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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by Lugia

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/30/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon Gold & Silver FAQ
    Version 1.3
    By Lugia (liuyukwo@netvigator.com)
    Date 30/12/99
     Hello everybody, this is the first time I write an FAQ. Pokemon Gold and
    Silver was released on 21st Nov.,1999 in Japan. The story happens in a place 
    named Jout, three years after the story of Ash Ketchum. The game now has the
    'Real Time System'. That means the time of the game is the same as the real
    time. Oh, now let's begin.
    Part I   -- Release Notes
    Part II  -- Walkthrough
    Part III -- Pokemon List
    Part IV  -- Frequently Asked Questions
    Part VI  -- Others
    <I> Release Notes
    Version 1.0   The full walkthrough of the game, how to capture the two
                  rare bird Pokemon and how to breed. Pokemon List is not
                  avalible yet and a few Gym Leader's Pokemon are missing.
    Version 1.1   Added info on Riakou and Entei and how to capture them.
                  Added Pokedex No. 151 to No.250.
    Version 1.2   Corrected spelling errors and added how to capture Houou
                  in Silver and Lugia in Gold. Also corrected info of the
                  three legenary Pokemon. Added Pokemon No. 001 to No.150.
                  Also added many secrets in the game.
    Version 1.3   Added details to walkthrough up to the Ubame Forest. Added
                  how to evolve Porygon to Porygon2.
    <II> Walkthrough
     Start your game, and press A if you don't want to watch the opening.
    Then you will see an object flying or swimming. Press A. Then select
    the top option 'Start New Game'. A box appears and you have to set
    the time. First hour and then minute. Confirm, and Professor Oak
    appears. He tells you what's Pokemon and takes Mariru as an example.
    Then you appear. Name yourself now. The five options are:
       For Gold Version: Custom        For Silver Version: Custom
                         Gold                              Silver
                         Hiroki                            Kamon
                         Tetsuo                            Tooru
                         Takashi                           Masao
     If you don't know Japanese pronounciation I recommand you to choose
    those given names.
     After setting your name you become very small and appear in your house.
    Go downstairs and your ugly mother runs to you. She tells you that
    Professor Utsugi are finding you. She then gives you the Pocket Gear.
    You can use it as a watch and even as a mobile phone! (So hi-tech)
    Then your mother asks you to set the day. The default setting is Sunday.
    Then she asks you if you want her phone number. But even if you answer
    'no', she still forces you to get her phone number. Now get out of your
    house of your house and walk into the lab nearby. Professor Utsugi calls
    you to him immediately. He tells you that he has received an e-mail from
    Professor Oak saying that he has find something great. Because Professor
    Utsugi is busy right now, so he tells you to go to Oak. But first, he lets
    you to choose a Pokemon that you like as your partner!
       |                                                                     |
       |  Chikorita  -- have a leaf on its head. Grass type. But if you      |
       |                choose it you have to train it very hard because     |
       |                first Gym is against the birds.                      |
       |  Waninoko   -- like a crocodile. Water type. 'Waninoko' means 'Sun  |
       |                of Crocodile'.                                       |
       |  Hinoarashi -- like a hedgehog. Fire type. 'Hinoarashi' means       |
       |                'Firestorm'.(I choose this)                          |
     After choosing one, Professor Utsugi gives you his phone number. When you
    get out, the assistance stops you and give you a Potion which heals 20HP. 
    Then get out. Have you notice that there is a boy with red hair looking secretly 
    into the lab? If you talk to him, he kicks you back! Ignore him. Head west. On 
    the way there are a lot of grassy areas. You will encounter Pokemon in these 
    areas. If you go into battle, there are four options:
                        Attack                    Items  
                        Pokemon                   Escape
         |                                                               |
         |  Attack  -- To attack you opponent.                           |
         |  Items   -- To use items in your Ryukku (your bag)            |
         |  Pokemon -- To change your current Pokemon                    |
         |  Escape  -- To escape from the battle, but not always suceed  |
     At this moment, you need not to fight them so much, just escape. On this
    Route 29, walk around, and you will find a Potion in a deadend in the east.
    Next to the Potion there is a house. Ignore it at this moment. Keep walking
    west you will see a Nut Tree (See also Part IV). Get the nut from it. Then
    walk west a bit, you will reach Yoshino City.
     In Yoshino City there is an old man standing. Talk to him and he brings
    youround the city. Then he stops in front of his house, and gives you the
    Map Card. Then he goes back into his house. Now enter the Pokemon Center. 
    On the left is the healing counter, while on the right is the Computer. 
    The options of the Computer are:
             |                                                  |
             |  Bill's PC -> Take Pokemon                       |
             |               Deposit Pokemon                    |
             |               Pokemon Box     -> Switch to main  |
             |                                  Name the Box    |
             |                                  Print           |
             |                                  Cancel          |
             |               Box Arrangement -> ???             |
             |                                  View Status     |
             |                                  Cancel          |
             |               Log out                            |
             |                                                  |
             |  Your PC   -> Take Items                         |
             |               Deposit Items                      |
             |               Abandon Items                      |
             |               Mail Box                           |
             |               Log out                            |
             |                                                  |
             |  Switch off                                      |
     There will be more as the game goes on.If you go upstairs, there are three 
    women and rooms behind them. From left to right are:
      |                                                                      |
      |  Trade Center -- To trade Pokemon between two Gameboy (for Gold      |
      |                  and Silver Versions only  )                         |
      |  Colossuem    -- Have a Pokemon battle between two Gameboy (for      |
      |                  Gold and Silver Versions only)                      |
      |  Time Capsule -- To trade Pokemon between Gold/Silver Version and    |
      |                  the old Versions (you can't use it at this moment)  |
     I will talk about the Time Capsule later. Next to the Pokemon Center is the
    Shop. You can buy useful items here. Talk to the shopkeeper and the three
    options are:
               |                                                  |
               |  Buy Items  -- To buy new items                  |
               |  Sell Items -- To sell your items and get money  |
               |  Exit                                            |
     You can buy some items such as Potion (the top one) and Antidote which heals 
    poison. Here I want you to know some special conditions of Pokemon:
        |                                                                     |
        |  Fainted   -- Your Pokemon's HP is zero and it can't fight          |
        |  Poisoned  -- Your Pokemon's HP decreases each round and will also  |
        |               decrease while you are moving around the field        |
        |  Paralysis -- This makes your Pokemon's speed decrease and your     |
        |               opponent can attack first                             |
        |  Burnt     -- Your Pokemon's HP decreases each round                |
        |  Frozen    -- Your Pokemon can't attack in battles                  |
        |  Asleep    -- Your Pokemon can't attack in battles but it will      |
        |               wake up within 5 rounds                               |
     All of the above conditions can be healed in Pokemon Center. Also, HP and
    PP (Power Point) can be restored in Pokemon Center.
       |                                                                   |
       |  HP is the physical strength of Pokemon.                          |
       |  According to the status, HP is represented by two numbers,       |
       |  for example, 50/121. The first number means the HP left and      |
       |  the second number means the maximum HP.                          |
       |  When the HP of a Pokemon is zero, it can't fight.                |
       |                                                                   |
       |  PP (Power Point) is the number of moves that can be used.        |
       |  According to the status, PP is represented by two numbers,       |
       |  for example, 13/15. The first number means the PP left and       |
       |  the second number means the maximum PP.                          |
       |  When the PP of a move is zero, the Pokemon can't use that move.  |
       |  If the PP of all the moves become zero, that means the Pokemon   |
       |  can't use any moves, it will use a random moves (usually not a   |
       |  good one). However, the HP of the Pokemon will decrease each     |
       |  round.                                                           |
     Get out of the Shop and walk along the route west to the Shop which is
    Route 30. First you will see a house. The fat man inside gives you a Nut.
