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Reviewed: 03/14/05 | Updated: 03/15/05

A great new addition to the fanatical Pokemon series.

Introduction -

As everyone who plays and enjoys Pokemon knows, Pokemon Gold has been released! Though it has been out for a few years now, many people, including myself, still play, enjoy and envy this game. At least I know I still enjoy it. It's a great game for the second generation of Pokemon games! First there was Pokemon Blue, Red, then eventually, Pokemon Yellow, all for the Game Boy Color system. After a while, Pokemon Gold and Silver were released into the United States (and other countries). As soon as the games hit our shoreline, people from all over, ranging from ages 5 to 55, flocked and gathered at their local stores to obtain this game; no matter what the cost--as did I. Most people had this game pre-ordered, but who could blame them? Pokemon is the biggest and the best RPG and basic story game of all! Other contenders and copycats like Digimon and Yugioh just don't have that vital spark that Pokemon has, thus why I dislike them so strongly. But Pokemon is fun for all ages, and is number 1 with many people around the globe.

Gameplay 9/10 -

Although there are a few kinks standing in the way of 100% perfect gameplay, Pokemon Gold has only a few minor obstacles in it that prevents it from being number 1 everywhere, for any gamer - and that is the simple fact that you must follow the story. Well, sort of. It is fun to play through, however, traveling all kinds of towns, cities, mountains, oceans and caves, all the while adventuring with your trusted Pokemon. As you begin your game in New Bark Town, you discover that your destiny is to be the number ONE Pokemon trainer of all! But to get there, will only be possible after enduring much toil and hardships. But never fear - it's all for the fun and excitement of enjoying a good RPG!

Sound 7/10 -

Aside from being RPG music, Pokemon Gold has great sound effects. Including the sounds from Pokemon battles, to the battle music at Gyms. All in all, I think the sound scores a C on my test. While you ride your bike or just take a long walk on foot, you're sure never to be alone, as you have your trusted Pokemon with you, as well as your cell phone, and that great Pokemon music that everyone just has to love!

Controls 9/10 -

Nothing short of excellent. There are a few simple controls that don't take long at all to memorize, use easily and master! The 8 buttons on the GBC system are all useful for this game's performance - as is with any game are controls vital. The controls for this game are extremely easy to use and shouldn't be too hard to adapt to, even for the brand new beginning trainers out there. Over all, I give Controls an A+.

Graphics 8/10 -

Since the game is an RPG, there isn't really a great concern, nor need for the pure 3D graphics that people are used to from other games that aren't RPG-based. I think that the graphics for Pokemon Gold are superb. The battle animation and scenery are just ideal, especially when the environment changes along with the real-time based clock that's built into your game. Such as when it is 4:00 AM, your game's system changes to Morning - when it turns 6:00 PM, it turns into Night. And vice-versa. Doh! Awesome graphics!

Storyline 9/10 -

As a beginning trainer from New Bark Town, you are sure to be somewhat in the need for more information on what to do or where to go next, well, that's when you click over to the FAQs page. Though at this point in time, I have no FAQs/Guides listed, that shouldn't stop you from checking out some of the many other FAQs listed as well. All are as useful as the game, and website themselves. I think the storyline deserves a 9/10 rating since it's so intriguing and overall a good game.

Replay Value 8/10 -

Though some of the events and other concepts of the game cannot be replayed, several others can. Such as battling the Elite Four, as many times as you want, to catching as many Pokemon as you want. The game lacks overall replay value because of the size of the game's ambitions - to play and train all of your Pokemon in the best way you feel is right. The only replay value needed here is the essential Elite Four battles that you will definitely enjoy participating in.

Challenge? -

A very challenging game indeed. Not just for the fact that the game is pure RPG, but also for the fact that the game has many puzzles and other challenges in it as well. Such as solving puzzles in order to escape or leave certain areas, to obtaining important items that must be collected before proceeding through the game. This also means ... [gasp] Gym Leaders! I do give the Challenge factor a positive thumbs up, though, as it is indeed a great challenging (and fun) game!

Buy or Rent? -

BUY!!! Simple as that. Nothing more should be said. In fact, you should never, EVER rent Pokemon Gold or any other Pokemon game for that matter. As renting it would result in your saved game being almost certainly erased or even used as an advantage for whoever rents it after you! Now we can't have that, can we? Nope! Buy it. Even today, the game probably doesn't cost more than $10-15 (US) at the most. Of course, when I purchased it, it was around $25 (US), meh. Just buy it; you'll become addicted to it (the safe way, mind you)!

Conclusion -

To bring my review of this great game, Pokemon Gold, to a closing end, I will take this space to write that I love this, and every other Pokemon game that exists. It's such a wonderful thing being able to play these games and still find time to do other things. I'm sure that if you haven't played this game, or any other Pokemon game yet, you will surely side with my opinions on this and enter the craze as well. That's all I have to say about this, but keep playing, and keep training!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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