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    Pack Guide by GregGory90

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    |  Pokemon Gold/Silver Pack Guide |
    |     Written by GregGory90       |
    | Contact: GregGory90@hotmail.com |
    File Name: PokemonPackGuide.doc
    Version: 1.0
    Date of Release: 11/12/00(Sunday, November 12, 2000)
    Website: http://videogamemd.com/pokemonguide/index.html
    Your pack is something you will frequently use in Pokemon Gold/Silver, 
    so I have written this guide so you can better understand and use it.  
    The pack has four different pockets.  The item pocket holds items like 
    potions, berries, and other items that don't fall into the category of 
    the other pokets.  The key poket holds items that are needed to do 
    things in the game(Example: You need the silver wing to see Lugia and 
    you need the rainbow wing to see Ho-oh).  The ball pocket holds all of 
    the different kinds of pokeballs that you get.  Finally, the TM/HM 
    pocket holds all the TMs and HMs that you find. 
    |--Item and Key Pockets--|
    The item pocket contains anything that doesn't "fit" into any of the 
    other pockets.  The key pocket contains items that you need to have to 
    do certain things in the game(Example:You need the card key to unlock 
    the door in the Goldenrod Radio Tower).  Below is a list of all items 
    that can be put in the item pocket and the key pocket.
    Item Name      |           Description             
    Amulet Coin     Win twice the amount of money 
                    in battle. 
    Antidote        Cures a pokemon of poison.
    Awakening       Cures a pokemon of sleep.
    Basement Key    Opens door in Goldenrod City's 
                    Underground passage
    Berry           Heals up to 10 HP durring
    Berry Juice     Heals up to 20 HP durring
    Berserk Gene    Doubles pokemon's attack
                    power, but confuses it.
    Bicycle         Doubles your traveling speed.
    Big Mushroom    Make lots of money by selling
                    this in a shop.
    Big Pearl       Make lots of money by selling
                    this in a shop.
    Bitter Berry    Cures pokemon of confusion.
    Black Belt      Strengthens moves of 
                    fighting-type pokemon.
    Blackglasses    Strengthens moves of
                    dark-type pokemon.
    BLK Apricorn    Kurt* will turn it into a
                    heavy ball.
    BLU Apricorn    Kurt* will turn it into a
                    lure ball.
    Brick Piece     Unusual item.  Sell it to
                    a shop.
    Bright Powder   Uses light to confuse target
    Burn Heal       Cures a pokemon of a burn.
    Burnt Berry     Cures pokemon of being frozen.
    Carbos          Increases a pokemon's speed
    Card Key        Unlocks door in Goldenrod
                    Radio Tower
    Charcoal        Strengthens fire-type moves.
    Cleanse Tag     Decreases you chance of running
                    into wild pokemon.
    Coin Case       Holds up to 9999 coins that can
                    be used in the game corner.
    Dire Hit        Makes it easier to perform a
                    critical hit.
    Dragon Fang     Strengthens dragon-type moves.
    Dragon Scale    Evolves some pokemon.
    Elixir          Recovers up to 10PP on all of
                    a pokemons move.
    Energy Root     Recovers up to 200HP.
    Energypowder    Recovers up to 50HP.
    Eon Mail        Has Evee design.
    Escape Rope     Allows you to escape from 
                    cave-like areas and return to
                    the entrance.
    Everstone       Prevents the pokemon holding
                    it fron evolving. 
    Exp. Share      Gives the pokemon holding it 
                    half of the exp. points gained 
                    in battle.
    Expn. Card      Used to hear radio broadcasts 
                    in Kanto.
    Fire Stone      Evolves some pokemon.
    Flower Mail     Has a flower design.
    Focus Band      Prevents the pokemon holding it
                    from fainting.
    Fresh Water     Recovers up to 50HP.
    Full Heal       Cures anything wrong with a 
    Full Restore    Cures anything wrong with a pokemon,
                    and restores all of its HP.
    Gold Berry      Pokemon holdong this can 
                    automatically regain up to 30HP.
    Gold Leaf       Unusual item.  Sell it to a store.
    Good Rod        Catches higher lever pokemon than 
                    the old rod.
    GRN Apricorn    Kurt* will turn it into a friend 
    Guard Spec      Prevents a pokemon's abilities from
                    being lowered.
    Hard Stone      Strengthens rock-type attacks on
                    the pokemon holding it.
    Heal Powder     Cures anything wrong with a pokemon.
    HP Up           Increases the total HP of a pokemon.
    Hyper Potion    Recovers a pokemon up to 200 HP.
