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    Game Shark Codes by esc27

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/16/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    <>                                                                         <>
    <>                           The Legend of Zelda                           <>
    <>                            Oracle of Seasons                            <>
    <>                              Gameshark Codes                            <>
    <>                                                                         <>
    <>                               Version 1.2                               <>
    <>                                 8-16-01                                 <> 
    <>                                By: Esc27                                <>
    <>                                                                         <>
    <>  Table of Contents                                                      <>
      Item Codes
         Item List Codes     
         Item Modifiers
         Level/Type Modifiers
         Number Modifiers
         Special Modifiers
      Ring Codes
         Box Codes
         Ring Modifiers
         List Codes  
      Shop Codes
      Pet Codes
      Misc. Codes
      Experimental Codes
      Future  Remarks/Legal Stuff
    <>  History                                                                <>
      1.0 First version
      1.1 Added contact information and corrected errors
      1.2 Added more ring codes. Widened the guide and made other cosmetic 
          changes. Added future section.
    <>  Note                                                                   <>
      Even though Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are similar only codes    
      marked with a * have been verified to work with both games.
    <>  Item Codes                                                             <>
    <>Item List Codes<>
      These codes change what item is held in each position on the item screen.  
      Simply insert the value for that item in the space marked with XX. If an 
      item has an upgrade or another form it requires a different code to change 
      that. (See Item level/type modifiers.)
      B button item   01-XX-80C6
      A button item   01-XX-81C6
      1st item        01-XX-82C6
      2nd item        01-XX-83C6
      3rd item        01-XX-84C6
      4th item        01-XX-85C6
      5th item        01-XX-86C6
      6th item        01-XX-87C6
      7th item        01-XX-88C6
      8th item        01-XX-89C6
      9th item        01-XX-8AC6
      10th item       01-XX-8BC6
      11th item       01-XX-8CC6
      12th item       01-XX-8DC6
      13th item       01-XX-8EC6
      14th item       01-XX-8FC6
      15th item       01-XX-90C6
      16th item       01-XX-91C6
      (Caution: using these codes overwrites the items that were previously in 
       those positions.)
    <>Item Modifiers<>
      07=Rod of Seasons
      08=Magnetic Glove
      0A=Switch hook (doesn't work though)
      0C=Biggorgon's sword
      13=Normal/Hyper slingshot
      16=Power Bracelet
      1E=Fool's Ore
      1F=Double ore(glitched)
    <>Level/Type Modifiers<>
      To use these codes change X to the level you want. 
      1=first form 2=second.
      Shield        01-0X-A9C6
      Sword         01-0X-ACC6
      Boomerang     01-0X-B1C6
      Slingshot     01-0X-B3C6
      Cape/feather  01-0X-B4C6
      Ring Box      01-0X-C6C6
    <>Number Modifiers<>
      To use these put the number you want where XX is.
      Bombs           01-XX-AAC6
      Ember seeds     01-XX-B5C6
      Scent seeds     01-XX-B6C6 
      Pegasus seeds   01-XX-B7C6
      Gale seeds      01-XX-B8C6
      Mystery seeds   01-XX-B9C6
      Gasha seeds     01-XX-BAC6
      Hearts Filled   01-XX-A2C6
      Hearts Total    01-XX-A3C6
      Pieces of heart 01-XX-A4C6
      Rupees Low      01-XX-A5C6 
      Rupees High     01-XX-A6C6
      Ore Chunks Low  01-XX-A7C6
      Ore Chunks High 01-XX-A8C6
      Note: If you don't know what is meant by low and high, just know that 
            changing the high value has a greater effect than the low one.
    <>Special Modifiers<>
      Magnetic Glove 01-0X-B2C6
      Flute *01-XX-AFC6
      Rod 01-XX-B0C6
        To choose which powers you have is a little tricky. Consider every power 
        you want to be a one, and every power you don't to be zero. Then write  
        those down in the order Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring. You should now have 
        a 4-digit binary number. Convert this number to Hex and use it in the 
      Essences 01-XX-BBC6
        This works just like the Rod except there are 8 numbers 
          instead of 4. Write them down starting with the first 
          season as the first digit from the right. 
