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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ragrut

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______   __    __   _______   _______   _______
    |  _____| |  |  |  | |  ___  | |  _____| |  ___  |
    | |_____  |  |  |  | | |___| | | |_____  | |___| |      
    |_____  | |  |  |  | |  _____| |  _____| |  __  _|     
     _____| | |  |__|  | | |       | |_____  | |  \ \     
    |_______| |________| |_|       |_______| |_|   \_\    
     ___  ___   _____   _______   _______   ________      
    |   \/   | |  _  | |  ___  | |__   __| |  ____  |     
    |        | | |_| | | |___| |    | |    | |    | |
    |  |\/|  | |  _  | |  __  _|    | |    | |    | |
    |  |  |  | | | | | | |  \ \   __| |__  | |____| |      
    |__|  |__| |_| |_| |_|   \_\ |_______| |________|
     _______   _______   ________   _______         _______   __    __
    |  ___  | |  ___  | |  ____  | |  _____|       |  ____ \  \ \  / /
    | |___| | | |___| | | |    | | | |_____        | |    | |  \ \/ /
    |  ___ <  |  __  _| | |    | | |_____  |       | |    | |   |  |
    | |___| | | |  \ \  | |____| |  _____| |       | |____| |  / /\ \
    |_______| |_|   \_\ |________| |_______|       |_______/  /_/  \_\
    Super Mario Bros. Deluxe FAQ & Walkthrough
    made & created by: me 
    VERSION 1.0 - 
    |< CONTENTS >|
    1.  Updates	
    2.  Story
    3.	 Items
    4.	 Characters
    5.	 Enemies
    6.	 Screens	
    7.	 Original (1985)
    8.	 Challenge
    9.  Lost Levels
    10. You vs. Boo
    11. vs. Game
    12. Ranking
    13. Toy Box
    14. The Album
    15. Tips and Secrets
    16. Top Scores
    17. Legal Info
    18. Thanks
    19. Conclusion
    |< 1. UPDATES >|
    Version 1.1 :
    - my FAQ just got on the web, so this is a minor update. I'm just fixing 
      of the errors I found on the web. 
    - I added some new top scores (my first ones!!). 
    - there's a new secret under the original 1985 section (thanks to 
    Version 1.0 : 
    - my FAQ is ready to roll
    - missing a couple of things, but I'll try to update as often as I can
    - hope you like it!!
    |< 2. STORY >|
    Once upon a time, the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom was invaded by the 
    Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their dark magic. These terrible 
    terrapins transformed the peace-loving Mushroom People into stones, 
    bricks, and ironically, mushrooms then set their own evil king on the 
    throne. In the wake of the ghastly coup d',tat, the beautiful Mushroom 
    Kingdom fell into ruin and despair. It is said that only the daughter of 
    the Mushroom King, Princess Toadstool, can break the evil spell and 
    return the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom to their normal selves. 
    But the King of the Koopas, knowing of this prophecy, kidnapped the 
    lovely Princess and hid her away in one of his castles. Word of the 
    terrible plight of the Mushroom People quickly spread throughout the 
    land, eventually reaching the ears of a humble plumber. The simple, yet 
    valiant Mario vowed to rescue the Princess from King Koopa's tyrannous 
    reign. But can Mario really overcome the many obstacles facing him and 
    become a true hero? 
    This is the story that came straight out of the manual. It is the 
    official story.
    |< 3. ITEMS >|
    Mushroom-Makes Mario big-1,000 pts.
    Fire Flower-Makes Big Mario shoot fireballs-1,000 pts.
    Super Star-Lets Mario have about 10 seconds of invincibility-1,000 pts.
    1-up Mushroom-Gives Mario an extra life-2,000 pts.
    Coins-If Mario collects 100 of these, he will get an extra life-200 pts.
    Jumping Board-Jump on it and go way high up-000 pts.
    Poison Mushroom- Shrinks Mario or kills him-000 pts.
    Red Coin-Collect 5 of them in the Challenge mode-200 pts. each
    Yoshi Egg-1 is hidden in every level in the Challenge mode-2,000 pts.
    Beanstalk-Find them to go to a secret bonus area-000 pts.
    I'll probably make descriptions for these. E-mail me if you got anything 
    to say about the items section. I'll be getting more items as soon as I 
    think up some. If you know any, email me.
    |< 4. CHARACTERS >|
    Mario-The hero of the game
    Luigi-Mario's younger brother
    Princess Toadstool-Bowser's "Damsel in Distress"
    The Toad People-When you beat a castle there they are, telling you that 
    the Princess is not there
    Yoshi-Mario's dinosaur companion
    Boo-A racing ghost
    Bowser-The King of Koopas
    I'm prety sure that i'm going to make more authetic descriptions for 
    these someday. E-mail me for any other ideas.
    |< 5. ENEMIES >|
    Goomba-Jump on their head or shoot them with a fireball or use a super 
    star for 100 pts.(either way)
    Buzzy Beetle-Jump on their head (100 pts.) and push them aside (500 
    pts.) for a total of 600 pts.
                 Use a super star for 200 pts.
    Koopa Troopa-Jump on their heads (100 pts.) and push them aside (500 
    pts.) for a total of 600 pts.
                 Shoot them with a fireball for 200 pts.
                 With a super star, he is worth 200 pts.
    Koopa Paratroopa-Shoot them with a fireball for 200 pts.
                     Jump on their heads (400 pts.), do it again (100 pts.), 
    then knock their shell out of the way (400 pts.)for a toal of 900 pts.
    Hammer Bros-Stand under their arch of arrows and run underneath or jump 
    over them for 1,000 pts. (either way)
    Lakitu-Get on a high spot and jump on his head for 200 pts.
    Spiny-Shoot him with a fireball for 200 pts. DO NOT JUMP ON TOP OF 
    Pirana Plant-Don't let them touch you and shoot them with a fireball for 
    200 pts.
    Bloober-Shoot him with a fireball for 200 pts.
            Jump on his head for 1,000 pts. (Lost Levels only) 
    Cheep-Cheep-If she's underwater, shoot her with a fireball for 200 pts.
                If she's flying in the air, jump on her head or shoot her 
    with a fireball for 200 pts.
    Bullet Bill-Jump on top of their head for 200 pts.
    Bowser-Run underneath (or over) him and hit the key-thingie for 000 pts.
           Shoot him with a fireball 5 times for 5,000 pts.
    I might make these more clear or have descriptions or something, I dont 
    know. I'll figure something out soon (enough). If you have any ideas 
    PLEASE e-mail me.
    |< 6. SCREENS >|
    There are a number of different screens in the game. Here, I have listed 
    a lot of them.