    Ice Berry       A pokemon holding this will 
                    automatically cure itself of a burn.
    Ice Heal        Cures a pokemon of being frozen.
    Iron            Increases a pokemon's total defense.
    Itemfinder      Tells you if there are any items 
    King's Rock     Sometimes makes foe flinch.  It also
                    evolves some pokemon.
    Leaf Stone      Evolves some pokemon.
    Leftovers       A pokemon holding this regains some
                    HP durring battle.
    Lemonade        Recovers a pokemon up to 80HP.
    Lightbulb       When a Pikachu holds this the strength
                    of its special attacks doubles. 
    Liteblue Mail   Has a Dratini design.
    Lost Item       Copycat's** lost Clefairy doll.
    Lovely Mail     Has a heart design.
    Lucky Egg       Doubles the exp. points earned at
                    the end of a battle, if a pokemon
                    is holding it.
    Lucky Punch     If Chansey is holding it, Chansey
                    will perform a critical hit more
    Machine Part    A missing piece from the power point.
                    Return it and get the TM for Zap Cannon.
    Magnet          Strengthens electric-type attacks of 
                    the pokemon holding it.
    Magnifier       The pokemon holding this will perform
                    a critical hit more easily.
    Map Card        Lets you view a map on your PokeGear.
    Max Elixir      Recovers full PP on all of the moves
                    of the selected pokemon.
    Max Ether       Recovers full PP on one move of the
                    selected pokemon.
    Max Potion      Recovers all HP on the selected 
    Max Repel       Repels pokemon weaker than yours for
                    up to 250 steps.
    Max Revive      Revives fainted pokemon and recovers
                    all of their HP.
    Metal Coat      Sterngthens the steel-type moves of
                    a pokemon holding it.  Evolves some 
    Metal Powder    Strengthens Ditto's defense while it
                    is holding it.
    Mint Berry      Pokemon holding this will automatically
                    cure themselves of sleep.
    Miracle Seed    Sterngthens the grass-type moves of the
                    pokemon holding it.
    Miracleberry    Pokemon holding this will automatically
                    cure itself of any condition.
    Moomoo Milk     Recovers up to 100HP.
    Moon Stone      Evolves some pokemon.
    Morph Mail      Has a Ditto design.
    Music Mail      Has a musical note design.
    Mystery Egg     Hatches into a Togepi. 
    Mysteryberry    Pokemon holding this will automatically
                    recover PP durring a battle.
    Mystic Water    Strengthens the water-type moves of the
                    pokemon holding it.
    Nevermeltice    Sterngthens the ice-type moves of the
                    pokemon holding it.
    Nugget          Worth a lot.  Sell in a shop.
    Old Rod         Catch pokemon by fishing.
    Parlyz Heal     Cures a paralyzed pokemon.
    Pass            Lets you ride the magnet train between
                    Goldenrod City and Saffron city(As long
                    as you found the missing piece in the 
                    power plant). 
    Pearl           Worth alot.  Sell in a store.
    Pink Bow        Strengthens normal-type moves of the
                    pokemon holding it.
    PNK Apricorn    Kurt* will turn it into a love ball.
    Poison Barb     Strengthens the poisen-type moves of 
                    the pokemon holding it.
    Poke Doll       Lets you run from wild pokemon.  
                    It will never fail.
    Polkadot Bow    Strengthens the normal-type moves of
                    the pokemon holding it.
    Portrait Mail   Has the design of the pokemon holding it.
    Potion          Recovers up to 20 HP.
    PP Up           Increases total amount of PP on a move.
    Protein         Increases the attack of a pokemon.
    Przcureberry    The pokemon holding it will automatically
                    cure itself of the paralyze condition 
                    durring battle.
    Psncureberry    The pokemon holding it will automatically
                    cure itself of poison durring battle.
    Quick Claw      The pokemon holding it may sometimes get
                    an extra attack before it is the foe's turn. 
    Radio Card      Lets you listen to the radio on your 
    Ragecandybar    Recovers up to 20HP.
    Rainbow Wing    Lets you see Ho-oh and the stairs that
                    lead to Ho-oh.
    Rare Candy      Raises a pokemon's level by one level. 
    RED Apricorn    Kurt* will turn it into a level ball.
    Red Scale       Trade it with Mr. Pokemon to get 
                    Exp. Share.
    Repel           Repels pokemon weaker than your pokemon
                    for about 100 steps.
    Revival Herb    Recovers a fainted pokemon.
    Revive          Recovers a fainted pokemon and restores 
                    half of its HP.
    S.S. Ticket     Lets you ride on the S.S. Aqua.
    Sacred Ash      Completly recovers all fainted pokemon.
