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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by Edo

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Edo (hrzic@hawaii.edu)
    Copyright (c) 1999 by Edward T. Hrzic III
    No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without
    prior written consent of the author.
    Pokemon is a trademark/copyright of Nintendo, Creatures and Game
    The most recent updates of this file may be found at my Pokemon
    ----------|  INTRODUCTION
    This is a "quick and dirty" walkthrough for Pokemon Gold/Silver. 
    I played through the Pokemon Gold version.  There will be Pokemon
    that are available in the Gold version that are not in the Silver
    version.  However, these strategies can still be used in either
    This walkthrough only tells you how to get through the game; it
    does not give you translations of menus.
    ..........REVISION HISTORY
    Version 2.0: (99/12/30) [Fifth release of this file]
    - Fifth release
    - Added more questions to the "Mini-FAQ"
    - Added information on the "Three Legendary Dogs"
    - Added information on the "Annoon" [Unknown] Pokemon
    - Added 
    Version 1.8: (99/12/01)
    - Fourth release of this file.
    - Added information on removing the "broken rocks".
    - Added information on how to get the "Linear Motorcar" up and
    - Added information on Pokemon Breeding.
    - Updated "Need to Do" section.
    Version 1.5: (99/11/30)
    - Third release of this file.
    - Changed some formatting.
    - Corrected some grammatical errors.
    - Added Version History.
    - Added Mini-FAQ.
    - Added information on how to get the first radio.
    - Added information on defeating Red [Ash].
    - Added "Need to Do" section.
    Version 1.0 (Beta):
    - Second release of this file.
    - Which covers the rest of the game, including most of the second
    Version 0.5 (Beta):
    - First release of this file.
    - Only a four-badge walkthrough.
    Before I start with the game information, I am obligated to
    inform you that a ROM image of a cartridge is 100% ILLEGAL to own
    unless you own the original cartridge.
    According to United States Federal Law, you are entitled to have
    one (1) backup copy of any software that you legally own.  Since
    cartridges contain software (the game program itself), it falls
    under this law.  Nintendo cannot invalidate United States Federal
    Law by stating in the introduction to the Manual: "You can't have
    backups of this software".
    So, do yourself a favor and go out and purchase a copy of the
    cartridge.  You'll be glad that you did.
    Not only this, there are a few problems with using ROMs of Gold
    and Silver on emulators.  Many of the emulators out there do not
    keep track of the internal clock of the Gameboy.  Thus, it will
    either be perpetually night, or perpetually day.  Some emulators
    do not have this problem.  In addition, some times events (like
    going on the boat) may never let you leave that area . . .
    Q: Can you tell me where you can get the ROM?
    A: Sorry, but I can't tell you.  Search around the 'net, and you
    should have no problem.
    Q: How do I get passed the "shaking" tree?
    A: Check the section "Enju City and the Phantom Badge".
    Q: How do I get the Radio?
    A: Check the section "Kogane City and the Regular Badge".
    Q: Where is the Pokemon League?
    A: Go back to Wakaba Town (the first one), and surf to the right. 
    You will need Flash and Waterfall to get through the cave there.
    Q: How do I move Snorlax?
    A: You have to get your Radio Upgraded in the town to the east of
    Yamabuki City.  Then check the section "Nivi City and the Grey
    Q: Where is HM 07?
    A: In the cave between Choju Town and Fusube City.  It's in an
    Item Ball.
    Q: How do I breed Pokemon?
    A: Check the "Breeding Pokemon Section".
    Q: Where's Pikablu?
    A: Pika who? There's no such thing as Pikab*u.  What's that? 
    "There's no such thing as Pikab*u".  Spread it around.
    Q: Where's Pichu?
    A: Breed two Pikachus.
    Q: Where's Pikachu?
    A: South of Nivi [Pewter] City.  It has about a 1 in 15 encounter
    Q: How do you evolve (Pokemon name) into its new Evolution in
    Gold and Silver?
    A: Most require you to equip an item on them, and then trade them
    to get them to evolve.  For example:
       Onix + Metal Coat + Trade = Hanegeru
       Gloom + Trade = Kireihana
       Slowpoke + (item from scientist in Slowpoke dungeon) + Trade =
    Q: How do I get the Pokegods in Gold ans Silver.
       Repeat after me:
       What does that mean?
       What's that again?
       And one more time for the cheap seats:
       Spread it around.
