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Reviewed: 05/28/01 | Updated: 05/28/01

This has to be one of the best Zelda games ever!

This has to be one of the best Zelda games ever (although I still need to play Ages). If you keep reading, you'll see why...

Story (8/10)
The plot is that Link has suddenly landed in Holodrum. He hears a party going on and checks it out. He sees a woman on a stump dancing and asks you to join in. Then, the sky gets dark and a whirlwind throws everyone away, and the unknown woman is kept captive. Thus, the story begins.

The main plot isn't a Final Fantasy-type story, but that will be the least of your problems when you play the game. In fact, this game is almost flawless!

Sound (9/10)
The sound quality is great. There is that classic overworld theme and dungeon theme, but other than that, the sounds are origonal. Some of the music will stick into your head, like the main boss battle theme, but others may not be so good. There is a great blend that will cater to anyones tastes.

Playability (10/10)
The controls are very good. If you have played Links Awakening, then the controls are basically the same. The weapons and items can be set to the A or B buttons, depending on which you like best. The response time is great as well (why wouldn't it be?)

Replayability (11/10)
This is no joke! As soon as you beat the game, you get a password so you can begin the game's counterpart, Oracle of Ages) with some of the same items. Also, some of the characters that you saw in the first game you played, will be in the second one too. Plus, there are many secrets to find to. But, you'll sill want to play the game again after everything has been found because the game is just plain fun!

Graphics (9/10)
The graphics are just a small downscale to Link to the Past. The colors are vivid, and used appropriately. It really gets good when you get all of the seasons. There is just no evidence of anyone slacking off here.

Buy or Rent
WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! Go buy the game now, especially if you're a Zelda fan! You'll be playing this game for ''Ages'' (meaning forever and to play the other game). I haven't played Oracle of Ages yet, but I eventually will. The best thing to do is to buy both, so do it if you can!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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