    Title-         |->Original | KEY: L   =  Luigi Head (Lost Levels)
                   | Challenge |      B   =  Boo Ghost (You vs. Boo)
                   |  vs game  |      *   =  Star (Records)
                   | L       B |      [A] =  Album Book (Album)
                   |           |      O   =  Round Box w/ Bow (Toy Box)
                   | *  [A]  O |      ->  =  Hand Beside What You're 
    Original 1985- |SELECT FILE| KEY: W-- = World -, Level -
                   |           |     (M)  = Mario (either one)
                   |W-- W-- W--|     [ ]  = Pipe (goes all the way to the 
                   |           |
                   |(M) (M) (M)|
                   |[ ] [ ] [ ]|
    Challenge-     |[] [] [] []| KEY: []           = Level (32 in all)
                   |[] [] [] []|      ___________
                   |[] [] [] []|     |_______|___| = Score Bar
                   |[] [] [] []|
                   |[] [] [] []|
                   |[] [] [] []|
                   |[] [] [] []|
                   |[] [] [] []|
    Lost Levels-   |SUPER      | KEY: (top)-------  =  "FOR SUPER PLAYERS"
                   |MARIO BROS.|           W--      =  World and Level
                   |-----------|      (bottom)----  =  Top Score 
                   |           |
                   |  New Game |
                   |  Continue |
                   |    W--    |
                   |TOP - -----|
    You vs. Boo-   | M       B | KEY: M     =  Mario
                   |YOU vs BOO |      B     =  Boo 
                   |[] [] [] []|      []    =  Level
                   |[] [] [] []|      win-  =  How Many Times You've Won
                   |___________|      lose- =  How Many Times You've Lost
    Records-       |  RANKING  | KEY: ## = The Accomplished Score
                   |1 ## !! @@ |      !! = Who Accomplished the Score
                   |2 ## !! @@ |      @@ = Where Score Was Accomplished
                   |3 ## !! @@ |
                   |4 ## !! @@ |
                   |5 ## !! @@ |
                   |6 ## !! @@ |
                   |7 ## !! @@ |
                   |8 ## !! @@ |
                   |9 ## !! @@ |
                   |10## !! @@ |
    vs. Mode-      | M       L | KEY: M     =  Mario (Player 1)
                   |YOU vs YOU |      L     =  Luigi (Player 2) 
                   |[] [] [] []|      []    =  Level
                   |[] [] [] []|      win-  =  How Many Times You've Won
                   |___________|      lose- =  How Many Times You've Lost
    Toy Box-       |           | KEY: [C]  =  Calendar
                   |  TOY BOX  |      [F]  =  Fortune Telling
                   |           |      [?]  =  The Toad Hole
                   | [C]   [F] |      [Y]  =  Yoshi's Egg Finder
                   | [?]   [Y] |
    Album-          ______
          Page 1-  |()  {}| KEY: () = Toad Award
                   |  []  |      {} = Peach Award
                   |<>  /\|      [] = Mario Award
                   |__1___|      <> = Bowser Award
                                /\ = Yoshi Award
          Page 2-  |[][][]| KEY: [] = Pictures  
                   |[][][]|      (go to the album section for more details)    
          Page 3-  |{}{}{}| KEY: {} = Pictures
                   |{}{}{}|      (go to the album section for more details) 
          Page 4-  |[    ]| KEY: [   ]
                   |[    ]|      [   ] = Big Bowser Picture 
                   |[____]|      [   ]
          Page 5-  |[    ]| KEY: [   ]
                   |[    ]|      [   ] = Big Mario & Luigi Picture
                   |[____]|      [   ] 
    These may not be the best pictures ever, but this is not exactly the 
    easiest thing in the world to do, so just bare with me. If you have any 
    more screen ideas or drawings PLEASE e-mail me.
    |< 7. ORIGINAL (1985) >|
    The first time you go through the levels, it's pretty easy. But the 
    second time around it gets harder. There are lots of secrets throughout 
    the game. I have listed most of them below.
    World 1-1
    1. If you go down the fourth pipe, you will find a room with a bunch of 
    coins. Go through the pipe and you'll end up at the end of the level.
    2. If you skip the pipe, then you will see a small hill. Jump to the 
    left of it to find a hidden 1-up block. (thanks to Hunter371 for sending 
    that secret in).
    3. After the second gap in the level, jump up to find a multi-coin block 
    hidden in the normal brown block.
    4. Right after the multi-coin block, there should be two regular blocks. 
    The one on the right has a super star in it.
    World 1-2
    1. At the begining of the level, there should be a little gap with a 
    goomba inside it. Kill the goomba and jump into the regular block.A 
    multi-coin block should appear.
    2. Shortly after the multi-coin block, there is a super star in the 
    right collum of the regular blocks. Jump up to the very top right one 
    while you're big.
    3. After the "hook" of blocks with the coin inside it, jump at the wide 
    column of blocks. The middle one on the right is a multi-coin block.
    4. Shortly after the multi-coin block, jump onto the wide ledge with 6 
    coins. At the very edge, jump to get a 1-up mushroom.
    5. At the very last platforms going up, jump on them and jump to the 
    right above the pipe. Run to the right to find a warp zone to worlds 2, 
    3, and 4.
    World 1-3
    There's actually nothing that I could find here... Darn...
    World 1-4
    1. At the big gap right before Bowser there is 6 hidden blocks.
    World 2-1
    1. At the part where there are 3 blocks and two koopa troopas, jump 
    around to find a hidden block. Jump up onto the hidden block and jump 
    again to find a hidden 1-up mushroom.
    2. Near the pipe with a single block below and several blocks above, 
    jump onto the single block. Jump to the 1st block to find a hidden super 
    star. Don't smash the single block!
    3. Shortly after the super star, you'll find a bunch of ? blocks with 
    some normal blocks above it. Jump onto the middle normal block to find a 
    hidden beanstalk.
    4. After a small gap, you'll see a single block. Jump into it to find a 
    multi-coin block.
    World 2-2
    Water levels never have any secrets...
    World 2-3
    Nothing here either... I dont think...
    World 2-4
    I couldn't find anything much here... Sorry... 
    I will update this as often as i can. IT ISNT EASY!!!! (If you have 
    found any secrets that I missed, e-mail me)
    There are five different types of levels. Land, underground, underwater, 
    air, and castle. I think that castle is the easiest, then land, then 
    air, then underground, and underwater. I have counted how many land, 
    water, castle, and underground levels there are:
    I will try to get descriptions for some of these later on. If you've got 
    any ideas, you guessed it, e-mail me. '_'
    In the whole game, there are many warps. Below I have listed all that I 
    have found.
    In level 1-2, jump on top of the moving platforms that are heading 
    upward at the VERY end of the level. Ride them up to the top of the 
    level and jump to the ground ABOVE the pipe. Run and you will find three 
    pipes. Jump in any one of them you choose to warp to worlds 2, 3, or 4.
    In level 4-2, get the mushroom in the ? block in the big group of them. 
    Then jump on top of the 2 ? blocks on the top. Smash the block and jump 
    onto the ceiling. Run and jump over any gaps. Keep ruinning. When you 
    get the pipe, stay on the ceiling and run over it. You should come to a 
    single pipe. Jump into it to warp to level 5. 
    In level 4-2, stand just to the right of the first falling platforms. 
    Jump around to find two invisible blocks. Jump on top of them and jump 
    to smash the three blocks in the air. The far left one holds a 
    beanstalk. The beanstalk will lead you to an area much like level 4-3, 
    except it has land below it. At the very end, you'll see three pipes. 