    Q: Where are Charmander, Squirtle . . . (most of the Pokemon from
    the old game)?
    A: You need to trade from a JAPANESE version of
    Red/Blue/Green/Yellow to get most of the old Pokemon.  What?  You
    though that Nintendo would stop with Red and Blue?  You thought
    that you wouldn't have to spend more money?
    Q: Where's Serebii?
    A: Unknown.  Thought to be completely random.
    ----------|  THE GAME
    ..........THE BEGINNING
    When you start out, the first question that the game asks you is
    the hour of the day.  The next is the minute.
    You will begin in your house in Wakaba Town. Go downstairs, and
    after you mother asks you the day of the week, she will give you
    your PokeGear.  Now, go to the house all of the way up and to the
    left.  This is Professor Utsugi's Lab.  Once you go into the lab,
    Utsugi will talk, then give you the choice of three Pokemon on
    the table.  The left one is Hinoarashi (a fire Pokemon), the
    middle one is Waninoko (a water Pokemon), and the right one is
    Chikoriita (a grass Pokemon).
    [AUTHOR'S NOTE: I chose Chikoriita.  It learns Razor Leaf at
    level 8.  It's chance for critical hits it good, and would be a
    nice starting Pokemon for you.  It can learn Flash and Cut.]
    Before you leave, Utsugi's assistant will give you a Potion (you
    can't avoid it).  Don't worry about Poke Balls just yet; they
    will be given to you later.
    Your destination is Yoshino City to the west, but you should take
    the time to raise your Pokemon up to level 10 just outside Wakaba
    town.  You will have an easier time this way.  If you need to
    heal your Pokemon, go to Utsugi's lab and use the computer.  It
    acts as a Pokemon Center.
    Once you've built up to level 10 (which shouldn't take very
    long), go west.  Don't bother going up, because you won't be able
    to get very far anyway.  Keep going until you get to Yoshino
    City.  Talk to the old man at the beginning of the town, and
    answer "yes" to his question, and he'll take you on a tour of the
    town.  Plus, when he ends at this house, he will give you a Map
    Card.  It will allow you to access a map from your PokeGear.
    Go north, and into the house.  Here, a man will give you an item
    called "Spirit Fruit".  There are many different types of Spirit
    Fruit around the game (some heal, cure poison, paralysis, etc.),
    and you can get them from the large flowers that appear during
    the game (there is one outside of his house).  The good thing
    about Spirit Fruit is that you can equip it on a Pokemon, and
    whenever it reaches a certain low degree of Hit Points, it will
    automatically use that Spirit Fruit.
    Keep going east and north to the Pokemon Elder's house.  He will
    give you a Mysterious Egg.  Plus, Professor Oak will give you
    your Pokedex.  He'll also tell you to go to Kogane City.  Not
    only that, he will heal all of your Pokemon.
    ..........BACK TO WAKABA TOWN
    However, once you step out of the house, Utsugi will call you,
    telling you that there is trouble and that you should return
    immediately.  Return to Yoshino City and use the Pokemon Center. 
    Just before you leave town, you will encounter a young man who
    uses one of the Pokemon that you could have chosen in the
    beginning.  You should be at a high enough level that it will be
    an easy fight, even though you are weak against that he has
    Heal at the Pokemon Center if you need to, then go to Utsugi's
    Lab.  The police will be there, and you will have to name the
    young man that you fought.  He will then be your rival for the
    remainder of the game.  He will marvel at the Egg that you were
    give, and will take it for a time to study.  Just as you are
    about to leave, Utsugi's Assistant will give you 5 Poke Balls. 
    The first man that you see outside of Wakaba Town will instruct
    you on how to use the Poke Balls. Say "no" to his question.
    At this point, you may want to catch some Pokemon to add to your
    team.  A good choice to catch would be Otachi (the flying racoon;
    can only be caught during the day).  It can learn Cut, and
    strangely enough, Surf!  Another good one is Pidgey, which can
    learn Fly.  And while you're at it, pick up a Geodude if you want
    (in the area where I said don't bother to go because you couldn't
    get very far) to learn Strength.  Keep at least one slot open in
    your party!  I'll tell you why later.
