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"Play Tetris on the go in Color!"

Tetris is THE perfect travel game. You can play it in the car. You can play it while eating tar. You can play it with a fox. You can play it eating lox. You can play it while making a rhyme. You can play it with a mime. Well, enough of that. The real point is when you can get your first 100 lines in the main game. That was a real achievement for me, who really is not that good at Tetris. This game could be as simple as holding down, to quickly pressing A and left and down at the same time trying to the L shaped block into the hole. In Tetris DX, you have 4 (count them all, 1, 2, 3, 4) along with 3 (yes, 3) spaces to have your name in (so you can have 3 different people play the same game, so your friends can borrow it I guess) So, Tetris DX is better than the first. This game has had almost no changes from the original that it has been on the market for over 10 years. That shows that games can kick old father time right in the bum. With the Gameboy Color released Tetris with color (which back then was only possible with having our own arcade cabinet or TV system) and people scrambled to pick it up. I was one of them.

The 4 modes of play in Tetris DX are:
Marathon; The standard Tetris game, which can go on forever. You must fit the square, upper case L, lower case l, the pyramid block (which is 3 blocks in a row with another block on top of the middle block) and the Z block into holes to make lines. The more lines you have, the faster the blocks fall from the top and the harder it is to put them in the spaces you want them to be. Eventually, they shall make it to the top and overlap, causing a game over.
Ultra; You must get as many points as you can in the time limit.
40 Lines; You must get 40 lines in the shortest amount of time.
VS. COM; You must beat the computer in a marathon type game. However, there is a twist: Every time you get a double, triple, or Tetris, the computer gains lines with a hole that stretches down to the bottom. This also happens with you, so when you think you got the computer beat, it gives you 3 extra lines in which you lose with. Though it may seem easy, this game is hard!

Graphics: 5
Even though the graphics are just some of worst I have seen (can’t really get much lower than Tetris DX anymore people) I am still giving this a 10, because this is the game that proves that you do not need big graphics to rule. You just need a little color, is all. Though you could make this game for the regular Gameboy if it had the ability fir color, you could also do that with most of the GBC games. But, when you see that everything is beautifully done, with a load of color in everything. If you wanted color, you got color in Tetris DX. Everything looks sharper than in the GB version, and you can now have different colors for all the blocks (which is nice, because I can’t look at a Black and White screen without my eyes hurting) so if you aren’t sure what block it is, you could color code them. Just remember that there is two different kinds of L shaped blocks. Just by having color saved this game from getting a 2.

Gameplay: 10
This is the most popular and known videogame ever, or at least in the top 5. You are on a hair-raising adventure of blocks, blocks, lines, and more blocks. Everyone can play it, even your 92-year-old great aunt. If you go on a 3 hour car trip, with only one portable game to play, what would you pick? Super Mario Land 2? Link’s Awakening? Golden Sun? No, you would pick the Tetris DX. People have gone far enough to make a larger then life size version of this game, with one huge building. That is how popular this game is. This game shall always come out on top, in it’s many forms. From Tetris Attack to Yoshi’s Cookie, you have a Tetris based game on every system since the NES. You put the pieces together in a puzzle, and when a puzzle game comes around that is so simple, so easy, and somehow people have never thought of it before, it becomes a sure-fire hit.

Sound: 8
You have 3 different sound bytes to listen to while you play Tetris DX, or not listen to any at all. You find that they are no great works of art, and they are not the quirky Russian tunes so heard in the arcade, but they fit well nicely. You also have some minimum sound effects when you get a line, but after that, that’s about it for the sound. Good for a GBC game though.

Fun Factor: 10
You ride the gravy train if you get this game. It can be played on both a regular Gameboy along with the GBA, so if you want, you could not even get a GBC to play this. Nothing changes if you play it on the GBA, but don’t try and play it on a GB or GB pocket, don’t expect the game to pull out any stops to take away it’s colors and OK sound and trade it for 4 greys and a diffused form of what the sound should be. Remember; always play this game on a GBC or higher!

Buy or Rent?
I would want you to buy this game. Unless you have the original version on Gameboy, which most people already have. Then you can easily get the biggest mode on DX. However, if you want some new modes, get DX.

Graphics: 5
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 8
Fun Factor: 10

Review’s Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/08/02, Updated 05/08/02

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