    Jump down any of the three you want to warp to worlds 6, 7, or 8.
    If you have any more warps e-mail me.
    Sometimes the castles can be a little tricky. Here is the complete guide 
    on how to beat the castles.
    Castle 1-4
    Jump over the first lava pit. Wait for the lava-line-thing swirl around. 
    Jump over the pit and hit the ? block. Jump onto the ? block, get the 
    mushroom, and wait for the lava-line twirl around again. Next, jump over 
    the pit and just run. You shouldn't hit any lava-lines. The next part is 
    kind of easy. Jump over the lava-lines on the ground and go under the 
    lava-line in the air. Simple! Then all you've got to do is get to 
    Bowser. Avoid his fireballs and run underneath him to hit the key-thing. 
    If you have fireballs, shoot him 5 times with them and he'll die. 
    Castle 2-4
    First, let the fireball go up. When it goes back down, jump over the 
    other platform. Jump again to the next one and hit the ? block. Get the 
    mushroom and jump over the fireball again. Run and go to the bottom 
    route. It is easier. Then jump on the platform going up. When it nears 
    the top, jump on one of the ones going down. Jump over the lava-line and 
    get the coins. Jump over the pits and avoid Bowser's fireballs. Like I 
    said above, run underneath him to get the key-thing if you are big or 
    small. If you have fireballs, hit him with those five times.
    I will try to update this a.s.a.p. I might make a rating of how easy and 
    hard the castle is. if your having trouble or have ideas e-mail me.
    There isn't much of a difference in the Star Course. (The Star Course is 
    the course you play after you beat the regular game once.) The goomba's 
    are turned into buzzy beetles, and some of the levels are harder. It 
    doesn't take too long to beat, though. There is no challenge mode for 
    this, thankfully. I might make descriptions of whats different in the 
    star courses, might not.  E-mail & to tell me what you think.
    On the first time you play, don't take any warps! As you know, warps let 
    you skip levels. Well, as you might not know, the challenge course 
    levels don't just appear magically. You have to earn them yourself. 
    Everytime you beat a level, you get it on the challenge mode. If you 
    take a warp and you beat the game, then you have to beat the levels that 
    you skipped. (I learned that the hard way...*_*) If you want to get 
    through the first game quickly, but don't want to take any warps, then 
    below is just what you need.
    World 1-1
    Take the fourth pipe and you'll end up at the flag in no time.
    World 1-2
    Get on top of the "w" looking formation of blocks. Smash a big hole in 
    the ceiling and do a running jump to get on top of the ceiling. When you 
    see the gap right before the pipe, then jump down it.
    World 1-3
    Not much here, just run through the level and be careful.
    World 1-4
    Castles are quick and easy. See above for a step-by-step guide on how to 
    beat it.
    World 2-1
    Go to the beanstalk about midways through the level (see above) and 
    you'll be out of there in no time.
    World 2-2
    Swimming levels never have any shortcuts! Just take your time because 
    they are usually hard. Don't rush or you will die. x_x
    World 2-3
    Run through the level and don't stop running!
    World 2-4
    Like I said before, castles are easy.
    I will update this a.s.a.p. E-mail me if you've got anything.
    I guess this is the end of the Oringnal 1985 section. I will update as 
    often as I can on everything i can. If you recomend anything else that 
    you want me to add or if you like or dislike anything or if there are 
    any mistakes, please E-mail me and tell me KINDLY. If you write anything 
    bad, then I will not include your name under my "thanks" list. Send me 
    anything you want or like or don't want or anything. Just don't send 
    junk or bad stuff!
    |< 8. CHALLENGE >|
    The challenge mode is pretty hard (it's challenging). You have to find 5 
    red coins, 1 yoshi egg, and get a certain amount of score on every 
    level. I have all the red coins, all the yoshis eggs, and all of the 
    score tokens. Trust me - IT WASN'T EASY!!!!!!!!! 
    >>SCORE TIPS<<
    1. powerups always give you 1,000 points-get as many as you can
    2. 1-ups and Yoshi eggs give you 2,000 points-get as many as you can
    3. multi-coin blocks give you 200 points per coin; ex: if there are 10 
    coins in the block, then you'll get 2,000 points
    4. if you get every coin in the bean-stalk place, then you'll get a 
    10,000 point bonus (BIG help)
    5. always try to get the top of the flag to get 5,000 points
    6. fireworks give you 500 points for every one you get
    7. extra time left over will get get you extra points - the time is 50 
    points for each number; ex: if you have ten seconds leftover, you would 
    get 500 points added to your score
    8. go through the level quickly, but try to get as much stuff as you can
    9. warp zones are NEVER in challenge mode
    10.if you kick a koopa troopa's shell into numerous bad guys, then your 
    score will rise highly
    11.if you step on more than one goomba, your score will rise by doubles 
    (see instruction booklet page 34)
    12.don't always use your fireballs, because sometimes you can get more 
    points by jumping on the enemy
    13.on the two platforms that are connected with a string, if one of them 
    falls off, you get 1,000 points
    14. practice, practice PRACTICE!!!! if you keep on doing the level over 
    and over you will (eventually) get it; some levels take longer than 
    others to beat, but just keep on trying 
    This is VERY hard (not to discourage you, or anything...). I'm thinking 
    about putting score tips for each level. I'll probably do that. If you 
    have any other ideas E-mail me. I'll keep on thinking. 
    Now for the Yoshi Eggs.I have included a picture for every single one. 
    But if you want a more detailed picture, then get one yoshi egg and go 
    to the toy box. Go to the Yoshi head and you'll see a black screen with 
    numbers at the top scrolling really fast and Yoshi and an egg on the 
    bottom. Press A and it will slow down to a stop. Look at the top. It 
    should say W followed by two numbers. Ex: W1-1 is World 1, level 1. The 
    screen will show where the Yoshi Egg is, but not how to get it. (I'll 
    give more details on this in the toy box section)
    KEY: Y = Yosh's Egg
         I = invisible Block
         ~~~ = clouds
         0 = coins
    World 1-1
    At the part with the two staircases and the gap in-between them, (the 
    one after the fourth red coin) the Yoshi egg is on the left side of the 
    |-- ---- --|
    |<-red coin|
    | number 4 |
    |  _    _  |
    |_|_|Y |_|_|
    |_|_|  |_|_|
    World 1-2
    At the very end of the level, stand on the exit pipe. Jump to get the 
    Yoshi egg.
    |-- ---- --|
    |        | |
    |<-last  | |
    |  gap  Y| |
    |exit    | |
    |pipe->__| |
    World 1-3
    After the third platform, you'll land on ground with a cloud in the 
    background. Jump around to find the Yoshi egg.
    |-- ---- --|
    |     Y    |
    |   _____  |
    |  |_____| |
    |    | |   |
    World 1-4
    At the big gap after the lava-lines, jump around for 6 invisible blocks. 