    Make your way to Kikyou City.  Then beat Hayato at the Gym.  The
    Gym Members and Leader use bird-type Pokemon, and should be
    relatively easy if you built up your levels.  Defeat Hayato to
    get the "Wing Badge".  It increases the Attack of all of your
    Pokemon, plus allows you to use Flash at any time.  He also gives
    you TM 31 "Sand Hell".  It's basically a high-damaging "Sand
    Utsugi will call after you exit the Gym.  Your egg is now ready. 
    Go to the Pokemon Center, and Utsugi's Assistant will be there. 
    Answer "yes" to his question, and you'll be given your egg back,
    but this time will be in your party.  It can not attack, etc.,
    but will hatch in some time, into Togepi!
    Now, go to the northern part of town to the Bellsprout Temple. 
    Battle your way to the top, and defeat the temple master for the
    Flash HM.
    Now, go south through the cave to Hiwada Town (if you try going
    west, you will be blocked by some sort of tree).  Go into the
    Pokemon Center, and talk to the fisherman to get the Fishing
    Pole.  Talk to Gantetsu, the Pokemon Ball maker at the northern
    end of town, and he'll ask you to save the Slowpokes that are
    being held captive.  He'll then leave the house.  Now go to the
    front of the town and into the hole that a man was previously
    blocking.  Gantestu will be there.  Defeat all of the Team Rocket
    members, and Gantestu will be grateful.  He'll give you a "Lure
    No go to the Gym, and defeat the leader for the "Insect Badge". 
    It allows you to control Pokemon up to level 30, and enables you
    to use Cut.  She also gives you TM 49 "Renzokugeri".  A good
    slash attack that she used on you earlier.
    Heal at the Pokemon Center, then go west through the gate.  Just
    as you are about to, your rival appears again.  This battle is a
    little tougher, but shouldn't be too difficult if you have built
    up your Pokemon.
    Go through the forest, and play a game of "Catch the Farfetch'd"
    to get the Cut HM from the grateful man.  Cut your way north, and
    into Kogane City.  Explore the town, but don't go into the Gym
    yet.  You should be able to find a Coin Case in an underground
    tunnel (you won't be able to go into the door yet), a Bicycle in
    the Miracle Bike Shop.
    Go to the Radio Tower (the large building to the west end of
    town), and talk to the woman at the right end of the counter). 
    Answer her questions correctly, and she'll give you the Radio
    Card.  You'll be able to access the Radio from your PokeGear.
    You can go to the Gym now, if you want.  HOWEVER, you may want to
    build each of your Pokemon up to at least 25.  Yes, 25.  This is
    because the gym leader, Akane, uses a Pokemon called "Mirutank". 
    The "tank" part is correct, because it has massive HP, and can
    wipe down lower Pokemon easily.  Now only that, it has an attack
    called "Mellow Mellow" that charms your Pokemon into not
    attacking, if it is the opposite gender of Mirutank.  If this
    isn't bad enough, it has a some Milk equipped, so when you reduce
    its HP down, it automatically heals!  This will be one of the
    most difficult battles that you will face up to now.
    You will get the "Regular Badge" for winning.  At first, she
    won't give it to you, but one of the club members will coax it
    out of her.  Talk to her again and you'll get the badge.  It
    allows you to use Strength.  She also gives you TM 45 "Mellow
    Exit the Gym, and go to the house on the right, and on top.  Talk
    to the lady next to the flowers, and she'll give you some
    Squirtle Liquid.  Go north through the gate, and all of the way
    around until you get to some sort of tree.  If you have the
    Squirtle Liquid, examine it, then answer "yes".  (Normally, it
    you examined it, it would simply shake).  It will then turn intoa
    Pokemon and attack you, Usokii.  You can catch it if you want; it
    may be a good time to use that Lure Ball, if you really want to. 
    But before you do, walk a little bit to the right, and encounter
    the pudgy man.  Defeat him, and he'll give you "TM 08".  You need
    this to destroy the broken rocks that you encounter within the
    Now into Enju City.  You will encounter, but not fight, your
    rival at the Pokemon Center.  Go to the house to the left of the
    Pokemon Center, and answer "yes" to get an Item Finder.  Now go
    to the house north of the Pokemon Center that has dancing girls. 
    Defeat all of the girls (they are using Eevee evolutions,
    including the two new ones), and talk to the Gentleman in the
    room.  He'll give you the Surf HM.
    Now you can go to the Gym and defeat the leader (who uses Ghost
    Pokemon) for the Phantom Badge.  It allows you to control Pokemon
    up to level 50, and enables you to use Surf.  He also gives you
    TM 30 "Shadow Ball".
