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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mmeeva

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 12/24/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                _____ __              __                          __
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               \__ \/ __ \/ __ `/ __  / __ \ | /| / / __ `/ __ `/ __/ _ \
              ___/ / / / / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / |/ |/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/  __/
             /____/_/ /_/\__,_/\__,_/\____/|__/|__/\__, /\__,_/\__/\___/
                              ________            /____/
                             / ____/ /___ ___________(_)____
                            / /   / / __ `/ ___/ ___/ / ___/
                           / /___/ / /_/ (__  |__  ) / /__
                              Within the Castle Shadowgate
                                 Lies your Quest...
                         %    Shadowgate Classic FAQ  %
                         %    By Mike Meevasin        %
                         %    Version 2.4             %
                         %    mmeeva@hotmail.com      %
         Author's Note: This will probably be the final update. The items 
    are now placed where they can be found, and labeled as important or 
    not. Unless I see something I want to change or add this will be the 
    last time I update this.
    Of course if you need help and can't figure it out by reading this FAQ, 
    feel free to e-mail me.
    Without the help and contribution of these people, this FAQ could not 
    have been possible.
    - Aaron Finale (aaron_finale@hotmail.com) for one of 
      the Sphinx's Riddle Question.
    - Bob Hrabik (bobhrabik@hotmail.com) for another one of the
      Sphinx's Riddle question.
    - Marcus0001 (Marcus0001@aol.com) for providing one of the answers
      to the Sphinx's riddle.
    - Vol Tenasi (VolTenasi@aol.com) for the final Sphinx riddle question.
    %%%Table of Contents%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    I. Revision History
    II. FAQ
    III. Walkthrough
         - Entranceway
         - Main Hall
         - Stone Hallway
         - Hidden Passage
         - Bridge Room
         - Wraith Room
         - EPOR Chamber
         - Mirror Room
         - Coffin Room
         - Hallway
         - Lake & Waterfall
         - Cold Room
         - Dragon Room
         - Fire Room
         - Troll Bridge
         - Courtyard
         - The Grand Hall
         - The Library
         - The Study
         - The Laboratory
         - The Unholy Garden
         - The Banquet Hall
         - The Sphinx Room
         - Observatory
         - The Werewolf
         - The Hell Hound & Wyvern
         - The Ancient King
         - The Gargoyle Room
         - The Lever Room
         - The Magician Chamber
         - The Wishing Well
         - The River Styx
         - The Skull Gate
         - The Behemoth & The Warlock
    IV. Credits/Disclaimer
    I. Revision History
    Version 2.4 (12/24/99)
    - Items and what room they can be found
      at put up.
    Version 2.1 (12/11/99)
    - Added one more person to Credit section.
    - Also put Credit section on top, idea from 
      Dingo Jellybean
    Version 2.0 (10/31/99)
    - Added a little more to the walkthrough.
    Version 1.8 (10/09/99)
    - Added a few more Sphinx riddles.
    Version 1.6 (9/12/99)
    - Revised parts of the Walkthrough.
    - Minor corrections here and there.
    - Added another riddle question.
    Version 1.4 (9/01/99)
    - Fixed up the Table of Contents.
    - Added a new FAQ question.
    - Fixed the Walkthrough to make it a little
      easier to read.
    Version 1.0 (8/16/99)
    - Started work on this FAQ
    - Walktrhough should be complete.
    II. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q. Why do I keep dying for no apparent reason?
    A. Your torch ran out. Just use another torch to light your way.
    Q. How do I get behind the Waterfall?
    A. To get behind the Waterfall you must point your arrow between the 
       collapsed rocks and the waterfall itself. There is a crack between  
       them that you must MOVE through.
    III. Walkthrough
         First things we will take a look at are the controls. The controls 
    is laid out very neatly, and at times will make you scream "I need a 
    mouse!!!" But they are very easy to understand and get the hang of.
    Look     Use
    Take     Hit
    Open     Close
    Leave    Speak
    Self     Save
    *Note- I will be telling the walkthrough like a story with the things 
    you need to do in CAPS.