    The top one on the middle row is the Yoshi egg.
    |-- ---- --|
    |          |
    | [I][Y][I]|
    |          |
    |[I][I][I] |
    World 2-1
    When you jump over a large gap, look for a tall row of wooden posts. 
    Jump to find 2 invisible blocks. Jump left to the row of blocks and a 
    yoshi egg will appear.
    |-- ---- --|
    |[][][][Y] |
    |      [II]|
    |       || |
    |posts->|| |
    |_ gap  ||_|
    World 2-2
    At the second gap (the ones with the five coins in a bowl-like shape), 
    jump just to the right of the ending block above it.
    |-- ---- --|
    |[]        |
    |[][][][]Y |
    |          |
    |[] 0  0 []|
    World 2-3
    After the first power-up, you should come to a green platform. Look up 
    to see a cloud, and jump directly underneath it.
    |-- ---- --|
    |          |
    |    ~~~   |
    |     Y    |
    |  ______  |
    World 2-4
    At the part where you must be little Mario to get the 3 coins under the 
    block (right before the jumps at the end), jump on top of it to find an 
    invisible coin block. Jump on top of the coin block to find the yoshi 
    egg inside a block.
    |-- ---- --|
    |   [Y]    |
    | jumps -->|
    |   [I]    |
    |   000    |
    |    []    |
    This probably one of the hardest parts I'm working on. I'll TRY to 
    update a.s.a.p., and might put a rating on how hard it is to get the 
    egg. E-mail me if you've got anything else.
    >>RED COINS<<
    Red coins are very easy to get, as long as you know where to get them. 
    Lucky for you, I have written down where they all are. (Just like in 
    every other FAQ... ^_^) I have also included the score to beat on every 
    level. I might add the score on every level and tips on how to get it 
    later on in the score section. E-mail me what you think.
    World 1-1 - 32,000
    #1: On top of the middle block in the first row of blocks with the 4 ? 
    blocks is this Red Coin.
    #2: The block beneath the 6th ? block has ten coins plus 1 red coin it.
    #3: At the pyramid of 4 ? blocks hit the one on the right to receive the 
    3rd                                  red coin.
    #4: Right after that hit the middle block on the trio of blocks in the 
    #5: Jump into the last ? block in the level to get the last and final 
    red coin of the level.
    World 1-2 - 38,000
    #1: Jump into the last ? block in the first row of ? blocks. 
    #2: At the "W" shaped block formation, the 2nd coin in the group of the 
    four red coins on top just so happens to be the 2nd red coin.
    #3: To the right of the hook looking thing with a coin it, the big 6-
    block block thingie, is a red coin on top.
    #4: Go down the first Pirahna Plant's pipe into the secret coin room. 
    The block with no coin on it is a 10 coin block, the 11th coin being a 
    red one.
    #5: At the last set of brick steps, right before the moving platforms 
    and the end pipe, is the red coin. 
    World 1-3 - 24,000
    #1: In the first set of 3 coins there is a red coin in the middle of 
    #2: Ride the first moving platform to it's lowest point to collect the 
    second Red Coin.
    #3: Out in the open at the two moving platforms is another red coin.
    #4: After the platform w/ the Koopa Troopa on it is the 4th red coin.
    #5: At the end right before the big brown steps is the last red coin.
    World 1-4 - 13,000
    #1: Jump into the first ? block to get the first red coin.
    #2: Right after the second fire-bar in the air.
    #3: Out in the open near the 5th fire-bar is yet another red coin.
    #4: In between the next two fire-bars is the 4th red coin.
    #5: When you meet Bowser, jumo over him to the moving platform to get 
    the final red coin.
    World 2-1 - 40,000
    #1: Jump on top of the highest row of ? blocks in the beginning. 
    #2: Find the next row of ? blocks to also find the next red coin.
    #3: The next Pirahna Plant Pipe should have a red coin right next to it.
    #4: At the next lone block there will be a 10 coin block, also holding a 
    red coin. 
    #5: Lastly go to the ending tower thing and hit the brick blocks to 
    reveal yet another 10 coin block with yet another red coin. 
    World 2-2 - 25,000
    #1: This coin is right near you at the start of the level, just swim 
    #2: Right next to the third big pink sea weed thing on a small platform 
    is this red coin.
    #3: Near the 5th big pink sea weed thingie on yet another platform.
    #4: Oh, a hard one: In the small section that's trying to "suck you 
    down", carefully fall downwards to get this one, then swim like crazy 
    back up.
    #5: At the last top-right platform in the level, near the pipe.
    World 2-3 - 23,000
    #1: The third set of coins hold the first red coin.
    #2: This one's located in the first set of coins after the first ? 
    #3: Not hard to miss this one - right above the left post of a bridge. 
    You can't miss it...
    #4: At the part w/ 3 platforms spaced out there is a red coin.
    #5: This one is right in front of the flagpole at the end of the level.
    World 2-4 - 14,000
    #1: Pick up this coin to the right of the ? block, after the 3 
    #2: You gotta go to the top section of the two long hallways to get this 
    #3: This one's hard - you can see it plainly, right before the two 
    moving platforms, but be careful getting it - there's lots of fire.
    #4: Over the lava pits is another red coin.
    #5: When you get to Bowser, look up to find this beauty.
    As always, I'm going to update this a.s.a.p. If you have any ideas e-
    mail me. (how many times have you heard that)
    This is the end of the challenge section (i just said that...) If you 
    know of anything at all you want just give me an e-mail and i'll try my 
    hardest to help your little needs out. 
    |< 8. THE LOST LEVELS >|
    This is a new section of levels. It it is just like the Original 1985 
    section, except dif. levels and harder levels. It came out in 1985 in 
    Japan. To achieve these challenging levels, you must beat Luigi's high 
    score on the records list. 300,000!!!! But dont worry, it's not hard. 
    Just look through the Original 1985 section to find tips, and it'll be a 
    breeze. When you unlock the lost levels, aka super mariobros. for super 
    players, a little luigi head will pop up underneath the "VS GAME" on the 
    left of the screen. Click him and you'll go tothe lost levels screen. 
    There will be many options when you click his head and hear the little 
    1. New Game -start a new game (duh)
    2. Continue W?-? - once you start a new game and it saves, it will show 
    up continue W?-? the ? are the world and level you left off at
    3. You cant click on this, but at the botom it shows the top score. Mine 
    is 161750 right now. (If you have a high score send it in)
    Once again, it's secrets. This is going to be SUPER DUPER hard, but 
    thats okay I've got nothing else to do except stare at this computer 
    screen and type my heart away @_@
    World 1-1
    1. At the very beggining when you see the big blocks you cant bust 
    vertically and the ones you can bust horizontialy, bust, or hit, the one 
    on the far right. A mushroom will pop out. Be careful, though, of the 
    koopa troopa.
    2. Right after that, at the row of 5 ? blocks, dont hit the middle one; 
    theres a poison musroom inside.
    3. Then after the first pipe jump up near the tree in the bacground to 
    get a 1 up.
    4. At the next double row of blocks you can break bust the one on the 
    far left bottom row to get a super star.
    5. Then the lone block beside the brick stairwell is a 10 coin block. 
    dont get it if you go the star.