    Then keep heading north. If you walk west, the way is block by two boys and
    two Pokemon. So walk along the east way. Keep walking north until you see
    a house. Inside a gentleman notices you and he gives you the Unknown Egg.
    Then Oak speaks to you. He then gives you the Pokedex. Before you leave the
    house, the gentleman heals your Pokemon. Then walk out the house. Professor
    Utsugi calls you immediately. He says that something has happened in the lab.
    Then walk back along the way you have walked. Before you leave Yoshino City,
    heal your Pokemon in the Pokemon Center first. Then head east along Route 29.
    As you leave Yoshino City, the guy that has looked secretly into the lab runs
    to you. Battle! Notice that, his name is '???'. His Pokemon is at Lv.5, so
    make sure that your Pokemon is about Lv.7 or 8. 
          |                                                     |
          | Which Pokemon your rival uses is according to which |
          | Pokemon you choose at the beginning:                |
          |                                                     |
          |  Your starting Pokemon     Your rival's Pokemon     |
          |       Chikorita                 Hiroarashi          |
          |      Hiroarishi                  Waninoko           |
          |       Waninoko                  Chikorita           |
     Defeat him and walk along Route 29. In Wakaba Town find Professor Utsugi
    in the lab. There is a police officer in the lab. He tells you that the guy
    that you have met has stolen one of the three Pokemon in the lab. Oh, his
    Pokemon is one of Utsugi's Pokemon! The police officer then asks you what
    that guy's is. If you don't know Japanese just type anything you like. Talk
    to Utsugi and he will keep your Egg. He tells you to be Pokemon trainer and
    to be the Pokemon Master. So let's start your trainer's life! Before you leave
    the lab the assistance stops you and give you five free Pokeballs. As you
    step on Route 29 a man stops you and demonstrates how to capture Pokemon.Now 
    follow the previous route to go back to Yoshino City. Then walk along Route
    30. This time use the eastern way which was previously blocked. Go north and
    you will encounter a few trainers. They use weak Pokemon such as Rattata, 
    Pidgey, and Caterpie! Beat them easily. Then your mother will phone you. Don't
    know what she says. Head east through the grass, and there is a cave. Enter
    it but inside is complete darkness. Try to get that Item, it's a Potion. Get
    out of it. Walk west is Route 31. Remember to pick that Antidote. Further
    west and pick up that Pokeball. Oh. Beside is a trainer. He uses 3 Caterpies
    and a Weedle. Only be careful of that Weedle, because its Poison Sting may make
    your Pokemon 'POISON'. Walk west and then north, and that guy tells you that
    the First Gym -- Kikyou Gym Leader is Hayato! Enter the house and pass through
    it. Yo! You are now in Kikyou City!
     Now are you ready to beat the First Gym? But first make sure that you at least
    have the following Pokemon:
                            |                      |
                            |  Chikorita : Lv.13+  |
                            |  Hinoarashi: Lv.11+  |
                            |  Waninoko  : Lv.11+  |
     If not, you may lose. If you have other strong Pokemon, you can ignore this
    three starting Pokemon. Now find the Gym:
                  |                                    |
                  |  Kikyou Gym First Trainer: Shouta  |
                  |                                    |
                  |  Used Pokemon: Spearow Lv.9        |
                 |                                      |
                 |  Kikyou Gym Second Trainer: Tsubasa  |
                 |                                      |
                 |  Used Pokemon: Pidgey Lv.7           |
                 |                Pidgey Lv.7           |
                  |                                    |
                  |  Kikyou Gym Leader: Hayato -- Bird |
                  |                                    |
                  |  Used Pokemon: Pidgey    Lv.7      |
                  |                Pidgeotto Lv.9      |
     Defeat him and he will give you the Wing Badge. It allows you to use 
    HM05 Flash. He also gives you TM31. As you leave the Gym, Utsugi calls you
    to go to the Pokemon Center. Go to the Pokemon Center in this city and 
    Professor Utsugi is there. He gives you back your Unknown Egg. But make
    sure that you are not bringing more than 5 Pokemon with you. Bring that egg 
    with you and after about an hour it will hatch! It's Togepi!!!!! Cute!!
     Now let's check the Computer in the Pokemon Center again. There is one more
    option -- Oak's PC. If you choose this, Professor Oak will give comments on
    your Pokedex. It's useless for me because I don't collect Pokemon. Get out
    of the Pokemon Center. Ah! I haven't told you about the menu yet! Press the
    'Start' button and the menu pops up. This options are:
         |                                                              |
         |  Pokedex     -> Location of Pokemon                          |
         |                 Cry of Pokemon                               |
         |                 Print                                        |
         |                                                              |
         |  Pokemon     -> View Status                                  |
         |                 Switch Pokemon                               |
         |                 Moves                                        |
         |                 Attachment                                   |
         |                 Exit                                         |
         |                                                              |
         |  Ryukku      -> Normal Items                                 |
         |                 Balls                                        |
         |                 Important Items                              |
         |                 Machines                                     |
         |                                                              |
         |  Pocket Gear -> Time                                         |
         |                 Map                                          |
         |                 Phone               -> Dial                  |
         |                                        Delete*               |
         |                                                              |
         |  Player                                                      |
         |                                                              |
         |  Report                                                      |
         |                                                              |
         |  Settings    -> Talking Speed       -> Fast                  |
         |                                        Middle                |
         |                                        Slow                  |
         |                 Battle Animation    -> On                    |
         |                                        Off                   |
         |                 Match Rule          -> Both-Replace Type     |
         |                                        Defeat- Replace Type  |
         |                 Sound               -> Mono                  |
         |                                        Stereo                |
         |                 Print Concentration -> Very Concentrated     |
         |                                        Concentrated          |
         |                                        Normal                |
         |                                        Diluted               |
         |                                        Very Diluted          |
         |                 Menu Explanation    -> On                    |
         |                                        Off                   |
         |                 Border Type         -> Type 1 to 8           |
         |                                                              |
         |  Exit                                                        |
          * Some phone numbers can't be deleted such as your mother's and
     Also there is a 'Search' function in the Pokedex. Press 'Start' button and
    there is a Slowpoke. Above the Slowpoke, there are two lines. Select the two
    types you want to search for. Then press the option under the Slowpoke. Then
    the result will appear. This search only appears Pokemon that you have caught
    already. In the Pokedex, if you press Select button, there are three options.
    The top one is to view the Pokedex according to the evolution of Pokemon. The
    middle one is to view according their numbers. The bottom one is to view 
    according the order of Japanese Alphabet. You will get one more option later.
    (See also Part IV)
     Then back to your journey again. Inside the house southwest to the Pokemon
    Center, a boy trades you with Onix for a Bellsprout. Then go to the house
    north to the Pokemon Center. It's a school. If you talk to the blackboard,
    you can learn more about the special conditions of Pokemon. Get out, go further
    north, there is a tower. It's the Tower of Bellsprout. Go upstairs and walk
    east. There is a monk spinning. You can try to dodge him, but you have to be
    very fast. Now if you fight him, he's a monk! He uses Bellsprouts. Defeat him.
    In fact, all trainers on this tower are monks and almost all of them use
    Bellsprouts! If you choose Hinoarashi at the beginning, there should be no
    problem. Then go upstairs, and pick that 'Paralyz Heal' which heals 'Paralysis'.
