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Reviewed: 12/31/03

Who said Pokemon was only for children?

Pokemon started it life back in 1998 when the first two games in the series came out. After those game people were anticipated waiting for the sequels but they only got spin offs and other stuff until in the year 2000, Nintendo announced the true sequels to those games. They were called Pokemon Gold and Silver. In pokemon the main objective is to catch some creatures to make them more powerful and then evolve them. You may think that's a lame objective but once you played this game you are going to chance your mind completely. Is this game worth it, then read the Pokemon Gold review.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics in this game are an improvement over the last two games. The first thing you are going to notice are the colorful graphics since the last two games were the same color depending of the version. Now everything is in color starting from the green grass to the blue water. The buildings aren't the same color either, the ceiling is different from the walls. The map looks better this time and when you are in the middle of a battle the pokemon look better than ever. They are better animated, they are colorful. Now I now, that Gamefreak put a lot of work in this game.

Sound 7/10

The music and sound is tough to judge in this game. I'm going to start with the music. The music is beautiful from where you start to the key that was played. The battle music always change depending who are you battling with, if you are against a pokemon trainer it will be different from the one of the Gym Leader but who care since the music stays as beautiful and fun to hear. Now the sound... well is an improvement over last year but it needs some work. The pokemon don't talk but instead they give this sometimes annoying cry. Some pokemons have a gentle kind like Jygglipuff while others are not fun to hear, Pikachu anyone?. The moves have different sound too but sometimes they sound the same. Blizzard has the same sound as Fire Blast and Hydro Pump but I was expecting some more realistic. I hope next time Gamefreak improve all that annoying crying.

Gameplay 10/10

For those who doesn't know Pokemon is actually an RPG(Role Playing Game) since you equip your Pokemon s with items and the battle is turn based. Pokemon is about catching some little creatures to make them more powerful and the evolve them. The fun in that is that you have to catch everyone of them. You can catch them using an item called a Pokeball which is where you keep your pokemon after you catch them. You may wonder how much Pokemon are there, in the first two versions they were 151 but since Nintendo wants to keep the game fun they added a 100 more. If you want to check how many pokemons you have, then you use a Pokedex that tells you how many you have and also in what location you can't found them. Battling is the stuff you are going to do the most since it's an RPG. Each Pokemon has a type which you can identified if you check your Pokemon stats. There are 17 types in total . In the first two versions they were only 15 but since Nintendo added two more I couldn't be more happy. When you battle you have to choose from four attacks which later you are going to forget for some more powerful than those. The other objective is to collect the eight Gym Badges from a Gym Leader that's in a Gym. You can find a Gym in almost every city but be prepare since they are more powerful than other normal trainers. Another cool feature about this game is that you are playing in the real time. At the start you are going to be asked the time and when you put that time in the day will depend on it. The cool thing about that is that some Pokemon are only catchable at night time or at day light so you have to wait for the time to be right to try to catch those Pokemon, a cool feature indeed. I don't have anything else to said about the gameplay but one thing it's for sure, they are a big improvement over the last two games.

Replay 10/10

After you beat this game you have a lot of reasons to replayed. First you have to catch all those Pokemon since it's not easy task and you also get another world which opens for more possibilities. If your friend has another copy of the game, you could battle with him which is a lot of fun. One thing is for sure, you won't stop playing for a long, long time.

Overall Score 9/10

Nintendo and Gamefreak really know how to make a game. Get this game because it's not only for children.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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