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"4 seasons 4 fun gameplay"

Don't take that score as if this game is an ok game, it's a great game, maybe even the best for GBC. Let's take a look at the flaws though.

Graphics 8/10: Probably some of the most colorful and detailed graphics you'll find on the GBC. Though...most of the land is the same so that's basically the bad part. Animation and items are very detailed so you will probably miss nothing (maybe a few cracked walls.)

Sound 6/10: Ok, maybe a few catchy tunes but it's all repeditive, kinda like pokemon music. The SFX though are pretty good, it might take some earphones to really recognize the sounds each weapons or other things make but they are clear enough to be identifyable.

Gameplay 8/10: If you have played Link's Awakening then that basically sums up this game. There are new weapons that weren't in LA, like the slingshot, but some weapons were taken out, like the bow. This game is really a hack and slash game and it get repeditive. Luckily the bosses require some strategy and the dungeons in this game are more puzzling than LA's. I believe there are more beast in this game. There is also the Rod of Seasons you find, this will let you change from the four season, after acheiving one of them from each of the four towers, upon a tree stump. This is the real big difference in the two games. If you liked LA's gameplay then you will like this but nothing really new is the set back plus it's repeditive.

Story 7/10: In this game of the two, Din (ya know, the three sages Din, Fayrore, and Nayru are in both Oracle games) gets kidnapped by Onox who has taken Din the keeper of the seasons so now the seasons are out of wack and people and animals are starting to perish because of the quick season changes, just what Onox wants. The game is kind of waltzy though, you go: small quest, get dungeon key, beat dungeon and over again.

Replay 10/10: Replaying through the whole game might not be so great but with linking it opens up new possibilities, Ill talk more about this later.

Buy or not: Well I will say buy this game, it's great!

Linking 10/10: This is a neat, new idea. Once you beat one Oracle game it gives a password so that when you type it into the other game you'll transport your character over there so you can get new items that you can't in the first one you played. This also changes the story in the second one you play a little so it'll seem like you just saved one of the sages and now your trying to save another. After you beat the second one you can link back to the other one again and type in the new password you got and do some new stuff you couldn't do when you first played plus two new major bosses! So far I haven't gotten the other one so I can't compare them but if I do I'll rate which one is better out of the two in my second Oracle review. (If I ever get one that is)

Overall 8/10: Get this game, but if you have played LA then it'll be a little worse. The major flaw was the repeditiveness which I find pretty bad but the puzzles keep you busy so don't wory.

History: Here is a little history that some might not know. This series started out as the ''Tri Force Series'' which then it was actually a three part set. You probably had to save each of the sages in each game but they took out one. Now you save Din in Seasons and Nayru in Ages. Fayrore is in both of them but isn't a real big character.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/04/01, Updated 06/04/01

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