    Another thing to know about the Castle Shadowgate is the torches. They 
    are one of the most vital items to have. Without them to light your 
    way, death will surly follow you wherever you may go, meaning you will 
    die without one. So be sure to find and grab every torch you see.
    As the torches begin to burn out the music will change. Be sure to have 
    another torch ready to light if this happens. 
    The items are now in place, and are told where they can be found. If 
    the item has *IMPORTANT* next to it, you can be sure that you WILL need 
    it somewhere in the castle. So be sure to get it. The only thing that 
    won't have them will be the torches, but you should ALWAYS get them 
    Also for some strange reason the game does not mention some of the 
    items by their full name (Ex. The Silver arrow is listed Arrow). This 
    will be listed within the FAQ as well.
    Plus another important tip, SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE often. The Castle 
    Shadowgate is full of a ton of dangers, and if you aren't careful you 
    could very well die.
    With that told, now let your journey begin through the Castle 
        The last thing you remember that you remember is standing before 
    the wizard Lakmir as he waved his hands
    Now you find yourself staring at an entryway at which lies at the edge 
    of a forest.
    The Druid's words ring in your ears: "Within the Castle Shadowgate lies 
    your quest. The dreaded Warlock Lord will use his black magic to raise 
    the Behemoth from the Dark Depths.
    The combination of his evil arts and the great Titan's Power will surly 
    destroy us all! You are the last of Kings, the Seed of Prophecy that 
    was foretold eons ago. Only you can stop the evil one from darkening 
    our world forever! Fare thee well."
    Gritting your teeth, you swear that you will destroy the Warlock Lord!
    Key 1- *Important*
       As you stare at the entrance of the Castle Shadowgate you carefully 
    OPEN the door. Before you step through the door, you notice something 
    odd about the skull above the door. Carefully you push (OPEN) the Skull 
    up from its position and from within the skull you find Key 1. You then 
    TAKE Key 1 and put it in your inventory. You then MOVE into the 
    Castle's Main Hall.
    Main Hall-
    Torches x2
    Sling- *Important*
       As you enter the Main Hall's evil eyes are there to greet you. They 
    belong to the Warlock Lord as he begins to taunt you:
       "That pitiful wizard Lakmir was a fool to send a buffoon like you to 
    stop me. You will surely regret if for the only thing here for you is a 
    horrible death!"
       The sound of maniacal laughter echoes in your ears.
       As the Warlock's last words ring through your ears, you notice two 
    torches on the wall. You TAKE them for they will be useful in lighting 
    your way. As you try to OPEN the door you find that both are locked. 
    You try Key 1 on the double doors, and the door unlocks. You then MOVE 
    through the double doors.
    Stone Hallway-
    Key 2- *Important*
    Ring Torch (Torch)- *Improtant*
       Entering this hallway you notice a book and two torches on the wall. 
    You TAKE both torches, you also notice that one of the torches has 
    strange rings on it, but what for is of yet unknown. As you walk 
    towards the book you have a strange feeling about it. After some 
    searching you figure out that if you were to disturb the book from its 
    resting place, it will open a pit that would surly cause you doom.
       Instead you OPEN the book. You find Key 2 in it and you take it. 
    Heading back to the Main Hall you decide to USE Key 2 on the door on 
    the right. It opens and you MOVE into the door. Inside you discover a 
    sling and a sword. You TAKE both knowing that you may need them to face 
    the dangers within the castle. Heading back into the Stone Hallway you 
    notice a strange stone in the wall. As you try to remove (OPEN) the 
    stone you find a hidden passage.
    Hidden Passage-
    Silver Arrow (Arrow)- *Important*
       In the hidden passage you discover an arrow. You try to TAKE the 
    torches but they won't budge. While examining the room you notice the 
    silver arrow pointing to the left torch. You pull down (USE) the left 
    torch as a lever and discover another hidden passage. Before leaving 
    you TAKE the Silver Arrow.
    Bridge Room-
       At first glance you notice two bridges. One seems firm and solid 
    while the other rickety and ruined. You decide to walk (MOVE) through 
    the solid bridge just to be safe.
