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    Boss FAQ by A.K.A

    Version: 1.0c | Updated: 02/13/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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        +:+    +:+    +:++:+
        +#+    +#++:++#+++#++:++#
        +#+    +#+    +#++#+
        #+#    #+#    #+##+#
        ###    ###    #############
    :::       :::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::    ::::::::::::
    :+:       :+:      :+:    :+::+:       :+:+:   :+::+:    :+:
    +:+       +:+      +:+       +:+       :+:+:+  +:++:+    +:+
    +#+       +#++:++# :#:       +#++:++#  +#+ +:+ +#++#+    +:+
    +#+       +#+      +#+   +#+#+#+       +#+  +#+#+#+#+    +#+
    #+#       #+#      #+#    #+##+#       #+#   #+#+##+#    #+#
    ############################ #############    #############
     :::::::: ::::::::::  ::::::::::::::::::::::       :::::::::     :::
    :+:    :+::+:              :+: :+:       :+:       :+:    :+:  :+: :+:  :+:
    +:+    +:++:+             +:+  +:+       +:+       +:+    +:+ +:+   +:+
    +#+    +:+:#::+::#       +#+   +#++:++#  +#+       +#+    +:++#++:++#++:
    +#+    +#++#+           +#+    +#+       +#+       +#+    +#++#+     +#+
    #+#    #+##+#          #+#     #+#       #+#       #+#    #+##+#     #+##+#
     ######## ###         ###################################### ###     ###
     :::::::: :::::::::     :::     :::::::: :::       ::::::::::
    :+:    :+::+:    :+:  :+: :+:  :+:    :+::+:       :+:
    +:+    +:++:+    +:+ +:+   +:+ +:+       +:+       +:+
    +#+    +:++#++:++#: +#++:++#++:+#+       +#+       +#++:++#
    +#+    +#++#+    +#++#+     +#++#+       +#+       +#+
    #+#    #+##+#    #+##+#     #+##+#    #+##+#       #+#
     ######## ###    ######     ### ######## ####################
     :::::::: ::::::::::
    :+:    :+::+:
    +:+    +:++:+
    +#+    +:+:#::+::#
    +#+    +#++#+
    #+#    #+##+#
     ######## ###
     :::::::: ::::::::::    :::     ::::::::  :::::::: ::::    ::: ::::::::
    :+:    :+::+:         :+: :+:  :+:    :+::+:    :+::+:+:   :+::+:    :+:
    +:+       +:+        +:+   +:+ +:+       +:+    +:+:+:+:+  +:++:+
    +#++:++#+++#++:++#  +#++:++#++:+#++:++#+++#+    +:++#+ +:+ +#++#++:++#++
           +#++#+       +#+     +#+       +#++#+    +#++#+  +#+#+#       +#+
    #+#    #+##+#       #+#     #+##+#    #+##+#    #+##+#   #+#+##+#    #+#
     ######## #############     ### ########  ######## ###    #### ########
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    /_____/ \____//____/ /____/      /_/      /_/  |_\___\_\
    Game: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
    Platform: Gameboy Color
    Genre: RPG/Action
    Creator: Capcom
    Developer: Nintendo
    Author of this FAQ: _A.K.A_
    E-mail: arminjewell [at] yahoo [dot] com
    Type of FAQ: Boss FAQ
    Version of this FAQ: 1.0c
    1. Version History
    2. Copyright Information
    3. Introduction
    4. Boss Strategies
       4.1 Twin Minotaurs
       4.2 Aquamentus
       4.3 Facade
       4.4 Dodongo
       4.5 Calamareye
       4.6 Mothula
       4.7 Agahnim
       4.8 Gohma
       4.9 The Great Moblin
       4.10 Syger
       4.11 Digdogger
       4.12 Vire
       4.13 Manhandla
       4.14 Poes
       4.15 Gleeok
       4.16 Frypolar
       4.17 Medelock
       4.18 Gorgon
          4.18.1 Onox
          4.18.2 Dark Dragon
    5. Credits
    1. Version History
    1.0c - February 12, 2004 - Changed contributor name.
    1.0b - July 13, 2003 - Just changed the ASCII art because of some copyright
    1.0 - July 12, 2003 - Finished the FAQ, all parts completed.
