Review by Bagsby

"Good.... but not the best thing in the world"

Most reviews I have read compare this to the other pokemon titles (red, blue, yellow). Right here I intend on giving it a REAL review. I know it sounds as if I am bashing on pokemon, but believe me I love it. Also no matter what someone says your never to old to be a gamer!!! (I'm 15)

Graphics: 9/10
Pretty good for the game boy. Attacks in battle are crisp, and so are the characters. Nice large use of the color palatte.

Sound: 5/10
Why a 5 you ask? If you truly pay attention to it, it gets pretty repetitive by the time you get to the halfway point of the game. Woulda been nice if there was different music when you hooked a water type and were trying to catch it, etc.

Game design: 8/10
Most of its system is pretty new to the RPG world, however it lacks every here and there, and you'll probably want to go into the options to change a lot of things after a while. I must commend the makers on a job well done though for creating the whopping 251 pokemon. The breeding system alone is something to awe about.

Story: 5/10
Another 5, eh? Personally I found the storyline was truly drowned out between the urge to get to the next town and level up your pokemon. Basically Professer Elm finds an egg. He wants you to take it with you, and take one of the starting poke's along. After the egg hatches and you return to him, he suggests you compete in the pokemon league. Lets all face it, if your lookin for story go read a book.

Satisfaction: 5/10
Geez whats with me and fives?!? From listening to many MANY people, I've made a conclusion there are two people in life (well theres more, but two people that apply to this game). Those who like the whole pokemon series, and those who don't. This game is only going to satisfy those who like pokemon.

Overall: 7
Hours worth of gameplay, great graphics, easy learning curve. These are the pros. The cons? Story is rather dull, and tends to drag. What I like and dislike about it personally? I like the breeding system. As I said before it is something to awe at. I dislike the fact that so little information is given to you during some of the quests, making the story even dumber. Why would someone just give you a bike for free? He says to ''advertise them'' while riding around, but I never found a point where my character said, ''Buy their bikes!''.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/16/00, Updated 11/16/00

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