    Walk west through the passage, fight again. Then head south, go upstairs. Go
    north and pick the 'Defender'. Use it during battle and your Pokemon's Defence
    increases. Then go back south and fight the monk. Go east and upstairs. Pick
    up that Potion on your left. Then defeat that three monks. Wow! That one uses
    Hoho! The flying type! So weak. Then..... Rival!!! The Senior Monk give him
    the Hidden Machine! Your rival talks to you, then disappears. Pick up the 
    'Escape Rope' on the right. It helps you to get out of a cave at once. Now
    let's fight the Senior Monk! He use: 
                 |                                                |
                 |  Senior Monk on Tower of Bellsprout -- Kousei  |
                 |                                                |
                 |  Used Pokemon: Bellsprout Lv.7                 |
                 |                Bellsprout Lv.7                 |
                 |                Hoho       Lv.10                |
     Defeat him and he gives you HM05 Flash! Now you can go back to the Pokemon
    Center and heal your Pokemon. Then head west until you reach the shop. Buy
    some Pokeballs here. Then head south a bit and then west you will see a house.
    Enter and pass through it. Now you will see two caves. Enter the north one,
    and you will see a strange thing in the middle. Face it and press A. A puzzle
    appears! Try to solve it. But don't press Start button unless you want to 
    give up. Pretty easy, right? Then you will fall down into the Arufu Ruins.
    Inside are lots of different Pokemon..... No, they are really the same specie.
    Notice that they all have a circle with a dot inside? Yep. (See also Part
     Get out of it and go through that house that you have entered. Go south and
    talk to the guy standing, and he will give you the 'Wonderful Seed'. If you 
    attach it to your Pokemon, the power of its Grass Type attacks will increase.
    There is only one in the game, so don't waste it. Head south, and fight the
    boy. He uses Rattata and Zubat. Head south, and there is a Pincnic Girl facing
    the wall. Talk to her and fight. She uses Nidoran Female. Head east, and go
    north to find the Item. What? Only a Potion? Now here is two ways. I suggest
    you to use the eastern way. There are lots of Fisherman facing the sea. Talk
    to them and fight. One uses two Poliwag, one uses four Magikarp and one uses
    a Goldeen. Then walk east. Go a bit north and pick up the Superball. Then,
    head back south and fight the guy on your left. He uses Nidoran Male. Go south
    adnd fight the guy spinning round. Well, he uses a Pokemon called Upa. Further
    south and walk east. That fat man asks you if you want a 'Delicious Tail'!
    Uuhhhhhhhhh.......... Then walk into the deadend north to the Pokemon Center.
    Then walk one step west. Face east and press A. Oh! Superball. Also, in this
    place, if you are lucky enough, you may meet a girl named Kanee in the evening.
    She will give you 'Dokubari' which increases power of your Pokemon's Poison
    type attacks. Then go into the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon. Before
    you leave, talk to the guy with a hat and he will give you the Old Rod. It's
    almost useless. Now walk south and fight the guy. Well, only two Pidgeys and
    a Spearow. Enter the cave, and this is called the Link Cave. Go east and pick
    up that Item. Only a Potion. Now let fight the Climber. Oh he uses Onix. To
    fight against the Ground or Rock typr Pokemon, if you choose Chikorita or
    Waninoko, there should be no problem. Defeat him and go south and east, and
    fight again. Three Geodudes! Then go south, fight again. He's a 'Fireclown'.
    'Fireclown' uses mainly Fire and Poison type Pokemon. This Fireclown uses...
    two Koffings. Don't forget to pick up the Superball in the south. Now, go west
    and pick up the 'Plus Power'. Use it during battle and your Pokemon's Attack
    increases. Walk south and east and go up and then fight. Slowpoke. Defeat him
    and talk to him again. He says something like this: There is a stange sound
    in this cave on Friday! So I go into this cave every Friday but nothing happens.
    Go north and climb the ladder. Go south, east, then north and pick TM39. Go
    east and pick up the 'Defender'. Go back by climbing the ladder. Head south 
    and pick up the 'Awakening' whichs wakes Pokemon up while it is asleep. Now
    head north and east and fight the Fireclown. He uses Vulpix. Defeat him easily
    and get out of the Link Cave.
     Well, now you are in Route 33. Ah, the Climber again. Geodude and Machop.
    Now go west. There is a well, but is blocked. Head east and you are now in 
    Hiwada Town! Go into the house right next to the Gym. There a Farfetch'd. Talk
    to the people in this city, they tell you that some Slowpokes has been kidnapped
    Now enter the house next to the Pokemon Center. The man is named Gantetsu.
    Talk to him and he tells you that he is going to rescue the Slowpokes. Then,
    he rushes away to the well. Now go back to the well and the man was gone. Enter
    and Gantetsu's there.Go north and fight those who has kidnapped Slowpokes.
    Oh! Rocket member! Team Rocket was dissolved three years ago after the defeat
    of Giovanni! But why now...... oh, let's fight. This guy uses two Rattatas.
    Go north and fight the female Rocket. Zubat and Ekans.... so weak. Go west
    and pick up the Super Potion which heals 50HP. Then go down and fight. He uses
    a Rattata and two Zubats. Head north and fight the last member. Koffing. Be
    careful of its Smoke. Defeat him, and he tells you that Team Rocket has risen
    up again and wanted to conquer the world! Then all Rockets disappear. Gantetsu
    rushes to you to say thanks for rescuing the Slowpoke. Then he brings you back
    to his house. He will give you Lure Ball. (For more about new balls, see also
    Part IV) Walk out, and Slowpokes are everywhere. Now let's go into the Gym.
                  |                                           |
                  |  Hiwada Gym First Trainer: Kumi and Rumi  |
                  |                                           |
                  |  Used Pokemon: Itomaru: Lv.10             |
                  |                Rediba : Lv.10             |
     Then go the left way.
                    |                                        |
                    |  Hiwada Gym Second Trainer: Tomomichi  |
                    |                                        |
                    |  Used Pokemon: Paras Lv.13             |
     Go east.
                       |                                   |
                       |  Hiwada Gym Third Trainer: Sadao  |
                       |                                   |
                       |  Used Pokemon: Weedle   Lv.7      |
                       |                Kakuna   Lv.9      |
                       |                Beedrill Lv.12     |
     Go east and then south.
                     |                                      |
                     |  Hiwada Gym Forth Trainer: Noriyuki  |
                     |                                      |
                     |  Used Pokemon: Caterpie Lv.12        |
                     |                Weedle   Lv.12        |
     Now go to the middle of the Gym.
                    |                                         |
                    |  Hiwada Gym Leader: Tsukushi -- Insect  |
                    |                                         |
                    |  Used Pokemon: Metapod Lv.14            |
                    |                Kakuna  Lv.14            |
                    |                Scyther Lv.16            |
    Defeat him/her and receive the Insect Badge. It allows you to use TM01 Cut. 
    He/she also gives you TM29. Now go back to the house next to the Gym. Oh! Where
    is the Farfetch'd? Talk to the man, he tells you that it has gone into the
    Ubame Forest. So head west into the house. Before you enter, your rival shows 
    up. His pokemon are:
                   |                                       |
                   |  Gastly                        Lv.12  |
                   |  Zubat                         Lv.14  |
                   |  Magumarachi/Arikeitsu/Beileaf Lv.16  |
     His third Pokemon is according to your starting Pokemon:
          |                                                     |
          |  Your starting Pokemon     Your rival's Pokemon     |
          |       Chikorita                 Magumarachi         |
          |      Hiroarishi                  Ariguitsu          |
          |       Waninoko                    Beileaf           |
     After defeating him, he rushes into the Ubame Forest. Follow him to the Ubame
    Forest. It's dark, right? Oh, there is a man standing. Talk to him and he says
    that he has lost his Farfetch'd. Head south and east, there is the Farfetch'd.