    2. Copyright Information
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be
    reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written
    or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of
    commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This
    FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters,
    publishers, and magazine staff) without my expressed written permission.  This
    FAQ was created and is owned by me, Armin Jewell <arminjewell (at) yahoo (dot)
    com>.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are
    not specifically mentioned herein.  This document is copyrighted 2003 by Armin
    3. Introduction
    This is a very good game with many, many good FAQs.  The reason I decided to
    make this FAQ is because, surprisingly, there wasn't a Boss FAQ for this game,
    only in Spanish.  So I decided to make this FAQ to cover the bosses of this
    game a little more in-depth then the Walkthroughs did.  I also have a couple
    things regarding e-mail and such.
    Please don't send me Spam.  Please, I'm begging because it is bad enough as it
    is.  Just don't.  Secondly, I will only answer e-mails about the Bosses in this
    game.  Not the boss key, nothing except the bosses, leave that up to the
    walkthrough guys.  Lastly, I hope you enjoy this FAQ, because I spent a good
    amount of time playing the game and collecting the information in which I think
    is true.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, contributions, or
    even criticisms, e-mail me at arminjewell[at]yahoo[dot]com.  With that e-mail
    address, replace the [at] with @ and the [dot] with a period like the one at
    the end of this sentence.  Now here it is!
    4. Boss Strategies
    This is the biggest and practically the only part of the FAQ.  The order of the
    bosses is by the order that they appear in the game.  I will have a table-like
    format for the information for the strategies I will give you, and here is an
    example of what it is going to look like.
    Kind of Boss: Either a Mini-Boss or a Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: Scale of 1-10 stars 10 being the hardest, 1 being the
    Found In Level: Found in what level and the dungeon name
    Attacks: The attacks that the boss does against Link.
    Strategies: The best strategy/ies for beating the boss.
    So that is what it is going to look like.  Now without further ado, here are
    those bosses!
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Bosses
    Difficulty Rating: *
    Found In: Level 1 Gnarled Root Dungeon
    Attacks: Boomerang Throw - This is basically exactly as it sounds, all they do
                               is throw their boomerang at you and they will hope
                               to hit you.  Hope is right.  When they throw their
                               boomerang, they throw it to one another, making it
                               even easier to dodge.
    Strategies: The strategy is pretty simple, as this mini-boss is very simple.
    With your sword all you need to do is attack one of them until it dies.  When
    you kill one of them, they both die; so focus your energy on one of the beasts.
    With your Wooden Sword, it shouldn't take too many hits on the Minotaur so you,
    in essence, can kill both of them.
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: **
    Found In: Level 1 Gnarled Root Dungeon
    Attacks: Charge - He will drop his head and simply charge at Link.  A very
                      simple attack, but don't be too hasty to say it is a bad
                      attack, because it is unless it keeps on hitting you.  :)
             Horn Fire - This is an attack that he does fairly often, you will know
                         it happens because his horn will flash red and he will
                         fire three red fire attacks at you.  The easiest way to
                         dodge it is to just move out of the damn way and prepare
                         for the next attack for attack him.
    Strategies: This guy isn't very hard at all, and you should have very much
    trouble with him.  You can only attack his horn, and it is very accessible to
    attack.  The best time to attack is either right after his charge or right
    after his horn fire attack.  It should take a little while with the Wooden
    Sword to defeat him, usually a couple slashes more then the Minotaurs.  In the
    end he will be defeated, reveling the Heart Container and the first essence of
    4.3 Facade
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ***
    Found In: Level 2 Snake's Remains
              Level 9 Onox's Castle
    Attacks: Bug Drop - This is not really an attack, but it is something he does
                        to hurt you.  He will summon 4 bugs that will drop down
                        from the ceiling and try to attack you.  They should only
                        take a slash to kill, but nonetheless it is a distraction
                        from the main boss.  I suggest killing them so they don't
                        get in the way.  Another thing with the bugs is that in
                        killing Facade you need bombs, and killing the bugs usually
                        nets you some bombs.
             Pobodo Rain - This is another attack that can get kind of annoying, as
                           he does this one pretty often.  He will spit many
                           Pobodos up into the air and they will, in essence, rain
                           down upon you.  It can be pretty damaging, and the best
                           way to dodge it is just to keep moving away from the
             Hole Creation - This attack isn't used as often as the other two, but
                             it is still used every so often.  What he will do is
                             he will just make some holes in the ground for you to
                             fall through.  They will appear randomly, so keep
                             moving and keep your eyes peeled so you don't fall in
                             them.  Falling in them doesn't kill you or put you
                             back to the start, it just takes away some life and
                             sets you out again.