    Wraith Room-
    Cloak- *Important*
    Torch x2
       As you enter this room a Wraith appears before you. Your weapons are 
    useless against him, and nothing you try seems to work. You decide to 
    try using fire on this abomination. You USE your torch to light the 
    ring-shaped torched you found earlier. It begins to glow with a strange 
    and mysterious white light. With all your might you throw it at the 
    Wraith. When the light disappears you find the Wraith gone, destroyed 
    by the magical torch. You TAKE the two torches and the cloak before 
    entering through the door across the hall.
    EPOR Chamber-
    Bottle 1
    Bottle 2 *Important*
    Scroll 1 *Important*
       Entering this chamber you notice a torch and various items scattered 
    on the shelf. TAKE all the items on the shelf. You then examine (OPEN) 
    the scroll that you found on the shelf and begin to read it. As you 
    read the scroll you begin to ponder its meaning:
       "Five to find, Three are One,
        One gives access, The Bladed Sun
        The Silver Orb, To banish below.
        The Staff of Ages, to vanquish the foe.
        Joining Two, the Golden
        Blade. The last to invoke, 
        The Platinum Horn"
       Not knowing what it could mean you decide to keep the riddle in 
    mind, and search the room some more. As you LOOK at the sign that says 
    EPOR you find this very strange. Taking another LOOK at it you discover 
    that it is a spell. You USE the spell EPOR and it magically raises the 
    rope to the ceiling. You then climb the rope to wherever it may lead.
    Mirror Room-
    Broom *Important*
    Torch x2
       You find yourself in a strange mirror room. Spying two torches and a 
    broom you decide to take both, knowing that some use may come of them. 
    You stare at you reflection in each mirror. For some strange reason one 
    of the mirrors appears odd to you. With nothing else in the room you 
    decide to MOVE through the door behind you.
    Coffin Room-
    Bag 2- Coppcoin x3
    Scepter- *Important*
       A room full of coffins begins to make you feel uneasy. Using some 
    luck and a lot of courage you decide to search through the coffins. You 
    OPEN the two on the right. Inside you find a bag full of Coppcoins, in 
    the middle coffin on the right. You OPEN the coffin in the bottom, and 
    find a mummy. Sensing something within the Mummy you USE your torch and 
    burn the mummies tattered bandages revealing a scepter. You TAKE the 
    scepter and continue your search, by going through the door behind you.
       Entering another of the Castle's hallways you find nothing of 
    interest or value, and you decide to head through the door on the 
    right, and continue your search there.
    Lake & Waterfall-
    Bag 1- *Important*
         Red, White, Blue Gem
    Key 3- *Important*
    Stone x5- *Important*
       You find yourself standing next to some lake. You notice a key being 
    held by a skeleton, and decide to swim for it. But you spot a hungry 
    shark swimming in the lake. Deciding that there is no way to get the 
    key with the shark there you press on.
       You see a door on the other side of the lake and you decide to head 
    there. In this room you find some sort of waterfall. Spying some stones 
    on the floor you decide to gather (TAKE) some to use for your sling. 
    While gathering the stones you spy some type of crack between the 
    waterfall and the collapsed stones. You find that there is a cavern 
    behind the waterfall. You cautiously MOVE through the waterfall and 
    find a hidden cave. In the cave you notice a strange rock that seems 
    out of place. You HIT it with all your might and reveal a bag hidden 
    inside the rock. Inside are three gems, a white, red, and blue gem. You 
    clutch them in your hands, as you exit the cave.
    Cold Room-
    Sphere *Important*
       After exiting the underground lake you head for the last door you 
    have yet to go through. As you enter you notice it is strangely cold. 
    You TAKE the two torches on the wall, and begin to examine the contents 
    of this room. You spy a hidden door on the floor. You OPEN the door and 
    see a rickety ladder leading down. You decide not to take it for the 
    ladder does not seem to be able to support your weight.