    Go to the smaller temple in the upper-left portion of town.  You
    will encounter your rival in there.  Break the rocks and walk
    around until the is a pit to fall down.  Walk to the stairs, and
    the three Pokemon that are there will jump away.
    ..........ASAGI CITY
    Go west to Asagi City.  You can stop by the Mirutank Farm if you
    want.  One of the Mirutank is sick.  Feed it around eight to ten
    Spirit Fruits and it will get better.  Then you can talk to the
    mother in the house, and she will give you a TM.  Plus, you can
    buy milk from the father, which heals a substantial amount of HP. 
    You don't have to complete this little side-quest if you don't
    want to.
    In Asagi City, you will notice that the Gym is empty.  Climb the
    Lighthouse (the large building), and talk to Mikan at the top. 
    Her Pokemon is sick, and you will need medicine.
    Exit the lighthouse, and go to the last house just before the
    beach.  Talk to the sailor to get the Strength HM.
    Now, Surf over to Taban City (the city over the sea), and defeat
    the Gym Leader to get the Shock Badge.  It will allow you to
    control Pokemon up to level 70.  He also gives you TM 01
    "Explosive Punch".
    Talk to the woman just outside of the Gym to get the Fly HM.  Go
    into the VERY last house at the bottom of Taban City and talk to
    the man.  He will give you some Medicine.
    Now, go back to Asagi City and climb the Lighthouse again.  Talk
    to Mikan, and then she will go down to the Gym.  Defeat her for
    the Steel Badge.  It increases your Pokemon's Defense.  She also
    gives you TM 23 "Iron Tail", for that massive attack that she
    Go west from Enju City to Choju Town.  There is a man blocking
    the Gym door, so you can't go in just yet.  Go north, and
    defeat/capture the Red Gyarados.  Once you do, look for the sign
    in the same area.  Wataru [Lance] will be looking at the sign. 
    Talk to him, and he will disappear.
    Go back down to Choju Town, and enter the Shop.  Lance will be
    there, and will show the way into a Team Rocket HQ.
    Go into the HQ.  Defeat the Researcher at the computer, and
    examine the computer to turn on a switch.  On the next floor, you
    will meet Lance again.  He will also heal your Pokemon.  Defeat
    all of the Team Rocket members on the remaining floors to get
    passwords.  (Don't worry, you don't have to write them down or
    anything).  Those passwords will allow you to open up the gates.
    Enter the boss' room at the top, and defeat him.  Talk to the
    bird to get the final password.
    Go back down to the floor that had the large machine on it,
    behind a gate.  Defeat the Team Rocket members with Lance's help,
    then go into the Generator Room.  Defeat the three Electrodes on
    your side (the left one).  Lance will then give you HM 06
    "Whirlpool".  This HM is used to fill in whirlpools.
    Once outside, you will see that the man is no longer in front of
    the Gym.  You can now enter and defeat him for the Ice Badge, and
    TM 16 "Numbing Wind".
    At this point, since you will have seven badges, you will get a
    call from Professor Utsugi.  There is trouble at the Radio Tower
    in Kogane City.  Enter the Radio Tower and defeat all of the Team
    Rocket members.  There will be a gate on one of the floors. 
    Ignore it for now, and go up to defeat the boss at the top.  You
    will then get a key.
    Exit the Radio Tower, and go just north of it to the Underground
    Passage (the place where you got the coin case).  Unlock the
    door, and go in.  Your rival will then enter and attack you.
    Get the card key from the Gentleman that is trapped on one of the
    floors.  He will give you a card key.  Enter the elevator, to
    find that you'll end up in the Shop.
    Reenter the Radio Tower, and go through the gate that was
    previously locked.  Defeat the remaining Rockets, and you're set.
    Now that Team Rocket's taken care of, go back to Choju City, and
    east to Fusube City through a cave.  HM 07 "Waterfall" is in this
    cave (in an item ball), and you need it!
    Defeat Ibuki at the Gym, but she won't give you your badge yet. 
    Surf on the area behind the Gym, and through the cave.  Find the
    item ball with the feather in it, and Ibuki will show up.  She
    will then give you your Raging Badge.  It allows you control all
    Pokemon.  She also hands you TM 24 (Dragon Blizzard).
