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"Best Zelda game in a long time!"

This was more than I was expecting. I was so mad when Nintendo would be working with Camelot to make the new Zelda games for Game Boy Color. Although, when I bought the game, one little phrase came into my mind; “this is a game of epic proportions!” They had created a large Zelda game that keeps you thinking every step of the way. What more could we ask for in a Game Boy game?

Gameplay-Everything from Link’s Awakening is back, and more. The classic monsters with new and old bosses make the game feel like something familiar. Some improvements such as the ability to lose a quarter of a heart just like the N64 games, a much more involving plot line, new weapons, and the ability to wear rings make this one of the best Zeldas of all time. Another HUGE improvement is the fact that dungeon rooms are bigger which allows for an Ocarana of Time/Majora’s Mask feeling other than the Link’s Awakening feeling of tiny rooms and more complex bosses.

Story-Wouldn’t you know it, another damsel in distress. Nintendo made the story more complex, however, by giving her absence a devastating effect on the people in the area. In the other stories where Link must save Zelda, the royal family is just sad. In this new game, the people are sad and the seasons are messed up, which makes life complicated everywhere.

Sound-Nothing special except for the fact that the sounds are the same as in Link’s Awakening and the classic theme song is back and sounds better than ever.

Replay-Deffinetly repayable. The password feature allows for two types of games. One is the basic story and get a password from a friend with Ages and you can play again with a semi-altered plot line. There are many side quests that will keep you busy for awhile. Getting all the swords, shields, and weapon upgrades takes forever, and getting all 64 rings is hard to do. I’ve been playing for over a month and I only have 27 rings.

Buy or Rent-Buy this game! You will never make a better Game Boy investment. It excels at everything and will bring you months-worth of enjoyment. The game is too big to play in a five day rental period. You’ll only get through one or two temples in that time, and that’s only 10% of what the game has to offer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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