    6. Dont break any of the blocks on the long row of blocks,for a poison 
    shroom is in one of em.
    7. Go down the next pipe you see to go to a hidden room w/ coins, a 
    poison shroom, a coin block, and a power up.
    8. If youskipped the pipe go to the ? blocks that a pipe is sitting on. 
    hit the one on the far righ to get a power up.
    World 1-2
    1. When you see a pipe sitting on a platform, hit the left block to get 
    a super star.
    2. At the end, there is two hidden coin blocks before the flag. 
    3. There are 3, yes 3, warps at this level. See the warps section.
    World 1-3
    Wow. There is ACTUALLY no secrets here (that I could find...).
    World 1-4
    I couldn't find any here, either. This is weird. (How did I find so many 
    on 1-1????)
    World 2-1
    1. YES!!!  A SECRET!!! At the first set of breakable blocks, there is a 
    super star. (Don't run too fast, these levels are harder than the 
    others; you might fall into a pit a meet your doom.)
    2. ANOTHER ONE!!! The first pipe after you get the star is a shortcut to 
    a hidden room filled w/ coins.
    3. On the next platform after the pipes is a hidden coin block and a 
    hidden power-up.
    4. Next you'll see some pipes. Pass them to find two rows of blocks. 
    Break one in the top section to find a vine. Break one on the bottom to 
    find another hidden coin block.
    5. On the row of ? blocks you see one of them is a poison mushroom. 
    6. After the deadly platforms over water, jump up to the platform in the 
    sky to receive a 1-Up mushroom.
    World 2-2
    1. After the second pipe on the vertical section of bricks with a block 
    above them, hit the block to get a super star.
    2. Go into the next pipe you see to go into a secret room with many 
    hidden blocks, one being a poison mushroom.
    3. If you skip the pipe, be sure to get the 10 Coin Blocks and the 
    power-up. They're not hard to find, just jump around.
    World 2-3
    I couldn't find any secrets!!! ACK!!!
    World 2-4
    1. All i could find here was a 10 coin block near bowser that i advise 
    you not to get, since Bowser is over there shooting flames at and 
    hammers at you.
    Hmmm.... I'm starting to see a pattern.... Anyways, I'll try to update 
    this often. It's sorta hard, except for the last 2 levels. :) E-mail me 
    if you've found any secrets.
    Once again, there are 5 different types of levels. Once again, I have 
    counted all the levels and their types. Once again I have them listed. 
    Here they are:
    E-mail me if you've got any stuff, blah blah blah blah...
    Boy there's plenty of warps in this mode. 8 that I've found. Wow. Some 
    good, some bad. Here's all the warps I've found. E-mail me if you've got 
    World 1-2
    At the end of this level, go up the little platform thingie. Jump pver 
    the pipe and onto the steps, and go up the steps. Like in World 1-2, 
    sorta. Then go to the pipe after you climb up the steps. Go in to warp 
    to World 2.
    World 1-2 (again)
    Go to the last warp I just told you about, except don't go up the steps. 
    Go to the first pipe out of two before the steps to go into another 
    section. Warning: This is a VERY hard section. You gotta be small Mario, 
    first of all. Then you gotta jump over the water onto the pipes and 
    everything. Then once you go underneath the big brick wall thing, DONT, 
    i repeat DONT!!!! go into the pipe. it will take you to the normal exit, 
    which really sucks after you did all that over the water crap. Anyways, 
    then you'll see the small puddle of water. Hit the two hidden coin 
    blocks above it. (they're invisible... hidden...) Jump up on top of em 
    to reach the top and run across the bricks to find a hole. Jump (or 
    fall) down the hole to find a pipe that takes you to World 4. Wow. That 
    was long.
    World 1-2 (yes, it has 3...)
    This one's easy. After the second pipe jump around and hit the blocks 
    above to find a vine. Climb up it to find another section. Jump jump and 
    run and run and jump until you get to the stone steps and find the pipe 
    that warps you to World 3.
    World 3-1
    This one's an example of a bad warp. DO NOT go down the first pipe in 
    the level, for it will eventually lead you to a warp the takes you all 
    the way back to the first level. :(
    World 5-1
    This isn't too big of a warp, but what the heck. Near the end of the 
    level, where there is a Koopa Paratroopa "guarding" the two rows of 
    blocks. Try your hardest to jump onto the bottom row. Hit one of the 
    blocks on the top row and climb up the vine that appears. Go through the 
    vine secret section and leave it. Then make your way to the pipe in the 
    new area you came about in.
    World 5-2
    Oh, a good warp. At the part with the moving platforms, jump onto the 
    first one. Hit the block that juts out farthest to uncover a hidden 
    vine. Climb up the vine to reach an area and a pipe that warps you to... 
    yes... WORLD 8!!!
    World 5-2 (again)
    Do exactly the same thing you did at World 2-2. At the end, jump on the 
    platforms and jump over the pipe. Find the Pipe and warp to World 7.
    World 8-1
    Near the end, at the tall pipe with a brick and another pipe next to it, 
    dont enter the tall pipe. It's the next-to-last pipe in the level. Dont 
    enter it cause it will lead you to a water part. If you get through the 
    water part then you will be outside near a pipe that takes you to World 
    5. This is a pretty stupid warp. Just go to the shortcut at World 5-1 
    and go right back to World 8-1. LOL. Stupid.
    Wow. That's alot of warps. Underground levels sure do have lots of 
    warps. I wonder why.
    Yet again, here is the castles guide.
    Castle 1-4
    This one's pretty tough... When you start out, dont get the ? block. 
    You'll kill yourself trying to get the power-up inside. Next watch out 
    for the fire-bars in the long hallway. DO NOT jump over the ones on the 
    ground. Wait for it to go past, then walk. Watch out for the next fire-
    bar on the block. It can kill you. Jump over that onto the next 
    platform. Then be careful with Bowser. He only shoots fire, but he's 
    still as deadly as ever. Just jump and get the key.
    Castle 2-4
    Make your way to the little hallway with the drop. Fall down the drop 
    holding right or else you will fall in the lava. If you hit the Koopa 
    Troopa in the hallway he will fall down. Follow him and you will get a 
    1-up. Then jump over the fire-bar and the lava pit, it's not too hard. 
    Get the hidden power up on the top step. Then go down the hole and run. 
    You will avoid all the fire-bars by running over the holes. Then jump 
    over all the pits and bars and lava until you finally reach Bowser.
    Yes, I'm making the shortcuts section again. Here it is. Not much 
    different. I'll update it alot. Once again, e-mail me for anything about 
    World 1-1
    Not much here. Just get the super star midways through the level and 
    run. You could take the pipe, but it would just waste time. 
    World 1-2
    I would highly recomend taking the warp to World 4. But if you insist on 
    beating every level, just run through and be extra careful. 
    World 1-3
    Be VERY careful on this one. Since there is absolutely nothing on this 
    course, you've just gotta make a run for it and and be careful.
    World 1-4
    A caslte. Easy. Be careful on Bowser, though.