    After getting the badge and exiting the cave, Utsugi will give
    you a call.  Go to him, and he will give you the infamous Master
    Now that you have all eight badges, you can go to the Pokemon
    League.  Access it from Wakaba Town (the first town).  Surf to
    the right, and a man will give you a ne Map Card (to see the
    second map).
    However, you may need some firepower.  You should start your
    quest for one of the new Legendary Birds.  If you are playing
    Gold, you can get Houou first; if Silver, you can get Lugia
    first.  Whichever one it is, it will be at level 30.
    ..........HOUOU AND LUGIA
    Houou is in the Legendary Temple.  Go back to Enju City, and into
    the double-space house that has a door in it.  Follow it around
    until you get to a temple.  Ascend to the top, and Houou will be
    Lugia, on the other hand, is in the set of caves to the west of
    Taban City (the network of caves that will remind you of Seafoam
    Islands).  Go into the middle-right cave.  You will be nearing
    Lugia's area if you go down a waterfall.  Enter the cave, and
    Lugia will be there.
    Back on the track of the Pokemon League.  Once you have gotten
    the second map from the man, do into the cave, and all of the way
    through.  Prepare for a LONG walk up to the League.
    Go through the very last cave (it's not very long), and your
    rival will confront you for the last time at the end.  Defeat him
    and enter the Pokemon League.
    Defeat the Elite Four: Itsuki (Psychic), Kyou [Koga] (Poison),
    Batsu [Bruno] (Fighting), Karin (Miscellaneous), and finally
    defeat the current Champion, Wataru [Lance] (Dragon).
    ----------|  THE SECOND QUEST
    Well, you finished the first game . . . You did know that there
    is a SECOND game, didn't you?
    Continue after the game rolls the credits and shows the title. 
    Utsugi will call you.  Go to him, and get a Boat Ticket.
    Go to Asagi City and down the pathway until you get the boat. 
    Enter it, and go to your room (the one with the sailor standing
    in front of it).  Heal if you need to.
    Enter all of the rooms, and talk to the Gentleman in one of them.
    His daughter is missing.  Go up the stairs and talk to the sailor
    that won't let you through.  Go back down to the room to the
    right of yours, and defeat the sailor.
    Go back up, and defeat the passengers and sailors on that floor. 
    Ascend the stairs, and talk to the little girl who is talking to
    the captain.  You will both be warped back to her cabin.
    At this time, you should be at your destination: Kuchiba City!
    Go to the Gym and defeat Machisu [Lt. Surge] for the Orange
    Badge.  It increases the Speed of your Pokemon.
    Go north to Yamabuki City and defeat Natsume [Sabrina] for the
    Gold Badge.
    Now go east to the town, and into the Radio Station there.  Talk
    to the men, then exit.  Go north from that town, and around, surf
    down until you get to the Power Station.  Talk to the man in the
    Generator Room, and then leave.
    Return to Yamabuki City, and go north to Hanada City.  Enter the
    Gym.  A Team Rocket member will bump into you, then will leave. 
    The Gym is empty.
    Exit the Gym, and go north up the trail, where you will find the
    Rocket.  Defeat him, and he will tell you about an item that he
    hid in the Gym.  This item is the component that they are missing
    from the Power Station.
    Go back to the Gym, and to the little pool in the middle of the
    Gym.  Examine the upper-left corner of the little pool for the
    Go north again, and fight through the string of Trainers.  You
    should then see a young lady.  Talk to her, and she will go back
    to the Hanada City Gym.  Return to the Gym and defeat her (Kasumi
    [Misty]) for the Blue Badge.
    Return to the Power Station and give the item to the man.  He
    will give you a TM in return.  Now, go back to the town on the
    second map with the Radio Tower.  Talk to the Gentleman, and he
    will give you a Radio Upgrade.
    Go to Kuchiba City, and into the Pokemon Fan Club.  Talk to the
    plump man at the table, and he will give you a Clefairy Doll.
    Go back to Yamabuki City, and into the Copycat's house.  Go up
    the stairs and talk to her.  She will give you the Linear
    Motorcar Ticket.  You can now go back and forth between the maps
    MUCH more easily.
    Go back to Yamabuki City and go to the west, to Tamamushi City. 
    Defeat Erika [Erica] at the Gym for the Rainbow Badge, and TM 16
    "Giga Drain".
    Go west down Cycling Road to Sekichiku City.  Enter the Gym and
    defeat Anju.  She is the girl that is on the lower left.  She
    will give you the Pink Badge.
