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"Pokemon is back and better than ever!"

Nintendo's ever-popular craze Pokemon is back with a sequel to the original Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow games. Eager to start your Pokemon joruney, you set off with a Pokemon from Prof. Elm, your home town's Pokemon researcher. You meet and battle with trainers ranging from the over-confident Picknekers to the bizzare Fire-eaters. You will travel across the land of Johto, the land that borders Kahto(aka ''the land of Blue/Red/Yellow''), collecting badges from the strong and wise Gym leaders, and stopping the no-good Pokemon-stealing organization Team Rocket. One of the coolest things you have on your journey is your Poke-Gear. With several cards you collect, you can view the time, see a Johto map, talk to people on the phone, and listen to the radio. Another cool thing old-school Pokemon fans will appreciate is your backpack-a neater, and less crammed way of finding items. You also get not one, not two, not three, but 100 new Pokemon! Wow, add that to the original 150 and you can see yourself trying to catch all of those Pokemon! One of the most ingenious features now is the real-time clock settings, which you set at the beginning. Night really turns into day in the game, and certain Pokemon you can only catch at night. Overall, this is an extremly better game than Blue, Red, or Yellow, and I would recommend you get it! Oh ya, I kinda forgot the ratings. Hee hee hee...

Gameplay-This game is extremly fun to play, and its addicting, but some of the choirs you have to do seem more like work. Rating:4.5
Control-Controls are very simplistic and easy to use. Silver uses almost the exact control configuration as Blue/Red/Yellow, so old-schoolers should have no time playing it at all. Rating:5.0
Level of Skill requirded(Easy or Hard)-Pretty easy but you have to have brains for Pokemon battles and to put together the puzzles.Rating:Medium-ish
Graphics-Finnally, someone at Game Freak spook up in favor of bright color. Silver is displayed in many more colors than Yellow, and it still works fine on a non-color Game Boy. And the actualy graphics look much more detailed than in Blue/Red/Yellow, giving it a more realistic feel.Rating:5.0
Audio-The game has a soundtrack ranging from bright and cheery roaming music to raging battle music. The radio another cool thing so you can listen to diffrent music.Rating:4.5
Replayabitliy-You'll want to play this game over and over again, and its very addicting.Rating:3.5
Buy or Borrow-Trust me on this one, you will want to buy it.Rating:Almost definite buy
Overall-This is a great sequel to the original Pokemon games, and it has plenty of news features and Pokemon to keep you occupied. Pretty much the best Pokemon game out there.Rating:5.0

-David Klug
David wonders if he'll ever be playing his Pokemon Yellow game again...hmm...nah.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/00, Updated 11/01/00

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