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Reviewed: 11/29/99 | Updated: 11/29/99


This is a review of the Japanese Gold Version of Pokemon, NOT the emulator versions, which are so much worse.

Better than Zelda DX, better than Mario Golf GBC. The 'map' scenes may seem like the same, but are much sharper than before. The biggest improvements definitely take place in the battle arenas. Unlike Pkmn Yellow, everything is in FULL colour - the only problem you have to worry about is stretching the limitations of your game boy color too far!

Walking...yadayada, the same, just moving...battling...TONS OF MOVES AND THE ANIMATED SCENES ARE SO MUCH BETTER! Remember when the most exciting move in Pokemon B/R/Y was Hyper Beam? Oooh...look at that beam go..! Don't worry, the animations will exceed that level. No more 'tackle'-like scenes or 'confusions'.Get ready for some solid fun!

SOUND: 8/10
ONLY AN EIGHT? I DONT WANT THIS GAME ANYMORE! ARRGHH! Although the music is of the same quality as previous pkmn games (with new tunes tho'), it's not TOO bad.Don't expect FFVII's award-winning soundtracks.

STORY: 10/10
WARNING: Do NOT expect an epic tale of tragedy and myths - this is a simple storyline with new twists, gyms, trainers, pokemon (of course), features (day and night), and SECRETS. The original pokemon didn't have any secrets at all (practically), just a Mewtwo, some leg. birds, and a cheat Mew. Gold+Silver is loaded with secrets, especially with the expansion and exploration.

New RPG fans will just GOBBLE THIS UP! As for hardcore pkmn gamers, ur in for a SUPER treat. And for the millions of Pokemon addicts (including togepi and houou lovers), this is a MUST-HAVE.

What can I say? HUGE world...HUNDREDS of pkmn...HUNDREDS of moves...HUNDREDS of's a dream-come-true.

OVERALL: 10/10
If the only aspect of gaming you care about is SOUND, then you won't like this as much as everyone else. But, seeing as there's NO ONE (I HOPE) who cares more about sound than the control, satisfaction, replay value, market value, graphics, gameplay, and game design of the game - this game is definitely WORTH IT.

On the GRAND SCALE (Aphelionex Exclusive! =)
1. =Zelda DX
2. >PKMN B/R/Y
3. >Mario Golf GBC

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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