City to Pewter City
    The Viridian Forest from Red/Blue has vanished and been replaced 
    by a winding one way path with multiple hairpin bends. As well as 
    the winding path there is a secondary straightforward path to the 
    right with a few houses and the entrance to Digletts Cave. 
    Entrance to the secondary path is only accessible if you have a 
    pokémon with the CUT technique learned. 
    Berries Available
     - PSNCureBerry: Taking the winding path will lead you to a 
          clearing about halfway through it. The berry tree stands there.
    Route 3: Pewter City to Mount Moon
    If you're travelling across here for the first time you'll be 
    forced to battle trainers because you can't avoid them. Be careful 
    about jumping ledges. Hopping off the wrong one means restarting the 
    route all over again.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 4: Mount Moon to Cerulean City
    Very little to see here other than a couple of items and trainers. 
    It's only accesible if you travel from Pewter City and through 
    Mount Moon.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 5: Cerulean City to Saffron City
    The building in the centre of the route was where the Day Care 
    Centre used to be. In the lower right corner of the route you'll 
    see the entrance to the Cerulean to Vermillion Underground Path 
    which can let you bypass Saffron City and get you out on a route 
    leading to Vermillion City.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 6: Saffron City to Vermillion City
    The other side of the Cerluean to Vermillion Underground Path. 
    Otherwise very little else here.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 7: Celadon City to Saffron City
    A surprisingly short route with few features other than the 
    entrance of the locked Celadon to Lavender Underground Path.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 8: Lavender Town to Saffron City
    A fairly wide path with some trainers you can skip but using CUT on 
    a few trees and moving through the grass. The Lavender Town to 
    Celadon City Underground Path Entrance has been locked due to 
    trouble caused by hooligans waiting outside it.
    Berries Available
     - PRZCureBerry: When leaving Lavender Town across this route wait
          until the path widens up and turns south. At this point head 
          up and the tree is there.
    Route 9: Cerulean City to Rock Tunnel/Power Plant
    A number of trainers around here but don't worry. There's a 
    Pokemon Centre at the entrance of the Rock Tunnel. To get to the 
    Power Plant you'll need a pokemon with SURF to get across the water.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 10: Rock Tunnel to Lavender Town
    Another fairly short path with a couple of trainers.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 11: Vermillion City to Route 11/12 Intersection
    This route consists of very thin pathways inside a huge grass area.
    Trainers are partially hidden in the grass.
    Berries Available
     - Berry: From the intersection travel west until the path widens. 
          Go up and around the trainer onto the grass. The tree is 
          slightly to the right off the grass.
    Route 12: Lavender Town to Route 13 and Route 11
    Very little shrubbery here. It's a fishing path. There's a couple 
    of items you can grab if you have pokémon with CUT and SURF.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 13: Links Routes 12 and 14
    A complex maze of single lane paths. A couple of trainers and 
    hidden items but no shrubbery.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 14: Links Routes 13 and 15
    There's two pathways here. Both of which are quite wide. A couple 
    of trees can be CUT here but there's nothing special behind them.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 15: Fuchsia City to Route 14
    There's an upper and lower path on this route. The upper path will 
    let you bypass the trainers on the lower path but unfortunately you 
    can only get on the upper path if you're travelling westwards and 
    have a pokémon with CUT.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 16: Cycling Road Top Section
    Bikes only around here. The start of a downhill ride. A couple of 
    trainers near the entrance. But not much else.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 17: Cycling Road Middle Section
    Still a while to ride. Paths splits into 3 ways but all lead to 
    the bottom of the hill.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 18: Cycling Road Bottom Section
    If you're going uphill this may take a while. Nothing of major 
    importance here.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 19: Fuchsia City to Seafoam Islands
    There's about 10-20 steps before you need SURF to traverse the 
    rest. This is mostly a sea route so there's no grass or berry 
    trees anywhere around here. 
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 20: Seafoam Islands to Cinnibar Island
    Definitely no trees around here. This whole route is covered up 
    completely by water. 
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 21: Cinnibar Island to Pallet Town
    Yet another sea route so yet again no berry trees.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 22: Viridian City to Victory Road Entrance
    Nothing much here but you'll have to cross either grass or water 
    to walk up to the Victory Road Entrance.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 23: Victory Road to Indigo Plateau
    What can I say about this route? It's 10 steps of opening clearing.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 24: Cerulean City to Route 25
    Nothing here other than an item in the water you can find using 
    your itemfinder (Berserk Gene).
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 25: Route 24 to Sea Cottage
    The five trainers on the Route 24 bridge from Red/Blue have moved 
    themselves here. Other than that, no trees around here.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 26: Victory Road to Route 27
    A fairly narrow route with some ledges and long grassy side paths. 
    Berries Available
     - Ice Berry: It's slightly above the house which has a lady inside 
          who will heal up your party.
