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"Classic Style, New Adventure!"

As soon as this game came out, I automatically started saving up for it. Who wouldn't for a ''Zelda'' game? Basically the best series of Action RPGs ever made! I eventually bought it, opened up the package, carefully took the cartridge out, placed it in my GBC, took a deep breath, and turned on the power..... ..... .....

After this moment of suspense, I played the game through at an ultra-high speed, and then decided to write a review for it, so here goes:

Gameplay - 9/10

This game has the gameplay of classic Zelda games (i.e. every game except the second) and that's the main fun factor in it. The story is good, semi-typical (defeat evil bad guy/gal to save the world), but good, there is an average amount of sidequests, and the dungeons get gradually harder at a good rate. The only problem is that the game seems a bit short, another 2 or 3 dungeons would improve the gameplay and replay value a bit.

Control - 8/10

Ages has simple and easy control with only flaw; There is a lot of switching between items, and it gets somewhat annoying. But this is more a fault of the GBC for not having enough buttons.

Graphics and Sound - 9/10

The graphics make full use of the GBC's colour palette, and the sprites and cutscenes are very detailed. There are old music scores for that bit of Zelda nostalgia, and new songs to liven the game up. The music in dungeon 6 is quite creepy though... very onimous... like those eyes at the beginning of every dungeon that watch every... move... you make...

Replay - 7/10

You can have fun playing this game at least three times; The first time is for beating the game, the second time is for beating a ''linked'' game, and the third is for beating it without using any continues.


Gameplay - 9
Control - 8
Graphics and Sound - 9
Replay - 7
Total - 33
Average - 8.25
Tilt - +.75


A great game for Zelda fans to continue the Zelda spirit, and for Zelda newbies to start with.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 06/26/01

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