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"A great game with tons of new features"

Well a few years ago pokemon red, blue and eventually yellow came out and were hits.Many people loved the games and played them for many years and continued to play them to this day.The game was addicting, fun, and required a large amount of strategy(despite what many people say).But it had some problems such as some pokemon having incredibly high stats and the psychic type was made incredibly tough to beat.But now they release pokemon g/s.Which overcomes many of the problems their were in red, blue and yellow.

Gameplay: 10/10
Well gameplay is the most important part in a game and this game doesnt fail in gameplay.The gameplay is basically exactly the same as red and blue, but with many new features added, such as time, pokegear, and genders of pokemon.In case you dont know in this game you walk around and catch pokemon and use them to battle.Dont think the game is that easy though.Many of the pokemon wont be caught until they have very little health and maybe a few status effects on them.You also have to use different balls on them as many pokemon will be very hard to catch without a more powerful ball.Also other trainers may be in your path to battle you and your pokemon must be stong enough to beat them.Well now ill go into a bit more detail about many of the above mentioned things and a few more things.I'll start with the stuff that is from red blue and yellow and then the things that are new to gold and silver.
Well the first thing is catching pokemon.To catch a pokemon you need to use an item called a pokeball.Their are many types of pokeballs.The returning ones are the pokeball, the great ball, the ultra ball, and the master ball.Their are also many new types of balls that catch pokemon depending on what pokemon they are and other things like their gender weight and speed.Also affecting whether or not you catch a pokemon is its hp and status effects.Their are a few status attacks which you can use on the opposing pokemon by using moves that may cause an effect(they can use them on you too).The status effects are poison(hp is lowered after every turn), confused(your pokemon may attack itself), paralyzed (your pokemon may not be able to attack), burn(same as poison) and frozen(your pokemon cant attack).Making a wild pokemon have one of these effects(except for confused) increases your chance of catching them.
One of the more important new features is the addition of time.At the beginning of the game you are asked what time it is(its best to put the write time or else the schedule will be off).This time runs constantly even when the game is turned off.The game also asks what day of the week it is and this is important too as many events occur only on certain days of the week, such as the bug catching contest.Their are also people that appear on certain days and at certain times.Many pokemon only appear at cetain times of day.Such as hoothoot who only appears at night.
Many of the pokemon now have gendars so that you can breed them with other pokemon.Breeding is also important as it allows pokemon to learn moves of others and some pokemon can be got only by breeding(well and trading but the traded one was once bred).

Well you are silver or gold(depending on what game you have or whatever you name the character) and you have been asked by profesor elm to go get an item for him.He gives you a pokemon and sends you out to get the item.When you return it seems that a pokemon has been stolen by your rival(named silver in gold and gold in silver or whatever you name him).Then you leave professor Elms lab and you go out to collect the 8 badges of johto to challenge the elite four.
The story in gold and silver is much better then the previous one and your rival is much meaner and will actually seem like a rival in this game.

Well sound is the least important part in a game but it still helps to have good sound.This game has good music which is also very catchy and will have you hearing it over and over again in your head.One minor annoyance with the sound is that some of the noises the pokemon make just are annoying.

This game has so much replayability.Once you beat the final trainer in the game you are still not done as you should try to catch all 250 pokemon(you have to trade for some).You also get to challenge others who have the game so you should try to build a powerful team that can beat your friends, neighbors, and rivals.You should also build many teams and once you learn how to build a good team you should try to build a team thats fun to play with rather then all powerful.

To buy or to rent?
Buy, this game is fun, long and lasts forever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/03/00, Updated 11/03/00

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