    Route 27: Route 26 to Tohjo Falls
    Mainly 2 step wide paths covered in grass and sprinkled with a few 
    pokémon trainers.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 28: Victory Road to Mount Silver
    Only accessible after collecting all of the games sixteen badges.
    Lots of grass in winding forest pathways and has a movie stars 
    secret escape house lurking behind CUT-able trees. Level 40+ 
    pokémon lurk in the grass and there's a Pokémon Centre nearby the 
    entrance to Mount Silver.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Pallet Town
    A tranquil setting of peace and purity.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Pewter City
    A stone gray city.
    Berries Available
     - Mint Berry: In the far top right corner of the city east of the
          closed Pewter City Mueseum lies two berry trees.
     - Ice Berry: See above
    Cerulean City
    A mysterious blue aura surrounds it.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Vermillion City
    The port of exquisite sunsets.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Celadon City
    The city of rainbow dreams.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Lavender Town
    The noble purple town.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Saffron City
    Shining, golden land of commerce.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Fuchsia City
    Behold! It's passion pink!
    Berries Available
     - Burnt Berry: You'll need CUT for this. When you find the cities
          Pokémart stick to the left wall and travel upwards.
    Cinnibar Island
    The fiery town of burning desire
    Berries Available
     - None
    Viridian City
    The eternally green paradise.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Indigo Plateau
    The ultimate goal for trainers!
    Berries Available
     - None
    Johto League Berry Locations
    Route 29: New Bark Town to Cherrygrove City
    Lots of unavoidable grass if travelling from New Bark to Cherrygrove 
    (unless you shortcut through CUT-able trees). You can jump off 
    ledges to save time if you're travelling the other way.
    Berries Available
     - Berry: It's on one of the highest reachable ledges on the route 
          just outside Cherrygrove. A trainer stands about 3 steps away 
          from the tree on the centre of the ledge.
    Route 30: Cherrygrove City to Route 31
    Two paths on this route. One leads to Mr Pokémons house, the other 
    leads to Route 31. The paths link together at Mr Pokémons house but 
    you'll need CUT to use the link between them.
    Berries Available
     - Berry: There's another house north of Cherrygrove City. Alongside 
          the left of the house is a berry tree.
     - PSNCureBerry: Keeping on the extreme right of the route will lead 
          you Mr Pokémons house. Outside his house is another berry tree.
    Route 31: Route 30 to Violet City
    Another route with grass which is only avoidable if you have pokémon 
    with the CUT move.
    Berries Available
     - Bitter Berry: A chubby looking person will be standing next to 
          the tree. Later in the game this man will give you TM 50 for 
          having mail delivered to him. TM 50 is NIGHTMARE.
    Route 32: Violet City to Union Cave
    You'll pass the Ruins of Alph along the way to the cave. There's a 
    Pokémon Centre just outside the cave. Watch out for Frieda on this 
    route behind the centre on Fridays.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 33: Union Cave to Azealea Town
    Only one trainer on this route just outside Union Cave. Get his phone 
    number and he'll call at times to tell you where a rare pokémon is.
    Berries Available
     - PSNCureBerry: This tree is about 10 steps south of the exit of 
          Union Cave.
    Route 34: Ilex Forest to Goldenrod City
    Watch out for the Daycare (and Breeding) Centre along this route. 
    Ditto (which are useful for breeding most pokémon) are found in the 
    grass in this route.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 35: Goldenrod City to National Park
    A few trainers on this route. There's a shortcut around the 
    National Park to the right of the Park entrance which is only 
    useable if you have CUT.
    Berries Available
     - MysteryBerry: When leaving Goldenrod you'll see a little lake of 
          water. Crossing to the other side using a pokémon with SURF 
          learned will lead you to this tree.
    Route 36: National Park to Violet City and Route 37
    When you come here for the first time the intersection between the 
    three destinations is blocked by a Suudowoodo. Find and use the 
    SquirtBottle key item to gain access to the whole route.
    Berries Available
     - Ice Berry: You'll see this tree directly outside the National 
          Park exit.
    Route 37: Route 36 to Ecruteak City
    Nothing of major dramas along this route.
    Berries Available
     - RED Apricorn: Remember the T-shaped intersection which was 
          blocked by a Sudowodo? From the intersection head south and 
          cling to the trees along the right hand side. You'll 
          eventually stumble on 3 trees.
     - BLU Apricorn: See above
     - BLK Apricorn: See above
    Route 38: Eruteak City to Miltank Farm
    A few trainers (one tells of a rare pokémon location via phone) and 
    some grass which you can't avoid.
    Berries Available
     - Berry: When leaving Ecruteak City you'll see a path between the 
          fencing. Going through the gap and between the fence and the 
          ledge will take you to the tree.
    Route 39: Miltank Farm to Olivine City
    Nothing on this route which makes travelling difficult other than 
    one or two trainers.
    Berries Available
     - Mint Berry: Inside the Miltank Farm fence and to the right of 
          the Moo Moo Milk sellers house.
