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"As Good As The Original And Then Some!"

Pokemon Gold is just great! It is engrossing and fun and you will love it the first time you pick it up. The only downfall is the story which is the same as every other one.

The game looks absolutely beautiful on Game Boy Color. It makes full use of GBC with a colorful landscape, Pokemon, and people.

The music is very nice to listen to while you are just sitting there. The tune is very catch and calm. The Pokemon crys seem to fit all the Pokemon they are used for and they sound nice coming out of that tiny speaker in the corner.

Let me tell you this game never gets boring! There are 251 Pokemon and each has different stats at the same level, even if two are the same kind! There are so many combos of moves you can have for each one it is great! You can expiriment with different teams and everything! This never does get boring at all.

Story: 5/10
This is the only place where the game isnt very well thought out. It is the same story as before, you know the one where you try to become the worlds best Pokemon trainer?
The story doesnt really matter in the game though the game is just plain great itself!
It is just as before, you go around collect all 8 badges, fight your rival, fight Team Rocket, just the same as before. The only difference is that you take an egg with you and see what happens!
Replay Value:10/10
This is just the best part of the game. One of the best replayable games ive ever played! So many moves... so many Pokemon... So many different teams you can have, the fun just never ends with it. Its also great to battle against your friends in this game. The fun never ends. You will be swept up for hours and hours in it. And plus you can go back to Kanto(where the original was) and get all the badges in that world too!

As I said before you will never lose interest in the game and you will have sooooo much fun playing this game you will never ever put it down until you have all 251 Pokemon!

This game has it all, graphics, sound, fun, puzzles, battles. The story is the only thing that isnt done well but who cares :P the game is great. Breeding is so cool and it is so much fun to do to get the pre evolved forms of all are favorite Pokemon!

I hope reading this review made you go out and buy the game... trust me do it you wont be dissapointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/31/00, Updated 12/31/00

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