    Talk to it and it runs away. Keep talking to him until it runs back to its 
    owner. Then talk to the man left to Farfetch'd and he gives you HM01 Cut as a
    reward. Teach it to one of your Pokemon. Cut the tree and go 
    north, get out of the forest, and notice that there is a house on
    your right. This is the Pokemon Daycare, inside is a couple of old
    man and woman. You can leave 2 of your Pokemon here for them to look
    after. Your Pokemon can gain experience here and level up, but you
    have to pay money. Here you can crossbreed Pokemon too! See Part IV.
     Go further north and reach Kogane City. Go to the Gym straightly.
                 |                                      |
                 |  Kogane Gym Leader: Akane -- Normal  |
                 |                                      |
                 |  Used Pokemon: Clefairy Lv.1?        |
                 |                Clefairy Lv.18        |
                 |                Miltank  Lv.20        |
    Defeat her and get the Regular Badge. It allows you to use HM 04
    Strength. Enter the Radio Tower (the highest black building), and
    talk to the right-most lady behind the counter. She asks you 5
    questions and if you get them all right (the answers are Yes, Yes,
    No, Yes, No) she will give you the Radio Card. Get out from the tower
    and go into houses and talk to the people and someone will give you
    "Squitle Liquid" (I can remember it is from a girl in a house with lots
    of flowers. After getting that item, go north to the Nature Park.
    In here you can participate in the Bug Catching Competition. (See also
    Part IV) 
     Go east through the building. Go a bit north and you will find a 
    tree-like thing blocking the way. Face it and use the "Squitle Liquid" 
    that you recently get, then it challenge you. Beat it or capture it (I 
    recommand you to capture it coz it's the only one in the game). Finish 
    the battle, then go north to Enjiu City.
     Enter the gym straightly.
                 |                                      |
                 |  Enjiu Gym Leader: Matsuba -- Ghost  |
                 |                                      |
                 |  Used Pokemon: Gastly  Lv.2?         |
                 |                Haunter Lv.2?         |
                 |                Gengar  Lv.2?         |
                 |                Haunter Lv.2?         |
    Defeat him and get the Phantom Badge. It allows you to use HM 03 Surf.
    In Enjiu City there is a house with a Ryhdon and lots of Japanese
    dancing and singing girls. They all use evolved Eevee. Defeat them 
    all and asked the man watching to give you HM 03 Surf. Go to the
    north-most house in the city and go upstairs and downstairs and there
    is the Suzu Tower. But it is blocked by a monk. Get out of this city,
    go west, and you will find a Miltank Farm. Go south to Asagi City.
     Enter the gym but nobody inside. Encounter your rival and no battles.
    A man in this city gives you HM 04 Strength, but can't remember where.
    Surf west then south and reach Taban City. During surfing you may notice
    a set of islands but can't reach coz of the whirlpools. That is the
    Floating Island.
     Enter the gym straightly.
                |                                        |
                |  Tabn Gym Leader: Shijima -- Fighting  |
                |                                        |
                |  Used Pokemon: Primeape  Lv.??         |
                |                Poliwrath Lv.??         |
    Defeat him and get the Shock Badge. It allows you to use HM 05 Fly.
    Then in the city, a girl standing gives use HM 05 Fly. Then fly back
    to Asagi City.
     There is a lighthouse near the southeast coast of the city. It is the
    Asagi Lighthouse. Go inside and upstairs, at last you will meet the
    Gym Leader -- Mikan. Talk to her and she leave. Enter the Gym now.
                   |                                    |
                   |  Asagi Gym Leader: Mikan -- Steel  |
                   |                                    |
                   |  Used Pokemon: Magnemite Lv.??     |
                   |                Magnemite Lv.??     |
                   |                Haganail  Lv.3?     |
    Defeat her and get the Steel Badge. Fly back to Enjiu City and go
    east through the Mortar Mountain and reach Chouji Town.
     In Chouji Town there is a man in the east and every time you want
    to pass the way, he charges you 300yens but don't let you go! So don't
    say "yes" when he asks you anything. The gym was blocked. So go north
    through a building. Be careful that there is a faster way on the right 
    hand side, but every time you pass it Team Rocket members will
    charge you 1000yens! So I recommand you to go along the grassy area
    (I use the fast way coz I'm rich). Reach the Anger Lake, and there 
    is a Red Gyrados. Beat it or capture it, then go ashore. Then Lance
    appears! Yes, Lance, one of the Elite Four. Talk to him and he gives
    you somthing, then fly away. Go back to Chouji Town and there is a 
    store next to that fake who charges you 300yens. Go inside and Lance 
    is there. He leads you down the secret staircase. It's the Teamn Rocket
    base. Defeat them all and talk to everyone. Rival! But no battles.
    Then, defeat the boss. Go back and open the door. Then the boss and a
    woman show up. Lance shows up. Cooperate with him to defeat the bosses.
    Then go inside and find 6 Electrodes. Cooperate with Lance again. Each
    one defeat 3 Electrodes. Finish, Lance give you HM 06 Whirlpool-Crasher
    and fly away. Go to the gym now.
                 |                                   |
                 |  Choji Gym Leader: Yanagi -- Ice  |
                 |                                   |
                 |  Used Pokemon: Seel    Lv.??      |
                 |                Dewgong Lv.??      |
                 |                Inomu   Lv.31      |
    Even weaker than the Sixth Gym! Defeat him and get the Ice Badge. It
    allows you to use HM 06 Whirlpool-Crasher.
     Fly back to Kogane City and enter the Radio Tower. You discover that
    it is invaded by Team Rocket! Defeat each member and go up and up.
    Talk to the gentleman and he gives you the key for the prison. Go to
    the underground tunnel in this city and there is a passge lead to the
    prison. Open the door and go downstairs. Rival! Battle! Defeat him
    easily. Then defeat the 3 guys standing there, and switch the 3 switches
    (next to the 3 guys on the wall) to open the stone doors (I waste hours
    doing this!). Fight the female member and get the item. Go back to
    Radio Tower and open the gate on the 3rd floor (or maybe the 2nd floor,
    can't remember) and battle and battle and up and up and defeat the 
    bosses. Now fly back to Chouji Town.
    12. Ice Loophole
     Go east, and the fat man doesn't charge you anymore. Go east and into
    the Ice Loophole. Inside is funny! There are a few ice areas. The
    second one is quite difficult. IMPORTANT: THERE IS HM 07 WATERFALL-UP
    IN THE LOOPHOLE!! GET IT!! Go out of the Ice Loophole.
     Enter the Last Gym. Make sure you have Pokemon with Strength.
                |                                      |
                |  Fusube Gym Leader: Ibuki -- Dragon  |
                |                                      |
                |  Used Pokemon: Dragonair Lv.??       |
                |                Dragonair Lv.??       |
                |                Dragonair Lv.??       |
                |                Kindra    Lv.??       |
    Defeat her but she doesn't give you a badge. Surf and get into the
    Dragon Hole north to the gym. Surf again and crash the whirlpool and
    find the item. Pick it up and immediately Ibuki shows up. She gives
    you the Rising Badge which allows you to use HM 07 Waterfall-Up.
    Time for the Elite Four!!
     Fly back to Wakaba Town and find Professor Utsugi. He gives you a Master
    Ball! Then surf along the river to the east. Go into the cave and inside 
    is the Tojou Watrefall. Use Waterfall-Up to climb. Get out of the cave and
    the girl in the house gives you a TM.
     Walk along the path and defeat all trainers. Go into the building at
    the end of the path, and there is 3 passages: the left one and the 
    right one was blocked, talk about them later. Go along the middle one.
