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"It's good, but gets boring after a while"

Well the game is pretty good and addicting, but after a while it gets boring. First you choose a pokemon, and then you head out. There the game is still fun. But toward the end, when your pokemon are at like level 50, its too hard to train them, because they don't grow a level. It's also too easy because every pokemon is defeated in one hit. Well on to the rating.

Graphics: 10/10 Well there's no question about it. The graphics deserve a complete 10/10. You can actually see the different colors on the pokemon, unlike in Red, Blue, and Yellow. There are even different colored pokemon! When a different colored pokemon appears, it sparkles. Yup no question about it the graphics deserves a perfect 10.

Music: 9/10 Well the music is pretty good too. When you're in town there's a cheerful music. When you're in a dark cave there is a scary music playing. When you're on a bike the music is light and cheerful.

Gameplay: 8/10 Well the gameplay is also great, or at least in the beginning and the middle of the game. You pick a Chikorita, Cindaquil, or a Totodile in the beginning and raise them so they are powerful. You fight trainers, raise your pokemon's level, and get them to trust you and fight by your side. In the beginning you don't know what will happen so it's exciting. But toward the end of the game, it gets too easy because your pokemon are at level 65, and the opponents are at level 40 and 50. And 249 pokemon!? Is nintendo crazy!? Itll take forever to trade and catch 249 Pokemon!! Well overall the game is fine.

Rent or Buy?: Buy You should buy because it will take you a long time to beat and catch all the pokemon

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/02, Updated 05/21/03

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