    Secretpotion    Cures the pokemon on the Lighthouse
                    of amphy.
    Sharp Beak      Strengthens flying-type moves on  the
                    pokemon holding it.
    Silver Leaf     Unusual Item.  Sell it in a shop. 
    Silver Wing     Lets you see Lugia at Whirl islands.
    Silverpowder    Strengthens bug-type moves on the 
                    pokemon holding it.
    Slowpoketail    Very expensive.
    Smoke Ball      Lets you run from wild pokemon all
                    the time.
    Soda Pop        Recovers up to 60HP.
    Soft Sand       Strengthens ground-type moves of
                    the pokemon holding it.
    Spell Tag       Strengthens ghost-type moves of
                    the pokemon holding it.
    Squirtbottle    Used to battle and get rid of the
                    Sudowoodo on Route 36.
    Star Piece      Buy in the discount store and sell
                    for a profit.
    Stardust        Buy in the discount store and sell
                    for a profit.
    Stick           When Farfetch'd holds it, Farfetch'd
                    can perform critical hit more easily.
    Solar Stone     Evolves some pokemon.
    Super Potion    Recovers up to 50HP.
    Super Repel     Repels pokemon that are weaker than 
                    yours for about 200 steps.
    Super Rod       The best rod you can get.
    Surf Mail       Has a Lapras design.
    Thick Club      When Cubone or Marowak hold this the
                    strength of their physical attacks 
    Thunderstone    Evolves some pokemon.
    Tinymushroom    Sell in a shop.
    Twisted Spoon   Strengthens the psychic-type moves
                    of the pokemon holding it.
    Up-Grade        Evolves some pokemon.
    Water Stone     Evolves some pokemon.
    WHT Apricorn    Kurt* will turn this into a fast ball.
    X Accuracy      Increases a move's accuracy.
    X Attack        Increases a pokemon's attack power.
    X Defend        Increases a pokemon's defense.
    X Special       Increases a pokemon's special attack.
    X Speed         Increases a pokemon's speed.
    YLW Apricorn    Kurt* will turn this into a moon ball.
    *- Kurt is located in Azalea Town and turns apricorns into balls.  Best 
    of all, he does it for free.  It takes him one day to make a ball.
    **- Copycat, who lives in Saffron City, had her house torn down.  Her 
    house is now ont he next street down.  If you get her doll back from the 
    man in Vermilion City she will give you the PASS which will allow you to 
    use the magnet train.
    |---Ball Pocket---|
    The ball pocket holds all the pokeballs that you get.  You can get 
    pokeballs by:
    A) Finding them on the ground.
    B) Buying them in the store.
    C) Receiving them as a gift or prize.
    D) Giving Kurt in Azalea Town an apricorn to turn into a pokeball.
    Below is a list of all of the different kinds of pokeballs you can have 
    in the ball pocket.
    Ball Name     |            Description              |  Cost/Made From
    Fast Ball      Captures fleeing pokemon more easily.    WHT Apricorn 
    Friend Ball    Pokemon you catch with this ball         GRN Apricorn
                   become emotionally attached to you.
    Great Ball     Catches pokemon more easily than a       600
    Heavy Ball     Catches heavy pokemon more easily.       BLK Apricorn
    Level Ball     If your pokemon are higher levels        RED Apricorn
                   than the target pokemon than it will
                   be easy to catch.
    Love Ball      Captures pokemon of an opposite          PNK Apricorn
                   gender than yours more easily.
    Lure Ball      Captures pokemon caught while fishing    BLU Apricorn
                   more easily.
    Master Ball    Always catches the pokemon.                 ----
    Moon Ball      Capture pokemon who use the moon stone   YLW Apricorn
                   to evolve more easily.
    Poke Ball      Used for catching pokemon.               200
    Ultra Ball     Capture pokemon more easily than with    1200
                   the great ball.
    |--TM/HM Pocket--|
    TMs and HMs are used to teach pokemon new moves without having to train 
    them.  Most TMs are used to teach moves that can only be used in 
    battle(Example: TM 08 teaches Rock Smash which can be used out of 
    battle.  HMs teach moves that can be used in and out of battle, but you 
    need a different gym bagde to be able to use each one out of battle.  
    TMs may only be used once and the moves they teach can be forgotten. HMs 
    can be used infinite times, but the moves they teach cannot be 
    TM #  | Move it Teaches   |     Description(Description in Pack)
    TM 01  -  Dynamic Punch     An attack that always confuses.
    TM 02  -  Headbutt          An attack that may make the foe flinch.
