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"POKEMON! Ooh, you're my best friend..."

Probably the only friend for some, Pokemon has become a phenomenon around the world. Because of its popularity, Nintendo has decided to make a sequel. Sticking to the colour scheme, the game has been named Gold and Silver. Like Red and Blue, each will have a set of different monsters, which are exclusive to their colours. So you will only find certain monsters in Gold and certain monsters in Silver.

So what is this version all about? Well, set somewhere in the distant future, you, the all new, all action, 10 year old has a goal in life. Yes, you've guessed it, to be the GREATEST POKEMON TRAINER IN THE WORLD!!!! Not only that, you have been given the task to uncover the stolen Pokemon from you rival. Like the previous games, you get to choose one of the three Pokemon:

Hinoarashi - a hedgehog/porcupine type
Waninoko - a water type alligator
Chicolita - a plant type... erm... plant.

So what's new about these Pokemon? There are a couple of things. First of all, Pokemon can either be male or female. This means you can mate them! Graphics have changed, too. The close ups of the Pokemon have been smartened up with more detail. There are also about 100 new Pokemon to catch. However, some of the monsters from the first game might not appear in this sequel. (I have yet to know which or even if they are missing from the game.) But there are pre-evolved versions of the original such as Pichu, the early version of Pikachu.

The inventory has changed quite a bit. First of all, you get a backpack to put all of your belongings in. This makes finding items just a little bit easier. You've also got a new gadget called Pokegear. This new contraption acts as a mobile phone and a radio in one. You can also upgrade your Pokegear using upgrade cards. This gives you new options and abilities such as the world map, and the ability to listen to other radio stations. By collecting business cards from other trainers, you can call them for advice. By listening to the radio, you will get info about Pokemon and tips on how to become a better Pokemon trainer. There are even events which only take place on certain days!!!

As for the game itself, everything seems the same as the previous two (or four, if you count Green and Yellow). Playing the game in colour makes a hell of a difference to the game. It does makes it more enjoyable. It's good to find that you can transfer some of your old Pokemon to the Silver and Gold version. Your level 86 Raichu will come in handy later on. This is a very addictive game... for Pokemon fans. Yes, this version will only interest Pokemon fanatic. People who didn't like the first one, will hate this one. Unfortunately for you lot, this Pokemon is here to stay...

Oh well, time for me to don the Team Rocket outfit...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/12/01, Updated 06/14/01

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