Review by lufia22

""Wow! Great and disapointing.""

Whoa! Pokemon fans will love it! There is a few things that make this a little worse than any other pokemon games. I played it through pretty fast but it probably would have been longer if I knew Japanese.

Gameplay 10/10: Same 'ol same 'ol. The basic pokemon menus and everything else the other pokemon games gave had. There is a new thing called poke gear which has a map, phone, and a radio. There are two maps now the ''old'' and ''new'' and the new one is the one you start out as. A new professor named Prof. Utsugi. The new pokemon are in the game but not all the old one are which is a little dissapointing. It changes from night to day and only certain pokemon like hoo hoo can be caught at night and day.

Story 5/10: Oh I wonder what the story would be like this time(sarcastic). Your a kid trying to be the best pokemon trainer...boring!

Control 10/10: The same pokemon controls with the new poke gear. Menus and map same stuff here. The cool thing is that you can equip a pokemon with an item and it will use it on its own when it thinks it needs it.

Graphics 8/10: Of course it looks the same like the other PK games. But snorlax is huger which was cool I thought and you can put all the dolls of the pokemon you have caught and put them in your room.

Buy or don't: I would buy it when it came out in the U.S.!

Replay 8/10: Catching new pokemon in your 2nd game would be the best replay you could get. Basically its just the same boring thing over and over again.

Overall 7/10: The story is week and so is the replay. It's great for pokemon fans like me just gets old and you get the need for another pokemon game. This game is longer than the others and its companion the Silver version is the same with different pokemon, kinda like blue, green, and red.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/12/00, Updated 03/12/00

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