    The Victory Road! Rival! Battle! Defeat him. At last you reach the
    Indigo Plateau.
     Go upstairs and battle the Elite Four. PLEASE NOTE: AFTER GOING
                |                                       |
                |  First Elite: Itsu -- Psychic         |                                  
                |  Used Pokemon: Neito     Lv.4?        |
                |                Slowbro   Lv.4?        |
                |                Neito     Lv.4?        |
                |                Jynx      Lv.4?        |
                |                Exeggutor Lv.4?        |
                |                                       |
                |  Second Elite: Koga -- Poison         |
                |                                       |
                |  Used Pokemon: Ariados  Lv.4?         |
                |                Foretos  Lv.4?         |
                |                Muk      Lv.4?         |
                |                Kurobat  Lv.44         |
                |                Venomoth Lv.4?         |
                |                                       |
                |  Third Elite: Bruno -- Fighting+Rock  |
                |                                       |
                |  Used Pokemon: Kapoera    Lv.4?       |
                |                Machamp    Lv.4?       |
                |                Onix       Lv.4?       |
                |                Hitmonchan Lv.4?       |
                |                Hitmonlee  Lv.4?       |
                |                                       |
                |  Last Elite : Karin -- Evil           |
                |                                       |
                |  Used Pokemon: Blacky    Lv.4?        |
                |                Gengar    Lv.4?        |
                |                Beruga    Lv.4?        |
                |                Yamikaras Lv.4?        |
                |                Vileplume Lv.4?        |
    Finish the Elite Four? Then go to the LAST BATTLE!!!
     Now is the Last Battle. Ready?
                |                                       |
                |  League Champion: Lance -- Dragon     |
                |                                       |
                |  Used Pokemon: Gyrados    Lv.4?       |
                |                Aerodactyl Lv.4?       |
                |                Dragonite  Lv.4?       |
                |                Dragonite  Lv.47       |
                |                Charizard  Lv.46       |
                |                Dragonite  Lv.50       |
    Defeat him? Yeah! You are the League Champion now!! Congratulations!!!
    Then your mother and Professor Oak appear. Then Lance bring you away
    and have a slide show (?) of your Pokemon. Follows by the Ending. You 
    finish the game! But wait...... new world?!
     After the ending, you are in Wakaba Town. Find Professor Utsugi and
    he gives you the Ship Ticket. Fly to Asagi City and enter the south-
    most house. Walk along the passage and at last you reach the dock.
    Go aboard the ship. Can't get out! So defeat every trainer. Visit the 
    captain of the ship and talk to the girl next to him. Now leave the 
    ship. You are now in........
     Yep! You are now in Vermillion City!! Enter the Gym now!!!
           |                                                |
           |  Vermillion Gym Leader: Lt. Surge -- Electric  |
           |                                                |
           |  Used Pokemon: Raichu     Lv.??                |
           |                Magneton   Lv.??                |
           |                Electrdoe  Lv.??                |
           |                Electabuzz Lv.??                |
           |                Electrode  Lv.??                |
    Wow! So many! In Pikachu Version there is only a stupid Lv.29 Raichu!
    Defeat him and get the Thunder Badge. Then go north to Saffron City.
     Go straight into the right-hand-sided gym. 
              |                                          |
              |  Saffron Gym Leader: Sabrina -- Psychic  |
              |                                          |
              |  Used Pokemon: Eifi     Lv.??            |
              |                Mr.Mime  Lv.??            |
              |                Alakazam Lv.??            |
    Defeat her and get the Marsh Badge. Head west to Celadon City.
    Go straight into the gym.
                |                                      |
                |  Celadon Gym Leader: Erika -- Grass  |
                |                                      |
                |  Used Pokemon: Tangela     Lv.??     |
                |                Kireihana   Lv.??     |
                |                Watakko     Lv.??     |
                |                Victreebell Lv.??     | 
    Defeat her and get the Rainbow Badge. Go west, through the Cycling
    Road and reach Fuschia City.
     Go into the gym. Who's that leader??
                |                                      |
                |  Fuschia Gym Leader: Anzu -- Poison  |
                |                                      |
                | Used Pokemon: Kurobat  Lv.??         |
                |               Ariados  Lv.??         |
                |               Weezing  Lv.??         |
                |               Weezing  Lv.??         |
                |               Venomoth Lv.??         |
    Defeat her and get the Soul Badge. Go north, pass Saffron City, and 
    into Cerulean City.
     Enter the gym, but nobody is there. Head east, cut the tree, and defeat
    the trainers. Surf along the canal until you reach the Power Plant (like
    a lab). Talk to all the people and scientists inside, then fly back to
    Celadon City. 
     Enter the gym again, and a Team Rocket members shows up. He rushes away. 
    Go over the Nugget Bridge and meet him again. Battle time. Head east and
    defeat all trainers. Reach Bill's house. Gym leader is there. Talk to her.
    She goes away. Go back to the gym.
               |                                       |
               |  Cerulean Gym Leader: Misty -- Water  |
               |                                       |
               |  Used Pokemon: Golduck Lv.??          |
               |                Nuo     Lv.??          |
               |                Lapras  Lv.??          |
               |                Starmie Lv.??          |
    Defeat her and get the Cascade Badge. Before leaving, search around the
    square pool in the middle and you will find an item. Go to the Power 
     Inside the Power Plant, talk to the man standing at the right side.
    He gives you a TM and an item. Fly to Saffron City, head east, and into
    Lavender Town.
     In Lavender Town, get into the largeest building and talk to the
    businessman. He improves your Radio Card. Then fly to Vermillion
     In Vermillion City, head east and there is a Snorlax (a fat bear).
    Adjust your radio to the highest frequency (around 15) and it is the 
    Pokeflute Channel (?). Face Snorlax and press "A". Snorlax wakes up!
    Beat it or capture it. Then enter the Diglett Cave. I suggest that it
    should be called "Tunnel". Don't ask me why. Go through it and you 
    now in Viridian City. Head north and reach Pewter City.
     Go into the gym.
                 |                                    | 
                 |  Pewter Gym Leader: Brock -- Rock  |
                 |                                    |
                 |  Used Pokemon: Graveler Lv.??      |
                 |                Rhyhorn  Lv.??      |
                 |                Omastar  Lv.??      |
                 |                Kabutops Lv.??      |
                 |                Onix     Lv.??      |
    Defeat him and get the Boulder Badge. Then go south back to Viridian
    City, through the forest and to Pallet Town -- The Starting Town of
    Pokemon R/G/B and Pikachu Version.
     In Pallet Town, surf southwards and finally reach Cinnabar Island.
    And something is standing there. It's Gary Oak! The rival in Pokemon
    R/G/B and Pikachu Version! Talk to him, then he flies away. Then surf
    east until you reach the Seafoam Islands.
     Get into the cave and the gym (?) leader is there.
               |                                              |
               |  Seafoam Islands Gym Leader: Blaine -- Fire  |
               |                                              |
               |  Used Pokemon: Magukarugo Lv.??              |
               |                Magmar     Lv.??              |
               |                Rapidash   Lv.??              |
    Defeat him and get the Volcano Badge. Fly to Viridian City.
    Now is time for the Last Gym.
          |                                                 |
          |  Viridian Gym Leader: Gary Oak -- No main type  |
          |                                                 |
          |  Used Pokemon: Pidgeot   Lv.??                  |
          |                Gyrados   Lv.??                  |
          |                Exeggutor Lv.??                  |
          |                Alakazam  Lv.??                  |
          |                Rhydon    Lv.??                  |
          |                Arcanine  Lv.??                  |
    Defeat him and get the Earth Badge. Now you have all 16 Badges, ready
    for the LAST BATTLE?