    Strategies: This guy, in my opinion, is your first real challenge for bosses in
    the game.  He can kill you quite quickly if you aren't careful enough, and
    getting the bombs to hit him is a pain in the ass.  Timing is crucial to your
    hitting him with your bombs, and many times you will miss.  Just stay patient
    and he will eventually fall.  It takes a good number of bombs to kill him, so
    it might take a while, but you will be victorious in the end.
    4.4 Dodongo
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ***
    Found In: Level 2 Snake's Remains
    Attacks: Stampede - This is one of his two attacks that he does.  It is
                        basically him charging at you, and the easiest way to dodge
                        it is to move aside.  He does this one pretty often, so
                        don't fall asleep and get hit by it.
             Flamethrower - This is the only attack that you should get hit by.  He
                            breathes in deeply and breathes out a wave of Pobodos
                            to hurt you.  Ironically this is also the attack during
                            which you can hurt him.  He should do this fairly
                            often, usually between one or two stampedes.
    Strategies: This boss is back!  This boss is in so many of the Zelda games, I
    pretty much lost count.  He is basically the same as all the other times, but
    this time it has a little twist.  The main idea is to wait until he breathes in
    for his Flamethrower attack, and then throw a bomb into his mouth.  He will
    then kind of shrivel up into a ball, in which case you should pick him up with
    the Power Bracelet and throw him onto the spikes in the room.  Rinse and repeat
    four times until he dies.
    4.5 Calamareye
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Bosses
    Difficulty Rating: **
    Found In: Level 3 Poison Moth's Lair
    Attacks: Raise & Fire - This is the only pathetic attack by these guys.  In the
                            arena there are the pools of water, which they appear
                            from.  When they appear out of the water they shoot a
                            fireball, then go back in and randomly come out of
                            another one.  This is their only attack and it makes
                            for a fairly easy experience.
    Strategies: The main strategy, the only strategy, is to pick them up and throw
    them out of the water with the power bracelet, and hack away at them.  These
    guys are really easy; the only tricky part about them is getting them out of
    the water in time or without getting hurt too badly.  You should be able to
    kill one every time you bring it out of the water, so it takes maybe three or
    four slashes of your sword to kill one.  Repeat until they are all dead.
    4.6 Mothula
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ****
    Found In: Level 3 Poison Moth's Lair
    Attacks: Summon Moths - This is a very annoying attack.  Mothula summons four
                            moths that dart around the screen, hurting you every
                            time that they hit you.  There are two ways to dodge
                            it.  One way is to keep slashing your sword and
                            standing still, so eventually they will run into your
                            sword.  Another way requires a lot more concentration
                            and isn't as effective, which is jumping every time and
                            avoiding them.
             Fireballs - This is basically exactly as it reads, Mothula will shoot
                         fireballs at you and you have to dodge them.  He will
                         shoot several consecutive fireballs in a row, so be aware
                         of that.  The only way to dodge them is to jump or move
                         out of the way.
             Fire Ring - This is more of a defense mechanism than an attack, but
                         its main purpose is to still hurt you.  Mothula creates a
                         ring of fireballs surrounding him, making it impossible
                         for you to attack him.  When he has this on, you won't
                         want to be attacking him anyway, but he will get close to
                         you so that it will hurt you.  Again, jump out of the way,
                         or if you can just move out of the way to avoid his
    Strategies: This guy can be a pain in the ass, because this guy requires a
    whole new type of strategy then all of the other bosses to this point.  This
    guy needs a defensive strategy, because probably 75% of the fight you will
    spend dodging his attacks and the other 25%, if you are lucky, will be spent
    attacking him.  The only time you can attack him is when he lands and stops for
    a second on one of the two middle islands in the place, which is where you
    should be standing to dodge his attacks.  Eventually he will go down.
    4.7 Agahnim
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ****
    Found In: Level 4 Dragon Dance Grotto
    Attacks: Triplication - I know that's a weird word, but that is what it means.
                            He copies himself until there are three identical
                            copies of himself.  He is in this state throughout the
                            whole battle, so it isn't really an attack, just a
                            forewarning by me to let you know about it.  The only
                            way to tell the difference between the three is look
                            for a shadow.  If it has a shadow it is the real one.
             Energy Ball - This is really his only attack.  Once he is split up
                           into three clones, the real one will eventually fire a
                           ball of energy at you to hurt you.  This is easy enough
                           to dodge, if you know which one it is coming from.  But
                           if you don't know, it will come as a shock to you and it
                           will hurt you fairly well.  Jump or move aside quickly
                           to dodge this attack.