    <>  Ring Codes                                                             <>
    <>Box Codes<>
      These codes effect what rings you are holding in your ring box. They have 
      no effect on what rings you actually own. Meaning if you use the codes to 
      get the green ring it will not show up in the jeweler's list and will 
      disappear if swapped.
      In the ring box:
        1st position    01-XX-C0C6
        2nd position    01-XX-C1C6
        3rd position    01-XX-C2C6
        4th position    01-XX-C3C6
        5th position    01-XX-C4C6
        Note: you must have the ring box upgrades to use the extra positions.
        Ring currently equipped 01-XX-C6C6 
    <>Ring Modifiers<>
      00=Friendship Ring 01=Power Ring 1     02=Power Ring 2
      03=Power Ring 3    04=Armor Ring 1     05=Armor Ring 2
      06=Armor Ring 3    07=Red Ring         08=Blue Ring
      09=Green Ring      0A=Cursed Ring      0B=Expert's Ring
      0C=Blast Ring      0D=Rang Ring 1      0E=GBA Time Ring
      0F=Maple's Ring    10=Steadfast Ring   11=Pegasus Ring
      12=Toss Ring       13=Heart ring 1     14=Heart Ring 2
      15=Swimmer's Ring  16=Charge Ring      17=Light ring 1
      18=Light Ring 2    19=Bomber's Ring    1A=Green Luck Ring
      1B=Blue Luck Ring  1C=Gold Luck Ring   1D=Red Luck Ring
      1E=Green Holy Ring 1F=Blue Holy Ring   20=Red Holy Ring
      21=Snowshoe Ring   22=Roc's Ring       23=Quicksand ring
      24=Red Joy ring    25=Blue Joy Ring    26=Gold Joy Ring
      27=Green Joy Ring  28=Discovery Ring   29=Rang Ring 2
      2A=Octo Ring       2B=Moblin Ring      2C=Like Like Ring
      2D=Subrosian Ring  2E=1st Gen. Ring    2F=Spin ring
      30=Bomb Proof Ring 31=Spin Ring        32=DoubleEdge Ring
      33=GBA Nature Ring 34=Slayer's Ring    35=Rupee Ring
      36=Victory Ring    37=Sign Ring        38=100th Ring 
      39=Whisp Ring      3A=Gasha Ring       3BPeace Ring
      3C=Zora Ring       3D=Fist Ring        3E=Whimsical Ring
      3F= Protection Ring
      Note: After 3F the order repeats only the picture is now that of an 
            unapprised ring. 
    <>List Codes<>
      Each of these codes represents what rings you have in one of the 8 rows on 
      the appraisers list. 
      1st Row 01-XX-16C6    2nd Row 01-XX-17C6    3rd Row 01-XX-18C6
         Friendship Ring       Blue Ring             Steadfast Ring
         Power Ring 1          Green Ring            Pegasus Ring
         Power Ring 2          Cursed Ring           Toss Ring
         Power Ring 3          Expert's Ring         Heart Ring 1
         Armor Ring 1          Blast Ring            Heart Ring 2
         Armor Ring 2          Rang Ring 1           Swimmer's Ring
         Armor Ring 3          GBA Time Ring         Charge Ring
         Red Ring              Maple's Ring          Light Ring 1 
      4th Row 01-XX-19C6    5th Row 01-XX-1AC6    6th Row 01-XX-1BC6
         Light Ring 2          Red Holy Ring         Discovery Ring
         Bomber's Ring         Snowshoe Ring         Rang Ring 2
         Green Luck Ring       Roc's Ring            Octo Ring
         Blue Luck Ring        Quicksand Ring        Moblin Ring
         Gold Luck Ring        Red Joy Ring          Like Like Ring
         Red Luck Ring         Blue Joy Ring         Subrosian Ring
         Green Holy Ring       Gold Joy Ring         1st. Gen Ring
         Blue Holy Ring        Green Joy Ring        Spin Ring
      7th Row 01-XX-1CC6    8th Row 01-XX-1DC6
         Bomb Proof Ring       100th Ring
         Spin Ring             Whisp Ring
         DoubleEdge Ring       Gasha Ring
         GBA Nature Ring       Peace Ring
         Slayer's Ring         Zora Ring
         Rupee Ring            Fist Ring
         Victory Ring          Whimsical Ring
         Sign Ring             Protection Ring
      Note: Each code is able to keep track of 8 rings using binary numbers. A     
          binary number is a series of ones and zeros. Every one represents a 
          ring you have and every zero represents one you don't. 
