Review by Dark Lich

"This game is bad if you have the Japanese version, otherwise, it's really great."

Speed 6/10:
The speed was a lot slower than it was in the Blue/Red versions. It takes a long time to load Pokedex entries, and large Pokemon in battle.

Graphics 7/10:
The graphics are just like Blue/Red, but now they're in color. In battles, some attack look much better than they did before like Psychic and Poison Gas. The Pokemon look good except for some like Hitmonchan.

Gameplay 10/10:
The game has 251 Pokemon, a new game at Game Corner, new towns, new gym leaders, new badges, new items, a new character, new starting Pokemon, a new rival, more Eevee evolutions, new trainers, and a new storyline. The game has a built-in clock so that the game has day and night, it also has a breeding center (sorry, no cross breeding), and there's a new money feature, everytime you win a trainer battle, some money gets sent to your mom in case you lose later on. The Pokedex has changed, and there's a new feature called Pokegear. Your bag has different sections to sort your stuff, and you get more slots in your bag. This game takes place after Ash becomes a Master (he has every Pokemon). Team Rocket has new trainers too, but they're all still called ROCKETs.

Replay Value 10/10:
Even when you beat the game, there's still much more to do, like catching all the Pokemon, raising your Pokemon to Lv 100 (No more Missingno.), and there's something the Professor wants to give you too... Unfortunately I can't tell you what because that would be spoiling the game now would it.

This game is the best so far for the Pokemon series on the Game Boy/ Game Boy Color. So when this game is released on November 2000, go get it!!! Super Game Boy Users: The clock runs on batteries, so don't think that you won't need batteries.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/05/00, Updated 04/05/00

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