    Strategies: This boss can be a little bit difficult to defeat, and it is a
    formidable opponent, especially only for a mini-boss.  The strategy is fairly
    simple, but it can be tedious.  In order to tell the difference between the
    three ghosts you must see a shadow underneath the real one.  The only way to
    see a shadow is to keep the torches in this room lit so that you can see a
    shadow.  Once you see a shadow, attack it with your sword.  It will take a
    little time, but after several hits the ghost should fall victim to the Wooden
    4.8 Gohma
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: *****
    Found In: Level 4 Dragon Dance Grotto
    Attacks: Claw Slam & Throw - This is his most devastating attack out of the two
                                 attacks.  When he still has his claw or pincer, he
                                 will slowly raise it and then quickly slam it down
                                 in front of him and grab Link at the same time.
                                 He will then throw you to the ground to cause even
                                 more damage.  The best way to dodge it is to
                                 recognize that when he raises his claw to get out
                                 of the way by moving usually instead of jumping,
                                 because that can end up with you hitting him and
                                 getting hurt while just trying to jump away.
             Summon Gohma Larvae - This is his other "attack", which he doesn't
                                   hurt you by but his larvae will.  He summons and
                                   shoots out many larvae to attack you.  The main
                                   thing is not to get overwhelmed by them as they
                                   only take a slash to kill.  If you are
                                   surrounded by them jump out to try to manage it
                                   better.  The larvae usually drop some good items
                                   and health so killing them is advised.  It is
                                   also advised so that they aren't in the way of
                                   you shooting/attacking Gohma.
    Strategies: This boss is really the first boss in where you have to attack
    something before you can actually get to attack his real health.  You must
    attack his claw many times, at least 8 times I think, before it falls off.
    When it falls off, then you can start chipping away at his health.  The way
    that you do that is that you must wait for his eye to open up.  When his eye
    opens up, then you must shoot it with your newly found Slingshot and shoot him
    in the eye.  You have to hit him in the eye at least 5 times, more like 8
    times, until he dies.  His only attack then would be the larvae that he
    summons.  Eventually he will fall.
    4.9 The Great Moblin
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ***
    Found In: Moblin's Keep
    Attacks: Big Bomb Throw - This is his only attack.  He will throw these at you
                              constantly throughout the whole battle.  The best way
                              to dodge it is actually the best way to beat this guy
                              as well!  Strange but cool.  See the strategies
                              section down below for more details on how to beat
    Strategies: This boss is on your way to the Unicorn's Cave and he isn't really
    that tough.  The only way to hurt him is to use his big bombs against him, kind
    of like a hot potato match.  When he throws the bomb at you pick it up, with
    the Power Bracelet equipped of course, wait a few seconds, then throw it back
    at him.  If you did it right it should explode by him, hurting him in the
    process.  After several times of this fun game, he will turn gray signaling a
    change in strategy.  Now you must make a one of your bombs explode while he
    still has one of the his big bombs in his hands, destroying him and his house.
    4.10 Syger
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Boss
    Difficulty Rating: *****
    Found In: Level 5 Unicorn's Cave
    Attacks: Rolling Thunder - I called it rolling thunder because I thought it
                               sounded cool, and it has something to do with the
                               attack.  He basically rolls up into a ball and
                               charges at you in several different patterns.  The
                               only way to dodge them is to either jump over him or
                               get out of the way.  There are 4 different patterns
                               that he rolls in.
    1 - The first one is he simply just charges straight at Link.  The best way to
        dodge this is to simply jump right before he gets to you so he rolls right
        underneath you.
    2 - The second pattern is that he makes a spiral from the middle outward.  The
        best way is to jump over him in the beginning, then stand in the middle, so
        he just circles around you.
    3 - He will simply spin from one side of the room to the other side and stop.
        This is the easiest of his attacks to dodge, as you just don't need to be
        in the same line and he will miss.
    4 - This one is a little tricky.  He will make an arc from all corners to each
        other.  Here is a picture to show you what I mean.
    | \          / |
    |  \        /  |
    |   \------/   |
    |   |      |   |
    |   |------|   |
    |  /        \  |
    | /          \ |
    3             4
        This is kind of a bad picture, but this is the general idea.  He will make
        arc-shaped ways from corner 1 to corner 2 to corner 4 to corner 3 and back
        to corner 1.  Basically the best thing to do is stand up against one wall
        and jump when he comes along that wall, and you wont have to deal with that
    Strategies: Well, I pretty much put all the strategy in the last section, but I
    will reiterate here.  You must didge his attacks, it is much like the fight
    against Mothula, where a lot will be jumping around trying to dodge his
    attacks.  When he stops spinning attack the red part of his tail.  It will take
    a several hits, but be patient and eventually you will come out on top.