       Before you enter the door you spy some sort of hole next to it. As 
    you look at your gems you notice the White Gem would fit perfectly 
    through the hole. You USE the White Gem and place it in the hole. When 
    you do that a strange Sphere appears right atop the pedestal. Touching 
    the sphere you notice that it is oddly cold, and begin to feel 
    something strange, yet magical about it. You decide to go back to the 
       As you enter the Lake Room you USE the Sphere on the Lake. Magically 
    the lake has turned to ice and the shark has now become harmless. You 
    now TAKE Key 3 which the skeleton was holding. You then feel that you 
    may need this sphere again, so you melt the lake so that you can 
    reclaim the Sphere. With that in hand you head back to the cold room.
    Dragon Room-
    Hammer *Important*
    Shield *Important*
    Spear *Important*
       In the cold room you MOVE through the door to see what else lurks in 
    this place of evil. As you enter the room you suddenly feel hot. The 
    room has suddenly become immensely hot. Spying two eyes at the end of 
    this corridor, you look down at the floor and notice a shield. Those 
    eyes belong to a Dragon! You TAKE the shield just in time for the 
    dragon has suddenly fired at you. Knowing that the Shield could not 
    stand this heat forever you TAKE the Helmet, Spear, and Hammer and 
    quickly leave the room.
       With a Hammer in hand you head back to the Mirror Room. Somehow 
    feeling that there is more to these mirrors than meets the eye you USE 
    your Hammer to smash the mirror in the middle, revealing a door behind 
    it. Trying to OPEN the door you find it locked. With Key 3 in hand you 
    unlock the door and head on through.
    Fire Room-
       Entering the Fire Room the heat becomes unbearable and you must turn 
    back. You remember finding a Cloak somewhere in this Castle. You USE it 
    on your SELF, and head back towards the Fire Room. It protects you but 
    you not know for how long. As you OPEN the door, a Firedrake rushes 
    through the door and almost kills you. Finding your way blocked you 
    remember the Sphere and decide to throw it into the Fire Pit. In a 
    flash the demon and the fire disappears and you MOVE through the door, 
    and continue your quest.
    Troll Bridge-
       Entering this room you find a bridge held over a large chasm. Trying 
    to cross the bridge a troll appears and demands payment. Having no gold 
    coins to pay the troll you USE your spear, and pay him with the pointy 
    end of your spear instead. He falls into the chasm below and you 
    quickly run across the bridge.
    Gauntlet- *Important*
       Arriving in the Castle Courtyard you find a Cyclops guarding the 
    door on the other side of the Courtyard. Remembering the tale of the 
    Cyclops and how its weakness is its one eye, you find your sling and 
    place (USE) a stone to put in the sling. With all your might you use 
    your sling and hurl the stone at the beast. Hitting it square in the 
    eye the beast falls.
       Before leaving you spy a well. Wanting a drink after your travels 
    you decide to get some water. You turn (USE) the crank to bring up the 
    bucket of water. Noticing something covering the bucket you OPEN it. 
    You find a gauntlet within the bucket and decide to TAKE it. With no 
    water in the well you decide to just press on.
    The Grand Hall-
       You find yourself in the castle's Grand Hall. You TAKE the nearby 
    torch and decide to continue your search to the first door on the left. 
    The Library-
    Map- *Important*
    Skull- *Important*
    Scroll 3- *Important*
    Scroll 4- *Important*
    Glasses- *Important*
       You now find yourself in the Castle's Library. Searching through the 
    library, you OPEN the desk drawers and TAKE 2 scrolls, Key 5, and some 
    Glasses. You OPEN Scroll 3 and it reads:
        Lands under the heavens; The
        Key to the world.
        "Terra Terrakk"
       Suddenly you find that you have learned another spell. And the 
    scroll disappears. You also OPEN Scroll 4 to see what it may hold. It 
       "To move the sun from far to near,
        Light is what the darkness fears."
        "Instantum Illumina"
       With another spell in hand, the scroll quickly disappears. You then 
    spy a book atop the desk. You OPEN the book and LOOK at it, but find 
    that it is written in some foreign language. You remember the Glasses 
    and USE them on your SELF. Looking at the book again you find that the 
    words can now be read. They are written as:
       "The Light grows faint, the path
        Winds round. Where life is lost
        Wisdom is found. The seed of the 
        Dream. Fore the evil is free, where
        The Sword is hung, he must place the key.
