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"Old-school gaming has never been better!"

Wow! I wasn't sure what this game was going to be like when I got it, but after I played it for about fifteen minutes, I could see that this was destined to become a classic.

Graphics (10/10): Ok, so this is Gameboy Color. However, the environments are very detailed, the character animations are good, everything is bright and colorful, and the game is crisp and clear to the eye. These are the most important factors when it comes to Gameboy Color graphics, and Nintendo and Capcom pulled them off seamlessly. Nice job here, folks.

Sound (8/10): To me, sound in Gameboy games is the least important factor, but the music and sound effects in this game are good. The classic Zelda music plays in the overworld (always a plus), and there's lots of music from the N64 Zelda games (Goron Mountain, Song of Storms, etc.). My only complaint is that the music in the dungeons can get annoying after a while. Otherwise, it's a good blend of Super Nintendo Zelda and N64 Zelda crammed into a Gameboy Color.

Play Control (10/10): Not much to say in this department, but Link's movements are smooth, the items are easy to use, and everything responds well. Once again, nice job, Nintendo and Capcom.

Gameplay (10/10): YEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!!! What a fun game to play! This is the definition of old-school gaming. The overworld is nice and large, leaving lots of room for exploring, and the dungeons are designed perfectly, with neat, challenging puzzles. The bosses are great, but they can be hard (Example: Level 5 dungeon boss). The items Link gets are all unique and fun to use (especially the Roc's feather). The portals leave even more exploring open, so you're free to roam about wherever you'd like. Nintendo even brought back some Mario gameplay in the sidescrolling areas! Perhaps the greatest factor in this game, though, is that it has lots of depth. First of all, it's nice and long, and second of all, you can connect it with the other game. Now, there are already two games you can play that are simply awesome, but with all the secrets, the link cable, and the passwords, there's a total of about four different adventures you can play! And they're all just as cool as the others, so you'll be busy for a long time.

Story (8/10): Onox, the evil darkness warrior (or whatever you want to call him) has kidnapped Din, the Oracle of Seasons. Now the seasons are all out of order and constantly change, causing peril to the land of Holodrum. It's your job to retrieve the eight essences from the dungeons and bring back Din. It may not seem like much, but the whole seasons aspect is very unique. Also, many of the characters are good and bring life to the game. While this isn't the most important factor at all in Oracle of Seasons, it sure as hell doesn't hurt.

Like I said, this game simply amazed me. GO BUY IT NOW. Trust me, it's worth every penny of your 35 dollars. With its blend of N64 elements and Super NES elements put into a small package of fun, old-school gameplay, this experience can't be beat.

Overall score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/03/01, Updated 06/03/01

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