Review by Dead Guy46

"Here we go again!!!"

Pokemon, only Bigger, and BETTER!!!

Graphics: 8
Much better then the first games, because now, it's in, FULL POKE-COLOR. Ya, Yellow, was also color, but not full color. In this version, the Grass is Green, the Caves are Brown... They ars still, however, the Images of Pokemon in Battle are still... still, except for attacks, some of which have changed (Psychic), and others remain the same (Tackle). While it is an improvement, its not amazing, like FF7, and other PS RPGs.

Sound: 4
This, one the other hand, is no improvement. The sounds coming out of the tiny speaker are still annoying me, and some new songs for a headache. The Pokemon Battle crys remain the same, and some of the new ones still ring in you head. Sound was never something I expected lots of from the GameBoy.

Story: 4
The same as the last one. (Players name) wants to be a Pokemon Master BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! The only change is in your Rival, who aculy STEALS a Pokemon from The new Professor.

GamePlay: 10
A new world, and the old one back again. 251 Pokemon, and new moves, along with items to give to them. Link Battles, for some new fun. The Game will have 16 Badges (8 new, 8 old) 2 new types, (Psychics beware, the Dark types are gonna destroy you). You can now breed Pokemon with others, to gain new Pokemon, with New abilitys. The Cell phone will give you lots of people to talk to, and may even call you for rematchs. The radio can provide help when you need it, and your new Pokedex will even orgainize Pokemon by name, Number and types, along with the new Unknown Pokemon. Toping the new feature off, is the new clock, witch will kepp track of time, and Day of the week.

Replayability: 9
Fun for hours upon hours. You may never put this game down, and will take you forever to finish it, with all the new features.

Buy or Rent:
Buy, you'll never be able to finish it in a weekend.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/16/00, Updated 09/16/00

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