        A bridge to from, amidst burning death a
        Demon to guard."
        "Motari Riseth"
       As you read the final lines, discovering it to be a magical spell, 
    the book suddenly disappears. You search the room more finding a Map 
    and Skull. You TAKE both deciding that they may be useful. Also you 
    discover another hole near the bookcase. Remembering about the White 
    Gem, you examine the hole and your gems. The Red Gem looks as if it 
    would fit perfectly. It does, and the bookcase slides away to reveal a 
    hidden passageway.
    The Study-
    Bottle 5
    Key 6
       In the Study you find a Cup, Bellows, and Poker. TAKE them all. You 
    also spot a globe. You notice that it has some sort of line through it, 
    as if it can be opened. You try to OPEN it, but to no avail. You then 
    remember one of the scrolls saying the "key to the world", deciding to 
    use the spell TERRAKK. The globe then has a crack in it large enough to 
    OPEN. Inside you find Key 6, and a bottle. Take both and head back to 
    the Grand Hall.
    The Laboratory-
    Bottle 2 x2
    Bottle 3
    Bottle 4
    Horseshoe- *Important*
    Holy Water (Water)
    Test tube
       In the Grand Hall you MOVE through the second door on the left. The 
    Lab smells of evil as you search through its halls. Spying items on the 
    shelves, you decide to TAKE them all, for whatever use they may be used 
    for. You also TAKE the Horseshoe atop the wall, for it could bring you 
    luck. You LOOK at the cage on the floor, and see that the cage has 
    rattled. You decide to leave whatever is in there alone. You also spy a 
    vase along the wall. LOOKing inside to find a poisonous smell, and you 
    pull back as quickly as possible.
       Before heading through the door, you trip on something on the floor. 
    You USE the stone's little ring to lift it up and discover Holy Water. 
    TAKE the Holy Water and head down the stairs.
    The Unholy Garden-
    Flute- *Important*
    Ring- *Important*
       Entering the garden you spy a Flute above a fountain. As you reach 
    for it, a drip of water touches your skin. It begins to burn, and you 
    discover that it is acid water! You remember the Gauntlet you found and 
    USE it on your SELF. You then safely TAKE the flute. You USE the flute 
    to play a peaceful melody. As you do the tree reveals a hidden hole, 
    with a Ring in it. Take the ring and head back to the Grand Hall.
    The Banquet Hall-
    Key 4- *Important*
    Mirror- *Important*
       In the Grand Hall you OPEN the door at then end of the hall and MOVE 
    through. You now find yourself in the Banquet Hall. As you step on the 
    rug, you feel something under it. You USE your torch and burn the rug 
    to find Key 4. USE Key 5 on the door near the stairs and MOVE through.
    The Sphinx Room-
       As you enter you spot a Sphinx guarding the stairs. As you try to 
    MOVE up the stairs the Sphinx gives you a riddle that you must answer. 
    His riddles are:
       "I'm a fire's friend, My body swells with wind.
        With my nose I blow, how the embers glow!"
       Here he speaks of the Bellows you found in the Study. Give (USE) it 
    to him to pass. 
       "I've no eyes. But once did see. 
        Thoughts had I but now I'm white and empty. "
        Here he speaks of the Skull you found in the Library. Give (USE) it 
    to him to pass.
       "First burnt and beaten, drowned and pierced with nails,
        Then stepped on by long-faced animals"
        Here he speaks of the Horseshoe you found in the Lab. Give (USE) it 
    to him to pass.
       "Long neck, ho hands, 100 legs, cannot stand.
        Born of forest nest, against a wall I rest."
        Here he speaks of the Broom you found in the Mirror Room. Give 
    (USE) it to him to pass.
       "It has towns, but no houses.
        Forests, but no trees. Rivers but no fish."
        Here he speaks of the Map you found in the Library. Give (USE) it 
    to him to pass.
       "You look at me, I look back, your right hand raises, I my left.
        You speak, but I in vain."
       Here he speaks of the Mirror you found in the Banquet Hall. Give 
    (USE) it to him to pass.
         He now lets you pass and you move on through. Before that you note 
    those weird symbols on the stairs.
