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Reviewed: 04/08/03 | Updated: 04/11/03

Changes, but does that necessarily mean improvement?

Pokemon, a fad that has swept the whole country, pulling fans into obsession with its cards, its show, and the games that were released on the hand-held Gameboy. For a time, the name Pocket Monsters were the revel of all animation fans. Yet, it died over almost as quickly as it has rose, and the creators have tried to boost its popularity with a new game, Pokemon Gold and Silver. You ask, well, did it work? That depends on your point of view, I suppose.

Gameplay: The gameplay is basically almost the same thing as its original counterparts, with some adjustments. There are additional Pokemon that you can collect and train, and also the old ones. You are now in the Johto region, where you were previously in the Kanto. The legacy of the trainer in Red, Blue, and Yellow still remains famous, as the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time, and it’s up to you to fulfill that legacy one more time.

Now, there are time limits, where you can actually process through the game like you would in normal life. The time is set so that it turns day and night like it does in real life, although you can set the clock anytime you want. This is important because some Pokemon can only be caught in the nighttime, and often you’ll have to stay up late in order to capture that certain Pokemon that will complete your collection. You can also change the time, but only by an hour at the time, because of the Daylight Savings Time in the real world, so don’t forget to adjust the clock two times every year!

Your plot, however, remains the same. You must travel from region to region, capturing as many Pokemon as you can, and battle a Gym Leader in each, and also wild Pokemon and Trainers. One difference, however, is that you can obtain the Trainer’s phone numbers, and occasionally they will call you for a rematch. Some very rare Pokemon can only be obtained this way, when a Trainer calls you and tell you that that certain Pokemon is in the wild. However, the Pokemon will still be rare, although chances of it appearing will greatly increase. You will have exactly one hour to find and capture that Pokemon. Note, however, that if you turn off your Gameboy, you will not be able to continue the hunt, and your chance will be lost until the Trainer calls you a second time.

The battle system is also the same, the same turn-based thing, but now you can see your Pokemon’s level up bar. As you gain experience points from battle, your Pokemon’s blue level up gauge will increase, until it is full and you gain a level. However, all you do is trade hits and remember which attacks are effective against which types, and which are not. Basically downright boring, since when you chose your command, your Pokemon looks like it’s attacking, in the same position that it was when it was standing still, and when the evasion thing came up, well, let me just say that your Pokemon did not move a single step.

Rating: 7/10

Graphics: Well, the good thing is that everything is colored, the bad thing is that the graphics remain pretty much the same, very horrible. If you look at yourself, you will find that you look rather like a squished up person, one that has been squeezed together rather violently. The backgrounds are shameful, not to be spoken off. Basically, all you can see is bushes on all sides. The scenery is better, but not by much, the buildings still look like we can draw them, and the grass just looks like a bunch of line with only a little bit of texture. Still, this is only the Gameboy Color, a hand-held system whose screen is only 2 inches, and that is why I gave it a 5, average, and can use more work.

Rating: 5/10

Sound: There aren’t much variety to the sound, besides the noises of your Pokemon tackling another in battle. The music is slow, boring, and repetitive. Lucky that it changes when you step into a building or go into a different area, or you’ll go nutty. When that happens, crank down the volume and up a CD.

Rating: 6/10

Replay Value: One or two times, but usually, you won’t play it again because you take too long to complete the game anyways. Overall, not very worthy, you’ll get tired of it after a month or so, but still, that’s a long time…

Pokemon, a rent, and perhaps a buy, depending on the type of person you are. I gave this game a low score. Why? Because it was basically the same thing as Red and Blue, with new Pokemon and new places, but not much else.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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