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"R-Type DX is a fusion of R-Types one and two, with some twists put into the mix."

Genre: 2D Arcade Shooter
WARNING: Contains extreme difficulty, not recommended for young or casual gamers.

R-type DX is both R-type1 and R-type2 put into one game. In R-type DX you can choose to play three games. The first two are R-type1, and R-type2. The third is R-type DX, a fusion of R-type1 and two. In R-type DX, you must clear BOTH R-type one and two in a row!

Game play: 8/10
If you played the first two R-type, you have already played R-type DX. The goal of the game, is to make it to the end of each stage without getting your ship blown to pieces. To do this, you will need a lot of skill. There are always enemies shooting at you, and one hit kills... you! Plus, when your ship is destroyed, you must restart at a check point. The extreme difficulty makes for a challenging and fun game. Each level will present it's own difficult challenge you must try to overcome. It may take a few retries to beat the game, but you will have fun every step of the way (yes, every step, and your in a ship <_<). R-type DX is a very fun game, because so where R-types one and two.

Difficulty: 9/10
If you thought games on hard mode where hard, you haven't seen anything yet. In this game, one hit will destroy your ship. The enemies never let you have a break, and they are great in number. If you are destroyed, you must restart at a check point, and they didn't put that many check points. If you like a challenge, R-type DX is for you.

Graphics: 7/10
R-type1 wasn't in color, but now, with the amazing power of R-type DX, it is! You can choose to play in black in white, or in color. This makes the areas look much more detailed, the bosses more threatening, and your weapons look a whole lot better. Each weapons has it's own unique ability, one bounces of walls again and again, and another will go through walls. Plus the weapons have a neat look to them, then aren't just bullets.

Sound Effects: 8/10
There isn't much sound to be had in a game like R-type. When you shoot, you can hear the laser make it's odd noises, the one the bounces off walls sounds like something you would hear in a pinball machine. The explosions, are a weak "poosh," and not all of the things that are fired at you make sound. But for the most part, the sound effects have all the detail they need.

Music: 6/10
I don't really care for this games music. It's not very clear, and it doesn't have much detail. It's what you would expect from an old arcade game. Also, there isn't much variety to make up for the music's lack of detail. It's not bad music, it's just not good music. And it can be repetitive. R-type DX's overall music is a little below average.

Replay Value: 8/10
Once you start playing, you will either fall in love with the game, or get frustrated with it and throw it away. But once you start to get into the game, you will want to work through the difficulty to see the next stage. After you clear one game, you have another to play. And once you can clear both, you can try to play "R-type DX." If you like the game, you will get a about ten hours out of it.

Overview: 8/10
Since there are two main games to play, and one that fusses the two main ones. You will get a good amount of play time before putting the game up. The difficulty only gets in the way if you don't have enough skill to survive, or if you just don't have the time or patience. The sound effects are good, they don't stand out. But there are some funny noises you'll like to hear. The music, on the other hand, is a bit repetitive, but it doesn't ever get annoying. Overall, R-Type DX is a good game, it's not the best shooter ever, but it has two in one. So I give it an eight, out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/12/05

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