    Rod- *Important*
    Scroll 5
    Star- *Important*
       As you enter this room you find a scroll on the table. You read the 
    scroll, but it seems to be of no use. You also spot a star map with a 
    Star on it. TAKEing the star you feel something magical about it. As 
    you do that you felt something behind the map. OPEN the map. You will 
    discover a Rod. TAKE the Rod and head up the stairs.
    The Werewolf-
    Golden Blade (Blade)- **Very Important**
       As you enter the room you find a woman chained to the wall. Although 
    beautiful you sense something evil about this woman, you then remember 
    the tales of the werewolf, and how it transforms into a woman on nights 
    of the full moon. Using the Arrow you found, you strike the woman with 
    it, and she transforms into a werewolf, just as you expected. TAKE the 
    Blade and head back to the Banquet Hall.
    The Hell Hound & Wyvern-
    Platinum Horn (Horn)- **Very Important**
    The Bladed Sun (Talisman)- **Very Important**
       USE Key 6 on the door on the second floor. And head on through. You 
    will find a horn on the floor. Trying to TAKE the horn a Hell Hound 
    suddenly appears. USE the Holy Water you found on the beast to send it 
    back to the depths of where it came from. Now TAKE the Horn and head up 
    the ladder.
       As you climb up the stairs you find the Bladed Sun guarded by a 
    Wyvern. As you reach for your sword the Star you found begins to glow. 
    You USE the Star on the Wyvern and it is slain instantly. You now TAKE 
    the Talisman and head back to the Banquet Hall. USE Key 4 on the last 
    door and continue your quest.
    The Ancient King-
    Wand- *Important*
    Bag 3- *Important*
       As you enter this corridor you find two torches. TAKE them and head 
    to the door on the left. You will find yourself on the Balcony with a 
    fierce storm going on. Learning that lightning is attracted by metal, 
    like the armor you're wearing, you know it is dangerous to be standing 
    out here. With the Rod you found in the Observatory, you place it on 
    the hole near the edge, so lightning would strike the Rod instead.
       As you do this lightning strikes the rod. A skeletal hand then 
    appears with a Wand in hand. TAKE the Wand and head down the stairs. 
    Going down you find a bag and a pot of gold. Knowing that the pot would 
    attract the lightning, you take bag 3 and head back to the corridor and 
    through the other door.
       You now find yourself in an ancient throne room. A skeleton sits on 
    the throne. You USE the scepter and place it in his hand. As you do 
    this the crest slowly slides down to reveal a ring shaped hole. 
    Remembering the Ring you found you place it in the hole to reveal a 
    hidden passageway.
    The Gargoyle Room-
    Torch x4
       As you descend down the passage you find four torches on the wall. 
    TAKE them all. You are about to move through the crawl through passage 
    on the left, but a huge stone pillar quickly falls narrowly missing 
    you. You then head through the door at the end of the room.
       You now find yourself in the Gargoyle room. Head to the door on the 
    right. You will find yourself in another fire pit. Without the sphere 
    you cannot freeze the fire. Nor can you get to the door on the other 
    side without some type of bridge. Remembering the text from the book 
    you USE the spell Motari. A bridge forms, allowing safe passageway to 
    the door.
    The Lever Room-
    Silver Orb (Orb)- **Very Important**
       You find a strange cylinder attached to a chain, along with some 
    levers on the wall. Somehow this reminds you of the symbols in the 
    Sphinx room, and you place the switches in this order. First flip the 
    right switch down. Then the middle switch down. Finally flip the right 
    switch up to retrieve the Silver Orb.
    The Magician's Chamber-
    Scroll 2 *Important*
    Staff of Ages (Staff) **Very Important**
       Peering through your items you find one gem left, the Blue Gem. You 
    recall seeing a door in the EPOR Chamber, and head back there. Opening 
    the door, you find one more hole for one more gem. You use the gem and 
    the stone wall rises to reveal a Magician. He tells you of how to 
    defeat the Warlock.
       "Listen, Warrior! The Warlock Lord can
        only be defeated by thy courage and the
        Staff of Ages.