     After collecting all 16 Badges fly back to Pallet Town. Find Professor
    Oak and talk to him. He tell you to go to Shirogane Mountain. Fly to 
    Viridian City, head west, and enter the house. The two men that blocked
    the way are gone. Go along the west one. And you are now in Shirogane
    Mountain! Walk through those grassy areas and eventually you will find 
    the cave!!
     Okay, it's now time for the last battle. Make sure that you have at 
    least one Pokemon over Lv.60 or you will probably lose. Enter the cave
    and have a short walk. Then cross the bridge and who is standing there...
            |                                                   |
            |  Last Battle Trainer: Ash Ketchum --No main type  |
            |                                                   |
            |  Used Pokemon: Pikachu   Lv.81                    |
            |                Blastoise Lv.77                    |
            |                Eifi      Lv.7?                    |
            |                Snorlax   Lv.75                    |
            |                Charizard Lv.77                    |
            |                Venusaur  Lv.77                    |
    It's ASH KETCHUM!!! The player of Pokemon R/G/B and Pikachu Version!!!
    His Pokemon are super strong! Especially that Snorlax! It uses Rest
    so many times!! But I use only one Pokemon to defeat Ash: my finally
    evolved Hinoarashi Lv.80. After defeating Ash Ketchum, he teleports away.
    You have finished Pokemon Gold/Silver!!!!! Great!!!!!!!
    <III> Pokemon List
    001 Bulbasaur
    002 Ivysaur
    003 Venusaur
    004 Charmander 
    005 Charmeleon
    006 Charizard 
    007 Squirtle
    008 Wartortle 
    009 Blastoise 
    010 Caterpie
    011 Metapod
    012 Butterfree
    013 Weedle
    014 Kakuna
    015 Beedrill
    016 Pidgey
    017 Pidgeotto
    018 Pidgeot
    019 Rattata
    020 Raticate
    021 Spearow
    022 Fearow
    023 Ekans
    024 Arbok
    025 Pikachu
    026 Raichu
    027 Sandshrew
    028 Sandslash
    029 Nidoran Female
    030 Nidorina
    031 Nidoqueen
    032 Nidoran Male
    033 Nidorino
    034 Nidoking
    035 Clefairy
    036 Clefable 
    037 Vulpix
    038 Ninetales 
    039 Jigglypuff
    040 Wigglytuff 
    041 Zubat
    042 Golbat
    043 Oddish
    044 Gloom
    045 Vileplume
    046 Paras
    047 Parasect
    048 Venonat
    049 Venomoth
    050 Diglett
    051 Dugtrio
    052 Meowth
    053 Persian
    054 Psyduck
    055 Golduck
    056 Mankey
    057 Primeape
    058 Growlithe
    059 Arcanine
    060 Poliwag
    061 Poliwhirl
    062 Poliwrath
    063 Abra
    064 Kadabra
    065 Alakazam
    066 Machop
    067 Machoke
    068 Machamp
    069 Bellsprout
    070 Weepinbell
    071 Victreebel
    072 Tentacool
    073 Tentacruel
    074 Geodude
    075 Graveler
    076 Golem
    077 Ponyta
    078 Rapidash
    079 Slowpoke
    080 Slowbro
    081 Magnemite
    082 Magneton
    083 Farfetch'd
    084 Doduo
    085 Dodrio
    086 Seel
    087 Dewgong
    088 Grimer
    089 Muk
    090 Shellder
    091 Cloyster 
    092 Gastly
    093 Haunter
    094 Gengar
    095 Onix
    096 Drowzee
    097 Hypno
    098 Krabby
    099 Kingler
    100 Voltorb
    101 Electrode
    102 Exeggcute
    103 Exeggutor
    104 Cubone
    105 Marowak
    106 Hitmonlee
    107 Hitmonchan
    108 Lickitung
    109 Koffing
    110 Weezing
    111 Rhyhorn
    112 Rhydon
    113 Chansey
    114 Tangela
    115 Kangaskhan
    116 Horsea
    117 Seadra
    118 Goldeen
    119 Seaking
    120 Staryu
    121 Starmie
    122 Mr Mime
    123 Scyther
    124 Jynx
    125 Electabuzz
    126 Magmar
    127 Pinsir
    128 Tauros
    129 Magikarp
    130 Gyarados
    131 Lapras
    132 Ditto
    133 Eevee
    134 Vaporeon 
    135 Jolteon 
    136 Flareon
    137 Porygon
    138 Omanyte
    139 Omastar
    140 Kabuto
    141 Kabutops
    142 Aerodactyl
    143 Snorlax
    144 Articuno
    145 Zapdos
    146 Moltres 
    147 Dratini
    148 Dragonair
    149 Dragonite
    150 Mewtwo
    151 Mew         -- Super rare Pokemon
    152 Chikorita   -- Starting Pokemon
    153 Beileaf     -- Evolved from Chikorita
    154 Meganium    -- Evolved from Berifu
    155 Hinoarashi  -- Staring Pokemon
    156 Magumarachi -- Evloved from Hinoarashi
    157 Bakufun     -- Evolved from Magumarashi
    158 Waninoko    -- Staring Pokemon
    159 Arikeitsu   -- Evolved from Waninoko
    160 Odile       -- Evolved from Arikeitsu
    161 Otachi      -- A flying squirrel
    162 Ootachi     -- Evolved from Otachi
    163 Hoho        -- One-legged owl
    164 Yornozuku   -- Evolved from Hoho
    165 Rediba      -- Beetle
    166 Redian      -- Evolved from Rediba
    167 Itomaru     -- Six-legged spider
    168 Ariados     -- Evolved from Itomaru
    169 Kurobat     -- Evolved from Golbat
    170 ???
    171 ???
    172 Pichu       -- Devolved from Pikachu      (see also Part IV)
    173 Pii         -- Devolved from Clefairy     (see also Part IV)
    174 Pupurin     -- Devolved from Jigglypuff   (see also Part IV)
    175 Togepi      -- Egg-like Pokemon
    176 Togechikku  -- Evolved from Togepi
    177 Neiti       -- Round-shaped bird
    178 Neitio      -- Evolved from Neiti
    179 Merip       -- Electric sheep
    180 Mokoko      -- Evolved from Merip
    181 Denryuu     -- Evolved from Mokoko
    182 Kireihana   -- Evolved from Gloom (?)
    183 Mariru      -- Blue cute mouse
    184 Mariruri    -- Evolved from Mariru
    185 Usokki      -- Tree-like Pokemon
    186 ???
    187 Hanekko     -- Tomato-like Pokemon
    188 Popokko     -- Evolved from Hanekko
    189 Watakko     -- Evolved from Popokko
    190 ???
    191 Himanattsu  -- Seed-like Pokemon
    192 ???
    193 Yanyanma    -- Dragonfly-like Pokemon
    194 Upa         -- Don't know how to descibe
    195 Nuo         -- Evolved from Upa
    196 Efi         -- Evolved from Eevee (?)
    197 Blacky      -- Evolved from Eevee (?)
    198 Yamikaras   -- Black crow
    199 Yadoking    -- Evolved from Slowpoke (?)
    200 Muuma       -- Female ghost
    201 Annon       -- Circle with a dot and have different shapes (see also Part IV)
    202 ???
    203 Kirinriki   -- Horse-like but with a tail like snake head
    204 ???
    205 Foretos     -- Like a brain
    206 Nokocchi    -- Like a fish but lies on the ground
    207 ???
    208 Haganail    -- Evolved from Onix       (See also Part IV)
    209 Buru        -- An ugly looking dog
    210 Grumble     -- Evolved from Buru
    211 Harisen     -- Like a balloonfish
    212 ???
