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Reviewed: 05/29/01 | Updated: 05/29/01

Bound to be playing it throughout the seasons

This is one of the best games you could ever find for the GBC. It definitely lives up to the Zelda title although it was made by Flagship and provides just as much if not more fun that its predecessor Link's Awakening. Highly recommended.

Graphics: 7/10
Considering that it was released many years after its GB predecessor: Link's Awakening, the graphics didn't really change very much and in fact most of the animations are the same in both games. However one thing to note is that Zelda games have never been about graphics anyway right?

Music/Sound Effects: 8/10
For the MIDI only capable GBC this game produces quite a number of addictive tunes. As with the graphics most of the SFX have already been heard in its previous game but then sound has never been the GBC's strong point. It is good enough that there aren't any irritating tunes or SFX.

Story: 8/10
The story is more or less the usual save the important guy route but anyone who has played any Zelda before would know that story was never the Zelda series' strong point. However this series does add a little flavor to the story by adding a ''only by linking can you discover the evil force behind the chaos'' making the story not as straight-forward as it seems.

Gameplay: 10/10
An area where this game is king. The gameplay although very similar to Link's awakening(which is enough for a 10) does offer you a new experience. The game's use of seasons (as well as the knowledge of it) is used very often in the game for you to solve its overworld puzzles. In dungeons however, new traps and enemies will keep things fresh.
Oracle of Seasons is said to be more combat intensive that its counterpart Oracle of Ages and it shows with up to 10 enemies on screen at once with an average of 4 enemies. Also many new characters appear here that you may not have seen in any Zelda series other that the Zeldas on the N64. Well here is your chance to see your favourite characters in 2D. Not to be outdone, the Oracle series does add a few new characters of its own...
i assure you will be craving for more once you are done with this game...

Replayability: 10/10
The game is already high in replayability by itself by having a lot of secrets which you may never find the first time round. Besides since the game focuses so much on gameplay you would probably want to play it again anyway. However this series is slightly different than the other Zelda series as it has a link capability with Oracle of Ages thus adding even more replay factor due to the inability of collecting all the secrets at one go.

Buy or Rent?
Don't even think of renting! Buy! Buy! Buy Oracle of Ages too! Buy! Buy!

Total Score:9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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