    Return to Kuchiba City, and up to the Snorlax.  Enter your Radio
    Screen, and go to the last tuneable station (the one with nothing
    but music).  Exit the menus, and then examine the Snorlax.  It
    will wake up and attack you.
    Once the Snorlax is dealt with, go through Diglett's Cave, and
    emerge near Nivi City.  
    Go to Nivi City, and defeat Takeshi [Brock] at the Gym for the
    Grey Badge.
    There is also a Trainer's House in this town.  You can go into
    the basement to fight a high-level trainer.  You can only do this
    one per day, though.
    You can also go right to go to Mt. Moon (a VERY short cave).  You
    will fight your rival for the very last time here.  At the top is
    a shop (people are only in it during the day), and an open field.
    Now, do south to Tokiwa City.  The Gym is empty (sense a pattern
    here?).  Go south to Masara Town, and talk to Professor Oak.
    Surf south from Masara Town, to a little island.  There will be a
    person examining a rock.  Talk to him, and he will leave.
    Surf to the right, to a little cave.  This is the Guren Town Gym. 
    Defeat Katsura [Blaine] there, and get the Creme Badge.
    Return to Tokiwa City, and defeat Green [Gary] there for the
    Green Badge.
    Now you have ALL sixteen badges!
    Good news.  Now you can go back and get the OTHER new Legendary
    Bird.  Go talk to everyone in Nivi City again.  One of them will
    give you another feather.  This will allow you to go to the other
    location to grab the other Legendary Bird.  However, this other
    bird will be at level 70!  Want a good way to capture it?  Run it
    out of attacks.
    But there's a little more.
    Go back to Masara Town, and talk to Professor Oak.  He will tell
    you about Shirogane Mountain, which has some strong Pokemon.
    Return to Tokiwa City (again), and go west.  Go through the small
    cave to emerge by some grasslands.  WARNING: This area contains
    some of the most powerful wild Pokemon in the game, with levels
    of 40 or greater.  This is a good place to build up levels.  Good
    thing there is a Pokemon Center there.  What's more, you can fly
    to the Pokemon Center here from the locations on the first map.
    ..........RED [ASH]
    But there is also a cave.  Go through it (it isn't very
    difficult), to find someone at the end.  This is Red [Ash].  He
    Here's how I beat him.  I used by three main Pokemon: Houou
    (level 60), Red Gyarados (level 59), and Meganiumu (level 61).  I
    also brought along five Revives, twenty-five super potions, and
    twenty Full-Heals.  My other three Pokemon were "cannon fodder",
    and were used as a one turn rest while I used a Super Potion on
    one of the three main Pokemon.  You'll probably have an easier
    time if your Pokemon have higher levels.
    First up is his Pikachu (level 81!).  I used Houou.  It took one
    Fire Blast to knock it out.
    Second is his Blastoise (level 77).  I switched to Meganiumu.  If
    you're lucky, he'll use Acid Rain or another minor attack.  I
    used Solar Beam once, and Razor Leaf after that.  Once again, if
    you're lucky, he won't use Blizzard (which Mega is weak against).
    Third is his Venusaur (level 77).  I switched back to Houou, and
    used Holy Fire once, then Gust (Venusaur was weak against both).
    Fourth is Eefi (level 77).  It will most likely use "Reflector"
    (reduces special attack damage by one-half).  I switched to Houou
    and used Fire Blast twice.  You may need to heal, since it likes
    to use Psychic.
    Fifth is the most difficult one, Snorlax (level 77).  I beat this
    Snorlax by running it out of attacks.  Try to get an attack or
    two to make it go to sleep (it will heal itself).  Fire Blast and
    Holy Fire do next to nothing.  Gust is better to use, and you'll
    want to save some Fire attacks.  Use Super Potions or Houou's
    Recover until the Snorlax no longer has anything else to use
    except Amnesia.  Then Gust it into oblivion, since things like
    Fire Blast did VERY little damage.  Watch out for its Body Slams,
    as it will Paralyze your Pokemon.  This will allow Snorlax to
    attack first in subsequent turns.  If Snorlax is asleep, use some
    healing items on your other Pokemon.
    Sixth is Charizard.  I pulled out Gyarados, and used "Waterfall"
    on it three times and it fell.  If I had Hydro Pump, I would have
    used that.
