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"Tetris syndrome just got colorful"

Tetris DX is the port of Tetris for our Game Boy Color and was developed by Nintendo. Tetris, which made the original GB popular hasn't evolved to say the truth, but why change an already wonderful game? Apart from the fact that now this game is colorful not much have changed, however these very small changes that have been made make Tetris DX one of the best Tetris ports I've ever played.

Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 8.8/10

I won't explain what Tetris is, because even my grandfather knows about it. I will explain why this version rocks though. First of all the controls are the best Tetris controls I've ever seen in my whole life, secondly the game can now store your records in all modes and you can create 3 separate profiles. There are 4 modes of gameplay: The marathon, which is the typical endurance game, Ultra mode where you try to reach the highest score possible in 3 minutes, 40 Lines where you try to clear 40 lines as fast as you can and the versus mode where you play against the CPU or a friend of yours. The Marathon, which is my favorite mode, shows the greatest change in Tetris DX. Usually in Tetris games the speed rises too much with each level you gain, but here you can reach level 30 and the game will still be playable. The less steep rise of challenge is for me the best aspect of the game, but some people may not like that so much, so think before you buy.

Graphics & Sound: 7.5/10

Not much to be said here… and who cares to say the truth. Graphics are just fine and the same goes with the music the only veeery small problems in this section is that we have only 3 tunes to choose from, (I usually turn it off or listen my own music), and the fact that the background color can be a bit annoying sometimes, (purple and yellow for example).

-The rising of the speed is less steep
-Flawless controls
-Scores are saved

-The rising of the speed is less steep
-Could have more gameplay modes

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Overall: 8.8/10

Tetris DX is my favorite Tetris game although not much have changed. I wouldn't exactly recommend buying it if you are satisfied with another Tetris version you might have, but if you haven't got a Tetris game in your possession I highly recommend this one!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/10

Game Release: Tetris DX (US, 11/30/98)

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