    213 Tsubotsubo  -- Like a worm in a stone
    214 Herakuros   -- Beetle-like Pokemon
    215 Nyura       -- Cat-like Pokemon
    216 Himeguma    -- Teddy bear
    217 Ringuma     -- Evolved from Himeguma
    218 Magumaggu   -- Snail without the shell
    219 Magukarugo  -- Snail-like Pokemon
    220 Urim        -- Like a brush
    221 Inom        -- Evolved from Urim
    222 ???
    223 Teppouo     -- Queer fish
    224 ???
    225 Deribad     -- Penguin-like Pokemon
    226 ???
    227 Aemudo      -- A steel bird
    228 Derubiru    -- An evil dog
    229 Beruga      -- Evolved from Derubiru
    230 Kingdra     -- Evolved from Seadra
    231 Gomazou     -- Elephant-like Pokemon
    232 Donfan      -- Evolved from Gomazu
    233 Porygon2    -- Evolved from Porygon     (see also Part IV)
    234 Odoshishi   -- Antelope-like Pokemon
    235 ???
    236 Barugi
    237 Kapoera     -- Fighting type
    238 Machuu      -- Devolved from Jynx       (see also Part IV)
    239 Eleckid     -- Devolved from Electabuzz (see also Part IV)
    240 Bubii       -- Devolved from Magmar     (see also Part IV)
    241 Miltank     -- Cow-like Pokemon
    242 ???
    243 Raikou      -- Tiger-like Pokemon       (see also Part IV)
    244 Entei       -- Lion-like Pokemon        (see also Part IV)
    245 Suikun      -- Panther-like Pokemon     (see also Part IV)
    246 Yogiras     -- Like a small Lugia
    247 Sanagiras   -- Evolved from Yogiras
    248 ???
    249 Lugia       -- Rare bird/dragon         (see also Part IV)
    250 Houou       -- Rare bird                (see also Part IV)
    251 Serebii     -- Super rare Pokemon
    <IV> Miscellaneous
    1 HOUOU
     How to capture the toughest Pokemon in the game, Houou? It's simple:
    For Gold Version, after defeating the Eighth Gym, go to Enjiu city and enter 
    the north-most house. A set of tunnels lead you to the Suzu Tower that was
    previously blocked by a monk (See also Part II Paragraph 6 -- ENJIU CITY AND 
    FORTH GYM). Enter and keep going upstairs and you will eventually find Houou!! 
    Use the Master Ball to capture it (or if you can, use other balls). It's at 
    Lv.40 when you capture it.
     For Silver Version, beat Ash Ketchum and then go to Pewter City. Talk to the
    old man walking and he will give you the Gold Feather. Then follow the instructions
    in the above paragragh and you will find Houou on the top floor. It's at Lv.70.
    2. LUGIA
     To capture Lugia, for Silver Version, first go to Asagi City after defeating 
    the Eighth Gym. Surf west and there is a set of islands called the Floating 
    Islands (See also Part II Paragraph 7 -- ASAGI CITY). Enter one of the cave's
    mouth (I am not sure which one coz there are totally 4 cave's mouth) and after 
    a walk you go down the waterfall, then get into the secret inner cave, and Lugia 
    is there swimming!! Use the Master Ball to capture it (or if you can, use other 
    balls). It's at Lv.40 when you capture it.
     For Gold Version, beat Ash Ketchum and then go to Pewter City. Talk to the old 
    man walking and he will give you the Silver Feather. Then follow the instructions
    in the above paragragh and you will find Silver in the cave. It's at Lv.70.
     In Part II Paragraph 3 -- KIKYOU CITY AND FIRST GYM, I've mentioned about a new
    Pokemon called Annon. They have many different shapes but they are all the same
    species in the Pokedex. Totally there are about 26 different shapes of Annon.
    You can only see them all after you have finished all four puzzles. You have
    finished the Kabuto, right? The second puzzle is near. It locates to the south
    of the first puzzle. Swim across the water to find it. It's an Aerodactyl. Finish
    it and fall down into the Annon cave again. To find the third and the forth puzzles,
    go to Hiwada Town and enter the east-most cave which is the Link Cave. Make sure that
    you have Pokemon with HM 04 Strength. Walk west and go upstairs. Then you will find 
    some water on your right. Surf across and if you see a fat man, that means you are 
    in the correct way. Then walk around until you see the white stone. Use Strength to
    push it away and walk through and you will see an exit. Go out of the cave and there
    is another cave next to it. Enter and this is the third puzzle. I can't remember it's
    a Houou or Lugia. Finish and fall again. Enter the Link Cave again. Do the same, but
    this time don't push the white stone, instead walk north to find another exit. Get out
    and there is another cave. Enter and this is the forth puzzle. It's an Omanyte.
    Finish and fall down. 
     Since Annon has so many shapes, there is a thing called the
    Annondex. To get the Annondex, first catch any three different shapes of Annon. Walk
    out of the Annon Cave, and there is a man standing there. Talk to him and he will
    bring you back to his lab. Then he will update your Pokedex. Now open your Pokedex,
    press Select button, and choose the bottom option. Look! The Annondex! >From my
    experience, each Annon represents an alphabet. Each Annon has its meaning too. 
    According to the Annondex, their meanings are:
      XXXXX (The Annondex says that X represent XXXXX)
     Nothing happens after collecting all 26 Annons. However in the Annondex, there
    is one more space. Is it mean that there is one more Annon? If yes, what is it?
    4. NUT TREES
     Throughout the game you may notice some strange trees. When you talk to them,
    they give you some items which seems to be nuts. These trees are the Nut Trees.
    Each Nut Tree gives you a particular nut. However you can only obtain one nut 
    per Nut Tree each day for the nuts need time to grow.
     Breeding is great!!!! I've found many walkthroughs and FAQs on the
    internet, but they didn't state how to breed! At last I figure it
    out myself. And it really works!!
     First catch two Pokemon that have different sex but the same species.
    Then bring them to the Pokemon Daycare (See also Part II Paragraph 4 
    -- HIWADA TOWN AND SECOND GYM). Give one of them two the man, and one
    to the woman. Then after about half an hour or more, go back to the
    Daycare. Get in and then out from the southern door, the old man is
    there. Talk to him and he will give you the egg of the two Pokemon
    (but make sure that you are bringing not more than 5 Pokemon with you
    that time). Hatch it just like hatching Togepi (See also Part II Paragraph
    3 -- KIKYOU CITY AND FIRST GYM). It's great, huh? I've use this method to 
    get Pichu by crossbreeding two Pikachus. If Pichu evolved to Pikachu,
    I would throw it away.
     Below are some combinations to get devolved Pokemon:
     Male            Female           Result
     Pikachu    +    Pikachu    =     Pichu
     Clefairy   +    Clefairy   =     Pii
     Jigglypuff +    Jigglypuff =     Pupurin
     Electabuzz +    Electabuzz =     Eleckid
     Electabuzz +    Jynx       =     Muchuru
     Magmar     +    Magmar     =     Bubii
     No.241 Raikou, No.242 Entei and No.243 Suikun are rare.To find them, first
    go to Kikyou City and go west and find the fat man in blue shirt and talk to
    him. He gives you TM 08. Fly to Enjiu City and go into the Tower in the 
    northwest. Use TM 08 to break the rocks. Eventually you will find three Pokemon
    and they fly away. Now you can go out and keep walking and walking. And with
    some luck you will meet them. If you meet them, they will ecsape at once. Then
    look at the Pokedex and remember where they live. Enter a house and get out. 