    4.11 Digdogger
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ******
    Found In: Level 5 Unicorn's Cave
    Attacks: Bounce - This is an attack where he sort of jumps around, like
                      bouncing, and tries to hit you.  This is pretty easy to start
                      with, but he can catch up pretty easily and you will have to
                      stay nimble on your feet to dodge this one.  He does this
                      fairly often so watch out.
             Jump & Slam - This is his other attack.  He will jump up off the
                           screen and land in a place close to or on you to hurt
                           you.  This is a fairly easy attack to dodge because
                           before he comes down you will see a shadow of his body
                           coming down, making it pretty easy to dodge.  When he is
                           still in the air, keep on moving so that the shadow has
                           no chance of landing on you.
    Strategies: This guy can get pretty annoying if you ask me.  You knew that when
    you got the Magnetic Gloves in this cave, the boss would have something to do
    with a magnetic...something.  In this case it is a magnetic spiked ball.  To
    start with it is located in the top right hand corner on top of a pillar.  In
    case you were wondering, the ball itself has South Polarity so use the North
    Polarity to suck it off the pillar.  Now you must use both North and South
    Polarity while dodging his attacks to hit him with the spiked ball.  After 4 or
    5 hits with the spiked ball he will split up into smaller Digdoggers and all
    you need to do now is finish them off by crushing them with the spiked ball.
    Then he will be finished.
    4.12 Vire
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ******
    Found In: Level 6 Ancient Ruins
    Attacks: Dive Attack - This explains it all, as he is flying around he will
                           dive toward you in an attempt to hurt you.  You should
                           use this opportunity to hurt him.  If not, then the best
                           idea is to just jump away and time it so he doesn't hit
                           you, but you can hit him.
             Redball - This is another one of his attacks, and this time he shoots
                       a red fireball at you.  Again, timing is key and jumping
                       away or moving away are recommended to dodge this attack.
             Blueball - This is the other kind of fireball that he shoots.  It is
                        actually two blue fireballs that are targeted at you.  He
                        shoots two at a time like I mentioned so be a little more
                        cautious in dodging these attacks.  Again, just jump or
                        move away to dodge this attack.
    Strategies: This guy can get a little annoying, but so can all bosses.
    Basically you must slash him several times until he dies.  When he is only one
    monster wait till he dives at you or wait till he gets close enough to the
    ground so you can slash him.  Once you attack him 5 or so times he will split
    into two.  Then slash those two until they fall, it will be a little harder,
    but nothing you can't handle.
    4.13 Manhandla
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: *********
    Found In: Level 6 Ancient Ruins
    Attacks: Fireball Shot - This is the only attack that Manhandla has, but it is
                             definitely enough to kill you fast.  The four "heads"
                             that Manhandla has will shoot these fireballs at you.
                             Basically either jump or move out of the way of these.
                             When there are all four heads still there the
                             fireballs usually will be around two or three at a
                             time, and less each time you defeat a head.
    Strategies: This guy, in my opinion, is the second hardest boss (obviously
    first is Gorgon) in the entire game.  This guy is annoying, difficult, and hard
    all at the same time.  I think that the magic boomerang is my weakest weapon,
    or what I am worst at, so this fight was definitely very tough.  The main idea
    is of this battle is to first destroy all four of the heads that shoot the
    fireballs.  You must do this with the Magic Boomerang while their head is open
    to shoot the fireball.  It takes three hits of the magic boomerang per head.
    The next step is to use your Magic Boomerang on the base which is know moving
    around trying to hit you.  Once you hit it enough times the core will open up,
    leaving you a chop fest to kill it.  To top it all off, the arena that you are
    in is a quicksand arena, with small areas of relief in the corners.  This makes
    it even more difficult to dodge and eventually hit the heads.  The only
    strategy is be very, very PATIENT, because opportunities to hit this monster
    come every once in a while, so wait for them and you will be rewarded.
    Meanwhile, don't stand there and wait.  Try to create some opportunities, but
    don't continue if it involves hurting yourself.  Jumping doesn't really work to
    dodge the fireballs, so moving aside is the best way to go.  Once you defeat
    the heads, a very hard task, still be patient.  Eventually this horrific
    monster will fall.
    4.14 Poes
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Bosses
    Difficulty Rating: *******
    Found In: Level 7 Explorer's Crypt
    Attacks: Flaming Circle - This is the main attack of one of the Poes.  He
                              spreads his lantern fire around you in an arc shaped
                              path, trying to hurt you in that way.  It is pretty
                              easy to dodge, just make sure that you are dodging it
                              and keeping on eye on the other Poe.