    World 2-1
    Not much here, just take the vine and you'll be through the level in no 
    World 2-2
    Not much here, either. Don't take the pipe, it takes up too much time. 
    Just make your way through.
    World 2-3
    Be careful on this one. There's no shortcuts, so just make a run for it. 
    (A careful run...)
    World 2-4
    Another easy castle. Well, not that easy, but easy enough for a "super 
    player" :)
    This is the end... i'm not saying it again. If you've got anything to 
    say about this long and boring and tiring and hard section just e-mail. 
    |< 10. You vs. Boo >|
    You vs. Boo is a racing mode where you race Boo the ghost. It's not too 
    hard, not until Boo starts changing colors:
    Beat him once: He will turn from White to Green.
    Beat him when he's green: He'll turn pink.
    Beat him when he's pink: He'll turn black.
    Beat him when he's black: He'll turn nothing. (Thanks to Yoshi348 for 
                                                   about the black boo.)
    To unlock the You vs. Boo mode you must get 100,000 points. It's a 
    sinch. When you click on the Boo head you can choose from 8 different 
    Practice REALLY REALLY REALLY hard and you can eventually beat Boo. 
    Practice one level at a time to get it down pat. Then try to get him 
    Green, Pink, and Black. Theres not much else I can talk about this mode. 
    If you have anything to say about this section, e-mail me.
    |< 11. vs. Game >|
    This is EXACTLY like the You vs. Boo section, except your playing 
    against your friend with a link cable. It's the same Boo levels, so you 
    can practice up with Boo to ultimately defeat your friend. Everything is 
    opposite with you and your opponent. If there's blocks on your screen, 
    then there's spikes on your friends screen, for example. It looks weird 
    to see them shrink on a block. :) I don't remember much about this, 
    cause I only did it once and that was a long time ago with my cousin. So 
    if you have any ideas of anything I can put on here, just e-mail me. 
    (I'm desperate...)
    |< 12. Ranking >|
    There isn't much to write about this. It's not that hard to figure 
    out... If you get a high score it goes into the ranking section. You can 
    trade your top scores with a friend w/ the game link cable. I did that 
    once. Big whoop... Why would you want to trade your best scores to 
    someone else??? Anyways, when you click on the little star symbol that 
    says Ranking then you'll see a black screen. There will be words and 
    numbers and stuff written like this:
    Far left: The top ten places. 
    Next to that: THe name of the person who got that place.
    Then: The person's score that made it into the ranking list.
    Last: Is the Level they accomplished the score at.
    When you are on the ranking screen, press right on the control pad to 
    see the challenge screen. You can't go to any levels, it just shows how 
    many tokens and medals and stuff you've gotten. That's about all I can 
    think of for this section. E-mail if you've got anything. I will put 
    your top scores in the sent in stuff section. I might put it in this 
    section later on, i dunno. E-mail me what you think.
    |< 13. Toy Box >|
    There are four different areas you can go to in the toy box: The 
    Calendar, Fortune Telling, The Toad Hole, and the Yoshi Egg Finder.
    This isn't real big. All it is is a calendar. You can put dates and 
    stuff in it. (Duh) How to work the calendar:
    You will star off at the top. Choose the year and date by moving the 
    control pad up and down and left and right. When you find a month and 
    year you want, click on the month. Click "mark" to enter a date. CLick 
    "print" to print the page you are on. When you click mark you will go 
    down to all the days. Move around and find the day you want. Click the 
    day you want. When you click it you will go to a screen that has the 
    date, little pics, and a message box. First choose your picture. IT will 
    be the icon that you see when you look at the calander. You can choose 
    from a heart, a smiley face, an ! mark, a flag w/ a heart on it, a flag 
    w/ a diamond on it, a flag w/ a star on it, a flag w/ a spade on it, a 
    flag w/ a club on it, and a crown. Once you've chosen your icon, press 
    A. Then click either print or enter. Print prints the current page and 
    enter lets you change your message. If you change your message, then you 
    will go to a screen w/ a bunch of letters. You can write almost anything 
    you want. Write your message, press end, then press B to go back to the 
    calendar. To see your message again, then go to the date and press A. 
    Press B to exit the calendar.
    I dont really get this. All you do is click a card. It will play some 
    music and turn the card over (at a new screen). It will say something. 
    Sometimes you get good messages, sometimes you get bad. Nothing much to 
    do here.
    Find one Yoshi Egg to open this up. A Yoshi Head will show up at the Toy 
    Box area. CLick it to go to a black screen. It  will say "YOSHI Is 
    Here!" at the top. Below that is "W(scrolling number)-(scrolling 
    number). At the bottom corners are Yoshi and an Egg. Press A to stop the 
    scrolling numbers. It will come up with a random number. For ex., World 
    2-2 would be the second World, second level. It will show where to find 
    the egg. It only shows the area. No hidden block, no arrows, no nothing. 
    Just the area. But it helps a ton. The only prob. is that it could take 
    forever to get the level you want...
    You can go to the Toad Hole if you click on the ? mark thing in the Toy 
    Box. The Toad Hole is a place where you can print out things on a Game 
    Boy printer and change some stuff around. Look at the picture to know 
    which Toad is which:
    |  6 8 4  |
    | 1     5 |
    |  3 2 7  |
    The reason the Toads are in that order is because when you beat a castle 
    they appear. Ex: Beat castle 3-4 and toad 3 will appear. It's whatever 
    world you beat, you get that Toad.
    Toad #1-
       Once you beat the first castle this little guy will appear at the far 
    left of the table. Toad #1 gives you large banners you can mark in and 
    print out. They include:
    Banner w/ Nintendo Border around it and Line through the Middle
    Banner w/ Line through the middle
    Banner w/ Line through the middle and outline of arrow around it
    Banner w/ Line through the middle and Jungley border around it
    Banner w/ Line through the middle and Mushroom Kingdom Background
    I dont have a Game Boy Printer (yet), although I do want one for Game 
    Boy Advanced when it comes out, so I'll probably wait for that, since 
    it's going to be in color too. Anways, I dont have one so I haven't 
    printed out any of this. I've just seen it. If It's any different when 
    you print it out, e-mail me.
    Toad #2
       At the bottom of the table sits this little Toad, once you beat World 
    2. This guy will let you print out big banners that you cant mark. They 
    The Nintendo Logo (the one with the circle thing around it, not N64)
    The Game Boy Logo
    The NES Logo
    The words "Super Mario Bros."
    The N64 Logo (get "N" or get out)
    Once again, I dont have a game boy printer so I haven't printed these 
    out. If you've printed them out and they're different, e-mail me. 
    Toad #3
       Once you defeat your third Bowser, go to the Toad Hole to see Toad 
    #3, who will let you print out lots of little action poses of the bad 
    guys and good guys, including:
    Big Mario & Little Mario Running
    Big Mario & Little Mario Still Running
    Big Mario & Little Mario Running Some More
    Big Mario & Little Mario Jumping
    Big Mario & Little Mario Dying
    Koopa Troopa & Koopa Paratroopa
    Koopa Troopa Shell & Goombaa
    Pirahna Plant Coming out of Pipe
    Bloober & CHeep Cheep
    Lakitu & Spikey (falling)
    Spikey (on the ground) & Buzzy Beetle
    Bullet Bill coming Out of Cannon
    Hammer Bros. (only one) throwing Hammer
    Wow that's alot. For the third time, I dont have a game boy printer, so 
    you do and you've printed these out e-mail me. 