    Route 40: Olivine City to Whirl Islands
    No berries on sea routes, ya know.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 41: Whirl Islands to Cianwood City
    Water, water everywhere and not a tree to see.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Route 42: Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town
    You'll need SURF to cross the body of water at the start of the 
    route. The entrance to Mt Mortar is on the other side of the water.
    Berries Available
     - PNK Apricorn: Cross the water and you'll see a cave. Just 
          below it are 3 trees which are blocked by a CUT-able tree.
     - GRN Apricorn: See above.
     - YLW Apricorn: See above.
    Route 43: Mahogany Town to Lake of Rage
    Grass. Lots of it. As well as lots of grass there's also quite a few
    pathways through to the Lake of Rage.
    Berries Available
     - Bitter Berry: From the southern entrance at Mahogany town ignore 
          the main path and head straight up. You'll go into a gap 
          between large trees and a mountain. Continue up and you'll see 
          a girl trainer and a body of water. Cross the water using SURF 
          across to the left and then use CUT to get into the tree 
          enclosure. <(thanks to Sakuranbo Kisu for this one)>
    Route 44: Mahogany Town to Blackthorn City
    Two paths seperated by a large lake. Getting a phone number off a 
    fisherman in the area will alert you of when to catch Remoraids.
    Berries Available
     - Burnt Berry: From Mahogany Town keep going left until you hit 
          the tall trees. Then head straight up and you'll see the 
          berry tree.
    Route 45: Mountain Road Top Section
    No backtracking here. Plenty of ledges to jump and grass to move 
    through. Some trainers here and there and often they're unavoidable.
    Berries Available
     - MysteryBerry: Keep as far right as possible when travelling 
          down this path. You'll eventually reach a small lake where 
          you can catch Dratini. To the bottom right corner of the 
          lake is the berry tree.
    Route 46: Mountain Road Bottom Section
    See Route 45 description.
    Berries Available
     - Berry: From the MysteryBerry head left, avoiding going downhill.
          You'll find a cave entrance and two berry trees next to it.
     - PRZCureBerry: See Berry entry above.
    New Bark Town
    The town where the winds of a new beginning blow.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Cherrygrove City
    The city of cute, fragrant flowers.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Violet City
    The city of nostalgic scents.
    Berries Available
     - PRZCureBerry: Just in the outskirts of the city. While travelling 
          down towards Ruins of Alph/Union Cave you'll pass this tree.
    Azealea Town
    Where people and pokémon live in happy harmony.
    Berries Available
     - WHT Apricorn: Just outside of Pokeball Maker Kurts House
    Goldenrod City
    The festive city of opulent charm.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Ecruteak City
    A historical city where the past meets the present.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Olivine City
    The port closest to foreign lands.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Cianwood City
    A port surrounded by rough seas.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Mahogany Town
    Welcome to the home of the ninja.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Blackthorn City
    A quiet mountain retreat.
    Berries Available
     - None
    Quick Summary
    So, you'd rather know just if a berry is on a route and don't care 
    exactly where? This is a shortened version of above listing without 
    descriptions of where the berry is on the route and skipping routes 
    and cities without berries.
    Kanto World
    Route 01: Bitter Berry
    Route 02: PSNCureBerry
    Route 08: PRZCureBerry
    Route 11: Berry
    Route 26: Ice Berry
    Pewter City 
     - Ice Berry
     - Mint Berry
    Fuchsia City 
     - Burnt Berry
    Johto World
    Route 29: Berry
    Route 30: Berry
    Route 31: Bitter Berry
    Route 33: PSNCureBerry
    Route 35: MysteryBerry
    Route 36: Ice Berry
    Route 37: RED Apricorn
              BLU Apricorn
              BLK Apricorn
    Route 38: Berry
    Route 39: Mint Berry
    Route 42: PNK Apricorn
              GRN Apricorn
              YLW Apricorn
    Route 43: Bitter Berry
    Route 44: Burnt Berry
    Route 45: MysteryBerry
    Route 46: Berry
    Violet City
     - PRZCureBerry
    Azealea Town
     - WHT Apricorn
    Total Tree Pickings
    For the curious, this is how many berries you'll get in a day if you 
    collect every single berry from the list above.
       5 x Berry
    +  3 x Bitter Berry
    +  2 x Burnt Berry
    +  3 x Ice Berry
    +  2 x Mint Berry
    +  2 x Mystery Berry
    +  3 x PRZCureBerry
    +  3 x PSNCureBerry
    = 23 Berries
    And 1 of each of the seven apricorn varieties.
     23 + 7 = 30 Berries
     Part 4 - Miscellaneous
    Any questions? I'll answer here.
    * GameFreak and Nintendo for this fun game
    * CjayC for putting this on GameFAQs
    * Sakuranbo Kisu for a tree location i missed
    * The 20+ people who told me about the MysteryBerry holding mistake. 
       You know who you are...
    * Gabe Davis for the Burnt/Ice berry effect correction

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