             Sword Charge - This is the main attack of the other Poe.  He has a
                            sword, so when he appears he will charge at you with
                            his sword.  This is just like any other sword attack so
                            blocking it is a way to dodge it, as well as jumping or
                            moving out of the way.  Also when he charges if you
                            slash your sword at the right time your swords will
                            clash and he will bounce back.  Pretty easy to manage.
             Teleport Escape! - This doesn't really qualify as an attack, but it is
                                very, very important to the battle.  During the
                                battle, you must keep one of the 4 torches lit that
                                the Poes will eventually extinguish.  The reason
                                being is that if all 4 torches become unlit, you
                                are teleported back to the beginning of the level
                                and you must start the battle all over again.  This
                                is very, very aggravating, so be aware that this
                                can happen.
    Strategies: This is a pretty tough battle by itself, but they add another twist
    to make it even harder.  There are two Poes in this battle, a red and a blue
    one.  The red Poe will be attacking you with fire from his lantern.  The blue
    Poe will be charging at you with his sword.  These together can make it pretty
    difficult, but you must avoid them.  The main strategy I had for this battle
    was to focus mainly on not letting them use the Teleport Escape! attack,
    because it is really frustrating.  The main idea is to run around the four
    torches with your seed pouch equipped and continuously light the torches.
    Every once in a while, more often then you think actually, you will get a
    chance to really cut them up.  Also, this battle is 10 times easier if you
    destroy the red one first.  The red one is the one that takes the flames,
    obviously for use of the flaming circle attack.  They take approximately 5 or 6
    hits each, and then they will fall.
    4.15 Gleeok
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ********
    Found In: Level 7 Explorers Crypt
    Attacks: Triple Fire Blast - This is one of his many fire attacks when he has
                                 both of his heads on.  This one is pretty
                                 difficult to dodge, because he covers so much area
                                 with it.  He shoots 5 or 6 pobodos in three
                                 different directions, making it pretty hard to
                                 dodge.  Usually it is about 2 pobodos per
                                 direction.  The best way to dodge it is to stand
                                 in one of the lines of fire, and double jump so
                                 the pobodos go right underneath you and hit the
             Fire Radiation - This is another one of his fire attacks.  In this one
                              he shoots fire at you, and when it hits the ground or
                              the wall it radiates out at you into smaller
                              fireballs.  This is pretty easy to dodge, just stay
                              light on your feet and it shouldn't be too difficult.
             Fire Shot - This is the simplest of the fire attacks, basically what
                         he does is that he shoots fire out and it creates 4
                         Pobodos of fire.  Just like all other attacks of fire,
                         just jump out of the way and you will survive.  This
                         attack is simple, but don't underestimate it or you will
                         end up with a pobodo in the face.
             Stomp, Stun & Smash - This is the only attack that Gleeok has after
                                   you destroy both of his heads.  He will turn
                                   into a skeleton and the attack begins with him
                                   jumping up and stomping on the ground.  If you
                                   are on the ground the same time he lands, you
                                   will be stunned momentarily.  Then he will come
                                   over and attack you, making you lose serious
                                   amounts of health.  The way to dodge this attack
                                   and prevent it is to simply jump so you are in
                                   the air when he lands so you aren't stunned.
                                   Then move out of the way so you don't get
    Strategies: This boss is not too bad but he is definitely a force to reckon
    with.  The hardest part is keeping your focus throughout the entire battle and
    not letting yourself slip up at all.  The main strategy here is to destroy both
    of the heads at the same time, and then destroy the skeleton that appears
    afterwards.  The main thing to remember when attacking the heads with your
    sword is to alternate hitting the heads, so there isn't a need for keeping
    track.  There is a need for this because destroying one head without laying a
    finger on the other is bad, because after maybe 10-15 seconds the other head
    reattaches so you have to do it all over again.  I think you only need a couple
    hits the second time but it is still a hassle.  So you must alternate until
    both heads are off at one time, and the skeleton is revealed.  Then his stomp
    stun & smash attack will be there until he dies, so attack him whenever
    possible and eventually you will be victorious.
    4.16 Frypolar
    Kind of Boss: Mini-Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ********
    Found In: Level 8 Sword & Shield Maze
    Attacks: Rolling Blaze - There are two forms of this monster and this is his
                             only attack in the Hot form.  He will shoot either one
                             or two flames at you that spread out like a wall.  It
                             can be avoided very easily by jumping, that is the
                             best way.  Or if you find yourself not able to jump
                             for some reason, just stand in the middle of the two
                             walls until they disappear.