        Remember, Five to find. Three for the Staff
        One to be the key, and one to be thy pathway.
        Have thy wits, about thee warrior! Fare thee well."
       As the wall re-seals itself a scroll appears. TAKE the scroll. As 
    you read the scroll:
       "As the shadow of the wind, thou shalt be!"
       With the wizards word in mind. You decide to head back to the two 
    bridges. Looking at your items you discover Bottle 2, with a label that 
    read, "Lighter than air". You USE Bottle 2's liquid on your SELF, and 
    suddenly find yourself rising above the air. Now you can cross the 
    bridge without worry of dying. As you enter the cave a snake is there 
    waiting for you. Quickly you USE the Wand on it and begins to shrink. 
    Soon it turns into a Staff. TAKE the Staff and head back to the 
    Gargoyle room.
       As you head towards the Gargoyle room you find that the troll has 
    returned, and not very happy. You USE the spell HUMANA and become 
    invisible, allowing you to pass unseen across the bridge. Entering the 
    Courtyard the Cyclops seems to be guarding the door once again. USE the 
    Stone on the Sling, and vanquish the beast. Finally you reach the 
    Gargoyle room. Sensing something strange about the Gargoyle statues you 
    give them a closer look. They almost seem as if they are, alive. You 
    cast the spell ILLUMINA and blind the Gargoyles. Quickly you run 
    through the door they were guarding.
    The Wishing Well-
       You find yourself in some sort of well room. Finding a lever near 
    the well you USE it to reveal a hidden passage within the well. You USE 
    the Big Coin to see if there is any water below. As you do that a wind 
    erupts from the well. You jump down the well and the wind safely brings 
    you to the bottom of the well.
    The River Styx-
       You find yourself in what appears to be a river. Something seems 
    very evil about the river so you decide not to jump into the water. You 
    then spy a gong near the river. You USE the mallet that is attached and 
    ringed the gong. Suddenly a ferryman appears and asks for payment. You 
    USE a Gold Coin as your payment, and the ferryman takes you 
    The Skull Gate-
       As you MOVE onto the raft the ferryman takes you to some type of 
    sacred ground. There you find three sun shaped symbols on the wall and 
    a skull gate blocking your path. You remember a Talisman that you have, 
    and place it under the sword icon. It turns out to be one of the Sacred 
    Relics the Bladed Sun. Now you USE the Horn and give out a mighty blow. 
    As if by magic the Skull gate slowly rises, you know that this is where 
    the evil Warlock is, and prepare yourself for the final battle.
    The Behemoth & The Warlock-
       As you enter the chamber you find that the Warlock has just summoned 
    the most powerful being know to man, The Behemoth! You wonder what can 
    stop such a creature. Suddenly it all becomes clear to you:
        "Five to find, Three are One,
        One gives access, The Bladed Sun
        The Silver Orb, To banish below.
        The Staff of Ages, to vanquish the foe.
        Joining Two, the Golden
        Blade. The last to invoke, 
        The Platinum Horn"
       The Orb that you found, it is the Silver Orb! And that Staff. It 
    must be the Staff of Ages. Plus the Blade, it's got to be the Golden 
    Blade. You USE the Blade onto the Staff and they magically fit 
    together. Then you USE the Orb onto the Staff. It then becomes a 
    magical weapon. One that can defeat the Behemoth and the Warlock. You 
    pray as you raise the Staff of Ages. Will it destroy the Behemoth once 
    and for all? Only you shall know.
    IV. Credits/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Mike Meevasin. Shadowgate Classic is 
    made/owned/copyrighted/whatever by Nintendo, Infinite Ventures, and 
    Kemco. You may freely use this FAQ for noncommercial purposes if it is 
    not altered and I am credited.
    - Aaron Finale (aaron_finale@hotmail.com) for one of 
      the Sphinx's Riddle Question.
    - Bob Hrabik (bobhrabik@hotmail.com) for another one of the
      Sphinx's Riddle question.
    - Marcus0001 (Marcus0001@aol.com) for providing one of the answers
      to the Sphinx's riddle.
    - Vol Tenasi (VolTenasi@aol.com) for the final Sphinx riddle question.

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