      To get the number for the XX in the above codes:
      1) Using the order given for the row you want to change, write a one for 
         every ring you want and a zero for the ones you don?t until you have a 
         series of eight numbers.
      2) Reverse the series so that it reads backwards from the way it was   
      3) Convert this binary number into a hexadecimal number.
      4) Use the Hex number in the code.
    <>  Shop Codes                                                             <>
      These codes change what happens when you try to buy an item from the shop. 
      Some effects can freeze your game. I have not experienced data loss from 
      using these codes, but it is possible. Use with caution.
      Note: None of the codes listed here have been shown to cause any permanent 
            data loss.  
        Effects item closest to clerk. Must carry item to clerk 
        for some effects to happen.
        06=Bash Clerk
        0A=Gasha Seed (300 Rupees)
        0B=Gasha Seed (100 Rupees)
        12=Gasha Seed (500 Rupees)
        15=Advance Ring
        19=Clerk moves and lights flash
        23=Not a GBC warning
        31=Mimic appears
        3C="Not enough rupees"
        45=3 Hearts
    <>  *Pet Codes  (both versions)                                            <>
      These codes change the flute, song, pet, and terrain. If you do not have 
      the flute then use one of the item codes to get it.
    <>  Misc. Codes                                                            <>
      Number of times died = 01-XX-1EC6
      Number of enemies killed since planting seed 
           in plot near Mayor's House = 01-XX-5BC6
      Enemies Killed since last running in to Maple = 01-XX-3EC6
    <>  Experimental Codes                                                     <>
      These codes work, but I haven't yet explored all of what they can do. Some  
      could possibly cause a problem. Use at your own risk.
      Current Room = 01-XX-4CCC
      Chest on ledge in Hero's Cave is never empty = 01-10-05C8
      Rosa sometimes follows = 01-FF-CBC6
      Hold's Shield when exiting screen = 01-33-89CC
      X-Position = 01-XX-8ACC
      Fast Mode (Permanent Pegasus) = 01-03-87CC
      Permanent Jump = 01-F1-0FD0 or 01-80-0FD0
      Name 01-XX-02C6 
      Kid's Name 01-XX-09C6
      Note on the name codes: They work fine, but I don't know all the modifier 
      codes. ASCII codes work for the letters.
    <>  Future                                                                 <>
      Short section on binary and hexadecimal numbers to help with the codes that  
      use them.
      Possible special thanks section or something like it.
      More codes verified t work with both games.
      Corrections for the inevitable errors I have made.
      Greater consistency throughout Guide
      More on the names
    <>  Remarks/Legal Stuff                                                    <>
      All codes used in this document were found by me unless otherwise stated.  
      Though it is possible that some of these codes might exist elsewhere or may 
      already have been discovered, this is my work and was not stolen in anyway.
      All codes were found using the Gameshark's built in code generator and   
      intuitive guessing. 
      I have no problem with this document being printed or saved to a hard drive  
      for reference, but do not copy this material for use in your own web page 
      or FAQ. 
      Questions or comments?
      E-mail me at esc27p@hotmail.com
      Copyright (c) 2001 ~ Esc27

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