             Crystal Light - This attack is the only attack by the Cold form of
                             this monster.  He summons a crystal to be shot up
                             through the ground to hit you.  This is one of the
                             easiest attacks to dodge, personally I have never been
                             hit by it. If you are moving the slightest bit it
                             won't hit you.  When he summons it, you will also be
                             able to see a shadow of it on the ground, making it
                             even easier to dodge.
    Strategies: This boss can be a pain in the butt, but there is a very simple and
    foolproof method to the madness.  First of all, to kill this monster you must
    hurt it 7-8 times.  They way to do that varies from form to form.  To change
    the different forms, shoot the form with a Mystery Seed.  In the cold form, all
    you have to do is shoot him with the Hyper Slingshot equipped with Ember seeds.
    For the Hot form, it gets a little bit trickier.  When it is in the Cold form,
    let it shoot up the crystal and then shoot a Mystery seed at the crystal and at
    Frypolar.  It should turn into a smaller crystal, which you can pick up with
    the Power Bracelet.  Once you do that and Frypolar is in the Hot form, throw it
    at him to hurt him.  I believe that you must hurt him once in each form, but
    then you can hurt him however you want.  Eventually he will fall.
    4.17 Medelock
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss
    Difficulty Rating: ********
    Found In: Level 8 Sword & Shield Maze
    Attacks: Fireball Waves - This is the most common attack by Medelock.  He will
                              start circling around you before he does this, and
                              when he get close enough to you he will shoot two
                              waves of fireballs out of his mouth.  The first wave
                              always has three, but the second wave usually has two
                              and rarely has one.  The best way to dodge this
                              attack is to double jump with the cape, as the first
                              jump will clear the first wave, and the second jump
                              will clear the second wave.  He does this several
                              times then either goes into the double laser or stone
             Double Laser - This attack usually follows the fireball waves.  He
                            will teleport up to a corner, usually the top left
                            corner, and zoom across the top shooting two lasers out
                            of his eyes.  It is damaging, and it is also very easy
                            to dodge.  Just jump at the right time and it will pass
                            right underneath you.  This is his easiest attack to
             Stone Scream - This attack usually follow double laser, but sometimes
                            it follows the fireball waves as he attempts to mix it
                            up.  He will teleport to the middle of the room and
                            open his mouth wide.  Blue orbs will fly out of his
                            mouth in a spiral and if it hits you, you will
                            temporarily turn into stone.  That is not a good thing
                            to happen to you.  The best way is to simply jump
                            straight up and down at the right time and it won't hit
                            you.  Usually by turning you into stone he will get a
                            hit with the fireball waves, I actually got turned into
                            stone once and didn't get hit at all.
    Strategies: This is the final boss before you face Gorgon!  It should be a
    tough one, and it very well could have been extremely tough, but Capcom decided
    to make it a little bit easier by making a pattern that Medelock usually
    follows.  Usually he does his attacks in this order: fireball waves, double
    laser, and then stone scream.  He then rinses and repeats.  Every so often they
    will throw in where he doesn't do the double laser, but that is rare.  There is
    a sure-fire strategy to beating him quickly and without much danger to
    yourself.  Dodge all of his attacks in the fireball waves, and jump over the
    double laser.  Since you know he will go to the middle for his stone scream,
    face the middle.  Take out your slingshot and equip the Pegasus seeds.  Yes the
    Pegasus seeds is right.  Shoot him with it and he will be stunned very
    TEMPORARILY.  Either slash at him or spin attack if you have enough time, then
    quickly jump out of the way to dodge the rest of his stone scream.  Rinse and
    repeat, it takes a while to defeat him, about 20 single slashes.  After a long
    battle, he will eventually die.
    4.18 Gorgon
    This is the final boss for the Oracle of Seasons!  I hope you are prepared for
    a tough battle.  He comes in two parts, so be ready.
    4.18.1 Onox (Part 1)
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss Stage 1
    Difficulty Rating: **********
    Found In: Onox's Castle
    Attacks: Mace Crusher - This is the only attack that Onox uses with the mace
                            that he carries around.  He basically just raises it up
                            and tries to hit Link.  This is a powerful attack and
                            it hurts you plenty.  This attack actually does go
                            pretty fast, and using Pegasus seeds are recommended.
                            Dodging this is essential in your fight against Onox,
                            because otherwise you are done for.  Jump out of the
                            way or move so that he doesn't hit you with this
                            devastating attack.