    Look at the Pokedex again. Their living places has changed! This is why they 
    are hard to catch: each time you enter or get out of a house or a cave, or even
    if you enter a city or use FLY, their living places change! (I don't how why
    ONLY, SO DON'T KILL THEM. Bring a strong Pokemon (about Lv.45) with you and each
    time you see them attack them at once. Then after several meeting with them their
    HP will become less. Then take the opportunity to throw balls to them. If you
    follow my instructions you will be able to catch them.
     On every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you can participate in the Bug 
    Catching Competition. But how? Go to the Nature Park (See also Part II Paragraph 
    5 -- KOGANE CITY AND THIRD GYM) and talk to the security in the house south or 
    east to the park. He will give you 2O Parkballs and select one of your Pokemon as 
    your partner. Go out to the park and capture the Bur Pokemno as normal. Time 
    allowed is 20 minutes. Remember to capture a very strong Pokemon. According to me, 
    Pinsir Lv.15 is the strongest, so make sure to capture it. If your partner Pokemon 
    faints, Parkballs used up or times up, the competition ends. The prizes are not so 
     1st  --      Sun Stone       -- Used to evolve Pokemon but don't know which
     2nd  -- Anti-Evolution Stone -- Attach it to your Pokemon and your Pokemon will 
                                     not evolve
     3rd  --      Golden Nut      -- Attach it to your Pokemon and your Pokemon will 
                                     recover certain HP during the battle when it 
                                     almost faints
     Lose --         Nut          -- Attach it to your Pokemon and your Pokemon will 
                                     recover 10 HP during the battle when it almost 
     In order to get better result, I recommand you to bring with you Pokemon such as a 
    high Lv. Magnemite coz it is tough (steel type) and has the move that damage 20 HP. 
    A Gyrados is also okay.
      Have you noticed that there is a Linear Train Station in both Kogane and Saffron 
    City? The Linear Train allows you to travel between Kant (the old map) and Jout
    (the new map) faster. How to get on the train? First go to Saffron City. There
    is a house with two storeys. Go up the second floor, and talk to the girl. She a
    copycat. She tells you to find a Clefairy Doll for her. Fly to Vermillion City.
    Go to the Pokemon Fan Club which is north to the gym. The Clefairy Doll! Talk
    to the fat man next to it and he will give you the doll. Go back to the girl and
    she will give you the Train Ticket as a reward.
     How to get Eevee? First make sure that you bring not more than 5 Pokemon with you.
    Go to Kogane City and enter the small house near the Pokemon Center. Inside are
    3 people. The male one is Bill. Talk to him and he will give you Eevee.
     Tsubotsubo is a new Pokemon. How to get it? First make sure that you bring not 
    more than 5 Pokemon with you. Go to Taban City and talk to the man in a house
    (can't remember which house) and he will give you Tsubotsubo.
     Haganail is the evolution form of Onix. You've already encounter it in the Sixth
    Gym, right? But how to get it? First check if you have the item 'Metal Coat' which
    increase the power of Steel type moves (sorry I can't remember where to pick it
    but I will check). Then attach it to Onix and then trade with another Gameboy.
    Haganail! Get it?
     Porygon2 is evolved from Porygon. First go to the largest building in Lavender
    Town which is the Sliph Co. Talk to the guard blocking the stairs and he gives
    you the 'Upgrade'. Then attach the 'Upgrade' to Porygon and trade. Porygon2!
    12. BARUGI
     Barugi is a Fighting type Pokemon. It's well- hidden. First make sure that
    you are bringing not more than 5 Pokemon with you. Then bring with you Pokemon
    that know HM03 SURF, HM05 FLASH and HM07 CLIMB WATERFALL. Then go to Enjiu
    City. Head east until you reach the Mortor Mountain. This time don't enter it,
    but surf east across the water. Then enter the cave. Inside is dark, so use
    Flash to light it up. Then surf east and climb that Waterfall and enter the
    hole. Now, keep going and surfing north until you see a ladder in the west.
    Climb that ladder, and walk around. At last you will find a KungFu Fighter.
    Fight him and talk to him, and he gives you Barugi! 
     Throughout the game you can find some pine trees (thesmall one, not the big
    one). You can shake them and some new Pokemon may come out! First check if
    you have TM 02 (sorry I can't remember where to pick it but I will check).
    Then teach one of your Pokemon this move. Face those pine trees and press A.
    Sometimes Pokemon may fall out! They are all Lv.10.
     In Viridian City there is a large house which is the same shape as a gym. Go
    inside and downstairs. And there is a boy that challenge you. Fight him. Your
    opponent is -- YOURSELF! He.... no, he probably is yourself -- just use 'HE'
    here. 'HE' uses the three starting Pokemon, but they are evolved. That mean:
     Beirifu     Lv.50
     Magumarachi Lv.50 
     Odile       Lv.50
     If you win, he will give you 5000 yens. Note: You can only battle yourself
    once every day.
    13. NEW BALLS
     Besides the Park Ball, there are many new balls in the game. Go to Hiwada
    Town and enter the house north to the Pokemon Center. Inside is a man named
    Gantetsu. Go out of the house and there is a nut tree next to it. Talk to it
    and get the White Nut. Bring it to Gantetsu and he will use it to make a ball.
    wait till the next day. Talk to Gantetsu again and he will give you the Speed
    Ball. Different colors of nuts will give out different balls:
     White Nut  -- Speed Ball  -- Don't know its function   
     Black Nut  -- Heavy Ball  -- To catch Pokemon that is heavy easier
     Yellow Nut -- Moon Ball   -- Don't know its function
     Blue Nut   -- Lure Ball   -- To catch Pokemon that is fished out easier
     Green Nut  -- Friend Ball -- Don't know its function
     Red Nuts   -- Level Ball  -- Don't know its function
     Pink Nut   -- Love Ball   -- To catch Pokemon that has different sex with
                                  your Pokemon easier  
    But where to get the nuts?
     White Nut  -- Next to Gantetsu's house
     Black Nut  -- The road south to Enjiu City
     Yellow Nut -- Go to Enjiu City, walk west and then swim across the water
     Blue Nut   -- Same as Black Nut
     Green Nut  -- Same as Yellow Nut
     Red Nut    -- Same as Black Nut
     Pink Nut   -- Same as Yellow Nut
    14. PROBLEMS
     There are several things that I can't figure out:
     Evolution -- Can any one tell me how to evolve Eevee to Efi, Blacky, Seadra
                  to Kingdra, Slowpoke to Yadoking, and Gloom to Kireihana?
     Mew -- How to get Mew in Gold and Silver?
    <V> Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How often do you update this FAQ?
    A. About once every one or two weeks.
    Q. Where can I download ROMs?
    A. Don't do that. ROMs are illegal stuff.
    Q. Can I use this FAQ on my site?
    A. This FAQ is copyrighted. Always ask for my permission for the use of this.
    Q. I find some wrong information in this FAQ, what should I do?
    A. Please e-mail me so that I can correct them. (liuyukwo@netvigator.com)
    Q. There are some points I don't understand, what should I do?
    A. E-mail me.
    Q. I have some information that you don't have, can I give it to you?
    A. Oh, that's great. If you give me some really useful information I will
       put your name at the bottom of this FAQ. There are already some names.
    Q. Can I obtain this FAQ by e-mail?
    A. Yes, you may. If you wish to obtain my FAQ by e-mail, simply e-mail me with
       your e-mail address. Then I will send the FAQ to you when it hs updated.
    <VI> Others
    1. THANKS TO:
       -http://www.gamefaqs.com for posting up my FAQ.
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     This FAQ is also copyrighted by me (Lugia). Nobody could steal, copy, sell,
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