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"After playing this, you'll be saying “Poke´-who??!!”"

Simply, this is the BEST game boy game EVER. After playing this, you'll be saying “Poke´-who??!!”.

Gameplay- 10
If you played Links Awakening, than you will have NO problems with this. It controls exactly the same. The only thing I noticed, the tool bar is on the top of the screen instead of the bottom. OK, you assign a weapon/item to either the “a” or “b” buttons. Then, to use them, press the “a” or “b” buttons! Ingenious isn't it? After beating Links Awakening (several times), I was still not tired of this system when I popped Oracle of Seasons into my GBC.
The changing of the seasons is great. It adds a whole new level of strategy and thinking to know what places will be available when and why. Changing seasons is simple, just use your rod of seasons (when you aquire it, see Story) and new areas will become available to you. Getting around Holodrum is simple and quick (you'll see why if you get it), so you don't spend 15 minutes going to get something you missed.
Bosses and dungeons are challenging, but not to the point that you will throw you GameBoy across the room. When you are stuck on one part of a dungeon, thinking that surpassing it is hopeless, suddenly the answer will come to you. It's great.

Story- 10
This one is cool. On the world of Holodrum, Din, the oracle of seasons, has been kidnapped by the evil General Onix. Opon doing this, Onix sends all the seasons into complete chaos. Every time you enter a new area, the season changes, but early in the game, you will get the Rod of Seasons (a device that changes the seasons when each of them implants their powers into it), which you can only use atop a tree stump. Anyway ... you have to go threw eight dungeons to collect the Essences of Nature, different thingies you will need to rescue Din.

Graphics- 10
Okok, for a GAMEBOY game, these are a ten. Otherwise, they look like a SNES game, which isn't necessarily bad. The colors are great, and I'm glad they fully use the GBC's palette the environments look very awesome. This truly is the best the GBC can offer graphic-wise.

Sound- 9
Oracle of Seasons has pretty much the same sounds as Links Awakening, with maybe a couple new tunes. That is why I gave it a 9...

Replay Value- 10
With the link system between the two games, the passwords, the 64 rings and everything else, you'll be playing these for a while...

Buy or Rent- BUY

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/02/01, Updated 06/02/01

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