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"The sequel is finally out! About time!"

Whew. Where to begin. This game is obviously the sequel to the smash hits Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow. These colors are based on the two Legendary Birds: Ho-oh and Lugia. This game is almost exactly like R/B/Y except updated with new features.

Graphics: 10/10
These graphics are sweet! The Pokémon sprites look different in the different paks, and the game is fully colorized! Imagine TCG for Game Boy Color, then add lots more detail to it. The houses look exactly the same as do most of the sprites, but that's OK.

Control: 10/10
Control is top notch as well. You walk around, talk to people, and battle using menus. It's the exact same control of R/B/Y.

Music: 8/10
The music is a LOT better than the original, but you will still get annoyed by some tunes. The new battle music is cool too.

Story: 4/10
What are you reading this section for? It's a Pokémon game! Since when has a Pokémon game had a rich, detailed, story?

Gameplay: 10/10
Here's where the game shines. You play as Hiroki, a kid who takes after the Master, Ash Ketchum. This game takes place 3 years after R/B/Y. Anyway, Dr. Elm will give you one of three new starters: Totodile(water), Cyndaquil(fire), or Chicorita(grass). After you pick one up, you have to head to Professor Oak to get your Pokédex above Yoshin city, which is the equivilant to Viridian. After you get your dex and a special egg, Elm will call you on your Poké gear you got from your mom and say that someone has stolen a Pokémon! It turns out to be your rival. He's a boy, though you could mistake him for a girl. Anyway, so now you have to capture all new Pokémon. However, if you don't have Silver, Red & Blue, you'll never catch 'em all. Anyway, the game is like R/B/Y. You walk around from town to town (BTW, you think with all these long, winding roads, these people would actually have cars & buses, but that's me) searching for Pokémon. Team Rocket's back and more persistent than ever. There's also a few surprises in store once you get to the Elite Four.

Other Stuff:
As I mentioned, your mom gives you a new Poké Gear. It has a Cell Phone, a radio, a map, and a watch. You can get numbers from trainers you beat, but they're more annoying than good. The radio is neccessary to complete the game. You might wonder why you need a watch. Well, not only do certain events only happen on certain days, but the game has night and day in it! This means certain Pokémon, like Setret and Hoot Hoot, can only be found certain times of the day. Next you have an updated Pokédex. You can re-arrange the numbers to be the original set, evolution, type, or see how many of the mysterious Annon's you collected. There's also unlimited Eevees and a ton of new TMs. You have the Element Punches on TM now, as well as new ones, like Mud Slide. Not only are there new TMs, there's new types. All you people who use 5 Mewtwos and a Mew are gonna get hammered in G/S cause of the new types: Steel and Dark. Dark is so powerful, it can resist Psychics like Ground can to Electric! Steel opens up new evolutions, and new attacks. Also, Fighting and Bug types have re-awakened, and one of the new bug attacks: Mega Horn, is one of the most powerful attacks ever!

Overall, if you liked R/B/Y, then you must get these games. Certain Pokémon, like the Caterpie & Weedle families, will appear in certain paks, while the Legendary Birds & Mewtwo aren't in G/S at all. Ash has them. But if you like the originals, you're gonna love the updates.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/21/00, Updated 08/21/00

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