    Toad #4
       When you complete World 4 look for this Toad at the top right area of 
    the table, beside Peach (once you get her). CLick him and he'll give you 
    little message boxes. It will have a picture and a message that you can 
    write in yourself.
    A little bubble thing with a message (like in the comics)
    Mario Bowing and a message
    Peach Scared w/ her hands together & a message
    Luigi Holding his Hand Out & a message
    Bowser Looking Angry & A Message
    Toad Happy & A Message
    Mario Surprised & A Message
    Peach with Her Back Toward You & A Message
    A Goombaa & A Message (how to goombaas talk???)
    Yoshi and a Message (how can yoshi talk english???)
    This is sorta neat, one of my favorite Toads. E-mail me if you've 
    printed these out.
    Toad #5
       Finish World 5 to see this little Toad looking at you from the far 
    right of the table. CLick him to see some neato things. This is another 
    one of my favorite Toads.
    The N64 Logo w/ "NINTENDO 64" written above it 
    The little "Only For" with an arrown thingie
    Mario's Profile with his Name 
    Luigi's Profile with his Name
    Peach's Profile with her Name
    Toad's  Profile with his Name
    Yoahi's Profile with his Name
    Bowser's Profile with his Name
    You've prob. memorized it by now, but just in case you havent: If you've 
    printed these out w/ a game boy printer and they are different, then e-
    mail me.
    Toad #6
       When you get to and beat World 6, look for this toad looking at you 
    from the top-left of the table looking at you. Click him to see and 
    print out:
    A cel Phone (what's that about???)
    A "name card" (???)
    A "favorites" card (???)
    A dice maker thingie
    This is stupid. 4 stupid things that have no meaning whatsoever is kinda 
    dumb. OH well. E-mail me if you've printed them out.
    Toad #7
       Once you beat World 7, prepare yourself for another Toad. This little 
    guy that's sitting at the bottom right area of the table will give you 
    more pictures like Toad #3:
    A Toad With His Arms Out
    A CLoud
    A ? Block with two Blocks Surrounding It
    The Same THing as Above, except a Mushroom is Coming out the ? block
    The Same THing As Above, except a Fire Flower is Coming Out the ? Block
    The Same Thing As Above, except a Super Star is comnig out the ? block
    A Vine and a small Cloud
    The top of the Flag Pole
    The Middle of the Flag Pole
    The BOttom of the Flag Pole
    The Jumping Board
    The top of a Pipe
    The Middle of a Pipe
    The Middle of a Pipe with another pipe going out the side of it
    The Middle of a Pipe with another pipe going out the Bottom of it
    That's all of those. Again, e-mail me if you've printed these out, blah 
    blah blah blah, you know the rest.
    Toad #8
       This isn't really a Toad. Actually it's princess Peach. If you 
    FINALLY manage to get all the way to level 8-4 and you beat it, she will 
    appear. She's the One that i was saying can change stuff around. CLick 
    on her to find:
    Peach & A Message
    Mario & A Message
    Fire Mario & A Message
    The Mario Bros. NES Logo
    Whichever one you pick will show up on your screen when you turn the 
    game on. To change the text, press A. Click enter (print lets you print 
    it... duh...).
    Then you will go to the message page. Type in your message with all of 
    the letters and punchuations (i didnt spell that right...) you need. 
    There is a melody function that is kinda hard to do, but once you do it 
    it's really neat. I didn't know how to do it until earlier when I was 
    messing around and I figured it out. All you do is choose what type of 
    note you want (quarter, eigth, or sixteenth) and then place the letter 
    notes you want: A,B,C,D,E,F, and G. You can make it high or low, by 
    pressing in the letter than at the bottom clicking on the little arrow 
    pointing up or down, high or low. You can also make it sharps high or 
    low by pressing the # thing with the high or low arrow. A rest is a . (a 
    period). You can put however many you need to get the desirable rest. 
    Enter your song then press end. When your back at the regular screen 
    press start to hear your song. I made one of the many Mario songs with a 
    different ending so it would fit. NOTE: Don't write the things in 
    (eigth note [the one with only one 
    sharp)A(low)A.(low)G.(low)A.(low sharp)A.(low)B. (low)G...C
    Here is yet another song I made up. It is the Mario Bros. Deluxe theme 
    song. It's pretty funny to hear this one then hear the real one when you 
    turn the game on.
    (eigth note) C..(low)G..(low)E...(low)A(low)B.(low 
    sharp)A(low)A.(low)G.(low)A.(low)G...(low sharp)A(low)B.C....(quarter 
    I might add some more songs later on. E-mail me if you're having trouble 
    or if you have any songs that you request or have already made. I will 
    put ones you have made on here and put "made by whoever".  
    Wow, this was longer than I thought. Oh well. I already mentioned 
    everything I need e-mail on, and i certainly dont want to mention it 
    again... @_@
    |< 14. The Album >|
    The ablum is a picture album that holds pictures. (That was a stupid 
    sentence...) You have to unlock the pictures, though. To unlock the 
    pictures you have to do different things. THere are 5 pages in the 
    album. Each 5 are different. WEll, some are the same, but different 
    pics. If your having trouble or need to know how to get a pic or where 
    or when or whatever, here's just what you need.
    >>PAGE 1<<
    The first page in the album has medals. 5 in all. Some are harder than 
    others to earn, but they're all basically easy. Except the Toad and 
    Peach award, which I currently do not have. The reason I know what they 
    are is a friend who has them. 
    |(1)   {2}| 1: The Toad Medal. Getting this means that you got more that 
    |   [3]   |    1,160,000 points in the challenge mode (dang). Click it 
    to see 
    |<4>   /5\|    the message "You exceeded the Challenge SCore!". You can 
    |____1____|    in your own message, but I don't prefer it.
                2: The Peach Medal. Getting this means that you got all the 
                   Challenge Medals. CLick it to see the message "You 
                   all the challenge medals!". 
                3: The Mario Medal. Getting this means that you beat the 
                   CLick to see the message "Hooray! You cleared World 8-4!"
                4. The Bowser medal. Getting this means that you beat the 
    game on
                   Star Mode. CLick to see the message "You finished the 
                5. The Yoshi Medal. Getting this means that you beat the 
    game on 
                   The Lost Levels course. Click to see the message "You 
                   completed the Extra Courses!"
    >>PAGE 2<<
    Page 2 is hard, but not impossible. It has to do with the game, and what 
    you do. (Kinda like extra medals...)
    |[1][2][3]| 1: Mario w/ fireworks means you earned fireworks in a level. 
    |[4][5][6]|       hints and tips.)
    |____2____| 2: Mario w/ 1-up Mushroom means that you found a 1-up 
                3: Mario w/ Beanstalk means that you found a beanstalk and 
                      climbed it.
