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Reviewed: 10/18/00 | Updated: 10/18/00

After a long while, another excellent Pokemon game has been released!

Like many other people, I believe that the whole Pokemon craze has gone way out of hand. It was an awesome game without a doubt, but certainly nothing to obsess over like some do. Nintendo has made a lot of Pokemon games after their smash hit, many that didn't live up to their full potential. Pokemon Pinball was good, but Pokemon Yellow was hardly at all different from Red/Blue, Pokemon Snap was fun but very short, Pokemon Puzzle League is Tetris Attack over again (not that Tetris Attack is bad oh no, it's just that it would have been better if it was a whole new game.) and Pokemon Stadium was nothing very worthwhile. Despite these shortcomings, don't let that give you the idea that Pokemon Gold/Silver are more disappointments! Now that there are 251 Pokemon collect, this game has all the replay value and fun of the first game, and then some!

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics have been improved from Red/Blue, unlike Yellow's. The overhead view is practically the same, but it is quite colorful. It doesn't look quite as good as in other games like Survival Kids or Dragon Warrior Monsters however. The battles, on the other hand, are awesome. Both your Pokemon and the opponent Pokemon are very colorful, and the sprites are not at all pixelated. The attacks have some great animation, a lot more than in the previous games.

Sound: 7/10

Thankfully, Nintendo realized that the music in Pokemon Red/Blue was annoying. The music, while pretty similar to the music from Red/Blue, is much more harmonious (if that's the right word,) and a lot catchier than before. The cries from the Pokmeon could have been improved on, for each one is just a screechy bleep as before. The sound effects are okay, but nothing to write home about.

Gameplay: 10/10

If you loved the first game, you'll love this one! While the gameplay remains very similar to what you saw from the other games, the game has been set up better, and all of the new Pokemon keeps you coming back for more. In case you aren't familiar with the whole Pokemon game (RIGHT!,) you can caputre wild Pokemon you see out in the fields, which them become your allies. That Pokemon is now recorded into your Pokedex, and you are one step further to all 251. Some Pokemon can only be caught in Gold, and others can only be caught in Silver. To record all of them in the Pokedex, you must trade with a partner who has the other version. You can also trade from the Red and Blue versions, which gives you a reason to go back to them. Pokemon Gold and Silver also have a built in clock, so if it's between 6am or 5:59pm it's day, and if it's between 6pm and 5:59am it's night. Certain Pokemon can only be caught during night, while others can only be caught during the day. Another feature that made Pokemon so popular is how you can evolve them. There are 3 different ways to do so. Some Pokemon evolve when they reach a certain level, some evolve after the usage of a certain item (like the leaf stone, thunder stone, etc.,) and some only evolve after being traded. Gym traders are in this game as before, as well as a new rival. In short, the gameplay reamins pretty similar, and the new features (and new areas, eat your heart out Yellow) make the game a keeper for sure!

The challenge is high. Think you'll have an easier time catching every single Pokemon? I know I won't at least! Battles are pretty easy, but that's not a dissapointment with the big challenge the game already offers.

The replay value is high of course. You'll be playing for days, weeks, months, maybe even years!

Overall: 10/10

Finally, after a long wait, Nintendo has pulled out another awesome Pokemon game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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