    Once you defeat Red, the credits will roll once again, and you
    will immediately be taken to the Pokemon Center in front of
    Shirogane Mountain.  If you go back in, Red is no longer there. 
    The game is not saved, so you can reset and continue, and leave
    Red alone so you can show your friends at a later date!
    ----------| POKEMON BREEDING
    Pokemon Breeding is a way to increase your stockpile of Pokemon. 
    However, it is the ONLY way to get the much sought- after "pre-
    evolutions" of certain Pokemon.
    Take two Pokemon of the same type, and of different genders to
    the house to the south of Kogane City.  Here, you will find two
    people.  Give the male Pokemon to the old man, and the female
    Pokemon to the old woman.
    Now, go out and explore, fight, walk around, etc.  After about
    half an hour to an hour, return to this house.  If done
    correctly, you should see the old man in the "pen" where the two
    Pokemon are.  He has an egg for you.  Make sure you have an open
    slot in your party!  There is a computer in the house, where you
    can make room.
    Go and talk to the old man to get the egg.  You can then get your
    Pokemon back by paying a certain amount of money.
    Certain Pokemon have "pre-evolutions", and hatch in the normal
    way (after an hour or so).  Only certain Pokemon have pre-
    Purin [Jigglypuff] -> Pupurin
    Pippi [Clefairy] -> Pii
    Erebuu [Electabuzz] -> Erekkido
    Pikachu -> Pichu
    Buubaa [Magmar] -> Buubii
    Rujura [Jynx] -> (don't have the name right off hand)
    To my current knowledge, I do not know if keeping two Pokemon of
    the same type of different genders in your party will eventually
    give you an egg.  If it does, you will most-likely need a space
    in your party.
    ----------| AREF'S MONUMENT
    If you've been to the "pyramid" with the strange writing on the
    walls, chances are that you've encountered the "Annoon" Pokemon. 
    They are the same Pokemon with more than one "shape".  (If you
    actually use one, they never evolve, and never learn more than
    one move, called "Awakening Power").
    The goal of this area is to catch all twenty-six different shapes
    of this Pokemon.
    After catching two different types, exit the monument, and a
    scientist will be outside.  Talk to him, and he will take you
    into the small lab to get your Pokedex upgrade to view the Annoon
    that you have already captured.  To view this upgrade, go into
    your Pokedex, and hit 'Select'.  It should be the next to last
    option there.
    At first, you will only be able to catch a few of them.  This is
    solved by completing the puzzles that are around.  You should be
    able to immediately find and solve the "Kabuto" and "Aerodactyl"
    For the other two, exit the area to the right, then go south into
    the cave that leads to the "Slowpoke" town.  You will need "Surf"
    to get to the other ladders in the cave.  These ladders (after a
    little exploring) will lead to the other two puzzles: "Omanyte"
    and "Moltres".
    What do these puzzles do?  Once you solve them, they "unlock"
    another set of Annoon Pokemon for you to capture.
    Once you have all twenty-six of the Annoon Pokemon, go into the
    small lab, and you can use the small machine in the upper-right
    corner of the room.  It allows you to print out the Annoon as
    stickers through your Pocket Printer.
    Oh, and if you didn't figure it out yet, each of the Annoon
    Pokemon represent a letter in the English alphabet.
    In the "Ghost" city, if you go into the temple in th upper-left
    of the city, and smash the blocks, eventually you will fall into
    an area that has three Pokemon sitting in an area.  Once you step
    onto the stairs, they will jump away, leaving the temple.
    These are the three Legendary Dogs.
    My comment to you?  Good luck trying to catch them.
    Each of the Dogs appears in a COMPLETELY RANDOM place each time
    that you go into a new area (usually a town).  So, one time it
    could be on the left end of the map, and then next time it will
    be on the right.  So, you'll have to walk around until you see it
    for the first time.
    The good news?  The location is in your Pokedex.  So, just go in
    and out of a town's location, and check your Pokedex each time to
    see if they're near your location.
    The bad news?  They're near impossible to catch.  They run at the
    very first chance they get.  However, if you DO manage to damage
    one of them, their HP remains damaged the next time that you
    encounter them.
    If you REALLY want one of the Dogs, use your Master Ball.
    ----------| NEED TO DO
    The following things need to be done.  I can't figure out how to
    do them.
    - What that field at the top of Mt. Moon is all about.
    - Serebii.  Rumor is that it appears at random in places.  Anyone
    know where?

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