                4: Mario & Luigi Playing Game Boy means you played the 
                      game with a friend.
                5: Peach Kissing Mario means that you rescued Princess 
                6: Peach and Toad playing Game Boy means that you traded 
                      scores w/ a friend.
                7: A red coin means that you got all 32 red coin medals in 
                      challenge mode.
                8: Mario "Peace" means that you got all the Score Medals in 
                      challenge mode.
                9: Yoshi & eggs means that you got all the yoshi eggs in the 
                      challenge mode.
    >>PAGE 3<<
    This is definately the easiest page. All you have to do is kill certain 
    bad guys and you get their picture in the album.
    |[1][2][3]| 1: A goomba means you killed a goomba.
    |[7][8][9]| 2: A Bloober means you beat a bloober.
                3: A lakitu means you knocked him of his cloud.
                4: A Cheep-Cheep means you clobbered a cheep-cheep.
                5: A Hammer Bro. means you hammered a hammer bro.
                6: A Bullet Bill means you beat a Bullet Bill.
                7: A Koopa Troopa means you toppled a koopa troopa.
                8: A spiny means you defeated a spiny.
                9: A buzzy beetle means you beat a buzzy beetle.
    >>PAGE 4<<
    The next to the last page, this one is pretty hard. You have to defeat 
    each bowser in the first 4 worlds WITH FIREBALLS. No key crap. Only 
    fireballs. The picture is in four parts. Each time you beat a bowser w/ 
    fireballs you get one part. When you beat all the Bowsers with fireballs 
    in the first 4 worlds you will see one big bowser.
    | _____ |   1: Beat the first Bowser w/ fireballs. 
    || 1|2 ||   
    ||--|--||   2: Beat the second Bowser w/ fireballs.
    |___4___|   3: Beat the third Bowser w/ fireballs.
                4: Beat the fourth Bowser w/ fireballs.
    >>PAGE 5<<
    The last page in the ablbum is just like the next to last page. All you 
    do is beat the last four bowsers with fireballs and you will eventually 
    see Mario and Luigi shaking hands.
    | _____ |   1: Beat the fifth Bowser w/ fireballs.
    || 1|2 ||
    ||--|--||   2: Beat the sixth Bowser w/ fireballs.
    |___5___|   3: Beat the seventh Bowser w/ fireballs.        
                4: Beat the last Bowser w/ fireballs.
    This is the end of the Album Section. If you have anything that you 
    would like me to put in here, e-mail away. I'm free to any ideas your 
    little head can think up. '_' 
    |< 15. TIPS AND SECRETS >|
    This is a section where I think up any tips and secrets and hints that 
    will help you play. If you have any secrets or tips or hints that I 
    haven't thought up yet, PLEASE send it (or them) in.
    Every now and then you get fireworks. You think, "how the heck did I get 
    fireworks?!". Well, to get fireworks you must end the time in a 1, 3, 6, 
    or 9. Don't try to end the time in those numbers, for it is VERY hard to 
    time your jump right and everything. If you end up with those numbers, 
    you will see either 1, 3, 6, or 9 fireworks, whichever number you landed 
    at, worth 500 points each.
    When you are on the Map screen where you choose your level press select 
    to play as luigi. press select once more to play as mario again. This 
    also works on the lost levels and you vs. boo mode. In you vs. boo you 
    change from little mario, big mario, and fireball mario. To get Luigi on 
    You vs Boo you must have Luigi in the original mode.
    This one's easy. Just beat the game and then you can select any level 
    you want. You can also go to the Challenge mode, but that's different 
    from just Original mode.
    Go to the Fortune Telling in the Toy Box. Keep clicking cards until you 
    see Peach. She will give you a 5-up to start on your next game. Now go 
    play on the original mode and you will have 10 lives.
    Start out with 10 lives, then go through the game on original. Do 
    everything you can to get as many points as you can. When you have over 
    300,000 points you should have the You vs. Boo mode and the Lost Levels. 
    (And you should also be in first place on the ranking area...)
    To change the view from center to left, press and hold select for a 
    second. Left view is harder, cause you can't see behind you. Also press 
    up and down to see, well, up and down.
    |< 16. TOP SCORES >|
    >>TOP SCORES<<
    This is the part where I put everything you have e-mailed to me. I have 
    different sections for different things. Send in anything and I will try 
    to find somewhere to put it. 
    >>ORIGINAL 1985<<
    Beat Star Course 
    1. Me
    2. Yoshi348
    High Scores
    1. Hunter371 - 2,936,850
    2. Me        - 791,800
    Got every medal
    1. Me (finally....)
    Score Bar Total
    1. Me        - 1,024,250
    2. Hunter371 - 956,600 
    3. Yoshi348  - 950,151
    Beaten Lost Levels
    1. Me
    2. Yoshi348
    Top Score
    1. Hunter371 - 224,450
    2. Me        - 161,750 
    >>YOU VS BOO<<
    Have Black Boo (at least one)
    1. Yoshi348
    Top Score
    1. Me - 719,800
    >>THE ALBUM<<
    Have All Pictures
    No one... yet...
    If you can think of anymore things to put under here e-mail me.
    |< 17. LEGAL INFO >|
    This FAQ cannot be used in any form of printed or electronic media 
    involved in a commerical business, in any way, shape, or form. NO 
    If you want to use this FAQ or any part of it on your personal website, 
    please e-mail me (ragrut@aol.com) for permission before you do so.
    If you want to place a link to this FAQ, again, please e-mail me for 
    permission. There is a specific way you must do this, though. You CANNOT 
    simply link to this document. By GameFaqs legal rules, you MUST put your 
    link to the gamefaqs.com page that lists all of the FAQs for this game. 
    Simply put, you can only link to a webpage with a .htm or .html 
    extension, not .txt or .doc!
    Any characters, names, places, or other objects are copyright their 
    respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo nor any 
    companies that were/are involved with this game.
    This document is ©2000 by Ragrut. All rights reserved.
    |< 18. THANKS >|
    This is my thanks list. If you send anything in that would help me or 
    could help me and send anything positive in, I will include your name 
    here. Ex: "Thanks to Billy Bob Joe for sending in an e-mail and telling 
    me how to get every single challenge medal." 
    <><>www.gamefaqs.com - Thanks for having such a great site. I couldn't 
    do this if 
                       it weren't you.
    My Cousin - Thanks for buying this game and recomending it to me; and 
                for doing the vs. game and trading high scores with me.
    My Brother - Thanks for helping me in various parts of this FAQ.
    Yoshi348 - Thanks for sending in some top scores to start me off.
    Hunter371 - Thanks for sending in some top scores and for sending in a 
                for the Original 1985 "secrets" section.                  
    |< 19. CONCLUSION >|
    This is the end of my FAQ for now. I will update everything as often as 
    I can. I'll probably put a Frequently Asked Questions section in here, 
    once I get some e-mails. So send in questions, and I'll answer them best 
    I can. Thanks for reading my FAQ!!! 

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