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"A worthy addition to the Pokemon series"

Gameplay - Amazing. Your character moves much faster now and you have several pockets in your backpack to put all of those TM's in. You can now equip your Pokemon with items, and the options screen has vastly expanded. Day and night are now based on real time, so you realistically would have to wait until 6PM or so to catch Pokemon to come out at night. Help screens have been added.

Story - As with all Pokemon stories, the story is short and sweet. You are a Pokemon trainer, living in the era of Ash Ketchum, the first to capture all 150 Pokemon. It's the same thing, but replace Ash with your name here. Your rival is cloaked and mysterious, and is more dangerous than annoying like in R/B. Don't expect any FF7-esque scenes, as this IS the GameBoy Color.

Audio - The tunes have been completely remixed, and there is now a 'Stereo' option on the option screen which offers better stereo quality but (theoretically) increased battery drain on your GB. This time, you don't have to turn down the sound on your GB, as the music is actually pleasant to listen to.

Video - The entire world has been colorized beautifully, and the towns and buildings are much larger than they are in R/B. There is no ugly pixilization in battle scenes that plagued R/B, instead your character sprite is very nicely detailed. Every character sprite has been redesigned, and look truly like Pokemon.

Replayability - Highly addictive. Play it on emulator or play it with a protective case to avoid wearing out your GameBoy buttons.

To buy or to rent? - Buy. Buy it. Reserve a copy at Kmart, because this game will be HOT when it comes to the States.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/11/00, Updated 02/11/00

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