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    TM/HM List by shark404

    Version: Final | Updated: 12/11/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TM/HM List for Pokemon Gold/Silver
    Version: Final Date: 12/11/00
    Copyright 2000 Shark404 (shark404_2000@yahoo.com)/Zendertaker a.k.a. 
    Dr. Evil (drzendertaker@yahoo.com)
    The list is for personal use only. The __only__ site that may use this 
    list is gamefaqs.com. __NO__ other site may use this, PEROID. 
    Nintendo - for making this game
    CjayC    - for letting me put this on his wonderful site
    M.W.F. (mawufytuff@yahoo.com) - Thanks loads for TM 9 and 21. Helped 
    make my List complete. Thanks man! 
    Well, here is the list. 
     TM 1 - Dynamic Punch 
            An attack that always confuses.
     TM 2 - Headbutt 
            An attack that may make foe flinch.
     TM 3 - Curse 
            Works differently for ghost types.
     TM 4 - Rollout
            Attacks 5 turns with rising power.
     TM 5 - Roar
            Scares wild foes to end battle.
     TM 6 - Toxic 
            A poison move with increasing damage.
     TM 7 - Zap Cannon 
            An attack that always paralyzes.
     TM 8 - Rock Smash
            An attack that may lower defense.
     TM 9 - Psych Up
            Copies the foes stat changes.  
    TM 10 - Hidden Power
            The power varies with the Pokemon.
    TM 11 - Sunny Day
            Boosts fire-type moves for 5 turns.
    TM 12 - Sweet Scent
            Reduces the foe's evasiveness.
    TM 13 - Snore
            An attack only useable while asleep.
    TM 14 - Blizzard
            An attack that may freeze the foe.
    TM 15 - Hyper Beam
            1st turn: Attack
            2nd turn: Rest
    TM 16 - Icy Wind
            An icy attack that lowers speed.
    TM 17 - Protect
            Foils attack that turn. It may fail.
    TM 18 - Rain Dance
            Boosts water-type moves for 5 turns.
    TM 19 - Giga Drain
            Steals « of the damage inflicted.
    TM 20 - Endure
            Always leaves at least 1HP.
    TM 21 - Frustration
            An attack based on lack of loyalty.         
    TM 22 - Solar Beam
            1st turn: Prepare
            2nd turn: Attack
    TM 23 - Iron Tail
            An attack that may reduce defense.
    TM 24 - Dragonbreath
            A strong breath attack.
    TM 25 - Thunder
            An attack that may cause paralysis.
    TM 26 - Earthquake
            Tough, but useless vs. flying foes.
    TM 27 - Return
            An attack that is based on loyalty.
    TM 28 - Dig
            1st turn: Burrow
            2nd turn: Attack
    TM 29 - Psychic
            An attack that may lower spcl.def. 
    TM 30 - Shadow Ball
            An attack that may lower spcl.def.
    TM 31 - Mud-Slap
            Reduces the foe's accuracy.
    TM 32 - Double Team
            Heightens evasiveness.
    TM 33 - Ice Punch
            An icy punch. May cause freezing.
    TM 34 - Swagger
            Causes confusion and raises attack.
    TM 35 - Sleep Talk
            Randomly attack while asleep.
    TM 36 - Sludge Bomb 
            An attack that may poison the foe.
    TM 37 - Sandstorm
            Inflicts damage every turn.
    TM 38 - Fire Blast
            An attack that may cause a burn.
    TM 39 - Swift
            An attack that never misses.
    TM 40 - Defense Curl
            Heightens the user's defense.
    TM 41 - Thunder Punch
            An electric punch. It may paralyze.
    TM 42 - Dream Eater
            Steals HP from a sleeping victim.
    TM 43 - Detect
            Evades attack that turn.
    TM 44 - Rest
            Sleep for 2 turns to fully recover.
    TM 45 - Attract
            Makes the opposite gender infatuated.
    TM 46 - Thief
            An attack that may steal a held item.
    TM 47 - Steel Wing
            Stiff wings strike the foe.
    TM 48 - Fire Punch
            A fiery punch. May cause a burn.
    TM 49 - Fury Cutter
            Successive hits raise power.
    TM 50 - Nightmare
            A sleeper loses ¬ HP every turn. 
    HM List:
     HM 1 - Cut
            Cuts using claws, scythes, etc.
     HM 2 - Fly
            1st turn: Fly
            2nd turn: Attack
     HM 3 - Surf
            A strong water-type attack.
     HM 4 - Strength
            A powerful physical attack.
     HM 5 - Flash 
            Blinds the foe to reduce accuracy.
     HM 6 - Whirlpool
            Traps the foe for 2-5 turns.
     HM 7 - Waterfall
            An aquatic charge attack.
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