             Ground Stomp - This is an attack that can be hurtful if you are kind
                            of standing back.  With this attack he stomps the
                            ground, causing debris to fall down from the ceiling.
                            This is another attack where it is essential to dodge
                            this attack.  Just keep moving back and forth to avoid
                            the debris that fall down and jumping can help you get
                            away faster.  This attack is the easier of the three to
                            avoid, and you probably won't need Pegasus seeds, but
                            it is a good idea.
             Tornado Storm - This attack is exactly as it says.  Onox will fire
                             several tornados aimed directly at Link.  These are
                             pretty hard to dodge without some sort of aid, and
                             jumping/moving doesn't really get you past the first 2
                             tornados.  Using Pegasus seeds to dodge this attack is
                             highly recommended because it will quickly get you out
                             of harm's way and maybe able to attack Onox.
    Strategies: Ooh boy here she be!  This boss is definitely worthy of the final
    boss.  To defeat this monster of a boss you can only spin attack him to hurt
    him.  You can't regularly slash him, it must be a spin attack.  Once you spin
    attack him 6 or 7 times, he will take out a shield.  He is using Din trapped in
    a crystal as a shield.  Uh oh!  Wait, don't worry!  All you have to do is knock
    the shield away with the rod of seasons, then you can spin attack him 6 or 7
    more times until this form is dead.  This is a defensive battle, so be cautious
    and don't take any unnecessary hits.  You will find ways to spin attack him for
    sure, and use Pegasus seeds as much as you need to so that you can get out of
    danger.  Eventually, and thankfully, this form of the final boss will fall
    revealing the hardest form and the last fight of the entire game.
    4.18.2 Dark Dragon (Part 2)
    Kind of Boss: Final Boss Stage 2
    Difficulty Rating: ***********
    Found In: Onox's Castle
    Attacks: Splat - This is one of the most important attacks by this boss.  This
                     attack is basically just the Dark Dragon raises his arm or
                     claw and trying to flatten you like a bug, SPLAT. Obviously
                     you don't want that to happen so you must either use Pegasus
                     seeds or something to get away, but don't stray too far
                     because when he tries to squish you, that is your queue for
                     attacking him.  Read more about that in the strategies.
             Swipe - This is the hardest attack, in my opinion, to dodge.  Because
                     Dark Dragon is so huge, his swipe really is effective.  What
                     happens is that he will start on one side of the screen and
                     try to swipe at you across the screen.  The best and only way
                     to dodge it is to QUICKLY run towards the other side of the
                     screen.  This way his swipe will stop just short of you and
                     you will be safe.  Beware of this attack, it is pretty deadly.
             Blue Breath - This is one of the two breath attacks that the Dark
                           Dragon has.  Being a dragon he is obviously going to do
                           that.  For this attack the Dragon will breath out blue
                           fire in a straight line in your direction.  He will home
                           in on you, so it isn't very hard to dodge.  The best way
                           to dodge it and stay with the Dark Dragon is to hold
                           your ground until just before he breathes out, then
                           sidestep it a little bit and watch it go past you.  The
                           other thing you could do is keep on moving so that when
                           he does breathe out you are still moving so it will not
                           hit you.
             Red Breath - This is the other breath attack by the big dragon, and
                          this time it isn't necessarily aimed right at Link.  What
                          happens is that he starts breathing fire into the middle
                          of the screen, then it radiates out to the sides and then
                          it comes back to the middle.  There is no set way to
                          dodge this except use them Pegasus Seeds.  Jump, run
                          away, stand in a corner, whatever it takes to get away \
                          from the red breath.
    Strategies: Man, is this guy humongous or what?  Definitely the largest monster
    in the game, as usual, and he is definitely the toughest.  Yes I did give him
    11 stars out of 10, just to show that he is harder than Onox.  To defeat this
    final monster, you must wait till he does his splat attack and make him miss.
    Then jump on the back of his hand, jump up again and slash at the big red ruby
    in the middle of his forehead.  You must do this many, many times, probably
    around 20 times.  Other than that the strategy for this is to simply hold out
    until he does the splat attack.  You must dodge attack, after attack, after
    attack, and that is where the real test is.  Keep at it, this could be a very,
    very long battle and you must keep your concentration if you want to beat this
    guy.  After 15-20 slashes of his ruby, he will perish and you will be
    victorious.  Congratulations!  You have beaten the final boss and the entire
    5. Credits
    -Thanks to CJayC for posting all of my FAQs
    -And especially, thanks to you for reading it!
    Copyright Armin Jewell 2003-2004

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