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"A good curtain-call for GBC"

You may remember me from my review of ages. The games are quite similar, so you might ask why I would give this one a lower score. Read the review, silly.

Story: 210
There is a story. Not much to it, but there is one. The characters from both ages and seasons are interchangeable, and since I played this one second, it gets a lower story score. Basically, you have to save the oracle of seasons from the evil something-or-other of evil. It's oh-so imaginative.

Control: 810
Again, because I played this one second, this category receives a higher score. Link moves slower than in some games, you drop bombsrocksvasesbushes unless you give a direction to throw them. Bombs appear above your head instead of on the ground. The seed shooter is a little awkward at first. But as long as you don't play any other Zelda games whilst playing the Oracle series, you'll stop noticing.
Now, for the friends. The kangaroo is quite easily controlled, as is Dimitri the Dodongo. Moosh the bear, though, is quite difficult to get completely. It can be done, but not easily.

Graphics: 710
It's game boy color. Compared to, say, Sonic Adventure, the graphics would be 110, but compared to say, Link's Awakening DX, it gets 7.

Sound: 510
Lost some points because there's no nice central theme like ''Ballad of the Wind Fish'' which I enjoyed quite a bit from LA. Sound effects are fine the way they are, and dungeon music is appropriate, it a bit repetitive.

Gameplay: 910
A good series (The oracle series, sillies) even by Zelda standards. Seeds have replaced the bow, finding owl beaks, warp songs, Pegasus boots and probably some other things I haven't happened upon yet. There are two levels of roc's feather for extended jumping, the boomerang has gone back to just stunning enemies and hitting switches. And, of course, the various friends you encounter at various points will add to the game.
The one disappointment I can think of is that this game is almost all swordplay and very few puzzles. But that's why there are two games. Ages is the puzzlin' game.

Buy or rent?
I don't think you can rent GBC games. If I'm mistaken and you can, buy it anyway.

Total Score: 710 (Not an average)
I have nothing to say here...

But wait, it got higher than ages in most categories. Why did Seasons get a lower overall score?
Because I died 14 times trying to beat the level 2 boss. I am very embittered by that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/01, Updated 06/27/01

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