    TM 03  -  Curse             
    TM 04  -  Rollout           Attacks five turns with rising power.
    TM 05  -  Road              
    TM 06  -  Toxic             A poison move with increasing damage.
    TM 07  -  Zap Cannon        An attack that always paralyzes.
    TM 08  -  Rock Smash        An attack that may lower defense.
    TM 09  -  Psych Up          
    TM 10  -  Hidden Power      The power varies with the Pokemon.
    TM 11  -  Sunny Day         Boosts fire-type moves for five turns.
    TM 12  -  Sweet Scent       Reduces the foes evasiveness.
    TM 13  -  Snore             An attack usable only when asleep.
    TM 14  -  Blizzard          
    TM 15  -  Hyper Beam        
    TM 16  -  Icy Wind          An icy attack that lowers speed.
    TM 17  -  Protect           
    TM 18  -  Rain Dance        Boosts water-type moves for five turns.
    TM 19  -  Giga Drain        Steals one half of the damage inflicted.
    TM 20  -  Endure            
    TM 21  -  Frustration       
    TM 22  -  Solarbeam         
    TM 23  -  Iron Tail         An attack that may reduce defense.
    TM 24  -  Dragonbreath      A strong breath attack.
    TM 25  -  Thunder           
    TM 26  -  Earthquake        
    TM 27  -  Return            
    TM 28  -  Dig               
    TM 29  -  Psychic           
    TM 30  -  Shadow Ball       An attack that may lower spcl. def.
    TM 31  -  Mud Slap          Reduces the foe's accuracy.
    TM 32  -  Double Team       
    TM 33  -  Ice Punch         
    TM 34  -  Swagger           Causes confusion and raises attack.
    TM 35  -  Sleep Talk        Randomly attacks while asleep.
    TM 36  -  Sludge Bomb       
    TM 37  -  Sand Storm        Inflicts damage every turn.
    TM 38  -  Fire Blast        
    TM 39  -  Swift             An attack that never misses.
    TM 40  -  Defense Curl      
    TM 41  -  Thunder Punch     
    TM 42  -  Dream Eater       
    TM 43  -  Detect            Evades attack that turn.  May fail.
    TM 44  -  Rest              
    TM 45  -  Attract           
    TM 46  -  Thief             An attack that may steal a held item.
    TM 47  -  Steel Wing        Stiff wings strike the foe.
    TM 48  -  Fire Punch        
    TM 49  -  Fury Cutter       Successive hits raise power.
    TM 50  -  Nightmare         
    HM #   | Move it Teaches |         Description (Description in Pack)
    HM 01  -  Cut              Cuts using claws, scythes, etc.
    HM 02  -  Fly              First turn: Fly, Second Turn: Attack
    HM 03  -  Surf             A strong water type attack.
    HM 04  -  Strength         A powerful phyisical attack.
    HM 05  -  Flash            Blinds the foe to reduce accuracy.
    HM 06  -  Whirlpool        Traps the foe for two to five turns.
    HM 07  -  Waterfall        An aquatic charge attack.
    Q- Where can I find TM 08(Rock Smash)?
    A- After getting rid of the Sudowoodo, by squirting it with the 
    squirtbottle you get in Goldenrod City, take the right path that the 
    Sudowoodo was blocking.  Talk to the man that you first see and he will 
    give it to you
    Q- How do I get the PASS so I can use the magnet train?
    A- First, go to Saffron City, and go to Copycat's house(It is now on the 
    second street from the top of the city).  Go upstairs and talks to her.  
    After she tells you about her missing doll fly to Vermilion City and go 
    to the Pokemon Lover's Club.  Talk to the man with the Clefairy doll 
    next to him and he will give it to you.  Fly back to Saffron City and 
    give Copycat her doll back.  She will give you the PASS.
    Q- Where can I find the Amulet Coin.
    A- It is in Goldenrod City's Underground Passage.
    Q- How do you get TM 09?
    A- Trade an Abra from Red, Blue, or Yellow and the Abra will be holding 
    Q- How do I get rid of the whirlpools blocking me from getting to the 
    islands that Lugia is in?
    A- You need to have HM06.  To get this help Lance beat Team Rocket in 
    Mahogany Town.  After beating Team Rocket he will give it to you.  Teach 
    a pokemon Whirlpool and perform it while you are directly infront of a 
    |---Version 1.1---|
    Things to look for in Version 1.1:
    -Full list of buying and selling prices of items.
    - All TM Descriptions.
    -Game Shark Codes.
    -Where you get the items.
    -New and more FAQs.
    |---A Video Game MD Production---|
    This document Copyright 2000 Greg Ford

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